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  1. USA!!!!!!
  2. Episode 2 is fantastic. The Big Bartholomew interview. "I miss my father." "Seriously, this is not Ric Flair." "Hang ten. High-ing Five." The Surf Dudes with Attitudes. Fantastic.
  3. Not sure why #DIY is still here. Neiko.
  4. Lance Catamaran would be a serious upgrade on either of WWE's commentary teams right now.
  5. I was there. You could hear those chairshots through the whole arena. Nasty.
  6. I thought John Johnson was Simon Gotch. Would be more tv time than he's had since coming up to the main roster. This was really funny. Cena as Lance Catamaran was inspired and Tyler Breeze was great. I was hoping Rusev would crack all the way. Clint Bobski has come a long way since sending letters to PWI about Chris Jericho. Good for him...
  7. Agreed. A cult leader who doesn't expand his followers is just a dude that likes to hear himself talk.
  8. The cult stuff is great. They should be doing more of that. Growing the number of followers and shit. Just tone down the garbled rhetoric.
  9. I watched 205 live because of Jack Gallagher. I like Ricochet, but Gallagher has been a revelation since the CWC...
  10. Pete Dunne is one of the few guys who made me google him during the UK tourney. The Hardy's made me watch TNA. Hardy's win.
  11. MM17

    It's crazy that Miz had a better year this year than the year he won the title, but I can't think of anything he did that I hated.
  12. I'd never seen Volador Jr. I enjoyed what i saw on youtube b/c of this matchup. But AJ might be the best wrestler on Earf right now. I can't imagine he doesnt make the final four at minimum.
  13. Not a fan of either, nor of Owens' promos where he claims to be tough yet looks like the 3rd trombone in my high school's marching band, but some of the stuff he did this year was top notch.
  14. It's not THAT he put him over. It's HOW he put him over....
  15. Bayley would be fantastic if they'd just let her do what she did in nxt that got her so over. Instead, we put her in a position to fail because we're wwe and thats what we do.