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  1. 1. Yes it does. Masks are almost always better. 2. They were never as all in on Bray as they are now. And ANYTHING is better than "Captain Flippydoo" as top guy. I hope Wyatt hands him his ass in the Cell.
  2. Would probably let he be home/with Mox more, too, since she's based in Vegas and that's a fairly easy trip...
  3. How is that possible? It's the best thing happening on wwe tv happening right now...
  4. I knew I remembered that song from RENT for a reason...
  5. @Godfrey, is there a version of Rollins that works? I’m seriously asking. Heel Rollins didn’t. That wasn’t all his fault, but it didn’t. Face Rollins is a disaster. With AEW tv coming up, the last thing WWE needs is a top guy that repels viewers...
  6. Ughhhhhhhh. Rollins with his captain flippydoo routine again. What they see in that dude, I'll never know. Hopefully WWE strikes while the iron is hot with the Fiend and pulls the plug on this train to nowhere with Rollins.
  7. Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant?
  8. He must’ve gotten all the charisma...
  9. Those are all good points, @Burgundy LaRue. I have been absolutely dumbfounded at how completely competent Rowan has been the last few weeks. On the mic, in the ring, all of it. And I wouldn't be shocked if this "no dq" thing is a way to get a schmozz win for Rowan before Reigns takes him apart. Either bring back Harper to interfere on his behalf or have Bryan help Rowan and reveal the whole brawl between Bryan and Rowan was a sham. I'm glad you brought up Kofi, because I forgot to mention it earlier, but I really thought they'd made New Day look pretty weak the last month or so. They've been absolutely levelled by Randy Orton and two midgets. I know the Revival is something of a sacred cow around here, but c'mon. If Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were to approach Big E and Xavier Woods at a bar in your hometown, and you didn't know anything about any of them, you'd expect Big E to lay them out by himself in seconds. There isn't an argument related to physical prowess at all to be made for the Revival to have dominated New Day how they have. I know Revival has like, continuity or whatever, but Midnight Express had that too, and they ran into a few buzzsaws in their day. Anyway, I spend a lot of time talking about the Lollipop Guild, but Kofi needed to look strong after weeks of one sided beatdowns from FTRKO. A cool callback there.
  10. I know it's a small sample size, but I am blown away at how rejuvenated Bayley's whole presentation is as a heel. And she appears to be having a ball...
  11. I heard that and thought about the weekly conversations had here about him. I know some see my disdain for him as irrational, but I’m just stumped as to what they’ve seen from the guy to make him think he’s gonna lead their company anywhere. Especially as a babyface. As the sniveling heel champ he was at least believable. But him making the claim that he was the best wrestler on earth with AJ styles and ricochet on the same card is patently ridiculous. I hope that Wwe understands why they couldn’t sell out their home arena and adjusts accordingly. I feel like they have to strike while the iron is hot with the fiend, have him put down every threat in his path until someone sympathetic (my pick would be Ali or Ricochet) wins the Rumble. Lord forbid they have an underdog babyface that’s actually likeable.
  12. They cannot get out of their own way trying to get Seth Rollins over by having legends give him the rub. At the end of the day, it's still captain charisma-less. The 4HW deserved better than they got. I was shocked at how well Bayley worked heel and how much fun she seemed to be having doing it. Good for her. Cedric Alexander has real potential. What we got of him vs. AJ was pretty dope. Cool that the Viking Raiders finally got something to do. Kinda wanted the Fiend to lay out Rollins at the end. That crowd could've used a jolt.
  13. Rotating wrestlers so they aren't all wrestling every week is a fantastic idea. That was one of my favorite things about the early seasons of Lucha Underground. You wouldn't get every angle every week, so it seemed fresher when the angle you were msot interested in came back around. Maybe have all the guys there, and some of them do live interviews or run-ins or guest commentary or something, but not everyone has to work every single week...
  14. I thought about that, too. Works either way.
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