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    The daily-ish "Andrew has the week off and might need rehab by friday" intoxicated wwe network binge post: Rewatching the women's Rumble. Geezus this is fun. The only way I think it could've been better is if Bayley had entered like 11 or 12, stayed in a while, and at 29 we got the massive pop that would've come when the "light it up" song played and AJ Lee came through the curtain. That would've been the shit. Speaking of CM Punk, watched his showdown in Chicago with Cena at MITB again. What an unbelievable spectacle. WWE should work towards getting guys big moments in their hometowns more often. Maybe the best atmosphere for a main event this decade. Just awesome stuff. And CM Punk blowing a kiss to Vince before leaving is...man. What a great "fuck you" moment. Too bad all the follow up would prove is that there's no "feel good" story too good for WWE to fuck up. AJ Styles vs. Brock is just the good professional wrestlings. Perfect storytelling. AJ dies for all our sins and it's amazing. His hope spots are paced perfectly. @Kyuubi made a cringeworthy statement in another thread about AJ being the "Beyonce" of WWE. That isn't true. AJ is the Prince of WWE. Just without peer in terms of talent. Vince should be forced to watch Tony Kozina matches daily for the crime of not bringing AJ in before he did. Wade Barrett should've been a much bigger star. Solid in ring, great look, good promo. That SS match with Cena and co. just killed him dead. Why not have Cena just get counted out after that DDT on the floor? He doesn't eat a pin, and Nexus looks strong. Also, it's insane to me that 5 yrs or whatever later, that Heath fucking Slater is the last original Nexus member with WWE. Daniel Bryan was and remains the shit. Everything that dude does is cool. Everything.

    Seth Rollins isn't my cup of tea. But damn was that fun last night.
  3. Smackdown Is I Prefer Waffles! 02/13/18

    I don't think he's been handed a chance since about 2013. And it's WWE. No one slows down or uses much psychology.

    Drew's "On the Sauce Weekend" part 3: Sauce With a Vengeance. -Watched Dean Ambrose cash in on Seth Rollins. Damn what a pop. I have no idea why WWE refuses to pull the trigger on Dean long-term. Damn that was cool. Just look at Dean peering down at Seth after he hits him with the briefcase and is waiting for Chioda to ring the bell. Face is like "I finally got you, motherfucker." Sometimes WWE just run into these great long term payoffs, and this might be my favorite. Rollins made Ambrose miserable for a year, and Dean finally gets payback, by taking from Seth what Seth loves the most. Just tremendous shit. -Finally watched the Finals of the UK Tourney. I still think Kyuubi's obsession with Tyler Bate is a bit disturbing, but I get why he likes the guy. Kid is a prodigy. If he can keep his shit together, dude will be a star. I like Pete Dunne, too. -Rewatched the main event of this last NXT Takeover. This is the match that kind of reignited my love for wrestling. I've never stopped watching the product, but shit has been so lackluster lately i'd kind of lost interest in the matches themselves. My nxt viewing has gone to nil since the last class got called up. I really enjoyed Enzo and Cass, American Alpha, Balor, Samoa Joe, those guys, and caught a little bit of Bobby Roode, but I haven't been able to raise any interest internally. I watched this the first time on a whim. I was bored and couldn't sleep, and good God was this a revelation. Andrade Almas might be in my top 5 now. I remember reading at one point about how badly he was floundering in nxt, but whoever that guy was, he wasn't the Almas I was expecting. Holy balls. And I'm not a huge Gargano fan. I think he oversells and is constantly trying to have "epic matchez" rather than tell stories, but he was game here. I also like how they didn't have Candice LeRae come to the ring with him. That would've telegraphed her going after Selina Vega. Instead, they had her jump the rail, which was dope as balls. I have a small list of matches in my mind that I show my wife when she gives me a hard time about loving this. This match has gone on there. She watched it, threw her hands in the air, and said "I get it." -This years Rumble is one of the best I can remember. Dug just about everything, other than how the New Day continually gets jobbed out in situations like this.

    His time as titty journeyman nearly broke him, but he persevered...

    I mean, multiple sources have Dean Ambrose at 2.7 mil per, so it's not impossible that Ziggler is making that.
  7. In Your House

    It's gotten to the point where I laugh in such a distinct way when Tamina superkicks some yak into the fifth row that my wife instantly knows whats happening when she hears it...
  8. #205LIVE

    At the time, he was moving merch and the needle. I get it. 205 needed the eyes, and he provided them, for however short a time.
  9. #205LIVE

    Is it Murphy who's the future "Mr. Bliss" or the other one?
  10. Smackdown Is I Prefer Waffles! 02/13/18

    Lol. Ziggler hasnt needed carrying in some time. This is like the “miz can’t work” thing. Only dumber.

    Was that "The South's gonna do it again" by Charlie Daniels? That may have been Tracy Smothers...

    The psych job Puck did on Ellen in the first battle of the sexes is the stuff of legend. Just breaks that poor kid down. I still watch it on youtube occasionally.

    And, if you think about it, Miz started on MTV and Punk talked shit about it. Punk was on MTV not long ago and Miz took the high road. Fuck CM Punk.
  14. Elimination Chamber VIII - 2/25/2018

    He's limping around everywhere. It wouldn't shock me if that same knee was bugging him...

    Matt (Rosey) came to see Joe (Roman) at GT once when we were all there. This is when I lived in the ULC where Joe and most of the other athletes lived. EVERYONE was convinced Matt was his dad. Pretty funny stuff....