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  1. I'd stick Dijakovic with Rollins. Make him an apostle. He dan get his feet wet without having to talk much.
  2. I thought about that too. I do think there's an outside chance Vance Archer either costs him the title or gets the match thrown out from interference.
  3. The Inner Circle thing was fucking hysterical. All the gifts, Hager's poem. Thought Mox was funny on commentary. It's too soon to turn Wardlow on MJF. Hopefully that's a slow burn. Nice FTR debut. Assuming Miro and TAFKA Zack Ryder are next. All in all, good "reset" show.
  4. Chris Candido started at 14 too I think.
  5. In fairness, I think Roaddogg misunderstood what was happening.
  6. I forgot the good match Ronda carried her to. Thanks.
  7. Also, that JDfromNY guy has made a living off of saying horrifying things about Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax, amongst others. At the risk of sounding like a dick, my theory is that these empowered women remind him of all the girls who have told him "no" over the years. Dude is pushing 40 and has nothing but an angry podcast emanating from a closet. Fuck that dude.
  8. Most of them were in FCW, or had some other experience. The rebuttal to my argument is Alexa Bliss. The nXt system found her, trained her, and are making piles of money with her. But nXt didn't have a thing in the world to do with anyone on this list except Baron Corbin. Big E came from nXt tanked, and needed a page one rewrite to keep his job. He's phenomenal now, but that had nothing to do with his time in nXt. Sasha has done zero on the main roster except botch moves and complain. Charlotte would've been a star either way. She's too good an athlete not to be. Seth Rollins is an abomination, but he was a big name in ROH before nXt had anything to do with him. I don't know enough about Asuka before she got to nXt to comment one way or another, but if anything the amount of time she spent in nXt delayed her making a difference on a tv show that matters. Drew had to get away from HHH to become a star. Bayley & Becky had the indy experience to keep their head above water if they'd been sent straight to a show that matters. I understand that in certain circles it's blasphemy to speak ill of Daddy H and his little troupe of go getters in Tampa, but the vast majority of his chosen ones die on the vine because away from nXt they just aren't that great. The list of talent you provided is...exhaustive, for sure, but fewer eyes are watching the product than ever and current nXt tv is embarrassingly awful. It's unwatchable dogshit. Keith Lee, Ciampa, Dijakovic, and Velveteen Dream have a chance on the main roster. The rest are kidding themselves about making a difference anywhere but the developmental brand. nXt has failed to develop new stars, in that people generally watch stars. Ratings are abysmal. The product is trash (with a few exceptions). That's on HHH.
  9. There's a lot of cool old shit in the basement of the Turner mansion. It's still there. Last I went down there, about 5 years ago, there were some WCW artifacts.
  10. Getting his teeth kicked in by Dusty's kids while producing zero difference makers on brands that matter? Tell me more....
  11. Damn. Just damn. There was good all the way through this. The Ladder match was insanity, but the Brian Cage debut rang out. Would've been about 871x better with a crowd. MJF and Jungle Boy are both future cornerstones. In 5 years they're gonna be in main events. Shida felt like the right choice. I felt like the story Mox told was that he wanted his fucking belt back. Brodie Lee was game. Let's get these guys away from each other and let each of them move to a program they can build to. Stadium Stampede was balls to the wall insanity. The Inner Circle entrance was the balls. The balls and the taint, really. It was dope. Hager cleaning the bar with Page was a fun nod to the spaghetti westerns I watched as a kid. Let's not overlook that ADAM PAGE TRIED TO RUN SAMMY DOWN WITH A GODDAM HORSE. That was everything cinematic wrestling can be, and I mean that in the best way.
  12. Yeah, Prichard admitted they signed the wrong one-legged guy. Idk about Striker.
  13. I was watching a Mox interview this morning and it sure sounded to me like he alluded to being in the Blood & Guts match somehow. Idk how, but that would've made sense.
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