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  1. Yep. Imagine thinking Seth Rollins is the guy to build around, rather than Mox. I’m not sure there’s an active wrestler on the planet who’s a more compelling combination of worker/talker than jon Moxley, and wwe was content to let him be Seth’s backup.
  2. I was at the Omni on Jan 1, 1996 for a Nitro where the main event was Hogan v. Flair with an undercard of Randy Savage v. Arn Anderson and Sting & Lex Luger as a tag team. There were empty seats. A ton of them. These things take time. I think tafka Thibs did make one salient point; the first couple Dynamite shows were VERY in-ring heavy. I find the show moves better with some vignettes in between matches. Hopefully the audience comes back as the show finds its pace.
  3. Did some work on this show. Pretty excited.
  4. And just so I set the record straight; I’m no height supremacist. PAC is one of my favorite wrestlers walking the earth right now, Bc all his stuff looks like it hurts like hell. My problem with UE goes wayyyyyy beyond the “lollipop Guild”-esque nature of their appearance....
  5. Holy shit. With all the garbage wwe is putting on my screen, it's awesome to have a fun two hours of wrestling like that. That Cody promo...wow. I'm not entirely sure I thought he had that in him. Everything Mox does is cool to me. I've said it a thousand times, but imagine having him and Rollins under contract and thinking Rollins was the top guy of the two,. I dug the women's tag. I don't know much about any of them, but they worked hard and won the crowd over. And me. The one thing I didn't like was Spears taking a powder when Janela came out. Taking a powder when the guy who took a powder against Enzo Amore hits the ring should be an instant credibility killer. And that main was so damn fun with the brawl after. I'm gonna have to buy Full Gear now. Shit.
  6. Glad it’s not a concussion for Bliss. If she wants to wrestle, they should let her, as she’s getting better, but they’ve got to be smarter about how hard they push some of these folks in terms of schedule. Alexa probably shouldn’t be wrestling 200+ times a year. I think she’s one of those who shouldn’t work on tv every week for the sake of working on tv every week.
  7. Listen, I love Daniel Bryan, and that angle is probably my favorite of the last decade. I’ve said before that wwe’s “series finale” could’ve been that match. But let’s not pretend being the “small guy that could work” is what got Daniel Bryan to that match. In fact, the argument could be made that he wasn’t set on that course until he stopped being “guy that could work” and started being “guy who got the shaft and got the fans behind him.” Adam Cole’s problem, besides his thorough and chronic mediocrity, is that anyone who cares knows he’s a hhh project. Him pretending to be the downtrodden babyface would probably be met by the same reaction as when they tried it with Roman Reigns.
  8. The UE just doesn't look threatening. At all. I was expecting the main roster guys to send them back to the cookie-baking tree where they belong. They're the poster children for "won't get over on the main roster." Guys like Riddle, Lee, and girls like Baszler and Ripley have enough personality to stand out on Raw and Smackdown, but none of the guys in UE do. You can't rely on your work alone to get over on main roster TV.
  9. I wish I could've been there to hear the Rollins "ra-ra" speech. It's actually the only time Seth Rollins has ever spoke in a WWE building that I wish I WAS listening...
  10. I saw that. I wouldn't even care that much, necessarily, but after the year she's had injury-wise it just seems mildly alarming...
  11. Hey, is there anything out there on the internets about Alexa Bliss and a potential injury? She hasn't been on TV since Oct. 7th (i think) and now she's been pulled from a personal appearance for "unforeseen circumstances." I hope for her sake it isn't another concussion. That would be very bad.
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