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  1. That wasn't my favorite, but there were some really fun moments. Layla Hirsch belongs in Team Taz like no one else in wrestling. Just a matter of time. Mox looked crisp. Looking forward to having him back on the reg. I still don't understand the appeal of Kenny Omega. Give it all the bells and whistles you want, it's still Kenny Omega. Santana & Ortiz are so damn good. Vastly underrated and are due for a push. The "Miro is my best friend now" thing was fantastic.
  2. IIRC, part of that was FTR's desire not to be tied down long-term. That might have changed since the match took place, but both guys were vocal on podcasts about wanting to hit several companies for short-term angles before settling in (presumably to AEW) for a long run.
  3. Only watch Dynamite weekly. Catch Raw and Smackdown highlights on youtube.
  4. No thanks. That's the last thing AEW needs; another indy-tastic spot spammer under 5'9. I love AEW, but there's enough guys with that exact skill set...
  5. My guess is Jake Carter, son of Vader and professional Miz lookalike...
  6. AEW official twitter posting that Jon Huber, aka Brodie Lee, has passed on. Didn't see a post anywhere. Prayers for his family.
  7. There was a "Dirt sheet" report not long ago that claimed he was no longer being considered for that. That doesn't mean it's true, but...
  8. They get Statlander back and they'll be on the way...
  9. I will say that wrestling isn't the only sports presentation where the "curmudgeonly pbp announcer" is commonplace. This past postseason for Major League Baseball was rife with former players taking a wet shit on how the game is played now. John Smoltz is one of my favorite players of all time, but if dude doesn't like baseball, he shouldn't be calling it...
  10. The hell? So once again we're killing off Bray Wyatt so Randy Orton can get going? There aren't like 40 other guys they could've used for that?
  11. .... I had no idea people were this attached to Kenneth. I don’t personally know anyone that excited to watch him or thinks he’s good for business, but do you. I think long term having such a niche guy as champion is dumb, but I guess some people are excited. Color me unimpressed that dude moved a number on Twitch. The way I understand it, 12 year olds with an Xbox do that regularly...
  12. Kenneth Omega losing viewers? Hmmm. Whomever could have forseen this...
  13. From reading the SHEETZ this morning, sounds like it might be Bruce Prichard that doesn't like the way the big men wrestle in WWE. How an out of touch podcaster climbed back all the way to the right hand of the father, I'm sure I have no idea. Anyone who can't find a segment for Aleister Black every week doesn't need to be in the sports entertainment business.
  14. I read an article once about how horrifying the workload is on Japanese pitchers from high school on, with some of them throwing two starts a week of 150+ pitches. It gets worse the higher up in the Japanese baseball system you get. Anyway, the quote that has always stuck with me is "succeeding as a pitcher in Japan is being the egg that gets thrown against the wall and doesn't crack." It almost feels that way with WWE developmental at this point. It's a system designed, intentionally or not, to produce failure. It's also crazy to me how quickly the list of guys who could be and have been main
  15. One of the many things I learned at Camp Anawanna...
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