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  1. #205LIVE

    Kyuubi, im done. Clearly Enzo has wronged you at some point in your life. Dug the 4-way on raw tonight.
  2. Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    I work on sets for movies and tv shows, so I've been interacting with a lot of celebs lately. Kyle Chandler is a total sweetheart. Took time to thank all the "below the line" folks like me individually, not in a condescending or self-aggrandizing way, but in the way of a dude who is happy to be where he is. Could not have been cooler. John Cena was awesome, too. I was wearing one of my "Krav Maga" training shirts and he walked up to me and asked why a man my size needed Krav Maga. We talked for 20 minutes. Just the nicest guy in the world. Met AJ Styles at a Dicks Sporting Goods in Buford, GA. He was there with his family, but we were looking at the same item, so I quietly told him I was a fan of his work and didn't want to make a scene. He thanked me for being quiet and shook my hand. We talked for a minute. Maybe the most gracious dude I've ever met. Ryan Gosling was cool but "out there". John C. McGinley was very nice, but quiet. Jennifer Lawrence was nice, but seemed to be waiting for people to make a bigger deal of her being on set. Lucy Hale sat next to me at catering on a pilot we shot last year, and was very sweet and unassuming. I even had a good encounter with Vanessa Williams after seeing her fire two other people that day. I had to install a table I'd built for a set piece on a show, and she was standing exactly where i needed to work. I was polite and quiet, and she gave me a big smile and said to do whatever i needed. It was mildly terrifying and slightly arousing all at the same time. I also watched the door at a tavern in Buckhead in Atlanta several years back, and met several current and former Braves. Freddie Freeman is a human golden retriever. He's just the sweetest guy in the world. Dan Uggla was nice but dumber than a bag of hammers. I'd heard horror stories about Chipper Jones, but guy was never anything but gracious and accommodating to our staff. He would sign autographs and take pictures, he just asked that we go to the VIP room or somewhere else out of public eye to do it. Signed a cap, several cards, and a few Starting Lineup figures I had in the box. He even chuckled when he saw the figures. Just a really nice guy who I think bristles at too much attention. Took time to make small talk with our servers and always overtipped. Jeff Foxworthy is a nice guy, but I think is very averse to public attention. Who else? I waited on Katt Williams at another restaurant in Atlanta. Guy came in with 3 companions. Spent 640 dollars at lunch. Gave me 10 Benjamins and told me to keep the rest. He's even shorter than you'd imagine. When I lived in Peachtree City I became acquaintances with Katherine Heigl due to seeing her at the gym every day of her shoot and telling her about the best places to "get in trouble" in our small town. She's very striking in person. Another one I'd heard bad things about that defied my expectations. She signed a couple items for me. Super sweet. Oh, holy shit, I almost forgot the best one. The things they say about Shia LeBoeuf are true. Kid is fucking nuts. He was shooting LAWLESS in Senoia, and would come into our dive bar in peachtree city at night. There's a very nice resort hotel all the actors stay at when filming in the area, and that bar is less than a mile from there. My friend's wife waits tables at this bar, and we'd go up there and shoot pool and see if any celebrities were coming in. Well, TheBeef is drunk and talking shit to anyone within earshot about how much our town sucks and how he could buy and sell the whole place if he wanted to. There were several people out from LA on the production there that night, and they all looked embarrassed. Finally he grabbed my buddies wife by the ass and made a lewd comment. My buddy and two of our other friends jumped into action. They're all around 5'8 and less than 170, so they were held back by security. I looked to intervene and felt an iron grip on my shirt at the same time I heard a low voice with an accent say "let it go, mate." The owner of this voice raised his head to where I could see under his hat brim and TOM fucking HARDY is the owner of the iron grip and low voice. He was far cooler than he could've been about the whole thing, and ended up paying our tab. He even stood around shooting the shit and took a few shots at the pool table. Tom was maybe the nicest and most unassuming celebrity I've ever been around. TheBeef was escorted out and ended up getting a DUI later that week. My friends still joke about "the night big Andy almost fought Bane." I don't think it's nearly as funny as they do.
  3. #205LIVE

    Enzo has been booked to be a sissy in the past, but I wonder if he's earned some respect from Vince and/or HHH with how he's gone out and made the best of it. HHH has talked at great length about how it was how he handled his post "curtain call" burial that earned him Vince's respect. I could see, especially given that Enzo has always been one of HHH's passion projects, HHH and Vince saying "you know what? We tried to run him off and he made the best of it. He's a great promo and is getting better in ring." They appear to not only be building the CW division around him, but now giving him the "odd couple" gimmick with Nia. In the past, that's been a big step for a mid carder. And this is just an aside, but anyone who tries to make the argument that Enzo has no upside or that Tyler Bate should be protected at the expense of a talent with multiple angles built around him is overlooking fact because their personal preferences regarding "movez" won't allow them to admit that right now, and probably in the future, Enzo provides the far greater opportunity for revenue and should be presented as such.
  4. Raw Is The Never-Ending Jason Jordan Match - 12/4/2017

    Idk, Glamarella looked like ass on paper, and it worked. If Nia buys in 100% and doesn't act like she's above the storyline, this could be entertaining. Enzo certainly has the chops to pull it off. I wonder if Booker T is talking so much about JJ because he's going to come out of retirement for a short run with Jordan the way he did with Cody Rhodes. Sometimes that's a really effective way to get a heel over. The Miz/Jerry Lawler was brilliant, and Booker T looks like he's kept in shape. Angle throwing his buddy under the bus b/c JJ asked him for a match because he didn't like the way Booker was talking about wouldn't be a bad angle for the Rumble or leading up to 'Mania. I DUG the main event finish. IDK what the payoff is, but I like this Shield story. Man, Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt have been floundering on Raw. Send them both to Smackdown and keep them away from each other. Balor and Baron Corbin would be a fresh matchup, as would Wyatt/Styles in a singles program.
  5. #205LIVE

    Tyler Bate isn't regularly on WWE TV. Why would you sacrifice someone who's going to be on your show every week for someone that isn't?
  6. #205LIVE

    I don't disagree that in ring work matters. Where I vehemently disagree with kyuubi is that workrate matters more than promo ability. At the end of the day, WWE is a tv company that uses wrestling as a vessel to make and expand their stars. Enzo Amore cut a fantastic promo with his team on Raw tonight. Guy is much more than "one catchphrase" on the microphone. I think people also forget how little ring time he actually had before moving up to nXt tv and then the main roster. The mantra with him, according to his account and Big Cass's account, was everyone from HHH to Dusty Rhodes saying "just put a mic in his hand." I'm sorry that Kyuubi gets offended when a guy that consistently gets reactions is made the center of a TV show in desperate need of a star. Some of those other guys are good to great workers. Enzo Amore is a star. I'm sorry someone with a better workrate has been cast to the side so Enzo gets more screen time, but it appears to have been the right move, given the announced 205Live live shows and apparent uptick in viewership. He's not solely to credit for that, but denying he's partially responsible is just closing your eyes and covering your ears because his ring work offends your delicate sensibilities...
  7. #205LIVE

    Jeez. Be a bigger mark. If workrate mattered nearly as much as promos/charisma does, John Cena would be running his own Indy shows while John Morrison would be the face of wwe. The wwe isn’t struggling to find characters the audience likes bc the guys can’t work. Top to bottom, this is by far the best in ring roster they’ve ever had. They’re struggling to build characters because guys aren’t allowed to show any unscripted charisma. But yeah, ring work matters most. That’s why lance storm and Jerry Lynn are headlining this years hall of fame class...
  8. #205LIVE

    If I implied that, it was because I forgot he (Bate) was part of the conversation. I see the way wwe books the cruiserweights and it immediately jumps out to me who the wwe is willing to invest in and who they aren't. Getting upset because Enzo Amore is beating guys on tv that the WWE clearly have no plans for seems silly to me. That's all.
  9. #205LIVE

    It’d be hard to convince me wwe sees bate as a bigger commodity than Enzo. Not impossible, though....
  10. #205LIVE

    Who cares if he buries a bunch of guys with no upside? Enzo is the commodity. Everyone else inside that division, outside of Swann, Alexander, and Gallagher, should be used to elevate said commodity.
  11. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    Worked on that show. I️ have a special place in my heart for low budget magic like SAE, and I️ got to meet John McGinley, and he even asked me “what it is I️ do here,” so I’m glad you like it...
  12. #205LIVE

    Jeez. Please take this more seriously. Enzo sells merch and gets a reaction. That’s why he’s 205 Live champ. Work rate shouldn’t play a significant part in this...
  13. Wrestling What Ifs

    That wouldn't have been half bad. I've got a Yoko vs. 123 Kid on Colosseum video that told a pretty damn good story. Would've been fun. And I think they actually ran that match on a RAW once. IIRC, that was the first time I saw someone land on their feet from a monkey flip when Kid stuck the landing on Owen...

    Saw justice league. Liked it. That Ezra Miller should be more famous than he is. Momoa was awesome. Gal Gadot is radiant. Her performance was great, but she’s almost distractingly gorgeous. JK Simmons was a really good Gordon, but the comparison to Oldman is tough.