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  1. I did think about what I wrote after I write it and scoffed at the notion of looking for logic in a Vince decision.
  2. I do wonder if there was a singular event that shifted Vince’s thinking from “these two are getting a long run” to “not only are they losing the titles, but we’re splitting them up.” Seems fishy.
  3. That would be a cool aesthetic for AEW. This shotgun Saturday night/street fighter 2 kinda feel with exotic locales for cards. Couldn’t do it all the time, but would be a good way to change it up.
  4. Alexa’s still there, I believe, if she’s medically cleared this week.
  5. Bay-Omi was kinda dope. And it makes sense. Poor saNity. I still have no idea if Dean Ambrose is leaving or not...
  6. Since Bayley's name came up, if I were someone in the front office at WWE, I'd sit her down and talk to her about going back to nXt for a year. You pay her her main roster contract, maybe even bump her up a bit, to sweeten it, but sell it to her as getting to be the linchpin for the brand again. Rehab her character, have great matches with a variety of women, and I think she lives in Florida, so she'd get to be there more. Also, I gotta imagine she'd be a top merch seller again there pretty fast, so her income potential goes up even more in an income tax free state. Keeps her away from Sasha, and lets the audience miss her. As for Sasha, I guess I'm willing to concede at this point I just don't see her as the top level talent some here do. Not the CT guy who insists she invented cable television, but rational people here. She's good, but someone the company should go out of their way to feature? Nah. I guess with Ronda and Nia both out, there's a chance for her (and Bayley) to increase their exposure, but pushing her at the expense of Charlotte, Alexa, and Becky? Absolutely not. And race has nothing to do with it. Their characters play better to bigger audiences.
  7. I wear a helmet so the aliens can't read my thoughts, fucker....
  8. He shits on him pretty good in the CM Punk documentary.
  9. Now there are “Bayley is quitting too” rumors from certain dark corners of the Internet.
  10. I kinda have an issue with the “rumored promiscuity” thing. That’s only ever come from “sources” with an axe to grind. I guess my question to Sasha would be; what the hell else do you want? You were amongst the most featured women in the original “women’s revolution.” You were the first ever entrant in the women’s Royal Rumble. You were in the first Women’s Hell in a Cell. You’re a four time former champion. At what point do you start to ask yourself if they’re the problem or if it’s you?
  11. Ill step up and admit being the Bayley Stan if no one else will...
  12. I heard Curt Hawkins say on a couple podcasts that he could've made decent money on the indies for the next decade, but with his daughter being born he felt WWE held more security. Hawkins is probably a success story overall. He opened a wrestling school that's produced some good ones and books local indy shows.
  13. FTR, I don't dislike Sasha. But this idea held by some (maybe just one) that she's some revelation to the women's division and should be handled with kid gloves as a result is asinine. She's no linchpin. She's a role player. A good one, like Bayley and Natalya, but she's not a STAR star.
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