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  1. That Teaser trailer for AEW All Access looks pretty good. My favorite part of the trailer, though, was when one of the Jacksons said in a voiceover "we've never been good at the backstage politics or any of that crap..." I almost did a spit take.
  2. "Buddy Matthews? Whose man's is this? Ain't been the same since he lost his moment of Bliss!" "Murdering goths, but still got an alibi, No one's afraid of a dude named Malakai!" Qnd then he conveniently skips over Brody King because he doesn't have a death wish... Also, if Gary Hart were alive you could imply that Julia is his grand-niece or some shit. "The evil runs strong in this family!"
  3. I thought Ruby did a good job making that “you people” promo better, and she was right about Toni Storm. Juice Robinson is a good choice to keep Starks heated up. Juice’s biggest strength is making opponents look good. Looking forward to seeing HOB kicking heads off of shoulders next week. I didn’t love the finish of the main event, but given the circumstances I thought it was the smart move. QT owed Hobbs a favor. This way Wardlow stays somewhat strong.
  4. Yeah, between this incident and the stuff Dax said about MJF scuttling a lot of the Pinnacle stuff, I'm starting to wonder how much of his act is an act.
  5. Really liked this show. The Elite jobbing clean as a sheet made my night. I hope this is a start of many good things for HOB. Loved Starks winning. Was ready for an Andretti turn but was pleasantly surprised. Page/Mox was all the good things. They murdered each other. The tag title match was a bit goofy but was great in moments. Where does the Acclaimed go from here? I'm just not an MJF fan. I was really hoping Dragon would take the title off of him.
  6. That’s what it is! I couldn’t put my finger on what it is about his presence that I don’t enjoy…
  7. I’m sure they’ll passive-aggressively politic their way into retaining their titles, but it’s pretty crazy how once again there was a fucking fantastic AEW show that Kenny and the Jackson’s were barely on…
  8. I feel like cinematic street fight is the only possible way out.
  9. This wasn't a very good show, and the dogshit crowd didn't help. It's crazy to me how poorly Bayley & DMG CTL have been booked. To bring them back with all that fanfare and now this? Bad. No other way to say it. I think either a)Triple H just isn't very good at this, and he's getting a pass from fans because he isn't Vince, or b) there's just a lot of hesitance to veer too much from what they see as a tried and true formula. I know which one I think it is, but I'd be willing to listen to the argument that there's some of both...
  10. But I was told Triple H could do no wrong! Sorry. Felt salty for a minute. Yeah, Pam might need to seek her fortunes elsewhere. It's criminal how undervalued she is relative to her talent level while Shoehorn Charlotte and Ronda take up all the breathable oxygen on one show. I still love Bianca, too, but she's stuck in a rut.
  11. RUSH is a good shout, actually. That's not a bad idea. I get the sense they want RUSH to be a big ROH star, though.
  12. I mean, Big Bill's working hard. Clearly having fun and presumably not the backstage issue he was elsewhere. I also think you could send a positive message to potential free agents that you don't have to be an AEW original to get to the higher levels of the company.
  13. Oh, I totally agree. But I think Big Bill to Starks is easier to book than Cassidy to Starks.
  14. If I had the book for Uncle Tony, I'd seriously consider putting the All Atlantic Title on Big Bill this week. Not because I think Cassidy has done a bad job, but just to reintroduce some unpredictability. Stoke has done a fantastic job getting the nose up on that Firm stuff and that group probably deserves a bit of shine. Then you could do Cassidy vs. Joe for the TNT Title if you don't put the title back on Wardlow.
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