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  1. With respect to the (completely legit) complaints about aew’s women’s division, I think it’s pretty apparent that they were planning on Kris Statlander being a significant player, and her and Britt suffering knee injuries around the same time set them way the fuck back. There’s still no excuse for them not to have signed some veterans full time, but TK and co. could just be waiting for their future linchpins to return from injury.
  2. Oh, and Serena using the "Tequila Sunrise" as a finish is pretty fucking funny, given her history with WWE.
  3. What a pretentious, self-indulgent wiener Kenny Omega is. That "performance art" style just doesn't do it for me. Again, anyone who thinks he's capable of being a US promotion's "top guy" is sorely, sadly mistaken. Eddie Kingston is so fucking cool. Everything about him, from his ring presence to that gravelly voice just oozes menace and an element of feral danger under the surface. He has no chance of beating Moxley, but he's making me believe maybe he does. I'm not into the Young Bucks/FTR stuff either. I've never understood the appeal of either team, other than it seems like one
  4. Tazz's inability to say "Stark Remark" popped me several times. They have good chemistry, and Starks is fantastic in the ring. What a signing for them, picking up a future cornerstone during a global pandemic.
  5. A couple weeks ago on Dynamite Eddie K. told the Blade to “get his house in order.” Idk if it’ll go deeper than that, but there’s that...
  6. Ugh, why? Why do people want this? To go from the cool, charismatic Moxley to weird-ass space alien Kenny Omega seems like such a massive downgrade. Why do people think he's a big enough star in America to have a run with the top belt?
  7. Thought the Moxley promo was aces. That dude is so effortlessly cool. Like, everything about him. And then there's Kenny Omega. I still have no idea why so many clamor for him to have a run with the AEW title. There's not a single thing about him that says "star" to any audience member who isn't extensively familiar with his Japan work. He's not a good promo. He comes off forced and aloof. I can't imagine him coming off well in outside interviews the way Mox does. I wonder if there's some network influence with the TNT title. I'm sure Cody is the wrestler that deals the most
  8. These gutless ass swordfish keep throwing at the God of mayhem, and the Braves keep making them pay in blood. Knock that shit off, Donnie Beanball... #FortheA #MixItUp
  9. He kinda looks like the dude that bought the tiger refuge from The Tiger King.
  10. I read something once that inferred that it was Bobby Lashley just up and quitting when he was about to get the keys to the kingdom that soured Vince on having future megastars.
  11. Ryback has claimed HHH told him pretty much exactly this at one point.
  12. I've said this before, but Adam Cole has regressed exponentially since he became Shawn's "project." If I were Cole I'd ask Shawn for Fit Finlay's phone number and then never speak to Shawn again.
  13. That's exactly who I'm thinking of, and I'm not 100% sure I knew they were two different people.
  14. Sara Amato just became available, didn't she?
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