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  1. just drew

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Nah, but I could've meant Ziggler and crossfit Ziggler...
  2. just drew

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    A bunch of people at Summerslam tweeted about how tired the crowd was by the time Miz/Bryan came around. Also, there's a lot of folks here asserting the absurd idea that Rollins is somehow more entertaining than Ziggler. Asinine. Hopefully Ambrose drops Rollins on his head soon. And I don't think it's smart to split up Ziggler and McIntyre when the Raw tag team scene is a bit desolate with no one but sawed off Brainbuster cosplayers to challenge the "B-Team." EDIT: And the Authors of Pain. I forgot them. But, the writing team has, too, so I'm not alone...
  3. just drew

    MLB 2018 - AUGUST

    Ronald Acuna led off the game with a HR again tonight. 3rd time in the last 5 games. Then homered again. Put him in the Hall right now....
  4. just drew


    Yeah. He cuts good promos and i find his ringwork more watchable than the rollins’s of the world...
  5. just drew

    In Your House

    Iirc, hype bros were being set up to play the American alpha “underdog” spot for the Wyatt’s and then Ryder’s knee exploded in that battle royal he won. Might’ve been his last real shot...
  6. just drew

    WWE EVOLUTION (All Women's PPV) - 10/28/2018

    It’s really not very fair that this pay per view is all women. If they really wanted it to be fair, the wwe should go fund 8 of the prettiest, most uncoordinated swimsuit models they can find and throw them in the ring after a 30 minute barn burner and before the other 30 minute barn burner in like a “tightie whitie” pillow fight....
  7. just drew

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Someone here a while back had the idea of putting AOP w Roman. Not a bad idea...
  8. just drew

    WWE EVOLUTION (All Women's PPV) - 10/28/2018

    What's weird is that Alexa and Carmella both have athletic backgrounds. Alexa did competitive cheer at the college level (which isn't easy) and Carmella was a Laker girl. These aren't the Divas of the mid-2000's who were picked out of bikini modeling picture submissions. Alexa was rushed to the main roster. I also wonder if in the back of her mind she's trying to avoid the health problems that ended up retiring AJ Lee. She's tiny, and her bump card is probably smaller than a lot of people's. I'm not sure what Carmella's deal is. They avoided bringing her up with Enzo & Cass because they saw something in her as a solo act, and I'm still not sure what that was...
  9. just drew


    I think aquaman looks fun! I might be their target audience, since I’ve never read an aquaman comic, and my expectations are super low...
  10. just drew

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Which I think would be ok if the announcers played it as “(so and so) tapped out to get out of the hold and they must think they can get that fall back later.” But that would make too much sense...
  11. just drew

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Someone said it earlier, but it bears repeating: Alexa needs more flunkies for Ronda to bust up while Alexa does that great facial expression where she realizes she's in trouble at ringside. I might would've had Nattie turn on Nia tonight and had her join Mickie and Lex. Maybe Lex co-op's the Riott Squad full time while Ruby is out. Then do the switch at the Rumble. Ronda is Champ. Charlotte wins the Rumble. You get your female main event at Mania. Seems simple. So let's see how they screw it up...
  12. just drew

    ¡Raw Es Noche De Parejas Increibles! - 6/25/2018

    I feel like Bayley could've transcended in her own way. Maybe not like the Rock, or even Batista, but you could've built blocks of children's programming around her. Shopped it to Nickelodeon.
  13. just drew


    If y'all are watching "Queer Eye" season 2, in episode 7, a wonderful lady named Lulu nominates her Godson. That lady taught a DUI class that saved my life. She is incredible and I'm glad good things are happening for her family...
  14. Also, Raw was pissed that Smackdown showed up and kicked their asses the week before. So, yeah, the exact thing you said.
  15. just drew

    ¡Raw Es Noche De Parejas Increibles! - 6/25/2018

    ive kinda always thought people want to care about Bayley. They just haven't been given reason to for a while. I've been saying this a while, but she could be a huge star for them. Kids like her. And, I could tell my wife she's my favorite women's wrestler and not have to sleep on the couch. She's pretty, but not threatening. Very wholesome. Does that make sense, or am I turning Cibernetico?