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  1. Disney+ reported it was one of, if not the most watched premieres they’ve had. They’ve poured too much into Star Wars IP not to do more with a capable star playing a beloved character. Say what you want about Kathleen Kennedy, but she’s a good business woman. I’d bet they do another season…
  2. Ewan wants to do it. Hayden wants to do it. Figure out a way to make it make sense and do as many seasons as McGregor wants to do. You could do a thing where Qui Gon is guiding Obi Wan to different systems to find Jedi artifacts and force sensitive people and shit. Searching for Yoda & Ashoka and Mace Windu’s lightsaber and whatnot. As for the series itself, it felt uneven, as these things do. They stuck the shit out of the landing, though. I’ll watch that last episode about a thousand times. I can’t remember; was Joel Edgerton famous at all when he was cast as Uncle Owen?
  3. Keep me accountable. I’m gonna try that too.
  4. I want -1 to go full on “evil child dictator” like the Flaming Dragon kid from Tropic Thunder…
  5. I wonder if someone got him with the “rally to save the children” line like they got Bobby Fish with. If you can’t get Claudio TK show up, you could always go with Juice Robinson. He’s bled w Mox.
  6. The only way that segment could’ve ruled harder is if Christian would’ve brought out Luke Perry’s tv son to bury jungle boy even more. Tbs would be a step up from cw…
  7. I imagine carrying that much extra musculature into his sixties probably didn’t have the best effect on his body. Not to mention the moon dust he’s been snorting for 50 years…
  8. I love Anthony Bowens yelling “scissor me, Daddy Ass!!!!!” That way…
  9. Sure. We’ll go with that…
  10. Yeah, I hate when people get worked up over stuff that doesn’t matter that much…
  11. That’s awful. That’s so bad I’m not even gonna make semi-serious accusations about no one wanting to see the Jackson’s. That’s a “back to the drawing board” number, particularly with the network ownership transition…
  12. Yeah, from perusing Santana’s socials; I think those guys are done with each other. Sad we probably won’t get a P&P reign as AEW tag champs. Maybe they can work it out down the road…
  13. I feel like this review is going to either disappoint or surprise a lot of people: The Jericho/Ortiz thing was fine. There was wayyy more JAS on this show than we probably needed. I do understand that there is a lot to set up for Forbidden Door, but sending Jericho back out didn't make a lot of sense to me. The Sammy Guevara reveal makes sense, since a) his TNT Title run was a disaster and he needs a reset and 2) With Wheeler Yuta being back, it makes the sides even again. You could do "the Biggest Blood and Guts match EVER!!!" and run six per side. I'll watch Wardlow beat up goofs for weeks. Next week let him get thirty. Then forty. Shit, let him go all the way to 100. Just stop letting him say so much. He needs a vet to come in and talk for him. I'd never seen Will Ospreay wrestle before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Despite looking like the third Paul brother, I was pleasantly surprised. Jon Moxley is my wrestler of the year. He's had nothing but bangers since he cleaned up. But Dax Harwood deserves some mention, too. He is having great bouts with all types of workers and really raising his profile as a singles wrestler. Miro/Ethan Page was cool. They should do more with Ethan Page down the line. Either build a division around him in ROH or have him win the All Atlantic Title from whoever wins the four way somewhere down the line. Miro is all the goods. If you insist that Kyle O Reilly must speak on television, that's the way to do it. I'm not sure why we're all wanting Darby to break Bobby Fish's leg. He's so ridden with osteoporosis that it probably won't take much. Moxley is, with the possible exception of Eddie Kingston, the best promo in wrestling right now. He's so, so good. JAS reappearing didn't make a ton of sense, and I wonder if some of the NJPW guys couldn't make it tonight so they had to audible. Toni Storm is really, really good. I guess I hadn't noticed how fluid and polished she comes off before. I'm still a little surprised Britt did a clean job. That match with Rosa at Forbidden Door will fornicate. Adam Page was having a perfectly good promo until Adam Cole interrupted with his "eighth grader playing a grown up in the school play" voice. It was very funny to me that even Cole's best friend knows it's not a good idea to have him in a title match. I don't know much about Jay White, but I'll check that out. Now to the part that I'm sure will surprise folks; I kinda liked that main event. I know, I know. Look, I wish it was any other team on the roster that had been picked to dethrone Jurassic Express, but I get it. It sets up FTR/YB 3 for like 3 different world tag team titles. That will rule. I was pleasantly surprised by how little of the Jacksons usual self-aggrandizing bullshit was in this match. They laid their shit in, sold, and cut down on the convoluted spots. I'm man enough to give credit where it's due; that was an entertaining tag match. What will be the test for me is if the Jacksons do business at All Out and drop those titles to FTR, or if they manage to politic their way into another interminable, endless, soul-sucking reign as tag champs. But for tonight, and maybe tonight only, the Jacksons are ok in my book. The post match angle was perfect. I might've had Christian actually cost JE the match, but other than that it played exactly the way it needed to. Looking forward to seeing what's next.
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