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  1. just drew


    I’m a bit biased, but First Man was dope. I saw it in iMax so I could actually see the blood and sweat I left on those set pieces...
  2. just drew


    I think a lot of people here sleep on Bayley's talent level. It's clear she was probably suffering from a crisis of confidence, but she's been much smoother the last couple months. Becky's upped her game a ton. I wonder if the office just thinks of Sasha as too injury prone to raise her up more than she is.
  3. just drew


    Jordynne Grace, while not normally a heel, wrestled a style against dudes that would be effective as a heel against the right male. She’s going to be a st-aaar.
  4. just drew

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    What if we got show specific "specials" every couple weeks? 2 hrs? That way both shows are represented equally but it doesn't feel like overkill...
  5. That's true. I was there. The GA crew was told to find other work. As far as working for Marvel goes, that's pretty serious, bc they'll keep you on retainer just to have you around when they need you....
  6. just drew


    I didn't mind the end of show angle as much as some others, but why would guys like the Ascension and Drew Gulak help McZigman? They gotta know that the exact same shit that happened to Swagger/Fandango/3MB after the helped Evolution beat up Shield is gonna happen to them...
  7. just drew

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    I respect it.
  8. just drew


    For real, the only show I've worked on that I feel a connection to, whether I get a credit or not. No amount of conservative shit-heaping could ruin that. In fact, it makes it better...
  9. just drew


    I could've said that better. There's no female in NXT I think WWE sees that kind of value in. None of them are my cup of tea, except maybe Dakota, and Toni Storm, but I have little doubt they'll all be sacrificed at the silicone altar of the Bella's by 2020.
  10. just drew


    We used to hammer Shoney's breakfast bar after church on sundays. Good times. I didn't get to weigh in on Sasha as it pertains to her spot/talent level, and I understand why she's upset, but I find her notion that she should be where Alexa is because she loved the business more than Alexa did as a child is fairly ludicrous. I don't get to play first base for the Braves because I've been a rabid fan my entire life. She's not a better television performer than Alexa is, and that's why she's not where Alexa is. Is Sasha he better in-ring worker? Absolutely, but, in my opinion, Sasha isn't Becky or Asuka in the ring, either. I can't really think of anything off of the top of my head that Sasha does better than anyone else on the roster. Alexa knows what her character is and plays it to the nines every week. As far as how well liked the two girls are backstage, I'm not sure it's fair to evaluate that based on what we see from social media and limited exposure on UpUpDownDown. Each girl seems to have friends in the locker room. Sasha has New Day, Naomi, et al, but Sasha's also had heat with Charlotte, Paige and Alexa (that we know of) due to her attitude. Alexa's no stranger to the UUDD stuff either, though, and she appears to be close to Ember Moon, Carmella, Bayley, and Becky Lynch. The point is that none of us really know the nature of these performer's relationship with one another, and to use speculation based on our limited scope seems pretty dumb. WWE seems to have a real issue moving forward in regards to the women's division. It's clear that they see Ronda as their fastest route to greater legitimacy for the brand as they head into their deal with Fox, but I question whether Ronda will still be there by the time that transition takes place. She's been adamant that she wants to have a child sooner rather than later, and I can't see her run having a ton of shelf life. When she does inevitably leave, WWE is left with a division that compromised the credibility of the majority of it's full time performers to shine a spotlight on Ronda Rousey. And, furthermore, I really don't see anyone in NXT that's capable of being a star even on the level of Bayley or Sasha. If it were me, I'd base the Raw division on Ronda and build to Charlotte making the jump. Perhaps Charlotte loses a "loser leaves the brand" match to Becky before the women's Rumble. (Evolution?) That makes the rumored 4Horsewomen battle at Survivor Series more compelling, if Charlotte and Becky despise each other going into the match, perhaps with one deserting the team mid-match. Id's send both Bayley and Sasha to the opposite division of Ronda, keeping them out of her massive shadow. Charlotte wins the women's Rumble from either the 1 or 2 slot, leaving any idea of nepotism out of her victory, then builds to her match with Ronda. Then you have Bayley and Sasha to work with Becky, Asuka, and Naomi on the blue team. Maybe Alexa makes her way over there, too, since Raw has Nia, Ember Moon, and the Riott Squad, as well as Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox, and maybe you put Kaitlyn on that brand if she returns full time. That way you get more value from Sasha, Bayley, Becky and Charlotte, which is the backbone of that division. JMO.
  11. just drew

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    I feel like all Braun would have to do is come out and say “your brothers saved you last week, Roman. But you forgot...I have brothers too.” lights go out. They come back up and Harper and Wyatt attack.
  12. just drew

    Raw is Fuck The Shield - 8/20/2018

    Since Rowan's injury is fairly serious, which sucks for him, I wonder if Harper and Wyatt show up on Raw in a week or so to help Strowman. Get more Shield/Wyatts goodness.
  13. just drew

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Nah, but I could've meant Ziggler and crossfit Ziggler...
  14. just drew

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    A bunch of people at Summerslam tweeted about how tired the crowd was by the time Miz/Bryan came around. Also, there's a lot of folks here asserting the absurd idea that Rollins is somehow more entertaining than Ziggler. Asinine. Hopefully Ambrose drops Rollins on his head soon. And I don't think it's smart to split up Ziggler and McIntyre when the Raw tag team scene is a bit desolate with no one but sawed off Brainbuster cosplayers to challenge the "B-Team." EDIT: And the Authors of Pain. I forgot them. But, the writing team has, too, so I'm not alone...