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  1. I said this in the Mania thread and it’s absolutely true. Asuka too.
  2. It's the Roman Reigns "forced coronation." She's been shoehorned into almost every important women's angle since the revolution began. Her presence stunts the growth of the entire division, and for me personally, it feels like its been the exact same shit since the day she debuted. Zero character growth or tweaks. I also didn't think the promo was all that great. She still has that "I'm trying to project authority that I absolutely don't have" tone.
  3. What an absolute shitshow. Fuck this company, and fuck me for getting excited for what's usually the most fun Raw of the year. And fuck Kenny Omega, just for good measure.
  4. Also, poor Asuka and poor, poor Bayley. Imagine being the company MVP during the weirdest time in modern TV history and stooging for the Bellas as a "reward." Just piss poor. Big E has to be the MITB winner, right? Has to be. That women's tag team match was... something. They all worked hard. Definitely not as good as night 1, in that it wasn't "good" at all, but that main event fucked hard.
  5. It seems like I say this after big match Wyatt’s in where they assassinate his character, but he’s gotta ask for his release tonight. That’s a neutering of the highest order.
  6. I'm not saying they all need title matches. I AM saying with 5 hours of TV a week there's no reason why they shouldn't be having matches or promo'ing weekly. WWE has gotten really bad about having the same 12 people on tv every week, particularly on Raw. This won't ever happen while Vince is in charge, because I'm convinced he's senile and forgotten a good portion of his roster, but Podcast Prichard and Johnny Ace should at least be aware they have these talented women they're doing nothing with.
  7. I’m not convinced Becky or Charlotte ever come back full time...
  8. Toni Storm isn’t gonna move the meter on the main roster. Raquel Gonzalez has a super high ceiling, but I could see someone (coughjohnlaurinaitiscough) thinking she isn’t what they’re looking for. We can all read between the lines there. Io is interesting, because she could be a huge star, but she may not want to stick around long enough to have a main roster run. If you were her and watched how they’ve booked Asuka on the main roster, would you trust Podcast Prichard and the Old Man to give you anything to do? Even if they all get called up, the division is thin enough to facilitate new
  9. There is absolutely room for Liv, Ruby, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose to be elevated & for Naomi & Carmella to resume their prior spots on the card. They have 5 hrs of live first run programming a week. The problem is the repetitive writing that doesn’t allow for multiple focuses in a single show.
  10. It's entirely possible it was just a show for the cameras, but I hope for their sake it's a real thing. Life's too short to carry around hate like that for someone who hasn't wronged you in any real way. Anyway, like I said, I truly hope WWE is serious about running with Bianca as a top draw. I've just been burned too many time to believe that by Summerslam she won't be taking a back seat to Becky's return and whatever Charlotte's running into the ground. Vince gonna Vince...
  11. Apparently they've patched things up in the last year or so. They've appeared pretty chummy during some UUDD stuff in the last few months. Good for them if true.
  12. Charlotte and Becky were each other's best match. I'd take the Evolution one, personally. For Nia, I can't remember which one, but I liked the one where she broke down after bc she couldn't beat Asuka no matter what she did. I enjoyed the Alexa Great Balls of Fire match bc Sasha legit hated Alexa at the time and it gave me great joy to watch her have to put Alexa over. She was fantastic last night, though I think y'all still drastically overrate her ability level.
  13. It reminds of the pubescent arms race at the glorified POW camp I knew as "Camp Kaleo" summer camp. Guys (myself included) would create these instruments of suffering where we'd twist a towel and duct tape the section just before the end for maximum carnage. The impact sounded exactly like Bianca's hair whip. I know that hurt like a motherfucker.
  14. You think Natalya/Tamina was the right call? Just curious...
  15. Bad Bunny is now my second favorite celebrity at 'Mania ever, after Lawrence Taylor. Props to him for doing FAR more than was required. Pretty fucking stupid to break up the Hurt Business if Bob Lash was going over at 'Mania, but that match ruled ass. Poor tag turmoil ladies. I have no fucking idea what story they're trying to tell with Tamina and Natalya, unless it's a "Good Soldier" run for Tamina, who's been on the roster since 1973 and done very little of note to this point. I find Seth Rollins so unwatchable that even the goodness that is Cesaro couldn't redeem this for me,
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