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  1. Adam Cole won’t reach the heights Mahal did on a show that matters. Take that to the bank...
  2. The cynic in me thinks this is in response to WWE officials not being allowed to show any type of character at all.
  3. I think there's something intrinsic in our psychology that wants to see people rise up to face a challenge that they might not can overcome. I think the reaction, both live and at home, to Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy walking out of the entrance with serious looks on their faces while the Inner Circle is kicking Moxley's ass again would potentially be something that could draw money down the road. Jack Perry is a future star. Is he ready yet? No. Would being in the mix with the top angle in the company do a lot for his future prospects? Absolutely.
  4. I'll still go back and watch that on the network sometimes. I think that was the absolute peak of the Attitude Era. It certainly never quite got that hot again.
  5. I do think it would elevate the Jurassic Express guys to have them come out to try to save Mox next time. Like when Rikishi and Too Cool came out to team with Rock and Mankind against the corporate DX army. Would give them an instant uptick of credibility. Maybe Mox teams with them against the Inner Circle one week and by the end he's kind of looking at them like "ok, motherfucker thinks he's a dinosaur, the tiny one won't stop the dancing, but that one in the middle's got something." There's a template there.
  6. I REALLY enjoyed seeing her at Hell or High Water last year. She was a sweetheart and a gifted performer. Shame she had to retire so young.
  7. Will these be to scale with the Mattel elites?
  8. I used to work security at a club he frequented here in Atlanta, when he played for the Falcons. He'd be the dumbest fucker in a lot of businesses.
  9. Regardless of how you feel about Enzo the human being, this is objectively untrue. Go back and watch some of the stuff he did on Raw. The President's Day promo, for example. Enzo can talk in a way very few others can. And Cass had a really good match with Mox over the summer, so the ability is there. AEW needs guys who hold people's attention. Enzo and Cass, no matter their personal situations, can do that.
  10. “Give a guy a match with one of the five best wrestlers on earth and time and he’ll deliver.” Nah. The dude looks like someone shrunk Jimmy Jam Garvin in the dryer, only without the charisma.
  11. They worked it out all the time back in the day. There’s enough unofficial back channel contacts through both companies that offers could be made without official tampering. And Enzo & Cass are giant tv personalities and AEW is a company that desperately needs tv personalities. Both guys have their flaws, but even given the beef with Joey Janela, do you really think Janela brings more to the table than those two?
  12. The show was what it needed to be; a pretty good show en route to what’s gonna be a great ppv. That said, they’ve gotta be on the lookout for guys & girls they can add to thicken the roster. There’s probably a dozen folks they could add in the next 3 months that would instantly add quality: luke Harper Tessa Ivelisse Velez Matt Cross Tenille tafka Kaitlyn The Revival Vance Archer Marty Scuril and the two that would be the most controversial but could potentially pay off the best; Enzo & Cass. I know, I know. But Cass is in fantastic shape and Enzo seems to have cleared his head. I’d bring them in, tell them they’re on the worlds shortest leash, then let Enzo go talk them into the building. He’d be a top three promo there from the day he walked into the door.
  13. “It’s Rusev from Rusev Day!!!” Popped me. Carefree bachelor Rusev is my favorite.
  14. Without hurting herself or someone else, anyways... #legitbotch
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