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  1. The Atlanta Braves refuse to completely fade away. Matt Adams putting some #'s up since getting here...
  2. Damn. That seems like a lot of work...
  3. So, I don't have kids, but a lot of my friends do, and one of the complaints i hear from a lot of dads I know is that while the rise of female heroes in movies is a good thing, a lot of the men in these movies come off as weak or incompetent. That's another reason I think I loved this movie so much. Wonder Woman is a badass, but Steve Trevor is strong, brave, charming, and resourceful. He holds his own while fighting alongside a literal amazon. Also, since i dont know how to do spoilers, ill just say this: SPOILERS. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. The shot where she climbs the ladder and runs into "no man's land", and the wonder woman theme hits for the first time; bad. fucking. ass. Someone at DC FINALLY has a clue, and it's awesome...
  4. It is VERY much like the First Avenger. But that's my favorite MCU flick, so I didn't mind...
  5. I saw Wonder Woman tonight. Wow. Just wow. It wasn't perfect, but it was incredible. Gol Gadot shows why she was really the ONLY choice for this. I loved it. Zeidler is right about the plot twist, but I was so "in" by that point I didn't care. This is also the most likable Chris Pine has been since the first Star Trek. There's a WW1 sequence early on that took my breath away. Go see it. I can't say that enough times. Go see it.
  6. First of all, fuck Eddie Graham. Secondly, Styles/Owens was bananas. Usos/PoPo's was good, but the wrong team went over. Hopefully this program continues. I dug the main event. It's still fucking stupid that they took the belt off Wyatt and broke up the Family for Randy Orton Dogshit Title Reign #473, but the title switch was a surprise, and the crowd seemed into it. It still mystifies me that they switched to Orton in the first place, but oh well....
  7. Yep. Time to fight.
  8. Fuck him, too.
  9. Yep. Damn shame, too. Was blossoming this year into a top 5 hitter. I bet they sign James Loney. Cheap option w decent on base skills that doesn't block anyone.
  10. Fuck the Toronto Blue Jays. After hitting 7 Braves with pitches in the last 3 games, they get testy when one of theres gets plunked. Then, after Freddie Freeman has to leave the game after being hit in the left wrist, Jose Bautista tries to start some shit by flipping his bat on a HR down by 5. Classless. Fuck him. I guess he needs another ass beating.
  11. Guy I grew up with was Yondu's stand-in. Pretty cool.
  12. I'm in the movie business here in ATL, and rumor is the NDA's issued for guys that work on these Marvel films, which all filmed here now, are DICKS. You can lose your livelihood for leaking shit, so none of us "below the line" guys are leaking a gotdamn thing....
  13. Nobody, when he's healthy. Peterson got some time out there when Kemp was on the DL. Bonifacio is the designated oxygen thief.
  14. Braves playing good ball for a change. Chance to sweep the Brewers after sweeping the Mess. Freddie Freeman is an MVP candidate, and Kemp and Phillips are playing like they give a shit. Good stuff.
  15. The sad thing is that Roman offscreen is witty, gregarious, funny, and disarming. Really fun to be around. If they'd let him go be that guy, I think people would warm to him. But Vince's idea of what makes a babyface is so far off-base its staggering.