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  1. FWIW, according to Cody, Matt Cardona's shirt on AEW.com broke sales records. I think he said it's the best selling piece of merch in company history. If Cardona isn't signed full time, he will be soon.
  2. See, I think MJF being the guy to take from Cody what he loves (the TNT title) through shenanigans and continuing to escape defense after defense with the title is what could propel him to the next level. Making guys beat Wardlow before they face him, stalling his ass off to take advantage of the time limit, picking inferior opponents whenever possible, hell, I'd have him introduce a "30 day countdown" so he knows exactly how long he has before he has to defend the title again. Have it be the opposite of an open challenge. It should feel like an act of congress to get a fair, non-fuckwithable TNT title match against MJF. Whoever finally beats him for it would look like a star, too. Mox gives the title credibility. Other than Jericho, he's the highest profile guy in the company. Kenny Omega isn't on that level in America, and I'm not sure why you'd beat Moxley with Omega.
  3. I'm not sure why anyone would be upset about Cardona signing. He isn't taking a spot from a young guy. AEW is using their young talent really well, and adding a guy like Cardona won't change that...
  4. Vince gonna see that clip and think "goddamn! Who is THAT?"
  5. Is this talking point still a thing? C'mon...
  6. I'm guessing the Alexa/Nikki breakup is nigh, which sucks, but I guess it's time...
  7. Moxley belongs in the “top promo guys of 2010-2020” discussion. i saw Eddie live last year for the first time. Was tremendous.
  8. Yep. It's like they think you eradicate covid with quality matches.
  9. This wasn't better than the Atlanta Dynamite, but that one's the best US wrestling card of the year, so that's no biggie. This was probably the most entertaining AEW show of the covid era, other than the Matt Hardy golf cart episode. Everything worked. When the worst thing on the show was a perfectly fine Diamante- Ivelisse match, you did something right. Sign Eddie Kingston NOW. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast. Now.
  10. Liked the opener, it’s just that Rollins does nothing for me. Nothing. They either need to add disciples or move Murphy on. i liked the six man stuff. I’m a big Ali fan, so that was fun. If I draw the ire of the Boss stans again, so be it, but Sasha Banks is not a good promo. Even a little bit. The attitude and sass comes off so forced. Like, Vivica A. Fox in “Independence Day” forced. Bianca BelAir did Sasha better than Sasha ever has just a few minutes later. Which is a shame, because I’m enjoying the stuff w her and Bayley more than I thought I would. Asuka is so effortlessly entertaining. Bianca BelAir has won me over. She’s the most finished product to come up from nXt in years. Love her. Ruby Riott is such a unique presentation. They should be doing more with her. She might need a “heater.” Mercedes Martinez maybe. Fell asleep. Will check out the rest today.
  11. Funnily enough, Gallows and I are "Eskimo Brothers," which makes me chuckle, but that's where it stops.
  12. Yeah, the only real "dream match" for the good brothers in AEW is another set of brothers; The Brothers Lucha. I'd pay money to see that. The rest? Eh. I've never understood the hype behind Gallows & Anderson, though.
  13. I still don't understand the fascination of the 50+ demographic with nXt. Fantastic episode last night. Mox is such a star. Big, good looking guy who's effortlessly the most charismatic performer on American wrestling tv, regardless of brand or gender. Ride that wagon 'til the wheels fall off. Loved that 6 man tag. Jungle Boy is gonna be someone they build around in just a few years. Luchasaurus and Marko brought the effort, too. That Destroyer spot was aces. If you're gonna use a wayyy overexposed move like the destroyer, set it up in an original way. That was two in two weeks, and I don't hate it at all. FTR and Lucha Bros was really good, but I feel like they have better in them. The postmatch thing with Omega was interesting. Liked all the women's stuff. Ivelisse joining up is big for them. Adds a lot of value and depth. I was CRYING with laughter from Jericho. Whatever they're paying that dude, he's earning it...
  14. I think we're in an era where what we consider a "match" needs to be considerably augmented.
  15. Having been there for Page/Omega vs. Lucha Bros, it's hard to imagine anything being better this year. Insane crowd, incredible ring work and a great story told. I'll throw in a vote for "Stadium Stampede," too. Just a glorious exhibition of weirdness and everything that makes wrestling fun. I was hooked from the Inner Circle team intros and never got bored. Special mention to Page riding into the stadium on an actual goddamn horse, the Page/Hager bar fight section, and Matt Hardy in the pool.
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