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    Did some set work on this movie. It paid well. All I'm willing to say....

    Attendance WAYYYY down at TV tapings this week. Interesting to see if this pattern will continue...

    Still don't understand the hate for Ziggler. Not like he's giving himself garbage material, and he's still one of the best athletes/workers around. I like Enzo, but I get why some people don't. Not a Davey Richards guy at all....
  4. 2017 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Falcons doing to the Packers what I as an Atlanta native have wished I could do to every northerner/midwesterner who has ever moved here and then talked about how much better it is there since i was a small child. No one cares about how good the flow of traffic was in Sheboygan. We have running water and some museums. Go Home. and #RiseUp.
  5. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 2

    First of all, the Alma Mater puts one on JSU after a soulcrushing loss to Tennessee. Secondly, Wake Up the Echoes, Shake Down the Thunder, whatever it is you midwesterners do. I could use a week of silence from these hillbilly-ass u(sic)ga fans...
  6. RAW is fuck you Brooklyn. - 8/21/2017

    I love Bo Dallas dressing up as the world's sleaziest used car dealer every week. All in on that shit.
  7. #205LIVE

    It's crazy to me how much Enzo, who's one of the smaller guys on the main roster, just loomed over Neville.
  8. RAW is fuck you Brooklyn. - 8/21/2017

    This Cass injury gives them an out with the breakup, though. Have Cass come back like "Zo, I thought about it. I was in the wrong. Sorry." Neither one is anything without the other. You get them back on track this way.
  9. SummerSlam XXX

  10. RAW is fuck you Brooklyn. - 8/21/2017

    I mean, what kind of out of touch old goo.....ah. Got it. Thanks.
  11. RAW is fuck you Brooklyn. - 8/21/2017

    Also, why on God's green earth would you let the Miz go out there and say those things, knowing the live audience is gonna take a giant steaming shit on your two biggest stars? Miz isn't wrong, fwiw, but why would you greenlight that?
  12. RAW is fuck you Brooklyn. - 8/21/2017

    Yeah, seconded on Cass and Jordan. It takes a special kind of idiot to turn a moneymaking act like Enzo & Cass into two DOA singles stars. And Jason Jordan? Really? I see the talent, but I don't know that I can think of anyone less ready to get the push he's getting at the time h's getting it. Maybe Sheamus' first run.
  13. SummerSlam XXX

  14. SummerSlam XXX

    I'm sorry you think that. MY point, and perhaps I could've made it better, is that sooo many people immediately shit on Braun because he had no indy experience or nXt resume, and now he's probably the guy who's style best fits his character in the entire company.
  15. SummerSlam XXX

    Getting a little defensive in here. Strowman has FARRRR exceeded any original expectations. And damn, was that match violent...