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  1. Okay using the same awards here’s who I’d choose: Wrestler of the Year: Jey Uso WWE Wrestle of the Year: Jey Uso Best Title Reign: Gunther as Intercontinental Champion Match Of The Year: Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay Forbidden Door Card Of The Year: Wrestlemania if both nights combine otherwise AEW Forbidden Door Promotion Of The Year: WWE Tag Team Of The Year: USO’s Face Of The Year: Cody Rhodes Heel Of The Year: Christian Cage Best On Promos: Swerve Strickland Biggest Shock Result Of The Year: Damian Priest winning MITB (I really thought they’d have Logan Paul win) Best Commentator: Vic Joseph (I like Nigel too, but Vic makes NXT great) Worst Wrestler: Ricky Starks, I’m kidding. The worst to me would be Brian Cage of guys that get a fair amount of tv time in a major promotion
  2. I watched Collision earlier and forgot to make a post so now I’m going through a recap so I can list what I liked. Seeing Juice wrestle (I’m always happy when Juice gets air time) Toni Storm Portrait of a Star part 2 (I’m not sure which half of that couple I enjoy more, and I fully agree with Nigel’s joke about Toni being out of RJ City’s league) The stupid shirt Mike Bennett was wearing Julia Harts entrance (I don’t usually like lip synced entrances, but Julia’s is everything that Scarlett thinks she is in WWE, it looks way more natural and well done) Julia Harts match The Righteous entrance (Every time I see Vincent make an entrance I can’t help but think of my close personal, little friend @Just Dave and envision him snapping along with Vincent thinking he’ll somehow make Adam Cole disappear) Ricky Starks spear, and the botched finish to the main event (What the hell was Dax doing? Lifting his head but not a shoulder?) Also this is most likely going to be an unpopular opinion but if I were to list the members of House of Black in order of potential I’d rank them like this: 1) Julia Hart (they seriously need to lock her up for as many years as possible) 2) Brody King (I love him in his current role, but I’d like to see him getting at least a midcard push on his own at the same time) 3) Buddy Matthews (I like watching Buddy, but I feel he’d fit in better in Impact and the X Division) 4) Malaki Black (I used to think he was awesome in NXT, but these last few years he’s not done anything for me)
  3. Dang I’m a year older than you friend. I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital. My worst memory of it was once when I was I think twelve or so it was on ABC, and my dad and I watched it again. I still cried my eyes out, and he promised I’d never have to worry about losing him. I’m glad I got 35 great years with him, but there’s not a day that I don’t still miss him.
  4. Leave it to my pal to post one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and also the saddest scene I can think of from a kids movie (I remember crying my eyes out when I first saw it, and the last time I saw it (the first time I’d watched it after my dad passed) I had to pause it). But I do think Christian is certainly AEWs version of Scar.
  5. I know it won’t happen but I’d love it if this new era talk for Sunday night ended up being Khan bringing back Lucha Underground. I’d watch that in a heartbeat and it would be a good replacement for Rampage.
  6. Didn’t they offer it to her, and she (rightfully) turned it down because it’s not a paying gig and she doesn’t need the exposure to sell more tickets? I’d swear I read that.
  7. Okay that I would get behind. I loved Lucha Underground in general, and Johnny Mundo was one of my favorites.
  8. I read this too quickly and thought it said a group of John Hennigans which would be the worst thing ever based on his latest work in QTV.
  9. I’m with the others that have suggested it’s Adam Cole under the devil mask. I want Switchblade to win the belt, but I think the ninjas help MJF retain then we get the heel turn, and Adam wins the title.
  10. How is this quote a denial of that?: He said he's never said AEW will move to one PPV a month. He isn't sure what the right number is while saying there is more appetite for AEW content. To me that says maybe they will maybe they won’t. It’s not a definitive no.
  11. Shouldn’t I get some of the credit for saying he acts like he’s Bautista with his unrequited love of Dana Brooke? Without that comment the gimmick doesn’t exist. P.S. He has you on block. That’s why the @ didn’t link to his account properly.
  12. The thing I’m curious about is which of the Gunns gets to be the Collision Cowboy of the month for September since we should have a new one next week (unless they keep letting Juice win it monthly). I agree with your take on the main event too. I thought they did a better job of making it violent while still seeming to fit on a wrestling show than what Mox does in his matches.
  13. So with no AEW World title defense it’s a safe bet Danielson/Sabre Jr is the main event right? I can’t see them giving Darby the spot, and considering he and Swerve are the only others from the area I’m pretty sure I named the main event. And to go with something I mentioned in the weekly tv topic there’s five matches I’d say I’ll buy the PPV for (ranked in order of excitement): Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr Christian Cage vs Darby Allin 2 out of 3 Falls Kris Statlander vs Julia Hart Hangman Adam Page vs Swerve Strickland Don Callis Family vs Kenny Omega/Chris Jericho/Kota Ibushi The other matches I’m either not that interested in (FTR vs Aussie Open mainly) or I feel the outcome is super obvious (Eddie over Shibata, Young Bucks winning tag team money in the bank, Better Than You BayBay over The Righteous). But the five I listed are more than enough to get my $50.
  14. A List? In what world is he A List? The only former WWE talent I’d say is A List is Dwayne and that’s only based off of his paychecks not the quality of his work. I will agree that Bautista is the best actor of the former WWE performers though, and I’d rank Cena ahead of Dwayne too. I enjoyed Knock At The Cabin and thought it was carried by Big Dave. Rent free when you’re the one that brings me up more often? Try again dipshit. And don’t try saying you don’t with your thinly veiled Little Friend comments. How is Ali and Buddy a dream match? They’ve already performed together and at a high level in WWE. I’d enjoy watching them work each other again, but dream match should be reserved for first time ever matchups. Like Ali vs Kenny Omega maybe, or Ali vs Ricky Starks or MJF. I do think your boy could work well with Ali. Who else is in this hypothetical Top 5 performers WWE missed the boat on? I’m actually genuinely curious to see who you’d list. Personally I’d have the following as my top five (from 2000-now): Ali Matt Cardona DDP (I don’t care about his age, there was more they could have done with him) Rusev Christian (I loved him with Edge but I prefer his AEW and TNA runs overall) Yes hire a shitty female worker for AEW they don’t already have enough of them (including one I referenced earlier when she’s having a terrible 2023 in ring wise). Why don’t you recommend Aliyah next since she’s “hot” on social media.
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