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  1. I’ll get blasted for my top ten I’m sure. I’ll go 1-10 as it’s just easier for me to format it too: 1) Kurt Angle 2) Ric Flair 3) CM Punk (thus why I’ll get blasted) 4) Shawn Michaels 5) Macho Man Randy Savage 6) AJ Styles 7) Will Ospreay 8 Steve Austin (since to rank him I want to include his WCW run and not just Stone Cold) 9) Jeff Jarrett (another reason this will get blasted) 10) The Young Bucks I’d definitely put Rey Jr, Okada, and Steamboat right below that. Plus Kenny Omega and Danielson
  2. It’s not worth the effort. They’re the same poster that was trying to race bait over the lack of back to back to back NBA MVP since Bird in the 80’s and using LeBron as why it should’ve happened more recently. I think they just want to start fights.
  3. What if the story ends up being Ospreay wins at Forbidden Door, Danielson wins the Owen Cup, Danielson beats Ospreay at Wembley after Osprey refuses to do the Tiger Driver 91, then at WrestleDream Ospreay wins the belt back hitting the ultimate “death move” and ending Bryan’s full time career? There needs to be a big payoff to eliminating the Tiger Driver 91, and having it cost Ospreay everything at Wembley seems perfect to me.
  4. He’s on Raw unfortunately. Smackdown has Cody, AJ, Bayley, Tiffany Stratton, LA Knight, The Bloodline, and possibly Logan Paul (if he’s booked this week)
  5. As a Giants fan I’ll ask this. What talent? He wasn’t any good last year, he hasn’t been good in multiple seasons, and he seems to have serious brain related issues. I’m also saying that last part as a person that’s had five documented concussions in my own life time (which is nine years longer than his and I’ve never played football whether in elementary or high school). That “song” he released felt like something Antonio Brown would’ve done.
  6. I had to reread your post because at first I was like where’s the Kenny match rank before I realized that was before he’d signed with AEW. I’d throw the Takeshita match somewhere in the top 3 personally, but I don’t know which of the other two you had I’d knock out (obviously not Danielson as that was top level).
  7. I’m just glad you keep it that way, because it makes me want to respond in kind. As opposed to the dumpster fire the weekly thread has turned into.
  8. @AxB hit on my joke. I was running with what I thought was your original joke about Flairs Shadow. That account actually did get mad at me over the Brodie Lee prediction. I got it right because it was the obvious time to debut him, and the Dark Order needed a cult type leader so why not the ex member of the Wyatt Family? You and I have never had any issues. I actually like our back and forth as we are respectful of one another even when we voice a different opinion. Plus we both clearly like different styles based on me liking Ospreay more than you, and you liking Sabre Jr more than I do. But you always keep it classy. I respect that.
  9. I like your reasoning. I thought they might be going deeper with the whole where is his psyche at the moment, so let’s have him use his original theme as it fits.
  10. Okay one odd thing that seems to have went unnoticed. Do we think the person that plays the entrance music goofed or is Orange Cassidy switching back to his original theme song? When he did his promo he came out to Jane, but during the Gauntlet I noticed they played Where Is My Mind? I prefer the later anyhow and thought it was a cool moment (even if I was like who the hells coming out now before I recognized the song).
  11. Wait so you’re the one I pissed off so bad when for weeks before his debut I correctly predicted Mr Brodie Lee to be the “Exalted One”? I remember The Shadow melting down over that as well as my ribbing them on countless other predictions they incorrectly made.
  12. Alexa? Yeah she did late last year I think. She’s supposed to be training for her return.
  13. Oh I agree that was one of the best hour long matches ever. I just preferred the sequel knowing there’d be a definitive finish, and the added story elements from the first one (will the Buckshot end it if it’s hit before the time limit?). Stadium Stampede 1 was the pinnacle for me, but I did enjoy the sequel too. Last years was just kind of there. I’m sure they’ll do another at Wembley with The Learning Tree against Hook, Shibata, and whomever they can find (FTR?).
  14. The Butcher sounds like an excellent choice even for a brief reign. Brody King would work for a longer reign too. Reward some of the guys that aren’t getting much time. Or hell even have Kyle Fletcher win it and rename it the TV title. Just please do away with the needless ROH one at that point.
  15. I’m with you. I think they either bring her back on the premiere of Smackdown on USA in September or the first Netflix Raw in January. Unless she’s taking time off to give the little one a sibling. In that case good for her and Seth. They both seem like great parents.
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