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  1. Honestly I think the most important thing is that there better be post-match comments recorded from at least the NJPW wrestlers.
  2. I enjoy Clark Connors making into the Four Way after calling it the Mid-Atlantic Title or "Whatever AEW is calling it."
  3. I feel like Cobb is a dark horse candidate from Block A. I have Tama or SANADA coming out of Block B. Block C is pretty much up for grabs. And in the "Call me crazy" pick, I think El P could win Block D.
  4. Probably gets ranked second in my Steph/Klay/Draymond era championships after the first one. Look forward to an off-season of a lot of (well deserved) swaggering from the front office and players. Do feel bad for Tatum who is probably going spend an off-season being roasted just because he landed on Wiggins Island. Hopefully he uses it as motivation for next season.
  5. "Playoff Wiggins" is officially a thing.
  6. That's basically the Warriors team unless you are calling Wiggins a mega star.
  7. All the people picking against us on the way combined with the "Anyone but the Warriors" final picks...
  8. Still think we're winning it but god Boston is a horrible match-up for us. If Boston ever learns how to get easy shots, they'll be scary.
  9. Don't worry, just part of the master plan of unleashing Game 6 Klay on the Finals.
  10. The tradition of wasting the "Steph Game" continues on. That said Gentleman's Sweep confirmed.
  11. I feel like Boston's offense plays pretty well into what the Warriors want to do defensively. Tatum is going take a lot of difficult shots and he's going make some of them which works well with the Warriors tendency to single guard your best player and just try to make it difficult for them and applaud them if they make a shot. Also Boston is another team rolling out a bunch of guys that can make 3's but aren't 3 point shooters and putting up 30-40 of them and hoping enough go in. Feel like expecting that to consistently put up enough points against a good shooting team with an offensive identity is a dangerous game. Also hopefully Jaylen Brown remembers how to dribble because GP2 is coming for him. On the other end of the court I think the Celtics give the Warriors more defensive problems than the Mavs and the Nuggets but less than the Grizz. I feel like the Warriors have way too many options and move the ball too much for the Celtics defense to consistently slow the Warriors down. Ultimately I think the Celtics just aren't going be able to put enough points up offensively or slow the Warriors down enough defensively. Warriors in 5 with my preferred loss occurring either in game 2 or game 4.
  12. I continue to try to give AEW a chance and I will say that I at the very least enjoyed everything starting with the pre-main event interview.
  13. Yeah, I'm out. I was about to quit about halfway through the episode, when the show once again went with a mood breaking attempt(and failure) at humor, but at least finished the episode. I'll give it another shot maybe after it's done but at this point I can't imagine the back half being different enough to change my mind. It's not even about the (questionable) direction they went with the character and the plot, I just don't find this an enjoyable show to watch. It's just boring and stiff and you would think it could at least fall back on action choreography and even that hasn't been great. I'm glad some people are enjoying it but it just hasn't been for me.
  14. The first half of the episode wasn't bad, probably would put it as slightly better than the first episode. The second half of the episode(after the jackal was summoned) on the other hand was pretty bad. The manner they went with Mr. Knight was pretty horrible and the the chase sequence between Marc and the jackal just seemed cringey. Also so much bad exposition in the second half which is a shame because I felt the writing was quite good during the Hawke/Isaac confrontation. I will say I enjoyed the choice of Steven fighting the invisible jackal but at the same time I feel like the show continues to go for way too many cheap laughs. At this point I'll probably wait and see what people think of the next episode and use that to figure out whether I keep watching or not.
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