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  1. Since no one has thrown this theory out, I'll go ahead and do it. My guess on the original owner of the Rolex is Coulson.
  2. I have never felt as much video game satisfaction as I feel every time I beat a boss in Furi.
  3. Taken from the Missouri Administrative Code which has a section on pro-wrestling:
  4. I have always assumed that in wrestling a legal tag has to be done over the top rope, I've never seen an actual tag executed otherwise. Like on the plus side Aubrey did totally acknowledge that a tag had been made, just the actual tag seemed weird to me. Which is why I wondered if they had blown the spot where the tag was suppose to actually been made and just had to make it work anyway.
  5. Watched the show because they've been promoting it on the Dan Le Batard Show and two spots that really ended up sticking out in my mind. The first being was the finish during the IG tag match where I was super confused by Kris Statlander being legal at the end because I had no clue where the tag occurred. So I went back and apparently Statander tagged herself by reaching through the second and bottom rope and touching a laid out Cassidy. Made me wonder if it was a blown spot or just poor planning. Then the second thing was in the main event where one of the Young Bucks did a swanton bomb onto a trash can and popped up like it didn't hurt them at all, which feels like it should always be put over as putting your own body on the line to destroy your opponent. Course I suppose this is also the match that had a Canadian Destroyer through a table during the first couple minutes of the match. Oh and one last thing about that match, was I the only person that cringed every time they did the "throw thumbtacks at someone" spot? From a production perspective it was kinda annoying that every match had a commercial break in it and while they did the PIP for all the matches it kinda seemed like they still wrestled as if they were in a commercial break, if that makes any sense.
  6. I was wondering if anyone else out there has a problem with connecting with AEW's product? I haven't really been able to put my finger on what it is that I'm not connecting with but whenever I do watch it I just don't really feel much of anything about it. I don't think the presentation is particularly bad and while I'm not an overall fan of the overall style of wrestling, I've seen good matches and the overall match quality is probably better than MLW which I enjoy a lot more. It just seems weird to me that as someone that can generally just sit down and watch anything when it comes to wrestling that watching AEW for whatever reason just leads to indifference.
  7. I'm sure it must make for an incredibly crappy workplace. It's one thing when you're cutting people that aren't being used or haven't actually had a story line in quite a while but when you're cutting people that have actively been on tv or just gotten a new story line, everyone must feel like they're potentially expendable. Especially when you realize that a new contract not only doesn't mean that you're sticking around, it might actually make you more likely to be cut. What I was trying to say was more along the lines of, "How many people could the WWE cut before they actually had a problem putting together a show?" For the product they produce, the manner which they do it(hours produced, actual amount of matches and variety of matches, amount of story lines, number of segments, etc..) they really do have far more wrestlers under contract than they really need. So I'm not taking the side of big evil corporation but if you were to look at things from a, "So how many wrestlers do we actually need?" perspective I imagine the number is a lot smaller than the actual roster number.
  8. While it always sucks when people lose their jobs but how many people would they have to cut before it starts to actually affect the week to week product?
  9. I don't know if you're just looking for an official copy for your records but LU is on Tubi to watch for free.
  10. Have to think that the Warriors might look to trade Minnesota(and possibly their own pick.) So think Minnesota's pick definitely gets shopped around in hopes of providing some more depth and veteran presence. Their own pick possibly goes with it, gets sold, or ends up probably going to a seasoned college player. My main off season question, do we sign Marquese Chriss to his fourth Warriors contract in three years?
  11. Too soon to start the off season thread?
  12. I am okay with the outcome because it will all work itself out when the Warriors eliminate the Lakers in the WCF. Warriors in 5.
  13. I know it had been said that Duke wasn't really interested in wrestling, preferring to produce content for UUDD so her release isn't that surprising. Wonder if her release could be similar to Josiah Williams release/re-hiring.
  14. Apparently Austin Theory turns into Randy Savage after his ribs are crushed.
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