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  1. Somehow I think that Iron Fist season 2 is actually worse than season 1. I fully admit that I just kinda gave up on the last episode and started skipping through it. It's a shame that the Danny Rand character is probably completely burned for the near future because of the Netflix series.
  2. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I JUST WATCHED but I am so in for it.
  3. The Warriors starting five tonight: Glenn Robison III, Eric Paschall, Willey Cauley-Stein, Alec Burks, and Ky Bowman. Their bench tonight: Jordan Poole, Omari Spellman, and Marqueese Chriss. The Warriors had $126,251,708 in salary not playing tonight, half of the teams in the NBA have less in salary for their whole teams.
  4. The Santa Cruz Warriors is the name of the G-League team. Back in the dark days(around like 2010) we used to joke that the Warriors were the "D League All Stars" and that is very much the vibe that I'm getting again from the team.
  5. There is something entertaining in the incredibly frustrating play of the Santa Cruz Warriors.
  6. Time to start paying deep attention to the prospects for the NBA draft. It's been a while since we were lottery bad AND had our first round draft pick.
  7. On the plus side I don't think we have to worry about sending the Nets our first round draft pick this year.
  8. More important than finally having a dedicated system for "My List" is finally the ability to remove things from "Continue Watching." For so long the Continue Watching section was a graveyard for all the shows that I only wanted to watch a single segment from and would probably never watch the whole thing ever.
  9. Two days into the season and I forget to update my roster. I'm officially in mid-season form.
  10. I shall give them a look. Outside of listening to Wendell Carter on the Right Time with Bomani Jones, I think the last time I really heard anything about the Bulls was the whole fiasco when Jim Boylen took over.
  11. So the Kings were going be one of my League Pass teams after hearing about how exciting they were last year. One game of Luke Walton coaching and that idea is dead. Slow paced with next to no ball movement. Funny to look back and think of how high everyone was on Luke Walton after the season that Kerr was out for the most of it.
  12. I had to mute things during New Day/Revival because of how unbearable Graves was. Ending up paying more attention to the Watch Along livestream than the actual PPV. WWE needs to add a way to watch the Watch Along stream on the Network so you can have a little PIP of the PPV. Anyway, great to see Luke Harper back, definitely don't think anyone saw that coming. A Roman/Harper match could be so much fun.
  13. I was so very confused as to what Sonya was doing while Asuka had Mandy in the Asukalock. It seemed like she couldn't decide whether she should get in the ring to attempt to break up the hold up or not which then left Kairi seemingly confused as to whether she needed to get in the ring to prevent it.
  14. I feel like the question is going be less about teams being willing to give KD the max, despite the fact that he'll be out a year, and more if other players will be willing to go to a bad team and wait a year for KD?
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