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  1. I had to mute things during New Day/Revival because of how unbearable Graves was. Ending up paying more attention to the Watch Along livestream than the actual PPV. WWE needs to add a way to watch the Watch Along stream on the Network so you can have a little PIP of the PPV. Anyway, great to see Luke Harper back, definitely don't think anyone saw that coming. A Roman/Harper match could be so much fun.
  2. I was so very confused as to what Sonya was doing while Asuka had Mandy in the Asukalock. It seemed like she couldn't decide whether she should get in the ring to attempt to break up the hold up or not which then left Kairi seemingly confused as to whether she needed to get in the ring to prevent it.
  3. I feel like the question is going be less about teams being willing to give KD the max, despite the fact that he'll be out a year, and more if other players will be willing to go to a bad team and wait a year for KD?
  4. I'm sure people will write about this even more with the current situation but, unless they don't re-sign Thompson, they'll end up being over the salary cap threshold no matter what occurs with Durant. So really for the Warriors next season it just comes down to how much luxury tax they're looking to pay and what they can get for the taxpayer MLE and potentially the DPE.
  5. I don't know if I can handle two more of these.
  6. So basically I am never ranking a comedy ever again on my RT list.
  7. The Knicks must be the favorite team of so many agents.
  8. So basically the Knicks traded their only "I wouldn't mind playing with him..." guy so that they could go back to relying on "Everyone wants to play in NYC" idea which has been working so well for them in recent history. Outside of simply the name value of "The Knicks" and "MSG," I think I'd rather go play for the Nets at this point.
  9. Just kinda a random thing that I noticed, WWE is posting episodes of Raw and Smackdown to their YouTube channel. The Raw episodes look to be the Hulu cut as their run time is just slightly longer than the Smackdown ones.
  10. My mind can't even comprehend the kind of numbers that Curry would put up if you substituted him into Harden's role.
  11. Humble Bundle has a Deadly Class bundle which takes things up to where the series was prior to the current hiatus. There is also a Dynamite bundle which is full of stuff that I'm not very familiar with.
  12. Sundays work best for me but I'm flexible.
  13. With the amount of 1 year/2 years with an option contracts being signed this off-season, next summer is going be crazy for free agency.
  14. Just curious, has anyone been keeping up with Valiant, and if so, how are things and has there been anything really notable? My following kinda fell off around the first Harbinger War/initial Unity arc/end of the first Archer & Armstrong series so probably like...2014. Jeez, kinda didn't realize it's been that long.
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