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  1. ah, here's what it became by time it got around to me: (as you can see, decidedly less impressive. No Flair, no Arn, no Steiners, Mike Graham pulling double duty in the first three matches when he was a jobber at the time, Scott Hall in the main event just because he was a warm bodied heel, only 2 title bouts, one of which was the World Champ in the death spot before the main, woof.) http://www.profightdb.com/cards/wcw/great-american-bash-tour-1991---day-17-19140.html
  2. IIRC by the time the G.A.B. tour got out west and into my area (I actually went!) it was Ron Simmons. it was also a regular 8 man tag by then, and Flair was off the heel team. There must've been a lot of lineup shuffling on this tour.
  3. he was "how come this one jobber gets actual music?"
  4. this will be AEW's first Lumberjack Match, correct?
  5. "by the time he gets to the ring it will be Wrestlemania 38!"
  6. it's been so long since someone actually tried to keep up kayfabe away from the arena nobody even recognizes when it's happening anymore. YHWH Bless MJF
  7. Considering how brief their stint was, I assume the answer was "he didn't"
  8. against 1996 HBK, I cheered everyone like 1985 Hulk Hogan
  9. You'd think so! I mean, I'm officially No Longer Young and one of the reasons wearing masks has been so easy for me is because I have several that Look Cool. Fashion companies have already adjusted to the new reality by making and selling "stylish" ones because they recognize a profitable niche when they see one and, like The Dread Pirate Westley predicted, they are terrifically comfortable and everyone will be wearing them in the future, even when we no longer "need" to, because they'll be as much a part of normal fashion as hats or ties. And come on now, it's not like WWE hasn't signed up luchadores for years just for the easy merchandise tie-in of selling replicas of the very cool stylized masks they wear (it certainly hasn't been to actually push any of them or because they saw a Money Drawing Championship Feud in any of them) But alas, if this were true, if Vince greed truly did overwhelm Vince ego, we'd be in Year 18 of a functional, healthy, profitable, independently operated WCW that most of us would have by now forgotten was still owned by WWE in the first place. And we'd still happily chitter to ourselves about how The WWF/WCW Invasion was the greatest long-term storyline in wrestling history & how it made every dream match come true. Instead, we've had 2 XFL's, neither of which made it to Year 2. Vince will happily leave money on the table rather than admit his idea is a loser or someone else's idea is a winner. And it's too late now for a cynical "Get The F Out!" style PR campaign to get in front of this and convince people that WWE wrestlers are wearing masks of their own volition.
  10. I see you are an individual of refined and sophisticated aesthetic taste. I salute you. sometimes, Eric Bischoff does have his finger on the pulse of wrestling fans everywhere
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