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  1. Alex Smith is by far the best QB in that division, advantage Generic Create-A-Player Football Team
  2. after the Eagles tried a DROP KICK~! for their onside attempt last week I am absolutely ready to continue turning football's clock back 100 years. Get some 3-3 ties up in this muthafucka, eat shit Roger Goodell
  3. hope the Broncos use the Single Wing and The T Formation all day long like it's the fucking 1920s out of a combination of protest and necessity.
  4. LOL BRONCOS jokes aside, you'd think the league would have a selfish interest in postponing this game due to being a low quality exhibition of professional football with the Broncos unable to field a QB And Las Vegas not wanting their betting odds fucked with by such a radical last minute change to variance/predictability of total scoring.
  5. there's a Red Dwarf episode where they discover mutated film developer fluid that allows them to time travel but only within the frame of what they have photographs of; nothing outside the borders of the picture exists or is accessible. Clearly the WWE universe is governed by the same ludicrous physical laws as TV Sci-Fi SitComs because Carmella was completely unable to see Banks until we were.
  6. agreed. another stupid thing they started overdoing 20 years ago and still haven't stopped.
  7. For these comments critical of the league, James Harrison has been fined $25,000
  8. then again, monsters of the week aren't really meant to last long, are they? A niche really hurt by the death of the territory system, where there was always another region and another local babyface to do the arc with. With only national companies, all there is to look forward to after losing the big blowoff is 2.5 years of "LOL BIG MAN DANCING" skits until the contract finally runs out
  9. Foley got over on Undertaker for a while and did last, although much of that is attributable to Foley's whole deal being that he endured way beyond what a normal and/or sane human being would withstand, so...
  10. I'm still lowkey a little mad at how they tiptoed up to the very edge of doing something outside their box with Luther Reigns and then just completely chickened out of it. "I got my throat cut in prison and almost died, why the hell would I be afraid of The Undertaker?" Only to, of course, have him be the 8000th person in a row to be afraid of The Undertaker. [also for the 8000th time, why were we supposed to boo him for being a survivor of the horrible life presented in his backstory?]
  11. honestly it's just nice to see Alex Smith even back out there. Happy Thanksgiving and all.
  12. I would just like to have a copy of whatever criteria the league uses to determine which teams get to cancel/postpone their games until they get all their personnel back from a COVID outbreak vs. which teams have to "suck it up" and field a JV J.O.B. Squad at the originally scheduled time like its the 1987 Strike Season all over again [and of course risk infecting the other team in the process] you know, just for my personal edification
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