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  1. Sammy Guevara looks like Alex Wright only 500% sleazier and I am here for it all the time.
  2. let us mourn and celebrate the lost art that was the Survivor Series cokepromo together
  3. Rusev should be more polite to the man who has unlocked the secret of first name recovery
  4. Hogan never even called Andre during his suspension, befriended Orndorff to duck his legitimate challenge, and hired Macho Man's wife as his manager so he could seduce her and ultimately provoke Savage into a title bout. And don't forget his three year streak of backstabbing his ally (Savage, Warrior, Tugboat) and dumping them out of the Royal Rumble from behind only to have the temerity to piss and moan when Sid Justice finally saw that shit coming and struck first. Hell, even in Bret's case, Owen was right to turn on Bret, who was stupidly trying to play heroball and solo the tag team champion Quebecers on one bad leg instead of just tagging his little brother in. Vince's ideal vision of The Hero is a total asshole. Bret knew where that road led.
  5. yeah but Bret was in WWF, where the top babyfaces are largely unlikable and generally do deserve to be turned on, so his concern was valid.
  6. shit, might as well have brought Dusty back. At least he's liked
  7. yeah, yeah, I know, Ric Flair's daughter, knife edge chop, etc. that situation begs for an eye gouge
  8. well I initially meant playoffs but I suppose this also applies to later this month too.
  9. that's a lot of words to say "no IIconics, so don't bother, Whiouxsie"
  10. they still win that if Gould is healthy. yeah, yeah, ifs and buts, and here we are with a coach who doesn't understand how to not give the opposing QB the ball back with time left. Clock Management is to Kyle Shanahan as Hesitation To Act is to Hamlet. Tonight was Russel Wilson's turn to play Laertes. Brees and Rodgers will get their turn with the role too, I'm sure.
  11. as soon as that first pass was (again) nearly intercepted, that should've been a close enough call to scare these guys into the right move. 2 kneeldowns still get the tie. anyway make Shanahan repeat Kindergarten until he understands enough math to realize that a tie is better than a loss.
  12. Fire Shanahan. 3 incomplete passes deep in your own end a minute away from a tie is malpractice. But then if Super Bowl 51 didn't teach him his lesson about situation management, nothing will.
  13. don't give them any other ideas for this angle please
  14. I'm caught up on my DVR. DOUBLE WET WILLIE~! Jamie Hayter continues to impress. Now if they can quit going to commercial during her offense... such a fun brawl segment at the end, too. Loved the way it integrated storylines
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