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  1. BobbyWhioux

    MLB 2018 - June

    they're also better off without Strickland in their bullpen.
  2. BobbyWhioux

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    A pitcher breaking his hand because he punched a wall because he blew a save because he loses his composure every time he blows a save counts as stupid crap baseball players say and do, right? At least he didn't start a brawl that inflicted a career ending injury on a teammate this time, I guess. PROGRESS~!
  3. BobbyWhioux

    MLB 2018 - June

    besides The Marlins themselves, you mean
  4. BobbyWhioux

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    This team would clearly be the team that should have qualified for the knockouts on paper but flamed out with an 0-3 group phase due to internal drama and lack of chemistry, mostly because the manager is a lame duck. Fired before the tournament, effective at the end of the tournament, by the head of the WWE Football Federation for not starting Roman.
  5. BobbyWhioux

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    It's cool. People should be boycotting this Cup anyway and I'm kinda surprised I haven't heard of any nations doing so (please tell me if someone has!). It's semi-regular thing with the Olympics after all.
  6. BobbyWhioux

    The 2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland vs Golden State

    put the tag team belts on these guys
  7. BobbyWhioux

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    more like Keith LICHards at this point, you gotta think
  8. BobbyWhioux

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    him and Jake Roberts are going to outlast all of us, somehow.
  9. BobbyWhioux

    The 2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland vs Golden State

    Lebron is going to kick JR Smith's leg out from his leg
  10. BobbyWhioux

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    SPOILER ALERT: there's a good chance it was Jerry Jones
  11. BobbyWhioux

    MLB 2018 - MAY

    so they should be good to go when the brawl breaks out today or tomorrow after they "it got away from me" at Rizzo for his slide yesterday
  12. BobbyWhioux

    MLB 2018 - MAY

    Loving it. Pairs nicely with Pablo Sandoval starting at 2B last night. we should be so lucky to get the Russel Martin/Pablo Sandoval double play turning combo some day.
  13. BobbyWhioux

    MLB 2018 - MAY

  14. BobbyWhioux

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    a symptom of the Hot Take Cottage Industry disease afflicting sports talk (and not just sports talk) these days.
  15. BobbyWhioux


    It feels like there's a dozen reasons I already should have been. Didn't even take an issue of conscience to stop watching Monday and Thursday games, just having hobbies and adult obligations and the games being generally sub par. Exactly.