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  1. invasion angles only work when the invaders win the first few rounds hence every WWE invasion angle failing
  2. Paul Roma was actually a face when he was a Horseman, though forgetting that period is understandable (envious, even)
  3. Vince Will Not Rest Until All Tag Teams Are Split Up
  4. meanwhile, in Football Is A Work news: the Denver Broncos have a 3rd & 2 with 2:00 and all 3 time outs left, and despite running effectively throughout the drive (including a successful QB sneak) they line up in obvious passing formations, throwing into heavy traffic on 3rd and getting sacked on 4th. In desperation to score as quickly as possible so that Pittsburgh can get the ball back and still win.
  5. and the Niners get to play on this same field again next week.
  6. Rude was a face for a while in Memphis, following a pretty standard Memphis arc of coming in as a heel as part of Jimmy Hart's first family, getting kicked out/turned on after the big title loss, then feuding with Hart
  7. Bliss going into a murder trance every time someone mentions "The Fiend" in her presence is growing on me. One of the few with the acting chops/facial expressiveness to actually pull this off. no idea where this actually goes, but I'm okay with Lacey Evans being the one who unwittingly triggers her every week until they figure that out.
  8. ladder match where they both pull the thing off the hook and fall to the mat with a hand on it a free cookie to whoever comes up with how to do a draw in a Miner's Glove match
  9. Iron Man Match that ends in a tie First Blood Match where they headbutt each other and get simultaneous hardway
  10. it's amazing how weird her askew ponytail looks now.
  11. Needs More DANCING, Pal! Heh, heh, it's such good shit!
  12. the only appropriate facial reaction to watching RAW
  13. I'm all for "tales and memories of booking your action figure feds" getting it's own thread. I had a good supply of the actual hasbro WWF hard plastic series that mostly carried the promotion, though anything of comparable size my brother had also got used. Bushwacker Luke unfortunately broke fairly quickly, forcing Butch to become a languishing JTTS, bouncing between doomed solo attempts and failed partnerships. Except, like that one AAAA utility infielder who for no good reason hits .430 against Kershaw or whatever, Butch turned out to have ownage on Ric Flair. Butch wasn't "good enoug
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