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  1. I have positive feelings about this defense
  2. I think the 2012 A's were not in sole possession of first place until the last day of the season when they completed a head-to-head sweep of the Rangers, but I'm not absolutely sure.
  3. Don't ask a favor from the mob unless you're willing to be in debt to the mob. "I am certain you will reward me when the time is right" = she just got herself in debt to the mob. When it comes to Being An Asshole, Westeros is the big leagues, and Larys just served notice of why he's in the big leagues.
  4. MLB is the only sport where this is a problem because MLB is the only sport that treasures it's past more than it's future. (Steroid use is prevalent, sometimes rampant, in the NFL and NBA and even the NHL and nobody has ever cared). Dan Marino's 1984 season was unfathomable at the time. It'd still be a great season today but nothing eye-popping. Contemporary QBs can and do match and surpass his totals, and the best of the best are expected to. Baseball has a guy have that kind of year and they want to prevent it from ever happening again. Football has a guy have that kind of year and wants as many guys to replicate it as possible. Bart Starr is now a Who? Johnny Unitas is now a Who? [Don't make me say it about Joe Montana but you get the pattern]. Even Tom Brady, impossible as it may seem now, will someday become a Who? when the shield needs the new guy to be the best ever. Baseball still insists it's best ever has been retired for 87 years and dead for 74 and anyone who does better must have cheated so it doesn't count.
  5. DRAFT KINGS: The official sports betting partner of MLB indeed. * points to avatar *
  6. Any means by which or any context in which that Super Bowl is declared invalid or to Not Count or wiped from the record as though it never happened is fine by me all the asterisks are welcome
  7. Taking big money to underwhelm on a division rival. Still A Good Giant.
  8. well that was embarrassing
  9. two excellent defenses vs two meh offenses
  10. This could be exactly the sort of backlash against Apple TV exclusive games that I've been hoping for since they started this horse shit.
  11. Little Man went out there and got himself over in his debut segment. Pretty much every youtube reaction channel I've checked has popped big for it. Again, Honorary Northman until if/when actual Northerners get involved in this story.
  12. Ron Artest should've taught every sports fan this lesson for all time but apparently some folks are in need of a refresher course...
  13. "field awareness" for RBs now expected to include precognition apparently
  14. shades of Sabu taking 90 seconds and three attempts to set up a table before diving through most of it
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