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  1. best finally get around to putting Plunkett in first if you're gonna put in Eli Manning
  2. DID YOU KNOW? "Wrestlemania is now the longest live entertainment show on record, beating the previous record set by the unedited version of Goethe's Faust..."
  3. 4 "World" champions and 2 1 hour battle royals where "anyone/everyone" can qualify for future bouts against those "world" champion. That's already 3.5 to 4 hours filled, and a perfect kayfabe excuse [as I think I mentioned up thread] to not have the midcard belts defended and to not burn through a potentially hot/appealing matchup that could be a selling point on a future PPV instead of the rumble, which people watch for the rumble itself/rumbles themselves Just because they can run a 6 hour show on their own network doesn't mean they should
  4. of course, if you ignore mere appearances and measure only by championship wins the Chicago/St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona/London/Olympus Mons For All It Matters Cardinals have not been NFL champions since 1947, ten years longer than even the Lions there is always someone to kick down at.
  5. well, except for the ∞ drought of the Lions and Browns, anyway
  6. some killjoy on the rules committee is going to try and get this delay of game combo chain tactic outlawed this offseason and I am going to be wroth when they do.
  7. he better not throw it again. Mostert's YPC is way higher than Jimmy's YPA at this point. Toss Sweep Right is the deep threat play and Chronic Interceptionitis is just about Green Bay's only path back into this game
  8. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Body Drop by Jimmy Ward
  9. ~ESTABLISHING THE RUN~! on 3rd and 8 with a draw that gets 36 and a TD my pants are not long for this world
  10. I've had my fill of Drew Brees Video Game Bullshit and I'm embracing the league embracing the ghost of Chuck Knox as the only countermeasure against it speeds up the broadcast time too
  11. The Titans are making a time of possession Snuff Film today.
  12. Moonlight Drive fits the gimmick better, namewise, anyway.
  13. meanwhile the curse of nostalgia has almost run its course. All things 80s have already been recycled, bar one: it is time for the 49ers to start winning super bowl(s) again. Only then will the seal finally be broken, freeing us from this embarrassing flight of romanticism. let the 80s finally rest in peace.
  14. much like the WWE lucking into The Undertaker's streak, the Super Bowl 1 rematch is just a funny unintended consequence of their setting up The State Farm Spokesman Bowl between Rodgers and Mahomes.
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