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  1. i saw them open for Dave & The Snowflakes back in '02. They were great live.
  2. Cooperation is more obvious and botches stand out more when Plan A is to do every spot "clean" the first time because [Jim Cornette & Lance Storm mode] Nobody Ever Struggles To Put A Hold On Anymore [/Jim Cornette & Lance Storm mode] And how many times did Heenan's commentary cover for someone botching their finishing hold (or pre-rationalize kicking out of the finisher) by saying "he didn't get all of it, though!"
  3. With luck it’ll be The Fiend applying the Mandible Claw. Get Joe where it matters most
  4. friendly reminder that Ahmed's catchphrase in this period was "YOU'RE... GOING... DOWN." just thought I'd share that bit of rasslin' trivia one day this photo will be as historically significant to pro wrestling as the stills of Stone Cold's crimson mask or Hogan slamming Andre
  5. Memories of watching that early feed of Nitro coming back. All things old are new again?
  6. It's vampire invitation logic. Seth Rollins, by accepting The Fiend's challenge, has "let him in", and now the Funhouse is able to directly fuck with the WWE universe, including turning graphics upside down and hacking the show in other ways. I like it.* *nevermind that the puppets were already making backstage cameos weeks ago
  7. somehow I get the feeling that Dawn Marie's fascinated horror in this segment might not be entirely a work.
  8. Bochy is also Hall Of Fame worthy for his Rick Rude-level mustache in 1984, which you can see show up at the very end of this footage of Baseball's most infamous brawl (keep an eye out for #15 in brown)
  9. and that's career win #2000 for the best manager of this era start crafting the extra-large Hall Of Fame bust
  10. did not expect anyone, let alone Carmella, to invoke old fashioned Territory Era Babyface Logic in modern WWE, but I'll take it.
  11. really, it's amazing that Vince is allowing them to wear someone else's merch that he's not getting a cut of.
  12. Bayley takes her jacket off to reveal she’s been hugging bolt cutters all night to smuggle them to ringside and cuts her way in to interfere If you’re gonna call them Horsewomen it’s high time one of them gets on a Tully Blanchard tip* and she’s closest to wrestling the part right now *or actually hire Tessa
  13. I still love that when Undertaker joined Team USA at Survivor Series 93 they thought/remembered to have the dead man from another era still using an outdated version of the US Flag (they got the era wrong, but still...)
  14. Rusev's last three years of Punishment Booking Hell are rooted in this mindset too, it's sadly unsurprising he's caught up in this shit on-camera as well.
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