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  1. and after all the hoops the refs jumped through to even give Dallas the ball back in the first place, too. Anyway, Kyle Shanahan is very good at deciding to Stop Doing What's Working and outsmart himself. But Mike McCarthy just demonstrated once again he is The Master thereof by running up the middle with no timeouts left He traded two 40 yard endzone throws for that QB draw and either one of the two could've at least drawn a penalty, or something. next week will probably be Not Very Fun but 49ers Beating Dallas in a playoff game is way above and beyond what I thought this season was going to be. Successful Season assured.
  2. trying to get a panic time out call out of SF. a bit too clever by half
  3. a lot of this musical similarity can be attributed to one guy -- Jim Johnston -- writing most of them. Of course he's going to sound like himself from time to time. Not to mention his work is being commissioned by the same audience (i.e. Vince) all those years. also, this one always seemed the most obvious to me, so I'm a bit surprised it wasn't the first similarity mentioned here, but The Rockers' theme is Warrior's theme with 1/8th notes instead of 1/4 notes.
  4. Was just about to bring her up for the “best women’s promo/mic work” topic, too... [“manager” qualifier notwithstanding]
  5. oh, they just ended the conference/network divide 8 or 9 years ago just because. though to be fair the conference divide was moot since 1970 and just as arbitrary in the first place. the broadcasting rules are just like the replay challenge rules; they only matter when they want an excuse why they "can't" do something they don't actually want to.
  6. hopefully Kenny Stabler's shade is doing some Ric Flair style strutting and WOOing in the face of Dr. Z's shade somewhere in the Everafter
  7. all Hall Of Fame voting circles are cliquish gatekeepers like this, of course, but baseball is way more sanctimonious about it than the rest (major lol at the "character clause"), and the one that most pats itself on the back for being exclusionary. Football, Hockey, and Basketball are all mostly fine with being Halls Of The Very Good. But baseball revels in being like a country club where a major selling point is who isn't allowed to join.
  8. "we're the guardians of the integrity of the Hall Of Fame" sounds a lot better than "we're a bunch of petty, vindictive little bitches nursing the sort of grudge we should've outgrown after high school"
  9. because it's never really been about steroids, but about Bonds, Clemens, and A-Rod being dicks to the media, while Ortiz was super friendly to them. [the super introverted McGwire was also infamously uncooperative.] it's the BBWAA being marks for themselves as gatekeepers whose ring must be kissed. just like when their predecessors used to job Ted Williams [another guy unfairly branded as a "jerk" for not being fast an easy for the sportswriters while the actual assholism of DiMaggio got ignored because he was sportswriter-friendly while playing] out of MVP awards in the 40s.
  10. it's weird because they did keep showing the graphics that illustrated the seeding difference, but never remarked on the significance of it (i.e. definitely getting blasted by the Chiefs again vs only probably getting blasted the Bengals again)
  11. now, the Chargers would have been the 6 seed with either a win OR a tie, so maybe they might have been a tad more conservative were roles reversed. The Raiders went from 7 (and getting their shit kicked in by KC again) on a tie to 5 with a win, so it did actually make a difference to them.
  12. well, they were on the edge of FG range so they couldn't plausibly just sit on it without at least trying for the winning score. If they'd been stuck deep in their own end with time almost up (like that SEA @ SF monday night game a couple years ago) then making sure you don't lose and thus miss the playoffs would absolutely become the "winning" strategy. I appreciate Collinsworth trying to craft the narrative that the Charger timeout was interpreted as a double cross but I'm pretty sure if they didn't use one the Raiders would have. Our best hope for a tie was Carlson finally missing one at home
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