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  1. Fisher already has a team in San Jose that that got it's new stadium and still doesn't draw fans because he's still the same cheap-ass that blows up teams as soon as they develop. The malaise stems from ownership, not the city, stadium, or fanbase. Same as every other team in this position in every other US sport
  2. as much as I would love to blame anything that's been vomited out of Rob Manfred's Brainstorm Bin in the last 7 or so years, including but not limited to the pitch clock, I really have to figure this is far more due to The Pitching Motion Is Bad On The Human Body and The Pitching Motion Is Especially Bad On The Body When You Expect Everybody To Throw 99mph Over And Over Again.
  3. Happy Line Brawl Day to all those who celebrate
  4. Since the New Stadium Shakedown is the real business of pro-sports, the Chiefs (and Royals) teamed up to try and shake down the county for new stadiums at the same time, but the people have just voted 58/42 YES on overturning the laundering funding bill. Gonna be a real hoot when the Chiefs -- Winners of 3 of the last 5 Super Bowls, btw -- start claiming they "need a new stadium" to be competitive. Or that they need to explore other locations due to alleged lack of fan support
  5. seriously, what good is it even having the Yankees be The Yankees if they're not even going to be so full of themselves as to consider this shit beneath them?
  6. Included in that number all the season tickets that have been cancelled since the announced intention to relocate that the A's are not putting back on sale (presumably so they can count them as "sold" for the above purpose). Funny, you'd think they want to put out honest low numbers to continue to rationalize sabotaging moving the team. Guess they don't want to admit the Opening Day [more conventional] Boycott out drew the actual game, despite Fisher & Kaval trying to throttle that number as well by not opening the parking lot gates until an hour before game time (it's usually 4 hours) Despite Fisher/Manfred's best efforts to kill the territory and proclaim it dead The Oakland Territory Is Not Dead, merely in wont of a competent promoter operating in good faith.
  7. Invest in tinfoil futures as thousands of fans reinforce their hats for this one
  8. Cross-post to all sports subforums
  9. Bob Nutting really needs to keep John Fisher around so he doesn't win the Most Dogshit MLB Owner championship belt.
  10. cold comfort when the bad officials and even worse rulebook can still bleed you dry of even three successful challenges in one quarter (hell, one drive) indeed. really the whole thing is oriented backwards, teams should get to challenge early and often and should basically never be "out of challenges" "BUT THAT WOULD TAKE FOREVER!" Just run more split-screen commercials or do more live ad reads, don't tell me the NFL wouldn't love to have more commercials. Maybe if they actually streamlined the rulebook instead of letting it be an ever-sprawling byzantine bunch of reactive and contrary counter-clauses hinging on micro-minutae that's beyond the capacity of the human eye to legislate, there wouldn't be 30 calls a game that need challenging.
  11. well of course not, tush push helps the offense
  12. it would almost be preferable if we found out Angel Hernandez was fixing games all this time instead of actually legitimately being this incompetent.
  13. funny, even as cynical as I am I never thought Eric Gregg was doing anything more than punishing the Braves for some perceived disrespect of his authority. standard bad umpire shit. or in this context, the perfect alibi.
  14. Now that the 1910s-1920s are firmly gone from living memory, a lot of people sure are dead set on forgetting a lot of the lessons learned the hard way during those years. Baseball is in prime position to follow suit.
  15. Hence the breakneck speed with which the NBA moved to convince us establish that Lee Harvey Oswald Tim Donaghy Acted Alone. No sport would survive a crooked ref scandal.
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