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  1. The Giants got so far behind so quickly today that Jon Miller & Friends had to go into filler anecdote/other scores from around the league mode early and according to the interns no team has ever actually been no-hit in consecutive games. Closest call apparently came in 1917 when the St. Louis Browns, of all teams, threw 2 no-hitters on consecutive days over 3 total games played against the eventual world series winners the Chicago Not Yet Black Sox
  2. and here's the official joint statement from Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder on the fines:
  3. I'm just hoping the Portland team isn't called "The A's"
  4. just merge the Angels and Nats into one franchise called The Snakebit already
  5. gotta hand it to the Habs, their one and only chance to ever be Western Conference champions and they cashed in on it
  6. and the myth that America doesn't have a hereditary landed aristocracy erodes that much further...
  7. this is what the portrait hanging in Mark Zuckerberg's attic looks like
  8. there's never a good time to blow out your knee but Statlander blew out her knee at just about the worst possible time. She missed a big chunk of that first year of AEW TV when the roster was a little thinner, and I had the feeling she was earmarked from the early days as one of the homegrown talents they planned to feature.
  9. look you can't exactly be surprised that a bunch of wrestling fans are predisposed to believing things that are obviously fake.
  10. "the guy we've spent the last several years telling you, our fans, is the only guy that really matters will not be on the card. Buy it anyway?"
  11. Hook has this casual Too Cool For The Room vibe that I think makes him Evil Orange Cassidy and eventually the natural foil to the same. Since Cassidy has the extended Best Friends by his side, Hook needs to assemble his own found family of EVIL~! goofs to keep up the parallel
  12. and not a moment too soon. wrestling's best when there's a variety of styles up and down the card, and every wrestler should come up with a little something only they can do or they can do better than anyone else. Any time Statlander wants to evoke the Davey Boy Smith/Scott Steiner tradition of "I'm going to pick you up and show off how long I can hold you there" is the right time. Especially as a counterweight to how much AEW can skew towards the flippy.
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