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  1. bad for competitive balance and player safety FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC for conspiracy crafting, especially w.r.t. those minor injuries where 3 days make the difference between "probable" and "out"
  2. 18 seconds between pitches isn't long enough to get properly stretched out
  3. Both teams hit two solo homers. The difference ended up being that RBI groundout in a bases loaded situation. Not a big grand slam, but the correct fundamental approach. I am deeply pleased by this.
  4. Already the handsomest Raider QB since Stabler Already the best Raider QB since Gannon
  5. I'm being partly facetious, but Softball Season was a commitment Sid took very seriously and I would assume that it'd be easier for him to get that time off as a heel than as a face, particularly a Top Face in the Hogan slot.
  6. well, now that this thread is covering the whole "gambling on fixed contests" topic I pretty much have to start posting in it then, don't I?
  7. FWIW I always thought JBL's original look, especially in the face & hair, had an odd resemblance to Vince Jr. in his younger days, which is why I was always willing to accept the premise that JBL, even moreso than the Million Dollar Man, was a Vince avatar in the ring.
  8. they could just start enforcing the "five count to jump off the turnbuckle" rule again
  9. Manfred's so bad he's got people saying "yeah he sucked but at least Selig actually LIKED baseball"
  10. "psycho" is an extremely relative term when it comes to the subset of the population that is able and willing to play professional football
  11. Raider fans really losing their edge since Al died
  12. Part of that reason being Namath played in the era when your standard NFL pass defense was “commit aggravated assault on either the QB and the WR or better yet both”
  13. “In Canton” in the sense that he will have to work a second career as the museum’s janitor by the time the Jests are done with his legacy
  14. thought he'd be off smoking a bowl or two with Lincecum somewhere by now
  15. shit, been so long since I heard that name I thought he'd already decided he's never going to pitch again.
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