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  1. Oh, you didn't know? You better CALL SOMEBODY [Triple A would be ideal]
  2. "Mercy The Buzzard" has stoked my hopes for this. and any time a heel wants to borrow from Matt Borne-era Doink is fine by me as well
  3. all the good northern boys born and raised to love the benevolent and moral overlords of House Stark finally got their chance to stick it back to the Lannister shits who framed Ned and violated guest right to sucker-punch Robb and tried to assassinate Bran and didn't even come to help when All Life As We Know It was on the line at Winterfell. Ain't no such thing as an honorable Lannister or an innocent one. besides, the Dothraki boys are getting their rape on, so that makes it okay* if they do too.
  4. I, for one, am shocked --- SHOCKED -- that Captain Harry Strickland a.k.a. Cosplay Jaime did not survive. which Cersei "logically" should have been doomed to lose once she let all those peasants inside the city walls. [Edmure takes his peasants inside Riverrun to shelter them as per his feudal obligation as their overlord and all the other highborn characters (particularly Catelyn) go off on what a tremendous dumbass he is for doing this because of all the non-combatant mouths to feed it adds, and how he's played right into Tywin's ruthless hands by doing it]. There's certainly no way she can afford to feed them AND retain the Golden Company simultaneously for long. If she lets them starve they cease to be a human shield against Dany. If she kills them all when they riot they again cease to be a human shield against Dany. If she doesn't kill them all when they riot over lack of food they overthrow her and hand the city to Dany anyway. Dany could've taken the city relatively easily if she waited. But instead she razed it to take it now. (Too bad the show didn't do a better job of illustrating the former so they could better illustrate the heel turn with the latter.)
  5. I lost count of all the Arya death fakeouts
  6. Joe Thornton is a model senior citizen and a paragon of virtue and to dislike him is to dislike Hockey Itself
  7. Billy Beane will now entertain your best offer for Mike Fiers
  8. Tyrion and Varys should be trying to convince Dany that she's already won and that time is on her side because she basically has. Starks rule The North Edmure in Riverrun/The Riverlands Robin in The Vale Yara in The Iron Islands install and Support Gendry in the Stormlands, Tyrion in The Westerlands/Casterly Rock, accept the fealty of Generic Jabroni Off Camera Dornish Prince, and give Sam his family seat and make him Warden Of The South/LP of The Reach from Horn Hill [and fuck, give Bronn Highgarden too]. 6.75 of the 7 Kingdoms are loyal to Dany directly or via Jon once these claimants are installed and supported. It's over. Cersei is queen of the land the capital sits on and fuck all else. She's 20 years older than Dany, burning through her money on paying The Golden Company to sit around, and about to burn through whatever food they have with all those peasants inside her gates. Not very good TV to sit and wait and do a siege properly (i.e. surround and starve them out) but that's what they should be advising Dany to do. Why is Dany in a hurry all of a sudden? Give her a good reason to feel like it's not over/she still needs to hustle. Fuck, make Drogon get old or terminally ill or something. If Dany's going to act like she has a shot clock, give her some sort of shot clock.
  9. For the net is dark, and full of spoilers
  10. tell him how many suckable titties are available in the brothels. He'll find the way.
  11. Unless Jaime, specifically, goes on to kill Cersei then her ignoring/dismissing the undead White Walker threat cost her absolutely nothing and was morally and tactically correct of her, and the southern half of the kingdom was always justified in ignoring the existential threat to humanity/writing off every crisis at The Wall as "just a northern problem" to focus on the petty squabble that is the game of thrones. And even if he does that's all still mostly true. Gotta admit that kinda bums me out.
  12. favorite moment had to be The Night's King no-selling dragonfire. And SMILING.
  13. Dolorous Edd probably had money on himself to be both the first named character to die and to be the most ignominiously chumped. Surprised his last words weren't "fucking figures"
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