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  1. Yes. And the V1 gesture’s similarity to The Shocker was a meme on wrestling forums, and even a sig on this very board IIRC
  2. Billie Kaye's facials are great and if she ever starts doing the spooky fingers I'm gonna swear she's Scott Hall's unrecognized daughter.
  3. just saw the finish and I feel like the road agent didn't do them any favors. Sasha had to go out of her way to put her arm where Billie could hold it, and Peyton had such superior leverage from how she was holding Sasha that she didn't look like it helped her any. Nothing wrong with staying close to the ropes and putting your feet on them. "Original" isn't inherently "better" [Lacey Evens distracting everyone but not affecting the outcome is another headscratcher. That one's probably out of the individual road agent's hands though.] props to Bayley selling the mafia kick like it was a Memphis Piledriver but that feels doomed to hurt her more than help Billie (or is that actually her finisher?). Anyway, yeah, pretty rough (and disappointed to see the midcard belt curse of Dropping Clean(ish) Falls In Non-Title Bouts strike again), but I want to like all 4 of them so I'm hoping some of this was First Time Working Each Other Jitters and they'll be better at Mania.
  4. That tweet is just about The Most Babyface Thing Anyone Has Ever Written. Never turn this dude heel. Ever.
  5. “We’re Not The Mounties” is a classic treatise on the folly of relying on enthusiastic volunteers and charitable organizations to fill the void left by slashing federal budgets and eliminating skilled Public Servant jobs, and the inevitable downgrade in service rendered to the tax-paying citizen in that scenario. Should have won a Grammy. “I’m The Mountie” = I’m in this for you the citizens. ”We’re Not The Mounties” = I’m mercenary, I’m in this for me, not you.
  6. the main problem with Angle vs. Corbin is that we already know it's Angle's last match. Therefore, everybody knows it's going to be about Angle going out on his back and putting Corbin over. Remove the suspense and you defeat the purpose. Corbin winning won't be an outrage or shocker or tragedy that amplifies his heat; it will be a bland inevitable that exacerbates all his current booking problems. If Angle's retirement was in doubt, and a stipulation tied to his defeat, it could work. But once you announce and promote ahead of time that it's Angle's farewell match, it's valueless as a heat transfer. The only way to put doubt into it is if you put him against a part-timer and/or a legend who conceivably doesn't need the win and isn't hurt by the lose. You know, like John Cena, as so many people wanted. Maybe Angle goes out on his back. Maybe he gets to ride off into the sunset. There's suspense, even if there aren't stakes. Angle vs Corbin has neither suspense nor stakes. Bring on the bathroom run.
  7. Loser shaves muttonchops is a novel spin on the hair stip, I'll give them that. could be worse. one of them could go for the fireball
  8. I think one of them did [Mr. Perfect's intro starts at around the 4:00 mark]
  9. I love this segment. "Did you go to Journalism For That?" is an instant classic. It is only a matter of time before I start stealing that. I really wish they'd get a straight up 2 on 2 match against Huggo Boss at Wrestlemania. Not just because gimmick-wise they deserve it, but because they can get squashed in 5 minutes [helping the timing of the whole show] and it won't hurt them. Watching them try to avenge their humiliating defeat by stirring the shit and breaking Bayley & Sasha up over a period of weeks/months would be fun TV too.
  10. and Guido was the only actual Italian in the FBI. That's pro wrestling for ya.
  11. Road Dogg would be on both teams somehow. Nobody would care because Cena would be on the rap team and thus the outcome would be a foregone conclusion. JBL would get beat up a lot though so that'd be fun
  12. Bring Back The Super Posedown as part of the build. Might as well lean into it now.
  13. I think I’ve posted several times about how Justin Credible was perfectly designed as a “Smark-proof” heel because his name and catchphrase and finisher name were too corny and lame to ever be at risk of being turned face by the ECW crowd (which would have eventually happened if he’d shown any signs of edginess or coolness) There were e-feds that wouldn’t have accepted “Justin Credible”. That’s why it worked. also I wish we’d gotten the TEST MEAT tag team just for that dumb name alone
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