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  1. "They didn't break up with me, I BROKE UP WITH THEM"
  2. He specifically said worthwhile What’s the Mick Foley line? “If that’s the best you’ve got for me for Wrestlemania I’d rather not be part of Wrestlemaina”
  3. Sadly unsurprising given her other recent twitter complaints from what I recall
  4. and Neidhart is absolutely a victim of the Wheat Or Chaff paradigm that gets unfairly imposed on all tag teams. Yes, Bret turned out to be an all-time great. That does not mean Anvil must have been a slug
  5. give him the the boom box and pornstache and I'm sold
  6. IIRC Graves actually did the classic/proper heel broadcaster schtick of disparaging babyface Bayley only to immediately start boosting and defending heel Bayley and praising her attitude shift, etc
  7. bizarrely, AEW technically has more WCW vets actively wrestling than WWE because Christopher Daniels showed up that one time just before it closed
  8. “We’ve committed budget to trademarking “Archer of Infamy” and merchandising it as a brand so we’re going to keep using it and shoehorn that phrase into the live ad reads we call commentary as much as possible.”
  9. Brians weren't so bad. It was the Scotts that were overpopulated
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