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  1. [NXT] Feb 21, 2018 TV SHOW

    He is only 32 years old and Ciampa's increasingly graying beard and bald head makes him look 55 which also makes it great.
  2. [NXT] Feb 21, 2018 TV SHOW

    Man Ciampa is definitely on the IcoPro because he has never been that big. That Ciampa vs Gargano match at Takeover Wrestlemania is going to be incredible with a great crowd. I wonder if there has ever been a bigger resurrection project in the last 5 years of the WWE than Almas. I mean the argument is that the suspenders and goofy hat was the original plan to get to where we are now. But I am kind of doubting it. A year ago at this time Almas seems like a great worker who was going to be lost in the shuffle. Now he is having the best matches not in NXT but the company. I know I shit on Mauro a ton but my biggest issue at the end was the obvious difference between Mauro at the match and Mauro in the production room doing replay. All the emotion from the match seemed lost at the end

    The next in Janela Spring Break show. While the match itself it pretty awesome, the set up to the announcement is incredible

    I saw somewhere that one of the reason is because they were worried that "Crews" sounds too much like "Cruz" which is the last name of the Parkland FL school shooter. I am hoping that is just "newz" trying to funny and not actually true because fuck that is stupid
  5. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    I mean if you really want to go "what the fuck" on this you have Kurt Angle induct him
  6. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Actually it would be awesome if they announced Jarrett only for it to be Road Dogg actually inducted To be fair Road Dogg slightly more deserving While there are hundreds of better people to induct him, I would be shocked if isn't Elias inducting him
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    I really can't wait to see what they use for the introduction video. The Double J character wasn't that special in the terrible period of WWF. You could treat him like a WCW guy because he won a ton of championship thanks to being friends with Russo. If you thought the Jaretts were hot drunk messes as the leader of TNA imagine being able to tell people he is a WWE Hall of Famer at shows. To go from kicked out of his own company to being a Hall of Famer shows incredible carny skills

    So I signed up for this Honor Club thing. Only did the monthly. Still pretty early so maybe they are constantly adding but they only have TV from the middle of 2014 and about a couple months behind. As far as live show they probably have about 70% of 2017 up on live shows and they are only going back as 2011 which I assume is the Sinclair start. Now I wonder if the yearly people are seeing everything or it is pretty much the same

    Really the strategy going forward with Elgin is to put him in matches where the opponent is someone people really want to see. You are asking fans who want nothing to do with Elgin to screw over the main reason you went to the show to begin with. Basically testing your real beliefs. And I love how we NOW think that is just "good heat" but when the WWE does it over and over again (see Eddy Guerrero, the Paige Reid Flair promo, etc) then it is just disgusting taste. Someone favoritism is showing right now

    Well if he would just have used the "we had to do it to book Naito" excuse he might have been able to get away with it. To be honest if you give us a nice shiny object we can be that way most of the times. But then he starts puffing his chest and talks about how he knows the Elgin is "innocent" and this is just a big witch hunt. Someone needs to explain to me how if someone is so not to be blamed for anything why are you so damn worried to tell anybody he is on the show. I guarantee you he will be on a Wrestlemania weekend show. I mean you have to either really untalented or extremely lazy/broke not to be on one these days. That is going to be interesting to see who is jump on that grenade for no reason
  11. 2017-18 NBA: HALFTIME

    The dunk contest was good but the standards have been so awful it is hard to tell The highlight for me was that it seems there is going to be a documentary on the original Nike Air Jordans. Well that might have been the worst all star game pre game stuff ever.

    Oh this match should be awesome

    So apparently the WWE has sign Mahabali Shera to an NXT contract. I mean when TNA can't give this keep this guy on their roster.

    In case you were wondering what else Kenny Omega was doing at Wrestlecon show

    I think the thing that hurt Adam is that not only was he less than pleased about having Elgin on the IWA show and went on Twitter telling people that if you don't like seeing Elgin on the show let people know. A number of people did including some people who helped in the make up of their product and here we are. It is weird that the thing most people were excited about when announced (adding SmartMark video to their library) is the thing that is killing them right now. So unless you are Highspots or the WWE, you really should get out of the wrestling streaming service business. Hasn't been helpful.