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  1. It is funny seeing Cheeseburger challenge Necro to a fight and all the ROH acting like he is crazy for thinking of it. I would be willing to bet Cheeseburger weighs more than Necro
  2. I love the concept of the show but apparently nobody has followed anything Necro has done in the 2 or 3 years
  3. Looks like the newest Classic dump is the 1989 WWE Prime Time shows.
  4. It is funny how everyone making a big deal on Tanneyhill throwing for under 100 yards for 2 straight games. Here is Jimmy G throwing 6 passes so far and happy as fuck. Hell he might not throw again in this game
  5. Well I guess that 37-8 was about right for this game. Man they don't look prepared at all
  6. Between Andy Reid going to the Super Bowl for the AFC and Boyz 2 Men singing the anthem in a Niners jersey for some reason, the Eagles fans are more gumpy than usual
  7. The longest drought of teams that have actually been to the Super Bowl. No reason to cut the Browns any slack
  8. Well 1/2 of super Bowl 1 rematch is set up. Good for Andy Reid
  9. They are on life support but not completely dead.
  10. Not only was that a FAT MAN TD. It was the FATTEST MAN TD in playoff history The Chefs are starting to find their stroke offensively with two rather easy drives. But it won't matter if the titans have 8 minute drives for points
  11. Hope the Chiefs realize that the Titans isn't as much of a pushover as the Texans were last week.
  12. It is strange but based on the "hot takes" you would think Packers are bigger underdog today than the Titans. I mean apparently that 13-3 was complete smoke and mirrors. I don't think that 37-8 game is as much of a factor as people think
  13. I believe that Nova Pro wrestling tried to run this main event last year and unfortunately it didn't happen for many many reasons. This should be a hell of a match
  14. In terms of business this was the perfect outcome for the UFC. if we are going to use wrestling logic, Cerrone was Samoa Joe in basically all of his title matches in the last 2 or 3 years. A very credible opponent that fans respect that if the champ (or the mega star returning back in this case) wins it makes the next matches look good. Now in terms of financial business I guess we will see. I haven't gone to as many UFC PPV's at Hooters as I used to but this had the best attendance in many years. I think this is the PPV where we see how beneficial going to ESPN+ was?
  15. Yeah good thing that doctor was around during the Santos vs Jones fight. Imagine him in the 2nd round saying "he has blown out almost everything on his knees. He'll be fine'
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