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  1. And when TNA thought the same thing he tried for about 3 weeks and got extremely lazy and didn't help anyone. Signing Christian doesn't do anything for me except another ex WWE that is going to way higher on the food chain than guys who have been in AEW since the beginning.
  2. I personally would move it to the 50 but I never got the hatred of the college overtime. Yeah it creates really dumb scores like 46-40 at times but that would get removed moving back farther Apparently the Steelers are going to sign Big Ben. I guess they really had no choice in the matter unless they trade up in the draft
  3. Given that it is a ladder match that they are debuting in, I think they go "forbidden door" again and it is a new Japan guy like Will Ospreay
  4. I hope they didn't think Shaq beating up the Gunn Club was a heel move. Hell he can come on every week and beat the shit out of all except Billy for me
  5. Also I don't know if Shaq was told to or not but the Brodie Lee tribute on the powerbomb was a great touch I am still not tired of seeing -1 do his thing. His reaction watching the end was great from the back was cool
  6. That first hour might have been the best in God knows how many years of wrestling TV Second hour was kind of eh but after hour 1 it might not be fair
  7. A guy probably deserving his own thread, it seems that Jim Crockett Jr has passed away today. An hour or so after 2 of its biggest stars in the territory was on AEW. 3 if you include Tony
  8. FMW footage AND ONITA on AEW TV. Also based on that it seems more of a no rope thing
  9. Not only are they putting out there on live TV, his partner has almost fewer experience in ring than Shaq
  10. Kind of speaking of Red Velvet, has this Jade Cargill actually wrestled on the indies? I figure there are a couple of Dark matches out there. I would hate to think that someone with no experience is going to be the leader of the team. Because it really doesn't look like Shaq is giving 2 fucks about this match except to promote himself more.
  11. Is the reason why HBO is creating these massive part documentary series is because of the lack of actual movies being in the theatres? I mean I thought they would have learned from the Vow that you can make a 6 part series into 3 just as easy.
  12. Now if only they could get a transfer head coach to deal with the what seems to be 3 or 4 transfer QB they have gotten lately
  13. This is not an official sport I think but I wouldn't be averse to it and you thought Hack a Shaq was excessive
  14. So we originally thought that WrestleMania being two nights this year was a way to combat the glut of indie wrestling shows that weekend. Well since it hasn't worked I guess their new strategy is STILL not having information about tickets. It is a month away. At this point I expect the policy will be show up with $150 on Saturday and Sunday and first 30,000 can get in to the stadium
  15. Well depending on what Tony Khan is talking about in his latest Dynamite tweet, I wonder if the match will happen to begin with
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