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  1. Given how weird/awful the first 5 minutes of this Night 1 was we really should happy with the results: 1. You have a video montage that goes from really serious to goofy as fuck and back and forth a couple times. But hey we got one of the best AC/DC songs in history so I guess it is a push. 2. Then you have Gronk making me wish death on 90% of the Patriots fans in America. Luckily they kept "Gronky Kong" as JBL called to a bare minimum
  2. Normal Wrestlemania as a 2 day event would work as long they do what they did tonight which is basically keep the lineup quiet until about an hour before the show. I really wonder if the WWE wrestlers that were going to work Night 2 knew what was happening on Night 1. Like I wonder if Cena is watching that match in horror knowing what he and Bray did in their match?
  3. If we didn't have the virus and we were all at whatever Saturday WM weekend show you were planning to be at, we would have gotten a regular Styles vs Taker match. Maybe a no DQ match but that is about it. Given Taker in the last 3 or 4 years would we really want to see that.
  4. Seriously Undertaker is the greatest at talking shit when you beating someone up. I mean thinks like "Come on go out like a man" would have me pissing my pants
  5. I would have preferred LImp Bizkit but if you are going to play new Metallica then that really is the best song from the new Metallica. Except for Corbin vs Eiias and maybe Goldberg vs Braun I though this was a great Night 1. I was ready for a huge disappointment given the pre show and Gronk being the most annoying asshole in the world but man all the matches really delivered to me Unless Jeremy Borash is doing Cena vs the Fiend they are so fucked tomorrow.
  6. I assume he means the Houston Wrestlemania. The match I still say is the greatest match I have ever seen live
  7. Anyone that shits on that Boneyard match needs to be kicked off the fucking board Okay sorry I have been drinking heavy tonight. But seriously if you hate that match fuck you go watch EVOLVE or some shit
  8. This Backstage thing is cracking me up. Renee looks like she is at the Hall of Fame. Booker T in a tuxedo with a fake background on him. And Mark Henry looking like 90% of the people are currently working at home.
  9. If that bothers imagine the 6 minutes of Corbin vs Elias
  10. Hey remember when WCW had those credit cards. I mean nothing says adulthood like a Hollywood Hogan or a Goldberg Mastercard. Now the WWE is doing that.
  11. Yeah there is no way that Cole was actually at these tapings given the tone and almost reading a script level of commentary
  12. Graves and Rosenberg on the pre-show for at least night 1 I should have bought the hard liquor this weekend According to Ryan Satin the boneyard match and Goldberg vs Braun is happening tonight.
  13. Have to think there is going to be more today and they aren't going to put all the real important matches on Night 2.
  14. Well the Mike Leach Mississippi State experiment is off to an interesting start. A number of players now want to be transferred out of the school after Leach tweet a picture of a old woman deciding to spend her time in quarantine by sewing a noose. I believe the joke is that she is using the noose for her husband but yeah in that state maybe just avoid that reference all together
  15. The WWE Chronicle on Drew McIntyre is really good as most of the Chronicle shows are. I also believe that this is the first time that they actually mention the coronavirus . Also thought it was funny and not surprising that most of the clips were from Fox News
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