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  1. I have been watching the Vow and while it is a fascinating documentary in the look of this cult it is way too long. Every time you think they are near the end of the road to figure out what is going to happen to this guy there is a new story explaining the person. It almost feels like they have to provide so much detail and so many arguments just to make sure that they don't get sued. It is something that if it is probably best to binge watch but it is almost impossible because of how long it its. We are on part 5 and it feels like there are still 5 more parts to it.
  2. Seriously I am just finding out about Road Warrior Animal passed away and now it seems that Chicago Bear legend Gale Sayers has passed away. As great as Sayers was, he could have even more legendary if running backs recovered from injuries like now. Only played 6 years I believe but those first 4 were amazing. And of course for non football fans, he will also be remembered as Brian Piccolo best friend in the movie Brian's Song played by Billy D Williams. Sad day for Chicago
  3. In case you thought that Deion Sanders as coach of a college football team was strange (Jackson State), just look at his coaching staff
  4. Here the details I guess. I mean I know this says more about the kind of people I hang out with at wrestling shows but I feel like I can count the number of wrestling fans who drink wine with my hands and toes Beer definitely. Whiskey or vodka definitely. Wine not so much
  5. So apparently this is the month where all the male sports media on the bench waiting for minutes complain about women in the starting lineup. And they all work at the same places
  6. This Justin Hebert for the Chargers loves to hit people. Not going to help extend his career but it is fun to watch
  7. I did not think Kyler Murray would be this good. Maybe it is because of the offense built for him or maybe the talent around him at receiver and running back. But he is a really good QB
  8. I like the Scott Hanson analogy of the 3rd baseman who lets a ball go down the line expecting it to be a foul ball and then realizing before it was too late that it won't
  9. Totally forgot that Andy Dalton was a Cowboy. I am sure that will go well
  10. I don't know why it cracked me up but the Next Gen Stats showing the Giants with a 14% chance of winning only down 2 TD and the ball on the bears 5 yard line
  11. Even God doesn't want any part of this Dolphins vs Bills game
  12. Jimmy G was also shown limping a little bit. Luckily the Jets pass rush is almost non existent
  13. Oh fuck Barkley looks to be seriously hurt for the Giants. Players are dropping like flies in these first 2 weeks.
  14. Based on the last 2 or 3 years, the Packers have the Lions right where they want them
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