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  1. Only Jeff hardy can be more dangerous to himself off drugs and alcohol. While that tonight was clearly the most dangerous, if wasn't the only one since pandemic that just makes you shake your head
  2. Seriously all the Steelers need is the Monday Night football announcers and we will be fine.
  3. Whatever the odds are I will put money on either Meltzer or Alvarez somehow tries to spin it that way
  4. This is probably a really stupid question but is playing a game on Wednesday considered a Week 12 or Week 13 game? I guess it is considered week 12 since Pittsburgh vs Washington is still marked as a Week 13 game and I assume we aren't going to allow 2 "Week 13" games
  5. Whatever username Ian is on here he will be popping for this response
  6. Maybe I am looking wrong but it seems from the background of the TV show that you can see that they are doing their TV tapings in that college in Bel Air where NXT started running. So they have a building but it will probably be empty arena.
  7. Would definitely recommend watching the Liv Morgan documentary added a couple days ago. Tells a great story about what she had to deal with in the last year with the breakup of the Riott Squad to the Lana angle to the current rebuild of the Riott Squad. Also very cool to know that LIv Morgan was so into wrestling as a kid that she was doing backyard stuff with her brothers. I am sure she isn't the first but refreshing to hear a story of girls getting the itch and starting her own backyard stuff. There are thousands of Seth Rollins/CM Punk/Zack Ryder stories involving boys
  8. Yeah the worst example was the one interception where he completely blamed Lee Evans on it. Basically if Evans would have turn just a second quicker that awful pass into double coverage would have been fine EDIT: Or Mike Evans not the one that averaged about a catch a game if lucky
  9. Well it looks like for a week or two we will now have the Arizona Niners due to the restrictions in the city of San Francisco
  10. My favorite part of the 0 rating list was St. Louis Cardinals QB Gary Keithley who not only had a 0 rating twice in 1973 he had it two weeks in a row. That would never happen now even with the NFL giving complete losers like Nathan Peterman a ton of chance. But in the 70's you basically have to suck it up with your backup QB. It wasn't like you could go to another league like now. Unless you are going to the semi pro leagues. There was no way you could put 4 QB on a roster
  11. So apparently the Lions fans have donated a ton of money to Deshaun Watson's charity in the last couple days. I would like to think they are doing in the spirit of the holidays but I am assume this is there way of say "thanks for beating the crap out of us so bad that they fired 2 of the top positions" on the team
  12. So apparently having an assistant coach playing is against the NFL rules. That is what the Broncos now want to do.. I mean there is only a small handful that could serviceable so why not let them.
  13. I am a fan of lineman like Von Miller and other random fat players posting their "put me in coach" tweets
  14. He was hired in 2018. Feels like he has been there since 2008. So long to the poster child for white privilege in NFL coaching
  15. I am sure people will handle it well . Most of the people who will complain probably didn't even know Vanderbilt was an SEC school Today will probably be the most discussion on a kickoff squib kick ever and most of it dumb as fuck. When Pat Macfee tells us it was fine then good enough
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