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  1. Imagining risking a divorce in order to go 10-7 or 11-6 and hopefully make the NFC Championship game
  2. I know it is childish but I can be interested in the Patriots with a Bailey Zappe at QB. Not Mac Jones and fuck Brian Hoyer but Zappe sure
  3. The major ripple effect of the Wisconsin firing is all these other colleges with below average to worst records doing nothing and people wondering why not them. See West Virginia right now
  4. Yeah Steelers have their starting QB in Pickett. Just for his swagger alone
  5. And he throws a pick on his first pass. Although not entirely his fault as Claypool could have had it
  6. Its Kenny Pickett time. I guess we will see if it really is Matt Canada fault or that he just didn't trust Mitch
  7. We just got a white guy from Brigham Young doing a Gritty while running the Philly special for a TD. it really doesn't get much worse for Steelers This offense is worse than paint drying. It is paint in a can
  8. The double doink is now international These all black Washington unis dont look good to me especially the jersey backs
  9. Wait Ohio State ran a fake punt up 49-10 in the 4th. Man that fuck that shit you know things are dumb when you are agreeing with Greg Schiano
  10. Arkansas had all the momentum in the game and then Milroe goes 77 and they are back in control
  11. I know if it wasn't intentional but that running back didnt go out of way to NOT stiff arm the ref
  12. We replaced our normal Oklahoma team with the 2018 defense and a Quarterback who is definitely not Kyler Murray. Lets see if people notice
  13. There are probably so many places this can go in but for this morning I would think sports is the biggest one. There are going to be TON of pissed off football fans
  14. Let's be brutally honest, if you need a QB with 2 concussions (one seeming to be major) in a span of a week to beat the Jets then your team kind of sucks to begin with and shouldn't be thinking playoffs. Bridgewater might be an average QB at best but come on it's the Jets I am not going to play the "everyone should be fired" card until I see what happens in the next 3 weeks. If Tua hits the field in the next 2 weeks then different story. I would say 3 because I don't know if I want to see Tua dealing with a Steelers defense.
  15. I don't care if Tua skips out of the hospital room and does backflips he should be out for at least 2 weeks. He apparently has feelings in his arm and legs so that is great news
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