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  1. hammerva

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 10/18/18

    Well given that apparently had no soul before she turned into this Demon Bunny, you could argue she has stolen two gimmicks from Lucha Underground in the span of a month.
  2. hammerva


    Especially the Smackdown crew. I mean all the serious angles are on RAW so maybe you can get away with it. But Smackdown has guys thrown pancakes all over the place, guys with rubber sledgehammers, and Corey Graves and Bryon Saxton acting like 1980's stereotypical territory commentators. If they want the product to be more serious, the first thing they have to do is hit the mute button
  3. hammerva

    2018 NFL - WEEK SEVEN

    I mean he is the QB coach of the worst team in the NFL so maybe he isn't the most qualified On the other hand: MARSHALL THUNDERING HERD REPRESENTING
  4. hammerva


    Well to all the Red Sox fans out there, I would like to introduce your new best friend
  5. hammerva

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Well here is close to rock bottom. Fox Business has pulled out of their Future business Initiative conference scheduled in Saudi Arabia. Yes on the day the business version of Fox News of all people pulls out the WWE is selling tickets today for the show.
  6. the transformation in Rhea Ripley from a complete character in only a year is stunningly great. Whoever is responsible for that needs to be on the main roster.
  7. hammerva

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    The newest spin that is being spewed by JBL and now Randy Orton (almost word for word by everyone) is that we need to be there to slowly bring change to the country. I guarantee you that if change ever does occur in Saudi Arabia in the next 5 - 30 years Vince will take a small bit of credit for it. It is like the WWE wants to be for Saudi Arabia what David Hasselhoff is to Germany
  8. hammerva

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/8/18

    Good that Jordynne Grace is getting at least a tryout match for TNA. She is one of the top indie female wrestlers not on a major promotion. Thought she would be used more in Ring of Honor given she worked the All In battle royal. But who knows what they are doing with Women of Honor
  9. hammerva


    I haven't watched much of this challenge but I though AWE-SKA vs Lana & Russev was a ton of fun live. The crowd cheering for someone except the Miz. I love the finish of Miz pretending to be Aiden English to lead to the distraction As the dark match main event was starting, Miz and Asuka are hamming it up on the ramp as Charlotte's entrance played. It is strange how someone completely different in Asuka & Miz are just incredible together
  10. hammerva

    2018 NFL - WEEK SEVEN

    Yes I am sure it was the "latest" performance that was the final straw. Because they were fine with him having a QB rating of like 30 COMBINED in the other two games
  11. hammerva


    I would guess they are just involved in the naming of the show. Maybe they had a hand in the matches announced but doubt they were responsible for finished. As for Janela I am willing to bet he is involved in some of the booking of his Spring Break shows. Although we know that Ethan Page was the "booker" of the Clusterfuck match because they are currently doing a storyline that Page has to win a bunch of matches in order to "regain his soul" and not have to book next year's match.
  12. hammerva

    Raw Is Busting Down Cena's Doors - 10/15/2018

    Well they were in a rush so they couldn't find the "cum guzzling sluts" promo from the Diva Search many years ago. Some parts of the women's evolution is extremely slow based on Rousey's promo. But the men loved it so I guess that is all that matters. Although I will say that was the best I have ever seen from Chikara legend Icarus taking those judo throws from Rousey. Mostly because we didn't have to see that embarrassing oversized back tattoo he has.
  13. hammerva

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Well good thing he got the JBL haircut and added about 5 pounds of PED's to his frame. Nobody will be able to recognize him now. Looking at Rippa's post, putting Brock up there is so funny. He is uncomfortable getting out of his own city much less Saudi Arabia.
  14. hammerva


    I am behind on Impact but does he still do the countdown before the move. I mean you have to be a complete idiot or deaf to get hit with
  15. hammerva


    The transformation of Moose is so weird. As a babyface he was so damn boring and dry. All he had was that moose thing with his hand. Now he is a heel and he turned into this. I guess he is now in his fall outfit because I believe one show he came out in a gold chain and one of those rompers