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  1. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 8

    Well nice of Michigan to show up for the biggest game of year
  2. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 8

    Eric Dungey, the QB for Syracuse, is going to need to sleep in a hot tub for days after that Miami game. He must have took a hit on almost every play and was exhausted by the end.
  3. GFW Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/14/17

    It is a good thing this show was taped months ago AND that TNA is such an irrelevant wrestling product right now because can you imagine the problems if someone like Corey Graves or Booker T would have said something like 'look at the way she is dressed she is asking for it" this week like Josh did in the Sutter match
  4. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    You know I can totally see Kurt wearing a dress and playing Sister Abagail and enjoying it. maybe too much actually. All you really needed for that match was someone to dress in drag. Put him in a fat suit and fake beard and we wouldn't have known
  5. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    And apparently the entire coaching staff. So Bryce's last possible year with the Nationals will be with a new manager. What could possibly go wrong
  6. Well maybe this is a work but maybe she found Jesus again
  7. #205LIVE

    I find it extremely ironic that a man where you really have to follow his history (something for a long period) in order to understand what is going is working for a company that can barely remember what it did last week.
  8. The Netflix Thread

    I guess this will be the documentary where we finally figure out if the Jim and Jerry Lawler stuff doing the movie was a total work. I always thought it was a work that turned into a shoot and maybe not sure. Man on the Moon was the movie where Carrey became the obnoxious possibly drugged out goof he is now
  9. Either that or Impact Fish and Chips for the UK audience
  10. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    At this point the Browns should start a GoFundme or something so that Joe Thomas can go to an actual winning team with a shot of the playoffs. If he does make the Hall of Fame (which isn't that unlikely) would he would be the HOF guy with the worst teams in his career. I mean even Leroy Selmon got some playoff games.

    2001 - 2005 Colt Cabana can beat Yano with no issues but not the current version. He really comes off now like someone watching an old comedian still doing material when he was working the Improv in the 70's

    Well I guess we can forget about that because from the sounds of it Bully Ray is retiring? Or going back to WWE which ever comes first
  13. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    So...umm...the Lions might have a chance as well. They were down 45-10 too Of course stafford gives up another pick 6
  14. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    I do love me some Stafford garbage points. Helps for all those stupid 2 or 3 turnovers he is bound to get
  15. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    More like the Ravens have a horrible offense. Meanwhile the Falcons are looking to embarrass themselves as well Wait what the fuck is going on with this TD in the Jets? That was a considered a fumble?