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  1. Based on this week, I am not surprised they don't call her something like Tokyo Rose or some Pokémon character they find opening a pack If this is what they thought of WALTER, I can only imagine what was the idea of for Ali that was the final straw
  2. So is both Rollins and Reigns heels in this "feud"? I can't really see Rollins being a face anymore especially with this gimmick.
  3. Also didn't help that James Conner after being a top RB for about 2 months went back to his old ways and got hurt and never came back to close to the same level
  4. Well that was the dumbest throw in the playoffs. This game may be over already
  5. Well given the play calling, Mike McCarthy was definitely a fan of Russo booking
  6. I believe TJ Watt has more yards running for that TD then the entire Steelers offense
  7. That will probably be Pittsburgh only score tonight but a glorious one to take the lead
  8. That is the 2nd time the ref got in the way and ran out of time. Still an incredibly stupid call to run it with no time outs
  9. Here is what Mike McCarthy will be seeing in Jerry Jones office in about 12 hours
  10. Never underestimate the ability of Jimmy G to not be able to put a game away. WOW was Kittle lucky This has been the one of most insane last minute in playoff history. The game was over, then it was pushed back 5 inches on review to make 4th down and then a penalty when they made a 4th down
  11. The fake punt was a great idea but what the fuck were they doing after that. We're they trying to do a hurry up and keep the punter at QB. If Jerry could fire during the game he would have
  12. Oh man the Cowboys are in desperation mode real early. Luckily it wasn't easily turned over Huge INT for the Niners and an immediate Deebo TD. Hopefully Mike Mccarthy has plenty of shipping boxes because he may need them tomorrow
  13. Maybe the Nick version has pumped up the crowd noise WWE style but sounds like a ton of niners fans are there Oh man they have an actual slime tank near the end zone. You know Kittle will be begging to get in it So the only way to judge kicks is the reaction to SpongeBob pictures inside the goal posts.
  14. Yes we are against bleeding but we have no problem watching Brock Lesnar shoot elbow someone to the point they are a complete mess. And in Randy Orton case also give them a concussion. Plus the fact that Brock has hit the blade a couple times for sure I will say that AEW does overdo the blood. Especially on free TV. These street fights probably should be on a PPV but women are having enough problems getting shown
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