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  1. This is going well Oh yeah it should have gone here
  2. The idea of Nelson Royal as NWA Jr Heavyweight champion in 1978 was too funny given he was also the champ in 1988 as well
  3. The other rumor for a TV source was Showtime of all places. If paying for TBS is pricey I would think Showtime would be even more pricey
  4. Every league needs a 8-8 team. Or whatever number of games this league will have
  5. well it is good thing they taped this years ago. Unless his hair grows really fast.
  6. hammerva

    Table for 3

    The best part was them saying that almost every photo that an indie wrestler takes with a fan is with a fist in the air or pointing at the fan . So true and even funnier that most Triple H photos with wrestlers look like that Also the developmental confusing Adam Cole and Xavier Woods getting their "Austin" confused
  7. At this rate I am expecting the Shield Final Final Chapter to be around Wrestlemania 36. Granted most of these have been dark matches or house shows but jesus how many of these can you really do
  8. So is Bret claiming that he didn't have sex with Sunny. That seems a bit far fetched given his reputation and unfortunately Sunny's reputation at that time. I loved Bret comparing his bathroom brawl with Shawn in Hartford "like two prostitutes fighting in the street". For the people who don't normally follow wrestling I am sure this is a rather fascinating story. Except for Corrnette and Russo having a pissing contest about who gave Vince the idea for the finish it was nothing we haven't heard a million times. The biggest work in this whole thing was Scott Hall claiming that the Montreal Screwjob is a work. For fuck sake his best friend is Shawn Michaels. The idea of Vince taking a huge off of his feet back bump from an uppercut seems like complete bullshit
  9. What was more painful: seeing the War Raiders now being called the Viking Experience or Lacey Evans planting two knees right in the stomach of Natalya. Never thought I would say this but Sami Zayn is a better heel than Kevin Owens
  10. Wonder if this will be his first US indies appearance. Huge get for GCW
  11. Barry Trotz - Penguins playoff killer ? Seriously I am pretty sure nobody predicted Columbus and the Islanders to be up 3-0. Especially Columbus who had the shit beat out of them by Tampa Bay in the regular season
  12. I think Shane Thorne has the potential to be another Buddy Murphy like singles guy but I guess we will have to see how much of an opportunity he will get. So far it doesn't seem that From reading the results this is the most NXT C team level show I have seen so far. I mean Lacey Lane, Kona Reeves beating Colby Corino of all people, and that the giant Batwabatatabe or whatever his name is guy that Stokely is managing in NXT . You are trying to push Colby with the new group and having him lose is just stupid
  13. Ben Simmons better have an escape hatch from the building based on performance today. And then had the nerve to shit on the fans afterward. Is he getting Philly advice from Ricky Watters And there is also players checking out cell phones on the bench during the damn game. I mean granted the guy was inactive and wasn't a factor in the game but come it is the playoffs put your cell phone in the locker room
  14. There are talks now that Ring of Honor has signed Enzo and Cass to a MULTI YEAR deal. Maybe this isn't true but how fucking stupid must you be to think that these two goofs are going to be hot free agents for a WWE return or an IMPACT debut and need to sign them that quickly
  15. So wait they can't call themselves the Free Agents they have to put a stupid Z at the end. Not like "kids these days" are doing that shit Also nothing says ROH under Delrious more than not telling the people who can literally beat the shit. Part of me hopes that Tonga and Loa went after everyone in the back before finding out for taking it easy on those goofs. Also a part of me hopes that they told Enzo and Cass that everyone did know and now be scared shitless of them.
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