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  1. Apparently there was a very audible "Sell the team" chant for the Skins game. Of course when you only have about 25,000 at the game and most are Jets games that should be hard to do
  2. Well unfortunately it was not. But he should at least get a point for doing a keg stand as an endzone celebration That Haskins sack almost gave some Skins fans bad RG3 flashbacks. He limped to the sideline but not hurt enough to leave the gae
  3. Well the Vikings didn't show up today. Getting killed by the Broncos
  4. Either the NFC South is really overrated or someone told the Falcons that the season begins in November. Really playing well when it means nothing
  5. And maybe the last of Tua as a top #5 guy in the draft. Way too many big time injuries to think it won't be an issue in the NFL
  6. You know your team is garbage when one of your opponent's best players is suspended for a game and you are STILL a 50+ point underdog
  7. Yeah saw another replay and definitely connected. He is done for this year. I mean when Baker Mayfield on your own team says you are screwed then you are really screwed. This is also probably Pouncey's 2nd or 3rd strike so he is probably done too Like someone mentioned on Twitter, he should be thankful that James Harrison isn't on this team or Garrett would have gotten more than kicked in the face. Would have needed the cops to save his ass
  8. Garrett tried to hit Rudolph in the fucking head with his helmet. Luckily he grazed him. A full shot would have knocked him out. But Pouncey didn't miss with those kicks to his head. No way either one of them is playing the rest of the season
  9. Steelers lose their top running back and receiver in the 1st quarter and they are only down by a TD. On offense this is the starting lineup for the 2nd preseason game. This is an extremely Browns performance Well so much for that thanks to an awful pass from Rudolph
  10. Sadly the longest running angle in NXT seems to be over. Wish I could figure out how to remove the first part of these tweets. Too damn long
  11. I would think doing the second kick after a miss is always the hardest one to hit right but safe. Unless you have a strong enough background that it is old hat. Aliyah was just a little slow on the hands up. I would say blame is 50/50. I don't know if Xia has a history of stiffing people on kicks or not.
  12. Mia Yim is one tough bitch. Always has been. That ladder bump was just disgusting. With a busted nose already Not a good night for women's nose with two women getting in trouble. Alliyah nose looked horrible as well
  13. I have to give Ken Shamrock credit for playing along with the promotion. I mean after facing Moose he could have moved on or went to something stronger. Instead he is doing dick flip spots with Joey Ryan and now he is in angle where Johnny Swinger shits in his bag.
  14. Oh yeah this should be an interesting one
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