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  1. Also if Satan is watching wrestling I would think he would follow AEW with Malachi Black. Also God is still pissed for having to work a PPV with Vince
  2. Seems like a complete waste of using the Demon gimmick. Nobody thinks Balor is beating Reigns. And if he pulled a miracle it would 100% because of Brock. After tonight the gimmick is just going to be just a gimmick
  3. Are any of these rookie QB any good? At least they have protected Trey Lance
  4. Meanwhile that Steelers win over the Bills felt like it happened 3 years ago.
  5. Speaking of stud rookies, Chase with a great TD catch to get back the lead for Cincy
  6. Apparently Buffalo was getting bored and decided to let Washington make a game of it. I think Pittsburgh may have a stud at RB with Najee Harris. Really strong runner and great out of the backfield
  7. West Virginia up 3 in the 4th against #4 Oklahoma. So damn stressed Yeah defense play their hearts out and the offense in the 2nd half screwed them over twice. Two time they were in great position and blew it with a penalty and then deciding to Doege back in the game and then fucking it up. Those little things is what separates a 6 or 7 win team to a 8 or 9 win team
  8. Oklahoma fans are calling for the backup QB in week 4. Needless to say that Rattler isn't a Heisman candidate in their own fanbase
  9. I was going to say that Shane Thorne basically doing the Outback Jack gimmick is really as low as you can go but then we remember SlapJack and realize that he hit the bottom already.
  10. If Notre Dame holds on and wins the Brian Kelly is the winningest coach in Notre Dame in history which is something since I am not sure he is one the 5 greatest coaches in Notre Dame history. Can't think of a coach in any sport (excluding new franchises) with the most wins and not at least top 4.
  11. Amazing that Homicide appears in the main event involving Minoru Suzuki on national TV just 2 hours from having a killer live 1 on 1 match at GCW show in the main event.
  12. It was mentioned by Bix on Twitter (yeah I know I know) that not only did he give him an unprotected chair shot to the head but it was with the back of the chair which is generally considered a huge no no . Doesn't help their argument that there was nothing malicious about it
  13. I know that they won't change it since they are on a roll as a team right now with them but those Red Sox yellow uniforms are an abomination
  14. If you can get fantasy points for punting then the Texans would be in the 1st round. They just don't want to take any chances and well I guess given Mills at QB maybe it makes sense The Panthers could be a sleeper team to make the playoffs but only if healthy and this is far from the case.
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