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  1. It would be stupid to have Dream lose the title on the first show right? Not saying that Roderick Strong wouldn't be a credible champion but in terms of splash on a new network having the Dream lose his title would be stupid right?
  2. I would be kind of stunned if Brock winning the title isn't the first thing that happens on the FOX Smackdown show
  3. The Velveteen Dream new shirt looks pretty good. But almost every other one looks like it was designed in about 5 minutes. Those better be under $20 given the quality Who in the world is Dio Maddin
  4. They already did that in the WWE. They were called the Social Outcasts I am confused why are they are showing only the 1st hour of NXT on USA Network. I mean if they want to put the screws to AEW then run both hours.
  5. Well given that Bryan basically said that people who enjoyed the show last night must live really boring lives, I am definitely willing to go with option 1
  6. So is it is too early to say that Kirk Cousins might be the one smart thing the Skins have done. Granted Cousins is better than Keenum by a wide margin but there is nothing that makes me think he can take the vikings to a serious contender.
  7. Kofi losing because of the New Day is a better option then what people think is happening which is Brock winning the title on the first night of Smackdown on FOX
  8. but you don't understand the only reason we got Luke Harper on the show is because Dave told people that he was finished in the WWE. They were trying to embarrass him by having him on the show tonight. it was all a plot I say. Get the fuck out of here with that crap
  9. Killer Kross beating Nick Gage in a "shoot fight" at Bloodsport and then Kross challenging BATISTA fior the next Bloodsport is very 2019
  10. Maybe Boston College isn't that good of a 2-0 team but they just got crushed by Les Miles and Kansas at home. First road win against a major conference team since 2008. That is how awful Kansas football has been
  11. Ring of Honor definitely has the better talent even if you take how incredibly gutted they are getting with AEW and other companies getting stronger. But it feels like Impact actually does things with the talent that they use. Killer Kross is unfortunately the lone bad example. There are so many people in ROH right now that feel like they are just there to be fill a card.
  12. So this weeks hidden gems is 1995 WCW All Nighter. Pretty cool especially if it is the full version with the matches.
  13. Given how bland their roster is and how their history is probably their major selling point, it makes sense. Short of probably Colt Cabana his bitches about 'MUD SHOWS' and quality of wrestlers should be small.
  14. I haven't heard Flip cut one promo since he turned into grumpy Flip. While Marty isn't the best talker he is much better than Flip Gordon. I mean if you are going to start a new group made out of Villain Enterprises people, why not use Destro. So apparently Shane Taylor is bothered about how he isn't shown on the latest ROH poster. Probably a work but if he thinks there is a market for him then boy is he in for a shock. He isn't Keith Lee
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