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  1. Plus I think the DC still think that he could beat Jon Jones even though he is so in his head I think the only chance he would have is Jones's complete arrogance
  2. So apparently in Fight Island the rules from UFC 1993 still apply. Jesus that was horrifying
  3. I am doubting that indie scum legend Dave Mysterio trademarked that. Problem solved
  4. Like how Meltzer had to explain that CGI will be used in the finish of the Eye for an Eye match. Yes because I am sure most wrestling fans were literally expecting an eye to pop out. .
  5. i was actually surprised to look at the clock and see that it started that late in the show. If this match was on a Takeover, you know it would have gone another 15 minutes. The really funny thing on commentary was them trying to convince people that Adam Cole's knee to the back of the head was this devastating maneuver. NOBODY KICKS OUT OF THAT MOVE. I could have sworn in every Cole vs Gargano match that move would be kicked out at least 2 or 3 times.
  6. That Robert Stone just can't catch a break. Actually in this case he might have caught a break. In his leg
  7. Desean Jackson must really want out of Philly again. Although misquoting Hitler might not be the right strategy
  8. I can't wait to see how they immediately treat a stipulation where the loser literally has to have an eye pop out of his head as nothing.
  9. And if you need a warm up, this year GCW Backyard Wrestling show is on now at FITE. I thought the main event with Shlak was literally the more worrisome thing I have seen in a while. Then I saw that John Zandig was at the show with a Trump 2020 hat. Seriously that light tube dust really does fuck with people
  10. It would be hilarious if the name is actually the Washington Generals given that they are historically known as the worst "sports franchise" in history. Granted it was a on purpose but still
  11. I mean seriously it is obvious what the new name should. The last good football team in maybe the entire DMV Washington Defenders
  12. This is literally the one case where I can't decide on whether to use the "Laugh" like button or the "Sad" like button. This is the ultimate "you have to laugh to not cry"
  13. It is really based on this ego driven belief that the virus won't impact him because all he eats is broccoli and bananas and burgers that are made of plants. While I would agree that it would help fight the virus, the idea that the virus is going to skip you is just arrogance
  14. If the stories from former Impact ref Kris Levin are true, then we have what the 3rd or 4th time a company has seriously fucked themselves because nobody understands the concept of how emails are sent
  15. I assume that Kayla Braxton has absolutely no heat on her because apparently in the WWE getting the COVID once, working like it is no big deal only to get it again is a badge of honor. Meanwhile Simone Johnson is really not doing her career any favors calling people who are talking about the WWE policies as "snitches". Between Nia and Simone, maybe the Rock should only focus on the male side of his family tree for the future
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