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  1. When did Owen drill Austin? Coz didn't that also have an impact on Owen's position on the card/ blue blazer bull shit?
  2. Mother fucking Wilmington! (American Dad watchers will get this reference)
  3. Random thought. But how does a lack of the screw job change Bret's entrance into WCW?
  4. In another universe, Savage, Sting, DDP, Luger and The Giant unite to defeat the black and white after Luger apologies to Sting. Then you get the nwo implosion with the face side going wolf pack and the heel side staying hollywood. While the actual top of the card is new guys
  5. Personally, i would run the fall of Roman with him losing one belt to Cody. Sami &KO and the new day dethrone the Usos. Roman has one belt leading up to facing the Rock. Wins that, then gets cashed in on the next night to complete the pride goeth before the fall type energy. Then he loses to jey finally before the reunite hart foundation 97 style but as a face faction.
  6. As a bay area native. The niners would be a John Cena style baby face team.
  7. Page navigation is still hit or miss on Android/chrome for me.
  8. Hell, Rhonda was at the Oakland show i still need to write about. Also I'm going to aew in Seattle!
  9. Drew mac gave the 9 year old girl in front of me his shirt on the way to the ring. It was awesome. And kofi acknowledged my hoodie. If i knew how to embed i would upload the pic me and my girl took on the ring steps
  10. Full report coming later but man the vip experiences and sitting close to the ring makes for a kick ass show. Watching Drew give a lil girl his t shirt on the way to the ring was awesome.
  11. Going to the WWE show in Oakland today. I'm excited. live wrestling! Yay!
  12. The riddle/brock stuff was when riddle got the first call up coz riddle was talking mad shit and being the guy to retire brock going back to riddle 's ufc days.
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