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  1. Fair enough this is why I came back to this board, you guys are sharp and strong in your conviction. I still wanna hear more of Rory MacDonald’s opinion though.
  2. It’s just gonna come down to the semantics of the word unfathomable. I never stated I thought it was a work. I think it was real. You guys are preaching to the choir. But if it did come out as fake, I wouldn’t be in disbelief. That is I was saying. Chael/Tito seemed kinda weird watching it but I didn’t think it was a work. I agree to all those ridiculous why’s. Why would they do this and that. But also, why would New Japan put their biggest star Nagata in Pride after just a few weeks of training and risk everything they built for him? Why would they put Sakuraba in over his head way too many times when there was no chance he can win? There’s been some pretty stupid calls in Japanese fight booking so doing something even more stupid isn’t beyond comprehension to me.
  3. Okay dude I get you need to convince yourself. And Rory MacDonald, Robin Black, etc are borderline retarded. A fix in JMMA is absolutely not unfathomable.
  4. Ospreay looking a lot more British now.
  5. Schaub’s an easy target, there’s plenty of better educated people that agree with him. However you feel I think both sides have an arguement. The first knockdown is one of the most bizarre reactions I’ve seen in a fight in a long time.
  6. Never mind there was a Craig H(erwill?) I used to buy bootlegs from back in the day. Definitely not Ditch, a lot of the BJW on Ditch’s site was uploaded by me. But Craig H brought classic Big Japan to the masses. Anyway. Can’t wait for Ryan Hall’s next fight in two years. Hope I’m wrong.
  7. This year I’m most interested in the 145 and 155 pound divisions and where they’re gonna go (as usual). That said, it sucks that there’s such a log jam at 155 and now Dana’s talking about doing Conor/Khabib rematch. It really shouldn’t surprise me, but I just want to see Khabib defend his belt against fresh blood and different styles. Specifically wrestlers. Would love to see Gaethje pick up a few big wins and get there, while he may not be the overall number one contender there’s something I really like about that fight, as we’ve never seen Gaethje get held down. Somehow I see that being a tougher fight for Khabib than Tony or Porier. Really excited to see Gregor Gillespie’s next fight too, it kinda bums me out that Alexander Hernandez is getting the Cowboy fight at just 2-0 in the UFC vs. Gillespie’s 5-0. Yancy’s a decent name but Gregor’s 31, undefeated and unranked in a lighter division with great credentials and hype, so I’d be booking him with a tiny bit more urgency. Hopefully he dominates his next fight and gets a guy like Kevin Lee after that, dude has been nothing but impressive.
  8. Random af but it’s good to see you still posting here Craig H, haven’t been on this board in years and finding your BJW vids on Limewire back in the day was what got me into puroresu. Jon Jones is likely taking Cheque Drops, I can’t believe there is any doubt he is dirty when he’s popped 3 times and has 2 brothers who have popped as well. How is any of this hard to wrap your head around? Not to mention Jamie combs through and deletes every single comment mentioning Cheque Drops on Joe “You can’t stop the internet” Rogan’s podcast with Novitsky.
  9. Going to see Sekimoto/Okabayashi vs. Sato/Ishikawa for the BJW tag titles in two days, might as well reserve this spot for our new MOTY.
  10. Doing a presentation for a Japanese culture class on puroresu and Japanese MMA and how they are intertwined, was wondering if all you kind folk could help me out with some of the most quintessential puroresu and JMMA photos. Like Kobashi getting back dropped kind of stuff. FMW, Pride, Joshi, all that good shit.
  11. Repeated injuries combined with being in NOAH, which gets very little attention. Can't think of anything he's done post Misawa that really stood out, and while I feel sorry for him having to deal with retiring, I can't say I'll miss him as he never seemed to take off like he should have after the ROH title run.
  12. I know very little about WAR but have been wanting to check it out for a long time, as my impression of it is that they had a whole bunch of super heated quality tags with a random assortment of wrestlers.
  13. Naito is really frustrating to watch. He has all the tools to be the best. Great move set, athleticism, and if landing on your head is a skill, he's second to none in the business, but goddamn does he need some charisma.
  14. Well Ishikawa vs. Okabayashi was amazing. I can already see this being the most overlooked match of the year. Get on it, people.
  15. Okabayashi vs. Ishikawa....WOW http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2hv9l1_shuji-ishikawa-c-vs-yuji-okabayashi-bjw_sport My goodness. Was expecting this to a nice, stiff, fun match, but nothing on this level. So many bombs thrown in this match, this might have surpassed Ibushi/Nakamura as MOTY for me.
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