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  1. Anyone know what happened to Takayuki Ueki? Saw a pray for Ueki graphic and have no idea what the deal was
  2. I won’t debate who won on the scorecards and how to weigh things like control time vs. damage, but I was bummed Yan didn’t get the decision as I think he overall looked like the superior fighter.
  3. Uchigatana and moonveil are both fantastic weapons for int builds with some Dex investment as well. I’m using both (currently 20 Dex 40 Int) and switch between them depending on what does more damage. Meteorite staff for casting as well. Moonveil has a fantastic ranged attack and it seems to be really popular. You have to beat a tough boss to get it though, which Id recommend you be around level 50 for. Uchigatana could hold you over until then, and only that can be buffed with magic armament. Margit is the first major skill check of the game, I’d recommend clearing out the majority of Limgrave first, and being at least level 30. You’ll want your main weapon at +3 as well. Using a summon to draw attention away from yourself is a great idea, the jellyfish is very tank and helped me a lot. And make sure to use heavy R2 and/or jumping attacks to deal major posture damage, as well as guard counters, though they can be trickier to time. The longer you wait between these attacks the more an enemy will regain its invisible posture meter. Rock Sling can also break posture. Having a shield that has 100% physical block has been a game changer for me in this game, unlike other Souls games where it’s much easier to roll through everything. With a good amount of enemies, big ones especially, it’s usually best to actually fight them really close and strafe to one of their sides as opposed to fighting from a distance, though that’s sometimes necessary for magic casting. You can also grind up a bit, there’s a Boulder spot that’s really easy to farm, as well as two big enemies very close to it that give 45K and 75k runes with zero skill to beat. Best of luck, this is honestly the worst Souls game to start with.
  4. I don’t think you get it, because I don’t like hard games and never touch hard mode, and a huge amount of Souls fans are the same way. Hard mode is usually just tankier enemies with less player HP, while Souls strikes the perfect balance of most enemies being able to die in a few hits, but you as well. It’s not a hack and slash, it’s a position and stamina management game. A lot of Souls fans are just long time gamers who were unaware with how sick they were of handholding video games where victory was guaranteed. I can’t play games like Cuphead for more than 30 minutes without my eyes hurting. I don’t like the easy mode and don’t want to play it since it’s too easy compared to normal, and I don’t get to see the full phases of bosses. It’s just not a game for me, it’s hard for the sake of memorization, Souls games are hard for the sake of figuring out creative ways to solve problems. I don’t feel the need for Cuphead to do more to be accessible to me, I can just respect that the creative vision for it doesn’t align with my taste. What specifically makes you feel like you “can’t fucking play” a Souls game? Which ones have you tried and what were your sticking points?
  5. Have you played Souls games before? I’m not sure how an easy mode would reduce strain in your case. An easy mode would ultimately have to come down to taking less damage and doing more damage yourself, but you’re still going to have to use complicated reflexive button inputs, this game especially compared to the first Dark Souls has much more complex controls. But I ultimately come back to play styles in these games. You can get 300k souls without even fighting a single boss at the start. You can pump your HP up as well as Int and get an S Scaling magic staff and a spell that will wreck everything in your way. If your reaction times are slow you can play a heavily armored tank with a huge shield. You can summon friends or NPCs to help you with all the bosses. There’s endless possibilities in how to make the game easier.
  6. Alright now I’m back. This game is making me flip-flop in the best way possible. It’s getting a lot easier to see when I should and shouldn’t persist through a boss fight. Some bosses are obviously meant to be fought on your mount, which I should have realized earlier. Getting a 100% physical reduction shield has also illuminated how some bosses should be approached, instead of mindlessly spam rolling, which was viable in DS1-3, Elden Ring not so much. There was one boss in Gael Ruins who was wrecking me until I realized I could just stand directly in front of him with a shield and slowly work in shots as he pushed past me. Getting stance breaks is so addicting, especially with my recovery from critical attacks talisman. Gael Ruins boss weapon is perfect for my Int/Dex build, plus I’ve got an uchigatana that’s amazing on its own, and an S scaling staff with some boosted gravity magic. Feeling a little OP since I found a couple easy enemies that can get you 120k runes, but that’s the point of an RPG, I don’t feel bad. Morne Castle and Stormveil Castle are everything I had hoped for with the classic, old school dungeon design, except they’re also huge, and downright intimidating to try and memorize. Part of my frustration was just getting too adventurous, I was neglecting Weeping Peninsula which definitely seems like the proper second area after Limgrave, then the area after Stormveil seems to be 3rd.
  7. The game is transition back from fun into overwhelming as I seem to have run out of areas I feel appropriately leveled for. Mergit wrecked me at first so I went back and cleared out a lot of the Limgrave areas with little difficulty, slowly building myself up. It felt like I was playing the game how it's designed to be played. Now I keep dying at Stormveil Castle so I'm looking for other places I build my character up and am starting to feel a little defeated. I think I've given up on the last 5 or so bosses I've tried facing. Like, couldn't even take one hit, or get them below 80% health, so it's hard for me to imagine it's just a matter of skill. My DPS is absolute ass and I'm using a +7 Spear when I see +3 weapons are about what's normal for where I'm at. Morne Castle was awesome but I cannot make much of a dent in the boss, the weapon I'm looking to use is guarded by another boss I can barely even scratch, and Stormveil Castle is getting tiring to go though the same section over and over again, only to get stunlocked by some hordes.
  8. This game is quickly transitioning from overwhelming to absolutely incredible the more I internalize the mechanics and control changes and piece together the map. Hit a major roadblock with the first main gate keeping boss so I decided to mess around and grind up more in Limgrave and every area I’ve come across has been fantastic and perfectly rewarding. I ended up ditching the wretch and started a new game as an astrologer. It has made things a lot easier, though I sometimes feel a little guilty with how trivial magic can make certain battles. Only complaint is that my main worry is very much apparent in the first part of the game. That is, nothing but open, flat battle arenas. I’d love some boss arenas with more traps, holes, or bottlenecks. The first 3 bosses in DS all had vastly different arenas that were integral to how one had to approach combat.
  9. Well I just got my first crash, without saying too much, I somehow ended up at a far end of the map with red skies and the game freaked out apparently. So far the only word I can use is overwhelming. I can’t say I’ve fully internalized the mechanics or have the confidence in my play style to be in a fun flow state yet. I am enjoying it, it’s just A LOT to take in. I am starting to regret picking the wretch a bit, the world is so huge it just feels like it might take forever to work a coherent build out. Plus I’m not upgrading my club yet since I’m hoping I’ll find a better weapon any minute, but that’s yet to happen. The tutorial section boss was incredibly easy, heavy R2’s are really useful apparently. Second boss I found made me really question how I’m approaching this game. Really can’t tell if I’m supposed to upgrade my equipment more, fight it now, or if the wretch was just a horrible choice. I’m also running past like 90% of enemies. The hordes are pretty frightening. This is definitely not Dark Souls 4, those games are looking ridiculously simple in comparison right now.
  10. Eddie/Jericho segment was fantastic besides the insider verbiage from Jericho. Why not just say Eddie’s become beloved or a fan favorite instead of having to drop the babyface line. Part of me wants to see Eddie lose even more matches and turn him into a Honma figure of sorts. Not quite to that extreme, but you could have him lose this big one, then start to wallow the few weeks/months after and “quit” or disappear. Then have some NYC show with a title match, (would be perfect if MJF was champ by then) run an injury angle that takes the challenger out the day of, all the other top 5 are booked or unable to compete, so they announce an open challenge title match substitution during the show, then Kingston comes back and wins the big one, clean finish. He can lose it (back to the same guy even, MJF could turn it into bragging rights that he’s a 2 TIME champion, the first in company history) not long after, I just need to see him win the big one once, and I want it to be as unexpected as possible. Anyway, thanks for reading my ultimate AEW armchair booking. Also I’d book Eddie vs. Ishii.
  11. What specific part of the game made you feel that way? It’s quite simple with a walkthrough to make an OP build, sorcery especially, and you can simply run past most enemies and areas if you know where to go. That’s why it’s so addicting, once you understand the game you look back and feel comparatively invincible. But I won’t try and convince you to love it, not every game is for everyone, it’s just a lot easier than it seems at first glance. There’s always a simpler way to do things. and it’s definitely not difficult for the sake of difficulty, it’s difficult for the sake of the story being about the hero being the only one who perseveres through numerous deaths and rebirths in dark, seemingly hopeless times. It’s the only thing that separates you from the hollows you encounter, your willingness to not give in to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Every item you find is on a hollow, and hollows are characters that simply gave up along the way. Don’t you dare go hollow.
  12. I think you’re thinking of Kanemoto vs. Kaz Hayashi from ‘98 BOSJ https://youtu.be/d-MIG81edes
  13. I mean it’s hard for me to say now, but from the impression I get this game won’t be any different than the other SoulsBorne games in how it tells its story. The story and lore is there, and incredibly deep, but it’s not told explicitly in a linear narrative through cutscenes like most games do. It’s much more about piecing little bits of info together from NPCs and item descriptions. Some theorize the item descriptions are the thoughts of the main character. It’s not for everyone, but I really like it, since I mainly just play games for fun gameplay and can try and fill in what I missed with fan made lore videos on YouTube. Sounds like George RR Martin’s role wasn’t much beyond some character and world design, it’ll be a Miyazaki story through and through. It might be worth a try if you couldn’t get into DS1 (that’s the Switch one), personally I find DS1 the best game of the series to start with, but to some it feels a bit dated. If you’re not into the cryptic game mechanics, a walkthrough can make all the difference. Understanding what a viable build looks like is probably the first step to success, and eliminating lots of trial and error. Every game has basically the same system of an HP stat, stamina, endurance for managing equipment weight and how fast you can move with certain gear, strength for heavy slower weapons, dex for lighter fast weapons, attunement for how many spells you need, intelligence for mostly offensive sorceries, and faith for mostly support miracles.
  14. Wonder what the main event will be. Though I don't think it'll be as good of a match (It might even be mediocre) as Adam vs. Adam, DMD vs. Rosa is the biggest women's match they can do right now, and if they are trying to put the women's title on the level of the men's, this is likely their best chance to give them a PPV main event spot for the next few years till a bigger feud comes along. Given my apathy towards Cole I wouldn't mind, but then I also think no one would think Cole has a chance if him and Page aren't on last. I think Bucks/JE/ReDragon is most likely, but I really want to see Santana and Ortiz win the tag belts ASAP. On top of just being overall fantastic, they've been on the backburner a little too long for my liking and after leaving Inner Circle they could use it to further the story that they were being held back by Jericho.
  15. Figured it might be best for this beast of game to have its own thread, I anticipate I'll be posting my thoughts on a regular basis, and this is the first From Software game I'll get to experience at launch and with so little info out there. I only got into the Souls games last year and am just now finishing up the last one I have left, Dark Souls 2, so my body is ready. Playing them has been a paradigm shift that has revitalized my love for gaming at a time I thought I was outgrowing them. From what I've seen this game really looks like a climax of all the games Miyazaki has designed, and aims to correct some of the imbalances of past Souls games (Like R1 spamming, I've heard). I've stayed as spoiler free as possible, but things are getting crazy tempting out there. Spoiler warnings would be appreciated for the next couple weeks. So what are you guys looking forward to with this game? I'm planning to play as whatever the deprived class is, as it will make every piece of gear I find that much more valuable, corpse running and exploration will never feel useless, whereas with other classes you'd likely have no use for a lot of the gear you find. Scrounging together whatever I can find to survive will make the game feel like that much more of adventure, and make the refining process into a full blown warrior all the more heroic. If I screw myself and make it too hard before finding good gear I won't be too far gone to just try and start a new game with a normal class. My build and playstyle will naturally present itself, and I'm assuming there will be respec options if I need. Definitely planning on mixing melee and magic, perhaps they change things here but I find purely relying on melee to make certain parts of Souls games unnecessarily difficult, while pure ranged magic can sometimes get OP and really limit how you engage with the world. One thing I really hope they address here is the wide open nature of the terrain. DS3 was fun, but the level design made me feel like I didn't have to be as mindful of my surroundings as DS1, where precarious terrain adds another layer of complexity to otherwise simple enemies. Basically, give me some good Anor Londo and Sen's Fortress esque-environments. I'm also definitely looking to get down in co-op and PvP if anyone here is interested, I've really only been a PvE guy, though I do intend to tackle every boss 1 on 1, as I find boss summons to break the AI and make me feel like I didn't really beat the boss with any skill. So what are you guys looking forward to about this game? Any plans on builds yet?
  16. Danielson’s not a bad idea, but I think MJF is probably the best guy to win the belt next, specifically because since the very beginning with the Bret Hart title unveiling segment, MJF vs. Hangman was set up as their key feud between future stars. Hangman is their biggest homegrown baby face, he should lose the title to their biggest homegrown heel.
  17. Yeah I just really can’t get into Adam Cole. I won’t deny he’s really over, especially his entrance, but bell to bell I don’t see much that makes him stand out, from what I’ve seen it’s a lot of superkicks and Canadian Destroyers (kudos to whoever coined it the International Transition) that come off as so uninspired to me. He also doesn’t really have the look of a top guy to me, there’s nothing that comes off as imposing to me, compared to another guy I don’t care for like Jay White, who at least seems like more of a bad ass. I think heels like Jay and MJF really benefit by keeping kayfabe, Cole just seems like a relatable friendly millennial nerd who’s playing a character. The “dial your personality up to 11” adage doesn’t fit with him. Him vs. Page will probably be a good match, I remember really loving Cole vs. Ricochet and Cole vs. Riddle from NXT and am aware he can go, but with such a limited amount of PPV matches to go around, I’d really prefer someone else. On that topic, I’d really like to see AEW go to 6 PPVs a year. I just think there’s too much talent that isn’t getting the opportunity to go hog wild (especially PAC, can we please let this guy do what Bryan Danielson gets to do on a near weekly basis?), and I also wouldn’t mind a guy I’m not crazy about getting the top billing if I knew there were more spots to go around, and that I’d have better luck next time. The promotion is seemingly a logical extension of the golden age of the indies but it only gets to show that 4 times a year. All these guys became stars on the indies by getting to have longer matches on shows with no commercial breaks, no interference, and minimalist storytelling. I’m a bit tired of seeing them limited by their format. Darby/Sammy from Wednesday was the prime example of that, amazing match, shitty finish for the sake of building to the show that “counts”. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do these things, but the balance feels way off to me. Interference should be notable and unexpected, but it feels like the norm here. The only matches that don’t have some sort of chicanery are the squashes. Even when a guy does win something important, 9 times out of 10 they get 5 seconds of celebration before their next angle comes out to beat them down. I just wish things could breathe a little more. And then even when they do get to the PPV, pretty much every match will have some sort of interference that usually leads the heel getting his comeuppance, but it’s still interference nonetheless. It’s tiring to me. Again, Revolution last year, their “Wrestlemania” had interference/fuckery in EVERY SINGLE MATCH. They spent weeks building up the women’s contender in Mizunami, Shida beats her, then they have to send Nyla out to beat her up after her two seconds of celebration. Why can’t the story just be “look at how awesome Shida is, she just beat the best of the best” instead of going right to the next angle. Why couldn’t they wait 3 more days to do that bit? Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I’ve cooled down on AEW a lot in the past few months to where I’m now starting to skip certain episodes, and just really want to see more commercial free, interference free, quality matches with clean finishes. Sometimes the angle can just be “this person was the better wrestler tonight” without someone getting buried. NXT was really good at that with their PPVs in their heyday, and I don’t think AEW has hit that level of consistency yet.
  18. Definitely thought Izzy won the fight. I must say, it is soooo refreshing having a champion who immediately sets up his next fight and acknowledges deserving contenders. Not like these champs don’t deserve rest but it’s pretty deflating when a guy wins and all he’s talking about at the press conference is his upcoming vacation and acts like no one deserves to face him. Woodley was the worst at this, dude was calling for GSP or Nick Diaz after one title defense and refused to talk up rising contenders. Izzy knows how to create buzz.
  19. Really hoping for something different creatively, I always heard rumors back in the day that the Vice City follow up would be set in the 70s. I’d really like to see that, or even the 60s, maybe in a return to Vice City, or perhaps a mid century view of a city in decline like Detroit. Maybe I’m too willfully ignorant but I’d rather not see a game set during or around the pandemic and the ugliness that is the American sociopolitical landscape, just give me subtle hints at it and social commentary from a more cleverly disguised perspective. Also I really hope they open up the mission structure more. Nakeyjakey did a great video you can find on YouTube about RDR2 and how the openness of the world completely clashes with the on rails mission structure.
  20. Been in limbo the past few weeks just twiddling my thumbs for Elden Ring, decided to give Spider-Man 2018 a go since I’ve heard good things and found it on sale for 15 bucks. Looks like a short enough game that I’ll be able to finish in time for the big kahuna at the end of the month. In many ways it represents everything I detest about modern game, it’s essentially just a giant checklist where the gameplay isn’t very challenging, so I constantly have tons of extra skill points lying around without feeling much need to use them. And then there’s the constant quick time events which always end up in me failing the mission when I think a cutscene is a safe time to have a drink or check my phone. Then you gotta retry them a few times just to figure out what the stupid button prompts even mean. God I’m so tired of the quick time events. And yet… I’m actually really enjoying it. Web swinging across the city is probably the most addictive form of traversing I’ve experienced in an open world game, to where I’d rather just take the long route than fast travel. Combat isn’t difficult but there’s always enough going on to keep me engaged. I also don’t really care for superheros or Marvel movies but am finding myself engaged in the stories despite the corny dialogue. It’s also kinda funny to see in this game and other superhero movies how reliant the fight scenes are on pro wrestling moves like headscissor takedowns and reverse-ranas. I probably haven’t played more than 10 hours and it looks like I’m about halfway through, so I think I’ll actually be able to complete it. I know with other checklist games I’ve played like Assassins Creed Odyssey and Ghost of Tsushima, 20 hours in is where I hit the burnout point. Also just picked up Hades for really cheap. Rogue-likes don’t really appeal to me, but I know that’s what everyone says before playing this one, so I’m excited for a new potential time dump.
  21. I can’t believe I’m 7 pages in and no one else is commenting on how bad that finish was of OC/Cole. Cole just stands there like an idiot while Cassidy gives him a lazy hug and he can’t escape? Dude sold it like he was being bear hugged. Comedy and hardcore are the worst combination in wrestling to me, and this was a prime example of how cringeworthy it can be.
  22. Playing Sekiro was a huge blow to my ego. I thought maybe I was “good” after beating all the SoulsBorne games without any instances of rage quitting or feelings of futility, but then I got to that god damned game. Part of my problems came from playing it like a Souls game and trying to dodge everything with some circle strafing mixed in, and while eventually I learned to face things head on with parries, any time I won an important battle it felt like I got lucky, as opposed to making skilled adjustments. Souls habits die hard I suppose. But having to balance dodge, parry, jump, or mikiri counter based on a short tell was just too much for my aging reaction times. I still want to give it another try, if a skilled player could really walk through with me what I’m doing wrong I might be able to understand things better, but overall it was a humbling experience that left me feeling hopeless, even if I was able to beat the first boss on my first try. I salute you.
  23. Dark Souls! I'll always be that guy and throw it out there, especially looking at the list of games you've played, it's the perfect series for a seasoned player who's looking for a paradigm shift in how games present themselves to the player. The co-op aspects are pretty groundbreaking but completely optional (and you didn't really beat the game unless you beat every boss 1 on 1 in my eyes), you're not forced to care about some melodramatic story if you don't care, you can completely ignore it but if you do want to know more it's as deep as an ocean and has hours upon hours of lore on YouTube, you don't really need to craft or grind much for gear as you can get some of the best in the starting classes, there's tons of different ways to to play depending on your preferences, and the way the world reveals itself and you come to internalize the map is unlike any game I've played before. Though they're pretty different, when I beat it I immediately thought it was the best action game I had played since RE4. For all intents and purposes it's a Metroidvania. Semi open world with save points based around finding shortcuts and beating bosses via exploits, skill, tanking, cheesing, level grinding, however you feel comfortable. I would recommend consulting a walkthrough for some of the basics, but once you get comfortable you'll be able to play the whole series blind without much need for help. I'd always recommend the first one as it's the most iconic in the series, and if you like it you'll be able to get into a game like Elden Ring easier, which is likely gonna be the game of the year. Ghost of Tsushima is not a game I'd personally recommend, though I can totally get why people like it. The world is beautiful and there's some great ideas implemented like the guiding wind. It's huge, but I've been a little burnt out on the sprawling sandbox timedumps since beating RDR2 a few years back and am lately preferring more linear games where the enemy placement and obstacles can be curated better. Within a few hours of GoT the loop felt pretty repetitive to me. Find a camp, kill everyone, liberate peasants, loot materials. The game puts a huge emphasis on stealth in the story but in practice stealth only slows you down, it's not difficult to just storm the gates and fight everyone head on, unlike a game like Sekiro where stealth is pretty much necessary, as you won't be able to fight hordes without dying. The side content felt like mindless checklist stuff to me. Go to fox dens and push a button, go to a hot spring and push two buttons, go find a shrine and do a platforming section where there's no timing or accuracy involved so you can't really fail. Your mileage will probably vary, but I just didn't find there to be enough variety in the set pieces, enemies, side quests, or missions to keep me interested. Witcher 3 is probably a safer recommendation than GoT, I've only played a few hours so far but have seen enough reviews to know it would probably scratch that open world, hundred or so hour adventure itch if that's up your alley. Persona 5 is my favorite JRPG since Ni no Kuni (Which I'd also recommend if you like the sound of Pokemon meets Studio Ghibli). It's a huge game with components of a visual novel, dungeon crawling monster collector, and a Shibuya life sim. If you're into a good anime series this is definitely recommended, though I am far from an anime guy myself and found myself fully sucked in here. The monster fusions were really addicting to me, the battles, while old school turn based RPG, feel fast paced and emphatic, and the soundtrack is absurdly catchy. It'll stick with you for life if it clicks. I can't think of any game I've played in the last 5 years that oozes so much style and finesse, even in the little things like the UI. Mass Effect 2, Bioshock, Last of Us, and God of War are all other games I'd also recommend despite not playing at all (Last of Us) or getting about halfway though. I'd say just play whichever one is most aesthetically up your alley.
  24. I really enjoyed it, probably my favorite Star Wars game I’ve ever played. It felt like baby’s first Dark Souls, in a good way. Jedi Master difficulty I found to be the perfect challenge. The world design was really cool, but the maps are a little hard to comprehend, and no warping made me get lost a bit. I don’t know if I liked or didn’t like having to backtrack through an entire level after beating the main boss, and I wish exploration was more rewarding than just acquiring new skins, but it’s definitely a worthwhile play.
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