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  1. I mean, I guess they were pushing Darby hard during that window, and they are somewhat of a redundancy in the undersized babyface role, so maybe they were minimizing Jungle Jack to emphasize Darby, but still! He’s in a tag team! Do something with the tag team!
  2. I really don’t know why they’ve cooled off on Jungle Boy the last few months. I mean, he was in the eliminator tourney, yes, but he really hasn’t been given much to do outside of that. Dude was on an insane run in the ring before being banished to Dark.
  3. According to Cagematch, South Jr. is a 20 year veteran, but His last documented match was in 2015 (against his dad!). Seems like his career has been pretty sporadic.
  4. I’m generally over this meme, but this one got me:
  5. Bobby Wayward and George South Jr. were Very Bad in there with the Acclaimed. Also the Fenrir guy has been terrible every time I’ve seen him. Match with Starks was the shits. It almost seemed like Starks got fed up with him blowing everything and just abruptly hit his finish to clock out. If that’s the case, good on Starks. Strong Veteran Presence (compared to the Acclaimed, who would just repeat the spots that were blown).
  6. I REALLY enjoy the show approximately 50% of the time! I always queue it up, hoping that it’s one of the good ones.
  7. Oh god. Using Mandalorian as a spin-off mill sounds like the dirt worst, but that is definitley what they’re going to do. ROSARIO AS AHSOKA SHOULD BE A MOVIE THO.
  8. They are definitely milking this thing for as long as possible. Disney has already come out and said that streaming is their future, and this is by far their biggest (and currently *only*) hit show.
  9. Grogu is definitely a blessing and a curse. The show was going to be big, regardless, but the Baby Yoda effect is what made it a cultural phenomenon. But now you have to keep feeding the beast. And I imagine that it is, indeed, very difficult to figure out ways to keep Grogu plausibly involved in the action. I don’t want to minimize that at all. But that’s the bargain they struck when they decided to make him central to the show, and they get paid millions to figure it out. Instead, they’ve done a lot of punting.
  10. Guys, don’t let Matt guilt you into thinking the problem with the show is your expectations! The problem with the show is that it’s not a very good version of the show it’s trying to be. Filoni and Favreau have created some fantastic toys but too frequently they put them in the wrong sandbox. I prefer the episodes that are more tightly focused on the main storyline, not because I have some preference for serialized shows (I don’t) but because that is when the show is clearly at its best and the standalone eps are often quite bad. There is nothing inherently wrong with the format of
  11. Of the 13 episodes of the show so far, I think there are like 7 that actually push the main story forward in a meaningful way (1.1-1.3, 1.7-1.8, 2.3, 2.5). I hope I’m wrong about this, but based on how they’ve paced things out so far, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if yhe next episode is some kind of random detour or side quest on their way to Tython.
  12. Found out the Bama game had been rescheduled and was like, nah, I’m good.
  13. I finally caught up on the second season over the holiday. I thought episode 5 was tremendous, but the first four episodes were a pretty brutal slog to get there. It’s like somebody watched the meandering, 90’s-syndicated-TV quality* middle episodes of season 1 and thought, “The whole show should be like this!” Maybe it played better watching week to week, but taken in a binge, EVERY episode being built around a quid pro quo with a guest star got really grating after a while. Starting the season with episodes about A) a wild goose chase and B) a detour was definitely a choice, too. Just a
  14. Hangman Page should be booked as Raylan Givens. That’s it. That’s the post.
  15. Hobbs appears to now be going by “Powerhouse Hobbs.” Kind of an old school nickname. I like it.
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