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  1. Re: the Dream/Roddy angle, I agree that the only way this makes any sense is if it’s a double turn. If Dream was just screwing with him about Marina it would be *somehwhat* more justifiable since she’s established as a heel on TV, but bringing an innocent kid into it just makes Dream look like a psychopath. And a double turn would be great, actually. It’s time to bust up UE, Roddy was on fire as a baby face playing the family man prior to joining that group, and Dream’s act has always played better when he was more toward the heel side of the character.
  2. GARGANO AND CIAMPA AGAIN LOL Its like this promotion is stuck in 2017.
  3. According to Box Office Mojo’s weekend report, 70% of the opening weekend audience was under 25. So this is actually skewing heavily toward younger audiences.
  4. This has been a fun convo to read, but it was definitely founded on a somewhat faulty premise that the scenery/QOL of where the college is located should impact the choices of elite prospects. It doesn’t. It’s probably not even Top 5 in their decision making process. The quality of *campus* matters quite a lot (and more specifically, the quality of the athletic facilities available there), but the surrounding city? Nah. These guys have virtually no life off campus during their college careers. Give them a mall and like one decent club where they can drink free and meet girls, and they’re good. The top 2 things they care about: winning and getting to the NFL. They will go where the fuck ever if they think they can get those two things. And those two things come down to the coaches and money. If a shoulda-been powerhouse program is underperforming, they’re lacking one or the other, maybe both.
  5. Great show. But I would be more excited for Cobb/Moxley if their G1 match didn’t suuuuuuck.
  6. I’m a masochist and started with Jay/SANADA and...woof. I didn’t expect it to be very good, but both guys got exposed as being very dependent on their opponents. That’s always been evident with SANADA, who is never any good with anyone besides Okada and, weirdly, ZSJ, but that’s also been kind of the unspoken subtext of White’s “great” 2018: he spent all of it wrestling the best guys in the company, over and over again. That’ll make a lot of guys look “great.” But he’s still not there on his own.
  7. Naito as champ definitely feels very fresh, and I think that was reflected in the gate. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they do a great number with Naito/Hiromu for the anniversary too.
  8. I assume the Cage comparison is a reference to how gassed up he is.
  9. I haven’t seen this discussed, but is it possible that Luther is to Jericho what Nakazawa is to Kenny and Cutler is to the Bucks? (Mainly around to be a travel companion/do backstage stuff, with their minor role on TV just a bone tossed their way.)
  10. So, the annual signing period is basically dunzo, and it looks like the consensus opinion is that 7 of the top 10 recruiting classes belong to the SEC. Of the other 3, two are Clemson and Ohio State. Not great news for the people who are bored of seeing the same teams winning every year.
  11. THIS is something that really jumped out at me when I was watching some old Raw stuff recently. Austin almost always won the weekly battles. Even the damn reveal of Vince as the Higher Power ended with Austin coming out and one-upping him by being named CEO and booking the Ministry in all kinds of bullshit matches to big pops.
  12. I did! And I remember playing through that mission twice. Which was not great! But at least you were playing. Having to sit through the long-ass credits of a AAA game twice is brutal (especially since the first time around, you have to run around aimlessly for a few minutes to trigger the next cut scene/credit sequence).
  13. Maaaan, I just finished DEATH STRANDING yesterday, and I don’t know if I’ve ever simultaneously loved and hated a game like this before. The actual gameplay is fantastic. The gameplay loop of the delivery system is addictive, and I love playing a AAA game where the primary action isn’t shooting stuff. Managing loads, plotting routes, all super fun to me. Even the social aspect of working with other players to create infrastructure feels great (except the people who build zip lines in spots that don’t connect to other zip lines; they suck). But the writing is god awful. I generally love Kojima’s gonzo stories. To me, figuring out what the fuck he’s on is half the fun of his games. But he badly needed an editor, or at least a few more drafts, on this one. You could easily shave a few hours off this game just by excising all the repetitious dialogue. No spoilers, but at one point late in the game, a character will explain at length why they think Sam shouldn’t trust another character (despite the fact that you, the player, already KNOW you can’t trust them based on other scenes you’ve seen). Literally, the next scene is the suspicious character walking up to Sam and confessing by re-explaining everything the other character just said. The last two hours of the game is mostly cut scenes filled with this sort of exposition that will just make your brain bleed out of your ears. And Kojima makes you watch the end credits fucking TWICE!
  14. Man, I was just looking at Rev Pro’s sorry state of affairs: If Ospreay wins the belt tonight, he’ll be the first non-Japanese wrestler not named Zack Sabre Jr. to hold the title since...AJ Styles all the way back in 2015. What a stale-ass promotion.
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