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  1. NXT

    I never understood why they called up the Vaudevillains over Blake and Murphy last year.
  2. I'm glad for the delay, as it means I might actually get around to finishing the first one before it comes out.
  3. I know it's kind of obnoxious, but from a marketing standpoint, I kinda can't blame them. Every Marvel movie that has starred RDJ has made over $300 million. The only other Marvel films to crack that number domestically are the GOTG movies. RDJ = money. So, if you're looking to give a boost to your new take on Spider-Man and distinguish it from the OTHER reboot we just got done with, it makes sense to feature the dude who's presence is guaranteed to get people through the door.
  4. He should definitely get his half of the security deposit back. That room is immaculate.
  5. Craig beat me to it: Because Sony. I bet Joe Carnahan is pissed somewhere right now. He wrote a big, crazy action script that's now getting dumped to make a kiddie adventure movie. Although I guess we should've seen this coming when they hired the guy from the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies to direct.
  6. Tom Holland cast as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Apparently the movie is being rewritten as a prequel focused on the game's flashbacks to young Drake, aka "nobody's favorite part of those games." What the fuck.
  7. I find it amusing that the dude who comes on this board and writes epic treatises on basic storytelling as if he's explaining the meaning behind Mulholland Drive apparently missed that they've been setting up the Ciampa turn for almost a full year.
  8. I'd wager he was too busy shouting at the announce team to say THE MODERN DAY MAHARAJAH a hundred times to laugh. SAY IT GODDAMMIT.
  9. You could tell by the look on Randy's face, he knew he overdid it on those backdrops on the table.
  10. There are literally no other face teams left on the roster to face AOP. So pretty good odds of that, unless they throw together some singles with nothing better to do, like maybe Ohno and Itami or something.
  11. At the end of season 2, ARGUS sent Slade to a prison they had built on Lian Yu. Boomerang also gets sent there in season 3. Later in season 3, there's an episode where Merlyn sets him free on the island, but Oliver and Thea recapture him, and that's the last we've seen of him until now. So ARGUS, I guess.
  12. In all these title matches, Roode is rubbish until the ending, whenever whatever elaborate finish HHH and the agents have ginned up for him kicks in. The matches just kinda amble along without much direction or heat, except for the babyface pops Roode milks for himself, then, boom, 3/4ths of the way through here's the big injury angle that will ultimately let him win or escape with the belt. It's every match.