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  1. Have no fear. I’m sure the powers that be are hard at work to get him locked into a superhero costume and a 10-picture deal.
  2. So, um, does anybody else remember when we had a porn subforum?
  3. I honestly find that I get more satisfaction from the scavenging in TLOU than the action. I would probably play a whole game that was just scavenging and crafting to solve environmental puzzles. Kinda like how I just liked delivering shit in Death Stranding.
  4. I feel like the various NPCs in TLOU2 do a much better job of being inconspicuous than Ellie in the first game. Seems like the AI is programmed to stay behind you more often. (Although sometimes that backfires, because I’ll wanr to fall back but the NPC won’t move quick enough and blocks me.)
  5. Another major problem with playing spring football to make up the 2020 season is that they’re not going to skip the Fall 2021 season. So, you’re going to be asking these guys to play a season, take 3-4 months off, and and then play another season. That would be absolutely brutal.
  6. EVA

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Gedo does love to do proxy booking to preserve his long-term narrative arc, but the pandemic has screwed with the roster so badly, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if he had to do a page-one rewrite of the rest of the year, and I wouldn’t assume this was Jay White’s spot, even though the original bracket seemed set up for a Jay/Sanada final. They ran Jay/Naito 3 times from August to January; I feel like the meat was off the bone with that feud for the time being. There had been reporting of plans for EVIL to break away from LIJ at some point in 2020 since last year. It wouldn’t surprise me if the pre-Covid booking was something like Naito running through LIJ (Hiromu at the anniversary show, Sanada at Sakura Genesis) and then EVIL challenging at Dontaku and turning heel to get the job done. Then again... If you look at the original NJ Cup brackets, they were set up to pretty much play out the exact same way. I think most people probably saw KENTA coming out of EVIL’s bracket originally, but he may have been primed to be upset by Karl Fredricks in the 1st round, who was allegedly in for a (relatively) big push prior to the pandemic, which would pave the way for the semis and final to play out exactly the same and give us Naito/EVIL at Sakura, anyway. In that scenario, Jay going out in the first round plays directly into Gedo recruiting EVIL to stop Okada and really lays the groundwork for the dissension angle we’ve been talking about. (Because what is the Bullet Club without dissension?) I think I just convinced myself this was the plan all along.
  7. Right. The Dark Web is a thing, but they’re doing this dirt on Wayfair and INCLUDING THE REAL NAMES OF THE CHILDREN THEY’RE ALLEGEDLY SELLING? C’mon, people.
  8. It’s a really deep, eclectic genre.
  9. A Vietnam War veteran is reunited with some old friends.
  10. EVA

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    EVERYTHIIIIIING Man, I really like EVIL, and anyone who’s been around this subforum for the last 3 years or so knows I’ve been waving the EVIL>>>>>>SANADA flag for a while, so I’m delighted to see him beat his former stablemate to the top, even if he’s just keeping the throne warm during the pandemic. Like most people, I didn’t necessarily see this coming, but the more I thought about this move yesterday, the more sense it made. From a business perspective, it protects the drawing power of a lot of Naito title defenses that shouldn’t be happening in mostly empty arenas. And, for better or worse, it jives with Gedo’s (apparent) philosophy that Naito can never be happy for too long and always needs to have a chip on his shoulder about something.
  11. I do think there are too many managers right now. Archer should break off from Jake soon. It was a good way to introduce Archer to people who may not be familiar with him, but I don’t think Jake has added much lately, and Archer is plenty charismatic enough on his own.
  12. DoN feels like forever ago already, but we still have EIGHT WEEKS until All Out. That’s so long, I feel like something has to happen with the tag belts and Omega/Hangman before then. I feel like Mox/MJF, Omega/Hangman, and Bucks/FTR would be a strong top of the card for All Out. Maybe Cody/Brodie? No clue where Jericho fits in that scenario. The Hardy/Sammy issue would have seemed to lead into a Jericho match eventually, but who knows what the status of that is.
  13. EVA

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Either Sanada or EVIL has needed to break off from LIJ for a while, and this particular turn definitely fills a need. So I love it. Sad Milano was kind of heartbreaking.
  14. No. Believe me, they will wait until the last possible minute to cancel any games.
  15. Oh, it’s too late. We did that to ourselves, years ago.
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