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  1. LOL Bama dropped to 13 in the final rankings. The way the committee has responded to the Auburn loss is just bizarre. Meanwhile Georgia gets manhandled by LSU and only drops one spot? Congrats to them for getting the playoff field correct, but otherwise this committee was kinda brain dead. Bama vs Michigan confirmed for the Citrus Bowl, though.
  2. I finally got around to watching this, and I completely agree. Show lost all of its momentum the last two episodes. It felt like the show should’ve kicked into a higher gear when Mando went rogue, and instead they just slammed on the breaks.
  3. Once again, the committee gets the top 4 right, and everything works out in such a way that adding any additional teams to the playoff would be superfluous. Like clockwork.
  4. If there was a paper tiger in the Top 10, it was Penn State, who struggled mightily with every decent team they played but managed to eek out enough wins against solid but overvalued teams like Iowa and Michigan to hang around. would likely finish 6th in SEC.
  5. LOL @ Michigan beating Georgia. I know you watched enough Michigan games to know better.
  6. With georgia’s loss and Oklahoma’s playoff spot app but assured, Jalen Hurts has QB’ed his team to the playoffs 4 straight years.
  7. Good thing they’ve got Justin Fields on the bench....
  8. 3rd and Kirby already in full effect today.
  9. Jalen Hurts ends his college career a perfect 3-0 in conference title games.
  10. Welp, the freshman ran out of magic. Oklahoma moves to the front of the line to take Georgia’s seat if they lose today.
  11. Baylor’s 3rd string QB has given them LIFE.
  12. Man, Charlie Brewer was clearly concussed earlier in the Big 12 title game, and Rhule sent him back out there. Yikes.
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