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  1. I just worry that after he finished so poorly in the standings last year, they’re going to try to book a redemption story for him.
  2. I see I was right about there not being many spots for fresh faces this year. And of the NJPW guys who could’ve reasonably beeen in it that were left out there, Page is...not necessarily worse than any of them. If nothing else, you know he’s going to work hard in every match.
  3. God, I would love to know the average age of this board. We should have a census.
  4. EVA


    They probably would’ve been terrible movies, but I think I might rather watch George let his freak flag fly one last time than Disney remaking his old stories.
  5. EVA

    Disney buys Fox confirmed.

    I petition to change the period in the thread title to a question mark.
  6. I don't think there are even going to be that many open slots for new faces this year. Only Nagata and Kojima are certain not to return to the field (I mean, I guess Kojima won't be fit for it). No one would miss Makabe if he wasn't in (and he hasn't done much this year outside of the mini-program with Suzuki), but he is too much of a respected vet to be dropped unceremoniously. Tama Tonga could also be dropped without much fuss, but he had a decent finish with 8 points last year and it would kinda go against the kayfabe of the tournament to drop him after a respectable showing. The only other guy who really stunk it up last year was Yoshi-Hashi, and yeah, he's probably out. So that's 3 spots. One is certainly reserved for Jay White. Which leaves us with 2 whole spots to play with. Taichi would make a lot of sense for one of them, but he's also kind of a redundancy with Yano. Watch them fuck with us and put Iizuka in.
  7. EVA

    Raw Is Baron Corbin's Barber - 6/11/2018

    I guess I'm in the minority who thinks Corbin looks like a doofus with his new haircut. His long hair would've been a terrible look for your average Joe walking down the street, but for a sleazebag heel wrestler, it was perfect, distinctive. Now he just looks like a generic dude. Like some random ex-jock who just got his first office job.
  8. EVA

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Wow, this is not great.
  9. EVA

    E3 2018 THREAD

    SKULL AND BONES looks like a huge improvement over last time it was shown. I imagine this will be the Fortnite to Sea of Thieves' PUBG. ODYSSEY is just a blatant reskin of Origins, but Origins was fucking dope, so I will play it, for sure.
  10. Okada/Jericho for the IC belt really is the only match big enough to keep him out of the World title match right now. But Jericho pulling a Lensar with the IC belt is just...yuck.
  11. EVA

    E3 2018 THREAD

    WOAT E3 showcase
  12. EVA

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Of course there is cooking in Kingdom Hearts!
  13. EVA

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Oh I am so looking forward to Octopath Traveler. I am badly needing something to scratch my retro JRPG itch after Lost Sphear flopped earlier this year.
  14. EVA

    E3 2018 THREAD

    Okay, Babylon’s Fall has my attention.