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    It's also worth noting that Wonder Woman, while it ultimately turned out to be a huge, $400 million hit domestically, only opened to $103 million (just $10 million more than the bomb Justice League). So clearly anticipation for WW was hurt by BvS, too, it's just that, you know...it was great, and the word got around and kept it playing for the whole summer. I think at one point the public had a great thirst for DC movies, as evidenced by the huge openings for BvS and SS, but the openings for WW and JL show that a significant portion of moviegoers have become much more wary of the franchise and are willing to wait and see if it's worth their money.

    BvS had a huge opening weekend based on the anticipation of a new Batman and seeing Batman and Superman together in a movie for the first time. It dropped 70% in its second weekend and continued falling off precipitously from there. Basically half it's domestic gross came from that first weekend. Yeah, people lined up in droves to see it opening weekend...but once they saw it, they pretty much unanimously decided they didn't want to see anymore and told all their friends likewise. As far as engendering widespread enthusiasm and anticipation for Justice League, I'd say BvS was pretty much the opposite of successful. BvS was barely out of theatres before WB/DC started their "We're sorry for BvS, we're totally gonna fix it in JL" media blitz.

    I’m pretty sure the junior limit is 205 now. I know Cody has been talking up how the Bucks are heavyweights because they’re 206 now. Just looking at the title history, it’s been a long time since anyone over 200 got the singles belt.
  4. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Good god, man, watch this year’s New Japan Cup and stay woke.
  5. The Return - SDL - 3/20/2018

    I presume he wasn't wearing kick pads under his street clothes, so that probably had something to do with him taking it easy on the kicks.
  6. The Return - SDL - 3/20/2018

    Sami was throwing some Shane-esque punches, as well.

    I feel like if AJ can walk, he'll gut out some type of match at Mania.
  8. Oh, this was so far and away his best match, I can't even think of what #2 would be. It was in a different class altogether from anything he's done before. That said, this was ZSJ's match, all the way, and Sanada was along for the ride. But he's looked kinda "eh" in that role many times before, so credit to him for putting it together here. This was one of the rare instances where the great technical wrestler being outwrestled in the opening minutes was presented in a way that made sense and didn't infuriate me.
  9. That's 2 big matches in a row where Red Shoes put a phantom 3-count on the guy who was supposed to win. Terrible.

    Poor SNEAKY PETE. It still baffles me that they didn't promote the hell out of Bryan Cranston playing the big bad. Surely, his return to TV would've gotten more people to watch if they'd known about it.
  11. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Netflix is who needs 13 episodes.
  12. Everybody is sleeping on the fact that JUICE WON THAT MATCH. He clearly got a 3 count after he hit his High Fly Flow. This was a Korakuen screwjob by Red Shoes.
  13. NJPW Sabre is great. This is known.
  14. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I remember Bryan Fuller giving an interview after season 2 of HANNIBAL where he said something to the effect of how, in his opinion, the best stories are the ones where the characters are hurtling toward inevitable doom and you, as the viewer, know that everbody is just going to get wrecked in the end if they can't get off the path that they're on. Something terrible is going to happen that will change them forever -- if they survive it at all -- it's just a matter of how and when. That's his ideal form of narrative tension. S2 of JJ is definitely that kind of story.
  15. Well, his appearances are so sporadic, he's just not around enough to form a real connection with the crowd. I think that's a big reason why they send out Taka with him to heat up the crowd before his matches.