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  1. It’s going to be interesting to see how the buyout situation develops in the next 5 to 10 years. It’s clear that the economics of CFB have evolved in such a manner that even buyouts in the $10-20 million range are no longer prohibitive for P5 schools to pay. Which means you’re likely going to see agents pushing for even bigger buyouts or fully guaranteed contracts like Mel Tucker’s new deal at Michigan State. However, an interesting recent behind the scenes development in college sports is a number of schools having to delay, scrap, or re-scope planned facility upgrades/additions because the booster money that was earmarked for those projects is now being funneled into NIL collectives and the like, because boosters view that as having a more direct impact on recruiting/retaining the best players and, thus, results on the field/court. You have to think that, at some point, those same boosters are going to start questioning why they’re being asked to give away free money to ex-coaches when it could be better spent on NIL, too.
  2. I mean, if I wanted to work again or have a happy personal life and my employer knew things that could endanger either/or, I could probably be “negotiated” with to keep things copacetic. Which is not to necessarily say I know of any skeletons in Chryst’s closet, but…If we’re just asking for reasons why, that would be a pretty good reason why.
  3. I hope Kansas wins everything they can this year, because someone is definitely going to take Leipold off their hands and it’s probably right back to the shitter next year.
  4. Ok, so I was right about Chryst getting embarrassed by Bert being my very bad for him but VERRRRY wrong about him being safe this year. But, yeah, the trend at Wisconsin has been sneaky bad for a while now. They need to evolve. This is the first real surprise firing of the year. Everybody else so far has been more or less expected, barring a miracle turnaround.
  5. A big day for interim coaches, as Nebraska beat Indiana, Georgia Tech shocked Pitt (a 21.5 point favorite!), and Arizona State is giving USC some fight.
  6. For the second week in a row, Auburn is in a “nobody wants to win this game” 4th quarter shit fest.
  7. Mizzu has a doughboy kicker who CANNOT MISS TONIGHT.
  8. This Mizzu/UGA game is crazy. Mizzu stinks! They should not be winning heading toward the 4th.
  9. “Heisman candidate” Stetson Bennett is stinking out the joint.
  10. In a totally unexpected upset bid, Mizzu is up on Georgia in the 2nd quarter. Hard to see that lasting.
  11. According to Saban post-game, Bryce’s injury is a shoulder sprain and not season ending, but it seems he’s very questionable for A&M next week.
  12. Needless to say, it completely alters the landscape of this college football season if Bryce Young is out for any length of time. Backup Jalen Milroe has been perfectly fine so far, though.
  13. Looks like it was hurt on an earlier play.
  14. Bryce Young in the medical tent with a strange non-contact arm injury. Did not look good.
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