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  1. I actually think you have it backwards, and this isn’t as dire as you fear. I think all of the major properties will remain multi platform, while smaller stuff like Prey, Dishonored, and Evil Within will be exclusive. The bigger games cost too much money to lock them away on XBox/PC and cut out the sizable PS playerbase. Furthermore, pretty much all the industry buzz has been saying that Microsoft doesn’t really care about being in the exclusives business anymore, if they ever really did (outside of timed launch windows). Gamepass is their top priority, and I assume this move is primar
  2. His G1 runs (2014 and 2015, in particular) as a scrappy, lovable loser were super fun. That was the connection being drawn with Cutler and Avalon. He was great as the overmatched guy relentlessly throwing himself headlong into defeat.
  3. I must admit I got a good laugh at the B1G booking Nebraska against Ohio State and Wisconsin the first two weeks of the season. ”You wanted to play so bad....have at it.”
  4. Ironically, that game was scheduled after Baylor and Houston both had other games cancelled due to COVID.
  5. Going back to some of the discussion about where the two tag teams from the main event go next: The tag division is in an interesting place right now, as there are something like 16 active teams right now (and that’s discounting recurring Dark teams like Luther/Serpentico). But is heavily slanted towards heel teams (even more so if the Bucks turn heel, which I don’t think they will), especially in terms of teams that are actually contenders. So, there are a lot of options for Best Friends. Given OC is challenging Brodie next week, I feel like a Dark Order feud could be on the horiz
  6. I feel like Rosa is enough of a professional that, even if she was legit mad, she wouldn’t think to shoot piledrive her. Potaoing somebody who isn’t working with you is pretty standard operating procedure; Austining them is not.
  7. Ivelisse had her booboo face on, wouldn’t sell anything, and was generally uncooperative. This, after throwing some pretty stiff shots of her own at the start of the match. Rosa got frustrated and threw some potatoes to try to make her sell.
  8. I feel like that AEW number is especially good considering none of their big stars besides Jericho wrestled and the main event was the culmination of a midcard tag team feud.
  9. JR was *this* close to saying “The Friends of Eddie Kingston” tonight.
  10. Details are still coming out, but it seems like they’ve left themselves no wiggle room, playing 8 games in 8 weeks. Wouldn’t take many outbreaks for the whole season to collapse on itself.
  11. What really sinks this dumbass rumor is when she says that the second half of the season had to be rewritten with less Mando because Pascal walked off set. Like, even if Pascal did walk off, they wouldn’t need to write Mando out. The character is a dude in a helmet and full armor; you can put anybody in the suit and just have Pascal dub his lines later. Which, by the way, they did frequently IN THE FIRST SEASON. There was an entire episode where he was not on the set for a single scene (because he was off doing a play).
  12. Unlikely. The primary source on that rumor is Youtuber Grace Randolph, who is profoundly full of shit. The rumor itself doesn’t even make sense, and by all accounts, Pedro is a Dude.
  13. I am amused by all the people on Twitter jumping to the conclusion that the next Reed Richards will be Black because of this casting. I mean, he could be! But Kang is his desecendent some 1000 years down the line. The new Reed could be Asian in these movies, and his greatgreatgreatgreatgreat....grandson could still look like Majors.
  14. Texas A&M’s top receiver just opted out of the season, too. A&M is a trendy pick to be a dark horse contender in the SEC (I can see it), so this has to be somewhat of a blow. I feel like if Jimbo doesn’t make a run at it this year, he’s never gonna.
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