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  1. If Moxley isn’t done, I hope they do Mox/Archer at Power Struggle. That strikes me as a tremendously fun brawl that they may have just stumbled into.
  2. On a certain level, it would probably make sense to use a sequel as an opportunity to finally adapt the Killing Joke. A PG-13 film is never going to touch that story, but this team...that would seem right up their alley, for better or mostly worse. You wouldn’t even really need Batman for it. You could tell a version of it with just Gordon and still hit the major points.
  3. My favorite thing about these Breaking Bad prequels is that they barely even try to make the actors look like plausible younger versions of themselves. Jesse Plemmons is about twice the size he was during the show in this movie. Theh don’t even try to hide it.
  4. That had to have happened on the Hoverboard Lock off the top, right? When it happened, I was shocked somebody’s arm didn’t snap right off.
  5. Even more than their nationality, I think it comes down to the fact that neither guy is actually an established star in NXT. Walter has been around for a month, tops, and Kushida basically went MIA not long after his debut until this Walter feud materialized out of thin air. Unless you followed NXT UK or NJPW, you really don’t have much reason to care about either guy, at this point. And that’s the match you choose to headline against stiff competition? Bad call.
  6. I will say that it seems odd to me that they haven’t used any TV time to establish (or reboot) the Dark Order. They need it badly. Throwing them out cold in the tag tourney isn’t going to go well.
  7. That rating looks fine to me, even without taking baseball into consideration. “Big premiere, then a drop off” is par for the course with TV in general these days. Where it settles over time is what matters, and if it settles here, I think everyone will be happy.
  8. I know the long-term plan is most likely for Kenny to win the belt and carry the promotion with 5-star matches and whatnot, but Cody is SO hot right now, I think it would be a mistake not to change course on that. He's the guy.
  9. I'll actually give Spears credit for showing a bit of fire tonight, but you pretty much have to do that against Mox or he'll eat you alive. Still, it was not a pimple on Mox/Juice.
  10. God bless Bea for trying to make this feud work, but Britt stinks.
  11. I like how the Inner Circle is rounding into shape. Hager has been clearly positioned as the heater, which is the perfect spot for him. And Sammy as the obnoxious stooge is working like aces so far. My wife already HATES him. Santana & Ortiz need to better defined, but I assume that will come with time, now that their feud with the Bucks can heat up.
  12. Even better than the first show. Darby is gonna be a huge star. Does a lot of little things great. I'm kinda thinking (hoping?) that they're gonna do a re-do of the infamous HHH/Jericho Dusty finish next week. Otherwise, why else do you even do this match, unless you're going to try to genuinely shock people (if only for a moment)?
  13. The Orton Mania match with the bugs and worms projected on the mat.
  14. EVA

    2019-20 NCAAF: Week 6

    Michigan desperately needed to win that game to stay relevant so...yay. But I can’t imagine anyone left that game thinking Michigan can compete with any of the top teams left on their schedule. Similarly, both Auburn and Florida have supreme defenses, but they’re so dysfunctional at the QB spot, it’s tough to see them really challenging Georgia or Bama.
  15. I really liked the show. It didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, but I think everything worked as intended. I was really surprised at how smoothly and efficiently the show ran, given the issues they’ve had on PPV. I was actually really into Nyla/Riho. Exceeded my expectations for a Nyla match by a long shot. I guess you could argue that it went too long, but the fact that the crowd was red hot for Riho to win at the end suggests that it didn’t. Was also surprised how much I liked Cody/Sammy. Most I’ve probably ever enjoyed a Sammy match. Loved the way it flowed into the stuff setting up Cody/Jericho and how that stuff tied into the main event angle. (I suppose the rationalization for why Dustin didn’t come to Cody’s aid here is because it was mano-a-mano. Cody’s a big boy who can fight his own battles. When it turned into a gang beat down, that’s when big brother had to step in.) MJF’s debut was pretty much perfect. Loved how he didn’t do anything that might get a pop. I always assumed Cutler was going to be used as a job guy, like Nakazawa, so he’s fine. As far as the main event angle goes...The truth is, they needed a heel stable to balance out the fact that all the top baby faces are in a stable together. And this one seems fine. As long as Hager is primarily used as a heater for Jericho, I see no problem with him being a part of this.
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