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  1. Oh, they for sure would've done the breakup already if Cody would show up for more than one or two shows every couple of months. And if Tonga doesn't distinguish himself this month, they may yet have to come to terms with him, because there's no next guy up in the club. Scurrl is not near established enough to jump into that spot. Fale is still just Fale. They really might have to turn Elgin.
  2. They're definitely kicking the tires on Tama Tonga as the next top guy in Bullet Club, and...ugh...well, actually, that might be the thing to finally kill the stable, so they should definitely do it.
  3. A lot of interesting info in there.
  4. I think a big issue with Nakamura adapting to WWE style is that he doesn't really have any mid-tier flashy or high-impact offense to pop the crowd on his comebacks or escalate the action into the finish. He's just throwing more awkward kicks and knees where he doesn't even slap his thigh to get the requisite OH! reaction, so his comebacks just kinda meander along until he goes into the Kinshasa spots.
  5. The question is, was it just a coincidence or plot contrivance that Euron knew where and when to hit Dany's fleet, or did somebody in Dany's circle rat them out? It's worth remembering that she has a betrayal or two left on her prophecy bingo card.
  6. I really don't have the words to express how much it hurts my heart to see Nakamura sleepwalking through meaningless midcard matches while the G1 is going on. They need to pull the trigger on AJ/Nak sooner than later or nobody is going to care about it by Wrestlemania.
  7. I feel like Nakamura for Goto would be a pretty even trade right about now.
  8. I feel like Tanahashi/Nagata stole the night. The look on Tanahashi's face when he tossed the air guitar and got booed was priceless. Fale/Naito and ZSJ/Hashi were just fine. You could not pay me to watch Makabe/Goto. It's been interesting to watch Ibushi wrestle different types of matches these last two nights against ZSJ and Ishii, reining in the craziness of the Naito match and keeping things grounded.
  9. TV

    Season 2 of LAST CHANCE U quietly went up on Netflix this weekend. I know we had a group of viewers here during season 1 who might be interested. And if you didn't watch season 1...what the fuck are you doing with your life? Season 1 was a masterpiece of reality television that transcended it's humble premise (a documentary about an ultra-successful junior college football program that is the "last chance" for many troubled players) and became a bellwether for where our culture is at when it comes to the intersection of sports, education, and race. At once thought-provoking and massively entertaining, featuring one of the best (worst?) villains on TV in head coach Buddy Stevens. MANDATORY VIEWING. It seems almost impossible for the second season to measure up, but I'm anxious to see how it plays out. The first episode is largely about everyone at East Mississippi reacting to their newfound fame, for good and for ill. Stevens finds himself trying on a new face as a more soft-spoken "players coach" who gives himself pushups when he swears, and I imagine much of the tension/entertainment of this new season will be anticipating the moment he has a meltdown and reverts back to his old ways. Part of me worries that moment will never come and what we'll be getting in season 2 is the antiseptic version of events, that everyone will be more self-conscious of the cameras and we'll lose a lot of the unvarnished truth that made season 1 so special. The top player to watch for is DeAndre Johnson, former Florida State QB who was kicked off the team for punching a woman at a bar.
  10. I feel like I had my best night in the new Crucible so far. My team even won a Countdown match! And we were down 3 vs 4 the last 2 rounds! Abilities still suck, but I'm starting to get the hang of gunplay. Fusion rifles are suddenly dope! I've found the most useful ability on my warlock is the Voidwalkder perk where you hold down the grenade button to sacrifice Super energy in order to add power to the grenade. It's a good tradeoff considering Supers are so rare anyway, and if you're fortunate enough to score a kill with that grenade, you get a big bump in Super charge.
  11. But the aftermath ultimately fucked the comics and the CW shows.
  12. TV

    They released a teaser for season 2. A fair amount of new footage for a teaser this far out, but not much to take away from it.
  13. They love them some Flashpoint, don't they? And just watch, they'll have this whole franchise sorted out and head in the right direction and then fuck it up with a bunch of time travel bullshit in Flashpoint.
  14. TV

    I feel like it'll be difficult to capture that lightning in a bottle again, and they'll probably get way too cute with all the references...but I'm still ALL THE WAY IN on that.