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  1. It’s definitely time for the Team Taz vs Sting and Darby story to end, but when it finally does, I’m really going to miss the way Ricky Starks says STINGERMAN every week.
  2. Last guy in the ladder match and the debuting Hall of Famer are not necessarily the same person. Ethan Page is a former Impact tag champ as part of The North. Hot free agent.
  3. Like I suggested in last week’s thread, Ethan Page is in the wind. If I was a betting man, I’d lay money on him. Of course, if Cody’s shoulder is fucked and he was just getting through the Shaq match, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets pulled or taken out by someone the nigh of, so he doesn’t have to do a damn ladder match already hurt. There might be two spots left.
  4. Of all the weeks for Flair’s Shadow to get banned!
  5. Is there anything in wrestling more disappointing than a mystery man revealing himself to be Shawn Spears?
  6. The Shaq match was basically two separate matches glued together—a solid Dark match between developmental-level talents and a fun, goofy celebrity match. The two halves weren’t very cohesive, but both seemed pretty effective at what they were tying to do. Jade looked like a star and seemed pretty competent in the ring. Nice spinebuster. Shaq did not embarrass himself. Hats off to him for taking that table bump. He definitely didn’t half-ass this like some people thought he would.
  7. Has to be angle for the main event. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone goes kaboom.
  8. I don’t think she’s going to be either of those things, and it would kinda suck if she was. I think it speaks to the sexism inherent in our pop culture, in general, and how deeply ingrained the “Women can’t handle power” trope is in genre stories, to be specific, that this is the conclusion that people jump to. She can’t just be an equal partner in the adventuring! No, she’s got be another hysterical woman to be defeated or saved from herself*. *Granted, WANDAVISION is already playing with this particular bit of fire, but its her story, so it has the benefit of Wanda (probably/
  9. You’re talking about plot, which is fine, but I’m talking about bullshit in terms of character arc. The end of the story HAS to be about her coming to terms with reality and letting him go. That’s the whole point of the story: She couldn’t let him go and, as a result, made a terrible emotional decision that hurt a lot of people! The truly heroic thing for Wanda here isn’t beating Agatha or FrankenVision—it’s realizing that she has to move on and letting Vision go. That’s the type of fundamental, A to B character growth that stories are supposed to deliver. But if it all culminates
  10. I am deeply concerned that the ending is going to be Wanda merging her spiritual Vision with SWORD’s corporeal Vision so that he can live outside the Hex again. That would just be the worst bullshit. My faith in the show has really dipped in the last couple of episodes, and I’m definitely in the headspace where I can easily imagine them copping out and doing the Super Happy Ending.
  11. Re: the 6th guy in the ladder match: Its probably worth noting that Ethan Page wasn’t announced as part of the new NXT class. We haven’t really heard a peep about him signing anywhere since he parted ways with Impact, but you’d have to consider him a possibility in that spot.
  12. Ricky Starks tripping over Pillman’s drop down and bumbling out of the ring was a thing of beauty. The true bump of the night.
  13. Jericho thought he stole one of his old shirts.
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