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  1. Is ROH still considered a dream match promotion? Didn’t they just give us Lethal/Taven for an hour? Who’s dream is that? Or are we talking about going back in time to ROH circa 2002-2004? (If so, sign me the fuck up.)
  2. Wow, that’s a lot of fresh meat. I like it.
  3. Don’t know what the story is on DBS leaving, but I remember an interview from last year where he seemed really frustrated that he wasn’t getting more singles opportunities there. KES has definitely run its course, though, so it was time to do something else with those guys or move on, regardless.
  4. My god, all these title scenes are beyond stale right now.
  5. I think you might be underestimating the zealotry of the FF7 fan base, just a tad. This game will be huge, no matter what. They’ll even sell stupid amounts of the $300 ultra-mega collector’s edition. FWIW though, this game is going to be 2 discs long, by itself, so clearly they’re expanding it quite a bit. Sephiroth is in the trailer, but didn’t appear in Midgard in the original game, for example.
  6. RIP the game devs who are gonna have to crunch like there’s no tomorrow to fix this shit in time for release.
  7. My favorite part of the Avengers reveal might have been the Hank Pym stinger going over like a fart in church. Nobody but the plants in the audience gave a shit. Hilarious. Granted, some of them may have been confused as to what they were watching, because Pym was the only character that didn't look like an offbrand MCU version from The Asylum's The Avengers.
  8. Oooh, cool. I like Archer being in. Re: ROH. There's never really been a significant ROH presence in the G1, so I wouldn't be surprised that there isn't one this year. In fact, the only ROH-contracted guy I can think of from recent years is Hangman in 2018. I think the issue is that it's a long tourney, and ROH needs their top guys at home for their own shows. Hangman worked out because they weren't pushing him at that point (oops), so they could spare him and NJPW was already invested in him as a prospect. I can't think of anybody that fits that description this year. Like, I think NJPW would like to work with Cobb more, but ROH needs Cobb.
  9. That Avengers reveal reminded me a lot of the Anthem panel from last year. A lot of talking, not a lot of showing what the game actually is. Really underwhelming. And I hate that they seemed to have gone with a "the MCU but *just* off" design philosophy. It's jarring. They should've put more of their own spin on it, like Rocksteady did with Batman and Insomniac did with Spider-Man.
  10. Hats off to @Dolfan in NYC for setting the new world record for fastest AEW thread closure. I think this ones gonna stand for a long time.
  11. No, it has nothing to do with the MCU, despite some of the designs looking uncannily similar.
  12. Watch them do something random like put the dude from TM61 in there.
  13. I hope Fale is out this year, but he serves a useful role as a guy who can credibly put an L on anybody on any given night, so I think he might stick around for that purpose. Likewise, Yano can serve the same purpose, plus it’s basically a night off for whoever he’s up against, so I imagine he’s still in. Makabe is pretty replaceable, but he’s an ex-big star and I can’t see them dropping him from the field without giving him a farewell run first. And I think we’re just fucked forever with Yoshi-Hashi. There may just be the 4 new spots this year. Although Goto being MIA may mean 5, which could open the door for Taichi, god willing.
  14. EVA

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    If anything, I think Okada should get a lot of credit for not letting Jericho embarrass himself too much out there. With the exception of the Codebreaker counter on the floor (which Jericho, perhaps wisely, got real noncommittal about in mid-move), there really weren’t very many of those awkward moments where Jericho tried to do something he had no business doing. Okada kept him between the ditches. It may have resulted in a middling affair, but it definitely wasn’t a black spot on his title match resume. It was just fine.
  15. EVA

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    I’m not a huge fan of these Ospreay/Lee type matches, but they tried a ton of crazy shit and had a 100% hit rate, and that’s gotta be worth something.
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