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  1. Unless JJ totally derps this last movie (which is a possibility), I don’t see any argument for the prequels being better. That’s two very bad movies and one okay-ish movie. This trilogy has one pretty good movie and a classic so far. Even someone who thinks TLJ is AOTC-tier would have to concede that this trilogy is still off to a better start.
  2. My guess is they will fuck up Dream's main roster run the same way they've fucked up so many others: by bringing him up in his current iteration, instead of resetting to his original form and letting the main roster crowds grow to like him organically like the NXT crowd did. They'll force this version, no one will get it, and he'll get Breezango-tiered within a year.
  3. I thought he had some weird Thom Yorke action going on with one of his eyes in that video. Makes sense now.
  4. I’m not sure why they need Jimmy Havoc anymore. Darby does the goth gimmick better and is better in the ring. Seems like a redundancy.
  5. ROCKETMAN seems like the most obvious answer. I think the Queen movie teed things up nicely for it to be a decent success as an adult alternative to the usual summer fare. The summer horror field looks packed this year, so I'm not sure if any one of them will really break out. The CHILD'S PLAY reboot opening opposite TOY STORY 4 is a hilarious bit of counterprogramming that will also probably kill its box office dead.
  6. I finally got around to watching some of this show, and wow Riddle/Dream was an absolute Riddle clinic. Really made Dream’s actual in-ring work look amateurish by comparison. Riddle just brought so much intensity and sharp execution, and all Dream has to offer was his lame nostalgia pop comedy offense. Fortunately, Dream won with a flash pin, so it kinda worked with the story of the match. He definitely came across like a guy who was just surviving out there and could not have won any other way.
  7. I thought this looked real dumb, y’all. Rey flipping over the TIE whatever is just Vintage JJ: Looks exciting, but completely falls apart the moment you spend more than 5 seconds thinking about the logic of it. A guy in a spaceship is trying to...run over somebody on the ground? What? I was prepared for JJ to make another fan service movie, but woof. Palpatine coming back is just the epitome of what I DON’T want out of this franchise anymore.
  8. Yeah, guys have been getting away with using variations on their WWE gimmick names for a long time.
  9. FWIW The Wrap is reporting that, while the deal isn’t done, the talks with AEW and TBS/TNT are in advanced stages and May upfronts are the target for having it announced (but that’s not a hard deadline).
  10. If their big shows end up on HBO as rumored, they’ll have to be on a different night, because Sunday is HBO’s night for their prestige programming. I doubt they’ll bump Westworld for All In 5, or whatever.
  11. No way Rocky and Taka are in this year. It would be a bit of a surprise to see Ospreay bumped back down to junior after a successful heavyweight transition, but he is in that junior tag at Dontaku, so maybe they think they need him to draw at Ryogoku. You would assume Phantasmo would be in, and if that’s the case, hopefully Robbie Eagles is out, too. 1) He sucks. 2) That would be 3 BC guys, which is...a lot. The year they had a bunch of Suzuki-gun guys in it was really weird and not great besides Taichi emerging.
  12. I feel like this is...not a terrible decision for ROH? They’re bleeding eyeballs right now. And say what you will about those goofs, but they (mostly Enzo) draw attention. I mean, as hated as he was here, Enzo was majorly over with WWE audiences and drawing a lot of merch money till his very last day there.
  13. Guess it makes sense now why Enzo was putting over Bubba so much in that shoot interview.
  14. Ross gets rightfully shit on for his NJPW work, but I imagine he’ll take this job more seriously than he did that glorified moonlighting gig.
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