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  1. If you’re looking for an answer to “How did this make it to air,” I think there’s a lot of truth in this observation. The similarities probably didn’t enter any of the real decision-makers’ minds because they’re so intimately aware of the *differences*. That said, I have zero doubt that somebody involved with the production probably noticed the similarity. It seems improbable that someone didn’t. However, I imagine if you’re a camera guy or a production assistant at WWE, tugging on someone’s coat and suggesting “Um, this kinda reminds me of Chris Benoit murdering his family” is probably not great for your job security, so you just shut your fucking mouth and do what they say and keep cashing the checks.
  2. Watched THE DEATH OF STALIN today and found it...moderately amusing. I feel like Iannucci has been losing his fastball in recent years. What I’ve watched of AVENUE 5 has been really unfunny, and the previews for his David Copperfield movie look dire. Still, this was a decent chuckler. Felt like it peaked really early. It actually felt kinda similar to JOJO RABBIT. Although the tones of those movies are very, very different, both are trying to mine laughs at the expense of some of history’s greatest war criminals, but neither really earn it, in the end. Both could sneak into the bottom of my list. The craft is good, even if they don’t stick the landing.
  3. I should also add that I watched Orton/Edge on my iPad, and there was so much grunting and panting, my wife thought I was watching porn. She just couldn’t figure out how the guy constantly counting to 10 figured in.
  4. Edge trying to make up for 9 years of missed ring time in one night was agonizing.
  5. I think 2 key things played into the success of the Boneyard match: 1. The sheer competence of the production. From the staging to the blocking to the lighting to the editing, you name it...It was very easy to follow the who/what/when/where/why of what was going on. It was simple to track the logic of the action as they moved around the set. That sounds really minor, but shit falls apart when you don’t have it, and most wrestling angles shot like this don’t. Good mise-en-scene is essential to telling a good visual story, and (by wrestling standards) this was very good. 2. They structured the match the same way they would have if they were in the ring. Taker got the shine right off the bat, AJ cut him off and gets heat, Taker makes a comeback, heel chicanery ensues, etc. All building toward a big spot that takes you to the finish. Just a really solid foundation that let both guys’ characters shine through. There was a world of difference between this and the House of Horrors match, which was basically Randy stumbling from room to room being attacked by Bray repeatedly with little rhyme or reason, while being filmed and edited by someone doing a bad Rob Zombie impression.
  6. With the exception of like one person, this board is not exactly known for giving WWE the benefit of a doubt. And we’ve all pretty much spent the better part of the last month shitting on their feckless attempts to put on entertaining shows in the midst of this pandemic. I think maybe the people saying they really liked it just really liked it.
  7. If they overdub it with his Dead Man Walking theme, that’s a net positive.
  8. A 2 night Mania (a REAL Mania) would probably be good for a couple years, but eventually they would let it bloat to where you’re watching 5 hours both nights. Bloat and excess is what this company does.
  9. Bix on Twitter dying on Taker Said “Fuck” Hill is the perfect aftershow.
  10. I wasn’t as over the moon for the Boneyard match as a lot of you, but it was definitely the best use of Taker in ages. If he’s going to insist on coming back for eternity, let him keep doing this stuff.
  11. Man, I watched PRISONERS tonight and loved it. Not sure how I managed to make it 7 years without having it spoiled, but I’m glad I did. Absolutely gripping the whole way through. An expertly plotted whodunnit. Was this the beginning of the Gyllenhaal-aissance? He was fantastic as the preposterously named “Detective Loki.” Hugh Jackman goes Full Wolverine at times with his RRRAAAARGHiness, but the escalation of the story (or descent into madness, as it were) makes it feel earned. To me, this movie blew away SICARIO, which seems likely to end up on a lot of people’s lists. (Of course, I think SICARIO is pretty dumb, which is an outside-the-norm opinion in most corners.) See it, if you haven’t.
  12. I think “thinly veiled” is kind of relative in this case. Unless you’re deep into the dirt sheets/shoot video scene, you probably have no idea that the “Vince hates sneezing” stuff is even a thing. It’s certainly never been part of his on-screen character. I hadn’t ever even heard about the steak wrap stuff until last week’s episode, and I’ve been reading backstage gossipy shit about wrestling for over 20 years. Even given the “smart” bent of AEW’s audience, this little detail is so far out in the weeds, I would wager that a significant majority have no idea what’s going on under the hood.
  13. Brodie and Matt were the first week, when ratings were great (close to 1 mil). They canceled Blood & Guts the week after that. I love Archer, but I don’t think he moves the needle, at this point. The new title is a midcard title that was announced on the YouTube show that draws like 300,000 views in a week. Comes across more as “here’s a tournament of repeat matches that we can use to burn TV time” rather than something that’s a big deal. Time will tell if they can change that perception, of course.
  14. Postponing Blood & Guts was the right move for protecting the value of *that match*, but it sent a pretty clear message that nothing of significance is going to happen for the time being and devalued the whole show.
  15. That Archer/Marko squash was everything. Archer looked like he was legit murdering him, and Marko’s hope spots were really smart and didn’t hurt Archer at all. That chokeslam escape was breathtaking. I think the lack of a crowd even helped, because you could hear all of Archer’s ranting and Marko yells of pain. A+ debut.
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