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  1. I think you could 2-man Crota with 2 gunslingers because Nighthawk one-shots the Oversoul. But then you don't have any of the invis abilities to help swordbearer.
  2. I mean...it's true that DC doesn't have a great track record of holding on to directors at this point. But let us have this dammit.
  3. I need this in my life right now.
  5. Much like ANT MAN, I'm just never going to be able to watch that movie without thinking of how much better the original director would've done.
  6. I finally got Flawless Raider and Platinumed the game. We did it on Crota's End, and scarily enough, the only part we had to cheese was the abyss. 5 of us just stayed up top at the beginning and let the invis Hunter run it alone. Everything else we did 100% the way you're "supposed" to do it. Took like 20 minutes, tops.
  7. Yeah, but he hasn't made a good movie in a decade.
  8. TV

    HBO trying to trick me into watching TRUE DETECTIVE season 3. David Milch joins the show in unspecified role
  9. Aquaman is such a bro.
  10. Goto/ZSJ sounds like one of the worst things.
  11. I think "writing for the binge" is, much like "writing for the trade" in comics, mostly a terrible thing. It seems to invite either a lot of laziness in scripting and/or artificially dragging out the story to fit the episode order, so you end up with shows like IRON FIST where there's no sense of urgency or stakes and almost nothing of real interest happens in the first episode because they just take for granted that people will just let it roll on to the next one and the next one until they finally get to the point. And I know a lot of people do that, but for me, there is simply TOO MUCH TV out there for me to waste my time waiting on a show like IF to get to the point. I'm not going to invest hours into a show just on the hope that it eventually gets good, especially not when I can just scroll over on My List and give another new (to me) genre show a shot, like THE MAGICIANS or THE EXPANSE, or catch up on fresh episodes of shows I know are great like HALT AND CATCH FIRE or RECTIFY. Regardless of whether you're intending your show to be watched weekly or in large chunks on a binge model, I really don't think it's too much to ask for a show's 1st episode to do a good job of establishing things like character, the world, conflict, stakes, etc. Your first episode is your thesis statement. It should tell me exactly what your show is about and why I should care enough to come back for more. The Jessica Jones and Daredevil shows, which were produced by the same studio to serve the same binge master as this one, did fantastic jobs of that. The JJ "pilot" is probably one of the best of the last 5 years.
  12. Loras was such a tertiary character on Thrones, I really don't recall him having to do much heavy lifting on that show. He was mostly around to be dashing and gay.
  13. The pacing of the previous shows, the good ones anyway, was to come out strong and then kinda lose their momentum late because they didn't have enough story to fill 13 episodes. 20 minutes into JESSICA JONES, the show had already established a clear, strong take on the character and her world, showed how she uses her powers to work a case, started working the Hope Slotman case which will eventually spin off into the main conflict of the series, and teased Kilgrave. 20 minutes into DAREDEVIL, there had already been a genuine Daredevil action scene, the Matt/Foggy dynamic was pretty clearly established, and Karen Page had already been arrested for murder, had Matt and Foggy take on her case, and been the victim of an attempted murder. It's true not much happens in the first 20 of LUKE CAGE...but it's also probably not a coincidence that it was easily the worst of show of the bunch until this one came along. That said, one thing LC did have going for it in those twenty minutes was a strong sense of place. Between Pop's barbershop and Cottonmouth's club, and the suggested histories contained therein, they felt like places where interesting stories COULD eventually happen (even if they so rarely did, in the end). The first 20 of IRON FIST feature what could, at best, generously be described a mild tussle with some security guards surrounded by Danny meandering through generic locales while revealing little of interest about his character, or anyone else's. The first 20 minutes of an the 1st episode are the first act of the first act. And if you can't come up with a good first act, odds are, you don't have a good show.
  14. 20 minutes into the first episode of IRON FIST, literally nothing has happened and Danny and a homeless guy are talking about pissing in shoes. HARDEST pass.