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  1. Obviously, WWE is going to be happy to collect that 1.4 billion, but I’m really intrigued to see how this move back to cable affects their overall business. I don’t think you can overvalue the impact that network TV’s reach had on fueling the Bloodline boom.
  2. Callis didn’t emerge until after the dick kick. The other reading of this is that Callis had been working on Sammy but didn’t know which side Sammy was going to land on until the dick kick. Also suggests the possibility that Sammy hadn’t made his mind up to turn on Jericho until after he lost.
  3. Insane. Colorado/USC is going to do at least 20 million in two weeks.
  4. Criminal history, reputed Indie sleazeball. Nobody higher than MLW/GCW will touch him. Fortunately, there are always more charity shows to rip off to make up the difference in his contract.
  5. But on pace for more penalties than Boston College today, so probably going to bone themselves in the end, despite outplaying the Buffs in every phase, so far.
  6. And apparently I was very, very wrong about Jurkovec being good at Pitt. Narduzzi seems intent on turning Pitt into a black hole for offensive football.
  7. Conversely, vibes are terrible for Mike Gundy, as OK State got absolutely stomped at home by South Alabama, 33-7.
  8. Cannot overstate how big this win is for Neal Brown at WVU. He’s kept his job by virtue of good vibes, and these vibes are great.
  9. Florida is moving the line of scrimmage 3 yards downfield every play. This game is OVER.
  10. *a little louder this time* Washington might be the best team in the PAC-12.
  11. This Bama/USF game is a psy op.
  12. 18 penalties for BC today, including the game-deciding face mask. Talk about giving a game away.
  13. I didn’t include FSU @ BC in my ranked team on the road upset list, and yet…here they are, hanging on to a 2-point lead late in the 4th.
  14. I think the result I’m most interested in this weekend is the rating for the Colorado game. If they pull 4 million for a G5 opponent at a 10pm eastern kick, I don’t think anyone is qualified to estimate the top for their games against Oregon and USC the next two weeks.
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