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  1. What's simply ridiculous is how deep your tongue is inside of that corporate boot lol. They do have contracts for a set time duration. But not for a set amount of money. There's all this funny math that is up to the discretion of WWE. As in sure they have a base number they get at worst, but there is no theoretical topside number. Meaning how they are portrayed creatively is very important to their earning potential. So it's 100% within their rights to refuse to do things that they feel will hurt their income. Again if WWE want sheep to sit on the conveyor belt of mediocrity, hire employees. Ones that get paid the same amount of money whether treated well on screen or not. And let's not act like this is some grand fuck you to the fans there last night. This match was literally announced at the beginning of Raw. No fan in attendance was bait and switched from an advertised match they were looking forward to. This company doesn't promote things like that ahead of time. That would be treating their contractors as stars and get fans attached to them. That's not what they want. They want a brand full of robots that will keep churning out content. They want the fans excited to come see WWE, not specific performers. Here's the thing about professional wrestlers. We're all human beings. Ones that want to feel valued and appreciated. The way WWE books is opposite of that. They don't treat very many performers as valuable. It's all interchangeable cogs outside of the top 6 or 7. So when the office tells you 'hey we're going to make you guys the tag champs and really get behind you and women's tag wrestling in general' and then gives you no tag team story for 2 months and now want you to put over the single's champs and make the tag titles worthless (again)... you're not being valued or appreciated. So it's time to walk away until they do value & appreciate you. And to answer your question, no I don't put a plumber on a retainer in the six figures. That's just fucking stupid right? Well welcome to the inherent hypocrisy of exclusive contracts for independent contractors. If someone is exclusive to you and your company, by definition they are no longer independent. Yet we all just sort of accept that this is okay. It's not.
  2. I take issue with this. Remember they are not employees. They are independent contractors. They are 100% in the right legally due to their classification. If WWE want employees that will listen to every command, then hire and classify your talent as fucking employees you shady fucking tax dodging tax cheats. If I hire a plumber and tell him I want him to do all of his work while wearing a romper, he doesn't have to do it. He's an independent contractor. He's allowed to pick and choose how and why he does his work the way he wants to. And by definition that's why WWE wrestlers are. Independent contractors. So I get reallllllll annoyed when I see the corporate boot licking stance of 'do yer jobbb you unprofessional fuck' when the legal definition of their job says they don't have to do anything they don't want to. That's not on them, that's on WWE trying to save money not matching benefits pay ins and insurance and taxes and shit. See above. Yes they can legally. If WWE wants employees then hire employees.
  3. What does that have to do with anything? If Becky is big-timing people and roughing them up because she's above getting punished (not saying that's the case, just using it as an example), then the amount of experience someone has is irrelevant to Becky's actions. Let's keep in mind this is WWE's spin. So it shouldn't just be accepted as truth. But if it is the truth, let's hear Sasha & Naomi's reasoning before we just dismiss them as invalid based solely on how long their careers have been vs the others.
  4. So here's a question... does anyone actually care about entrances in wrestling games? It feels like a total waste of time to me. I skip that shit every time. I want to play and interact in the game, not watch TV. So if all the AEW game ends up having is people walking out on the stage is that really a that bad of a thing? I mean WCW/nWo Revenge had the same thing and that was perfectly fine with me. Entrances are repetitive and a waste of everyone's time IMO. I guess maybe I'm more causal player. I know some people use wrestling games to sim stuff and recorded and put it on You Tube. But that does not appeal to me in the slightest and sounds like the most boring activity on earth lol. I want a wrestling game to be fun to play and could care less about entrances and PPV creation and stuff like that. Like Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter don't have entrances either, ya know?
  5. Just to add to this a bit... you can't book every character the same. Danhausen is not Superman. He's better off being super vulnerable in the ring. You can tell more stories with him that way. Like if you stop booking Rey Mysterio like an underdog people will stop treating him like an underdog. If you book Danhausen like John Cena or Roman Reigns people will get bored of that real quick. And he doesn't need it. Let him win some / lose some. You never know if he's going to be able to win. Keeps it interesting. Plus you can have the curses start playing into shit. He starts winning matches against cursed dudes he could never beat otherwise, etc. Not every featured performer has to win all of the time. Dax is fucking good. I want an Arn TV Title run out of him so bad with the TNT Title. Darby's ladder spot was fucking nuts. Great visual. I also loved how Jeff took the Lowpei. That's how everyone should be taking them. Darby was way more protected that way and it looked like Jeff ate some impact.
  6. The reasoning I had always heard is the success of The Royal Rumble as a concept PPV led to them deciding they needed more concept PPVs to distinguish them from each other. Hence HIAC, MITB, TLC, & Elimination Chamber becoming annual events with the name sake concepts. Which is something I don't like. I want to go back to the days of using the gimmick match concepts when they fit narrative, not just because it's June. If that's what they're going back to I'm all for it. Bu I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's not what's happening. I think they keep the concepts and just change the PPV names. Like June will be called something like Hotter Than Hell and still have HIAC matches. We'll see. hope I'm wrong.
  7. Absolutely not. Lalo has he Bruce Wayne part down better than any of us could ever dream of lol.
  8. I mean if using Google in 2004 to find info about the name Verner Zeigler is a Batman skill... then sure? This isn't high level detective work. He knows the guy's name. He saw the video footage so he knows what he looks like. You Google the name and see his picture with an obituary. Boom case solved. Took 14 minutes of his time and an internet connection. If that's all it takes I guess we are all Batman lol
  9. As is it's still worlds better than the current tribal tattoo logo. I saw the mockups that were submitted for Double or Nothing & All Out's logos and they are super basic compared to what we ended up getting. This will get some color and texture and whatever and will look better than the plain vector. But again, even just the plain vector is an improvement from Goldberg's left arm.
  10. He tailed Mike to the travel lodge and got Verner Zeigler's name from the clerk there. From there he must have been looking for funerals for men named Verner Zeigler in Germany and was able to find his wife through that.
  11. Yeah I think there's a lot truth there actually with Nick Khan's quote. Mummy Returns, The Game Plan, The Tooth Fairy, Scorpion King , The Gridiron Gang, & The Game Plan were not playing to his strengths. He was working down to the material. Walking Tall & The Rundown were decent movies. But he wasn't putting his over the top personality into it. He was being kind of generic. So it's entirely possible he talked to Vince and things clicked. Start being that over the top charisma machine you are / don't play the role as generic guys. Play every role as The Rock. That's a totally plausible conversation. And that's when things started to click for him. He juiced back up and became The Rock in most of his roles and people dig it. Hobbs is basically just The Rock in all the F&F stuff. Central intelligence, Rampage, Baywatch, & Jumanji are all just variations of The Rock. I think the reattaching to WWE is taking the truth and stretching it to it's limit tho. It wasn't so much he wanted to reattach, it was he needed to go back to what brought him to the dance. But Khan is going to spin it in a pro WWE way because that's where he works and that's his job.
  12. They certainly could do that. But I would advise against it. It turns AEW into the heel. Like the JAS are heels because they are doing sport entertainment right? And people don't want that here. Making AEW as a whole take that stance (especially to the core audience they have) will get fans to consider them as the bad ones vs the ROH good ones (narrative speaking). And over time if you stick with a narrative long enough it can seem like fact. I to this day think them riding the Mr McMahon character as far as they did (and using The Authority and heel authority figures in general) was detrimental to WWE as a brand. Like the Mr McMahon thing with Austin was amazing. But he should have turned baby at some point after that and stayed baby. A lot of the anti WWE fan sentiment is down to some people buying in harder than they should on the narrative of evil owners that hate the fans. Then you got into weird grey areas like when The Authority were the top heels but came out and cut that 'We hear you, keep watching. You're the real authority here. Changes are coming.' promo and nothing really changed. So that was supposed to be legit but just ended up seeming like a story. Basically the juice is not worth the squeeze going that way.
  13. The same reason why The WCW Invasion failed, they don't have a big enough roster under contract for it to happen. You'd have to have a bunch of AEW people defect to ROH to even make a basis for ROH having a roster. Or else it's Gresham & Samoa Joe vs 118 AEW guys basically. If you have a bunch of AEW guys turn and defect to AEW is just feels inauthentic. Punk & Danielson are two of the most solidified guys in AEW (they are on almost every week). If you have them turn it makes sense in the context they started in ROH, but it also doesn't make sense because neither of them have been in ROH for like 15 years now. Only way an actual invasion works is if there are two separate full and legitimate rosters to compete against each other. 24 younger unknown WCW plus Booker & DDP wasn't enough in 2001... and Samoa Joe & Gresham alone just isn't enough in 2022.
  14. I don't think they would outright replace The Rumble. It's one of the oldest traditions / most over events they do. And with MITB in July this year, setting up Mania matches 8-9 months in advance with the way they change their minds is a recipe for disaster. But he had to have said that for a reason. Just a bizarre sound byte to leave in if there's no purpose for it. I guess I could see them shifting The Rumble to a different month and taking away the winners getting Mania title matches away, but never outright replace it with Day 1. It's Pat Patterson's legacy. He was one of Vince's closest and best friends in the business. I just can't see Vince scrapping the concept altogether.
  15. This is something we will have to wait and see on. Everyone is justifying trios titles by saying it will give the lower card stables something to do. And I kind of doubt that happens. They have already said the titles will debut when Omega is back. So at least in the short term, bank on The Elite vs Undisputed Era is your title feud. After six months to a year of that you have The Blackpool Combat Club involved. And so on. The point I'm trying to demonstrate is this isn't going to be used for the lower card guys. It's going to be given to the bigger names. Best Friends will never hold them. Santana & Ortiz and Eddie Kingston will never hold them. Dark Order will never hold them. House of Black might hold them... but not for like at least 2 years after the titles debut. If House of Black is still even a thing by then. But that's okay. Not everyone needs to hold a title. Feuds and stories can still happen without titles involved. We're fast getting to Invasion levels of titles being around and it's just too much. 2 men's World titles (AEW & ROH). 2 women's World Titles (AEW & ROH). 1 women's midcard titles (TBS). 4 men's midcard titles (TNT, FTW, Pure, TV). 3 men's tag titles (AEW, ROH, AAA). Currently only 1 set of trios titles (ROH). We're talking 12 active championships that get defended in AEW right now (plus the ROH six mans that exist but just haven't yet). When AEW debuts their trios titles that's 14 total titles. That's 21 total people holding titles. It's too much. When everyone is a champion, no one is a champion.
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