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  1. Fuck. Yes. Pleasantly surprised to see this. When you give up on the players you've lost the team. I'm so happy Doug Pederson got that long look at a practice squad player that has no relevance to Philly's future. Hopefully it was worth losing his job over. Bye Felicia.
  2. I like this idea. I think everyone universally agrees Roman's new character is the best act in the company. Unify the titles, make a singular world title mean something again, and get Roman on both shows as the touring champion. It would kind of kill Drew's momentum. But on the other hand, what momentum? Have Edge win The Rumble and instead of wanting his world title shot he wants revenge on Orton or whatever. Lots of ways to get around the Rumble winner thing. Dont know why Miz has MITB again. But just have him get squashed somewhere along the way too.
  3. His stat line wasn't setting the world on fire, but he was single handedly keeping them in the game. Because tanking for draft picks is busch league Madden shit. This is the NFL the GOAL is to win. Jason Kelce, The Eagles' Center, had a recent rant about how winning is the only thing that matters in football. And that teams that worry about tanking and the draft and free agency over winning are consistantly a part of a losing culture. Pederson is safe because he won the city their only Super Bowl ever. But if you look at his leadership since then, he's been a train wreck. Kept
  4. ***The Giants should have won more games if they didn't want to be put into this position*** That being said, real fucking annoying that The Eagles are losing this game on purpose. Fine I can understand not taking the easy points because you're go for it on 4th down all the time kinda team. But putting in the third string QB when you're down by 3 and Hurts is playing well? Fuck Doug Pederson & Fuck The Eagles. Happy for Alex Smith tho. Hell of a journey to get back to a starting QB for a playoff team.
  5. What a strange season. The Giants are one win away from a Division Title (along with a Washington loss), but they're also only one loss away from the number 3 draft pick (admittedly a long shot tho needing wins from the Bengals, Broncos, Texans, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, & Lions). But I have to think that's a first. Entering Week 17 with the ceiling of winning your division & hosting a playoff game and a basement of the third overall pick. I'm not delusional enough to think The Giants are a good team this year. But I am delusional enough to think if they get in they could actually get
  6. Do people not understand how Twitter works? If it's only 10 people you would never see the tweets. 10 isn't enough for the algorithm to pull it up in your "for you" section. Generally tweets need to be in the 10,000s to trend, but has to at least be in the 1,000s to show up on anyone's radar in the "for you" section. So thousands and thousands of people were talking about Jericho not 10. Doesn't negate your main point. Just felt the need to point out it's a way bigger sample size than 10. Okay you win the thread. This is a GOOD take lol.
  7. Honestly I didn't think anyone was making a big deal to begin with lol. It's an interesting insight into what non fans think, and considering what might appeal to them. Their follower amounts are kind of irrelevant. Does a person's opinion matter less if they're unpopular? Maybe it's coming off like I'm saying they should change things based off of that insight. That's not what I'm trying to say at all. I look at it more like it was a free market research group. Don't like take Jericho off tv because they were making fat jokes or anything drastic like that. But the consensus was that it looked
  8. Meh. I read it lol. I just narrowed down your point to this : Then my response, narrowed down was essentially : -Focusing on retaining the audience you have, aka not looking for a new audience (or as I phrased it, growing your audience) is dumb. -Then I explained the NBA viewing universe is way bigger than the wrestling viewing universe. So relegating the NBA twitter responses to a "group of friends" is dumb when it's probably closer to 5 or 6 million people... but maybe you have a lot of friends and 5 or 6 mil is no big deal for you playa lol. On this, we agre
  9. This is a bad take. It's a bad take in the sense that you seem to not understand why growing an audience is important. So what, market to only the people who watch already? Never grow? Never get bigger? Never make more money? The current audience is finite. Even if you keep 100% of the current audience for the next 50 years, they'll eventually move on / die out / pass away / ect. We were all non-fans at a point in our life. We checked it out a show, liked it, and got hooked. That's just how it works. If you don't try and reach for more than you already have, you'll never replenish the ones tha
  10. I went into this with low expectations. The low expectations went to zero when The Giants decided to rush their punter on the field for a 4th and goal trick play on the opening drive where he threw a pass to the center. It's been all down hill from there. Freddie Kitchens is the worst play caller I think I've ever seen. What a world, I'm longing for Jason Garrett's return? 2020 is pure evil.
  11. If I see one person defend that little end segment, I will fly off into an uncontrollable rage. Pure utter dog shit. The work was fine in the match. Solid psychology. A few good teases. But then legit cable access level effects to set a body on fire that they didn't even PRETEND TO TRY and make look authentic. Just hokey embarrassing horse shit. I don't mind Asuka & Charlotte winning, but it sure would be nice if they could balance a Women's Tag Title feud without needing the singles champions to be a part of it. I hate when they do that for the men too. But it's even more egregious w
  12. They announced an INFERNO MATCH a couple days before the PPV? What? God damn pal, that's a hell of an attraction... like one maybe you'd wanna promote? On TV? Or nah? 9 Hours of TV a week, but let's not use ANY of it to promote an INFERNO MATCH? LOL. Okay.
  13. The ratings don't matter point is valid. WWE is more profitable now than ever before. Compare that to Disney, who also is more profitable than ever as well. But Disney is also clicking at the highest quality they've ever had. WWE's quality isn't an all-time low, but it's not far behind. What counts more to a corporation tho? Profits or quality? Nothing is going to change in WWE until the profits change. So accept the poor quality programming, or jump off the ship (like 4 million + other viewers have in the last 15 years). Even when Vince steps down, not much is gonna change if the profits
  14. As someone who grew up on 80s WWE and hasn't taken a break watching since, two main problems are very apparent to me. 1. In the late 80s the stories had a beginning a middle and an end. Shit happened that progressed the stories, and the stories didn't change randomly because Vince showed up to the building cranky and demanded rewrites. Now the time between story beats was very much stretched out because they were a syndication model and not a weekly cable model. But you got distinctive easy to understand, UNINTERUPTED stories. Hogan & Savage form a team because Andre & Dibiase tog
  15. Which is how it should be on the main roster too. You can't tell me Raw & SD wouldn't benefit from the format being finalized a week before the show goes live vs a few hours / minutes before they go live. Not saying you're saying this per se, but I've seen that used as a knock a lot. That NXT workers get more time to prepare. That shouldn't be a knock. That's a good thing. And if the main roster had their shit together they'd have a week every week to talk out psychology and spots instead of so little forethought being put in.
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