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  1. That Bahaumet fight was way easier than I was expecting. Lasted less than 5 minutes and didn't break a sweat. Didn't get a single Megaflare off. Let's hope the final secret bosses one goes as well.
  2. I am way behind everyone else here. Ive been an XBox guy for awhile. Crisis Core was so much god damn fun on XBox that I started itching to play Remake & Rebirth. I was able to get some gift cards from work things and saw a trade in option for PS4s at Best Buy (hadn't used mine since beating TLOU 2), so I bit the bullet and got a PS5 at a $150 discount. I have beaten Remake. I'm currently mopping up trying to beat hard mode / Platinum the game before moving on to Intergrade and Rebirth. Remake is fucking fantastic. I love it. There were a few moments that dragged story wise where you could tell they were stretching. But it's quite amazing they made basically a full 50 hour game out of just disc 1 of the original FF7. I'm through 10 chapters on hard and I'm starting to worry I might not be able to get through it. The Ghost & Ghoul boss fight and that stupid ass Arsenal fight with Barret & Arieth are gonna be the death of me. For the simulator fights just have the last Shinra secret one left which won't pop til I beat the Bahaumet & Bahaumet. I was able to beat the Malbroro / Tonberry 6 star one pretty swiftly after a bit of trial & error. Should I be worried about the last two? Can't wait to start Rebirth. But I know I will never go back to Remake once I start Rebirth so I really need t get as much out of it as I can before I move on.
  3. TK said on the media call: I'm very happy to be wrong on this. A trios division is so niche it's crazy they've had two sets of championships for it for almost two years now. Now do more unifications. And don't use this as a story device to just re-separate them again.
  4. I wasn't paying super close attention but it didn't sound like the match is to unify the belts. Just that the winner will get the other set. I'm alllllll in favor of them merging the titles. But I just don't see it. TK seems like he likes having 1,000 belts around. Plus ROH just debuted that new design.
  5. It feels like Triple H is basing decisions solely on what sooths my ocd lol. All men's titles back to black straps. All women's titles on white straps. All Raw titles are branded World. All Smackdown titles branded WWE (I would assume they unveil new WWE Tag Titles on SD this week too). Feel like the new World Tag Title designs are worlds better than the current design. It also has that subtle note of looking very similar to the world tilte & women's world title. Conveying that Tag Titles are as important as singles titles. Now if he fixes that hideous IC Title design we'll be all the way back in business. I fucking hate the look of that thing. Worst design in the company.
  6. I can't stand those so I'm happy to see them dialed back. That Roman statue looked like shit. I never really understood why they pushed those so hard when they look sooooo bad. The fucking birds when Riddle who shoot his sandals off, just the worst. Cringiest of the cringe.
  7. This is a Peacock thing. We get all the match videos and character profiles. But the real reason for all these damn commercials is for... actual commercials. For the non ad-free people. They get actual legitimate commercials. So the ad-free people get content that tries to hide we're stalling for commercial breaks. Boy Jimmy Uso just doesn't give a shit anymore huh? His physique directly compared to his own twin was pretty stark. Jey has it as a personality. Jimmy doesn't. That was a really bad match and I feel for Jey who is red hot over. Gunther & Sami was really good. As was that one shot promo leading to Sami's entrance. One of the best things I've seen from the new production. Main was solid when grading on a curve. A bit long. But very story driven and sets up quite a few payoffs. I've been on the train since day one that I think Roman is breaking the Bruno record. But I am putting it out there now. I think they shift off that plan and Cody is up tomorrow. It's the right call. Cody is dead if you have him lose again. It's a very Austin at WM14-like dynamic where the new tippy top face goes over right as a new era is cresting. Plus when all the legends come out to even the odds that's gonna be a hot spot. Taker, Cena, Austin, Hogan counteract The Bloodline. Rock got that pin to setup a future Rock v Cody match where Cody goes over clean to get the ultimate rub, I would assume.
  8. These cuts caused more damage than whatever minimal budget it saved. Anthony Henry has been rehired already because it was such a bad look. The Boys 100% are in the right on this too. And it makes the AEW office look bad. Instead of the he said she said leaving them hanging while you're checking on other people in other departments, just have some authority and say hey guys Nashville was necessary for this one. You're expected to make the drive and be at TV. We'll get you out of Knoxville starting again next time and we apologize. And boom, instantly you're on the reasonable and rational side of this incident. But what happened to AEW honoring the deals they sign? It's not Slim J's fault TK gave Okada so much or Mercedes so much. In my own opinion, the only acceptable time for AEW to make cuts where it wouldn't ruffle my feathers is if they decide to drop the ROH entirely as a brand. In that case eliminating 15% of the roster would be totally understandable. But if that's not in the cards, you better not be cutting people when you're on record mocking the other guys for it. And I'm sure TK just put his foot in his mouth by popping off about them missing shows when they were told budget cuts were the actual reason. There have been other glimpses of this like his comments about Big Swole after she left. But if you want to play the 'worker friendly' card, you can't publicly bash people on the way out. Or the workers are gonna start seeing through your shit. I hate to say it but it seems like as AEW has grown TK has started becoming more like Vince. He's filtering out everyone but the very top guys from his accessibility. He's got his JR's and Johnny Aces' doing the dirty work while he only has time for the top guys. Everyone else gets shit communication and ignored. Very disappointed by how this is starting to trend.
  9. Here's an example of why TK's strict formula can be a detriment. The Billy Gunn v Jay White match. There's ZERO reason that needed a 15 minute match with a picture in picture. Story wise even if you want Billy to kick the shit out of the heel, don't make it last that long! If that match was 5 minutes of pinball with a run in you are not gonna get the amount of backlash it's getting. Jay White doesn't look as bad if it's 5 mins of fire and then a fuck finish. Just unnesicary.
  10. I was hoping this was where it was leading, but noticed Jay White had a new dsigned ROH Six Man Title on. You don't purchase a new belt design for a belt you're about to scrap. Fuck.
  11. Preaching to the choir. I had a shockingly similar post in either the February or March thread where I said the show would improve with a clear hierarchy for the titles. Or at least giving them distinct identities. I got a lot of push back to that. Especially the hierarchy thought. Titles don't inherently have meaning (outside of your top title). You have to give them meaning with narrative. What separates the International Title from The Continental Title? Which is more important? Why? How does the TNT Title fit into that? It's hard to create stakes for the matches when those plot points are left unclear.
  12. Fair point. Best is subjective and an opinion. Most lucrative is the term I should have used.
  13. Yeah same here. She's 43? Where did the 20s thing come from? Because that's the age I had believed her to be this whole time as well. It doesn't change anything about the atrocities committed here. I'm just confused where we got the prior age from.
  14. This is a very good point. I think my take on all of this will be a little different than most on here about the interview in totality. But I wanted to highlight this as a very good point that detracts from what I'm about to say. And just goes to show the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Neither side is totally in the right. And everyone is an asshole in some aspect here. The point above sounds ridiculous. But it's in reading between the lines that I kind of get it. Yes guaranteed money is great. It provides a better living and health and happiness for the performers. And it didn't ruin the business. But what I perceive him to mean by that is it killed the drive in a lot of people. There's no danger. There's no urgency. There's no real motivation (beyond your own self drive... if you have it) to make the choices best to drive the business. The Bucks & Kenny can refuse to work with him because their contracts are guaranteed. When I think everyone agrees the best thing they could have put on screen was playing out the drama from Brawl Out. Overall Punk sounded pretty rational in a lot of what he said to me. The truth is Cabana did not get fired. Colt Cabana got shuffled to ROH. Something that happened to a lot of performers in AEW. Brian Cage got shuffled there around the same time. That doesn't mean Punk caused it. The crux of all of this is the inter personal conflict of Punk & Cabana set against the friendship of Cabana with The Bucks & Hangman. The easiest and most professional thing to do was not to just take Cabana's word for it that he was "fired". Because he never was. The professional thing at the start of this would have been for The Bucks & Hangman to just ask Punk hey did you have anything to do with this? And if he said no they could have chose to believe him, or ask Tony. The underlying point here is The Bucks are bulletproof as EVPs, and while i don't feel like they overstepped. I feel like a lot of their friends did, knowing they had the cover to do so because of The Bucks. Literally all of this can be pinpointed back to Colt Cabana complaining someone got him fired that didn't. All of this drama and fallout over Colt Cabana? Who at the time was as low card as it gets and who continues at this point in time to be as low card as it can get. But ultimately I feel like Punk came off very rational in that interview. That doesn't mean I hate AEW or TK. I still prefer AEW. I still like TK. I still enjoy The Bucks & Hangman. I just think the lack of an adult in the room feeling like he could force everyone's hand hurt this whole deal. Being nice is great. But being too nice leads to you being walked over.
  15. Do you just have a dislike of Mick Foley? Or a dislike of Elsalvajeloc? Because what you've been posting kind of comes off as someone with an axe to grind and really shoe-horning that opinion into a situation that doesn't fit. Mick complimented how kind he was. And that somehow crosses a line? Or is what crossed a line him complimenting a man for something that happened in the 80s while also talking bad of something that happened 10 years later in the 90s? I kind of can't follow what the gripe even is here. Terry Gordy was a great worker before the OD. Terry Gordy was not a great worker after the OD. A man putting over how kind someone was and then saying a negative thing he did like EIGHT years later doesn't make him fake or phony of passive aggressive. To me, it shows a man that hates that the narrative is so negative about Gordy. And that he wanted to balance it by talking about something nice he did. You may have some legitimate Foley issues you've heard or seen before. But this wasn't one.
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