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  1. Totally agree. Dope set. Love that they went ahead and made a pirate ship 4x as big as the one that's built into the stadium lol. I'd venture to say WM 35 was the laziest WM stadium set ever. It's was literally just a 30 yard long LCD with no added design elements.
  2. If I took that post wrong and @Goodear was talking about keeping all the narrative on Dynamite it's self, and not needing to seek out BTE / Sammy Guvara's vlogs / John Silver's Anchorman reenactments on Youtube / ect... then I totally agree on that. If there are bits of back story on any of the Youtube shows, they should show clips of the important parts on Dynamite. I don't watch BTE all the time, just once in awhile. But had they even showed 30 seconds of the who texted Hangman saga on Dynamite it would have helped the over all story telling out tremendously. It's also a weird dynamic t
  3. If I understand what you mean here, I disagree with this thought process. Don't dumb down the storytelling elements to the detriment of the current viewers. Don't hinder the people who do watch your show's enjoyment for the sake of maybe hoping new people are tuning in? I hate how WWE does this with Raw. They use at least 30% of the show's run time showing replays of stuff that already happened tonight, just in case new people are tuning in every 30 minutes. They prioritize new people who theoretically might tune in over long term viewers that are already invested in the stories. It's a major
  4. A quick google search shows QT started wrestling in 2004. Maybe he was cute then lol? He's one of those guys that has done way more than people realize. Had a contract with ROH in the mid 00s. And did a lot of enhancement work for TNA in the Fox Sports days.
  5. I see where you made your first mistake lol. Kidding. But Cagematch misses a lot. As for Dark, how do they know what's on there? Unless someone at the taping messaged them how would they know? AEW doesn't announce what's on Dark until Tuesdays now right, so as to not upstage Elevation. So maybe they're right. But I'd take the over on that bet.
  6. The Panthers made out here. Darnold hasn't looked great. But a 2nd, a 4th, and a 6th for the 3rd overall pick from just three years ago seems pretty reasonable. Especially in this era of crazy QB compensation on trades. If he never improves, they didn't bet the farm on him. But if he does improve, they didn't lose much capital to get him. The Jets are The Jets and will just ruin whatever their next QB is, until the end of time. It's the Joe Namath curse. He traded The Jet's soul to the devil for that Super Bowl guarantee.
  7. I expect Bayley & Charlotte to be the surprise last team in the women's tag team gauntlet. I really can't see both of them being left off the card if they're healthy.
  8. Yeah man I get it. But I had to scroll through people taking shots at me, 95% of which weren't even about my actual thoughts and feelings. I gritted my teeth and let it go for days and thought I could finally go back to posting in the monthly thread without feeling like I'm an albatross to the conversation. And post number one in the new thread takes veiled shots at me, of which again are not even on point of what I was actually saying. It bums me out. Sorry I'm human and felt the need to express that. I'll go back to suffering in silence. See yall in the May thread.
  9. It's weird how my argument was literally just asking how far down the line are they going to go. Like are we going to lose Goldust & Macho Man & Eugene? And that has been stretched and twisted by just about every poster that has commented since. I stopped posting last month in the general thread, even tho there were other topics I would have liked to contribute to, just so the thread wouldn't get closed / arguments wouldn't carry over. And here you are bringing it into a whole new month for literally no reason. Again, I'm not a "cancel culture" pearl clutcher. I think the term is
  10. Shit great point. 3 out of the last 4 endings have been top tier god segments to me. That's a hell of a run.
  11. I fucking loved that main event. So many call backs. We all have opinions on styles and work rate and characters and such, and that's mostly subjective and based on opinion. But the true answer to being the WWE alternative is remember shit that happened months ago, and using it to bring things forward in the now. Stalander's return was a amazing coming out of the UFO game. Trent's mom, the van, the Scott Hall debuts on Nitro denim outfit, Trent's return. Them remembering Statlander & Orange had a angle beginning about the boop. That music over that ending with the 4 of them hugging and Tre
  12. Agreed. In theory a cool concept. But in actuality a big swing and a miss. The IWGP Title was so damn gorgeous. This belt is very futuristic and doesn't really fit in aesthetically. I know there's Cody neck tattoo memes, but this reminds me more of that redesigned WCW star ship logo. Just not visually pleasing in any way at all. Instead of it looking like their previous titles merged in a blender, it's the bad WCW logo, Cody's neck tattoo, and the Diva's butterfly belt in a blender. No bueno.
  13. This is some bullshit. How do you extrapolate that? Yo can we get a moderator for when the moderator steps out of bounds? I never said anything remotely close to anything that could be rationalized as that. Yeah man this is where I tap out.
  14. Fair enough. But you're smart enough to see that's what you're also doing in here as well. I disagree with you giving yourself an out for that being okay just because they are running a business. That's a little intellectually dishonest in my opinion. But that's okay we're allowed to have different points of view. But to me it's hard to accept someone's forceful tone in telling me I'm wrong when you're doing a version of the exact same thing. (You used the word racism, but I'm assuming that also extends to racism / trans-phopia / jingoistic views / a general catch all for the sleaz
  15. To this I respond with this : Like if you want to take that stand, I'm all for it. But go all the way. Don't pick and choose. Because I think it's you who is compartmentalizing things here. I love pro wrestling. But unfortunately I know it's a fucking sleaze factory. The indys of today are way different of the indys of when I started in wrestling. Things are moving in the right direction. There is a lot of representation of all kinds of inclusive thought processes and it's great. But no matter how much better we do on the indys, that doesn't clean up the fact that this business was
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