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  1. Auburn celebrating a 4th quarter comeback over Georgia State like they just won a championship. Yikes.
  2. *Zach Calzada has entered the chat*
  3. I have never denied being a CFB sicko! Graham Mertz is probably the worst QB in P5. Like, if I didn’t know better and you told me that Wisconsin had to start their punter at QB due to COVID protocols, I would believe you. Jack Coan is not exactly covering himself in glory for Notre Dame, but it’s wild to think that he basically got run out of Camp Randall because somebody thought Mertz was the future. And as I’m typing that, Mertz just fumbled the ball TWICE on the same play on 3rd and short LOL.
  4. Georgia is up 35-0 on Vandy. And the 1st quarter isn’t over yet. That was hard to even do on PlayStation back in the day.
  5. Through 1 quarter, Wisconsin/Notre Dame is meeting expectations for a game pitting two Wisconsin QBs against each other.
  6. I don’t think Tony has forgotten about Hangman. I’m sure he’ll get a strong push whenever he gets back. But I do think there’s reason to be concerned re: how that’s going to go. Hangman has only been gone, like, a month and a half, but he already feels like a relic from a bygone era of AEW, pre-Punk/Dragon/Cole, to me. It’s going to be tough to get that momentum back.
  7. Wardlow’s Casualty of War is 100% dependent on hisn opponent’s willingness to sell out for it. Either looks like absolute death or absolute shit. Very few in-betweens. Here’s a solid one: Best one I ever saw, the guy kept his feet hooked on the rope the whole way down and face planted on the mat. Hats off to...whoever that was.
  8. I liked Janela/Sonny more than I thought I would. Had my doubts as to whether Sonny could bring the intensity needed to sell a feud like this in the ring, but he looked good in there. Strikes were solid.
  9. What a cursed year for New Japan.
  10. This was one of my takeaways, as well. Especially when he started defending his ponytail. Classic case of someone deflecting when a conversation is getting too close to something they really don’t want to talk about it. LOOK AT MY SILLY HAIR HAHA YES THIS IS DEFINITELY MY WORST CRIME.
  11. Dan Mullen really outsmarted himself, calling that Wake Forest mesh play for the 2 point conversion. Given how the Gators had been ramming it down Bama’s throat in the 2nd half, if he had just called a regular old dive, they probably tie the game, and then…who knows.
  12. I haven’t watched Rampage yet. Was the ref a Skeletor lookin old guy? If so, the answer is “Because Rick Knox.” Tag teams have a 10 count in AEW, though.
  13. I think he’s waiting for AEW to run SoCal to do a proper retirement match.
  14. I was thinking more just a match of any kind, not necessarily for the titles.
  15. Given how the Irish’s first two games have gone, they know there’s a better than average chance that Purdue would be beating that drum all night long.
  16. They still have tonight’s Rampage to set up a match for Santana and Ortiz...
  17. I think it would be a really smart idea by the Sun Belt to pursue expansion. As the Big 12 learned the hard way, it’s generally better to be proactive than reactive amid the shifting tides of college football. Plus, you have to know that the AAC is wounded and is going to be sniffing around for new members, and there are some prime targets in the Sun Belt. They need to fortify themselves. And, really, if you look at the Sun Belt and the AAC-minus-UCF/UH/CU...there’s really not much difference between the two anymore. Sun Belt has a great opportunity to basically cut in line ahead of the AAC as the “best of the rest” conference. Marshall is a no-brainer choice as an add for either conference. Not so sure that Old Dominion, James Madison, or *single teardrop* Southern Miss are going to get them where they want to be, though.
  18. As far as the amount of time the women have gotten on Dynamite, I do think it’s important to keep in mind that the vast majority of AEW’s women’s roster has been composed of developmental talents who are largely not ready to be put on prime time TV on a weekly basis. Honestly, they are doing most of these green talents a long-term favor by NOT putting them in positions to be exposed as such on a regular basis. Like, there is zero doubt that Abadon is in a much better place career-wise right now having people wanting to see more of her, rather than if she had been on Dynamite stinking out the joint every other week or whatever. Most of them are better off focusing on getting better on Dark (where they can be saved in the editing booth) and then making the most of their live Dynamite opportunities when they come around. A great example of this is Red Velvet, who is a promising young talent but was put in a spot she was not at all ready for in a title program with Britt and is now essentially a heel with the audience (to the extent that they care about her at all) because she was so bad in that program.
  19. Things seem to be going great at Navy.
  20. The main character of CITY PRIMEVAL, Raymond Cruz, is basically a proto-Raylan, so it would be pretty easy to swap Raylan in, if they wanted to go that route. What’s weird about this whole endeavor is that they explicitly said that Michael Rappaport’s character in S5 of Justified, Daryl Crowe, was based on Clement Mansell, the villain of CITY PRIMEVAL, so this same creative team has basically already done this story once before. Not that I am complaining.
  21. Hard disagree. In fact, some of the biggest TV hits of the past decade have encouraged, and in some cases outright relied upon, viewers researching stuff on their own time to make sense of the show. Most TV producers consider shows requiring that type of engagement a feature, not a bug, these days.
  22. Here’s what gets me about the Suzuki debate: I don’t think you even NEED to know anything about his background for the story to work. He showed up and picked a fight with Moxley, kicked his ass, and now Mox wants to kick his ass in a match. I don’t think any secret knowledge is required to understand what is going on here. It’s pretty straightforward. Countless wrestling storylines since time immemorial have introduced new faces the exact same way.
  23. Bless the 1.3 million intrepid souls who hung around to watch Mox/Suzuki without having Suzuki’s Wikipedia entry read to them beforehand. There, but for the grace of God, go I.
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