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  1. Ehhhhhhhhhh his social media presence would suggest otherwise.
  2. I think someone can both be “the best they’ve ever been” and yet still “not very good.” Brian Pillman Jr is one such person.
  3. EVA


    Chris Kiffin who, btw, had to leave the college game to go to the NFL to begin with because he got a show-cause penalty for recruiting violations AT OLE MISS during the Hugh Freeze era.
  4. EVA


    On a related note, nobody needs to pull a big-time QB out of the portal more than Lane Kiffin. He badly wanted to get out of Ole Miss on this hiring cycle, and it didn’t happen. Didn’t even get close really. And he knows that there’s a very high likelihood that this thing falls apart without a solid replacement for Matt Corral, and then he’s stuck in Oxford limbo for even longer.
  5. The RUMBLINGZ on Lio were that he asked for time off for family reasons back in December. But he worked NJPW this past weekend, and he has GCW coming up, so it seems like he’s ready to get back to work, but the Dante/Sydal/Lee promo last night sure seemed to indicate that he’s not expected back with AEW any time soon. So who knows what the story is there, for real. My fantasy booking for the Dante/Team Taz issue has always been for Darius to come back as a member of Team Taz, and both promos last night make me think that might actually be happening.
  6. I think the key point there is he said something like “I’ve been saving this promo, but I might not get to use it,” basically playing into the possibility that he’s on his way out of the company.
  7. Obviously kinda hard to say for sure, and we’ll have a better idea on Friday, but it looked like Mox has slimmed back down to his pre-2018 build. It’ll be interesting to see if his ring style changes as a result of his lifestyle changes.
  8. EVA


    He has access to the same money whether he’s an active player or not. He’s probably even more valuable if he can claim to be an NFL QB. Not that he would make it through one camp on a roster.
  9. EVA


    Aaaand no sooner does Stetson announce his return, one of UGA’s top receivers nopes his way into the portal, too.
  10. A much better show than last week. Enjoyed everything except the weirdly long Archer/Kazarian match. I don’t think it would’ve been a good idea under ideal circumstances, but especially not with Archer looking like he’s way out of shape, coming back from his health stuff.
  11. EVA


    So Stetson Bennett is playing one more year at Georgia, and JT Daniels has hit the transfer portal. Seems like a major career miscalculation on Bennett’s part. He has no future in the NFL, sure, but you ever heard of leaving them wanting more, my man? Gonna cost himself a lot of insurance sales by coming back and going 9-3 next year.
  12. Recently, I actually read a pretty good summation of why DON’T LOOK UP doesn’t really work. I don’t have the exact quote, but it was essentially “Great satire is angry FOR it’s audience, but Don’t Look Up is angry AT it’s audience.” It’s basically Punching Down: The Movie. In the scene where Leo finally has his NETWORK moment, they might as well have turned the camera to McKay and let him scream directly at the audience for 5 minutes instead. Totally obnoxious.
  14. Because they think it’s worth “x” amount of dollars (whatever Nese is being paid, which nobody here knows) to them to have another respected veteran for all their young guys to work with at that tier of the roster? If they become better wrestlers by working with him, then, in the long run, what he’s doing is meaningful to the company.
  15. Probably a combined two minutes of total TV time across nearly 3 months with the company.
  16. Honestly getting kind of tired of Tony Nese catching strays in these conversations as the alleged quintessential example of AEW signing too many guys and not having enough time for everybody. With the exception of the open challenge match with Sammy, Nese has exclusively been a Dark guy. He’s not taking meaningful time from anybody.
  17. Clearly, Cody’s COVID diagnosis was just the cover story for him getting the Money Shakes again.
  18. And thus the Fall of Camelot begins!
  19. EVA


    In addendum A very healthy and normal situation in Iowa these days.
  20. THE LAST DUEL is on HBO MAX now. It is A) freaking great. B) a weird choice for a flashpoint in the Internet discourse regarding the death of cinema at the hands of superheroes and millennials. This is not GLADIATOR. There is very little action in the film, aside from the titular duel, and what little there is is explicitly depicted as being mostly pointless. The runtime of the film is largely devoted to pasty guys with bad hair squabbling over property rights and titles. Oh, and it’s about a rape. This film wouldn’t have packed audiences into theaters 10 or even 20 years ago. C) a real shame that we’re probably not many years away from losing 84-year old Ridley Scott as an active director, one of the few left with enough juice to get somebody to plunk down $100+ million on adult stories like this.
  21. Me rolling back into the Justified thread with y’all
  22. When you find out Raylan Givens is back
  23. So this is officially a continuation of JUSTIFIED. (!!!!)
  24. Acclaimed and Bear Country literally wrestled each other on Dark last month! (A much better match than this one, btw.)
  25. I think if you’ve really been paying close attention to Punk singles matches in AEW, they’ve kinda subtly been suggesting that Punk is pretty close to being over the hill, but he’s been able to use the GTS as his get-out-of-jail-free card. Even the story of the Lee Moriarty match (who is nobody in the pecking order right now) was about Lee outclassing him on the mat. So, it made sense to me that he would have nothing for Wardlow, who they’ve really been building as a force of nature these past few months, and need to basically be bailed out by heel infighting.
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