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  1. I am not a fan of Ospreay, but as Kenny observed this week, he has all the tools to be great, and when he’s in there with somebody who can point them in the right direction (like Dax last week and OC tonight), you can get something great out of him. OC’s character work really helped ground the match, and the way he kept working for his satellite DDT and then paid it off with the extra-nutty quebrada version was a thing of beauty.
  2. I think it’s worth keeping in mind that most of the Japanese talent hasn’t been able to work in front of big crowds that can actually cheer in two years. They’re going to be highly motivated to put on a show, so I think even the more seemingly tossed together matches are going to have a high level of work. Nobody’s dogging it in an undercard tag tomorrow night.
  3. EVA


    Shocker: Bill Clark is retiring at UAB. He’s only 53 but apparently has horrible back problems that require spinal fusion surgery. Thats a huge blow for UAB, as they probably wouldn’t be moving up to the AAC without him resurrecting the program and having unprecedented success there. Also cuts short a very promising coaching career, as he would likely have been a prime candidate for a bigger job in a few years.
  4. Clark Connors is pretty good, too. This is a huge spot for him. I’m interested to see what he does with it.
  5. EVA


    Ewers is going to set some kind of record for most NIL money paid for the least amount of downs played.
  6. EVA


    That is a relief, because Georgia with a talented QB is a genuinely scary prospect.
  7. THE ANDROID Alex Coughlin. Hope he wears his robot outfit to the ring.
  8. The IWGP 4 way situation is one of those rare occasions where it really would’ve been helpful for AEW to have some kind of authority figure who could walk out on stage and say, “I just spoke with President Ohbari, Jay, and he said that at Forbidden Door you’ll be defending your title against ALL THREE OF THESE MEN,” as opposed to just dropping it in a graphic like two segments later with no explanation.
  9. I mean, it’s clear that TK was expecting Okada to be champ and to run Okada/Hanger, and NJPW just didn’t smarten him up. I *think* that when Jay won the belt, TK decided he didn’t want Hangman doing a job for him, which led us down this path to the 4-way, where we still get some Okada/Hanger interaction but also have Cole there to eat the fall.
  10. Biff is a good shout. He would still be a disappointment to a lot of people, but of the possible disappointments, he’s the one most likely to have a crowdpleasing, violent match. Plus, he’s recently bled with Mox, so he already meets that criteria for entry to the BCC.
  11. I had the complete opposite reaction to this. Great characters have layers, and I like how that scene painted a picture of Mox being so laser-focused on winning the AEW title that he was able to resist joining in on the brawl. Really sold how important the title and the match with Tana is to him.
  12. Nay. Last (only?) time was Kenny/Cody/Ibushi back in 2018.
  13. I think if they had Claudio locked up, they would have announced him tonight. The show needed help, not more uncertainty. Only reason you don’t announce tonight is if you don’t have anybody lined up yet (yikes) or you know it’s going to be a big step down in star power and at least if people are disappointed on Sunday you already have their money.
  14. Best part of the show closing brawl was Minoru and Shota stubbornly refusing to sell anybody’s worked punches.
  15. Aw shit, that’s exactly who it’s gonna be. No offense to Gresham.
  16. That Christian segment ruled. Biggest heel in the company just like that. Strap him up.
  17. oKaDa IsNt LeAvInG jApAn I think that’s how that meme works.
  18. TK said they’re adding 4 matches to the card tonight. Unclear if that’s including or in addition to announcing Jay’s opponent.
  19. I think Danielson is going to announce that he’s in for both or neither of the matches. Wouldn’t really make sense for him to say he’s doing FD but not B&G. You don’t want to put heel heat on him for backing out of B&G right before he’s supposed to be a baby face against ZSJ or Jay. And even if you’re wanting to put heat on Dragon for backing out of B&G, you would get WAY more of it by having him refuse to enter the cage the night of, rather than announcing it a week before.
  20. Yeah, he could be there. I was just addressing the question of where he’s been.
  21. KENTA just returned from a pretty serious injury.
  22. I think SANADA gets the classic opening night upset to line up a Jay title defense for the fall but ultimately comes up short in the end. They have given him a tough out in Ishii on the final night, while Jay has Tama, who I don’t think has a real shot to advance. Really looks like A block is coming down to Okada and Archer heads up. There’s a high concentration of Bullet Club in D block, so I could see a story where they use their numbers to attrition the rest of the field and steal a semis spot. But I think Juice would be the guy there, based on hierarchy. ELP is a junior playing with the big boys, so he’s going to take lumps. The final night really looks set up for Shingo and Ospreay to compete asynchronously for the semis spot. I kinda see Juice upsetting Ospreay (set up a US title defense) to punch Shingo’s card. And really...the fact that there isn’t a clear contender in C block would suggest that none of those guys are likely to make the finals, so...Shingo to the finals this year? (I’m assuming that’s how the blocks line up anyway.)
  23. I think there are somewhere between 3 and 5 matches left to be announced. Gotta make sure the main doesn’t go on before the end of Stanley Cup game 6.
  24. I’ll say this: if the point of the new format is to address the predictability of the final block night...I’m not sure this really fixes anything? Because the semifinal round looks super predictable. Like,as fun as A block will be with all those big meaty men slapping meat...Okada is the only guy who can realistically come out of it. And they’re definitley not going to bury their brand new world champ by having him flop in block competition, so pencil in Jay for B block. D block is only slightly more competitive, as I could realistically see Ospreay or Shingo winning it. But Shingo feels a bit de-emphasized with the KOPW stuff lately, and Ospreay has that new car smell now that he’s back in Japan. So it’s still most likely Ospreay there. C block is really the only one you can legitimately say 4 guys have a real crack at taking it.
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