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  1. In fairness to Jericho, the dude from Top Flight spiked himself way worse.
  2. Much to my surprise, Chaos Project has turned out to be a pretty fun undercard act. I feel like Luther is due a critical re-evaluation, at this point. He found his level and embraced it, and its bizarrely entertaining.
  3. High spots were cursed tonight. So many people coming *this* close to hurting themselves badly.
  4. Poor Dan Patrick is getting worked by whoever is feeding him this “Tennessee was passing out money in McDonald’s bags” BS. It’s not the 70’s anymore. There aren’t *literal* bagmen. Pruitt previously worked at Bama, FSU, and Georgia. I think he knows how to do recruiting dirt the smart way. His problem is that his own university wants it found.
  5. Anybody ever watch EVIL on CBS? Started the 1st season on Netflix recently for lack of anything better to watch and discovered that...it’s good? Like, actually really good? Way more interesting than CBS shows are typically allowed to be. It seems to occupy a nice middle ground between your standard CBS police procedural and prestige cable drama. Maybe call it an “elevated procedural”? Granted, I don’t watch a ton of network TV these days, but they seem to get away with a lot on this show. I mean, it’s not HANNIBAL or anything for real, but...by CBS standards, this is probably their
  6. I enjoyed the first two episodes. All the actors seems to be having a lot of fun, but it’s strange to me that Marvel wrote an homage to classic sitcoms but...didn’t actually bother to make it all that funny? Seems like an oversight that they didn’t bring in some actual comedy writers to at least punch up the dialogue. As it is, the show is more cute than funny. Ultimately, though, it’s a mystery box show, and it’s going to live and die based on what’s revealed to be in the box at the end, more so than these early, premise-establishing episodes.
  7. If rumors are true, Pruitt is probably the happiest person in this while mess right now.
  8. To be doubly the fair, the HHH/Taka match was only like 6 minutes, too. So they’re still very comparable matches! I think HHH/Taka has just grown in our memories/imaginations into something more than it was. And, ultimately, I think the difference between those two matches has less to do with booking philosophies and a lot more to do with Taka in his prime being many, many, many orders of magnitude greater than Janela. You give Taka 6 with a top guy, you’re going to get gold. You give Joey 6 with a top guy, and you’re more likely to get “Um, why did that need to happen?”
  9. In fairness, it was a lot closer to 5 minutes with Janela.
  10. Aaaand Sark just poached Jeff Banks for Texas. So far, he’s taking all the coaches from Bama that I was afraid he would take...which means he is making very good staff choices.
  11. I mean, obviously, the idea is that more people will stay tuned in to watch the segment if Cody is the advertised guest rather than Jade. Speaking of people being tuned in, I’m curious to see how Cage/Darby draws as a main event. That match was built up for most of the year, so you would hope for a good number, but it also didn’t feature any of the “above the line” talent that usually draws AEW’s stronger numbers (unless you count the inevitable Sting appearance). It would be a good sign for Darby if this did well.
  12. I thought Chuck/Miro was pretty smartly laid out. Chuck got all of his offense after jumping Miro from behind and using environmental hazards outside of the ring, but the moment Miro was able to get a moment to regather himself in the ring, it was over pretty emphatically. Now we’ll see if finally, maybe this story will ever go anywhere.
  13. Man, Pac/King was such a good, strong match. Love how nasty and aggressive Pac has been, even though he’s ostensibly the face in all this (though still entering from the heel ramp!), and nobody goes out on his shield like King.
  14. I think we need to talk about the Indie dude on Dark whose gimmick is literally “Man of Steel.” I mean, I guess that probably works on your local Indies, but surely he knows that there is no growth potential for that gimmick and the second he gets any notoriety, DC is going to be all up in his ass with a cease and desist letter.
  15. Before I say this, I just want to be clear that I’m only sharing my opinion, and I’m not trying to say that you or anybody else is wrong for continuing to enjoy the show for whatever your reasons. That said... I completely disagree with this statement. For me personally, what elevated the early seasons of Cobra Kai above your typical modern examples of a studio grabbing a decades-old IP by the ankles and cynically trying to shake some money out of it was the fact that it was way smarter than anyone would’ve expected it to be. It clearly wasn’t trying to win an Emmy or anything, but
  16. Never let it be said again that Chuck Taylor doesn’t look like an athlete.
  17. Bama held OSU to 7 points in the 2nd half. That’s wild.
  18. It appears OSU did not figure out how to defend swing passes at the goal line at halftime.
  19. Like I said, Ohio State can get on track and score a bunch in a hurry.
  20. That FG was a nice consolation prize for OSU. Still in the game, especially with DeVonta having some kind of hand injury right now.
  21. It might help Ohio State’s cause if their dumbass DC stopped playing 4-3 and 4-4 sets. That’s some crazy shit.
  22. Sark is emptying the playbook tonight. If not for the one strip sack that led directly to a TD, this game is a lot uglier right now. If Bama scores coming out of halftime to push it to 25, that’s probably ball game. Even at 18, Fields is so talented, you can’t rule out a comeback with 30 to play.
  23. I regret to say that this season never came together for me. By far the worst season so far, and the overall trajectory of the show is worrying, IMO. The only part that really clicked for me was when they got back to the original heart of the show, which is the Johnny/Miguel relationship. Johnny helping Miguel rehab while Miguel helped Johnny connect with Ali was as funny and heartfelt as season 1. And I thought Ali was well-deployed in the last couple of episodes to mend the Johnny/Daniel divide. But the fact that a Johnny/Daniel divide still existed by that point was super dumb.
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