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  1. A new Spirits of Vengeance book makes me hope the old series will show up on Unlimited.
  2. Wilson can shoot the lights out.
  3. I really like Malik Monk to Charlotte (though he really could have fallen one more spot and I'd be much happier) They desperately need someone that can put the ball in the basket and create his own shots.
  4. They got Butler for an undeveloped young pg that can't shoot, a pick in the second half of the top five, and Lavine coming off an injury? How the hell did Boston not manage to complete the move?
  5. code ICEMAN All seven RessurrXion #1's for free digitally
  6. NFL

    The lack of remorse I had about putting someone on a stretcher with their head immobilized kind of scares me now. It was just kind of a freak thing, two of my teammates had the ball carrier wrapped up, I went on for the clean up hit, he fell forward at the same time, my full weight right on the top of his head. Ironically enough, he had been the tackler that broke one of my teammate's arm earlier in the game, they wound up in the same room at the hospital, and the kids was afaik, fine so I'm not still carrying guilt, but yeah, I wasn't at all concerned until hours later.
  7. FWIW, I thought Edwards did an absolutely spectacular job on Godzilla. Keeping the monster hidden for most of the run time was the right thing to do. And as far as I know, most of the reshoots on Rogue One were story related, not direction, and he doesn't have any story or screenplay credit at least, so I'm not sure how much of a failure he really was.
  8. Giannis was the best part about the first round.
  9. About Trank... The buzz on him was off the charts. He'd just turned a strange $12 million dollar picture into $125 million global box office, and broke Spielberg's record for youngest director to ever open a #1 movie at the box office. The only other guy besides those two to do it by age 30 is Cameron. That's good company. Fox and Lucasfilm landed him when every studio was pitching him things. He turned down big budget pictures at Warner and Sony (including Venom the last time they were developing it before now) Lucasfilm grabbed him before FF went sideways, but it's not like Kennedy was the only person excited to get him on a tentpole.
  10. Trank managed to be such a dick/problem on a different movie for a different studio that Disney/Lucas washed their hands of him. That's almost impressive in a way.
  11. Allegedly, that's why they hired Jerry West, to try and get him to make the pitch
  12. It always made more sense on TV than as a movie, other than budget (animated series being one obvious solution) so if they are gonna throw anything close to Game of Thrones money at this...
  13. Dwight's career remains perpetually fascinating to me. It's just so strange.
  14. Reportedly the Lakers want to package #27 and #28 to try and get another top ten pick.
  15. Fanatic Four movie. Fox. Complete new direction and tone. Etc. Yes, again.