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  1. Just to horrify @supremebvea bit more, a judge has blocked the video on the grounds it might hurt Kraft's ability to get a fair trial. However, it will be released once one of the four things happen a. Trial juries being sworn in each case; b. The cases resolving by plea agreement; c. The State no longer pursuing the charges against Defendant. d. At any other time at which the Court finds the fair trial rights of Defendant are not at risk, after notice to the parties and hearing thereon.
  2. Pretty sure DX were babyfaces at the time, albeit attitude era jackass babyfaces
  3. I've never heard anyone in my life say "a split" ------ It's not exactly good, but Rick Martel vs HBK from SummerSlam '92 is a lot of fun. Actually, that show was loaded for same alignment matches. Were any of the Flair/Kolof matches good?
  4. Also, I barely even care it was my team getting embarrassed here, look at this shit
  5. Suns fired what's his name head coach after just one season, justifying my decision to never learn his name
  6. If they actually get behind Robert Roode, this will be the best, most glorious era of RAW ever. He'll probably job back to Ricochet next week. That Bray segment was something else. Man, I knew they were brothers and all, but with his hair pulled back, you can really tell Bray is Bo's brother. Haven't they had significantly bigger than normal third hour drops every time they've advertised a Corbin main event?
  7. Jackson really struggled this year. And I like Drummond a lot, but he's never really proven he can seriously help a team win. I still maintain they should've done a soft tank when Blake hurt his knee, just those last couple of weeks, and prayed for lottery luck.
  8. There were stretches this year the Pistons looked like a borderline contender in the East. And others where they looked like a good odds lottery team. They desperately need better wings, but I don't know where they'll get them.
  9. Hellboy isn't AS bad as the reviews. But it's sure not good.
  10. I've seen two world title changes. Rock winning his seventh in a triple threat with Taker and Angle, and Rock losing his 8th to Cena. I've been to 3 ROH shows and never seen the title defended.
  11. I'm not sure what was worse, the fact that they had him rape her, or that they shot it to be all about Theon.
  12. Westbrook's performance brings up two big concerns. The obvious one about right now, winning in the playoffs etc, but also: how badly will he age? He's a freak athlete, but he can't shoot... And they are on the hook for $47 million in his age 33 season. That could be ugly.
  13. And that brings us back to that horrible Jaime/Cersei corpse side rape.
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