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  1. I bought those larger ones that Hori made for Daemon X Machina. They only work in handheld, and don't have rumble, so it's a compromise, but they are a lot more comfortable. Split pad pro I think it's called.
  2. I don't feel strongly either way about -1, but I can't hold it against them trying to help the kid cope through the worst months of his life. I do think eventually it probably has to stop, but I wouldn't want to be the person making the decision of when that is.
  3. I'm guessing Marty has a roughly -25% chance of coming in right now, given that New Japan apparently just got shamed out of using him. I was going to ask before reading this thread is I either missed or forgot about a Scorpio Sky heel turn. That was great heel guest commentary, but god awful for a face. Otherwise, this show was pretty much awesome all the way through.
  4. Somebody on NVC was talking about Blaseball last week as well. It definitely sounds interesting at least.
  5. Other than Cavemen, which was a disaster, are there any others that exist?
  6. It was Sony's first (maybe only?) effort into making PS+ also a streaming service. Then they just kinda gave up on that and apparently just let everyone that had Plus own the series forever. I'm pretty sure it's the only thing in my video library on PlayStation.
  7. Damnit, Alvarez is going to be way too happy now
  8. I mean, theoretically I get what it could mean. Ignoring running backs to chase sacks. Playing outside "his job" on defense creating gaps or allowing blockers to get to linebackers. But I've never heard anyone ever even suggest that about Watt at any point in his career.
  9. I was so sad when Wood left Detroit
  10. Well... Hey, another transfer qb. That's...
  11. I've been, all told, "lucky" in the pandemic. A few family members have gotten symptomatic Covid, and a few friends tested positive without symptoms, but nobody I know was hospitalized or died. I'm an "essential" worker so I didn't lose my job, and though my hours got real short during the brief period the country really took everything seriously, the expanded unemployment benefits were a lifesaver. I miss hanging out with my friends. It was WrestleMania last year that I first really felt that, not going to Travis's house to drink and watch Mania the way we do nearly every year for over a
  12. Wii U and 3DS virtual shops are both still open, and have some classic games, though, as mentioned, not nearly as many as the Wii had. (SNES games are only playable on the New 3ds/3ds XL/2DS XL and not the original models.)
  13. Could I see them signing Punk? Of course, if he's interested they'd be stupid not to. But they'd be almost as stupid to sign him and then make his debut be a secret on ppv. The point of signing a CM Punk is to sell more pay per views. If they announce Big Show but then were to have Punk unadvertised for a ppv... Granted, I know that's what they did with Mox, but it wasn't a match and they didn't have a TV show yet. (Granted, I think having Show just debut on TV next week would've been better than tweeting it)
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