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  1. The Raw after Mania XI is the first one I remember the show feeling special and like a season premiere. Had the Blaze/Bull classic, Bertha Faye debut beatdown, Sid turning on HBK, Diesel making the save...
  2. I don't know if I've ever been more confused by a post in the history of this board. (Although Gaga was pretty good, that was the first one that didn't suck in years)
  3. Movie

    Power Rangers was way less grimdark and way more fun than I expected. I'm not sure it's good but I certainly enjoyed it.
  4. Suicide Squad had this big fundamental problem of not understanding why Task Force X exists*, and a really generic plot, but the performances were so damn good if got past a lot of those issues. Except the super generic finale. *Seriously, they are a black ops team to take out political problems and the like, not a replacement for fucking Superman. Maybe a dictator that is hoarding oil and has a metahuman body guard or two. Not "what happens with the next alien Invasion?"
  5. I was sitting here thinking "wasn't it the Freebirds?"
  6. Well, clearly. But even then, Rubio's lack of shooting hurts his ability to do anything else (him suddenly knocking down shots, again, notwithstanding) and, more importantly, Hornacek just came out this past week to tell us he's going to abandon the hybrid offense they've ran this year to go with Phil's pet offense. Because Phil refuses to believe the game has changed.
  7. Holy shit and holy fuck
  8. Finally finished Iron Fist. It did end a lot stronger than it started, it did have some really good character work, and I didn't hate it. Colleen was great. But holy fucking shit guys, it's Marvel's "70's Kung Fu Fad" character and they totally didn't do that. For all its faults as the show went on, at least Luke Cage got that it needed to be a modern, more respectful take on blaxploition.
  9. Rubio's fantastic recent stretch aside, I'm not sure he's exactly the kind of player New York needs, especially given the planned re- emphasizing of the triangle next year. A ball dominant point guard who doesn't shoot well is kinda the opposite of what Phil always loved in the role. Of course, that's still better than a broken down, washed up ball dominant point guard that can't shoot well.
  10. And we could still get South "Never been past the second round before" Carolina.
  11. (Previous record for most points by a player under 21 was 56 by LeBron)
  12. Wilt Chamberlain David Thompson David Robinson Elgin Baylor Kobe Bryant Devin Booker?!?
  13. Shit, have them do a Table For 36 and put that shit on the network live.
  14. Pretty sure Jericho is on that list as well.
  15. It's funny, I've never gotten the wrong thing from Amazon.