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  1. I can certainly see them pushing Doc to a big feud with Austin. You'd have JR putting him over like crazy, him having theoretically ran through the B4A, his bad ass aura... If it would've worked, I'm less convinced. I said it in the thread we just had about Brawl For All, but I'm still baffled they thought Doc was a ringer in a tourny with Severn. And I know they pushed in this doc that he barely beat Godfather, but if my memory serves, that was mostly them not being able to decide what is and isn't a takedown, and Severn only getting points for like one or two out of four or five. And the bonus points being for punches thrown instead of landed. I'm pretty sure if they had gone head to head, The Beast would've chewed Doc up.
  2. I think Bossman lost the weight right around the time of his face turn in late 89 or early 90.
  3. You should at least definitely watch the follow up, Invasion of the Astro-Monster (aka Monster Zero) to see more Godzilla and Rodan vs Ghidorah
  4. It's not a GOOD idea, but I think we are discovering all over the place right now that we are more looking for the "least bad idea" So I guess I would have to see the other plans
  5. My best guess: Show/Drew was taped during Mania, the stuff on the RAW set was taped earlier in that week. IIRC, they did two episodes of SmackDown, then two of RAW, an unknown number of NXT, and then Mania. So maybe Show just couldn't get there early enough to tape the match for RAW, and that's why they did the bizarre "never before has this happened" WrestleMania IX tribute.
  6. I don't think the number ever came out, but Triple H and Taker were fined for the chair shot at Mania 27.
  7. Black/Crews going almost 30 was wild, but it was good. Drew/Show was weird as fuck that they did it on the Mania set up instead of just as the RAW main, but it was good.
  8. I think Dave said Jericho was the only person not in the building last week that drove in for the tapings they did.
  9. Prichard is often full of shit, but at least he's funny sometimes. JR I actually expect to tell something resembling the truth, but I don't need running gags from him.
  10. There's the Sting/Hawk vs Nasty Boys match that went like 29 minutes at Starrcade '93 that feels more like it's 79 minutes.
  11. I would be SHOCKED if this was always the plan
  12. From what I see, it edged out the WM2K four way by about 11 seconds.
  13. Night 1 was so much better than I expected. Night 2 couldn't live up to Night 1, unfortunately. I really hope they keep the two night format though.
  14. Jesus that last Man standing match was bad. I legit don't know how I feel about the Firefly Funhouse match.
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