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  1. Brian Fowler

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Well, Didio announced they are cutting the line down 10-15% but specifically denied the 22 number. Also talked about the market being oversaturated and if seems it was taken as a shot at Marvel publishing 8 billion monthly books.
  2. Brian Fowler

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    I hope they separate Becky and Charlotte for awhile after Mania
  3. Brian Fowler

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Wait wait wait, was there really a time in the U.K. where Jay Z was really only known because of his spouse? Edit: He had either 19 or 20 top 40 hits in the U.K. by the time he played Glastonbury, I'm too lazy to see if Swagga Like Us hit the top forty before or after the festival.
  4. Brian Fowler

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    It would make sense for Asuka to challenge Becky over the summer, but who the fuck knows?
  5. Brian Fowler


    Bischoff is attached so don't expect anything negative about Hulk.
  6. I totally lied/forgot when I said Halloween was one of the first two movies I bought on 4K disc. I bought the 50 Years of The Planet of the Apes 9 film box last year, and it came with all 9 on the Blu-ray and the recent trilogy also on 4k.
  7. Brian Fowler

    NJPW Iizuka retirment and Honor Rising 2019

    He could always be on commentary again
  8. Brian Fowler

    Fastlane V - 3/10/2019

    I'm assuming they'll have a match on Mania and probably won't be booked for both.
  9. Brian Fowler

    Fastlane V - 3/10/2019

    They could take the all brands thing seriously and run them against the Sky Pirates.
  10. Brian Fowler

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    SDL's big booking advantage over RAW is that it's an hour shorter. Although it does make it easier for people to disappear, they do on RAW as well anyway. In the meantime, the SmackDown team has one third less segments to write, so they can fine tune the ones they have a bit more. Even if RAW was being booked by an absolute master at the top of his game, three hours is just too fucking long for a weekly wrestling show like this. It's an underrated element of what helped kill WCW.
  11. Brian Fowler

    2019 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    That's a fairly quick turnaround for Adesanya
  12. Brian Fowler

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    It really is a lot like when the backup comes off the bench and just takes over. Run with it until he cools off.
  13. Brian Fowler

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    Huh? Rusev's only main event match he was over as hell getting 50/50 crowd reactions against AJ. It didn't just click, it was a hit. They just didn't care.
  14. Brian Fowler

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    Speaking just for me, if they are going to do Kofi/Bryan at Mania (which I kinda doubt right now, but let's see if the crowd is still this hot on the Fastlane go home show) I'd rather they give Kofi the belt at Fastlane and leave it open for him to drop it back at Mania if this thing doesn't have legs. It makes what is traditionally the most boring stopgap show of the year more important, and gets Kofi the full spotlight for his big win, instead of it being overshadowed by Becky. Think Eddy over Brock at No Way Out except not nearly as cool because it's just Kofi Kingston.
  15. Brian Fowler

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    And they can do NXT tapings and only miss a couple days on the road every month or so. They can juggle both brands for quite awhile if necessary.