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  1. I think a lot of times they get paid over the same time frame they were scheduled to be anyway? Though maybe a buyout is a lump sum. I just know at one point two different schools were paying Charlie Weis to not coach their teams.
  2. Outside EVA's suggestion, I have no idea, except maybe loyalty to the school (which would be dumb. Wisconsin is getting that B1G money, they can afford to dump a coach at full freight.)
  3. Interestingly, it looks like Paul Chryst really does still love Wisconsin, because he took a settlement and not the entire $19 million he was entitled to. I didn't see any reporting on how much he ultimately took though.
  4. Harsh. But Reid is one of the greatest offensive minds in NFL history, and Tomlin, uh, isn't (not that he's not a good coach, but he's not exactly known for an innovative attack.)
  5. The only way he's still in Lawrence next year is if he doesn't want any of the open jobs.
  6. That'll probably move him down to 13th and they'll say "any QB can lob a ball a few yards to a wide open receiver."
  7. There's a good chance he'll have his pick of jobs if he wants to leave Kansas.
  8. When Wisconsin has only 2 rushing yards in a game, much less a game against Illinois, it's time for a head to roll. (Even if you take away sacks and such, they were under 30 yards rushing. At Wisconsin.)
  9. I get that the Lions offense is without their top running back, star wideout, and another to receiver... But why is the defense playing this badly?
  10. Welp it just went bad for Mizzou. Held to a field goal - gave up a touchdown - forced to punt - gave up a touchdown and just like that they're trailing late.
  11. This Clemson/NCSU feels like the first game this year with legit "the winner has a good shot at the playoffs" vibes.
  12. Especially why do that to Rutgers? Like, the (in)famous "why did you go for two?" play was at least against their hated rival.
  13. If Arkansas could've played all game like the third, we might've had something interesting.
  14. He's a damn old 33. Holy fuck. I would've guessed he was that old by the time he left here.
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