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  1. When the MCU Spidey films bother to be about Spider-Man, their good. But they both are just so damn focused on Iron Man for way too much of their runtimes. I think Holland is really good casting, I think Zendaya is solid, but, fuck do I not care whether or not Peter Parker is the next Tony Stark. Keaton was really godamn great in the first one at least.
  2. Well, I hope somebody has and played Marvin Jones
  3. Things aren't starting well for Philly
  4. That Bears/Saints finish was real weird for a blowout.
  5. Holy fuck I just read that sequence. Damn
  6. Just be thankful The Family can't catch
  7. These late afternoon games are all at least real close.
  8. An illegal batting penalty isn't something you see very often
  9. Well, at least the Lions lost this one themselves
  10. Sure. They can have 21 of Minnesota's.
  11. Marvin Jones Jr with the hat trick
  12. I read Megan Phelps-Roper's new book, Unfollow: A Memoir of Loving and Leaving the Westboro Baptist Church It's a compelling read (she's the third ex-member I know of to have written a book now, after Lauren Drain and Libby Phelps. Drain's I read years ago and really liked, I haven't read Libby's) where you can see her discover empathy and then likely feel some for her as she loses her family.
  13. Yeah. Something like OVW used to be before WWE went all in on developmental systems. Let her work with someone that can train her on off days and have matches that aren't on TV in front of people. She's only been working like 4 years, she's got a ton of potential, but she just needs time to develop. Part of the problem is they don't have the house shows to work out matches yet, part is that there isn't really a women's wrestling answer to someone like Dustin who can basically train people on the road.
  14. That's a good contender as well. But it's not as completely random as Hedorah
  15. Oh, also, prior to the game winning field goal by Illinois, Wisconsin had not trailed at any point this season.
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