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  1. Brian Fowler


    I want to make an Inigo Montoya joke, but I can't even decide if the right word to use it on is "patriotism" or "compromise"
  2. Brian Fowler

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    And, yup, Cleveland looked exhausted. I know Boston has been a very different team home vs road these playoffs, but I don't think it's entirely coincidence Cleveland's wins came after the multi day break for travel/TV purposes. Obviously people, myself very much included, made a major mistake in focusing on who Boston is missing instead of on who they still have, and, somehow, I'm still not convinced LeBron doesn't somehow pull this out in seven.
  3. I feel the post credits scene should put a lot of that to bed. My one complaint about both the films is the way the other characters never react to Deadpool breaking the fourth wall. They don't treat it in universe as a sign of how fucking nuts Wade went after Weapon Plus got done with him. And it's the only thing that really separates him from the smart ass he already was in the movie. I'm really curious what kind of tone they'll aim for with X-Force. I kinda hope it's more serious with Wade serving as a Looney Tunes style dose of chaos and humor. Show him in that element, as a the destabilizing force.
  4. Brian Fowler

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    For me, it starts a bit before ZH, with the Waid Flash and Death of Superman, et al and continues up to probably GL: Rebirth. Bringing Hal back and establishing him as THE Green Lantern was the real signal that everything was going to move aggressively backwards. Or maybe when they cancelled PAD's Supergirl so Loeb could being back Kara, but, as much as I love Linda Danvers, I'm sympathetic to Didio's argument that she was really fucking hard to explain to a potential new reader who probably thought Supergirl was Superman's little sister. Kyle, Wally, etc were easy to explain, deeply established, etc etc.
  5. Brian Fowler

    James Bond XXV

    Oh I'm aware of how racist the book is.
  6. Brian Fowler

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    Celts did a great job of not letting Cleveland completely slam the door though. Cleveland is a hell of a lot older and the more minutes you can force them to play the key old dudes in a game you've already lost, the better.
  7. Brian Fowler


    The leagues are asking for a cut now.
  8. Brian Fowler

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    I think the promo at Backlash (and the reception to it) might just have killed her face run.
  9. Brian Fowler

    2018 NBA Playoffs: SEMIFINALS

    LeBron broke Kareem's record for career post season field goals btw.
  10. Brian Fowler

    So, How's It Going?

    My only kidney stone refused to pass, got infected, tried to kill me, hospitalized me twice, and eventually needed two minimally invasive surgeries to remove, so I hope it goes better for you than me.
  11. Brian Fowler

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    DC has been collecting that entire era pretty well lately. Which since it's my favorite comics era/publisher ever... I've been losing a lot of money.
  12. Brian Fowler


    The NBA has its own professional 2K league now, I think the ship has sailed on your hopes.
  13. Brian Fowler


    Because they reportedly agreed to pick up RAW at $240 million, when they had been paying $160 million for both shows this year. They just weren't willing to give WWE $400-500 million a year. And WWE is getting $445 anyway, so good on them. And, hey, who knows, maybe Amazon or Facebook will still make some sort of offer that gets them even more money (they were both reportedly in the SD bidding, and presumably one of them is who made the even larger offer WWE turned down.) Maybe they try to shop NXT to one of them, or even some new show. Maybe the U.S. rights to that U.K. show they keep trying to get going. Who knows? Throw in the Saudi money, the various international rights, and the various other revenue streams... 2020 they are gonna post a profit in the 9 figures unless they dramatically increase spending.
  14. Brian Fowler

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    Stephanie stirring the shit was great until Ronda and Nia actually started talking
  15. Brian Fowler

    MAY 2018 TV THREAD

    Amazon reportedly saving The Expanse @J.T.