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  1. There were some really good Bucks teams, and the Rockets had a lot of success as well. The Blazers came on strong right at the end of the decade. I think the era for notably weaker as the 90's went on. The biggest issue was they added 2 expansion teams in 1988, 2 more in '89, and then two more in '95, while the talent base to draw from didn't meaningfully expand nearly rapidly enough until the influx of foreign players started growing, and the first wave of them started hitting their primes. It wasn't as much that the talent was worse (minus the fact that athleticism tends to exist o
  2. Houston is in a hole, but the good news is they probably just played the two best teams they'll see all year. It's the AFC South, I wouldn't rule out them winning the division, getting a playoff win, and saving BOB's job again.
  3. The Bulls first three came in a mostly really good NBA. Yes, the '91 Lakers weren't great, but it's not the Bulls' fault that the Blazers shit the bed. The second three peat came against a terrible East and not that great West. A significantly watered down league. All that said, I go back to my point: There's no argument that LeBron in his prime was better than Jordan in his, imo. But if LeBron continues to age well, then he's going to have the weight of longevity and it's going to really come down more to which you value, peak or total.
  4. Tyrod Taylor might not have a job to come back to. (My phone autocorrected his name to Gyro)
  5. I don't know, the Lions can apparently lose every game despite getting a double digit lead
  6. Fuck it, I'm gonna watch Rippa's pain instead of my own
  7. This. Well, at least this way the Lions probably can't break my heart in the final 20 seconds or less.
  8. I think we'll know how successful it was for Disney based on whether they do another movie this way or not. If it was a successful as the rosiest reports, they'll almost certainly do another one.
  9. FWIW, the director is Chris Landon who made the awesome Happy Death Day movies, and he co-wrote it with Attack of the Queerwolf co-host Michael Kennedy. Those two facts alone have me in "I'm not even watching the trailer but I cannot fucking wait territory." -------- Allegedly, the Friday the 13th legal limbo night be over, and a new movie is rumored to be starting development.
  10. On one hand, the only year LeBron lost that I think you can really credibly argue that his team should've won is 2011. On the other, I think he has two (2013 and 2016) that he won despite playing against a superior team. It's the same argument people made a lot about "Montana never lost a Super Bowl so Brady can't be better than him" even as Brady got 50% more rings and over double as many conference titles. Setting aside Russell's obvious 11-1 Finals record, I'll take Kareem's 6-4 over literally every other player every, insomuch that a Finals record is a good basis for a GOAT
  11. A 5-6 record in the Finals is way the fuck more impressive than 5-2, imo.
  12. Hey man, John Sally and Robert Horry already did it. Half joking aside, finals MVP for three different teams would be something. And if he keeps playing at a high level for another two or three seasons, the combination of how great he's been and the sheer breadth of his career is going to be one hell of an argument for him as the GOAT. (Like, you are never going to convince me, personally, that he was ever as good as MJ was at his peak. But if LeBron is a legit top ten player in the league for 20 years, with a ten year peak that is top five or so all-time level great...)
  13. I cannot stand Buck. I'm not a big Aikman fan, but Buck is just terrible.
  14. Today seems like a nice time to remind myself that last year, the Packers did not hold a lead against the Lions for even a single second of game clock in either game. I don't remember anything after the clock hit 0:00 in either game.
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