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  1. Giving this some thought, I think it actually shouldn't be surprising. Sure, it should be a great fucking match (and it should be on pretty damn soon) but that's really all it is. Ishii is pretty much an aging gatekeeper who has a huge resume of great matches, but never reached main event level. Takagi is a great wrestler who really broke out last year but also hasn't gotten to the level of main eventer. And they are wrestling in the headline spot for the 4th most prestigious singles title heavyweights can wrestle for in the company, and probably about the sixth most prestigious title in the company overall. And the semi-main is for the IWGP Jr Tag belts, which are probably the least important title outside the trios championship (give or take the British title) That's not really a "must see" show in a lot of ways.
  2. That's not just a lot of weed. That's, like, an assload of weed.
  3. In unrelated news, at least 8 of the next 10 Super Bowl participants will be #1 seeds.
  4. Andre traded for very little, Reggie bought out... Can it be? Are the Pistons actually trying to tear it down and rebuild?!?
  5. Speaking from a strictly kayfabe point of view, between the end of Diesel's reign on November 15, 1995 and the start of John Cena's 3rd reign on September 17, 2006, JBL had the longest WWE title reign in that entire decade long stretch. Throw in 3 tag title reigns, multiple hardcore title reigns, and the IC, US, and European belts all once, that's a strong Hall of Fame resume. He's also an asshole
  6. It's definitely a good sign, but they'll never make a profit off ticket and merch. They need to prove to TV networks the games are worth paying $100 million+ a year for.
  7. Although the ratings were down, at least for ABC, they didn't fall in half like the AAF or XFL 1.0 both did in week 2. If they stay relatively steady at 2.3-2.5 million viewers, then the league is probably in decent shape.
  8. No idea. There have been a lot of rumors that Criterion will release their first 4K Blu-ray "sometime in 2020,"
  9. Which is why them expanding to six matches and running over 3 hours feels like a bad idea. I liked every match on this show (the main could've definitely been shorter though) but I was tired by the end of it (granted, yesterday was also one of the worst days of my life, so there's that, which is no fault of anything on the show.) I really liked the first Gargano/Cole match from New York, and the first Gargano/Ciampa match from whichever TakeOver that was, but those both had significant diminishing returns, and I don't think Cole/Ciampa wound up nearly as good as either of those.
  10. Well, he probably should've stayed in Ann Arbor
  11. Something I should've noticed forever ago hit me tonight while I was watching this show and trying to distract myself from the hell my life is right this second: Dominick Dijakovic is the exact wrestler Sean O'Hare should've been. Like, if you remember the Green Mile/Natural Born Thrillers in WCW, DD would've fit in perfectly. Tall, incredible physique, but fairly generic looking. Dijak is obviously a much better wrestler than they O'Hare, Palumbo, Stasiak, and Jindrak were, but he looks like he's literally off the same assembly line. Only, he actually has reached his potential. Anyway, 3 hours is really long for Takeover, but there were no matches I didn't like, so thumbs up at least.
  12. I hope people were watching today's games, because those were both good, close, and exciting. Kind of thing that can be built on.
  13. Okay, yeah, that "play to a target score" format worked like gangbusters, at least for one year.
  14. I don't think I've seen this much effort on defense in an All-Star game since that year Ben, Shred, Chauncey, and Rip all came off the bench together and shut the West down
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