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  1. Her arc was about developing self confidence in both her professional and private life.
  2. NXT

    That top rope counter into the armbar was smooth as fuck.
  3. Let's just all be pleasantly surprised they didn't name it after Moolah.
  4. So this is what I think about Boston, assuming game 3 was a last gasp and not the start of an amazing upset: Go hard after Hayward. If you land him, then move the #1 pick this year and some other throw in stuff (hopefully not next year's Brooklyn pick) to add Butler. Thomas/Butler/Hayward/Horford is a core that can compete. Re-sign guys as you can. If you don't land him, draft Fultz, avoid the big trades. Neither Butler nor George alone is enough to compete. Then make the incredibly hard decision next year to let Thomas walk. Really small guys tend to age terribly, get out, hoard cap space with Fultz, Brown, another likely top five pick next year, etc, wait out LeBron a bit, etc. Team should still be really good next year, and maybe avoid ever really rebuilding while having a much better shot in 2023 or whatever.
  5. And most of Gunn's changes were more about streamlining and simplifying than wholesale throwing things out. For all the ways things are vastly different, the movies feel like DnA. This, uh, really doesn't.
  6. You know, when I read them with a couple years in between the end of DnA and the start of BMB, I didn't notice nearly as much how little Bendis cared about, you know, anything from the previous run. It's not badly written, but... Yeesh the characters are totally different, the way the galaxy views them is totally different....
  7. Is the Marvel NOW! Nova series any good?
  8. Both. I never really liked them even before Marvel decided to Roman Reigns them. War of Kings was fine, but a pretty severe stepdown from the Annihilation Wars. I mostly blame Blackbolt.
  9. Yeah. He kinda had to take a backseat here, but the earlier two-parter was pretty much the best Superman story in a few years. I really want a Legion show next though.
  10. Except that was played for laughs, this was done completely seriously. Then they also established she's mentally stronger. Still better than DCEU Superman though.
  11. So I skipped all of Realm of Kings that wasn't Nova or GOTG because I really just can't take anymore Inhumans than absolutely necessary. I've never read Annihilators before, but it's been really fun.
  12. TV

    I'm really happy he's okay, but I gotta be honest... I thought it was terrible. Didn't even finish it.
  13. Long live the Legion!
  14. The second Roode match is still my MOTY, but I'm an admitted Roode Stan
  15. Movie

    This one, in theory, but it's utter failure is leading to it being more or less ignored, at least for now.