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  1. Always vent. Anytime you need to, here, or you can always message me here or on Facebook. Don't bottle it in.
  2. Well, they definitely did, but how could you ever turn off Blues Brothers? At the very least, you're always starting at a point where "if I wait ten minutes, [Awesome Performance X] will be on, I should at least watch through that" and next thing you know, you're muttering about hating Illinois Nazis.
  3. He'd be a nice fall back option if they can't get Tobias Harris, but I would be very confused if they want him more than Harris.
  4. That's assuming Jimmy really would go somewhere else if he can't go to Houston, as opposed to realizing Philly is his best shot.
  5. If I was Philly, I'd hang up on that offer.
  6. How the fuck are they going to get that under the cap? They'd need to dump Paul and Capela, and they don't really have anything left to sweeten that with. Philly doesn't need Capela, and I can't imagine they want Paul's contract, and I don't know anyone else that will to open up the space.
  7. I still think the M:I films peaked with Ghost Protocol, but they've been great since as well. The only Fast and Furious movie that I think was on the same level as M:I and John Wick was 5.
  8. Yeah, it feels pretty half assed. At least Avatar's second run was an actual extended edition of the movie.
  9. So it'll reportedly be a new introduction by Anthony Russo, an unfinished deleted scene, and a sneak peak at Far From Home. Select theaters will get posters to give away of that Iron Man gauntlet art work.
  10. I really liked After The Fall, but it does kinda lose part of what made the finale perfect. I was always perfectly fine believing they died fighting, personally.
  11. It's amazing to look at Cordy and Wesley on Buffy, and where they ended up as characters on Angel, and yet have it make sense.
  12. No real surprises tonight (okay, I'm a bit surprised ROY wasn't a bit closer, given how Doncic kinda faded down the stretch while Young kept improving, but I think Luka still deserved the win, so NBD) But, man, MVP feels hollow after watching Kawhi erase Giannis for large chunks of the ECF, and stake a pretty fucking excellent claim to "Best Player on the Planet" status. Giannis still deserved the award, he was the best player in the regular season, but it sure would've felt less anticlimactic if he got it before game 1 of the ECF.
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