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  1. It is funny, btw, that way back when they first announced this line of DTV features, Judas Contract was one of the two films they announced. It only took what, twelve years?
  2. Judas Contract was okay, pretty good job of streamlining it. Terra as a severely damaged teen instead of a complete sociopath works well enough even if it's not actually as good.
  3. Seriously, if Finn would've joined in on beating up Enzo and Rollins... Biggest babyface in my house at least
  4. Lots of athletes used the Big Gold Belt on their own (I think Ben Wallace buying replicas for the entire 2004 Pistons started it) so then WWE decided to jump on that train and give teams title belts. Naturally, though, they used the spinner belt and now the current one, not the one people actually were using organically.
  5. The best early Stone Cold thing is the night he did commentary on RAW and asked Vince to paint him up a bus like Lex and then Austin would get out and whup everyones ass at each stop.
  6. Movie

    Makes a decent amount of sense, he's been more or less steering the franchise for years, might as well give him a shot.
  7. Movie

    I think that's a no on Singer. Not sure who is directing though
  8. Movie

    These maybe should go in the comic book movies folder but Fox also announced dates for New Mutants - 4/13/18 Deadpool 2 - 6/1/18 X-Men: Dark Phoenix - 11/2/18
  9.[r|[t|link[p|1794591148[au|5727177402741770316[b|deals Apologies for the size of the link, but Amazon has a bunch of table top games on the gold box today
  10. Good dammit Rodan, it's an upper body business
  11. Yeah, I don't give him much credit on Durant, that was the obvious easy pick. And, I mean, this team was built around two nearly unstoppable superstars and then one bolted. The roster construction looks a lot better if that didn't happen. AFAIK he was pretty much forced to trade Harden by ownership.
  12. On the other hand, he's the guy who drafted Harden, Westbrook, Ibaka and Adams.
  13. This one? Quite possibly, but they were roadkill in round two regardless.
  14. The Clippers have become the absolute poster child for "too good to ever become great." 50+ wins, bounced in the first two rounds every year.
  15. Huh, I definitely don't recall that either. Oh well.