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  1. Wrestlers work 200+ dates a year. The cumulative effects of repeated non-concussive brain impacts are believed to be just as big of a contributing factor in CTE as actual concussions. Every flat back bump is going to be a non-concussive brain impact. I feel like wrestling is probably only rivaled by playing the line in football.
  2. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 1

    If you buy the rankings at preseason as mattering, the B1G is setting a new standard for being top heavy. Four ranked teams, all in the top eleven.
  3. Preacher

    Starr has been near perfect.
  4. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I *think* that face was Black Walder.
  5. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Well, yes, because Jon's story is the equivalent of us being told Zeus is coming down from Mount Olympus. Even in a world with magic, 8,000 years is a long time to keep believing something is coming.
  6. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I know UFC has done that.
  7. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    She was basically "we'll take care of yourself little undead problem after I win the real war. If you bend the knee."
  8. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    They could take the belt off Auska and give it to the MYC winner. Then you can either call her up when she's healed, or have her come back for what's hers. Decent story potential there. Or you can just let her streak build without her in action.
  9. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    She had three dragons and arguably the two strongest armies in the known world. Threat assessment has not exactly been a strong point.
  10. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Well, everyone knew dragons existed. But the last dragon prior to Dany's died 140 some years before hers hatched. The Long Night was a touch over 8,000 years before that.
  11. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I don't see it that way at all. In fact, I think the lack of belief in the walkers is literally the most important part of the entire story. The Long Night is much much longer ago then any of the other history we get. 8,000 before the Targaryen conquest.
  12. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    It's literally all over the first two or three seasons. Nobody believes they exist. It's stories told by Old Nan at bedtime, Tyrion compared them to grumpkins, even Ned Stark didn't even consider it possible before beheading the deserter. When the Watch begged for help, we saw nearly everyone scoff at the very idea.
  13. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    One of the major points of the entire series is that nobody accepted the White Walkers as fact.
  14. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    And the threat has been dormant for centuries.
  15. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I think Dany didn't so much not believe as not understand the threat level.