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  1. I'm surprised you didn't like the match at the time. My recollection of the immediate reaction is "best Mania main event ever" (an opinion I still hold) I feel rather strongly that should've been the end of Money in the Bank. There were basically two things that hadn't been done with the briefcase up to that point: cashing in at Mania to steal the main event, and cashing in during a title match. And there hasn't been a real interesting paying the dollars* since * @jaedmc's son permanently imprinted that on my mind
  2. He may very well just be backtracking, but he's pretty adamant that he was describing the Trump team's thinking, without any opinion of his own.
  3. Could've gotten huge odds after week 2. (Though if the Jones injury is bad, maybe WFT takes it?)
  4. I'll never understand how someone can go through all the bonding with teammates sports usually creates, for years and years, in a sport that is overwhelmingly not white, and still end up being... Well, Andrew Bogut.
  5. Jesus. I need an anger react for it.
  6. Wasn't the story on why The Rock/Ronda/H/Steph thing going so long that they were hoping the sun would set before Taker's entrance?
  7. I promise I'm not saying this to mock you Phil, but I'm legit stunned to learn today that Kerry Collins didn't have the worst super bowl performance ever by any metric.
  8. KC not having much problems so far...
  9. I don't know if this fits better here or the streaming thread, but right now Full Moon has a deal where if you sign up for one year of their streaming service (60 bucks) you get a code the following Friday for their webstore where you can get a 12 disc, 11 film Puppet Master Blu-ray box set for free.
  10. Wing-T 4Life (hey, it's what we ran when I was in high school, it's the only offense I actually know how to run)
  11. Minnesota has had twenty positives between players and staff in the last ten days.
  12. I believe it's a six day testing/wait period until you can even practice.
  13. On the surface, I totally get what WWE was doing. You get a big scary foreign monster heel, you have him run roughshod over the midcard, then you eventually have him put over the top star. But this isn't the territorial days where then he'd leave and go do it all again in the next market, drawing big money there as well. He still had to come to work every day. And then you get to how Rusev continually got over every single thing they handed him, no matter how trivial, and yet they never really got behind him again in any real way, and... Yeah.
  14. NFL logic: COVID-19 is getting out of control in the league, so Monday and Tuesday all facilities will be closed, but you can still play the games Sunday-Tuesday.
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