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  1. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this will be a Big Ten game next year.
  2. Well Washington came to play. I don't think they much liked the idea they are 9.5 point underdogs.
  3. I feel like if he plays well and they win tonight, he definitely wins it, otherwise it's probably Daniels. Unless Penix goes for like 500 yards and 6 touchdowns tonight.
  4. The various draftnicks and scouts are so all over the place on him, from QB3/top ten or even top five pick all the way to late second or early third day pick. The downside to coming back is nearly the entire offense is graduating this year. That's a tough spot to try to improve your draft stock in.
  5. Dante Moore is leaving UCLA. I expect Oregon, Michigan State, and maybe Michigan to all make strong pushes for him (Michigan really depends on if they think J.J. is coming back next year.)
  6. On one hand, I agree with the pundits that it's very hard to envision any scenario in which Iowa can beat Michigan Saturday On the other hand, when absolutely everybody is talking about your favorite team winning being inevitable, it just feels like they are setting you up to be crushed and I do not like it.
  7. I'm surprised looking it up to see Rattler has better numbers pretty much across the board this year from last year. I forgot how much he struggled last season before SC suddenly exploded against Tennessee and Clemson.
  8. The most watched game of the season all year, basically, had been Oregon's destruction of Colorado, with about ten million viewers. Saturday 19 million viewers tuned in to see Michigan and Ohio State, about two million more than last year, breaking their own records as the most watched regular season game of the past decade and most watched college game in Fox history. Fell a little shy of the 2011 Alabama-LSU #1-#2 matchup, which remains the most watched game since the 2006 Michigan-Ohio State #1-#2 game. Which is the most watched game since the 1993 Florida State-Notre Dame #1-#2.
  9. I'll believe the committee will leave out an undefeated P5 champion when I see it happen and not before. Normally I would agree that Georgia is unlikely to fall out, but we normally don't have 8 teams who still are viable for a spot, seven of whom can win a conference title. Ohio State just lost by six points on the road to then #3 now #2 in a game where they had the ball in plus territory with a chance to win in the final minute, and fell four spots. If there are three 13-0 and two 12-1 Power Five champions it's really really really damn hard to see an argument for a non-champion to get in this year. Especially because none of the four one loss teams suffered an egregious loss like Ohio State getting blown out by Purdue in 2018. Two of them lost on the road to top three teams and one at a neutral site to their biggest rival, and all three had the ball with a chance to win or force overtime in the final minute. The fourth is a bit worse, at home by ten, but it was still to a top ten team. I've seen a lot of people suggesting Georgia with a loss could go over Florida State, but I just don't see it.. 12-1 and no league title against 13-0 ACC champions. Of course, the teams could make this real easy for the committee as well if Georgia, Michigan, Washington, and Florida State all just win by comfortable margins.
  10. And now it's moved from the team/NBA investigating Giddey to the police are.
  11. Bama probably gets in with the win though. Everyone seems convinced they'd jump Ohio State, the PAC-12 loser, obviously Georgia, and for some ungodly reason Texas.
  12. If they really hire Petrino (and apparently they need to jump through some legal loophole just to be able to because of how his last stint there ended) and he gets welcomed back by a school he burnt for the second time... Man he must be the best interview in the world.
  13. You'll be shocked to learn that the SI Union is pissed about this.
  14. I may possibly have spoke too soon. Depending.
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