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  1. He's softened on AEW on a whole recently. Whether because he honestly feels it's gotten better, or just that the tribute to Bobby Eaton touched him enough that he dialed it back, I can't say.
  2. Which, I mean... It's where he said it doesn't look like any other Omega match that I boggle. Both guys brought a lot to the table, but the idea that this looked like a Bryan Danielson match that Kenny was molded into is just absurd.
  3. Good on Roman for that. And Jesus, before the Good Uso Brothers ran into to save Roman, that match was cooking with gas. I was really getting into it, and then... Predictable run in, which, fine, I knew it was coming. Obvious Demon comeback and then turning into the spear. Sure, whatever... Demon heartbeat, Fiend lighting, smoke and... A rope break? Okayyyyy then. When can Prince Devitt debut on Dynamite?
  4. I can't take The Pack winning on a last second kick too. Fuck.
  5. George Kittle: Good at football
  6. I'm never sure if I'm just overly sensitive/biased as a Lions fan, or if they really do get hit with a disproportionate number of strange and/or bad calls costing them games. The all-time worst was that game against Green Bay where they called the Lions player that got facemasked for the penalty, and Rodgers then hit the hail Mary to win the game.
  7. I think Dan Orlovsky still holds that title, but strong contender
  8. Not only that, but a comeback they might not have pulled off if not for a bad call.
  9. I'll take escaping with the win despite a horrible fourth quarter over losing... But Christ almighty Michigan needs to find something resembling a passing attack
  10. Looking at the wiki for the Kurt Warner movie, and the cast section doesn't list anyone as playing Marshall Faulk. Or Isaac Bruce. Or Torry Holt. Or Orlando Pace. But Ray Lewis is being played by Nic Harris Edit: buried deep in the IMDb is Faulk being played by OJ Keith Simpson, and even deeper actors that don't even have pictures on IMDb are playing Bruce and "Rams Player"
  11. Oh, and I'm also all for "Orange takes the hair of various HFO members until he finally gets in the ring with Matt, even though Orange literally doesn't give a shit about taking anyone's hair"
  12. Holy fuck that Six man was awesome. I can really get into this "Punk gives a young guy a ton of offense, makes him look great, and then pins him" thing. HOMICIDE MOTHERFUCKERS
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