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  1. He's had a lot of success working with quarterbacks in the NFL. Andrew Luck's best season, got Justin Herbert up and running almost immediately in Los Angeles, and even what he did with Mills this year. I'm not sure how much of the struggles at Michigan fall on his shoulders verses the lack of talent at QB/the offensive coordinator/the head coach.
  2. I don't think Kingsbury should be fired, but if they fade again next year...
  3. It was, and it's not. A version of that is actually how I first saw The Godfather because that was what my college library had (on VHS!) though I'm not sure if the cut on HBO was exactly the same. Too much time had passed between viewings. But it does have a lot of extra scenes. Kinda similar to the absurdly long cut of Superman The Movie that came out a few years ago, in that they just put *everything* in. They also at one point did a version with all three movies together but I've never seen that one.
  4. Oof I definitely didn't look that close.
  5. I don't know what else Culley could've done with that roster. They were out talented by everyone they played except maybe Jacksonville, and they competed hard all year. I'm not saying he was going to be a great coach, but didn't feel like he deserved the one and done treatment. He's not Cam Cameron or whoever.
  6. No surprises there. The linebacker play was lacking and a glaring issue at times, and they've already hired a new DC after stripping Coombs of play calling duties during the season. They have to feel like they are some improvement on defense away from winning it all next year.
  7. Looking it up, Wentz actually put up better numbers than I realized this year. 3500+ years, 27 scores, 7 picks, a 94.6 rating. Not close to that stretch he had in Philly before getting hurt the year they won the Super Bowl, but not bad. But boy oh boy did he finish the year poorly in those last two loses.
  8. Godfather trilogy in 4K in March. Right now only a box set announced, and the press release specifically says it's the new Coda version of III, though some people are claiming the very tiny print on the one disc in the promo pic mentions the director's cut and 1990 theatrical cut, so who knows.
  9. KD is definitely right on that same level, yeah. I kinda blanked on him and like later that night went "shit maybe Durant too" but figured I had already probably triggered Kurt. I was never bothered by him going to Golden State, but I think it did hurt his legacy to a lot of people. But 25 years from now people are just gonna see the numbers and two rings.
  10. Barring an absolutely unmitigated disaster in Tuscaloosa, the Tide will set a new record next year for most consecutive ten win seasons, with 15 (currently tied with FSU from 87-02) However, they are no threat to Bowden's insane 14 straight top 4 finishes. When you look at both how good and consistent Bama has been under Saban, it really puts that Bowden/FSU record in perspective. It feels unbreakable.
  11. Yeah, it's like Fox mostly gets NFC games/CBS mostly gets AFC games, but there's random games on the "wrong" network. But I'm not sure they've had playoff games cross networks like that before.
  12. Live the gimmick. Back stabbing heel Though he does actually have a bit of history of supporting Michigan during the Harbaugh era.
  13. This was definitely a closer game than that score made it look at the end. I know it won't happen, but Stetson Bennett should just say "everyone who said Daniels should replace me this last month, how my nuts taste?"
  14. Maybe time to stop letting Young take abuse?
  15. Congrats to Georgia and especially Bennett who has silenced a hell of a lot of people these last two games.
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