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  1. I'd like to see them differentiate BBB as mercenaries instead of a cult. Kinda a more aggressive and less funny APA. Awesome Kong is someone I love. Brandi is actually not a bad performer in the right role (babyface, actually being a brand officer, and, based on once on NJPW World, she's surprisingly good at color) but I wouldn't complain at all if this whole Nightmare Collective thing just vanished, or got wrapped up in two weeks. Especially because Kong sure seems washed physically.
  2. And heavy rumors that FSU is going to land Mike Norvell from Memphis.
  3. Well, Baylor/Oklahoma might be a default playoff game now
  4. James Franklin and PSU agree to an extension
  5. Talk about a coach being set up to fail: "We expect wins with this roster" give him a roster that had arguably the five best players on the team all play the same position with very similar skill sets.
  6. Shazam is the most blatant "let's just make an MCU movie" they've done*. Even the post credits scenes follow the formula of about half the MCU. But... It's a formula that works extremely well for Marvel/Disney, and Shazam is a pretty good example of that formula. I liked it more than most of the DCEU as well, but I'm not sure I'm glad to see them just ape Marvel. I hope they continue to give different filmmakers a relatively freehand, even if I think the first guy they have that too turned in the worst two and a half movies of his career. *Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Justice League all felt more like trying to build a bridge between the Snyder-style and the MCU formula, to varying degrees of success. The action scenes, in particular, in WW and Aquaman felt very much like "what if we did the Snyder fights, but with color, so they are more fun and less oppressive?" Which is how we got the all-time great stuff in Wonder Woman.
  7. "Vince did pretty well for himself taking people off Verne's TV and making money off them." JR with the understatement of the year.
  8. He was. I think it was "pronouns pal" moment where the announcer came out of a discussion about Trent and said "he's 1-0 in singles competition" meaning Fenix. I was confused to, but then he (was it Excalibur?) went right on to say "and 6-5 overall" and I figured out that he was talking about Rey.
  9. It's almost a direct lift from Goldmember, a fucking parody of Bond movies, ffs
  10. I'm really looking forward to JR doing a watch-along of the Fingerpoke and Tony the Mankind title win next month. I'm not normally big on the watch-along episodes because I mostly listen to these things at work, but for this I'll make an exception.
  11. The funny part though is I think I now literally have 8 different discs that have Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein on it.
  12. Except for all that stuff that literally only exists in the WWE library
  13. I know last year Barros said they were shocked by how much of the viewership was on wrestling and not other programming on the network.
  14. DKSB is really bad. Master Race was very good. I love ASBaRtBW, but I admit it's not good in any traditional way.
  15. No, though that did happen. I'm spoiling a 4 year old movie, but it was dumb anyway. Waltz character Oberhauser's father had took Bond in when his parents died, the two were raised like brothers, Oberhauser was jealous, and has taken his mother's family name.... Blofeld.
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