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  1. I honestly kinda hope Doc winds up calling games next year. That little stretch where he did it in the playoffs after being fired by Orlando/before starting with the Celtics he was quite good. Plus he can't blow a game seven that way.
  2. If Murray and Jokic are gonna combine for 66-31-20, I'm not sure there's any way to beat them at that point.
  3. They still owe him $15.8 million of his $30.8 million salary is they kept him. Be interesting to see who makes a play at him. He definitely is looking semi-washed, but veteran presence and good passing and all that...
  4. So the SEC (6) and B1G (3) have 9 of the sixteen teams. And three of the remaining teams are joining one of those two next year.
  5. Miami decided all that mattered was how they start and finish. Though holding Jokic to 4 assists is damn impressive, even when he scored 41.
  6. I don't necessarily think he's a bad filmmaker (though Tenet was a bad movie) but he's easily the most overrated director of the current era. But this looks even more insufferable than most of his movies.
  7. God Oppenheimer just looks utterly insufferable.
  8. I still maintain the fact that the New York market hasn't won a title since 1973 and hasn't been in the finals since 1999 (2003 if you count New Jersey but I don't) is all the proof you need the NBA isn't rigged.
  9. SEC sticking with 8 conference games for at least 2024. Kinda surprising but we'll see if they change it for 2025 or not.
  10. $28 million in dead cap space, mostly on Brandin Cooks at $22. Though sportrac estimates them as having just under $12 million in space after signing their draft class, so... Fuck if I understand the NFL salary cap.
  11. Amongst all the other more serious issues, he's almost certainly going to be suspended for enough games he won't be eligible for All-NBA and thus he won't be eligible for the designated supermax whatever extension so this is likely also costing him tens of millions of dollars.
  12. Denver making a strong argument for the rest side of rest versus rust.
  13. My guess is he saved his job by rallying to force game 7. If they had gotten swept and that game 3 disaster was the lasting memory he might be gone. Gotta spend to get people to live in Detroit during the winter I guess.
  14. So Monty is coming to Detroit. Interesting.
  15. Well that's odd. He's cleared out most of the dead weight contracts, rebuilt the team, got a couple playoff appearances and even won a round this year. Seems like he earned a new deal and decent raise for my pov.
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