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  1. Oh chat. Where Dean introduced me to Roxy Music
  2. I either joined my freshman or sophomore year of college, so sometime between the back half of '00 and the first half of '02. Threaded board, eye bleeding green. No accounts so anyone could pretend to be anyone else if they wanted. There's random things I half remember. I wish I could remember what topic started this one exchange (maybe liking Mark Henry) but somebody was going off on how whatever opinion was stupid and it was all these new posters saying these dumb things and I responded with something like "I've been here since the board was still threaded, and I think..." And then Schneider popped up quoting me about having started the first "sports" section on the board and he thought the same. If only I could remember any details.
  3. Mostly, the failure of the Nightmare reboot as well as a couple other horror flops around there. Then when the next time it got brought up to go back to the franchise, lawsuits started flying. And that's still where we are, afaik. I'm surprised you don't at least have the og Halloween. I mean, it's pretty well universally looked at as a legit masterpiece. Anyway, I ordered the box set from Shout and I think I got in early enough to get the free poster too.
  4. I do wonder if the layoff might help Harden with that a lot. Having 4 1/2 months off and just a couple weeks before the playoffs might prevent him from looking completely wore out.
  5. How the hell Kris has time for all the incredibly long pods he does is beyond me.
  6. Only watched the last hour, first time I watched any raw in like a month. That main event was real good, and pretty much everything was fun. 60 minute shows are the best wrestling shows
  7. I think Hollywood is basically the only person I ever totally went off on on this board in the last, like, decade. Just horribly misogynistic bullshit about Brie.
  8. I don't think that was on a holiday, was it?
  9. Lance outside WWF/E wasn't bad. Great athleticism, decent technical stuff. But he might be the worst striker in major pro wrestling history, and in WWE that really stood out because they mostly just asked him to punch and kick.
  10. On one hand, I have the great steelbook compete collection of all 12 movies they put out years ago and it's now oop and insanely expensive. On the other, it's not like I haven't bought every single one of those movies a minimum of twice already, some of them three times.
  11. I blame the incredibly stupid way the NFL handled the Browns franchise history when they moved to Baltimore. Fuck that's still infuriatingly dumb
  12. Raven has actually slightly resurfaces the last few weeks. Wasn't it LONCE?
  13. Random memory: Rich (who I always liked, for the record) going off about adults wearing sports jerseys, only for someone to bring up a post from him like six months earlier saying he had aDaryll Johnston Cowboys jersey.
  14. The dude who attacked Dean's parenting must've been a pretty fun ban
  15. I still think the funniest part everyone misses is that the guy who asked Punk about the DVDVR was actually FSW.
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