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  1. God fucking damn that tag title match slapped.
  2. This is low-key my most anticipated movie right now. I didn't realize they had ever resumed filming.
  3. I'm enjoying it well enough, but nothing has convinced me this needed to be a series and not a 90 minute movie.
  4. I'm so down for a Godzilla/Jet Jaguar vs Megalon/Gigan rematch.
  5. I second the "fuck Casey Affleck" but his performance in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is one of the best performances of the 21st century.
  6. Bought new pops for the first time in a very long time today. The Rock and Mankind two pack Wal-Mart exclusive.
  7. That is, indeed, the stated plan. They are looking to build their own platform.
  8. I'm pretty sure the teams all have multiple on staff masseuses, just for starters.
  9. The odds that 23 (I think that's the current count) women are all lying seem pretty damn low to the point of being preposterous.
  10. That is two more strippers than I have ever had in my home
  11. I remember when it premiered. I had no clue it was still on.
  12. My basic thoughts on the booking is it sometimes gets really wonky in the short term, sometimes moving way too fast and sometimes just crawling along. But the long term booking has been stellar. I think they could use someone to fine tune the format each week, but they often have clear visions for 3, 6, and 12 months down the road, and that helps a lot.
  13. I didn't love the new stuff as much as a lot of the classic episodes, but I definitely enjoyed them. I'm more than happy to get still more.
  14. There's at least rumors that Cody and the other EVPs had some sort of falling out and barely even talk to each other anymore. Whether or not there's any truth to that, who knows, but it certainly looks plausible.
  15. I think Meltzer reported both Priest and Morrison were suffering minor injuries, and because it's the big celebrity appeal to the mainstream audience match, they were being extra careful to avoid possibly false advertising in that match. So that announced the singles match with the intention that if both other guys are good to go, they'd change it.
  16. His reaction was amazing.
  17. So, giving a team loaded with shooters and the best passing big man ever an uber athletic forward who is really smart about when and where to cut hard to the basket was a good idea. Who woulda thunk it?
  18. I thought Baylor or Gonzaga could win close. I thought Gonzaga could whip Baylor's ass. I did not think Baylor could kick the shit out of the Zags.
  19. I didn't expect them to can him. Suspend and fine, yes, but not termination. Oh well.
  20. A second round pick is more than I expected they could get for Darnold, honestly.
  21. Baylor is flying around like crazy right now. I don't know if Gonzaga are still exhausted from Saturday, but Baylor is running circles around them so far.
  22. Putting aside the horrible people you named... I really liked Superman Returns while also thinking it was an absolutely baffling set of decisions that ended up with, essentially, Superman in an art film about old boyfriends coming back to town. IIRC, Superman literally never does anything to physically attack anyone in the entire movie. Singer must've somehow gained so much trust from Warner to let him make that movie in that way. As much as I dislike Snyder's take on Clark/Superman, you can at least see where the commercial potential in Man of Steel lies, with very well crafted large sca
  23. FWIW, it is VERY accurate in regards the judge. Like, often direct word for word quotes.
  24. I cancelled my AJPW.tv subscription when the pandemic shut everything down last year, so I'm way out of touch, but it boggles my mind that they've gone over a full year without putting the belt back on Miyahara. Has Suwama's reign been good?
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