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  1. I think Jimmy's knee is feeling better.
  2. Congrats to Golden State. Please destroy Boston if they advance tysm
  3. Maybe a team that's desperate to get into the playoffs or take a leap past first round fodder could talk themselves into his talent and their culture and blah blah blah. I think it would be a mistake, but I can see it happening. On the other hand, if Kyrie is the price to keep KD, that changes the math. And there's still the theoretical potential in a Curry/Irving/Harris/Simmons/KD lineup.
  4. Since Butler stayed in the locker room at halftime of game 3, the Celts have outscored Miami by 43 points. Butler has shot 7 of 32 the last two games.
  5. Let's see, a perfect layout St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland to get the fans who lost their teams. San Antonio, Orlando, Portland to get petty major markets that don't have an NFL team. Salt Lake City maybe?
  6. When the VP'ss former college teammate who also played with the star on three finals teams and two championships doesn't even want an interview, you know the job isn't very appealing.
  7. Which brings me back to XFL 2.0: that half season sure seemed like long enough that a whole lot of people in St. Louis fell in love with that team. It helps that it's a city that not long ago had it's NFL team ripped away from them, of course, but they had gotten to the point of opening the second level in the dome. But alas, COVID killed the league off before finding out of Vince would have stuck with it another year.
  8. I think part of the problem for the USFL is how the games sound and feel like they are being played in an empty mausoleum. The XFL had loud, passionate fans. It made everything better.
  9. Golden State is starting to roll. Huge next few minutes after this timeout for Dallas.
  10. Are the networks paying them anything?
  11. I'll give you Russ, but Giannis "stole" it by having a better season while playing on a better team.
  12. A 34/14/7 even. First player to ever put up 200 points, 100 rebounds, and 50 assists in one playoff series. First player to have back to back 25/20/5 playoff games since Shaq in 2001. He did run out of gas down the stretch, but Jesus, how do you blame him?
  13. And just had arguably the most productive all around playoff series in NBA history.
  14. Fun(?) fact: Giannis joins Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain as the only players in NBA history to put up 20 points and 20 rebounds in back to back playoff loses.
  15. https://twitter.com/ZachLowe_NBA/status/1526006707662598145?s=20&t=Q-lCKRYCuFN_I4ibvb1w5g
  16. I'm not even sure this is a joke He was an absolute killer through the first 8 games of these playoffs, had his birthday, and has just utterly sucked ever since. I've never seen anything like it
  17. Did Chris Paul literally become old and washed up on his 37th birthday?
  18. Jesus Christ, the Suns can't hit a fucking layup tonight. This would be one ugly ass way to end what had been a dream season. Fuck it, I'm going back to binge watching Ash vs Evil Dead, this is just not even fun.
  19. I don't think Middleton would've made the difference today, but he might have a couple nights ago, you know?
  20. Grant Williams had himself a coming out party in this series.
  21. Welp, not giving Giannis more help in game six will likely haunt the Bucks all summer. That and thinking about the what if with Middleton.
  22. It's early and he'll almost certainly not keep this pace, but Giannis is putting up all the numbers so far. 10-8-6 and we still have over a minute left in the first quarter
  23. Well, can't complain about getting two Game 7s and no short series.
  24. He could also just opt in for next at $40 some million. Which would put him in a "prove it season" and maybe that would be the motivation he would need to get healthy and get in shape (I have a hard time imagining Harden following the CP3 plant-based diet career revival plan, but who knows?) and play at a higher level.
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