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  1. One thing I find interesting is we've seen just here then he accussed of ripping off Riddle/Barnett's Bloodsport, Chikara's The Crucible, and WCW's The Block.
  2. Poor Buddy. Having to be the lackey to a guy who he is better than in basically every way possible.
  3. The Block worked so well for WCW, too.... I tried to do that "watch the last hour" thing again. After the Erik "fight" I gave the fuck up and turned to the Lakers/Jazz game. Embarrassingly bad.
  4. I almost guarantee Vince would try, hoping nobody pays attention because "it's wrestling"
  5. Wait, did nobody say Robotech yet? Because Robotech
  6. Reading between the lines, the show hiring non-union workers to produce episodes from her home rather than the regular employees, and telling those employees roughly nothing, might have been a tipping point on who was willing to speak out. But, yeah, I've heard people say she's a terrible person for years, but now we're seeing it be said more publicly and even by *gasp* other celebrities.
  7. Eddy and Christian would be the two biggest for me, with Benoit and Henry up there as well.
  8. I'd be willing to bet the NBA would 10,000% prefer Boston or Philly to win the East.
  9. Houston got the win, but ooof were they powerless to defend Porzingis. I really want a Houston/Denver series and see the Nuggets use their "nobody under 6'7"" emergency lineup just to see that happens. Does Houston just light them up, scoring at will? Does Denver just smash the Rockets into little pieces, unable to be stopped and grabbing every rebound?
  10. I thought Gable was clearly the better half of AA, but Jordan carried his own weight overall.
  11. If I were to make a list of guys who most desperately need to be somewhere other than WWE, Gable would top it. He's just way too fucking talented for the way they use him.
  12. Well, other than probably preferring the Pelicans to win, the NBA couldn't have asked for a better pair of opening games.
  13. I never understood the "You Sold Out" chant. Brock quit a million dollar deal to try out for an unlikely NFL roster spot.
  14. I was not, in any way, calling Mahal's run good. Just, you know, better than Seth's.
  15. On one hand, that match might be the best WWE garbage match ever. On the other, how sad is it that Mick had to come out of retirement and go through all that abuse because nobody else on the roster was both capable and willing to make Orton?
  16. Seth is a genuinely fantastic tag worker. He's a self-indulgent, all style no substance singles worker who can have a good match with the right guy. (Miz, oddly enough, gets my vote as his best opponent. Probably cause Miz both won't and probably can't keep up with Seth's pace, so he had to slow the fuck down and actually tell a story.) On the mic, though? He's the worst WWF/WWE main eventer in the 30ish years I've been watching wrestling. He's terrible at conveying emotion, terrible at sounding sincere, terrible at expressing any character through his talking, and he's just so damn monotone. Anyone who writes a format that says "Seth Rollins talks" should be fired and removed from the premises. In a more sane time period, he would be a permanent tag guy, given either a partner that has charisma and can talk, or a manager to talk for them, and he'd be great at it. Instead, he's usually the worst part of every single show he's on. I legitimately would rather re-watch all of Jinder Mahal's title run than any of Seth's big runs on top. (All that said, while I can't understand how it happened, there was a period in the summer of 2018 when he was absolutely on fire, the hottest, most over act in the company. By the time they finally put the belt on him, while he was still over, he was clearly already on the downswing from that peak. But that's WWE for you.)
  17. I got to see Vanessa Redgrave's Tony winning performance in A Long Day's Journey into Night back in 2003, with Brian Dennehy (who also won a Tony), Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robert Sean Leonard (both nominated) and it was the absolute peak of my acting/theatre nerd life.
  18. I stand by what I said a while back, that a Leonard vs Harden debate says more about what you value in a player than it does about either of them. But are we REALLY trying to use numbers from scrimmages that were the first team vs team action after an unexpected four month break? That's worse than using preseason numbers to evaluate people. Come the fuck on.
  19. I don't recall hearing that, though I can't promise anything. But it does sound like the brought back up in light of his general shittiness as a human being Mike Gundy stuff from the 80's at OSU.
  20. Just a soul-crushingly awful ending to what had been a good movie.
  21. I really like both those records (and LOVE the live albums that followed each one) Honestly, I think this "Bruce and Adrian came back" era has been really strong for the band overall, especially after the disaster that was the 90's
  22. Allegedly, HALO Infinite was originally built in Unreal 4, and only fairly recently changed it over to Slipstream or whatever, and that what they showed off was a four month old build running on a PC and not an Xbox Series X. So... basically, it wasn't anything representing what the game is going to be, good or bad. But if that's all true, I don't know if there's any chance the game will actually be finished by November or December. Which doesn't necessarily mean it won't ship then. I'm sure I'll buy it eventually, since I have the Master Chief Collection and HALO 5 and I hate having holes in collections. But I'm damn sure not gonna pay full price at launch unless it turns out a lot better than expected. (Just please dear god don't turn HALO into Destiny. Please please please)
  23. I still maintain there is one change that could retroactively make MoS/BvS/Likely JLSC brilliant: end it by revealing this was actually Earth-3 the whole time.
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