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  1. The great San Francisco collapse
  2. Hackett is going to be in the hot seat in near record time at this rate.
  3. More than halfway through the third, and neither team has gained 200 total yards.
  4. I've always said that Mortal Kombat is shitty but fun Mortal Kombat Annihilation is shitty but also shitty
  5. Wow. What a difference that one second made.
  6. Oh don't worry, Urbs would've probably lost it.
  7. That might be coming back but Brady just did his best "Lamar Jackson in slow motion" act for what would've been a big gain
  8. And, as expected, Geoff Collins is done at Ga Tech
  9. It's too early to go "oh my God Brady is finally washed"...But so far this season Brady is looking kinda washed.
  10. They wound up 26th, one spot behind Kansas State
  11. A whole lot of teams in the top 12 or so got their first test today. Most of them survived, but a whole lot of tougher than expected outings. Fun day.
  12. Maryland definitely hung around and played tougher than I think people expected. Locksley is doing a good job there. But Blake Corum is having a hell of a day.
  13. Ah, for when normal gambling just isn't enough.
  14. I don't gamble either, but weren't the Browns already covering the spread and hadn't the game already hit the over before that last play?
  15. And now further reporting is suggesting that maybe everything wasn't quite as consensual as initially reported. The woman reportedly accused him of "unwanted comments." Celtics did say a decision about his future after this season will be decided later (which likely means either that they are still investigating, they are waiting to see if they perform reasonably similarly without him, or both.)
  16. For a game that's been really competitive, this has also been boring as hell.
  17. Only to have the second game also be a blowout.
  18. Isn't that the story of his career though? Good recruiter, good at player development and gameplanning, questionable at best on the sidelines? ------- Um... Is Stetson Bennett a legit Heisman guy now?
  19. Either Washington is better than people thought, Michigan State is worse than people thought, or a combination of both.
  20. I can't comment on Louisville, but holy hell is UConn bad. I know Michigan basically had nothing but Cupcake I opponents in the non-conference schedule anyway, but UConn is so much worse than Colorado State and Hawai'i were. Michigan scored 59 points without even running up 500 yards because the Huskies literally couldn't move the ball enough to make Michigan need to go on real drives.
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