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  1. I could see the Pistons trying to extract a few draft picks to take him off their hands maybe?
  2. The Vikings, btw, are in first place in the North because they lost to an AFC team while the rest of the division lost conference games.
  3. Stephen A admitting he wanted Max off the show surprises me. Not that it's why Max is off, just that SAS admitted it.
  4. What the fuck is this game?
  5. Send the fans home pissed? That's modern McMahon booking.
  6. Shit, this is getting Atlanta Falconish
  7. If they don't win now, that false start is gonna be real hard to live down at film study
  8. I was just saying last off-season I'm surprised he hasn't gotten more in the conversation for a top job. (And that I wouldn't mind Michigan taking a look at him if Harbaugh were to leave) but I suspected him more for a Midwest job.
  9. Bill O'Brien is actually intriguing to me. You can't trade away future scholarships for a left tackle, after all.
  10. .... Also now I remember why I've mostly stayed out of the wrestling discussion around here lately.
  11. I want Stafford to succeed so much.
  12. You posting that made me half expect a blocked field goal return for a touchdown just to spite you.
  13. Well that was fun while it lasted.
  14. Holy fuck they have an actual chance here.
  15. That play was such a rollercoaster
  16. Lions waiting until down 41-17 to start playing. Lovely
  17. But... But... But... He can't
  18. They won both games so far, but are we sure Notre Dame is actually any good? I mean, they need overtime to beat FSU who just lost again, and barely survived Toledo.
  19. Michigan is gonna need to develop a passing game of some sort real soon.
  20. I know why they cast him... But he was 19ish when he originated the role. 8 years is a long time, and he's not someone that looks young for his age. Giving him the role just because of that is crazy.
  21. Cincy tied with Murray St at the half TAMU trailing Colorado 7-3 at the half. Notre Dame with a one point lead on Toledo in the 4th. This could be a very interesting day.
  22. Hahahahahaha Maybe they should've just not casted the 27 year old who looks 35
  23. Also, Colorado still has a lead on TAMU well into the second quarter.
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