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  1. God damn the crowd for that Dallas ten man. One of the hottest I've ever seen. You'd have thought Big Kish was the top star in the business if that was the first show you ever saw.
  2. I kinda love the U.S. belt. It's giant and gaudy and that just seems right for a foreign company's interpretation of a United States title.
  3. Per usual, just save a bit each paycheck until the half off sale this summer.
  4. I wonder how different things would've been if the company hasn't been sold behind Bushiroad's back when they were propping NOAH up and possibly looking to buy it as well.
  5. Sounds like they've dropped the in-season tournament proposal
  6. Another thing he said: the negotiations all happened quickly after the first of the year. Which I'm interpreting to mean that the huge 1/1 rating has a lot to do with it, and that means running a taped NXT awards show was an even bigger mistake.
  7. According to the Observer, Bret was headed to L.A. yesterday and is (has?) shot an episode of Broken Skull Sessions.
  8. Is that an arrestable offense, and not just a ticket?
  9. FWIW, Meltzer went back and watched some of the top matches. Said nearly everything is about 1/4* higher than he initially had it except White/Naito being right where he put it and, more importantly, Goto/KENTA he bumped all the way up to ****1/4
  10. Honestly, I don't care as long as it's not Green Bay, just wanted to throw the nWo catchphrase and rep the team everyone else was ignoring.
  11. Darby Allin is such an amazing blend of peak Jeff Hardy and Surfer Sting. He really needs to get some wins here and be built up.
  12. Rosenhaus says he'll still work with Brown if Brown gets help.
  13. I think they set that up perfectly, explaining how Moxley has no friends, and doesn't even change in the dressing room but rather his car, etc. Toss in how he's beaten up damn near everybody, including sneak attacks and cheap shots and turning on partners... Who the fuck is gonna save him?
  14. https://www.theringer.com/2020/1/15/21066392/stuart-scott-espn-sportscenter-career-death-broadcaster The Ringer with a kind of oral history tribute to Stuart Scott 5 years after his death. --------- Fuck Jim Spanfeller
  15. I got local commercials and no PIP during Sammy's thing Really good show overall. I hope with them losing clean maybe they're gonna phase down the Nightmare Collective.
  16. The two companies just kinda sharing the NWA Women's Title isn't a bad idea.
  17. ROH started doing it in the mif-00's. By 2006, they were running a full three show weekend (Friday night in Detroit, Saturday night and Sunday early afternoon in Chicago) around Mania. Then when Gabe left, he started booking DGUSA shows on the weekend as well. And it just kept growing from there. I think the Orlando show peaked with well over 100 events a few years ago, and the last couple had less but still a lot. Looks like we're going back up.
  18. On one hand, I have no desire to see an "adults only" wrestling show unless the wrestling is good. On the other, if you could do it without also going immediately into 17 things happening at once, "to the back" Russo style crash TV, there might be an audience for it.
  19. We're way off topic, but, hell, the show is dead anyway. It's insane: they bought Impact to make sure they didn't lose programming on The Fight Network, then seemingly overspent doing it because that immediately started gutting the news division of Fight. Impact loses Pop, and they are forced to drop it on... Fuck I already forgot the name of that network they part own. One I'd never heard of and isn't available on my cable system regardless of package you buy, anyway. After suffering through that for awhile, they go, eh, fuck it, let's buy a bigger TV network to save Impact. Like, the only things that have changed on AXS is they added Impact and dumped New Japan. Insane.
  20. Let me say upfront I really really like the Grizzled Young Vets, and think they are fantastic. Okay... How fucking dare you bring in the Time Splitters just to job them in the first fucking round you fucking fucks?!? /Absurd profanity mode
  21. Anthem bought an entire tv network for Impact, I don't think a controversy that didn't extend past the wrestling bubble is making them suddenly question that decision.
  22. Pearson is way before my time, so I have no opinion, but career ramekins in the passing game are quickly becoming a terrible measure of guys. Just so much more passing now. I mean, Matt Stafford has a very good chance of finishing in the top three all-time in basically every passing category, and nobody is arguing he's a top ten QB of all-time.
  23. In a way, it'll make putting together a serious contender for greatest team ever even more impressive if they are around 9-3 the next five years.
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