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  1. I really liked Flight until the way too neat and stupid climax.
  2. I hope so, but they've said that multiple times over the last ~10-15 years, and it's been either complete bullshit or quickly dropped. ---- I believe Wonder Woman Earth One Vol 3 has been fully written already. Also it's going to be Rags' last project for DC at least for awhile as well.
  3. I'm not convinced Gase is a bad OC. I'm not convinced he's a good one either, but he certainly wouldn't be the first good coordinator to utterly flop as a head coach.
  4. When McDaniels screwed over Indy a few years ago, I figured he must have gotten an off the radar, rule skirting "stick around, when Bill retires, you're the guy" offer. So I'm at least a little surprised to see him taking interviews.
  5. That's a hell of "an issue discovered in LeVert’s physical" bombshell. I hope it ends up being nothing serious and getting quickly resolved.
  6. I still think if they are going to do puro, Misawa would be the best starting point. Legitimately huge star, and you've got both the AJPW/NOAH split and the tragic in-ring death, plus you can dive deep into the high risk style and how it led to the tragedy.
  7. Can we please just shut this season down? I get there are incredible sums of money here, but this is fucking absurd, and it's happening while the country is (temporarily at least) running out of vaccines and a more contagious mutated strain of Covid is spreading and threatening to overtake the already awful strain that's caused so much. Just shut it the fuck down and try to come up with something for the spring, before we start getting dead coaches and maybe even players.
  8. Two things, off the top of my head. If I remember right, basically when Ronda was training, allegedly the thing everything at the PC was raving about her selling, so she ended up doing a lot of it even if it wasn't the best idea. Second, Stephanie... It seems like every time she has a high profile match, the mood going on in is always "ugh, why" and after the match it's always "wow, that was way better than I expected" dating all the way back to the ppv match with Trish long before Trish was any good in the ring either.
  9. I'm fine with unifying the titles, but I'd rather they keep both belts. Maybe it's just teenage me loving Ultimo Dragon carrying like 9 belts, or the love of the old Triple Crown, or even when WWE unified the world titles a couple times and for a little while had the champ carry both belts. It's just a cool visual.
  10. And I don't think anyone actually said "former." Basically Jericho freaked out screaming "Erick Rowan!" while an obviously desperate Excalibur kept correcting him because of fear of lawsuits (though, to be honest, I don't think even Vince would sue in that situation.)
  11. You know, in my defense, I did clearly say "the AFC four"
  12. At this rate, that includes the playoffs.
  13. On "The Road to" video for this week, Excalibur is rocking an amazing "Nobody Does It Like A THUG Sellout Smothers" t-shirt
  14. Yes. Sorry, my bad for not clarifying.
  15. Fun fact from a Yahoo article: the starting qbs in the NFC have an average age just shy of 37. The AFC four are about 24.5.
  16. Smith is such an odd player. He's small, but he's also not particularly fast or quick, by major college football standards. His combine numbers are gonna get a million blogs about how mediocre they are. Yet there he was, the best player in college football and in the discussion for best wide out in college history.
  17. I think Mahal was really fun in 3MB, but he both wasn't world title caliber, and his out of nowhere "jobber on RAW, moves to Smackdown and is champ a month later" thing didn't work. I already said my piece on Rusev. Roode... Sigh. At least the team with Gable was awesome before they abandoned it.
  18. There's a fast too easy way to eventually turn Cody heel, but I want them to hold off until at least Hangman is champ and has established his reign a bit. Then you can have Cody just utterly destroy him. "I'm an executive vice president, I can do whatever the hell I want. I'm challenging for the belt." By that point, they honored that stipulation for at least a couple years, so you aren't just screwing the audience and devaluing stip matches, and it's the first time you've broken a stip, you are in perfect place to get people to hate him, despite how much the audience loves him right now,
  19. Well, on one hand, as a person with no strong feelings about Alabama, and absolutely hates Ohio, Notre Dame, and Dabo... I've kinda enjoyed these playoffs a lot. I mean, if Michigan is never going to be good again, I'll just have to take vicarious victories.
  20. I don't know that he was worthy of it on a regular basis, but he certainly was on this show.
  21. At least three Buckeyes out, including their kicker, due to Covid-19 protocols.
  22. How long will Beal stand for this without demanding a trade
  23. Honestly, the further we get from that Super Bowl, the more it looks like Frank Reich deserves a hell of a lot of the credit.
  24. Ben having one of those games where he's both been terrible and excellent. If you ignore the picks, his stat line is great. But damn those picks have been ugly as fuck.
  25. Are we sure this is the shine and it's not an enhancement match?
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