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  1. I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't end up getting Michigan State vs Notre Dame. One of the most underrated rivalries in college football.
  2. They actually did it. This is almost as amazing feeling as 8 days ago
  3. Baylor has basically zero chance to get in because of having two loses, but man their resume is strong. Three wins over top-15 opponents (ND and Georgia each have zero)
  4. If, as people expect, Michigan/Georgia is the 2/3 matchup, I'd really appreciate a tiny bit of CFP Committee fuckwaffleness and Michigan to be inexplicably dropped to #3 so they can play the nobody respects us card.
  5. I'm pretty sure ESPN would kill to have Michigan in the title game to boot. Although I bet some ESPN execs had visions of a Michigan/Notre Dame playoff or title game dancing in their heads for a few minutes.
  6. I don't think they have much of a chance of it, but Michigan certainly put forward it's best argument for #1.
  7. Obviously I'm not upset with an 11 point lead on a team who struggles to score, but Michigan had a couple chances to knock Iowa out and didn't do it, which keeps me on edge.
  8. Michigan finally starting to put together an actual drive for the first time.
  9. This has definitely turned into Iowa's kind of game after those two huge plays.
  10. Ok Michigan not coming out flat. That's their nation leading 16th and 17th 50+ yard offensive plays.
  11. I can't imagine that happening, but their resume isn't as strong as it looks at first glance. Them dominating Clemson's offense in week 1 may have inflated opinions on them, even as Clemson wound up not being all that good. The SEC East wasn't exactly a murders row. ----- Come on Michigan, you can't come out and take the first half off like OkSt did.
  12. The state of Utah is having themselves a weekend
  13. Friendly advice to the Bulldogs: if you get a two touchdown second half lead, DO NOT INJURE BRYCE YOUNG. They probably have a backup QB who will play like an unholy blend of Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson on the bench.
  14. Add Makai Lemon from Los Alamitos to the list of California kids who committed to Oklahoma who has suddenly decided staying closer to home at USC.
  15. *Glances out my window in the direction of the Kelly-Short Stadium* Welp, nice to know his education over there across the road and vacant field was of the highest quality.
  16. Congrats to UTSA on holding on to beat Western Kentucky and win the C-USA title. Got out to a 42-13 win, and held on to win 49-41 against a furious comeback bid
  17. Miami might be looking pretty nice to Cristobal right this second
  18. In slight defense of the out of nowhere new bowl, it is replacing a cancelled bowl that was supposed to happen this year, and it also means one of either Liberty or the two 6-6 MAC teams won't get left out.
  19. On one hand, he's the exact kind of idiot that would do that. On the other hand, I can't imagine Tom Brady doing anything that would risk him missing football games.
  20. Somehow I don't think he'll be as remembered as Woody
  21. Prior to last weekend, the most watched college game of the season was Michigan/Michigan State, at 9 million and change. Iron Bowl did almost eleven million viewers. Michigan/Ohio State did 15.8 million. I think ESPN is wishing there was some way to get the Wolverines and the Buckeyes both in the CFP.
  22. BTW, the last time a football head coach left Notre Dame for another college job was 1908.
  23. I have to admit, the biased Michigan fan in me is hoping Young gets destroyed while either Hutchinson has another 15 pressure/3 sack type day or Haskins goes for like 175 yards and 3 more touchdowns and one of them goes from off the board two weeks ago to hoisting the trophy.
  24. So, Heisman If Bryce Young has a big game and Bama upsets Georgia, he probably wins it easily If he has a big game but they come up just short, he would probably still be the favorite. But if Georgia stomps the Tide's teeth out and Young doesn't get much... Woah boy is it wide open.
  25. Trading in the risk of concussions or blown out knees in favor of carpal tunnel feels like a strong move, especially if he makes a decent paycheck
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