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  1. I am a dummy and am doing this late, so I guess here we go: Box Office: 1. Incredibles 2 Solo 3 Jurassic World 4 Mission Impossible 5 Ant Man 6 Skyscraper 7 Ocean's 8 8 Mamma Mia 9 Meg 10 Equalizer 11 Sicario 12 Purge 13 Superfly 14 Christopher Robin 15 Happytime Murders Rotten Tomatoes 1 Incredibles 2 Mission Impossible 3 Oceans 8 4 Ant Man 5 Christopher Robin 6 Solo 7 Equalizer 8 Sicario 9 Skyscraper 10 Jurassic World 11 Happy Time Murders 12 Mamma Mia 13 Action Point 14 Purge 15 Meg Tiebreaker Ant Man & Wasp 175m
  2. So I got married this weekend, which was cool. Also, when my wife (who doesn't like wrestling at all but apparently pays close attention to the things I love because she is awesome) entered the reception prior to our first dance, she had the DJ, unbeknownst to me, play this:
  3. Thanks for doing this again! BOX OFFICE: 1. GotG Vol. 2 2. Despicable Me 3 3. Dark Tower 4. Baywatch 5. Wonder Woman 6. Transformers 5 7. Spiderman 8. Cars 3 9. Planet of the Apes 10. Capt Underpants 11. All Eyez on Me 12. Dunkirk 13. Baby Driver 14. Mummy 15. Emoji Movie RT: 1. Baby Driver 2. Dunkirk 3. Planet of the Apes 4. GotG Vol. 2 5. All Eyez on Me 6. Despicable Me 2 7. Atomic Blonde 8. Alien 9. Wonder Woman 10. Baywatch 11. Mummy 12. King Arthur 13. Pirates 5 14. Transformers 5 15. Emoji Movie Tiebreaker: GotG Vol. 2 will make 312,000,000
  4. I voted for Io but I kind of want to change my vote to DIY after reading the thread and seeing JT's posts.
  5. I think Joe is getting the benefit of the doubt for being above average after years of being actively poor, while Riddle in some ways is already being taken for granted 16 months or so in to his career.
  6. I thought Lashley had a career year, but his best stuff still fell short of that Casas/Hechicero match that (I think?) was in the voting period.
  7. Rush is excellent, but I think he had a year where he skated by more often than not. Miz carried a brand before Smackdown really found it's footing.
  8. I think Strowman interferes in the US title match, and then Reigns comes down to eliminate him in the Rumble (even if Reigns isn't actually entered himself).
  9. Are going to do a end of the year pimping and listamania~! This year? Anyone? @BL88
  10. Why would an NFL rule work as intended?
  11. Sunday, December 4 Kansas City at Atlanta Miami at Baltimore San Francisco at Chicago Philadelphia at Cincinnati Houston at Green Bay Denver at Jacksonville Los Angeles at New England Detroit at New Orleans Buffalo at Oakland Washington at Arizona NY Giants at Pittsburgh Tampa Bay at San Diego Carolina at Seattle Monday, December 5 Indianapolis at NY Jets Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton passing yards 250 Tiebreaker #2: Julio Jones receiving yards 111 Tiebreaker #3: Eli Manning interceptions thrown 1
  12. Odell scoring a touchdown and running through all of Lebron's taunts as a celebration was awesome.
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