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  1. Would’ve preferred the Cavs to sign DiVincenzo for 4/50 than do the Strus trade. Cavs fans very high on Strus but I don’t see it.
  2. I guess Strus fills a glaring need but I’m always wary of former Heat players once they are away from the…advantages that living in Miami offers.
  3. So glad this is back! rotten tomatoes list: 1. Spider-Man 2. mission impossible 3. asteroid city 4. elemental 5. Oppenheimer 6. the meg 2 7. tmnt 8. Indiana jones 9. little mermaid 10. Ruby gillman 11. blue beetle 12. gran turismo 13. haunted mansion 14. strays 15. transformers box office: 1. fast x 2. spider man 3. elemental 4. flash 5. Barbie 6. Indiana jones 7. mission impossible 8. tmnt 9. Ruby gillman 10. the meg 2 11. insidious 12. haunted mansion 13. asteroid city 14. Blue beetle 15. Gran turismo tiebreaker fast x 785 mil
  4. Not to count my chickens, but did Rippa ever reveal what the prizes are this year?
  5. I had playmobil in one list, but I had the X Men movie that didn't come out in the other. I think you two left that one off?
  6. Tell him if he ever gets bored and wants to try something different, look for the module Death Frost Doom, which is good for a short campaign or long one shot. It's really fun, especially if the players don't know what they are in for, and is not really all that difficult to convert to 5E if someone wanted to.
  7. Craig, have you ever considered playing a different system? Lamentations of the Flame Princess gives the same DnD feel but has a much higher initial difficulty/mortality rate.
  8. I just published a TTRPG based on the El Santo movies of the 60s and 70s. So if you ever wanted to be a luchador, solve crimes, and punch Draculas, you can now do so with the aid of two six sided dice: https://jrgoldb.itch.io/sangre-y-mascaras I think it's pretty good and I priced it as cheap as I could, and I would love for my friends to check it out. Let me know what you think!
  9. @S.K.o.S. I took Long Shot off both lists and edited my original post.
  10. Long Shot has had the same RT score for about a week now. Can I get a ruling to leave it on the RT list? I'll gladly take it off the Box Office list.
  11. Rotten Tomatoes List: 1. Toy Story 2. Spider Man 3. John Wick 3 4. Once Upon a Time in hollywood 5. Aladdin 6. Detective Pikachu 7. Hobbs and Shaw 8. Secret Life of Pets 2 9. Lion King 10. Godzilla 11. Dora 12. Dark Phoenix 13. New Mutants 14. Stuber 15. Shaft Box Office: 1. Toy Story 4 2. Aladdin 3. Spider Man 4. Secret Life of Pets 2 5. Detective Pikachu 6. Lion King 7. Hobbs and Shaw 8. Dark Phoenix 9. Rocket Man 10. John Wick 11. Play Mobil 12. Child's PLay 13. Dora 14. Shaft 15. Stuber Tiebreaker: Toy Story 4- 515m
  12. If you don't follow me outside of here, I make little ttrpgs. As an homage to the glory that is DVDVR, tonight I made a little one pager about Survival Tobita. My only regret is that I did not include ~s before all the exclamation points. https://jrgoldb.itch.io/attack-all-monsters
  13. I am a dummy and am doing this late, so I guess here we go: Box Office: 1. Incredibles 2 Solo 3 Jurassic World 4 Mission Impossible 5 Ant Man 6 Skyscraper 7 Ocean's 8 8 Mamma Mia 9 Meg 10 Equalizer 11 Sicario 12 Purge 13 Superfly 14 Christopher Robin 15 Happytime Murders Rotten Tomatoes 1 Incredibles 2 Mission Impossible 3 Oceans 8 4 Ant Man 5 Christopher Robin 6 Solo 7 Equalizer 8 Sicario 9 Skyscraper 10 Jurassic World 11 Happy Time Murders 12 Mamma Mia 13 Action Point 14 Purge 15 Meg Tiebreaker Ant Man & Wasp 175m
  14. So I got married this weekend, which was cool. Also, when my wife (who doesn't like wrestling at all but apparently pays close attention to the things I love because she is awesome) entered the reception prior to our first dance, she had the DJ, unbeknownst to me, play this:
  15. Thanks for doing this again! BOX OFFICE: 1. GotG Vol. 2 2. Despicable Me 3 3. Dark Tower 4. Baywatch 5. Wonder Woman 6. Transformers 5 7. Spiderman 8. Cars 3 9. Planet of the Apes 10. Capt Underpants 11. All Eyez on Me 12. Dunkirk 13. Baby Driver 14. Mummy 15. Emoji Movie RT: 1. Baby Driver 2. Dunkirk 3. Planet of the Apes 4. GotG Vol. 2 5. All Eyez on Me 6. Despicable Me 2 7. Atomic Blonde 8. Alien 9. Wonder Woman 10. Baywatch 11. Mummy 12. King Arthur 13. Pirates 5 14. Transformers 5 15. Emoji Movie Tiebreaker: GotG Vol. 2 will make 312,000,000
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