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  1. Eagle Pro on the internet archive, I frigging love Eagle pro ever since I first got a few shows from Dean 20 or so years ago. Have yet to watch these, as I already have some unwatched Eagle Pro shows as it is. There's a other account uploading older puroresu to both have some Wrestle Yume Factory and other good stuff. https://archive.org/details/eagle-pro-wrestling
  2. Liger vs Soldier from WMF, I actually recently paid for this show, if I'm not mistaken this show was at Soldier's home town.
  3. Tobita is the man, I think I have seen more Tobita in the last year than most people outside of Japan. He even worked a 1995 show that had an exhibition match between Koichi Kimura vs Sayama as Super Tiger. This was during his PWC days and had a bunch of PWC guys on it, even Tigerman who would later show up in Eagle Pro.
  4. I think they had a rematch too, again in Mumeijuku, which is how my friend spells it, it was an other awesome brawl. Here is my friends write up for it. "Mumeijuku February 2017 Nagoya, KATO BLOODBATH, 1,000 JPY Shigeo Kato vs Diablo Chain Death Match, this is the match where Kato lost a huge amount of blood and was sent to hospital." "
  5. Kyoko Kimura announced a Hana Kimura memorial show for 23/5. Seems like Kyoko will be booking it with support from others.
  6. Will the new Crown be able to live up to the prestige of the original Crown that gave us Danshoku Dino versus the invisible wrestler?
  7. I can't share them, I get them from a friend who asked me never share, or upload any of the shows online, the Japanese traders are really strict about that. Even in Japan these shows are very rare, not to mention expensive as hell the prices go from say 16 to 40 or so bucks. Believe me if I could I'd share them, wouldn't want to make any money on them either, but I don't want to destroy the friendship and trust we have build up over the last 10 plus years. If it's the first show released on DVD of the post 2000 Shin FMW that was Ichiro Yaguchi wrestling as Leatherface, though there is a other Japanese Leatherface. DO features guys from IWA Japan, BJW and some other indies. Sadly the DVD releases they put out are hit or miss as some are filmed from very weird angles. For instance I have one that was shot with the guy filming the show facing the ring diagonally for the entire show, it looks really weird. I'm not 100% but that JWA Tokai show was a "commercial" release, probably bought at one of their shows, though I think Toudoukan might also have had a hand in this one. For the record Toudoukan does have some really rare stuff from time to time, I bought some Nightmare VHS tapes from them and 2 Battle Sphere shows from them. But like I said these are really rare they might show up once every few years, but you have to be lucky to get them, I missed out on some rare stuff too like a commercial IWA Japan DVD-R which had Goto holding a pineapple on the cover.
  8. It sucks I'm not allowed to post them, but I have a bunch of great Tarzan Goto matches from Shin FMW. He would often work both the opening match and the main event, the opening matches would always be against rookies. Some of the guys he faced in Shin FMW, Mitsunobu Kikuzawa, Keisuke "Buffalo" Yamada, Masaaki Mochizuki, and Masashi Aoyagi. I want to say the later two were singles matches on the same show, the Aoyagi singles match was really good and hard hitting. I've also seen footage of him vs Masao Orihara in a really good looking barbed wire boards match. Ichiro I really like but he can be pretty bad, I heard via my friend from our source he had a really awful match with a young Daisuke Sekimoto in Keizo Matsuda's DO promotion. But having said that him and Goto tend to deliver as a tag team, he also seems to be really happy to be there even on small indie shows. I've seen him work a masked Vader inspired gimmick in some obscure indie and that was a ton of fun. Oh and on several DO shows he tags with Dump Matsumoto which might be one my favorite things about that promotion. Possibly the most how the hell did this get booked thing that will soon be a part of my collection, is a show with Satoru Sayama vs Koichiro Kimura in a shoot match, other matches include a 6 man with a Ryuma Go team vs a team with Uchuu Majin Silver X and a match with the Mummy. Yes Tanahashi was in the same group as Hard Gay, I think, not just them but Hayabusa and Mr.Gannosuke also started as student wrestlers. I know Sasuke had a match with a guy from JWA (Tokai) last year or so, which I think was either the first or one of the first student groups. They released 2 DVDs sadly the one I get mainly consists of them talking but the other DVD is supposed to have the match. Sorry for going on like that but I love talking about this stuff.
  9. I actually got two IWA Japan handhelds from 2000 this week, one has a 10 man tag with get this a heel team made up of Tarzan Goto, Kendo Nagasaki, Ichiro Yaguchi, Freddy and Freddy #3. The other one has a six man with Goto, Freddy and Freddy #3, already had this but there's a WWS shows which has Freddy vs Freddy 3. After the match Doug Gilbert partially unmasks and goofs around with the crowd. That's from the same show that has Mr. Pogo vs Jason the Terrible, which used to be on youtube. Goto and Yaguchi might just be my favorite scummy indies deathmatch team, they raised hell in SPWF feuding with Yatsu. They ended up having a bunch of deathmatches with him. Deathmatches they had: barbed wire cross penalty match, a no rope barbed wire match a exploding barbed wire cage one a caribbean barbed wire, barbed wire boards and a bed of nails deathmatch Plus possibly one or two more, from the ones I have seen the, none cage, exploding barbed wire one is the best.
  10. Found these clips from a Japanese twitter user while looking for an old anime, anime Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Abby, Baba, Inoki, and more. I have no idea what it's from, but would certainly love to get my hands on the VHS tape for my collection. EDIT: Sorry I didn't notice but the rest of this page is very NSFW and best left avoided.
  11. I supposedly have a student wrestling show with Tanahashi, want to say it was a big outdoor show from a group called KWA, but can't I spotted him. I know that there's a student show with some of Michinoku Pro guys working on it really would love to get my hands on that. I forgot to mention that one of my friends told me SPWF had a bunch of student wrestlers working for them early on Exciting Yoshida being one of those guys. The story is that they got scouted after a big Student Pro Wrestling show that was released on commercial VHS, which I can verify is I own said tape and I'm pretty sure I spotted Yoshida in a match. The same show also had a match with 4 fake Tiger Masks in it. I can't say this enough but the early JWA Tokai footage I have seen, that clip and a VHS release I own, looks much better than any of the post 2000 matches I have seen from any of the groups.
  12. SPWF from 1994 with Motegi in the main event tag match, all the SPWF I have is from much later and almost always has Ichiro Yaguchi he isn't even on this show. Plus here is a heavily clipped match from JWA Tokai either from the very late Seventies or very early Eighties. Pretty sure I posted this on here back in the day, it's really early student ( aka Japanese backyard ) wrestling, but it looks really smooth. Some where in the 90's they became a indie promotion, but all the post 2000 stuff I've seen isn't even half as good as this clip.
  13. Mariko Yoshida vs Carlos Amano, one of my all time favorite wrestlers and one of the more underrated IMO of course. Thought this was a ton of fun, minus the headbutts from Carlos though and it's on the GAEAISM channel which looks like it has some more cool stuff.
  14. The Headhunters vs Ivan and Vladimir Kollof, I remember first watching this during the same weekend I watched AJW Dream Slam 1 and 2. Back then I hadn't seen all that many bloodbaths, so Hokuto vs Kandori and this were quite the eye openers for me. Also gotta love Ivan's promo here, man I miss 90's W*ING promo's.
  15. I forgot how great Aja vs. KAORU was, it's a crime that they didn't rerelease these shows on DVD.
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