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  1. From Bahu's latest update, great work from him as always, won't post the whole thing here but thought this was really touching. http://fmwwrestling.us/FreedomsFMWNews18.html
  2. Just heard that Ray aka Lin Byron past away yesterday, just horrible news and she was still rather young at just 36.
  3. She was way to young, may she rest in peace. Acording to wrestlingdata she also was Kyusei Ninja Tsukimaru/Tsukimaru, she also worked a bunch of indies over the years. https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=bios&wrestler=20399&bild=0&details=7
  4. I got some of those SPWC shows from Dean, so for me DVDVR and Tobita are heavily conected. I'd say more like a poor man's Ryuma Go or Goro Tsurumi, both fought monsters in silly matches. Come to think of it Ultraman Robin was doing the same thing around 94-95, I actually have some handheld footage from back than of his. Sorry just love talking about Japanese indies, especially the 90's stuff as there's so much and so much still turning up. Plus stuff like this shows up from time to time, https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u72904946 These are recodings with Ultraman Robin at the Malenko gym from the 90's. I could be wrong but I do believe it also features Poison Sawada, have it but not at hand else I'd make sure.
  5. Tobita is a cult figure, I don't really get what made him jump out to the hardcore fans. But I have a SPWF show from 96-97 or so and he comes out in a hockey mask, with a butterfly net and the fans pop for him when he unmasks. Maybe it's because he's a Takano (PWC) student or something. Not sure if I ever posted this here, or any one even cares but he was among others: A Uchuu Power ( in PWC, he also worked a show there with a Rey Misterio Jr. mask ) The Fly ( West Japan circa 95 ) Doku Gasmask VX ( IWA Kokusai, West Japan ) Jigoku Soldier (DDT 2001, I think, a one shot gimmick )
  6. Is the old sour grump aware he also had several matches with Mr. #6? Him and Mr. #6 facing Antonio Honda's team, Honda being in a Masked gimmick I do believe, with Kenny cutting a awesome goofy gaijin promo was the best.
  7. I don´t know what to say about this, first it has a Japanese fake Hogan, it has other fakes and than a giant Panda shows up near the end. Hope these haven´t been posted yet, sorry I´m in a hurry as it´s late but I just wanted to make sure these were posted. From the same group, this one has that Masked Nihei clone Kamen Sempai I think his name is.
  8. Just noticed that dig at Mr Pogo from Dean, he actually had some fun matches when he came back. I want to say he had a solid chain match with Ricky Fuji, Onita FMW I think it was in, Ichiro Yaguchi, Leatherface and a bunch more with others I can't recall. Oh and that weird match against Shark Tsuchiya in IWA Japan, which is on one of the "best of 2001" VHS tapes and can be found on MuttonAndTheHam's youtube channel. Wish Lynch knew some one who whent to all the IWA Japan shows, bet there's a bunch of tapes and later DVD-R's that were only sold at those shows. ( there's certainly some DVD-R releases )
  9. There's a good Bad Nurse vs Megumi Kudo match, not 100% sure but I think the date is 3/30/95, sadly it's only out there as a handheld.
  10. Thank you very much for posting Zandig's rant, as much as i mark for Onita can't really blame Zandig on this one.
  11. Has that Zandig rant been posted any where, I looked on facebook but found nothing. It's a shame Ichiro Yaguchi's best matches are all in obscure groups, SPWF, Shin FMW and so on. As for Hosaka the guy could work and has been in some very good matches.
  12. Bonk looks weird, but I do love the fact some one made him, but the rest look awesome. Also a kind soul made a Tobita, not sure about the acuracie though. I have seen plenty of his stuff but the sickle usage bugs me as I don't remember him using one. Might have been when he was either Doku Gasmask VX, The Fly or a other of his gimmicks. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101072065
  13. That ring looks fantastic, now I just hope we get a crash mat set up for Saitama Pro and similar style groups. So badly want to do a Tobita vs bunch of monster battle royal on crash mats.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up, I do think they've had a few other matches with pinfalls. Though those might have been special occasions, I mean Onryo and Ricky Fuji are not regulars there after all.
  15. It's Fugo fugo Yumeji's shoot promotion, the full name is Pro Wrestling Underground Exit it's really cool.The puro central write up is really good. http://puroresucentral.com/exitpro.html Also here's a video of a One Man Kru match in Exit
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