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  1. I just want to give Droz and D-Lo a big-ass hug.
  2. Apparently WWE is going to go the way of AEW and tape from "secret locations" for awhile.
  3. I can't envision any way they would have shown two of those in one night to 70,000 people with zero live action in front of them.
  4. I popped HUGE for Obsession. Was it "good" or "bad"? Who knows? I definitely was entertained.
  5. Not sure what was crazier... the KO highspot or John Morrison WALKING THE LENGTH OF THE RING ROPE WITHOUT ASSISTANCE then hitting a Spanish Fly.
  6. If campy, overproduced shit is the only way Taker can work anymore, then so be it. That was phenomenal.
  7. Verbatim text from my dad who turned 67 today. Apparently he's not familiar with Drew Gulak. "Casero won the first match against tupac" This is going to be a fun night.
  8. President Trump is having a conference call with sports commissioners/execs today:
  9. I missed it. Did they even say why? Or just update the graphic with Cole saying Goldberg is now facing Strowman?
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