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  1. Peck


    Best part was Schiavone saying they're DESPERATELY OUT OF TIME!! at the end. That got a huge pop out of me.
  2. Met Kacy at a show on the Florida loop back in February. She was helping to record video of the show along with a couple of the Chinese recruits. I was probably the only guy in the building who recognized her and she couldn't have been more friendly and pleasant to chat with for a few minutes. Genuinely hope she has a long and wealthy career. She certainly didn't look out-of-place here with Reina.
  3. I didn't really notice anything that horrendous. *shrug*
  4. Peck


    Nice little "House Show" moment there at the end with Charlotte and AJ celebrating with the fans and Styles bumping for the cameraman. Guessing they aren't doing the charities this season? Aside from Miz briefly mentioning it in his promo I don't think I heard any other mentions. And you know if they were it would be crammed down our throats.
  5. Peck


    The Luger shirt will turn on the Sting shirt in the washer and cause it to fade.
  6. I’m not going to be able to watch this for a few days(unless I get a decent WiFi connection on this Southwest flight tomorrow) so yinz can discuss.
  7. So judging by his Instagram story, Ric Flair just married Fifi/Wendy Barlow this afternoon.
  8. Peck


    Has Meltz ever mentioned who "books" 205? Is it H? Road Dogg? Surely it's not Vince.
  9. Peck

    SDL Is Becky's Clever Disguises - 9/11/2018

    You can all tell your grandkids where you were the night they turned Asuka into a comedy character. I'm SO tired of the "coward" buzzword that is all over WWE telecasts lately. It's insanely awkward and ineffective to any semi-intelligent viewer.
  10. The thought of Otis Dozovic with the Bubbleguts is scarier than anything you'll see in October.
  11. Peck


    Never had a bad time at a travelling NXT House Show. Been to 6 and if it wasn't for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Van Morrison in person Friday night, I'd go to my 7th in Pittsburgh. A good bit of the television roster will be there, they do normally hold a few names back in Florida if there's a loop there as well.
  12. Peck

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    Until next time, take care of yourself......... and each other.
  13. Um, the caption is the same title as the... adult.. movie that Chyna/X-Pac were in.