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  1. Keep Steve "Mongo" McMichael in your thoughts, guys.
  2. Not sure if Eric Jackson will be more 1-2-3 Kid or Barry Horowitz when he eventually gets his shock win.
  3. Her unnamed opponent breathes a sigh of relief.
  4. I love Caprice Coleman. More, please.
  5. Yeah, for sure. Looked like he legit hurt his left shoulder on the landing. Not sure what you do next with Krugger unless that was his write-off out of the promotion.
  6. Sucks the table accidentally broke. Have a feeling that ladder splash was supposed to be through it for the finish. Post-match was 1966-Batman campy. I laughed at the BIOCHEMICAL DEMISE OF MADS KRUGGER~!
  7. Vince already claiming that Wrestlemania 48 drew 1,268,373.
  8. Went to a Sasha signing in 2016 at a convention in Columbus. While waiting in line, I watched Tim walk out and spend some time with us. At the time, I had no idea he accompanied a lot of WWE folks to their signings as "security", their assistant, etc. I was just as excited to spend 5-10 minutes talking to him as I was to meet Sasha. RIP, sir. Andre has the cards out waiting for you.
  9. I wonder if Earl will sell bootlegged funeral T-shirts.
  10. Yes. No actual crowd would ever erupt at the announcement of an Aliyah/Shotzi match.
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