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  1. Torn ACL and Meniscus for Eddie in addition to the broken bone in lower leg.
  2. I've known Brittany(SHOOT NAME, BROTHA~!) since she was a server at the Pittsburgh bar/restaurant I was a regular at back in the late 2000's-early 2010's so I'm obviously biased here but it's SO cool watching her improve a ton in the ring over the past 5 years and legitimately make a name for herself in the business. The sky truly is the limit for her.
  3. I should have quoted. I was referring to WWE not renewing his contract, not AEW bringing him in.
  4. It's because of the '93 statutory rape thing, right? Thanks, Gulak.
  5. From Sapp: "Fightful Select has confirmed that NXT cuts are ongoing. We've not heard of any currently and prominently featured names on TV being involved. We'll post names as we confirm them and make sure they're notified prior. We've reached out to WWE to confirm a number of the names."
  6. Ethan Page is gone from AEW/ROH, according to Sapp.
  7. Read an article a few minutes ago that said the FTC just banned non-compete agreements in any scenario and voiding nearly all existing non-competes. Going to be a legal battle though, as the US Chamber of Commerce has already said they'll sue to block the ruling.
  8. Add Von Wagner to the list of WWE Releases.
  9. Jinder Mahal and Xia Li released by WWE according to Sapp. Both have 90-day non-competes. Edit: Add Xyon Quinn
  10. If WWE offered to pay for her rehab, would she have still said no, no, no? <bows>
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