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  1. Nice tribute to Chandler Biggins/Chris Bryan today.
  2. Oney tweeted that he signed a new multi-year deal with WWE late last night.
  3. At least they don't have to spring for a Stunt Double.
  4. Wait, who was under the ring grabbing Roman's leg?
  5. I mean, she's not Samoan. She needs something for her feet in December.
  7. Audio issues throughout for me too on Directv. Announcers super low in volume. Would occasionally fluctuate throughout the show.
  8. I'd agree but then I saw a referee a few weeks ago on Impact with no legs give a competitor a retaliatory moonsault and, I mean, what State Athletic Commission would condone that?!?
  9. I get what you're saying but maybe he's doing the good deed in front of a camera so the 100K+ followers he has can see it, be inspired and do their own good deeds as well?
  10. I chuckled at Charly.. "I'm sorry, I don't speak Albanian nor Punjab. Would you mind translating that for me?" Ha!
  11. Beaten up is.... one way to put it.
  12. No idea why they had to have two heel commentators tonight. Lawler has been fairly innocuous lately(at least compared to how bad he’s been over the past few years) but tonight was unbearable. With that being said, Joe is so good at anything he does. Wrestle. Promos. Studio shows. Live Commentary. Unreal how talented that guy is.
  13. Why is that girl flipping us off? Something we said? Seth Rollins fan?
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