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  1. Washington just played ONEY LORCAN'S theme after their 6th goal. There's one I never thought I'd see hit mainstream.
  2. I peed a little just reading that and I'm not even the subject of Suzuki's ire.
  3. TON of WWE themes throughout the NHL playoffs. Have heard Angle, Austin, Rollins, Lynch, Warrior, Roode just off the top of my head this past week. Sure there's been others too.
  4. Not sure if it ends up being his last match with WWE or he's done anything since but that swan song with Dijakovic is a helluva way to go out.
  5. I can almost understand not wanting to call them Hanson and Rowe anymore. To pick two new individual names that you could at least trademark. I don't even really have an issue with them being ERIK and IVAR. But there was literally no logical need to change their Tag Name. It even had a decent chant-along hand gesture for the crowd to use. Just absolute silliness.
  6. No, they were called War Machine outside of WWE. They became War Raiders in NXT
  7. Unions.. independent contractor/employee labels.. travel expenses.. grueling schedules were never enough to lead to a WWE Talent Strike. Seeing two members of their locker room named The Viking Experience may finally change all that.
  8. Going to be funny when @RIPPA wakes up in the morning, sees this thread at 17 pages, and assumes the worst.
  9. Speaking of Woods, there's a video from WM floating around out there of him basically marking out to Bautista's entrance/theme. It's great.
  10. It truly sounds like a section of a C+ Amusement Park somewhere in Montana.
  11. Don't let Vince see you sick, Joe. https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/travel-issues-impacting-tonights-wwe-raw-281671
  12. Not sure if we're discussing this here but that Dijakovic/Harper match was REALLY good.
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