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  1. Peck

    WWE 24/7 Title

    Can put that in your carryon, right? Just assume it has to go through the scanners like any other belt. I could be wrong though. I think my favorite part was referee Dan Engler coming out at the end of 205 Live to break up the Daivari attack on Oney despite having his vehicle stolen an hour earlier. True company man, there.
  2. Peck


    Really enjoyed the new camera looks tonight. Anything different production-wise is a positive.
  3. Corny and Callihan is the best feud in wrestling right now, bar none. I'm sitting back and enjoying both. lol
  4. Popped at the Senor Benjamin reference.
  5. Odd, I have DirecTV and although ROH is generally background noise for me when I watch I definitely don't recall seeing anything like that on this weekend's TV.
  6. Best part was Alexa nearly tripping over the cable at ringside and breaking character to glare at the cameraman. lol
  7. For concerts, they'll barricade off the infield and put plastic "flooring" down where the seats/fans will be. I have seen the stage itself fuck up some grass before but that doesn't happen often.. This is a Wrigley concert in Chicago, for example:
  8. Baseball stadiums routinely have major concert acts(with fans on the field) during the season while the team that plays there is away on a road trip for a week or two.
  9. Peck


    Thought Gable/Gallagher was spectacular... and then the Main happened. Great, great hour of wrestling. I need Oney/Gulak to go 25-30 one week...
  10. No, Eddie. It's not dildo blender related.
  11. He kinda looks like a white Xavier Woods. Heh.
  12. Rich Bocchini. Unless that was sarcasm.. then I apologize. Speaking of, does Stanford still do WWE Network stuff?
  13. I don't know why but this makes me laugh.
  14. Peck

    WWE 24/7 Title

    lol Truth at the end...
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