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  1. Lana weekly through a table is the only angle in the history of professional wrestling that I want to see continue forever without a payoff.
  2. Please don't give me reasons not to watch. I enjoy this series.
  3. Your predictions don't count if they've already been announced.
  4. NXT UK isn't a massive step back from AEW Dark.
  5. WWE heard your allegations about the Thunderdome audience not being live and countered with Jeff Jarrett.
  6. RIP Raw Underground 8/3/2020 - 9/21/2020
  7. So in what tasteless way does this Xia Li program go? Deportation if she continues losing? Continual hints at a more sinister end?
  8. That Britt and Tony segment was the greatest segment in the long and storied history of professional wrestling.
  9. Yeah, I was 75% sure and then on this week's Dark he had "Sicario" on his gear which kind of gave it away.
  10. Took me a few weeks but I just realized Maxx Stardom is Ricky Martinez from MLW. Which got me thinking about Selina de la Renta and cue settling down joke.
  11. Has Fallah Bahh ever heard of.... a bank? It's a wonderful place you can deposit a wad of cash.
  12. Speaking of Indie superstar pops with ties to AEW.....
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