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  1. That "fan" angle was abysmal and a complete waste of time. In fact, anything involving a "fan" is always atrocious(ok, maybe with the exception of the Earthquake debut. lol). Absolutely no one believed that was an actual fan, which garners no sympathy for the fan or Cassidy and minimal heat for Hardy/Evans and a complete dud of a segment. Not gonna win 'em all I guess.
  2. Naomi promo was great and effective. A reminder that you don't need a 20-minute segment to talk and tell a solid story. Paul E and Kayla continue to be my favorite on-screen duo in the biz right now. Absolutely entertaining every week.
  3. Best couple in wrestling and I'll listen to zero other arguments. #Mork
  4. Dan Lambert is great. Hager trying not to crack up multiple times during that segment was hilarious. Remsberg being AGHAST at the spike piledriver on Sting was fantastic too.
  5. Vic Joseph did say that Breakker looked like a "Dog-Faced Gremlin" in the ring. So they're going the subtle route initially.
  6. Campy entertainment at its absolute finest and I loved every minute of it. And we discovered the kryptonite to Kevin Dunn's repeated camera switches... when your referee has to play cutman.
  7. I SO enjoyed Moriarty/Garcia. Give me a 6-month program with those two.
  8. I wouldn't say he's a face. He's more trying to be a bad influence on Mansoor and trying to get him to do evil things/cheat/etc.
  9. One of my favorite "pairings" in wrestling right now is Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton. The on-screen chemistry is great. Both play their parts perfectly and it's hilarious when they're each trying to get the other to corpse, which Kayla nearly did this week. Those two could be in a wacky sitcom and I'd watch it weekly.
  10. Obviously trying to catch Charlotte's number of reigns.
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