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  1. It's a taped show. Why not just have them re-do the spot? Allowing any botches pretty much undermines both and has zero positive outcome.
  2. Since Regal doesn't reward people for bullying each other in to title shots, does Kross lay out Regal in retaliation to "earn" his shot and end Regal's tenure as Commissioner?
  3. Good God that Starks finish looked nasty. Somebody slip him a little bonus under the table tonight.
  4. This was good, too. Regis sells better than The Warlord.
  5. To be fair, he never mentioned Aaron Solow being engaged to Bayley on Dark this week...
  6. RIP, Regis Philbin, a friend to the wrestling community.
  7. I’m on a flight from Pittsburgh to Charlotte this morning on American. Paid $43 to upgrade to First Class. Wearing my Ric Flair studio-interview Puma shirt(pictured). Flight attendant: “That’s a tremendous shirt. Any specific reason you’re wearing it?” Me: “Well, when I fly in First Class I feel it’s only right to have the Nature Boy with me.” Attendant: “I worked for 15 years in the business setting up rings and working as a backup ring announcer. Ric Flair has been over to my house.” Small world. Thought that was funny. So does anyone out there remember a ring announcer named Teddy? White dude, slightish current resemblance to Bill Clinton. I remember a Tony Gilliam but this definitely wasn’t him.
  8. Cash Wheeler not knowing how to start his truck should be on Botchamania before we wake up in the morning. I was dying. Vickie's theme song immediately vaults in to the Top-5 All-Time. Can't wait to get drunk and post it in @Zakk_Sabbath's Get drunk and post themes Thread.
  9. Not sure what was better.. Rhino/Hernandez or Peter Griffin/Chicken
  10. That's nothing. People routinely pay $400+ per ringside seat(so you figure you're dropping a MINIMUM of $800 if there's only 2 of you) at WWE House Shows where you get a "VIP" experience to meet a random wrestler that you don't even get to choose. There's rasslin' fans out there who will go 6 weeks without electricity for that 2-minute shout-out from Roman Reigns.
  11. That would be fantastic. And the camera cuts tonight were way more than normal throughout the entire show. So many that it constantly made it seem like they were covering botches. It was very distracting.
  12. Steel Vengeance. It’s pretty solid. Would probably be in my Top-3 there with Millennium and Maverick(Gatekeeper may sneak in too) Wrestling-related, Steel Vengeance sounds like the name of some shitty Supershow the AWA would put out in 1989.
  13. I have ZERO idea where to post this but it's fucking hilarious.
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