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  1. To be fair, they showed Ambrose a good bit throughout the show.
  2. FWIW, Avalon worked the Dark tapings I attended at Universal on Saturday. Which is pretty much what he was doing anyways.
  3. She is, to this day, the only person in the pro wrestling industry that I ever wrote a fan letter to. Boy was I smitten when I was 15. Boy do I feel stupid about that these days.
  4. The court proceedings will be broadcast on Youtube. No, Fite. No, Vice. No, beIN. No, DAZN. No, Fubo.
  5. How am I supposed to boo these guys??
  6. Thank God there was a turn at the end of that Rhea segment. I kept thinking to myself why the hell they were throwing those two girls out there to die a death in a long, sappy promo in PHILADELPHIA of all places. You could hear the crowd ready to turn on both of them.
  7. *Takes 40 minutes trying to figure out what hand gesture to use with this*
  8. For those who don't know, Tom Hannifan is the former Tom Phillips.
  9. First time watching NWA since the original Powerrrrr days on Youtube. Are they still taping in the same studio? What happened to all the rows and rows of theater-style seats? Is Tennessee Santa still alive?
  10. To be fair, Cole was practically caressing that knee in the "kneebar".
  11. If @Fartsauce and @Shartnado don't somehow end up in the next Crockett Cup then I've lost all faith in professional wrestling.
  12. Super-thrilled the schlub with the CONNECTING PEOPLE THROUGH WRESTLING~! frame was off-camera most of the night.
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