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  1. Uzi has as many victories in AEW as Lee does.
  2. Best part of Raw was Shelton walking out still wearing his mask, realizing he was wearing his mask, muttering "shit!" as he quickly removed his mask on-camera, and then trying not to break with Cedric as they walked down to the ring.
  3. Didn't Cutler get dropped on his head or am I mis-remembering? Maybe they stopped the match to make sure he was ok.
  4. One alleged twat in one state doesn't besmirch the entire charity, IMO. Unless there's other examples of this I'm unaware of.. then I'm all ears. Make-A-Wish(at least seemingly) does a lot of great things for those who could use it probably more than anybody else.
  5. Hook wearing the fanny pack over his shoulder("it's not a purse.. it's European!") makes him 200x more punchable than his normal punchableness.
  6. Fight Pit was fun. Although Ciampa basically submitted himself by wedging through the cage for some reason. That looked stupid.
  7. As if Dave Bautista couldn't be any more awesome... (NOT a political post.)
  8. Can't believe I'm saying this but I was way more interested in seeing where they went with Pearce/Roman at the Rumble compared to Owens again.
  9. There's a plethora of stupid names throughout the world of professional wrestling but A-KID just may be the worst of all of them.
  10. Pillman leads off Season 3. https://www.f4wonline.com/other-wrestling/brian-pillman-episode-kicking-dark-side-rings-third-season-330236
  11. A stipulation where Chuck Taylor has to be Miro's butler??? You KNOW Tony Khan still reads the board.
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