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  1. Can't lie. I'm a mark for that old-school Weather Channel logo.
  2. Calling those “shots” is kind of stretching it. Their whole gimmick on Dark is Mystery Science Theater-esque. Hell, they say Ryan Nemeth steals stuff from peoples bags on a weekly basis. I don’t think JR would be offended by anything they’ve said about him at all.
  3. I remember being 12 and discussing that same thing on Prodigy. God bless my 14.4 kbps modem.
  4. All those years of hot dogs finally caught up with Kobayashi.
  6. Spit all over my floor after Caster said Keith Lee looked like a 2-liter of Pepsi.
  7. HHH says it's irresponsible to go back to blood/blading. Related: Bryan Danielson will never return to WWE.
  8. I know we never discuss Main Event but Shelton and Cedric had a banger on there this week. Recommended.
  9. It's weird. I can go on my iPhone and Tweets will embed in Safari. Yet I can go on Chrome on my laptop and Tweets don't embed anymore, nor do my "Prev/Next" buttons work when cycling through pages. Bunny looked great in a hockey jersey. Daddy Magic continues to do solid work on the headset.
  10. Great KO promo. Invictus Khash! Is he on Elevation tonight too? Best Raw ever!!!!
  11. From Sapp. Throwing this in the general thread because it involves multiple companies:
  12. Otis/Gable trying to replicate the Owens/Elias heat in Seattle a few years ago was kinda funny. As was the trolling of AEW with the whole “Rousey was disciplined internally and the results will not be made public” deal.
  13. I could be wrong but I believe this is what @Gormanis referring to: https://www.tmz.com/2008/09/15/jake-the-snake-implodes/
  14. Bringing back the territory system.. one DVDVR interviewer at a time.
  15. I won a signed copy of Gewirtz’s book from the publisher. Just came in the mail the other day. Will let you all know how it is when I’m finished but the reviews have almost all been positive.
  16. Dumb question but is Fusion or whatever ever going to be on weekly Youtube TV again? Are they just on a summer hiatus or something?
  17. Hostile work environments in wrestling. What could go wrong?
  18. I win. (Just to expand on @RIPPA, Ventrelle alleges he was fired in retaliation for bringing concerns from multiple Raiders employees to the NFL about a “hostile work environment.”)
  19. I can't believe I'm as excited about Action Bronson/Hook/2point0 as anything else in AEW right now.
  20. Gotta be a weird situation for Mox, no? Pretty sure Renee and Punk are really good friends.
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