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  1. I'll try and find a way to tell him you said that! I bet he'll be amused. I mean he seems like a guy who can take a joke, right?
  2. The whole idea is so absurd to me, since Monday is obviously a workday (or schoolday) for so many of us. Now, I never get to see US PPV's live anyway, so it's neither here nor there! But...if I wanted to see a live PPV on tv, to me, the obvious night (evening rather) would be Friday, not even Saturday, but Friday. I've got nothing better to do! I realize that the fact that most people DO, is the reason Friday PPV's are most definitely not a thing, but for me that would be ideal. Because obviously, if you want a proper PPV experience, it's unlikely that one would prefer to be completely s
  3. I seem to recall the last ever AWA tag team champions being DJ Peterson & The Trooper. I read somewhere that The Trooper in question eventually became The Patriot. So, did Del Wilkes work as The Trooper prior to becoming The Patriot, or am I just remembering wrong? Any validity to that?
  4. This sounds really rough. I hope the cardiovascular conditioning will gradually go back to the level it was for you prior to corona. Baby steps, I guess? Anyway, cutting things short on your first time back in 7 weeks is more than understandable, even under normal circumstances. Good luck on your way back to feeling normal and good again!
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty convinced this is exactly what we'll be dealing with, in this particular case!
  6. The damn snow keeps messing with my workouts, as the biking is so slow that I end up with like 30 minutes for the actual workouts before the night shift starts (if you take away warm up and the stretching and rolling afterwards). Well, I've gotten two short upperbody workouts in and plenty of stretching for the lower extremities during work. There is a chance I may take tonight off, but I'll update this one further, as the week moves along.
  7. Damn! I do remember that all of a sudden after a while it is actually Dave Hebner who stops appearing and Earl becomes the senior referee, eventually. I did not know that it was Earl being called Dave for a while. The fingerprint comment is a very nice touch. Sounds like something Gorilla would say, or come up with.
  8. Stop being greedy, Edge! Let's check the list: You already did, you already did and it's been absorbed into another title, so in the form you gave it up in, it isn't even around anymore for you to TAKE back. ( Plus, you did lose it like 9 times before, so "never" isn't exactly correct.) Now, on the other hand, if you didn't want to do all these things all over again, you coming back from such an injury (yet again) would be another thing that makes very little sense.
  9. I doubt they really ever did. But just like Danny Davis eventually returned to his reffing duties, despite being banned for life, I guess they just figured he had learned his lesson after certain amount of time had passed? Maybe their eyesight had also detoriorated further during this time so they fit their job description even better than before, so WWF figured what the hell, let's just give them their old gigs back.
  10. I was pretty shocked that Jinny didn't become the new champion here! I don't know who the hell else is there to challenge KLR right now? I'll be even more shocked if Pretty Deadly won't become the no 1 contenders in the 4-Way, especially with Dennis barred from ringside for The Hunt! There needs to be a damn title change soon and Gallus are the least over champions NXT UK has!
  11. I was gonna say how does one go this long (however long that is) without seeing that music video? Or at least the literal music video-version of it? But hey, better late than never!
  12. Ok, so I did get a first "normal" workout week in this year. Wednesday off due to work related stuff. Monday was the usual whole upperbody deal with pull-ups, dips and reverse shrugs with extra weights. Also chest flyes, push downs and lat pull downs with resistance bands as well as shrugs and deadlifts with the pair of kettlebells. Tuesday was a light leg day. I put some 220-ish lbs on the squat machine and did a whole bunch of sets for thighs and calves. Once that was done, I did some light curls to pump up the arms as well. Thursday was bench day and I went to 220 and more after o
  13. So it is established that Fight Pit is definitely Thatcher's match! I'm glad he's winning something! Speaking of which : Kacy WINS! Yes! I don't know if I'll call that finisher "FU Ricochet" or "Eat shit Stacy Keibler Jr" but it will be one or the other (and yeah , I know it's Erwin, but that's what I've been calling him since I heard his name). Dunne isn't much of a promo, but he got the point across and you can bet I'll be all over that match, when it happens ! I felt very conflicted as far who to root for during Bronson Reed vs Tyler Rust , but when Rust lost I felt disappoi
  14. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, isn't that the saying? If nothing else , that sounds very innovative! I hope you get to a gym some how before summer! For me, this is the first "normal" week for me since the start of the year, if I get a workout in tomorrow! Either way, I'll update the week after the last workout , as usual.
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