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  1. I suspected as much, but I'd appreciate if you would shhhh about it for now, though!
  2. She's really embracing the being the heel stuff! I mean she pulls it off, sure, but no one is going to cheer a wrestler dressed like that! I certainly appreciate the effort!
  3. It's super cool that you remember the quote pretty much word for word, and I doubt you just watched the match in order to do so! I remember that quote too, the show was shown on EuroSport minus 4 or so matches, which I did eventually check out from the Network!
  4. Pretty sure Johnny's gotta call his stork-guy now. Although, even if the reveal was intended for later, or more public, or well, anything that isn't Doggy Wrestling popping the balloon by accident, the proverbial cat IS out of the bag already. And for the record, there's totally a stork guy. Mork, yeah. I know him, or I know OF him, I don't have his number or haven't done business with him or anything, but it's a thing, definitely. I think they are planning a Netflix documentary about him, maybe?
  5. Although, very early on he did have a sling on his arm during those RNN updates! It's a miracle he was able to eventually get rid of it.
  6. Be sure not to mention NXT when and if you call him!
  7. And if this story was as consentual as Flair made it out to be on Story Time, he may have mistakenly gotten into his head because of it that this was an acceptable pattern of behaviour in every flight, ever, from that point forward.
  8. I remember putting my friend in a Boston Crab, but he just pretty casually powered out by straightening his legs, due to his powerful lower body.
  9. Yeah, it probably helped Bron out a lot to have his moms genes in the mix, but Iet me just say that on the other hand, the same exact thing DID NOT help Cal Bloom AT ALL!
  10. Oh, so it's going to be THIS kind of suspension for Davenport? Ok, then. So, if Valkyrie is out, then maybe she gets eventually reinstated, beats Emilia McKenzie and maybe roughs her up after the match to draw the ire of Meiko? Rampage Brown should be the #1 contender already, but odds are he'll walk away with the victory next week, anyway. Pretty Deadly have become the most credible tag team in the division. Plus, I think they have already had more successful title defences than any other NXT UK tag team champions so far. I guess they should go through Symbiosis and Mastiff&Starz and then they have pretty much ran the gauntlet.
  11. Got a quick bench and lat workout in last night. Bench went something like this: 5x198, 5x242, 3x264, 1x275, 3×281, 3×264, 8×242, 15x198, 30x132. The lat stuff was mostly warm-up, except for 2 heavy sets on the horizontal lat pull (I don't know what is officially called?) with 6x220 and 5x242. Our lat pulldown machine is not super sturdy, even though it is bolted into the wall and to the floor, but even more I was concerned whether the cable was going to hold up, so the sets were maybe a rep or two shorter than I could have mustered. Not a very good week, but at least I should be able to recover from this pretty easily.
  12. Do the lyrics on the new theme really talk about "getting rid of all the haters?" Are they talking about the remaining audience? Also, somebody already called Cal Bloom a blond Khali, but this really makes me wonder. We know what Wayne Bloom looks like and you can see the resemblance somewhat, but does Minnesota have any sort of history with Big Foot sightings? Is Wayne Bloom unwittingly married to a Big Foot decendant, and maybe the physical traits skipped the previous generation?
  13. Let's just say it would make a BETTER WWE tag title than what they have now, and leave it at that.
  14. He did, eventually, but it still ended in tears, because he took so long that Jericho no longer had a functioning tape recorder to play it on.
  15. It looks like Sarray's dropkick made her nose smaller, not wider (like Rollins' knee did to Cena years back). I guess it's the angle of impact, or something? Also, if you can look like Mandy Rose, always look like Mandy Rose. If you can't look like Mandy Rose, looking like Megan Fox seems like decent back-up plan.
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