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  1. Lipsynch or not, Poppy had far and away best performance of the week.
  2. Titus needs to give Mandy some pointers on how to live this one down! Poor, poor Mandy!
  3. Night 2 was not quite as good, but still enjoyable. As far as opener goes, is it fair to assume that Sister Abigail gave The Fiend the no-selling powers and can take them away at will? Bazler & Jax retaining was the right move and makes Night 1's result look more sensible. Sami vs KO was fine, but no real shits given. Riddle vs Sheamus was good but with a couple of brutal botches. Ending was gnarly. The Nigerian Letter Fight was what it was and with a name like that Big E was expected to be screwed out of his gold. Good for Rhea to be finally getting the entrance s
  4. Maybe because our souls aren't dead...quite just yet?
  5. Damn, that's telegraphing whether he's gonna hit or not, then! If that's the case. Also, if he's running and doesn't hear the choo-choo, he should automatically hit the brakes, because he's about miss or crash!
  6. Seems legit to me That's the level of snuggness I like in shirts. Of couse, material needs to be very stretchy. Peeling the shirt off is the shitty part.
  7. Man, Night 1 was really good all around, weather delay be damned!
  8. Did it go something like: "We take wrestling seriously makes me think of Davey Richards vs Davey Richards in a Davey Richards On A Pole match, Inside a Steel Davey Richards?" I don't recall the exact wording, but the gist of it was something to that effect.
  9. Pelago family's parents are dicks! Unless the guy changed his name in college, or something?
  10. This should probably go to some WWE threads, but the individual show threads of last week are closed already. Anyway, Finnish television is apparently giving wrestling a shot, once again. RAW and SD (seemingly these are week old episodes, so much better than the 4 week delay on the Network) are airing 11PM on Friday and Saturday, respectively. One way or another there has been a way to see wrestling on television (cable or satellite dish homes, anyway) in Finland since '87. There's always a few years when it's not on, but it creeps back in, despite the general populations' deep indifference or
  11. They way that GIF ends, it would seem like a good and surprising way to end a match. Obviously leading to a no-count outs rematch, later.
  12. Just started Night two, and Vince wins after all, with Triple H giving us Poppy performing Stand and Deliver! As far as night 1 went, Gonzalez did it and covincingly at that. Her rise to the top has been one of the most unexpected, welcome surprises in past couple of years. I'll comment on other matches later, if something important comes up. Will refrain from reading this thread until then. Yeah, both nights had their moments. I wonder who will step up to challenge Kross? O'Reilly? I see Kai slowly turning on Raquel, but it's doubtful that she'll be the first challenger. S
  13. Wow, that IS pretty shameless! I've never heard this one before! Ay-o, DMX!
  14. If the said match would have ended in a double count out after that spot (with both guys knocked out on the floor), would it have been remembered as a cool finish instead?
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