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  1. And Judas Priest's Ram It Down, which features one of my favourite songs of all time Blood Red Skies, which would make for an amazing wrestling entrance theme, if it wasn't over 7 minutes long!
  2. As funny as this may sound, I've never actually seen that PPV, aside from Cena-Lesnar which I watched as soon as I found a way. I've heard such good things about it, especially the 2/3 falls rematch, but I've never gotten around to watch it. I guess I really should, right?
  3. I was finally able to watch The Colour out of Space last weekend. By the end of it I was drunk off my ass, but it still creeped the crap out of me. Pretty much everything that happens in the story ended up happening in the movie, but in such a fucked up way that it felt completely different. My memory is hazy on both accounts, as it's been a good while since I've read the story. I loved the aesthetics of the movie and will probably buy it on DVD ( yeah, I don't even have Blueray) once I can get it super cheap.
  4. Finished The Testaments last weekend and started on the new novel by Finnish horror writer Marko Hautala. He was an English major like myself back in the University some two decades ago. He's actually been able to make a living by writing horror novels for a while now (imagine that, huh, OSJ). If I'm not mistaken this is his ninth novel to date. This is the fifth one I'm reading. A few themes I've seem to find in his work are for example that the protagonist always seems to have some sort of psychological issue or trauma that in the beginning seems to offer an alternative, more rational e
  5. Still not soon enough. This was another unnecessary "New Coke" experiment, which most people said was stupid and wouldn't get over. Now that we have that out of the way, please let him do what he does best. Which is a bunch of things, actually, but give him a chance to do it!
  6. I'm about 5'6 too and had the same experience in the last indy show I went to back in 2017. Also, due to me confusing the actual ratio of an inch to cm, so I thought I was actually 5'8 at the time (so I was unknowingly padding my own height as well).
  7. What if he still does pad it a little bit? He's actually 5'1 or 5'2, or something?
  8. Hell of a workout week this time around! Took the Monday off to get some extra rest, so it was 4 workouts, two for upper body and two leg days. Today was the trapbar deadlift day and I totally kicked its ass! A couple of warm-ups with 240lbs and 308lbs. Then 7x385lbs, 5x430lbs and the real banger 6,5,6 and 5x450lbs. I was like holy shit where did this come from? I'll take it, though! As usual shrugs and hanging leg raises to finish the week and of course the bike ride home. But I said earlier that it would take me 10 weeks to bounce back and boy, that sure seems true! I think I need to be
  9. It's probably similar reason why I flipped out when I found out that there actually WAS a Tully-Warrior match from '89. Kinda like "let's see what he can get out of this one?" -type of deal.
  10. Half right and half wrong. It did fuck up Storm and that could have been handled better, but Roode winning the belt did elevate them both, the problem was that they didn't follow through with Storm regaining the title! Godammit, I booked a year's worth of programming for my Wrestling RPG around this feud and I hadn't touched it for a decade!
  11. That middlefinger out of the car window goes pretty damn far, but does this include the parents that were also wrestlers, or just civilians?
  12. Does the Impact title from James Storm to Bobby Roode count? I mean that was a good idea, Storm's booking just went to shit afterwards. Roode did ok. I thought it built both Storm and Roode at the time. If the MAJOR title clause isn't fulfilled, then nevermind.
  13. Yeah, well. That wasn't exactly for no reason, but definitely proof that it DOES happen elsewhere, too!
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