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  1. Before I got more familar with AEW, I had big trouble distinguishing Sammy Guevara, Kip Sabian and Flip Gordon. I also got confused which was Daniel Garcia and which one was the Not Darius of Top Flight (fuck, I'm totally blanking out on his name NOW)! I mean Dante Martin, dammit!
  2. This reminds me that there was a filler track called "Rage Against The Answering Machine" on some album, I forget the artist and the track wasn't an actual song, but maybe that's the, uh, "answer"?
  3. The opening ladder match was greatly improved by Brian Cage's debut! OJ's antics were good as well. Jungle Boy vs MJF was one of the reasons I wanted to see this show in the first place. The match was spectacular! I wonder what they would come up with if they met again these days? Unfortunately, even in the promised land of 5G internet, the connection on trains is still a bit wonky, so I'll continue this later on.
  4. So they were great before they started?!? Yeah, there's been a few bands like that, I guess?
  5. At least 3. TNT, World and World Women's. Have there been more?
  6. I wonder if Chris' answer will be: "You want a match? Well, you can't have any!" Just like with the pizza?
  7. Speaking of Penelope, I just watched her title match with Shida from Fyter Fest'20 last night and she was showing signs of significant improvement even at that point!
  8. Just bought it! I'll wait until my ticket is checked before I'll begin watching it, though. I'll consider this a birthday present.
  9. Not since '93. Frequent scissoreur until then.
  10. I have a few hours long train ride coming up in two hours. Should I just watch a couple of random Dynamites or should I treat myself with something like Double or Nothing 2020?
  11. We're getting PAC vs Trent Baretta?!? I could just stop right there. Fuego Del Sol just got his record tied for wins and losses, now he's back on the losing side thanks to Moriarty. Willow had a hell of a match with Hayter. Silver vs Rush was a blast. As high impact as you'd expect. But it leads to Rush vs Hangman which is even more exciting news. The opening 3-way was a nice appreciation for AEW original tag team scene. It really does seem like a new era (which is more like the early era). I totally missed the national scissoring day prior to this. I'm not sure if we have that in Finland? I mean our household has like 4-5 pairs of scissors alone, so we might as well have! So 10 vs Andrade plays right into the rumors of Andrade wanting out? Well, this should be interesting. Oh, an Hook going through all of the undercard is good stuff. Next stop, the Trustbusters!
  12. Oh, my bad. Not familiar enough with them. But yeah Ok, attacking poor Cruise's nuts was not honorable.
  13. I thought he smacked him in da nutsack! Or are you talking about some other Scumbag?
  14. And just for the record, at 45, I'm still able to do the HBK nip-up (or kip-up) although it's probably called a Hangman Page or Jungle Boy nip/kip-up these days. But my muscle memory is starting to forget how to do it. Needs more repetition, apparently.
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