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  1. And then, there's the fan base. Even if you do everything as respectfully as possible, there's no real guarantee that the audience will give you the reaction you were hoping for. The old ten foot pole-rule is a good one, when it comes to wrestling and these sort of angles.
  2. But wasn't Lord of the RINGs more like an Anti-Nazi book than the other way around? Unless, you mean the other...Oh! Ok.
  3. Speaking of Falco, this thing with WALTER could only be redeemed if he entered the ring to a symphonic metal version of Rock Me Amadeus after the name change.
  4. There Will Be Chops... coming to a theatre near you in early 2022!
  5. And Kofi became so hot for a bit there that people who were cheering Ali on before his injury, were actually booing him a bit when he was added to that one title match before Mania. He was being booed, because he wasn't Kofi on that particular night.
  6. Little did they know at the time. All logic would have pointed to his reality TV stardom being on the downturn, or close to it.
  7. Chuck Norris? And even that was just because Norris' star ONLY goes upwards.
  8. I watched the Rampage episode with Pac vs Andrade 2 on it last night. This got me thinking two things: One, I've missed the intensity of PAC so much! And two, does anyone know if his parents are still alive? What are the odds of them tying the knot this late in the game and legitimize PAC's status, so he wouldn't have to be a bastard anymore?
  9. I'm guessing it's the SELF- part, not the mutilation part they object to. Saudi Arabia isn't all that big on SELF-mutilation. Standard mutilation, however... Also: Hey Vince! You were going to call Mick Foley WHAT exactly, back in '96?
  10. Shit, me and my friend saw it one time in the early to mid 90's and we still refer to that one song every now and again.
  11. Well, I do like cooking and Selena Gomez, should I give it a go? TBH, I mostly know Selena from voice acting on Hotel Transylvania movies, but she was fun on those. Maybe I could get some pointers, although cooking shows haven't been something I gravitate towards. I have, however, watched shows that are more about eating, and those do usually involve showing and explaining the process of prepairing the dishes the host(s) end up consuming. Anyway, thank you all for the suggestions. Some of them I'm already somewhat familiar with, others I know by name and more than a few I hear mentioned for the first time. Curb Your what? ...just kidding.
  12. Wow, no wonder The Supreme Being no-showed on the night of the match, in that case!
  13. My wife wanted to get HBO Max for a little bit in order to watch And Just Like That... so, I've used it to watch some of Lovecraft Country as well as the first season of WestWorld (finally). Any other suggestions on what might be worthwhile, genres be damned?!?
  14. Razor Ramon's theme and Stone Cold's theme have a similar beat to them, although they do sound different overall. If you want to go way back, then Powers of Pain (as faces in the WWF) and 1-2-3 Kid's most famous theme sound awfully similar. One of those must be a bit of a miscast, then!
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