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  1. I second that. I wear bandana most of time, even outside the gym and I'm not even hiding a skullet!
  2. So, obviously that would eliminate The Rock n' Roll Express from the equation.
  3. The 4th episode of ROH was crazy! Briscoe vs Nese was good, the six man was ok, Taven vs Darius nice but then Skye Blue vs Lady Frost kicked all kinds of ass, Silas Young vs Shane Taylor too, Starkz vs Alize was surprising and the Aussie Open vs Daniels & Sydal was phenomenal! Ok, the main event ended up being a squash, but it heated up Joe vs Briscoe. And there was the sit down with Kingston and Claudio. Eddie don't dare to lose this one after the brow-beating he got from Castignoli here!
  4. Probably true for me as well. I mean I took 6 months off from watching wrestling all together in 2007 when that one slightly uncomfortable thing that has happened in the business happened, but even then I was reading about wrestling pretty much every day. Also, these days my chances of watching wrestling are severely limited even though the available material exceeds my wildest dreams. Still, there's always enough time to read through the Discussion threads.
  5. I've always liked the 2nd ladder match more than the first, even with the slightly botched ending and other problems you mentioned. Then again, I like the SummerSlam'92 match with Warrior and Savage way more than I do the Wrestlemania VII, only difference being the post-match angle being awesome at WM VII and quite shitty at SS'92. I'm sure there are other similar instances, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.
  6. Ok, from zero workouts last week to five this week. Nothing too intense, but getting a good pump going nonetheless. Trapbar on Thursday wasn't spectacular. Topped out at 617 for one rep off the platforms, then failed several attempts at heavier weights. Got frustrated and used the double height platforms for 662 and with rest-pause, I did 5 reps. But yeah, even I must admit that with platforms that high, it's not to be considered any kind of a lift. I did 3 fast reps with 572 from the same height and decided to stop there. Earlier I got two reps with 479 without Versas, but even that isn't as good as a few weeks back. The snow has been kicking my ass two ways, from biking and from plowing it, next week, same shit. My recovery has been far from optimal, but my belated winter break is looming ahead in a few weeks' time and there's Easter a week before that, so maybe then I get some proper rest?
  7. Wow! Worth it! Seeing OC get in the mood and put that much effort into his face paint was quite surprising. Entertaining stuff in the opener. I wonder who will challenge OC next? What was that thing about hotels on QTV? I have a feeling I missed a really good inside joke there. Hobbs vs Penta is natural progression. The FTR career stipulation is a very good way to build suspense. Are they leaving or staying? You'll know after that match. Stokley trying to get out of the match with not only a shitty doctor's note but also attempting to retire right then and there was spectacular. He did better for himself than I expected, but he's dead now. The Young Bucks attacked by BCC smells fishy, but them attacking Omega after the match did point into that direction. Red herring all the same? Find out in a few weeks, I guess? Ok, Adam Cole is back and that's nice. Garcia being the first opponent makes sense, but the way some people feel about Cole is pretty much how I feel about Garcia, and I'm not talking about how DEAN feel about Cole, either. Toni and Skye Blue ended up having quite the competitive match there! Nowhere near a squash. I definitely second @The Idiot King 's love for Skye Blue's growth, but it seems so sudden that I'm a bit iffy on the part about it being natural. Also, I'm not 100% sure if we are talking about the same thing here? Apart from a few clips this was the first Vikingo match I've seen and yeah, that's the stuff right there. My bold prediction of high spots came true. Don Callis just can't not stirr shit, now can he?
  8. Chris Hyatte has left this mortal coil, but Keith is still among us.
  9. Considering Cena does have a special relationship with the US Title, you'd certainly think it would be. The Open Challenge-era was awesome!
  10. They definitely have more of a WCW Saturday Night feel to them. What I would like more is matches with the end result more in doubt, though. I guess it would mean more young people on the same level facing each other, star vs star doesn't seem to happen there very often. Actual WCW Saturday Night-level main events would also do wonders.
  11. So glad to see a bit more of Silas Young! Him vs Shane Taylor should be pretty badass!
  12. Technically, the bar should be higher on this one, since the other thread only had the "not recent" qualifyer, while this should have "hard to find" or "forgotten classic", right? How it plays out, however, is anyone's guess.
  13. There's also the hard foam roller that is ribbed, certainly NOT for my pleasure, but it gets the job done! You're welcome for that image as well!
  14. Yeah, the black rubber ball to lay on top of and squirm. Glutes and lower back is where I use that one and quads ever so often, but that's probably the most painful area to work on. I usually break into a cold sweat when I'm doing that, but that may be due to the circulation as well, not just the pain.
  15. Yeah. Me, for instance have no idea what my protein intake is these days. I know it is A LOT, but also way less than it used to be. These days whenever I gain any significant weight, it all goes to my gut anyway and most times, gaining any weight above 185 lbs or so is very difficult, certainly in a way that would look good. But still, counting calories etc is not worth the effort at this point, since it won't yield reasonable results. When I need to get more ripped, I know what to do at this point and nothing I do will get me any bigger.
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