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  1. Thank you for reminding me that Jacques Rougeau had three top notch entrance themes that he personally sang in.
  2. See, this is why I can justify the $10 a month for the Network. Give me a random gem like this, the occasional one or two matches I'm interested in seeing each month on the PPVs and then toss in the backlog of Coliseum vids and I'm set. I do like the fact that Badd Company said F it...we aren't getting paid enough in 1989 AWA to buy new color coded ring gear for this one show.
  3. Nowadays the most heated of feuds necessitate chain wrestling for some reason... UGH. Give me hated punches to the mush any day.
  4. Friggin Liger teamed with OZ ((the great and powerful))!?
  5. "There's a lot of Beaver all over this place..."
  6. See...to each his own. I’d rank Gorilla and Jesse above Gorilla and Heenan.
  7. That’s a bold statement sir. Ventura would eat anyone alive on color the moment they would spout biased babyface nonsense...especially when Hogan was involved. Heenan is iconic yes...but come on...
  8. Piper left Charlotte because he saw the lay of the land with Dusty coming in...Vince already had Slaughter, but I see what you’re saying.
  9. The paper this was printed on has more charisma than the man himself...
  10. I never realized that the dad from Mallrats was a WWE hopeful...
  11. That's the best "work your way into a shoot" shooty comment since "Hunter Hearst Homo" ~ Bret Hart
  12. Roland...that’s amazing. Never thought of that!
  13. I pretended the guy in your avatar cut that promo...Hooooo!
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