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  1. What other adjective would you use for the Men of the NWA swimsuit calendar with the nominal purchase of the Danger Zone cassette?
  2. Beefcakes peak was 89-90. He was solid...granted most of my hatred for anything Rollins is really not his fault. The entire current product is horrible...but Rollins whiny voice needs to be far away from 20 minute talking segments.
  3. I’d rather watch prime Beefcake than Rollins. Dude bores me to tears.
  4. The one that they should have done was the murder of Dino Bravo. That never gets talked about...
  5. The Moolah ep was the least of the series by a country mile.
  6. I'd like to at least get the old Crockett Home Videos on the network...Bash 85-87, Crockett Cups. The intro to Bash 87 on that old VHS I had was FIYAH!
  7. I wonder if the Florida 84 card for Lord of the Ring exists in full?
  8. It'd help had they be entertaining once in a while...unless he meant entertaining himself. Oh Lord, I am this slow...that's exactly what he meant. Give my my rasslin' back.
  9. “That kid with the lion’s mask that went broadway with Bret? He wasn’t vascular enough, pal.”
  10. The yellow ones especially. If he ever went for a piledriver, he left an indention on his opponents head.
  11. “Home made” chili was what was in his crown at Royal Rumble 93...
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