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  1. If it leads to Dawson attacking him in a random gas station parking lot, it'd be worth it...
  2. No, because Joe would be Muta and jobbing three straight.
  3. Photo

    A lot of jerking going on in that car...
  4. Never have I seen such a historic handshake since the meeting of the Madness and Mania on SNME. Also, Slipping Jimmy was in all his glory...great stuff. I also loved the little touch of showing us the viewers Nacho's painstaking homework to nail the pill bottle toss in one try.
  5. "Orn-DOFF regrets crashing for the hillbilly vittles, brother...."
  6. Photo

    Don't go there...there's a dark journey down that road.
  7. There's a Tiger Jeet Singh joke in there somewhere...
  8. I really thought it was coming because of that one reason...could he change his name to Saul and pass the bar while Jimmy is on probation?
  9. There was only one time I remember the Heenan Family act like the Horsemen...that gnarly four on one attack on Ken Patera. They needed to do more of that.
  10. Owning used Arab car lots are lucrative.
  11. Magnum would have been THE babyface...Windham's push to upper card is affected...and the biggest casualty is Sting who goes to New York. Luger stays heel.
  12. Moolah's reign was a work, why not have a shooter hold the belt for 22 years?
  13. Heels Perfect, Brain and Flair promised to leak Elizabeth's and didn't...
  14. I loved the detail with the Hollywood Fashion Plate, Classy Freddie Blassie in the background.
  15. I would watch that.