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  1. "Hello ladies, I'm Billy the Kid." (Boston Garden, March 1978)
  2. That happened to me at Toys R Us back in the day...I distinctly remember it...I bought two or three figures and they all rang up Hogan.
  3. She was a mighty big girl for her age...6’3 and definitely, a mighty big girl for her age.
  4. You know what breaks my kayfabe heart? Da Crusher wasn’t much on beer. According to the good Baron, he was a wine man.
  5. Reason #1,245,555 why WWE ‘Creative’ sucks. Can you imagine what they’d have this kid do? Hook had a wonderful debut. Cheers for him and any other talent that can shine on their own and create their own IP.
  6. The best part of the story was that Humperdink saw a naked DDP, took off his shirt to provide cover, and everyone at ringside was more upset at the sight of Big Daddy Dink topless than Page naked.
  7. FWIW, I remember Ron Garvin vs. Tully leading up to Starrcade on one of the UWF tv’s...can’t remember if it was title/non-title...finished with the Horsemen running in.
  8. Bret might not make it unless he’s able to latch onto somebody else. Jim was considered ‘the star’ of the team early on.
  9. In a strange turn, Bob Cook now posted a retraction. So ... maybe not dead?
  10. According to Bob Cook, “The Continental Lover” Eddy Mansfield has passed away.
  11. @Peck “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”
  12. Not a whole bunch to add except that me and my sons enjoyed the PPV. Well worth the $50 price tag. We were looking forward to Punk vs Kingston the most and it brought the hatred.
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