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  1. I witnessed the mayhem of Abby stabbing Bruiser Brody with a fork at the Mesquite Rodeo Arena for World Class. Terrorized this seven year old. I’m so thankful my old man sprung for ringside seats.
  2. Lou Thesz. Noted submission master and also used the Thesz press into pinfall. Not sure if anyone else comes to mind.
  3. No wonder Flair was out later that month. Horrible.
  4. That and DDPs constant reference to Hollywood SCUM Hogan like it was a new joke each week…cringe.
  5. Call if you know the whereabouts of Nippy. (402) 342-9288.
  6. That’s a way better care package than a crate of Buffalo Bills: Super Bowl Champions swag.
  7. Dang it, I need a Cinnabon real bad…
  8. Oh, she knows. They don’t even live in the same state.
  9. Francesca still is a key to the post BB world. She is expecting a certain phone call at the law office on Saul’s birthday, which would make us think it might be Kim reaching out.
  10. If you enclose it, it becomes a facility! ...or a Gorilla Habitat.
  11. It’ll leak when a rep from either Fox or USA receives an email that Vince was CC’d on...a la Russo and TNA.
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