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  1. That one Raw where Cena wanted a match on the spot against an exhausted tournament winner, short-lived champ Rey Mysterio.
  2. Now I want to see Jimmy Valiant in a striped singlet getting the piss kicked out of him.
  3. ...because Manny Fernandez was awesome, that’s why.
  4. Virgil was a useless, reckless, lazy sack of crap.
  5. There’s one with Dusty and Dr Death in place of LOD...
  6. Hogan was going to New York no matter what...even if he didn’t go in 84...if and when he got hot anywhere else, McMahon would be calling.
  7. Flashbacks to the ridiculously high steel cage in No Mercy. You don't know hell until you're stuck trying to climb over the Tower of Babel against Mark Friggin' Henry.
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