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  1. My guess it’s in response to his tours in Japan where they called him a vampire...
  2. I still contend that if you weren't going to keep the belt on Bret, Razor should have had Luger's push.
  3. That mixture is golden...Studd in that era of Mid-Atlantic wasn't a slouch.
  4. For such a fiery babyface Martel played such a great heel.
  5. Was it a local group out of Plano, Texas, TCW (I think) ? I saw Killer Tim and Black Bart hold a Texas Death Match around that time period...one of them got heat by saying they pinned all of the Von Erichs..."I went down to the cemetery and laid across all their graves! Ha Ha Ha!"
  6. Bro, I feel you on that one. I watched that live and winced. I knew right then and there if he was on the cusp of a push, it was all over.
  7. Nah...it’d be more like, “I didn’t know Shelton had such acting chops!”
  8. As a Pastor and fellow wrestling nerd...I believed they hot-shotted the booking way too quick. That should have been a showdown for a stadium show, not the neighborhood alley, lol.
  9. And was pretty much married to Candi around the horn wherever they went.
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