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  1. I’ve heard of Nikita, Kerry and Dynamite Kid considered for the Drago role…
  2. Junkyard Dog vs. Abdullah the Butcher Atsushi Onita vs. Karl Gotch Plowboy Frazier vs. Playboy Buddy Rose Ole Anderson vs. Young Bucks Gotch over Abby Ole over Playboy Gotch-Fest 2k22
  3. Watching Thesz stretch the piss out of Brody in the finals will definitely be something…
  4. Kiniski was god awful and a detriment to the match.
  5. I’m done with both for the time being…lost goodwill is right. I bought the PPVs to support AEW now I don’t bother to watch.
  6. The Kevin Dunn technique for unmasking. Garbage.
  7. I know I’m in the minority on this board, but this promotion has become a chore where I’ll fast forward more than actually watch. This ain’t for me anymore. Enjoy, gents.
  8. Not pictured: Inoki’s ringer at 2nd Base, fellow co-star Tanner Boyle.
  9. I remember someone getting heel heat said, “we will break Roberts fingers so that he can’t speak to his deaf mother.” Yikes! Probably Cornette.
  10. I’m sure I posted this already years ago, but I hate winners slowly walking backwards up the ramp making faces at the loser in the ring. Just walk away, you won.
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