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  1. Is that a Crockett era Ricky Steamboat working the Garden against Tor Kamata?
  2. Is that why Mr Wonderful didn’t give a shit and walked off during Sting’s celebration at Bash 90?
  3. Bucks and Omega are not good at professional wrestling...at least my preferred version of what pro wrestling is. I had such high hopes for this company...but it needs a real booker and people who aren’t afraid to say NO.
  4. Me and my 6’2” 15 year old man child marked out throughout the chaos. Truly a bonding moment...especially with the team up against Mechagodzilla.
  5. Rod Price is asking prayer for Hollywood John Tatum, as he is recovering from brain surgery after a bout of seizures.
  6. Was that Hulk pic taken backstage on the night he defended the WWF Title against Canek...Sept 84? I'd love to see that match.
  7. Wayne Ferris is ready for a Ten Commandments remake.
  8. I never quite understood the Greatest 18 concept...so that title could only be defended among the circle of wrestlers that were retired or not part of NJ?
  9. Somewhere there’s a lost episode of Gillian’s Island where Blassie and Ali showed up to promote the fight with Inoki...the Professor had to take over training Ali while Blassie deflowered Mary Ann.
  10. (Phone rings) “Don’t worry we’ll edit that out...” “So Don, what was more difficult to pick up...the bumps or the psychology?” ”Have you guys ever thought of doing MMA?”
  11. @NoFistsJustFlips, your lack of Iceman King Parsons hurts my feelings...
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