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  1. Janela is a goof with his ever careful tipsy toe down the ramp in his new cowboy boots and his inexplicable seizure while mugging for the camera...nothing about him screams dangerous, yet they’re trying to present him as some kind of threat.
  2. "I'm mad enough to spit. - Tommy Long (my dad)" - ACH
  3. The 9 year old me loved it. That match represented everything about finally neutralizing the Horsemen, painting Flair in a corner to where it would finally be a legit fair matchup without interference.
  4. I’d like to think Robocop stood in line and bought a ticket for the photo-op.
  5. Not sure...but Jimmy Garvin came to World Class in the Spring of 83 doing that exact gimmick and refusing to wrestle on television because he didn’t want to show a potential weakness for opponents who could scout him.
  6. I’m 38 and don’t want to live on this planet most days. I don’t identify with anything trendy or of the last 20 years. Now all of you get off my lawn.
  7. The original Wargames on 7/4/87 was called The Match Beyond once all ten were in the cage...that's when the match really began
  8. "From the fans of the World Wrestling Federation." Vince gave himself a hideous trophy for the success of WrestleMania.
  9. I remember someone referring to the blue bar cage like running into a pile of Louisville Sluggers...hard with no give.
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