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  1. Kind of like how Dusty knew he was on his way out and lost the polkadots in the Fall of 1990?
  2. I’m one of the biggest Flair fans in the world...but yeah. I don’t want to see him back on television. That “made guy” line is 100% honest, true and reprehensible.
  3. I echo what @eikerir said...these last two weeks have done Brian Jr. no favors.
  4. I saw it, same as you...and I feel hollow inside. You could see the genuine sweetness in her, even at the lowest point of her life.
  5. The way he delivered the line, "I ALWAYS LOCK MY FILES!" in JFK was amazing. Foster Brooks would have been proud.
  6. He was definitely one of the most slow-handed referees for non-finishes I've ever seen.
  7. She's a talent...but by-cracky I'm not a fan of the song. Can't more of the younger generation come out to some Merle Haggard or Tammy Wynette?
  8. I’d rather see Mike Ehrmentraut get a championship opportunity.
  9. Who wore it better, them or Eadie and Darsow? Eh, @BobbyWhioux said it first and I missed it.
  10. Andre the Giant's Friend™ is changing the world.
  11. Brody, flying kneedrop. Butcher, fork. Barbarian, flying top rope headbutt. Strangler Lewis, headlock.
  12. “And that’s when I took it personal.” ~ M. Jordan
  13. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about pro wrestling. Thank you, AEW. Thank you for giving me that moment with my 12 year old son...he was five when his favorite walked away. He returned tonight.
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