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  1. Who’s tugging on Andres trunks? Fujiwara?
  2. I’m so thankful Skee-a-vone is on my television weekly again.
  3. I was embarrassed to watch that promo and I was alone in the room at the time. It was pretty bad...not the type of promo you’d ever run live. If she must be forced upon us, she needs to be pre-taped for a while... if you eliminate Britt, the Nightmare Collective and that inexplicable Mercury gimmick...you’d have addition by subtraction.
  4. Yes, but what about Justin Liger?
  5. #CrushedLeaves don’t fall far from the tree.
  6. I’m sure in no time you can add diminishing to that...
  7. Never? Like 1980 ever happened?
  8. Reminds me when a buddy and I booked a fantasy fed in our Junior and Senior years...we had the Ocean championship, defended at beach events. Loser had to be held under water for a ten count. Sonny Beach could never defeat Shark. Inevitably, a masked Poseidon made his debut and went undefeated. In retrospect, it’s a wonder I graduated high school.
  9. It most definitely is Amarillo...I want to say this was during the Mulligan and Murdoch promoted era
  10. Jocephus and Eli Drake's "O Come Let Us Adore Him" was insanity and enjoyable. OOOOH BOY, YEAH!
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