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  1. Sunny’s back in jail...the sky is blue...water is wet.
  2. Hilarious that it’s universally expected that out of that crew, most would pick a fight with the King of the Deathmatches.
  3. Who are you picking a fight with out of that crew?
  4. Tenta is definitely the Engleberg of that team. Morton looks like a grown Tanner Boyle.
  5. Shawn looks so eager to talk to anybody...
  6. It is truly one of the sad tragedies of my life that I never got to meet Randy Savage.
  7. Learn how to piss in the corner of your hotel room. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! If you act now, as a bonus, Johnny will show you how to discreetly defecate into the bedpost knob!
  8. Is Savage holding Orton in his first rest hold?
  9. Parts Unknown and Death Valley...Warrior always spike of a spaceship, Taker rode his bike here...
  10. Poor Apollo has no idea of the amount of paperwork is in his near future. Heavy is the head that wears the crown...
  11. Private Party and Sonny Kiss are pretty shite. They need to shore up on basic mechanics before anyone could take them seriously.
  12. Bought it...was on the fence through the first half, loved MJF and Jungle Boy, glad I purchased because of the last two matches. I'm glad to support this company.
  13. Bulldog stole one of the Smoking Gunns hats...lovely.
  14. If drawing money or killing towns was still a thing, congrats.
  15. “Hey tiger, you’re eh, a eh, a big bastard, eh, ain’t ya?”
  16. Nah, it was in the early days of the weekly TNA PPV's on Wednesdays. Piper was on Russo in the corner...
  17. The family walked the same catwalk. Unreal. Just wow.
  18. That press conference was the same Vince that slapped the papers out of Bob Costas hands. What an ass.
  19. I generally wish well for others, but I hope there’s a day coming when Vince will lose everything. I won’t be sad. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than to die without a pot to piss in...
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