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  1. @D.Z Context? Is that Killer Khan in an overseas WWF match?
  2. As I remember it told, Austin was mad that his upcoming opponent was dumb enough to let himself be powerbombed by Sable. No one would take Mero seriously as a contender.
  3. That’s as egregious as Savage and Steamboat teaming in the WWF.
  4. Guessing that since Kreese attacked his students in the parking lot at the end of the night followed by a Miyagi save, probably they were cool?
  5. ...and you thought Jake Roberts promos in 2020 were hard to sit through...wait until you get one of Marty’s slurred word salad.
  6. Hogan vs. Volkoff, One Man Gang, Kamala, Orndorff, Perfect, Rude, etc. Hogan must pose.
  7. Stan Hansen & Snoop confirmed for Worlds Strongest Tag League!
  8. I'm beyond nauseated with the schmaltzy Facebook campaign "I will survive."
  9. Cornette talking politics or religion is a hard pass. Cornette staying focused on wrestling history is very informative.
  10. "I got a check, a trip to see old friends, a nice dinner...and I left the cheap plaque in the hotel room." ~ Paul Orndorff (this was before they started giving rings)
  11. My thought exactly the moment I saw the headline...
  12. Or, you know...put out a better product that’s worth watching?
  13. The Bucks, Omega, Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela and Swole are all channel-changers / FFWD material for me...and no, Im not a Cornette guy.
  14. Hulk definitely used it in Fall 85. It was at Wrestling Classic and at a Toronto MLG house show against Savage that’s on YouTube. It was brief.
  15. Who's the guy in the top left pic? That's not the Moondog...
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