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  1. Why do I see that and think “three date rapists who moonlight as Abercrombie models”?
  2. It was responsible of the producers to safely place Adam Cole in a child-sized car seat.
  3. As the old timers would say, Brian needs to go somewhere else and “learn a new hold.”
  4. A young Paul Heyman interviewing Andy Kaufman and Fred Blassie.
  5. Gotcha. Slater was a world class worker in the 1970s and early 80s who was viewed as the best Terry Funk not named Terry Funk. He had a serious car accident at some point that has been brought up in several shoots I’ve seen when his name comes up. Could be around that time frame you referenced.
  6. Last I heard there was a pretty ugly domestic violence arrest a few years back.
  7. I truly wish video existed of the infamous Snuka promo from Hawaii on Jerry Lawler...
  8. I don’t remember who said it...while so many of today’s generation wanted to be like Shawn, Bret’s body of work is timeless.
  9. “Stan Hansen, summoning all of the foreign wrestlers to board the gaijin bus.”
  10. Five theater seats in this economy...that’s a lot of monies.
  11. Well...when you draw the ire and hatred of fans that they’ll burn your airplane, it’ll take some tread off the tires quickly. God bless Ron Wright.
  12. So with that open, we are to assume that when Saul went into hiding via the vacuum guy...he lost that mansion with gold toilet? Saul was ballin’....Walter White screwed up so many lives, lol.
  13. From Detroit at the Cobo...Ernie Ladd, Killer Tim Brooks, Bull Curry & Mitsu Arakawa backstage.
  14. Saw the same article you did. Doesn’t surprise me if so...the claim was he lost the Hannibal case because he never checks his mail or is able to read. His wife also took everything in a divorce.
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