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  1. Joey Janela runs the ropes like he earned sixth place ribbons on field day in school.
  2. I don't know what relationship you're talking about. I'm a 30+ year fan and therefore an idiot because all fans are idiots who don't remember anything at all. </WWELogic>
  3. I was one of the biggest Hulk fans in the world. One of my first words after mama and dada was Huck. It sucks to grow up and find out that your favorite ____ was a crap person.
  4. Too bad his self-sabotage eclipses his passion for the industry.
  5. It’s been 25 years, we need a new Art Donovan wrestling renaissance.
  6. “Wait a minute. You come into my house, my party, to tell me about the future? That the future is tape, videotape, and not film? That it's amateurs and not professionals? I'm a filmmaker, which is why I will *never* make a movie on tape.”
  7. But...but...but...Burn. It. Down?
  8. If JC would just stay in the wheelhouse of territorial wrestling / stories / history / deep dives, he's untouchable...and this is coming from a guy who bought every shoot interview VHS and DVD of his from back in the day. But his tantrum-throwing, political and religious ideologies make him such a hard pass for me.
  9. Beautifully put. I wished more people thought this way.
  10. But did you expect anything different, mate? It's like Seth instantly tweeting Punk back...
  11. I remember someone asking that before...but to me in the two matches I've seen of him from that period, he looked like he was being portrayed as an executioner. Could be wrong, though.
  12. Perhaps they could keep her on retainer?
  13. And yet he gives further credence to the advice...put the Twitter machine down, bro. Go parkour. Don’t proceed, this won’t end well for you.
  14. So apparently Punk is still a heck of a promo...Arquette not so much.
  15. What a weird trio...Khrushchev, Neidhart and the Saint?
  16. But you better damn bet the Japanese speak Lariat.
  17. To be fair, someone had Melina vs. Alicia Fox as their favorite match ever. <Someone find that Austin GIF>
  18. Nak is a comedy goof and it went down the right way. No way should he have been a credible threat against Mox. I get the story they were trying to tell, albeit I do admit to hating the oil gimmick.
  19. Janela is a goof with his ever careful tipsy toe down the ramp in his new cowboy boots and his inexplicable seizure while mugging for the camera...nothing about him screams dangerous, yet they’re trying to present him as some kind of threat.
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