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  1. “Upon seeing former colleague Hiro Matsuda inexplicably manage Ric Flair, Mr. Inoki-san decided to join the Funk family.”
  2. Not with that face...he looks like he’s gagging on a piece of grisel.
  3. Weird thing I noticed...I don’t like the look of Sammy’s “sticking the tongue out for photo op gimmick...” It doesn’t work.
  4. There was a brief WWF and AAA talent agreement at the time, especially to pad out a thin roster at Royal Rumble 97.
  5. @GodzillaPerez...Haul of Pane was right there, mate.
  6. It’s from a 2006 PPV called World Wrestling Legends The 605 Reunion Dark Match: Johnny B. Badd and Russ Rollins defeated The Blue Meanie and Norman Smiley Jim Duggan defeated Nikolai Volkoff (with The Iron Sheik) Rick Steiner defeated Virgil Koko B. Ware defeated Disco Inferno Jimmy Snuka defeated Greg Valentine (with Jimmy Hart) by DQ Vampiro defeated Eddie Colón (with Carlos Colon) Jake Roberts defeated Kamala by DQ Dory Funk, Jr. and Mike Graham (with Bruno Sammartino) defeated Tully Blanchard and David Flair (with J.J. Dillon) DDP defeated Kanyon Brad Armstrong, Scott Armstrong, and Bob Armstrong (with Bobby Heenan) defeated The Midnight Express(Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, and Stan Lane) (with Jim Cornette) Scott Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell
  7. If you go back and watch that Stern clip with the Flair call, you could see Kanyon’s heartbreak to hear a man he respected talk about him like that.
  8. Larry the Axe almost got as many shoutouts as Terry, Tyrell and Jayde...
  9. Jesse Ventura would name drop Larry the Axe during commentary every so often....he even does it at WM5 during the Perfect / Blue Blazer match.
  10. Even the airlines expected those poor flight attendants to clean a filthy plane that had grime, blood and syringes on the floor. Gross.
  11. Kind of like how Dusty knew he was on his way out and lost the polkadots in the Fall of 1990?
  12. I’m one of the biggest Flair fans in the world...but yeah. I don’t want to see him back on television. That “made guy” line is 100% honest, true and reprehensible.
  13. I echo what @eikerir said...these last two weeks have done Brian Jr. no favors.
  14. I saw it, same as you...and I feel hollow inside. You could see the genuine sweetness in her, even at the lowest point of her life.
  15. The way he delivered the line, "I ALWAYS LOCK MY FILES!" in JFK was amazing. Foster Brooks would have been proud.
  16. He was definitely one of the most slow-handed referees for non-finishes I've ever seen.
  17. She's a talent...but by-cracky I'm not a fan of the song. Can't more of the younger generation come out to some Merle Haggard or Tammy Wynette?
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