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  1. Why does this board hate me so? I am a nice guy after all.
  2. Belligerent Mean Gene was a true gift. God knows how many drinks deep he was here.
  3. From that angle, it looks like Jericho and MJF beat up Quentin Tarantino.
  4. I'm glad Lance Archer got the win, although I would have preferred if both he and Fenix were in the ladder match. I loved the match between these two aside from the Spanish Fly spot. Things could have gone really bad if Fenix didn't clear Jake.
  5. I was hoping for a Britt win and another Britt/Thunder Rosa match. At one point, I thought we'd be getting Nyla vs. Aja Kong in the finals. I'm pulling for Thunder Rosa vs. Yuka in the finals.
  6. and presumably no one sells their soul to the devil for guitar playing abilities
  7. I'll say Sting. I was surprised and a little scared watching him take a bump.
  8. Ron in the middle of asking "Why am I wearing this ridiculous outfit?".
  9. Bulldogs/Rougeau's is tied with Harts/Brain Busters for my favorite Summerslam openers.
  10. We should get Alexa drugging Lacey ala Rosemary's Baby and it turns out Bray (the devil) is the father.
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