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  1. Muta vs. Hogan in '93 is up there, IMO. I believe Hogan has talked before about how much he respects Muta, so it's no surprise he'd have his working boots on against him.
  2. I could never get tired of watching Akeem clothesline Michaels.
  3. That card looks amazing. Looks like I got something to watch for Thursday night.
  4. If anything, Doc would have probably main evented a non big 5 ppv against Austin with a lot of run-in's and Vince chicanery.
  5. I laughed my ass off at the line, but that's probably only because Grimes didn't die.
  6. It was mentioned. It's about time he got to use it.
  7. I hear Mongrovia was hit particularly hard by COVID-19.
  8. They should be able to Freebird rule the six man titles, so SANADA can be recognized as a champion. I love how boss SANADA, SHINGO, BUSHI, and EVIL look. Hiromu looks like Hiromu, and it was nice of Naito to wear two sweaters his grandmother knitted for him.
  9. I always knew there was something likeable about Cena.
  10. It's a good thing I don't use Twitter. I'd hate to see the comments directed at Deonna.
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