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  1. Ruby Soho just isn't right without "Ruby Soho" as her entrance music.
  2. Juice Robinson really needs to be the flamboyant face again. "Rock Hard" Juice Robinson is just dull as fuck.
  3. I didn't catch it, but I assume this came from JR. Bad habits are tough to break after all. Let's all be thankful he's not calling Dynamite anymore.
  4. The red, white, and blue ropes and the camera changes should have always been used for the JAS to differentiate them as being sports entertainers.
  5. 1987 and 1988 were the only years that featured a match with all the teams in the company on each side.
  6. and thank you for using a pic from the 1988 Survivor Series, one of my favorite ppv's of my youth
  7. Yes, but at the same time, the Elite are under contract to AEW while Vikingo is not. It makes more sense to push an angle with your guys as opposed to celebrating a guy who might be jumping to WWE next week for all we know. That's not taking away how good the match was and how good Vikingo looked.
  8. Nothing to do with the WBC, but I always really liked everything about Limp Bizkit, aside from Fred Durst.
  9. ...and he should remain a free agent
  10. I love Kushida working Impact, getting to team with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin as Time Machine.
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