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  1. I was really hoping Fabreeze was winning the titles. I've enjoyed the hell out of their run and hope they continue as a team. They're much better off together than they would be as singles. I was into the main event. Even Ziggler can't bring down a match with AJ, KO, and Nakamura. Jinder celebration. Pass. The Yankees game is much more important than Jinder Mahal.
  2. Pretty much
  3. and Lana in a red, white, and blue bikini
  4. The Soundgarden song that's been in my head most since the news of Chris Cornell's passing.
  5. This sentence pretty much sums up WWE.
  6. Rusev and Lana will be the great American heroes we need.
  7. What do you expect them to say? I'd say the same thing too if it means keeping myself out of hot water with the crazy old man behind the Jinder push.
  8. Awesome choice! I was so into Chikara at the time of the BDK angle.
  9. WWE could have just created the Indian subcontinent title to throw on Jinder for the India tour.
  10. It would be worse if Michael Cole was on SD also. MODERN DAY MAHARAJAH, MAGGLE! That's quite a bit of alliteration.
  11. As long as you're juicing, the world is your oyster.
  12. seems likely
  13. Have Rusev and Lana embrace America and start up the Lex Express for them.
  14. As soon as the India tour is over, Jinder will be getting popped for a wellness violation.
  15. Ziggler got way too much offense. The match should have been bell rings, kinshasa, match over.