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  1. They never wrestled in ECW. On the Rise and Fall of ECW documentary, Paul E. said it was his dream match, but he just couldn't make it happen before they left for WCW.
  2. Depression has been kicking my ass lately. I've been unemployed for nearly four months, save for two funerals I worked because the firm was short-handed. I'm still collecting unemployment, but I'm getting worried about it running out and still being unemployed. Everything I've tried has come up empty so far. I've had some bad thoughts creeping into my head. I have an interview tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow, so hopefully he has some words of wisdom for me. On the bright side, I want to get back into painting, and there's an art school in my town. I was really into art and won an award for it when I was younger. My confidence was destroyed by a shitty teacher I had in high school who would shit all over my work. I've been watching the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross a lot lately. I watched that as a kid, so it's inspiring me to get back into painting.
  3. The one spot I'll always remember from Benoit/Guerrero at ONS was Benoit hitting Eddie with a clothesline, and Eddie not going down right away. Then, Eddie just throws himself to the mat.
  4. Maybe Arn has mellowed with age and won't turn on Cody. That would be the real shocker.
  5. I hope there is something to it. I think he'd be a great addition to the roster.
  6. I don't remember it, but that sounds like a Bischoff move.
  7. Michelle McCool: All American Girl should have been her singing the Rougeau's theme.
  8. I kind of expect WWE to have their own version of New Japan's double gold dash at some point, so let WALTER go after Adam Cole.
  9. It's a tv show, so it's not real life. Wrestling rules would still apply.
  10. Death Blow was worse. You couldn't even tell who got the final death blow.
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