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  1. Nice Guy Eddie

    SDL is the Oh Five Four~ - 12/18/2018

    because Vince McMahon
  2. Nice Guy Eddie


    Rude should have written a coffee table book about coffee tables. Kathy Lee would have loved that.
  3. Nice Guy Eddie

    Smackdown Spoilers for 12/25/18

    No Randy Orton? Merry Christmas! How about trading Randy to Raw for Balor? We're long overdue for Balor, AJ, and the Good Brothers to be on the same show.
  4. Nice Guy Eddie

    SDL is the Oh Five Four~ - 12/18/2018

    What do they do with Paige now? A manager perhaps? Shane's assitant?
  5. Nice Guy Eddie

    Raw Is Santayana - 12/17/2018

    Once the restaurant turns to shit, I would have been out. A Greek restaurant in my area was really great when it opened. The original owner retired to either North or South Carolina. The restaurant turned to shit under the new ownership, so I stopped going. It changed ownership again. Under the new owner, who is half Greek/half Egyptian, the restaurant has gotten back to the original quality. They were busy as hell the last time I went on a Saturday night.
  6. Nice Guy Eddie


    I've never looked back fondly on high school. Of course, nobody realized I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I didn't speak up until I was going into my senior year. My mindset was if I don't tell anyone, I can't get hurt. The best times I had were outside of school, smoking pot and drinking to escape myself.
  7. Nice Guy Eddie

    SDL is the Oh Five Four~ - 12/18/2018

    I'd swap out Nikki for Wolfe, but there'd be plenty of interference from Nikki.
  8. Nice Guy Eddie

    SDL is the Oh Five Four~ - 12/18/2018

    Put Nikki back with Sanity and give them a run with tag belts. Sanity vs. the Good Brothers? Maybe, AJ helping out his brothers in some six man's vs. Sanity? Yes, please. ...and fuck that guy yelling "Go back to TNA" at Eric Young. You're not edgy or funny.
  9. Nice Guy Eddie


    205 Live is WWE purgatory. Mustafa Ali made it to heaven*, while the Lucha House Party are burning in hell. *NXT is actually WWE heaven, but it doesn't really fit my analogy. Maybe NXT is going to heaven and finding out it's filled with strippers and beer.
  10. Nice Guy Eddie

    Raw Is Santayana - 12/17/2018

    The final hour will be the entire Raw roster playing a game of Red Rover.
  11. Nice Guy Eddie

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    Yeah, Jose Fernandez would have been a great pick up for the Yankees.
  12. Nice Guy Eddie

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    On the bright side, it wasn't Troy Tulowitzki turned Nomar Garciaparra.
  13. Nice Guy Eddie


    They're getting cheered big time when they come back. There's no sense trying to force them as heels if the crowd won't buy it. Let them get cheered and go with it from there.
  14. Nice Guy Eddie


    Anyone thinking Brody King and PCO were coming in and not getting a face reaction is crazy. Why even bother to force them into heel roles when the crowd would reject it? A feud with The Kingdom is the perfect first feud for VE. VE can win the six man titles by beating either TK or Vinny, so Taven stays protected. I have a feeling Marty is going to get the world title at MSG. If it happens, I am going to mark the fuck out.
  15. They were both better utilized in TNA/Impact.