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  1. It's ok. Nobody pays attention to Titus.
  2. Photo

    Corbin keeps his homophobic remarks to himself.
  3. Hogan fucked Dane's wife, too?
  4. Shouldn't all the titles be unified? What's the point of keeping two sets of titles?
  5. I loved Kalisto's Mutoh-like mask. I was hoping Braun would get a face full of red mist. In a perfect world, Kalisto would lose his mind after being repeatedly dumped in the garbage, and turn into a savage killer, which btw, is Rellik spelled backwards. I love the Drifter just drifting around backstage playing his guitar. I would love to see more of Joe teaming with Gallows & Anderson. Balor turning on Seth feels so obvious, so it's probably not going to happen.
  6. Agreed. What once had so much potential turned into Dungeon of Doom 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  7. I still feel like we're going to get Courtney Rush; maybe in the women's tournament.
  8. Ok. Global Gold, 24 Karen Jarett 8 x 11's, and a signed Jeff Jarrett Slapnuts guitar
  9. Money?
  10. Who's on first?
  11. Photo

    Luke Harper: Wrestling Jesus
  12. The Prichard Shitter has a nicer ring to it. ...or the Love Handle
  13. Why start now?
  14. Have you forgotten what company this is or their track record? I don't think it should be any surprise they would rip off Cole vs. Lawler.