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  1. Sanchez and Encarnacion didn't hit in the Minnesota series either. Houston's bullpen silenced the Yankees, not Verlander. They had men on base against Cole and couldn't get it done. He did give up four hits and five walks.
  2. Encarnacion's bat being MIA isn't helping either. At least he can't kill us with bad defense.
  3. Somehow, they topped the Austin Idol commercial with Tony Falk's Tire Irons and Waffles. I'm up to Allisyn Kay/Ashley Vox. Trevor Murdoch was a cool surprise, but Ken Anderson...not so much.
  4. Some people can make windmilling and hardcore dancing look cool. Seth isn't one of them. Of course, it helps to have a big circle pit.
  5. Few things were better than Hogan being beaten down on the Brother Love Show, then later the Funeral Parlor.
  6. Wasn't Dawn Marie released while she was pregnant?
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