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  1. As much as I hate the current direction, I would mark the fuck out to hear Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta...SHIELD.
  2. HHH and Seth are Ike and Tina Turner. Good job WWE.
  3. The Raw after WM28 sounds about right. The Raw after WM29 was where Fandango'ing was the big thing. I want to see the Raw after Mania more than Mania itself. I enjoy when crowds hijack the show. They pay their money. I say go crazy with chants and whatnot.
  4. I got home in time to see the end of KO/Sami and Heyman speaking Yiddish. I loved Heyman's line, "He's one of mine."
  5. Not yet
  6. There's a really good chance I don't even watch WM. I'm on call this weekend, and there's been some Sundays where I've picked up 3-4 bodies and had to embalm, taking up most of my day. I won't be terribly broken up if I do miss Mania, especially with Austin Aries getting bumped to the pre-show. I don't even know if I'll want to go back and watch another time. That's pretty sad for the biggest ppv of the year.
  7. I loved Mark Crozer and the Rels playing "Broken Out in Love" at WM30. Living Coulor playing CM Punk to the ring at WM29 was awesome as well. Once in a while, WWE has some good musical performances, but you have to weed through a lot of shit to get to them.
  8. There's still time for Cena to find some cheap, toxic envelopes for the wedding invitations.
  9. Photo

    Mr. Fuji should have adopted the gimp mask look with Demolition in 1990. I'm cracking up at the mental image of Fuji waddling to the ring dressed like Odd Job, wearing a gimp mask, with his bowler on top of it.
  10. The only real reason for the rollercoaster is when Shane jumps from it.
  11. I refuse to believe that anyone other than Vince came up with sparklecrotch. Nobody else could come up with a line that bad. It's like something from the worst SNL bit, whichever that may be.
  12. Pretty much the same with Homicide. It was all about the chase for him.
  13. That's a really safe bet.
  14. All I keep thinking is poor Chris Candido. Sunny was fucking Shawn Michaels and this was the chicken shit he was given to work with. No wonder the guy was yammed up out of his mind. He deserved such a better fate, both in wrestling and life in general.