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  1. Trainwreck wasn't bad for a romantic comedy, and Cena was perfect in his role.
  2. Do you know how hard it is to be the MVP of a league you didn't play in? Griff Garrison is that damn good.
  3. The Dark Order have become the best part of BTE. Who the fuck is Griff Garrison?
  4. I think that's what WCW was going for with Al Green as "The Dog" after Kevin Sullivan took over for Russo.
  5. I would have brought it up, I'm just watching Dark now. I did notice JR's "Serenity Now" on Dynamite last week.
  6. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/74a82d03-c762-4582-8be8-ecbaeea66529
  7. I thought I saw Pillmancito in the crowd.
  8. Not just a happy, but here's to a fabulous Canada Day.
  9. Maybe I'd believe this one if it were coming from Tully's Shadow. Isn't Flair's Shadow busy with Randy Orton or something?
  10. The Butcher & the Blade squashes are so much fun, even if that suplex was scary as fuck.
  11. As long as nothing comes out about Brodie Lee; Bullet Club (aside from Chase Owens); ELP; or LIJ, I should be ok with my shirts.
  12. I don't believe that's Malachi Jackson.
  13. You can actually make out it says Aleister Black. It's not black metal enough.
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