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  1. NXT

    The same could be said for most people.
  2. NXT

    I'm pretty sure Justin Roberts isn't taking any lariats from Stan Hansen.
  3. NXT

    Be honest, it's just a Ribera jacket.
  4. NXT

    I would be all for that. The tag division is lacking pretty bad without TM61 and #DIY.
  5. Photo

    I'd stay away from any barber shop window if I were Jannetty. Being a Puerto Rican barber shop, Jannetty would be lucky if Homicide not only threw him through the window, but then cuts his throat with a shard of broken glass.
  6. With Dolph's selling, he would have been totally believable as Curt Hennig's son. He and Joe Hennig should have been packaged as the Perfect Brothers.
  7. Proud nxt papa, behind the scenes HHH, Yes. On-air authority HHH, no.
  8. Please tell me Dolph superkicked Chris Hardwick, whom I liked at one time, but holy shit, his shtick wears thin fast.
  9. This feels like the perfect post to end this thread on.
  10. Get well. Get well soon. We want you to get well.
  11. Probably because Shawn was too pilled and coked up to actually be involved. He probably just sat in on meetings in a hat and sunglasses like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's.
  12. Petrol, you magnificent bastard. You never let me down. I'm going to get you a slice of cake from the wedding of King Edward VIII to Wallis Simpson, circa 1937, price, $29,000.
  13. The part about a restraining order was what was missing from Alex Riley's theme.
  14. That's actually what killed the Von Erich's sans Kevin.