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  1. Please let us get Homicide coming in for revenge against Orange Cassidy.
  2. The only reason for QT to be in a Wargames match would be to lose the fall.
  3. I'm pulling for the Cleaner and the heelish Bucks. I find their act more fun when they're just straight up dicks.
  4. This needed Orange giving the thumbs up to make it perfect.
  5. I'd prefer MJF staying with just Wardlow, but if he's going to be part of a faction, I wouldn't mind if Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone were brought in on loan from MLW. Otherwise, I don't see MJF fitting into a faction. I'd rather not see him with Tully, FTR, and Shawn Spears. Then, we'd never hear the end of it from @Flair's Shadow. I like Eddie Kingston repeatedly bringing up how he wasn't eliminated from the battle royal. I'm thinking King attacks Moxley after the Lance Archer match. I'm also down for The Blade taking Eddie's advice, beat the shit out of QT, and take his wi
  6. I blame my late night drunkeness, but I read Art Barr and thought Art Donovan.
  7. Million Dollar Man style, pay one of the other competitors to do all the heavy lifting, get the briefcase, then hand it to me Everybody has a price.
  8. I got a kick out of Puf coming out as well. Most of my exposure to him has been in Toronto's Smash Wrestling.
  9. We're going to get Moxley vs. Kingston at some point and it's going to be an awesome tv main event. Drag it out so we can get several weeks worth of dueling promos from Mox and King.
  10. I enjoyed tonight's show more than All Out.
  11. @NikoBaltimore and @Ultimo Necro have got to give the people what they want.
  12. My pick for the 21st entrant in the battle royal is a bastard...the bastard Pac.
  13. Gorilla Monsoon would usually reference guys from the past.
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