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  1. I've never stopped watching WWE completely, but I'd say after Benoit dropped the title to Orton, my interest level was really low. My interest in the indies had gradually been taking over since my first ROH show in March 2003. It happened to be Night of Champions when Samoa Joe won the ROH title and the Second City Saints were formed. I've continued to watch WWE mainly for the guys I supported on the indies.
  2. If I were an big league ballplayer, I think I'd use the Bullet Club theme or Marty Scurll's theme as my walk up song. Of course, I guess the best answer would be Kaze Ni Nare.
  3. I liked Punk and Paul E. together more than Brock and Paul E. Punk really should have replaced the gaudy Cena belt with the eagle belt.
  4. I initially thought that would happen before reading they were done. If they are in fact done, is it possible New Japan had something to do with that? I'm sure ROH couldn't have been thrilled with Tama Tonga throwing his belt and basically saying it doesn't mean shit.
  5. I thought about bringing that up, then figured nah... Thank you @Ace for reading my mind.
  6. You three boys picked a beautiful hill to die on.
  7. Easily my favorite feud over the last ten years.
  8. Mostly no. According to Cagematch, he last worked Explosion tapings in January and February of last year. He worked five matches last year. There was a gap where he didn't work from 2008-2015. A1 could be replaced with a bottle of A1 and there would be no difference.
  9. Thankfully, Joe hasn't had a dick drawn on his face in WWE...yet. I would say Joe and AJ are about a wash. Everyone else was used better in TNA/Impact.
  10. He probably will. Then, his career will have come full circle.
  11. I hate myself for using one of his lines in 2019, but... Business just picked up.
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