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  1. The one in the trunks is EC3. His opponent? I'm stumped on that one.
  2. Ring rats with *Roland Rat puppets! Brilliant! *Yes, I looked up to find out the rat puppet's name. It came right up googling "British rat puppet".
  3. If I worked for MLW and wanted out, I'd try to corner Jim Cornette somewhere and badger him about his favorite topics: Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon, Sami Callihan, Joey Ryan, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, etc. That or I find out if Court Bauer is a Seinfeld fan. If he's not, I endlessly email him youtube clips that I can tie into anything he's said.
  4. They look like they should be smuggling coke with George Jung in 1982.
  5. If Drake had two ring rats with him and was pilled up and/or drunk out of his mind.
  6. Oh yeah, WCW vs. Battledome. How did I ever forget that? I'm familiar with Terry Crews.
  7. The clip itself? I'm not sure. There's a few guys in there I can't identify. Obviously, there's Rick Steiner, and DDP. It looks like Stevie Ray brawling with Steiner. I can't tell who is brawling with the Cat. I can't tell who DDP goes after. At first, I thought it was Kidman, but he looks too tall. I also can't tell who the two guys that run off are. Enhancement guys, perhaps?
  8. To really put it over the top, Dillinger should have run away, flailing his arms while screaming for security once the brawl started. In a total "We don't give a fuck and it shows" move, WCW should have given Dillinger the gimmick of the world's most useless security guard.
  9. Doug Dillinger was the most inept security guard ever, even worse than Bully Ray.
  10. see Enzo's run as CW champion
  11. My dream match is Jim Cornette vs. Jun Kasai. ...or to be fair to Corny, put him in with someone his own age...Atsushi Onita
  12. I happened to catch that while I flipped from the Yankees game during a commercial. I also popped for Rowan's Corrosion of Conformity shirt.
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