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  1. I was hoping the tag title match would come across better on tv. I didn't think it was as bad as I thought it was live. I think I was just burned out after Dynamite. I'm really looking forward to Britt/Ruby. I'd be ok with a title change here, but I highly doubt that happens. I can't wait for next week.
  2. perfect for when you want to sexually assault a flight attendant
  3. It's Friday night and you know what that means.
  4. Yeah, Dusty fan was great. I saw him in line at a concession stand and his Dusty cosplay was on point. He even had the lisp down.
  5. I was actually surprised at how loud the support for Cody was. I'll have to watch it to see how it came across on tv. I felt bad for Kazarian. He's supposed to be the face, but there was no way he was getting cheered over Adam Cole Bay-Bay. I like Kazarian, but I don't know where he goes from "The Elite Hunter who can't beat The Elite".
  6. I had a great time despite being worn out by the end of Rampage. My throat hurts and my voice is shot. There wasn't anything that wasn't solid. As you'd expect, Punk, Danielson, Adam Cole, and Ruby Soho were all insanely over. The brawl between Suzuki-gun and Moxley/Kingston was awesome. It was cool seeing people's jaws drop for an unadvertised Minoru Suzuki. I've gotten to sing along to Kaze Ni Nare, so I can die a happy man.
  7. I am going to the show tonight. I'll be on the floor in Section C. I sold one ticket and I still have one for sale. I was also underwhelmed with this card, but last night I scored a ticket for New Japan in Philly next month, so I'm a little less ticked off.
  8. I just got my ticket for the October 16th show at the ECW Arena. This will be my second time seeing New Japan live, counting the show with ROH @ MSG in 2019. Who am I most excited to see there? EL Phantasmo.
  9. Hopefully, we get a post-match brawl with Suzuki and Archer to lead into the Queens show. That would make me feel better about being at this show. Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed by the three matches that had already been announced.
  10. Well, this makes me feel a little bit better about tomorrow's show. I honestly haven't been very excited about it. Newark got fucked out of Blood & Guts and being the week before the Queens show.
  11. What could have been responsible for Norm's death? You guessed it...Frank Stallone.
  12. I'm sure it will be fun, but it definitely looks underwhelming on paper.
  13. Jimmy Jacobs needs to be on that card.
  14. Bray paying tribute to Brodie and straightening out the Dark Order, perhaps?
  15. If AEW needs a mascot, it's time for Cody to bring back Burnard the Business Bear.
  16. I could see Burch and Lorcan as great pick ups for ROH or NWA.
  17. The same kind of schmuck that didn't vote for Derek Jeter for the HOF
  18. Sky and Page attacked Lance Archer a few weeks ago, so I guess there'd be some kind of follow up to that. Give me Archer and Minoru Suzuki vs. The Men of the Year with Dan Lambert eating a Gotch-style piledriver.
  19. I wouldn't rush Bryan/Omega. I'd go with a multi-man match with the Elite vs. Bryan, Christian, Kazarian, Jurassic Express.
  20. I liked some seeds of dissention between MJF and Wardlow being planted. Whatever crowd gets it live is going to explode when Wardlow turns on MJF.
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