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  1. I wasn't aware of any issues with MASADA. I was just trying to come up with a suitable replacement since Necro Butcher looks like he's beating on death's door.
  2. and a year later did the same thing with Mark Haskins, loses the blowoff match, then comes back like nothing happened
  3. If ROH wanted to bring in a deathmatch guy from their past, MASADA is available.
  4. I'm really disappointed in AEW not signing Mercedes Martinez, thus letting her get away to the 'E. Madison Eagles is definitely a great call as someone AEW should look into. I also think highly of Tessa's work and would eventually like to see her in AEW, despite the kind of person she may be. I'd like to see more of Shanna rather than her fighting backstage with Nyla Rose. If the Nightmare Collective is taking up that much of Brandi's time that she can't put that attention on the rest of the women's division, then the answer is drop the Nightmare Collective. That angle is the worst thing AEW has going on.
  5. ROH might as well dump Bully Ray. From what we know, his ideas were shit and almost singlehandely killed the New Japan deal. Let him go back to WWE, so I can ignore his presence.
  6. Why the fuck am I getting dragged into this when I went out of my way to stay quiet despite pretty much agreeing with everything @Craig H said? Go back and check out older Raw threads where I vented my frustrations with a company mishandling some of the best talent in the world and being angry at myself for constantly giving WWE another chance. Thank god I stopped that addict behavior. If you want to sit through WWE shows, be my guest. Until I start directly shitting on board members, leave me out of this. I'll watch AEW, react, and enjoy it how I want. You watch what you want and process it how you want. This board was fun before it got so god damn uptight.
  7. Wasn't that only because Russo accidentally sent an email to Mike Johnson with TNA's booking plans?
  8. Jericho is still waiting to get his Loverboy tape back from Lenny Lane.
  9. It's been fun for me for one $324 million reason, but I'm loving this right now. It's especially great because it happened to such a cocky, easily hateable Houston team and the Yankees arch rival. I love that the 2017 and 2018 championships, plus Altuve's MVP will be forever tainted. The Mets being involved is one of the most lol Mets things ever. They couldn't have gone after Joe Girardi or Buck Showalter or Hensely Meulens. They had to go with Carlos Beltran. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the corner playing this fiddle.
  10. I don't believe for a second that Houston stopped after the 2017 season.
  11. There's no way RVD and Riddle weren't smoking in a purple van with a wizard and dragon or unicorn painted on it.
  12. I could see Darby being someone to come out to save Moxley. They'll kill themselves in order to hurt their opponents. They're both loners. Maybe not a full fledged faction, but I'd like to see a loose alliance of Moxley, Allin, Joey Janela watching each other's back. Maybe add Brodie Lee to the mix when he becomes a free man.
  13. You're suggesting a Bam Bam Bigelow hologram should be the new Mets manager?
  14. MJF's theme is great. I find myself humming it pretty often.
  15. and because they're the Mets, they're supposedly wavering on whether to fire Beltran or not I was hoping a decision would have come down while The Michael Kay Show was on today.
  16. Not that it's any of your concern, but yes I do. A wrestling message board? Forget a filter.
  17. That's probably for the best. They barely have a women's division to speak of.
  18. His name is Trey Miguel. All of the Rascalz have had their ring names shortened. Trey Miguel = Trey; Dezmond Xavier = Dez; Zachary Wentz = Wentz
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