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  1. They've been calling it a mandible claw.
  2. Riho vs. Britt Baker came across much better on tv than it did live. I thought Britt was a little sloppy watching live, but I don't think her execution looked bad upon second viewing. I loved Britt struggling and failing to get Riho's mouth open for the Mandible Claw, and Rhio countering the Lockjaw.
  3. Looks like he wins the title at Final Battle. While it seems ROH is on shaky ground with New Japan, I'd like to see Brody and PCO in the heavyweight tag league.
  4. Speaking of Spike Dudley, it looked like Marko was going to get gorilla pressed into the crowd last night. Marko being crowd surfed would have made for a great moment.
  5. Maybe it wouldn't have been a bad idea to give Austin Romine a start instead of continuing to run the horribly slumping Gary Sanchez out there.
  6. I'm going to post more after I watch the show OnDemand and see how things came across on tv vs. how they came across live. There were very loud CZW chants for both Janela and Moxley, both of whom bowed to the crowd and seemed genuinely moved. There was also a very loud ECW chant for Taz when he came out for Dark before and after the show. I thought Darby Allin should have gotten more offense in. At times, the title match almost felt like a squash. Rather than Darby shaking his head and verbally giving up, his head should have just hit the mat as he blacked from pain and Aubrey call for the bell. Either way, Darby was very over with the Philly crowd. Prior to the Leva Bates/Nyla Rose, Peter Avalon brought up the Washington Nationals going to the WS while Bryce Harper and the Phillies failed to make the playoffs. He also brought the American forefathers moving the capital from Philadelphia to Washington. That and SHHHHHHHHH'ing the crowd got the Librarians HUGE heat. Brandon Cutler also got huge heat. He didn't do anything in particular other than being a "squeaky clean nerd" that plays D&D and being against an area favorite in Janela. It was surprising that there was a squash match, but it absolutely worked in making Santana & Ortiz look like killers. They are very over as well. MJF teased a dive to the floor, but ended up flipping us off. He and Brandi were great trying to interfere. The negative: There were a few groups of schmucks in the upper deck that were seemingly there just to heckle. It wasn't creative, funny heckling. It was chanting nxt, 'We want Brock", chanting Goldust during the 8 man tag, "Lets go Cena", and other dumb shit. They were shouted down several times. They did get the Brutus Beefcake treatment and have "Kill Yourself" yelled at them amongst other things.
  7. They both look like they've done a ton of nose candy, especially with the bugged out eyes and the tongue wiggling.
  8. ROH: WCW level dumbassery ROH: Really fucking stupid credit to @mattdangerously and @NikoBaltimore for ROH's new slogans
  9. Jericho must have been watching The Crow before the show. It can't rain all the time.
  10. I hope Orange Cassidy Jr. becomes a regular at every show like Izzy at every NXT show. @Craig H I believe he has been.
  11. Private Party, Cima, T-Hawk vs. Young Bucks, Cody & Dustin w/ Brandi & MJF Joey Janela vs. Brandon Cutler Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon Whether it was Shane McMahon heat or not, Brandon Cutler and The Librarians were on fire.
  12. The eight man was definitely worth sticking around for. Between the tag tourney matches; Moxley/Pac vs. Omega/Page; Jericho/Darby; and the eight man tag, a case could be made that any of them were the MOTN. Eventhough he wasn't there, there were still very loud Luchasaurus chants. There were also very loud MJF chants during the 8 man.
  13. I'll post my thoughts after I've had a good night's sleep and have some downtime at work later. As for your non-spoilered Dark matches: Joey Janela vs. Brandon Cutler Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates w/Peter Avalon Private Party, Cima, T-Hawk vs. Young Bucks, Cody, Dustin w/ Brandi & MJF
  14. I made it here despite the downpour that hit the PA/NJ/NY area. Parking here sucks. It cost as much to park as my ticket cost. C'est la vie. I can't wait for the dark matches to start.
  15. How do we know Jack Evans and Angelico aren't into weird weird sex cults? Don't judge a book by its cover.
  16. which is good since the Yankees bullpen is taxed thanks to Paxton and Severino
  17. If you say it in a mirror, The Babe greets you with hookers; cigars; and hot dogs.
  18. Robbie E. is in nxt as Robert Strauss. I take issue with Homicide and Kingston being labeled TNA castoffs. They were indy legends before they ever got to TNA. They didn't make their name in TNA/Impact, whereas the rest definitely did, save for Kennedy/Anderson.
  19. Sanchez and Encarnacion didn't hit in the Minnesota series either. Houston's bullpen silenced the Yankees, not Verlander. They had men on base against Cole and couldn't get it done. He did give up four hits and five walks.
  20. Encarnacion's bat being MIA isn't helping either. At least he can't kill us with bad defense.
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