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  1. I'm going to stick with my guess that it's Claudio.
  2. Nothing against Clark Connors, but that sucks. and why Clark Connors? Why not a star, like Naito or SANADA?
  3. I'm getting the show. I can't find any theatres showing it. I'm ready for another five hour ppv, so I took the next day off at work.
  4. My favorite Spears AEW moment was him doing the Mr. Blonde dance before hitting someone with the steel chair. I don't remember who was on the receiving end of that chair shot.
  5. Jacques Rougeau had the trifecta of great themes. Other themes that can be considered for best of all time are Demolition and Jive Soul Bro.
  6. I hope Forbidden Door will be shown in theaters.
  7. I don't have much to add, but I watched Double or Nothing in a theatre with a bunch of other wrestling nerds and had an absolute blast, although I was spent by the end of the show.
  8. I loved Reservoir Dog Kazarian.
  9. Blindfold match against Lance Archer with Jake hitting the DDT on Garcia
  10. https://blabbermouth.net/news/the-black-dahlia-murder-frontman-trevor-strnad-dead-at-41
  11. That's the impression that I get. Anytime I can work in a Mighty Mighty Bosstones reference, I try to take it.
  12. My money is on either Claudio or Kushida.
  13. Thank you. I'm holding up well.
  14. Manhattan Mayhem was awesome. I loved the world title match between Austin Aries and Alex Shelley.
  15. I picked up my dad's cremains today. Medicaid paid for everything, including the urn.
  16. PCO would be fun as an associate of the Dark Order.
  17. Does that make Shawn Spears MJF's Virgil?
  18. Love the Godfather/Seinfeld reference
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