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  1. With the show in three days, is it safe to say we can rule out anyone not based in the US or already touring the US from another country?
  2. who happens to be Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
  3. Their new name for whereever they show up next, the Cazztoffz. Not a peep has been uttered about them on ROH tv, so this looks like a good sign ROH wised up and said, FUCK 'EM.
  4. I like the Britt Baker shirt. The Jim Ross shirt should be more like F'N Jim Ross...really?
  5. They do? Why haven't I noticed this?
  6. Don't be fooled by his size; Page has some hoss strength. I'd check out his match with Jeff Cobb from Final Battle 2018 and his match with Joey Janela from All In. Between his ROH and New Japan work, you have a lot to choose from. http://www.profightdb.com/wrestler-star-ratings/adam-page-7007.html
  7. I'm finally getting around to watching this episode and enjoying it thus far.
  8. Look up Thibs using the search function and you find all you need to know. Yes, this place weird, but there's also some very decent and cool people here...for the most part.
  9. Judging by the full head of hair, Arn drew that comic.
  10. Ending Chikara isn't the worst idea. There's not a shortage of places the talent can go work. I loved Quack's longterm storytelling, but the shutdown killed the momentum and it never really recovered. I'd like to see somebody carry on the tradition of a King of Trios tournament.
  11. I wouldn't mind Homicide and Ki vs. Teddy and Davey Boy, Jr. or Pillman, Jr.
  12. Y'all need to be peaceful like me. You know what I mean?
  13. especially on the company's first ppv Wait for the tv show if you're gonna do a Dusty finish.
  14. I just got done watching Page vs. Pac and really enjoyed it, finish aside. It was cool to hear how over Page was with a UK crowd. That could have been the MOTN in an ideal situation at Double or Nothing with five more minutes for the finish. I hope we get a rematch after Pac loses the Open the Dream Gate title.
  15. Yeah, it's been the same ref, so he's finally reaching his breaking point.
  16. That was me noting some similarities between Daga and Davey. The issue with Rich Swann and Myron Reed with the ref has been building for some time. It started with Swann. Swann smacked Rich Bocchini when Bocchini tried to interview to him after a loss, which Swann blamed on the same referee. Swann was suspended and Myron Reed would come out with tape over his mouth saying Justice for Swann or Free Swann, something along those lines. They're basically saying the refs are racially biased against them without actually coming out and saying it.
  17. More Rammstein in wrestling would be a very good thing.
  18. No argument there about PCO's dives; they look fine. I'd just be afraid for his safety that he'd be crazy enough to dive from a balcony.
  19. I understand if you blocked it from memory since it was Benoit vs. Sullivan from the Great American Bash, but there was the Dusty classic, "There is a lady in the men's bathroom.". He follows it up with "There is a woman in the men's john, here in Baltimore.". There were some other pretty funny lines, mostly from Dusty.
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