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  1. I watch way too much wrestling and still feel like I miss too much, but that's fine. As much as I love having access to old stuff in theory, in practice I nearly always feel like I'm wasting my time watching it. To me, seeing history being made live, or nearly live, is a huge part of the appeal of wrestling, however minor and silly that history might be. Because it's a hybrid of art and sport, I need the sport part to be at least a little unpredictable to get the most out of it. I no longer force myself to watch Raw and Smackdown, but I'll usually at least give them an hour each with my finger on fast forward. Sometimes though, if the opening promo's especially tedious and I get the sense there will be no matches or story developments of any worth, I'll just look up spoilers. I always watch PPVs and mainline NXT, but have weaned myself off 205 and NXT UK. I watch all the significant New Japan shows, I watch Dynamite, and recently I've been quite enjoying MLW. Plus I go to Progress every month. And I think that's everything. I try Impact every so often but can't be arsed when we don't get it in HD over here, and I stopped watching NWA after a few weeks when it became clear there was little chance of a substantial match breaking out most of the time.
  2. Fuck it. Incredible match, easy five stars, but I'm genuinely sad that Ibushi lost. He's so much better than Naito, and it sucks to see him miss out just so they can do a coronation for someone who already had an IWGP title reign.
  3. I don't make lists for wrestling matches, cos I rarely if ever rewatch wrestling matches, but Lio Rush vs Angel Garza would be high on mine if I did, it was phenomenal. 15 minutes of pure joy.
  4. Bloodborne's slightly easier than Sekiro, as it at least lets you level up. Don't play them too close together though, apart from the stress factor, they teach you bad habits for each other. But also, persevere, I'm shit at games and I beat them both, although From games do tend to produce a bloody minded streak that I don't have anything close to usually. I got Goose Game, Metro Redux, Life Is Strange 2, Brothers and Children Of Morta in the PS sale, and Morta has been devouring my time over the Christmas week. It's a Diablo clone with Roguelike progression mechanics, but the gameplay is fun enough that the grindiness is rewarding, unlike Rogue Legacy, for instance, where it feels like I'm just getting more efficient at a game I fundamentally don't enjoy.
  5. Yeah, The Austerity Program is my final choice. I was hoping Universal Death Church by Lord Mantis would top it, and it is fantastic, but the production doesn't have the crunch of their last album.
  6. Not to be a contrarian, but I think they're one of the few bands to have quantifiably improved with every record. It's certainly an upward trend, their last one in 2016 was one of the best of the decade. It's also the most varied, so a perfect starting point. None of their albums are bad though, the first one is fun but unremarkable and then it's all 8/10 at worst.
  7. I'm not 100% decided on it being my AOTY yet, because it's too damned short, but nothing else has properly supplanted it so far despite that, and they say it's an album not an EP, so - Bible Songs 1 by The Austerity Program.
  8. I once shook hands with Keith Lee. His hands are deceptively exactly as fuckin huge as they look on TV.
  9. It's surreal and great to see Andy Williams on live wrestlling TV, I just hope he still finds the time to record the next ETID album. Now The Dillinger Escape Plan have finished, they're the defacto best live band in the world, and I need new riffs.
  10. Well, Priscilla Spiderkelly is using Jizzlobber by Faith No More as her theme tune, so I'm now in love and will be needing an industrial helping of the settle downs. One of the greatest songs of all time, I even used it for my old e-fed character. The wrestling music bar has been raised!
  11. Kofi would actually perfect. He's sympathetic enough that people might boo the Fiend, losing in a semi squash can't hurt him any more than the Lesnar match, and it closes the gaping plot hole of him dropping the title and cheerfully going back to being a tag wrestler one week later.
  12. Give me a 5 vs 5 vs 5 elimination match and I'll be happy. Eight year old me would have been all over that, and the part of my brain that loves wrestling has barely grown up.
  13. Yeah, it's not at all better really, but if people are going to try and get him sacked they could at least have the integrity to do so on the basis of the actual words he used. And I say this as much more of a Smallman fan than a Cornette fan. Jim is usually more of a dick than he needs to be with his various flare ups, but he does also speak sense about some things, and of all the pieces of shit in wrestling, I don't think he deserves the hate campaigns he attracts.
  14. About two or three years ago, he said Jim Smallman of Progress Wrestling should be strung up in the parking lot for compering a show while dressed like a slob. Which wasn't very nice, but Jim laughed it off and named a show Old Man Yells At Cloud, about two or three years ago. Apparently someone on Twitter has reheated the controversy and tried to pass it off as Cornette saying Smallman should hang himself, in the hope that the NWA would fire him, I guess.
  15. Convince us that the WWE and Universal Titles aren't only the concern of whoever currently holds those belts and their number one contenders. Break the cycle of three month programmes where you can predict the outcome after month one. Don't have your champion lose a huge title match in five seconds and go back to pancake nonsense the next week like nothing's happened. Call up Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Dominik Dijackovic, Shayna Baszler, Toni Storm, Tyler Bate, Bianca Belair and Pete Dunne and strap the rocket to them. Stop working with Tyson Fury because he's a hateful anti semite and misogynist who has used his comeback from depression to deflect from backwards views that he's never convincingly disavowed. That'd be a start.
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