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  1. Why is the triple threat match advertised as No Holds Barred, when triple threat matches in WWE are no DQ by their very nature, and therefore do not bar any holds?
  2. I know the Sonya Deville stalker sounds particularly disturbed, but you only have to look at the replies to any of the WWE women's social media to realise how impossible it'd be to preemptively get psychiatric help for everyone displaying signs of obsessive and creepy behaviour. Honestly, I think the sort of fan culture that has sprung up in the last ten years or so alongside Twitter, especially, is fucking alarming. There's a whole world of lunatics out there who think they're entitled to famous people's attention if they try hard enough to 'earn' it, and even if 99% of them are harmless, tha
  3. My main takeaway from this is that they really need to stop having their main events start with under 15 minutes to go. The TV time remaining thing is fine, but they should at least try and maintain the illusion that they begin each show intending for the main to get up to 20 minutes. As it is, they keep hyping me up for a match one week, and lowering my expectations for anything better than a solid TV match by the time it finally starts.
  4. Maybe this has been a regular talking point that I've missed somehow, but Dominik looks distractingly like Anthony Jr from The Sopranos. His match with Seth needs to end via stoppage when a bear appears.
  5. Cardona's music is terrible, but I still sort of like it? Abysmal 2001 nu metal is still better than a lot of current WWE themes, cos it's more wrestlery. Too many WWE top and mid card guys have instrumental tunes, which is fine when they're Mr Perfect level great, but how often is that the case? It used to be the case that when your entrance music got lyrics, it meant you'd evolved into a main eventer, now their two main champions have generic instrumentals. So AEW is clearing a very low bar by getting themselves a shitty wrestler metal house band, but I'll take it.
  6. Is it baseless and unfair to add this Marty thing to my hunch that quite a lot of 80's wrestlers probably murdered people back in the day? It was already a bit of a golden age (wrong phrase, but hey) for serial killers back then. Add in wrestlers' itinerant lifestyle, love of substances and well documented propensity for violence and perversion, and I do wonder...
  7. I love this game, perfect for anyone who's into the idea of a battle royale, but doesn't want to test their twitch shooting skills against other people. Managed to win my first game before work this morning, felt like an hero and did an actual jig.
  8. Not to add unnecessarily to the 'my non wrestling fan girlfriend has surprising insight into wrestling' genre of post, but thought the board would appreciate this one. My girlfriend moved in with me last week for coronaviral reasons, and has never been a TV watcher, so she's generally happy to occupy herself with other things while I watch my usual non wrestling bullshit. But, she's genuinely gotten interested in wrestling and will give it her full attention, even in its current sad, fanless state. So far she's enjoyed Aleister Black and Shotzi Blackheart for coolness reasons, but of all the A
  9. What's R Truth's contract situation? Cos if it's up soon, they can sign him up and give us Sauron Killings for a real blood feud. And I'd never advocate signing Enzo, but he's only a drastic shave away from being a perfect Gollum.
  10. Is there any chance of Sasha Banks going to AEW, or did she renew her contract recently? She has star power and is an excellent (albeit sometimes scarier than Darby Allin to watch) wrestler. And she seems like enough of a wrestling nerd to go to a company that'll give her more creative freedom, even if its crop of female wrestlers is much worse.
  11. I liked Code Orange doing Aleister's theme in NXT. My personal jury's still out on them, but in a wrestling context they're excellent.
  12. I didn't have any until I was 32, two years later I now have four. Sure they might look terrible when I'm in my sixties, but probably so will the rest of me. And I guess the more hair I lose, the more I feel like action needs to be taken about not looking too much like a generic office drone. Not sure about Cody's, but it'll look better when it's not as new, and he's already rich with a hot wife, so who does he need to impress? Anyway, PPV was great. Orange Cassidy and Hangman rule, and I'm pleased for Cabana.
  13. I have no idea if he is or not really (a great boxer, not a closet case), I have a decent working knowledge of MMA cos I watch a lot of it, a good knowledge of Judo from first hand experience, and a very spotty grasp of boxing because Anthony Joshua's from my hometown and I watch his fights. I assumed Fury was fairly top tier seeing as he convincingly beat an undefeated World Champ of some description, but if he's not then that suits me, more chance someone punches his face off in the near future. And yeah, you don't look for your combat sports personalities to be moral paragons. The bar
  14. "In the past Fury has equated homosexuality and abortions with paedophilia, claimed “Zionist, Jewish people … own all the banks, all the papers, all the TV stations” and “a woman’s best place is in the kitchen and on her back”." Good for him conquering depression and being a great boxer, he's still a piece of shit.
  15. At this point I just hope we get anything but another Okada Naito match at Wrestle Kingdom. And preferably a new IWGP Champ, I know I'll never get the Ishii reign I want, but at least put it on Ibushi, or even Sanada.
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