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  1. Yup, he pretty much had Duke Nukem's exact haircut.
  2. As an eight year old, I would record the audio of WWF shows onto cassette tape, so I could listen to them in bed. As a result, the commentary of Summerslam 93 is seared into my mind, especially Vince shouting 'Jannetty is an opportunist! Marty Jannetty is as opportunist!' during his comeback against Ludwig Borga. Borga was my favourite wrestler of all time for the, like, three months he existed for a kid who didn't get to see Raw, only PPVs my grandparents had recorded for me. After all, he beat Tatanka, who I hated, and came out to the Finnish national anthem, which was like The Mountie's instrumental theme song but even more stirring and epic. As a general rule, the more a heel came across like a James Bond henchman, the more I liked them.
  3. I'm probably quite naive when it comes to this sort of thing, as I'm quick to assume people are on steroids, but just as quick to take them at their word when they're honest enough to admit that steroids exist, but insist that they don't personally use them.
  4. I enjoy him as a heel, but I never got what people were on about when they talked about him as a great pure babyface. He always came across as a sleazy hippy who needed a punch and had an annoying voice, which is at least perfect for mid level Bullet Club goon.
  5. I just sounded that out loud to myself, and holy shit, now I sound like Jesse Ventura too.
  6. Acclaimed have to win, but I'd like to see both Swerve and Lee pushed up into the main event scene as a consolation soon afterwards, maybe even without feuding or splitting. It needs some freshening up, and they both have untapped, exciting first time matches with almost all the usual suspects.
  7. I really like Athena. Her gimmick isn't that complicated, she's a nerd who likes cosplaying whatever her character is in this year's mega D&D campaign, and has a disgustingly cool finisher, what's not to love?
  8. Got me and my girlfriend tickets for night one yesterday, they'd sold all the (relatively) cheap ones and it's in the arse end of London, so both nights would be pushing it. Logic says to go for the show that has FTR vs Aussie Open, and doesn't involve a three hour trek back on a Sunday. Very disappointed to see no Yano though. What's all this Hikuleo, Good Brothers and Gedo shit?! Leave them where you found them and send the true king of New Japan, you cowards. 2/3 falls dog cage match with Lord Gideon Gray, or I will personally riot. Genuinely, the only two things that might tempt me to night two are an IWGP title match, or Yano.
  9. I kept confusing Rick Grimes and Frank Grimes when people made this comparison, and have been picturing CM Punk running around chewing on electrical cables and antagonising Miro because Tony Khan lets the Young Bucks do it.
  10. Yuta is totally taking Garcia's place in the JAS.
  11. It looked to me like Tony was part trapped by the situation, where he couldn't put his foot down and tell Punk to stop in front of everyone without escalating things and becoming the story, and part enraptured like most wrestling nerds would have been by seeing an insane, juicy, bridge burning, historical meltdown happen right in front of him.
  12. Absolutely with you on the Wild Card match, such a great concept. They've flirted with something similar with other Survivor Series matches when the brand warfare thing is happening, but never done it as well.
  13. That is Larry the dog, and I'm on his side (and I guess Punk's) in all this. If I had such a magnificent beast and anyone upset him in any way I would absolutely punch their face, moreso if they were any sort of Young Buck.
  14. Bobby Fish immediately going to 'God-fearing' when listing the Bucks' good qualities gives me the heebie jeebies and brings to mind Drake Younger's leering, bigoted orange face. No ever really refuted the rumours that Fish was also a QAnon C.H.U.D, did they?
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