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  1. Maybe this is because I'm done with watching anything live in the early hours UK time, but I have no problem with the number of matches on AEW PPV's, especially when three are usually on the pre show. Watch the first half, go outside for a bit of fresh air, then watch the rest after my wrestling brain has recharged. They still fly by in half the time of a six match Premium Live Event...
  2. If anyone hasn't made Hey! EW weekly viewing yet, this week's offering with Starks and Hobbs is a great place to start, pure gold from all involved. Even when RJ City's guests don't totally click with his arch sense of humour, it's fascinating watching them try to improvise a response while staying in character - Eddie Kingston and Arn Anderson do a predictably fantastic job as guests whose characters would probably just punch him, only it isn't that kind of segment, so they have to think on their feet. Team Taz are phenomenal though, simultaneously seeming totally at ease, witty, and larger than life cartoon personalities. Future AEW Champs, the pair of them.
  3. Here's hoping for Athena and Cesaro. I'd actually be happy for Gargano to turn up in AEW, but only on condition that they separate him from Cole and his crew for at least a full calendar year.
  4. Also, assuming most of what's been reported is roughly true, good on them for calling bullshit on a setup where talent are encouraged to discuss creative issues with Vince, only for him to feign agreement so that his underlings can play the bad cop and insist people go with the garbage they'd been told to perform in the first place. Get them on the rescue boat to AEW as soon as possible. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that the main reason they don't have multiple women's matches on Dynamite and a second hour of Rampage is that they don't have Sasha Banks yet.
  5. Maybe she's a nightmare to work with, who knows, but it must be frustrating to have worked to the level Sasha Banks has to legitimise the women's division, only to see it continually drifting back towards being an afterthought and a sideshow. Tag titles treated like a joke, quality talent like Dakota Kai marooned on NXT for years and eventually released, never more than about eight women at a time on either of the main shows. Sure, maybe her issues are solely centred around hers and Naomi's booking, but is it not conceivable that she's finally had enough of being in a disastrously run company that treats their fans like morons, has sacrificed their entire men's division to two part timers and is starting to apply the same non logic to the women's?
  6. Love this list, especially the Steve Corino nod. He nearly made mine, but I wasn't sure that buying every ECW PPV VHS from their last couple of years was enough to go on. Phenomenally entertaining wrestler though. Kanyon probably would have made mine if I'd seen more than a fraction of his career, Owen and Christian were also very close.
  7. I'm not too fussed about the angle itself, but I like that they're willing to lean into this being a heel vs heel feud. In real sports, sometimes dickheads compete with each other over prestigious titles, look at Manchester United vs Chelsea, or about 65% of all UFC fights.
  8. Bryan Danielson Bret Hart Mick Foley Tomohiro Ishii Will Ospreay Masato Tanaka CM Punk Shinsuke Nakamura Kota Ibushi Walter Yoshihiro Tajiri Kenny Omega Kurt Angle Claudio Castagnoli Shingo Takagi Missing WCW, All Japan and Joshi in particular, but I'm favouring wrestlers I've watched lots of in real time, rather than just a selection of the highlights years after the fact.
  9. It's genuinely quite unsettling to see Jade standing next to people who she's smaller than.
  10. Brock's face here, and in general really, fills me with a strong urge to quote the 'Imagine if this guy came up to you' line from I Think You Should Leave. He looks like Cena's just fished him out of the sea after angering an elder god.
  11. I like Hangman a lot, both because he seems like a genuinely good dude and because he's an excellent wrestler, but I don't know if a win over Punk would make a huge difference to his overall starpower at this point. His defences over Danielson and Cole established him pretty firmly as a main eventer, but retaining next month just keeps him at that level. Becoming a true megastar is a bit too nebulous to just book someone towards by having them beat other stars. It either takes a lightning in a bottle Austin 3:16 or Pipebomb moment, or the WWE style, over the top Roman Reigns push where you sacrifice everyone else's credibility to one person and build every show around them over an extended period. Hangman is a very credible Champion now, but anything more than that will have to happen organically over time by keeping people invested in him, with or without the title. Which isn't to say they have to put the belt on Punk. That'd be my choice, but I love how hard it'll be to call.
  12. I don't like all this Miro TNT Championship talk I keep seeing. When he comes back he should demolish everything in his path and become World Champion.
  13. Fuck off Tyson Fury. If anything could keep me away from a Wembley Wrestlemania it'd be that anti semitic, homophobic shit titan having anything to do with it.
  14. It occurred to me while watching Ospreay vs Moxley this morning that Ospreay vs Danielson would be solid fucking gold. Not expecting it here, but that needs to happen.
  15. They've given Ishii an Owen Cup qualifier, maybe Forbidden Door could have a couple of G1 qualifiers?
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