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  1. I'm not as down on him as a lot of Pistons fans are, but he should shut up and kneecap the Cavaliers with his player option for next year. It's likely what he would've done to us had he not been traded.
  2. Glad the Pistons pulled the trigger on Dre. I was honestly expecting them to keep playing hardball only for him to exercise his player option for next year.
  3. Not seeing it with Shotzi. Her offense is light as a feather and her whole schtick is some Why Be Normal/Bugsy McGraw punishment. Deonna has improved so damn much lately. She's tightened everything up in the ring and she has one of the best looks in the company. I don't know why she doesn't get more of a push. Her offense actually looked like it hurt and just on optics alone, her losing is nonsense.
  4. The Pistons never should've fired Rick Carlisle. The Pistons shouldn't have done a lot of things. They are also made of glass.
  5. Personally, I was hoping for "1004 holds."
  6. Had the games on while I was working tonight. Great night of basketball. Glad to see the Clippers win and good to see the Pels hang without Zion. I'm going to the Pistons home opener on Tuesday! Will report. Fucking STOKED.
  7. southofheavy

    NJPW G1 2019

    Japanese commentary, y'all. Naito and Shingo damn near threw each other into the sun, huh?
  8. You hit the nail on the head with Shayna, Greggulator.
  9. I've been playing with that Nissa/Mass Manipulation deck lately, and yeah, its devious.
  10. "Don't wipe your nose, it pisses me off."
  11. I laid out my feelings on Arena a page ago. It's perfect for a guy like me, but I'll say this: I wasn't all that happy about not being able to crack my Core set packs today. It's 4:30 am and I just got home from work. I got a ton of shit I need to do tomorrow before work tomorrow, so I should probably just put it off until Thursday. Of course, I'll probably just do it tonight. I'm having a shitty brain day and it might cheer me up. Still, though.
  12. I dig it. Rose had a great year last year.
  13. Was it his opponent forgetting to put the last 1/3 of himself in that trash bag?
  14. "...in three or four years, he'll be showing up to practice drunk." Fixed that for ya, MIKE.
  15. ALL - Allroy Saves. Not exactly cleaning music. Listen to it afterwards. I'd suggest En Vogue or "The Royal Scam" by Steel Dan for cleaning purposes. Thin Lizzy will git ya fired up, too.
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