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  1. Man, I've been thinking recently that this was bound to happen at some point. God, that had to hurt. I love her look, but the piercings should go.
  2. This feels a little better without the Plumlee signing. I dig Jerami Grant, but I think it's a bit of an overpay and putting another stretch on the books when we just got off the Josh Smith bs is just exasperating. Something tells me a lot of this is riding on somehow getting off of Blake's contract and that just ain't gonna happen.
  3. I don't think Wood wanted to stay in Detroit. Still, it doesn't make tonight make sense. I went from being legitimately excited to being totally deflated in less than a day. I really hope this doesn't end with Westbrook in Detroit.
  4. Mark Andrews needs to go back in time and stay there, too. I don't give a damn if he's capable in the ring, its everything before it that I can't stand. The entrance music and that wave thing, the whole "pop-punk" gimmick is just punishing and gives me scoliosis.
  5. Right now? Tony Nese. Shotzi's Power Wheel can take a hike, too.
  6. I'd wait until February. 41 games with a play-in tourney.
  7. I'm diggin' Jeff's Cubist Muta vibe in that gif three posts up.
  8. Me too. For me, it has this weird effect where the episodes seem really long, but don't drag at all and it feels like I'm in the middle of a movie, then the episode ends even though I could totally keep going but I'm not bummed because the endings are really satisfying. Or, to put it much more simply, I have ADD and this show is totally engrossing. I'm not used to living like that.
  9. This series could easily be 2-1 the other way. In the face of six straight turnovers and the Lakers switching to the zone to break that high pick and roll, the Nuggs never gave up the lead and they put the clampdown on 'em in the last two minutes. Regardless of how this series turns out, I think the Nuggets put the whole league on notice tonight. I especially love the fact that Jamal Murray sealed the game with a 30 footer over Anthony Davis. PUT IT BACK IN HIS EYE.
  10. Those one foot jumpers with a touch of gump are so lethal.
  11. True, but our organization has been mediocre as hell from top to bottom for over a decade. I'd posit that even if we had gotten a top 5 or top 3 pick, we still would've found a way to not get the most out of that player. We've been completely incapable of doing what the Raptors have done. When the league shifted to 3's and pace-and-space, we doubled down on Andre Drummond. For every move like trading for Tobias Harris, there's a move like overpaying Reggie Jackson and riding with him as our point guard long after the fan base turned on him. I don't even wanna get into the Blake Griffin tr
  12. It's also the treadmill of not picking Donovan fucking Mitchell. Unless you land in can't miss, slam dunk territory, it's up to scouting and talent evaluation. We haven't had that in eons. At least this is a weird year with no one really leaping off the page in the draft class. If the new front office can make a savvy, sleeper pick move, that bodes well. I don't even wanna know what Van Gundy would get up to this year.
  13. Yeah. This is not a good look for the Lakers. Lebron did EVERYTHING tonight. First player with a 20/15/15 game in the playoffs. They got 17 offensive rebounds. 11 steals. They absolutely murdered Portland in the paint. They still lost. You can chalk it up to threes, but damn, Damian Lillard sat them down at the end. That shot from just inside the logo, man...
  14. GREAT call on Pig Champion. Riffs for days and an awesome songwriter. As far as duos go, Ian MacKaye and Guy Piccioto from Fugazi. Go listen to Arpeggiator. I'd also like to add Stephen Egerton from ALL and Descendents. She's My Ex is Steve Stevens meets Greg Ginn. His guitar tone on the Breaking Things and Everything Sucks albums is just monstrous.
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