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  1. Toni better count her blessings that Jamie can see better than Stan Hansen.
  2. I'm there with ya. On top of that, I don't like The Young Bucks. I have zero interest in watching them wrestle.
  3. I'm a firm believer that Jericho and the Bucks have been politicking like crazy, but Punk has done himself no favors. All he had to do was keep his head down and mouth shut publicly. Instead, he took every single piece of bait, hung Tony and the company out to dry, and now this.
  4. V is a comedic masterpiece. Also, wrestling, KISS and the Rocky films are three of my favorite things in life. Thanks, everyone. P.S. This reminds me: I need to go see Creed 3.
  5. Dear lord, that is glorious. The aforementioned skinny, pasty legs, Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Paul Stanley's half-rap, Kiss trying to be street, those flea market pinky ring title belts, Dr. Love, brawling outside to start, and Gordon Solie trying to keep some sense of class and respectability to the proceedings. Pro wrestling is the greatest.
  6. "'Ey yo, Jon, we're 'sposed ta be like crossed fingahs!"
  7. Julia Hart rules. Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park references rules. AEW Dark rules.
  8. Ended up going with Athena vs Willow after watching Meiko vs Rok-C. That's not a knock on the latter, but Athena and Willow are made to wrestle each other. There's not much better than a natural heel and a natural babyface beatin' the breaks off of one another.
  9. Just watched Athena vs Willow, and I was just gonna vote for that, but then I saw Dean's post about Meiko vs Perez. I WILL WITHOLD JUDGEMENT, PENDING FURTHER EVIDENCE. (Athena vs Willow ruled, though. The rematch is going to involve a variety of pain.)
  10. I ain't Octopus, but I'll say this: It needed a little more Texas and a lot less death.
  11. Enslaved is coming through Detroit in April, and I ain't missing that. Haven't seen them yet. Botch in Chicago in October. I'm probably gonna end up seeing Metallica at Ford Field. My good friend's wife works for Live Nation and is more than likely working that tour. REEEEAAALLLLY wanna go to Metal Threat Fest in April. Ved Buens Ende and Dead Congregation are playing Thursday and Friday, respectively. I am unemployed right now, though, so it ain't looking good. We'll see.
  12. In my 2K save, the Blazers got the top pick next year and drafted Wembanyama. I've got half a mind to up the difficulty and get swept in the Finals by them just because.
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