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  1. Personally, I was hoping for "1004 holds."
  2. Had the games on while I was working tonight. Great night of basketball. Glad to see the Clippers win and good to see the Pels hang without Zion. I'm going to the Pistons home opener on Tuesday! Will report. Fucking STOKED.
  3. southofheavy

    NJPW G1 2019

    Japanese commentary, y'all. Naito and Shingo damn near threw each other into the sun, huh?
  4. You hit the nail on the head with Shayna, Greggulator.
  5. I've been playing with that Nissa/Mass Manipulation deck lately, and yeah, its devious.
  6. "Don't wipe your nose, it pisses me off."
  7. I laid out my feelings on Arena a page ago. It's perfect for a guy like me, but I'll say this: I wasn't all that happy about not being able to crack my Core set packs today. It's 4:30 am and I just got home from work. I got a ton of shit I need to do tomorrow before work tomorrow, so I should probably just put it off until Thursday. Of course, I'll probably just do it tonight. I'm having a shitty brain day and it might cheer me up. Still, though.
  8. I dig it. Rose had a great year last year.
  9. Was it his opponent forgetting to put the last 1/3 of himself in that trash bag?
  10. "...in three or four years, he'll be showing up to practice drunk." Fixed that for ya, MIKE.
  11. ALL - Allroy Saves. Not exactly cleaning music. Listen to it afterwards. I'd suggest En Vogue or "The Royal Scam" by Steel Dan for cleaning purposes. Thin Lizzy will git ya fired up, too.
  12. P.S. I'm about to watch Daniel Bryan lock horns with Dozer and I'm stoked. Professional wrestling is the goddamn greatest.
  13. As long as Scott Steiner comes into my bar and straightens out middle-aged white boys who take the phrase "No, we don't have Coors Lite" like a bat to the fucking skull and middle-aged white women from the suburbs who can't handle the world "No" period, he can lead the charge and I'll follow him into the breach any day of the goddamn week. Take it from a pro wrestling fan and a bartender: Y'all really don't have a damn clue how exactly punishing this job can really be. I take a lot of pride in what I do, I enjoy what I do, and I bust my fucking ass. I work four nights a week and make great money. I get to leave work at home. There's a lot of pluses to working in this industry and I'm not ignorant of that, by far. At the same time, I get no paid time off. No insurance. If I want to take a vacation, there's paying for it, and then there's losing money on top of it by taking the time off. I'm on my feet up to ten hours straight with no break and in the process of serving one customer, I get hit with something to do by two or three others. Then there's dealing with customer expectations, drunks, assholes, coworkers, bosses, etc. People have a sense of entitlement and flex their "power" over me in a lot of subtle fashions, on top of controlling my wages, despite their shitty behavior. That's regardless of whether they're aware of it or not. Also, I'm not a woman. I ain't got shit to complain about compared to them. To sum it up: We're workers, just like you. This is a REAL job. It's one of the realest jobs you can have, and the fact that I don't have to have a degree to do it and I have to serve people doesn't make it any less legitimate. Never get that twisted and never fucking flex your power over me, because straight up, we're all in the same boat. We're on the same side, and most of us are trying really goddamn hard, a lot of times against circumstances you have no experience with or a goddamn clue about. Don't come at me about unskilled labor, either. You come back behind my bar and make a burger and fries while cracking six beers and making eight shots and cashing out Keno and not fuck any single one of those things up. Do it for ten hours straight. Then get some shit about "You don't smile" or, well, anything, really. It sucks just as much or more as the job you hate and the boss you wanna backhand in the teeth. I'm right there with you. Bottom line is, a lot of the problems can be solved with this: The best thing on the menu is you reading it and making a fucking decision. Yes, there are some maniacs in my line of work, and some of us do suck. They don't last long. The rest of us take care of the rest and far more than you know every damn day. And we come in to your job and make it real fucking easy on you. Don't be Jim Cornette. Be Daniel Bryan. And if you sit down at my bar and say "Genichiro Tenryu", I'm buying you a round.
  14. I'm having an absolute blast with MTG: Arena. Its exactly what I've been looking for, in that it takes care of a lot the small mechanics for me and the finances are pretty much optional, though I have kicked in some money. I've built Mono-Red and I'm working on Simic Mass Manipulation and Esper Planeswalkers for just over $100. In paper, we're looking at a whole lot more and those decks might not even be viable in six months. I played for a short while when I was a kid and it had first come out, but couldn't afford it and comics. Comics won. I've been looking for a way back in, but was always put off by the money involved. Arena is the answer for me. Buuuut, my coworker has a weekly Modern game going, so if I want to take the plunge and play face to face, I might give that a shot or start a Pauper or EDH game. TLDR, Magic fucking rules and I'm stoked to finally be playing.
  15. Ugh. There was a lot of reckless, stupid shit done in that match. Damn near every single dude in that match is really lucky they didn't catch a ladder somewhere in the realm of how Joey Mercury did.
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