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  1. Those time trials in Horizon Zero Dawn are the only reason I gave up on going for the Platinum trophy. I find those type of quests frustrating in every game. I loved everything else about that game though. Finished Act 3 of Ghost of Tsushima earlier today and am pretty close to the Platinum. Once I get that I still need to check out the Legends mode, it sounds fun.
  2. I was there live and loved it, but probably because I was a huge Brock fan and I was happy to see Angle lose. I remember there being a fun Los Guerreros tag match too. It might go down as the worst show I've been to solely on the fact that my seats were floor level towards the back corner so I couldn't see some of the big spots. I'm sure I went to a way worse Southern Championship Wrestling show before then that I can't remember.
  3. Thanks for reminding me that I fell woefully behind in my progress once I finished Act 1. I keep finding myself playing Civ 6 and I really should finish up Ghost before Cyberpunk comes out.
  4. So the respective tag champs just traded belts? I'm only going off of results I read but that sounds really confusing
  5. I was having fun with Vampyr despite all of the issues but I couldn't get past the game constantly crashing my PS4. It got to the point where it crashed almost every hour which I have never experienced on this console. I was getting anxiety going into boss fights just because I didn't think the game could hold up. This was back in April but I doubt anything got patched. A real shame.
  6. I'll admit that I can't give an honest opinion because I was too young at the time and only saw limited matches on whatever WWF tapes they had at Blockbuster back in the day.
  7. D'Von was always my favorite between the two in WWE, he was the one who did all the hard work. He got whooped on the whole match until the hot tag, had to jump off the top rope for the headbutt, and did all the heavy lifting for the 3D. Looking back on that time in tag team wrestling I guess I always liked the less showy partner. Didn't like Jeff Hardy but liked Matt. Liked Edge but loved Christian so much more.
  8. When it comes to WWE I understand the mentality because the television matches are almost always BS finishes leading to the next PPV. The hope is that a big match on a big card will have more care put into it but that doesn't seem to happen much in WWE either.
  9. The only Retribution name that didn't sound completely terrible to me was Mace. I figured that had to be the name of the main guy and it's kinda close to Bane. T-Bar is so bad, it doesn't roll off the tongue at all. The only one of them I'm familiar with is Mia Yim, but I feel so sorry for them all. How many months before they're all released?
  10. Sounds appropriate! I hate autographs that I didn't personally obtain because I don't see the fun otherwise but one year he did get me a Falling Down promo signed by Michael Douglas which I have to admit is pretty cool
  11. My Dad is still under the impression I'm a hardcore WWE wrestling fan even though it's been like a decade since I've even mentioned it near him. Every Christmas he gets me a nice framed autograph from a WWE guy and it's usually someone cool like Rey Mysterio or Mick Foley. Last year he got me a Corporate Kane Glen Jacobs and I just wanna trash it.
  12. These are probably awful but I'm a red wine fan and these sound intriguing. Undertaker wine seems like it should be a Merlot, Kane would probably make a good Cabernet. If these are successful I hope we can get a Gangrel Red blend called "Mysterious Red Liquid." And yes I've already thought about if my wrestling gimmick was a snooty wine connoisseur. My finishing move would be The Corkscrew though I'd probably hit them with a nice bottle of Chablis when the ref isn't looking. My name would be Antonio Amarone.
  13. Ghost of Tsushima was a nice surprise with the loading times. I don't think I've had a loading screen last longer than five seconds. I recently finished Horizon Zero Dawn, and loved it, but it was usually a two minute wait every time I fast traveled or loaded a save.
  14. The mode will definitely get used on my second playthrough but I am enjoying all the colors and scenery so much right now. I'm actively digging around as much as possible just so I can see more of this beautiful game.
  15. Are they really not allowed to say suplex anymore? It wouldn't surprise me at this point. On a random WWE commentary note I watched the 2008 Royal Rumble match for the first time a few days ago and could not believe they had a six man announce team for that match. Who thought that was a good idea? As for suplexes I do love the Northern Lights and all its variations.
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