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  1. I've mentioned before that I don't have a consistent way to watch Dynamite or Rampage so I follow through the YouTube highlights and Dark/Dark Elevation. The YouTube shows do really good numbers for that service so sometimes I wish they'd sprinkle in a little more starpower. That said I love getting matches like Takeshita/Commorotto and the women's tags. Even the shorter squashes generally feature entertaining indy peeps. Count me in on hoping RoH takes off soon to relieve AEW of some talent while also giving some more shine to whoever ends up there. And hopefully they have a YouTube show too.
  2. I've whined about my PPV woes in this thread already but forgot to ask if maybe it's worth trying the stream on B/R through my PS5? I was streaming the last show through my TV's app and it was acting all jittery, don't know if the B/R app is more consistent on other platforms. I remember WWE Network being really poor a few years ago on PlayStations. Second Edit: Silly me, B/R isn't even available on PlayStations anymore.
  3. We don't have cable where I live and the theater next city over doesn't look like it will have it. Really bummed out. B/R never even followed up with my complaints about the stream so I really don't want to give them money again. Thanks for the suggestions all.
  4. Is B/R still the only way to stream the PPVs in the US? Revolution 2022 was a terrible feed the whole entire show and I'm concerned it will be more of the same.
  5. I know he's popular here but how is Mark Henry, one of the worst wrestlers of all time, going to trot this kind of opinion out? It took him 15 years to figure out how to wrestle and he had to retire a few years after that because he can't stay in shape. Can't understand why AEW ever signed him. He's a terrible commentator and seems to have a toxic old school attitude.
  6. I've only seen a little of Takeshita on the YouTube shows but he really has a presence. Watching the last chunk of his match with Hangman was intense. I'll go ahead and jump on the bandwagon, this guy is awesome! There are a lot of signings and a lot of guys and gals getting lost in the shuffle but I'm assuming some will transition to ROH. I know he's over but I just can't stand Adam Cole. Seems he's featured as much as Jericho at this point. Y2J definitely pops up way too much but he has the name recognition to at least justify it to some extent. I haven't seen much KOR or Bobby Fish before AEW but their association with Cole leaves me sour on them too. Still loving AEW and looking forward to DON but the past month has seemed like a whirlwind and it's a little much to keep track of.
  7. When I took my non-fan friend to Dynamite a few weeks ago Silver was definitely his favorite out of the bunch. The crowd was going banana for him. Funnily enough he also loved Luther, couldn't get enough of his schtick with Serpentico.
  8. I've got about ten hours in and have finally settled on an Astrologer build. My main issue is the left analog stick controls movement on the horse but it's also the dismount button. I am constantly dismounting while fighting the Tree Sentinel and I can't remap the button so it's getting pretty annoying. It's already bad enough that it makes you crouch too, I'm constantly crouching in the middle of fights because that analog stick is so sensitive. Still having a blast but the game is already frustrating enough without that issue. Despite my complaining after I posted this I searched around and found a new staff and proceeded to curb stomp a few bosses. I love the option to free roam and just try something new when frustration sets in.
  9. It's crazy to me how many "iconic" themes are just generic stock music. Add the Dudley Boyz and Hardcore Holly's music to the list, I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting. I still hear those jams on random advertisements, usually for trucks or something.
  10. Haven't read all the replies yet but I just got back from the show and I had a blast. The friend I brought with me literally hadn't seen a wrestling show since Macho Man in the 80s and he had a blast. We were bummed Orange didn't wrestle but I showed him clips of the ladder match and he understood. I was pleasantly surprised to see Hangman defend the title and to see Jurassic Express defend against my favorite tag team The Acclaimed. Was amped to finally see Mox and Brian wrestle for the first time in person. AEW's live events are just like the PPVs, hardly a chance to find time to pee without missing something. And Hardy Boy reunion! First show since the 06 Rumble and I'm still so happy I like wrestling again. Hopefully they come back around soon because my buddy wants to bring his kids next time.
  11. I'll be at this show and hope we rock the house. Wish there were some more matches announced but not surprising as it's the first show after Revolution. I keep seeing Jeff Hardy rumors and that would be pretty cool. The main battle will be my freshly herniated discs sitting in one of those uncomfortable arena chairs.
  12. A shame this game doesn't look any different than the last bunch. I can just keep playing 2K18 and probably wouldn't know the difference but I am rather bored with this style. I know it's another million years from releasing but I'm looking forward more and more to the AEW game.
  13. Overall I enjoyed the show but the stream from B/R was consistently terrible the entire 5 hours so I know that affected my thoughts on some of it. Completely missed the TBS match because of all the jank. I have some of the same gripes I've had with their other PPVs (too long, match placement, repeating spots) but when there are such quality matches it's hard to complain too much. My favorite match of the night was easily Eddie/Jericho. Was awesome to see Regal show up. I don't like Adam Cole but he did a fine job losing to Hangman. Very happy Cole lost as I'm going to Dynamite on Wednesday and would be bummed if I had to listen to his gloating. AEW keeps impressing with their big shows, now I just need to find another way to watch them.
  14. I'm still waiting for my copy of Horizon to be shipped from GameStop. They never let me down before but now it looks to be delivered by the time my days off are over. Can't wait to jump back into that world. GameStop got some goodwill from me because that's how I got my PS5 but never again..
  15. AEW is actually coming to my neck of the woods in March, and I'm happy to say I bought tickets to my first rasslin show since Royal Rumble 2006. Bringing a friend who barely knows anything about wrestling but he loves Orange Cassidy. I can't wait!
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