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  1. Ghost of Tsushima was a nice surprise with the loading times. I don't think I've had a loading screen last longer than five seconds. I recently finished Horizon Zero Dawn, and loved it, but it was usually a two minute wait every time I fast traveled or loaded a save.
  2. The mode will definitely get used on my second playthrough but I am enjoying all the colors and scenery so much right now. I'm actively digging around as much as possible just so I can see more of this beautiful game.
  3. Are they really not allowed to say suplex anymore? It wouldn't surprise me at this point. On a random WWE commentary note I watched the 2008 Royal Rumble match for the first time a few days ago and could not believe they had a six man announce team for that match. Who thought that was a good idea? As for suplexes I do love the Northern Lights and all its variations.
  4. I just started playing Ghost a few days ago and am loving the first few hours. The combat is smooth and the landscape is beautiful. I got my first couple of platinum trophies this year, might make this my third.
  5. I deactivated my Facebook account a little over a year ago and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. It's pretty bad when Twitter is the more mature and responsible outlet in social media.
  6. I don't watch it religiously but I enjoy Asuka's Youtube channel and would be very sad to see it go. And I would never pay for Cameo but it really says something when Big E's reviews are a perfect 5.0. I imagine he's one to go all out on something like that which is admirable since I've seen lots of clips where people put in zero effort.
  7. Just started playing it earlier today on the PS4 oddly enough . It was one of those games that was free forever ago and I finally decided to give it a shot. I'm past the initial training but having fun so far. If it's free for anyone else I'd definitely recommend trying it out
  8. I'll still never understand why Big Show of all people was the first guy to beat Brock. I remember it being a fun five minute match otherwise.
  9. Though a superplex wasn't involved, Undertaker collapsed the ring with his lightning at the 2006 Royal Rumble show. I was in attendance and everyone was pumped for Mysterio winning the Rumble and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't end the show with that match. When Undertaker came out at the end of Angle vs Mark Henry and blew up the ring it made sense. I remember the effects looking terrible and it was a bummer ending to the night.
  10. I am almost positive I first heard that phrase in a Three Stooges short. I say it quite often now that I think about it.
  11. I'm in the same boat with my PS4, it's almost six years old now. I usually don't buy new consoles but have some extra cash and want to make the 4k upgrade. I just don't see any reason to get a PS5 anytime soon though.
  12. Chris Jericho keeps making it harder and harder for me to disassociate the wrestler from the man himself. That whole event seems insane.
  13. Orange Cassidy inspired me to buy my first wrestling shirt in a decade a few weeks ago. I rarely get to watch Dynamite in full but I always track his segments down. Moxley and Jericho sold me on giving AEW a chance but I'm digging more and more of the other guys the more I see them. The lack of crowds still takes me out of it but they've been doing a decent job with that as well.
  14. Another Call of Duty game already? Pretty disappointing lineup. I still haven't fired up the one they gave us a few months ago, should I just play this one instead?
  15. I actually found him interesting so this sounds about right. Being a lapsed WWE fan is getting pretty lame. They debut a dude and months later he's a JTTS or off tv completely. I gave up after Ricochet became just some guy and just remembered that they both debuted as a random tag team. I just can't understand the misuse of talent.
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