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  1. He just said on Twitter that it's not "Jane" so I don't know what it will be.
  2. I just got mine last week and helped a friend find one by following @mattswider on Twitter. He frequently posts in-stock alerts and they're always accurate. The Digital Edition seems to sell out faster but the Disc version package deals on Best Buy and Gamestop stay in stock the longest. I ended up stuck with a game I didn't really want, but it was way better than overpaying for one on eBay. All that said it took about three solid months of near misses before I snagged one from Gamestop.
  3. Besides sporadic WWE network subs this was my first PPV purchase since WrestleMania 23. I don't regret my purchase but it did seem like every match was about 5 minutes too long. I thought I must have missed something during the explosion, what a shitty way to end the show. I was at Royal Rumble 2006 and the ending of the show pissed us all off, but it at least looked good on TV.
  4. Saturday night ppvs make way more sense but I'm always off work Mondays and Tuesdays so I'm thrilled Revolution is on a Sunday this year. It will be my first purchase of an AEW ppv. I get up at 2 am every day so I'll probably need to take a nap if I want to make it to the Exploding Barbed Wire match. I'll probably watch it through the Bleacher Report app on my tv unless y'all have had bad experiences.
  5. I've never played a Final Fantasy game outside of a demo disc of FF8 I had on PS1 or PS2 over 15 years ago. Looking forward to giving the FF7 remake a shot, though I've seen mixed-ish reviews
  6. I thought Brock's undefeated streak when he debuted in 2002 was wrapped up pretty well. He looked so awesome tossing Big Show around at Survivor Series that the title loss and screwy finish didn't seem to matter. They also didn't constantly bring up his win/loss record so it didn't become part of his identity like others mentioned
  7. Kept on hearing that Mortal Shell was an easier way to get into the Souls like games and it is absolutely kicking my ass. I get a little better every time I play but it's starting to get frustrating that I just can't nail the combat. I'm at least lasting longer than I did in Bloodborne, hoping it will all click soon.
  8. I was a huge Brock Lesnar fan when he debuted in WWE and was obsessed with tornados when I was younger. It took me at least a year before I made the F5 connection. I legitimately thought his finisher was refreshing the computer, so don't feel bad. To add a little to the discussion, I love reading this weekly thread for all of the different opinions. I've enjoyed Dynamite every time I get to watch but can also admit that they do some stuff that I just don't care for. I give them more leeway because they're not exactly like WWE but they have put some real crap out there, there's jus
  9. I watched the trailer a year ago and the two minutes felt like three hours. I felt embarrassed for everyone involved in that movie.
  10. I really wanted to like Vampyr. I bought it around the start of the pandemic when it was on sale but the frequent crashes ruined the experience for me. The concept is nice though and it was interesting weighing the options on draining someone's life or not. Oddly enough combat never crashed the game, it was always during a dialogue segment.
  11. I have absolutely loved my time so far playing Fenyx Rising. I'm about 15 hours and feel like I've just barely scratched the surface. I don't mind the humor, it kinda reminds me of Ratchet and Clank as far as that goes. The world is beautiful though and the combat is pretty fun. The PS5 version came with my digital copy and I can't wait to try it out whenever I actually find a PS5.
  12. I got Greedfall last Christmas and just could not get motivated to play it much after finishing the quite lengthy prologue. Definitely worth a try at the free price but keep expectations low. Still looking for a PS5 and hope I can find one while Man-eater is the free game on Plus.
  13. I sadly missed out on most of Huber's career but this death is still hitting me hard. I've never seen such an outpouring of emotion from everyone in the business as well as fans. I think the first match I ever saw him in was that Randy Orton one before Wrestlemania and I thought he was awesome. I'm glad he got to spend a few months as a top player in AEW when it seemed he was going nowhere in WWE. I'm gonna have to go check out that Shield/Wyatt 6 man cuz y'all talk that up all the time.
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