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  1. WWE 2K22 is only $23 right now on the Playstation store, worth a pickup? I do plan on getting the AEW game immediately when it comes out but I don't think they've even come out with a release date
  2. So I've been working at the same company for years. Transferred to a new store a few months ago and Tony Chimel of all people is now one of my coworkers. He is hilarious and sarcastic as hell, and gets a big kick out of it when someone recognizes him. Funnily enough he doesn't really like wrestling much, says he watched it for 40 years, he'd rather talk about the Mets. He's had a couple of fun stories so far I might share sometime. I've been showing him a little bit of Orange Cassidy lately and he's getting a kick out of him, says he might have to start watching again.
  3. Man I thought Road Dogg was the shiznit back in the day. I attribute most of that to being 13 and new to wrestling, so I didn't realize how bad he was. Not surprising to hear he has some garbage opinions in his old age. Also does every wrestler have a podcast now? I saw that Rene Dupree of all people has one, who is that for? The clip I saw of it has him stopping mid-sentence to do a line of coke so I hope he gets some help.
  4. Played Nioh 1 a few years ago and was terrible at it. Now that I have a few Souls games under my belt I'll give Nioh 2 a try.
  5. I remember not watching for some time and being thrown off when I saw him doing a Code Red and that weird springboard stunner. If I recall didn't Cena even refer to his offense as the "Five moves of Doom?" Could have been as far back as his rapping days.
  6. I didn't have power for a week from Hurricane Ian and have just caught up on a few weeks worth of Dark/Elevation, including the past two shows. My main takeaway is I love this Dalton Castle guy and his ridiculous entourage. I have no idea what the deal is but he plays to the cameras great and has some good moves. Action Andretti vs QT Mar-shall had me buying the nearfalls, and I thought Andretti had a nice promo afterwards. Still new to Toni Storm but she seems to be a way more suitable champ than Rosa. Happy that Emi Sakura got a long match, she's been a Dark MVP. Really hoping Jamie Hayter takes off though. Daddy Magic remains the man at commentary. I still rarely watch Dynamite since I don't have cable but I love these YouTube shows. They get pretty good numbers so I don't understand why people sleep on them. My main complaint past few weeks is not enough Angelico.
  7. I guess "Wherever" is in the United States judging by the flag by Orange Cassidy.
  8. Surprisingly lackluster at the show I was at in March. I was in a good mood and ready to buy a ton of merch and they didn't have any Punk, Moxley or Orange Cassidy shirts. Got a really nice AEW Live shirt but was disappointed in the selection. Seemed like a big missed opportunity on AEW's part
  9. Sammy is a joke and not worth the headache. I almost shut off the debut of Dynamite a few minutes in when I saw him wearing that stupid panda hat on the way to the ring. Bland personality, sloppy wrestling, and backstage nightmare adds up to "see ya later!" Let WWE have him, I think he'd max out as a curtain jerker there.
  10. All I can add at the moment is it's kind of a bummer for Best Friends not to win but it looks like everything else is turning out way better than I thought it would.
  11. I agree with the Danielson take. The title definitely should've gone on him before Punk. He has more mainstream credibility and I don't think he would ever pull an ego move to put the company in jeopardy. Mox/Danielson and the belt stays in the BCC.
  12. I just watched Zero Hour an hour ago and listening to the Mox promo today after all that's happened was so crazy. Makes me even more disappointed Mox didn't just win the rematch instead of dealing with all this extra title wackiness.
  13. Matt Menard is absolutely hysterical on commentary, I can't get enough of him. Is he injured right now? Fun week of YouTube shows though. My internet was out all week so I watched the three shows back to back to back. Won't be getting All Out tonight but 3+ hours of free YouTube rasslin was a nice alternative.
  14. I can totally relate with both. I've been dealing with a ruptured disc in my lower back all year and most likely will have to get surgery in the coming months. I wouldn't compare my profession to a wrestler but I work in a grocery store and even the most mundane tasks there cause hell. Depression thrown on top of it doesn't help but I've tried to make the best of my time that I've been off/on the shelf. Agreed that all this baseless speculation on social media can't be good for Malakai's mental health
  15. I'm not huge on FTR but I love Dax so that is somewhat disappointing. The game looks great and I'll probably get it, but that exclusion seems weird unless they're being saved for DLC. I'd rather pay for DLC updates to a game rather than buy a new one every year so I at least respect that decision. I've always wondered why the NBA and WWE 2K games don't do that. Just do nice DLC updates and roster additions for a couple of years while the rest of the team concentrates on making a good sequel/next gen version that isn't rushed and full of bugs.
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