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  1. You're not the only one. Took me out of 5je match a bit as I'm trying to figure out if they want the crowd cheering Lio or not. Enjoyed, "cleaner, I got this" during the first Elite promo. Big smile plastered across my face for the opening segment and match. Danielson so effortlessly turned that crowd on him and Page is just so easy to cheer! Lots of effective promo work (both in ring and backstage) and I think this show really needed it following such a meaty chunk of wrestling that we were served over the weekend. Some intriguing threads laid out now, can't wait to see what comes next.
  2. Just back from seeing this. My main thought was I wanted Barry Keoghan and Lauren Ridloff to have gotten the screen time that Madden and Chan did. I've got a real soft spot for Keoghan, and loved hearing a Dublin accent in a MCU movie. Ridloff's silent scream when Ikaris blasted Druig was heartbreaking.
  3. That was great fun! Was I hearing things, or was "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" changed to "I ain't afraid of no Budge" in the Elite entrance song? If I'm wrong, I don't wanna hear it because I laughed too much at that. They seemed to be planting some seeds for dissension between Omega and Cole in the main between Kenny not tagging Cole and then Cole distracting Kenny to take his place for the camel clutch kisses. PAC dropping into Black's pose was beautiful as was Black's sell of it. Mox is really selling his pissed off state while through the crowd, he shoved a few fans outta his way on the way down then just kicked the guardrail right at another on his way out.
  4. Was I the only one distracted by JDS looking like he was hanging by the pool in his gear? Every time I saw his boots I could only see blue flip flops worn over white sports socks like a German holidaymaker or something.
  5. Ditto for arse. Heard JR drop an "arse" instead of ass on Dynamite this week and couldn't help but smile.
  6. My absolute favourite band of the last 10 years, love them dearly! My username is a riff on one of their songs. Saw Zack come out to Mother in Rev Pro (I think, certainly a UK indie) and the place came unglued as he went absolutely bonkers kicking the ropes and corners along to it. With a fan base like AEW that loves a sing along, I want this to happen so much! PS, how is that Metallica covers project? I've only heard the Idles one so far.
  7. I'd sign him and pay all the money to IDLES so that he can come out to "Mother". Give me all the promos about the calibre of vegan food in a given city and how he is fuelled by tofu and a hatred of the British Conservative party as he goes full bendy boi against Angelico and Garcia and Danielson.
  8. Well that was wonderful! The only downside was that I had to get up at 5:30 to watch it (on replay) before work. Looking forward to Ful Gear being a Sunday morning treat with a Full Irish Breakfast! Ooof! Miro's chest! Hell of match to kick it off, leaves it open for a second round too which I'm well up for. I'm not well versed in Japanese wrestling, but the crowd certainly made Suzuki seem a massive deal. Statlander is a beast in the best possible way. Loved the OC fire. Britt has improved so much in 2 years. Tony calling Callis a piece of shit, then Ex apologising on his behalf and then Tony doubling down was delightful! That match slapped so hard! Kudos to Brandon on the throw, the crowd would have eaten him alive if that went wrong. Punk match was more a moment than a great match, but what a moment it was! I'm maybe of the minority that would have preferred Darby to win (purely down to always wanting the young up and comer to triumph over the vet) but Darby still looks a star anyway, so all good! Skipped Jericho and QT matches to watch later with the 10 man from the pre-show. Woof! That ending! I'm still smiling and just disappointed there was only 23 pages in this thread. I want more! All the opinions, all the content, all the predictions and fantasy booking!
  9. Welcome to the Cutler Cult! He has consistently gotten genuine laughter from me for weeks now without detracting from the main action. I can't believe how much better he is in this role (and I liked his feud with Avalon but this is so much better). Was worried that we were gonna start the show with an in-ring promo which AEW has avoided so far so was happy to see that subverted. Fair play to 2.0 taking their shot and running with it. I get the nostalgia of Sting wrestling on TNT but if they are priming us for Darby v Punk, why not have him seal the win rather than the old dude?? Having said that, they seemed to be steering towards Mox being Punks first interaction, what with him in the main event Friday as well as his promo at the end. Nothing is very obvious at the moment and I'm loving it.
  10. I now want a Jason Mantzoukas Howard the Duck Disney+ series thank you very much
  11. I liked Kenny's Mr Burns line as Christian and JX were leaving "were you singing woahh oh oh oh oh or nooo no no noo?". His deranged heel shtick is great. I had a feeling MJF would ban the Judas Effect so that when he loses to a surreptitious Judas Effect he can still call himself undefeated as he did after losing to Mox. They continue to plant seeds of Max pushing Wardlow too far with his line about losing to Cody (lovely call back) and this is one of the best long term stories they have going. Please please no more of the "oh the adversity I have faced!!!" promos between FTR and PnP, just tell me why they hate each other instead. There has to come a point where someone, anyone doesn't look terrified of 60 year old Sting, doesn't there? That Andrade Chavo promo was messy, Chavo cutting across Andrade all the time followed by Andrade, "I'm the boss", line but then Chavo ignores that looking forward to him against PAC though, should be a hell of a match. Maybe AEW aren't a PVP focused company, because the build to All Out is overshadowed by TV shows, which might make sense if the TNT contract is good enough. Good for me because I enjoy my 2 (soon to be 3)hours of AEW on the Fite app.
  12. What has happened to the paradigm shift? It seems to have just become a throw nowadays. It doesn't look particularly hurty or impactful anymore. Cutler continues to rule as my favourite stooge, cutting across Kenny to tell everyone he cheats now and likes it, looking for any opportunity to spray Hangman or Kazarian with the cold spray, good stuff. Not a fan of another series of overly serious FTR/Santana & Ortiz promos. Please don't talk about your mothers or kids again. Just wrestle with hatred.
  13. Absolutely loved the Dark Order entrance, had me feeling like the room was very dusty in all the friendship talk. I am so, so invested in that group. Felt really deflated when Hangman lost. Like, actually heartbroken. Then when Darby was mentioning "Best in the World" my 7am brain had me thinking he was going after Kenny, which while I'd love that feud, made me think they were completely cooling on the Hangman. I'm struggling to see how they get back to Page but I'm here for the journey. Brandon Cutler is so, so good in his role. Even the way he moves is perfect and the cold spray is such a great prop. He's grown on me so much and BTE has played a huge role in that. Similarly, was so happy to see Fuego on TV in his Nightmare Family jacket. All these goofy little touches are what I love about AEW.
  14. Yeah, that segment was just poor. Chavo is boredom incarnate to me and he's coming out acting all face-y, but then Andrade is trying to be super manipulative and in the middle of it all Chavo actually drops a decent burn on PAC but immediately backtracks because he's enjoyed getting a pop?? Not super familiar with Andrade's work but he has serious charisma and carries himself like a star, why continue to hitch him to lame ducks like Vickie and Chavo???
  15. As a long time of lover of Ortiz's tendency towards tiger style and pointing at his big brain, I'd be down for (if I wasn't) Proud & (then I wouldn't be) Powerful taking the belts off the Bucks. I see what others have said about Santana and star factor. Do ye think that maybe the lockdown (and inability to get to a barber) may have helped? He was a bit generic looking with the short hair, but now (especially when rocking his leather jacket, not the biker style one) he has the look of one of the detectives backing up Denzel in Training Day and it's a great look.
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