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  1. Orange Cassidy is my wrestler of the year. The guy is so clued into his character, and finds story beats in every match that make sense for both him and his opponent. The match with Hager felt like I was watching Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin or even Jackie Chan in terms of his ability to tell a story and make me laugh with his body and his movement. And to do that with Jake Hager of all people! (Kudos to Jake though for embracing the silliness of the hat gimmick and committing to it).
  2. Please keep McGregor far, far away from AEW. Mike Tyson was bad enough, but at least he served some time for his offence, whereas Conor bribed, threatened (with help from his Kinahan pals) and used Ireland's archaic libel laws to go after his victims. To paraphrase the poster I'm quoting, "Fuck Conor McGregor!"
  3. I expect anyone's qualms about the Swerve segment to be completely assuaged this Wednesday at the Daddy Ass Birthday Bash. "Scissor me Daddy Ass!" Billy looks at his mangled fingers with revulsion as the dawning realization that he can scissor no more hits him like a runaway Keith Lee. It's gonna be heartbreaking!
  4. Just a small note on the commentary team tonight: the way Taz and Excalibur showed genuine concern for Schiavone, asking was he ok and did he need attention in a very low key way really added to the impact of the moment. Avoiding hyperbolic, "that diabolical MJF" type diatribes in favour of checking up on your beloved colleague is so much more resonant. Excalibur and Taz feel like real people on commentary and that adds so much to the presentation.
  5. Regal's talk of "disco biscuits" took me back to getting drug safety talks from my then 60 year old teacher, Mr Landers, who would always warn us of the dangers of disco biscuits and red headed women.
  6. After watching the first episode my major takeaway is disappointment that She Hulk is not being played by Ilana Glazer, especially for the mid credit scene
  7. Regal on commentary is just so full of joy! He constantly brings a smile to my face while also adding to the action. He really highlights my issues with JR, it's so enjoyable hearing people enjoy the thing you're enjoying. That opener was balls to the wall, smash mouth goodness! Give me more Roooooosh please! I'm with @Craig H for the trios tournament, Best Friends for the win - those guys are the heart and soul of AEW and I want only good things for Chucky T. Loved Ricky Starks rocking the Rock gold chain over a polo neck look. Felt like a really big moment for all 3 members of Team Taz tonight, we haven't had too many tag team betrayals in AEW so Hobbs' turn hit hard (if maybe a bit rooooooshed). Darby has brought it in both his coffin matches so far, so I am stoked for the next one against Brody (love Brody's music choice for the tattoo reveal a few posts ago). Danielson looking like the American Bastard with the darker trunks and longer lank hair - now there's a match I want soon please! Can't help but feel uneasy with how Bryan uses his concussion issues during matches, but it was a massive statement to put Garcia over so strong, my jaw hit the floor when the bell rang. great stuff tonight, so much to be excited about, not least the trios tournament - I can't be alone in wanting Cutler to find his own trios partners to shock the Bucks???
  8. The love triangle between Thor, Stormbreaker and Mjolnir was my favourite strand in this movie. Making an inanimate axe the comic relief is a choice, but Hemsworth played against it beautifully! Can't believe Principal Hyde's giant son from Home and Away has had these comedic chops all along, just needed a kiwi pixie to bring it out in him....
  9. Since the original post was under the list of talent released in 2005 I kept looking and looking for D'Lo Brown's name in that list.....
  10. Does Eddie give Claudio the old Ross Geller "friendly finger" at the 9/10 second mark? What a man!
  11. I'm on a little solo retreat in the rural heart of Ireland at the moment and watched the show this evening with some good steak, good wine and the river Shannon outside my window, good times! That crowd was incredible throughout! "Billy Ass and the Ass boys" - beautiful! Had a sneaking suspicion PAC would win his match because I think the All Atlantic title is going to be a big part of AEW coming to the UK and PAC is a perfect hometown champ. If they do go to Craven Cottage I might have to take a trip over (maybe say hello to the Brit contingent of the board?). Delighted for PAC anyway. ZSJ/CC was so so good, wished we could have had some of Zack's more inventive move names called (Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness!) OC/Ospreay was my match of the night, incredible athleticism, intensity and laughs - everything I love! El-P is one of my new favourites, I love stupid stuff like titty twisters and incredibly over elaborate back rakes, it's an entertainment business and I'm entertained!
  12. For all the talk of the new setup/ramp etc, did no-one else notice quite a few guys tripping midway to the ring? Eddie almost had a Titus O'Neil moment as he ran to attack Jericho in the main event. "Ooh, ooh! He's home alone!" William regal is a gift! "Scissor me Daddy Ass" - finally a wrestling t-shirt I can proudly wear in my day to day life! Miro is back, Treat Reznor is warming up his vocal chords, "your god is dead and no-one cares!" I thought Britt's Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt last week was more egregious than Max Caster's rap. Disappointing to see t-shirts supporting convicted abusers after Punk's good t-shirt game.
  13. Speaking of Maggie, the IRA quote after the Brighton Hotel bombing would be a great line for a wrestler with a killer move to use, "remember, we only need to be lucky once. You need to be lucky always"
  14. Disappointed not to open the board and see at least 15 pages dedicated to Regal's use of "tosspot" during PnP.
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