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  1. Not wrong at all dude, the same thing happened in the title match with Cody. I was thinking that too when he was distracting the ref. I'd rather Archer go alone, because I think Jake detracts from him. He's an old dude who can't walk very comfortably making decisions that seem confused. Why is Archer putting up with that. Not a massive fan of Arn with Cody either. During the build up to the Cody-archer match I hated the "confrontation" between Jake and Arn, especially when they were squaring up to each other. I just found it sad that these 2 old guys were trying so hard to relive past glories and trying to present that they were still as tough as the young guys.
  2. This x 1 million! He's just constantly jaw jacking into the camera and I love it! Felt like the tag title match was gonna lead to some sort of an angle, but nothing. Decent match, but no Hardy/Bucks/FTR involvement, no teasing dissension between the champs. Felt flat since the result was never in doubt. Both "big announcements" fell flat for me. I'd much prefer to see Cage squash some fools than this. That 8 man was good shit. Super destroyer was wild! Finish was nice, surprised we got the handshake afterwards, expected the usual "you kicked me accidentally, now this means war". Stu Grayson brings it every time I see him. Would love if his ring fear matched his "mini-Bane" out-of-ring gear though, much better look. Loved the main, thought OC should get the win but as someone (sorry, forgot to note the name) mentioned, he'd stood tall 2 weeks running so wasn't happening. Hope this feud runs longer. Best Friends vs Proud N Powerful could be a fun feud.
  3. Huzzah indeed! One of my favourite (pun intended) new shows this year.
  4. Darby's theme is a banger, and fits the character. Kenny's has grown on me. Hangman's works really well for his character. Also love Best Friends, same as yourself.
  5. On the fashion watch, I said it a few weeks ago - Private Party need a gear change immediately. They look way too skinny and unthreatening and cheesy. They look so much better in their out of ring gear and seem more like guys who do attend exclusive parties and actually look cool (or at least what a 38 year old Paddy, me, assumes to be cool).
  6. Scribbled some thoughts as I watched this morning. A lot of this has been said already, so tried to hand out the likes where I saw them as I read before posting. That opener was fun. Was it perfectly executed? No! But Jungle Boy brought the fire, MJF brought the hateability and the 2 big bulls were slapping meat. Jericho was on fire on comms, "you know why I call him Godzilla? Because he likes Japanese movies you idiot!" plus his perfect Spanish! Enjoyed Shia-Ford more than I expected. Some good od stuff in that match. The bend over backwards to avoid the drop kick was very well timed. Sabian makes a good stooge, and sold the shots from Shida well. Cody-Hager didn't do it for me. Cosy works best in an epic with a storyline to match and this just didn't grab me. Maybe because I find hager dull, maybe because Arn on the outside seems wrong for a face, along with the Dustin interference. I dunno. Finish was too cute by half. Interesting that they're pushing private party, but santana and Ortiz are a bit directionless at the moment. Which is unfortunate because those boys bring it in ring and in their trash talk. "not afraid to say the S-word on live TV" ha! Shut up about who you think is the alpha male, JR, seriously! Why shit on your own talent like that?? Thought Kenny was heeling it up a bit during the match with the intensity level, could be a misread though. Interesting end with the Bucks and FTR, very clear 3v3 line with Kenny and Page on opposite sides.
  7. "that's your girl, you should take her to the woodshed sometime" JR to Tony about Britt. Unless I seriously misheard, that's really not good! 2 great spears in the first match, one from wardlow in the corner and one from jungle Boy to MJF. Looking forward to that tag. Best Friends wearing lumberjack shirts, and getting changed back to normal gear later - that's good attention to detail! Kiss and Janela look an interesting team, liked the vignette. Really can't see Colt joining dark order, expect a swerve on that. Neither of FTR are in the shape of Trent, but Dax has a definite belly on him. Where's JR'S criticism there? Does that make Cash the "alpha" of the team. Yes I'm still salty about the comments on Chucky T last week. Nice video package for tag title match. Love seeing a little fire from Best Friends. Hangman great as usual, "them boys are good. I'ma still whip their asses" Tony had some fabulous looks to the side as he was communicating with Britt. Really enjoy what they're doing with Jericho and OC. So happy to see AEW taking the chance on something different like OC and for him to close the show 2 weeks running standing tall. Makes me thi k Jericho goes over but I think OC is on an upward trajectory and this will help.
  8. Reading through this whole thread and it's genuinely horrific. I have nothing to add to what's gone on. I have noticed though, that (at least here in Ireland) this has spread beyond wrestling and has empowered a lot of women to speak up against men in other fields utilising a lot of the same tools. I believe one Irish comedian and club promoter was responding in a supportive manner to some of the victims speaking out about wrestling which in turn was the spark that lit the fire in some of his victims and encourages them to speak out against him. This is now empowering women from all fields of the arts to tell their stories too and its incredibly raw and sad and horrific but also kinda hopeful. Defamation laws in Ireland are notoriously stacked in favour of the powerful and the abusers (hence a certain MMA fighters name is never mentioned in stories relating to him here but will be covered in the NY Times) so I'm in awe at the bravery of these women. Not sure exactly what I'm saying other than I'm glad to see something genuinely awful transforming into something positive and I really hope these women/people can get some solace and level of healing from being heard. That and fuck anyone who thinks abusing positions of power is acceptable.
  9. Enjoyable show, as per usual. Won't go through everything, but one thing I haven't seen mentioned (if someone already said this, apologies, lets blame lockdown fatigue) was the aftermath of the MJF-Billy match. Jungle Boy in street clothes was ready to fucking go and looked a really big deal, absolutely the equal of MJF. His leap off the ring steps across dudes to get to MJF had me whooping. More of that fire from him please. PS: fuck JR for ragging on the Kentucky Gentleman, gentlemen don't need to be body guys!
  10. Maybe I was in bad form watching, but the FTR debut didn't do much for me. Could also be because ik not as aware of their NXT work. The truck was daft, they seemed uncomfortable in their movement (could be down to wearing street shoes though) and the turn on butcher and blade was far too obvious. Hopefully I'll see more of what has everyone else excited next time. Dug the battle Royal even if it had the usual battle royal issues. Some nice side story stuff like Colt with Dark Order as nd the continuing Avalon-Cutler lose-off. Glad to see jungle boy get an opportunity, there's money in him. Those elbows from OC were nice! The two tag matches were kinda just there. Liked having the Hardy costume changes pre-match, private party and Janela worked well together. SCU as a team don't do much for me, and Sabian needs a more defined character. What was the deal with the Hangman-Kenny CCTV footage? Weird use of them both. Loved the pep rally, the daft gifts, Ortiz and the ear muffs, Swagger the poet/Neeson. Not sure about the Tyson stuff. Not a UFC fan so no clue who the lads with him were and if they are legit dudes it wasn't sold enough. I did love Jericho's "KHAAAAAAAN" style shouting of "TYSOOOOON" at the end. Cody as a Trek fan must have enjoyed it too. Sounds like I'm down on the show but I mostly enjoyed, just a few nit-picky things that didn't work for me but YMMV.
  11. I love the pantomime stuff in wrestling. That stadium stampede put a big smile on my face. Sammy's face as he ran away from various things, Ortiz being Ortiz, Hardy's grin under the water, "right over his crotch" from a clearly loving-it Tony, Ortiz being Ortiz some more, "I can't swim". All glorious. Some of the spots really delivered as well, the assisted buckshot in particular was cool AF. I got into Mox-Brodie the more it went on. Bodies gear was a big step up and as someone else mentioned, when he dropped the straps it really clicked. He's got a great face for colour. Shida-Nyla was better than I expected. Can't really get into Nyla but this was better. Thanks to the person who mentioned Shida's gear was Tifa inspired, it was bugging me what it was. MJF-Jungle Boy was some good graps. Thought jungle boy brought some pretty decent selling in this. MJF is so hateable and works really well against someone as pure a baby face as jungle boy. I liked some of the spots in the ladder match, especially OC struggling with ladders and backpacking on Cage. Had some issues with timing and stuff. Also, SCU looked like dopes rather than "honourable" by not just going for it at the beginning or even teaming up a bit more. Would have worked better if the stip was that you couldn't win until all men in. Nice debut from Cage, but "who can stop the path of Cage" in Taz's voice is awful, sounds like the start of the Hurricane's entrance. Can't take that voice seriously. Cody Archer disappointed. The in ring was good and Archer's shit-talking is glorious. But all the stuff on the periphery dragged it down. Why was Jake distracting the ref so Arn could attack? What was the plan with the Snake? Did Iron Mike have some kind of authority? Why did Bryce look to him before ejecting Arn? On the topic of shit talking, there was some great swearing picked up mid-match. Janela had a "fucking mother fucker" after being taken out by Cage, there were a few "oh shit"s as people were going up for moves and a few others. Dunno if anyone has watched" Gangs of London" but one of my favorite parts of the fight scenes in it was the realistic mid-fight, almost not picked up, swearing, like how you would eff and blind if you stubbed your toe. Rest of the show was not great but I felt I got my moneys worth.
  12. Agree with @Casey and @LoneWolf&Subs on the truck being silly. Same could be said for Mox storming into the arena about an hour before he actually attacked anyone. What was he doing for that hour?? My boy Orteeeeeez brought some next level stooging in the tag. The wrestler most likely to make me laugh out loud at the moment. Did JR say, "we all know women hate every other woman" or something to that effect at the end if the 4-way? Jeezus! Thought the 4-way was good, Britt really bringing the character and some impressive spots in the match like Statlander catching Penelop after initially losing her grip. Considering the limitations they've done a good job building up the PPV. It's only €22 on Fite in Ireland rather than $50 so think I'll buy it. Stadium stampede looks fun, interested to see how the ladderatch goes, nyla-shida should be fun, plus Cody always brings it at PPV.
  13. Leaving aside the fact that I don't think running shows at the moment is a great idea, they did a really good job of making something interesting and unique with that show. Dunno if it was because of the lack of noise, but some of the flubs stood out more (penelope's rana, jungle boys dive/no dive at the end of his match etc). I'm not overly bothered by those things normally so interesting that I spotted them tonight. Loved the heckling from the sidelines, I woul happily re-watch with the mic solely on MJF the whole show! When they started to unmask his voice (and this can be blamed on my Irishness and lack of ear for American accents), but I started to think it was Kazarian's voice, and with only him being alongside CD, I thought there was a big old swerve coming. Hardy posing at the end lost a lot with the lack of a crowd. Maybe they could have wired him up for that? Were they teasing OC dissension with best friends? He seemed to be throwing some "what was that?" arms to them after the match. Jericho on commentary never gets old. He gets everyone over while staying in character
  14. Most things covered by y'all already. That flying knee from Sammy to Darby brought the hate. I have high expectations for that match! The cheer for OC vs Pac was huge, really interested to see how that match goes. Revolution shaping up to be a great show, I've bought it. Only my second PPV purchase, but they've sold it really well.
  15. Think it spells out "join dark order"
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