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  1. Hangman and Dark Order is my absolute favourite storyline in AEW. Love that he referenced his friends who told him to always have a spare stack of papers in his jacket. I squealed with delight when Silver and Reynolds came out, and grinned ear to ear when - 1 ran out calling out the rest of the Dark Order. Just real joy making stuff for me! Looking forward to Hangman laying Matt out, but have to say Isaiah looked good (and properly heelish) in attacking Page. On the Page-Hardy match, we may get to see JR's vinegar strokes face during it since it is a "Big Money match". "MONEY! MONEY! IT'
  2. I somehow misread this as Teddy Long, "holla holla holla, you expected some mellow weed, but you're going one-on-one with some bath salts playa"
  3. Matt Riddles theme at half time at the Arsenal match today. Brooooooo? Pretty much summed up my reaction at seeing Willian come on in the second half. My reverse voodoo is obviously not stronger than his stinkiness because I've slated him like this multiple times now
  4. @Matt D you mentioned Bettany channelling someone specific to this episode. More generally than just this episode, I get little flashes of Rik Mayall on his comedy performances, but that could be accent related.
  5. Two Hangman segments , "oh ambassador, with this Ferrero Rocher you're really spoiling us". Loved how Anna Jay gave him nothing but side eye, building on the BTE skits. That main was wild, just good times all around. The diving stomp to Mox was gnarly as hell! I know a lot of people have a real soft spot for Sting, but I really don't. Possibly because 8 year old me saw the short bleached blond hair on him and thought he was the lost Bros member, and I just really hated Bros as a kid, so I've always been ambivalent to the Stinger. But this storyline is so repetitive, "its Sting", "
  6. I love heels pointing to their head, to let everyone know how smart they are, especially when a face looms in the background ready to dish out some punishment. In modern terms, Ortiz pulls this one out a lot, and I crack up every time.
  7. So, Football365 (UK based football/soccer site) have written a piece imagining all 20 current Premier League managers taking part in a Royal Rumble, including a wonderful Mikel Arteta/Scott Steiner math promo. For those with an interest in both footy/graps ye may enjoy. https://www.football365.com/news/2021-premier-league-manager-royal-rumble-mourinho-guardiola
  8. Kane's entrance music rings around the Emirates stadium as Arsenal come out for the second half. Fitting as Willian comes on as a sub, a man whose testicles I'd happily electrocute!
  9. Digging this so far, thought it definitely kicked up a gear this week. Loved seeing how actions in the real world affected the Wanda world. Its definitely more interesting in the uneasy moments, but the cheesy stuff around it makes those moments stand out more so, while they may not be "funny" they certainly play their part. I did laugh out loud at Park's card trick though.
  10. Think I'd seen it mentioned that his dad's people had negotiated his contract with AEW so Jack only signed for 2 years, rather than 5. If that's the case, it's a really good idea that they're making him feel like someone important around about now as he's much more inclined to re-sign, you would hope.
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