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  1. Does Eddie give Claudio the old Ross Geller "friendly finger" at the 9/10 second mark? What a man!
  2. I'm on a little solo retreat in the rural heart of Ireland at the moment and watched the show this evening with some good steak, good wine and the river Shannon outside my window, good times! That crowd was incredible throughout! "Billy Ass and the Ass boys" - beautiful! Had a sneaking suspicion PAC would win his match because I think the All Atlantic title is going to be a big part of AEW coming to the UK and PAC is a perfect hometown champ. If they do go to Craven Cottage I might have to take a trip over (maybe say hello to the Brit contingent of the board?). Delighted for PAC anyway. ZSJ/CC was so so good, wished we could have had some of Zack's more inventive move names called (Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness!) OC/Ospreay was my match of the night, incredible athleticism, intensity and laughs - everything I love! El-P is one of my new favourites, I love stupid stuff like titty twisters and incredibly over elaborate back rakes, it's an entertainment business and I'm entertained!
  3. For all the talk of the new setup/ramp etc, did no-one else notice quite a few guys tripping midway to the ring? Eddie almost had a Titus O'Neil moment as he ran to attack Jericho in the main event. "Ooh, ooh! He's home alone!" William regal is a gift! "Scissor me Daddy Ass" - finally a wrestling t-shirt I can proudly wear in my day to day life! Miro is back, Treat Reznor is warming up his vocal chords, "your god is dead and no-one cares!" I thought Britt's Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt last week was more egregious than Max Caster's rap. Disappointing to see t-shirts supporting convicted abusers after Punk's good t-shirt game.
  4. Speaking of Maggie, the IRA quote after the Brighton Hotel bombing would be a great line for a wrestler with a killer move to use, "remember, we only need to be lucky once. You need to be lucky always"
  5. Disappointed not to open the board and see at least 15 pages dedicated to Regal's use of "tosspot" during PnP.
  6. After buying Double or Nothing, I had just enough credits for Forbidden Door, so thank you very much to whoever it was a while back that mentioned getting extra fite credits for buying PPVs early
  7. I think Jordynn Grace has potential to be a genuine Chyna-esque breakout star with the right presentation/push. Added bonus of her and Gresham being the least cringe couple in AEW/ROH.
  8. Easy highlight for me was Max Caster getting over excited with his new scissors and almost inadvertently slicing the Ass Boys. His "what's your problem?" face was priceless. Really hard to not see the dollars in The Acclaimed right now.
  9. Many moons ago, I worked on the customer service desk of a bank in the centre of Dublin. One day, I see Chris O'Dowd in the queue, and being a big IT Crowd fan do my best to get rid of the customer I was serving so I could call him from the queue. Couldn't make it in time, so one of my colleagues gets Chris, and I'm all sad about it. Then overhear that he doesn't have ID and my colleague won't allow him to make his withdrawal. I swoop in, saying I know him and I'll look after him, take him away to my desk. Chris is very appreciative and I tell him how much I love the show. "Oh thanks, that's great to hear". I then for some reason spend the next 3 minutes explaining how amazing Matt Berry is and how Matt steals every single scene with his presence alone and Matt was incredible in Mighty Boosh and at one point find myself quoting, "goddamn these electric sex pants". Anyway, Chris gets his money, leaves and I see him in the bank maybe 5 more times after that. Every single time, he somehow managed to receive a phone call at the precise moment when he was next in the queue and I was calling him though. Odd that.
  10. There's an alternative universe where Philo didn't fall out with Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy continue to write and record bangers and Bono never gets the opportunity to push himself as the face of Irish music. Whenever Mastodon play Dublin, their cover of Emerald gets a huge reception.
  11. Goldberg looking like he's been dressed by Willow Pill from this season of Drag Race
  12. Vegan stretch battle between Danielson and ZSJ is the big one for me. Hiromu vs Darby Allin. GoD vs FTR That would be lovely.
  13. I assumed the promo was directed at Fuego with multiple references to fire and the sun, and I'd be happy to see Fuego die for our sins again. As much as I value JB higher than KOR, I think this was the first time they announced Kyle from Vancouver (first time I realised he was Canadian anyway) and that made me think Jack was taking the loss here. Was momentarily confused at the start when Punk walked out the "heel" tunnel before I realised it was just one of the arenas they flip presentation in. As long as I get ZSJ against one of Danielson, Moriarty or Angelico then Forbidden Door will be a massive win for me (would especially love it if Tony could give IDLES a few quid to use "Mother" for Zack).
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