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  1. Watched this on FITE app, sound was odd throughout (sped up or something since everyone's voice went up an octave). Also think it's missing some segments since it's only 94 mins long and I didn't see the hangman backstage bit. Good show, agreed with others that the story progression was better than the in ring. The Swole match was not pretty! Loving dark order and the continuing turmoil of Colt Cabana. Alan Angels getting to show some personality. Its starting to click for them now. Santana and Ortiz had a great promo, nice set up for the Battle Royale with Starks-All in, Cag
  2. I genuinely did a double take thinking Edge had dyed his hair when I saw this photo.
  3. That final match/segment was awesome. Had looked up for a second after the lariat expecting Cody to kick out. Did not see the win coming that quickly or decisively even though I had an inkling Lee might win. His jacket tonight was a big improvement on the old robe, better fitting - he looks boss! When Brandi came out I wondered would Brodie lay hands on her, glad to see Anna Jay get a chance to shine instead. All aboard the Dark Order train, thought Silver, Reynolds and Angels all put in good showings too. Speaking of which, I'm intrigued by Kenny Omega. I really see him joining forces w
  4. Bit of a come down after last week's show. Was let down by the main event which is a pity as I've been loving the feud and they're 2 of my absolute faves in AEW. Throwing the "will he, won't he" referee angle didn't work for me. Maybe if they'd made more of a deal out of the Inner Circle being banned from ringside, and talking up the wily veteran and master strategist that Jericho is would have helped. Really glad OC got his big win, but felt flat with the rushed ending. The tag team appreciation bit dragged. Could see FTR using the knee brace to attack almost immediately, but I did thin
  5. I laughed so hard at "and FUCKING barbecue sauce!".
  6. Well that was all lovely. Loved how things wove together and just flowed: dark order winning the 12 man led the Braver boys to think it was their night; the set up of Sue's minivan to the match to the vandalism and then the revenge promo (also ties into Best Friends saving OC); Mox promo to MJF promo to MJF interference. Just simple effective stuff. I feared the debate but it was a delight. My intelligence never once felt insulted. Great night for wild bumps - Stu Grayson and Darby both with some serious air time tonight.
  7. Just finished the show. As @Godfrey rightly points out, Starks should get a nice little bonus for the skateboard shot because that looked all kinds of nasty. Cage looked impressive, the Mox/Darby catch looked great! Agreed with @RolandTHTG about Taz on commentary. Loved how naturally he flicked between Taz the manager and Taz the commentator ("I'm trying to be professional here")
  8. I'm about halfway through the show so far. Some things I liked: There's 4 potential feuds in the opening match (jericho/oc, best friends/PNP, Lucha/hager and most intriguingly sammy/JB) that would deliver. So why is Matt Hardy involved? Did enjoy sammys reaction though. Sammy has a perfect "oh shit" face when he gets himself in trouble like landing in the middle of 5 opponents. "smells like cat pee, Tony" - love that Ortiz! I dig Warhorse's character. Can't say I've seen him wrestle but I like that he sticks to the headbanging Mid-match. Small things like that make me smile. P
  9. Kept waiting for, "where is Jessica Hyde?" or "hello matey". I love love loved Utopia on Channel 4, so much so that my cousin (who works for Channel 4) started blanking me at family events because I'd just keep asking, "when is season 3 coming?". I'm intrigued by this, mostly because of Gillian Flynn being on board so I'm hopeful that it keeps the spirit of the original while doing its own thing. And hopefully we get an actual conclusion this time. Also, the them tune for the original was an absolute bop!
  10. Enjoyable from the off tonight. Y'all have covered the greatness of Eddie in detail but Cody brought it too tonight. Much less heeling from Cody tonight. Really expected a "who the fuck is gruff garrison" from MJF. Surprised he didn't mention that it was Wardlow who lost the tag match. Page is so good as a shit talking, badass face. They've really got something with him. Did Colt's t shirt say "Cult Cabana" or did I imagine that? John Silver really is a thicc little boy, isn't he? Throughout the falls count anywhere match I just kept thinking that from a distance, in the whit
  11. Your mouth said no but your heart said yes
  12. Enjoyed the hell out of this. Lots of stories developing, and while I can see paths I can also see numerous ways each of those paths can go and intersect with each other. Thought Cody pushed more towards asshole tonight, and with Tully noticeably watching on and Arn getting cranky it suggests heel turn a-coming. Maybe he gets too cocky in one of these challenges, loses and snaps? Sonny brought some good intensity and there were some nasty shots and bumps. Good stuff. I still can't get a handle on who FTR are and what there characters are. Are they old school, too cool for school, o
  13. Cheers @The Natural for future reference, I presume the wee "linky" button is not the way to go, is it? Is it <embed>url<\embed> or something to that effect?
  14. https://twitter.com/Arsenal/status/1283742092926373888?s=19 Hope the link works (first time trying). Arsenal played Triple H's theme as they came out for the second half against Liverpool last night. Sadly, we were denied the sight of Big David Luiz spitting water while waving a sledgehammer.
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