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  1. “Build your own Retribution mask“ - kit. Which is just a disposable plate from catering.
  2. How does that Bullshit Moolah record even count? Owning the damn title and never even defend it for 10 years....
  3. The LIJ EVIL was legit good. I don't know why he got so bad with the Bullet Club turn.
  4. Isn't Ricardo one of the main targets of #SpeakingOut? Fuck him!
  5. When did Shawn ever kick through a window? Clearly Marty tried to escape through it. That coward.
  6. Technically OJ was there. They used the footage of his escape from police.
  7. “DAMN, this chinese Virus takes away all of our audience.“
  8. DAMN, this episode rocked! I am all in on Dark Order now.
  9. Undertaker 's hottest moment sure wasn't at the SummerSlam.
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