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  1. Now the thread title gets double meaning...
  2. So how about FinJuice vs Golden Aces? Or that banger of a Tag Match with Ishii/Goto vs Takagi/EVIL? Dash ruled!
  3. The fans after every Dark Order angle:
  4. If you have seen one of his “Classics“, you have seen em all. Fuck Ric Flair Am I doing it right?
  5. Kazuchika Okada. Goat. Shawn's selling is soooooo bad, I'm feeling like.... Hey Randy, What Do you say?
  6. Is it low enough for the rating to off itself? Is it December yet....?
  7. Bringing that relationship to the main show killed much of her pop. Why cheer someone who is with Seth Rollins. He is the worst.
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