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  1. Nobody cares about stuff like that. I want Mariah May to bash you over the head with a shoe for even posting this here.
  2. Mina just needs Xia Brookside now to complete the entrance. Tony, sign her!
  3. Iron Savages are such a great Gimmick. It's insanely stupid and over the top and I love it! Go Double J! Win the Owen!
  4. Let Darby cut a promo backstage about "The Best in the World" again. Launch the following Rampage with Shane.
  5. He has great creative ideas! Yeah, I go now...
  6. It's still the best ladder match WWE ever had. EVERY Spot works perfectly and the fans give multiple Standing Ovations.
  7. That's the old ZSJ though. The new and improved one is leaps and bounds better.
  8. I didn't find Dynamite that uninteresting that we don't even talk about it in the Thread.
  9. Maaaan, that Gauntlet ruled! Having a mix of NJPW/CMLL/AEW in that match was fn awesome. How about a Wild Card match where all those guys are randomly tagging with each other like Survivor Series 1995?
  10. Brody King to New Japan. House of Black Torture. *drops mic*
  11. On the other side watch WM 30, where Orton takes a monitor to his back....
  12. What was Jericho even trying to say at the end? A four Way Three Way?
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