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  1. Besides Giant Gram (2000), thats the best wrestling game ever. Full of legends.
  2. Powerhouse Hobbs not even bothering to wear his wrestling gear against that dude, running him over before the introduction and squashing him with the Torture Rack. Perfect!
  3. What is wrong with it? If you were there live, you had every title defended.
  4. What are you guys even talking about? It was a great Dynamite. Injuries happen. Cant wait for Punk vs Wardlow. And Malakai announced 2 Blackouts. Its on the third that someone appears.
  5. It's clearly Ryback. Tony "dreams" of the MEAT and wants to feed him more.
  6. Madi had an off day on DARK. Totally botching the Backbreaker Jamie ALWAYS does and sandbagging the brainbuster.
  7. I love DARK. I love that it is a youtube show and I can watch it whenever I want.
  8. Jake Atlas screams STAR. Man he is just awesome.
  9. I give you Hobbs. He would be great challenger for Wangman. Keith Lee should get the rocket strapped to him when he gets there.
  10. Hm, but the world title scene ist too full already. I only see the TNT title as a realistic way to get them championships. Or finally a trios title.
  11. Private Party, Jade Cargill, Scorpio Sky, Lee Moriarty, Team Taz, Acclaimed etc. It's such an weird statement. And on Dark you have so much good wrestling with all kinds of diversity. Tony should have still just not tweeted anything, it really doesnt help making him anything but the boo man.
  12. He will get there. He must be build up first. And drop his Shinobi gimmick. No wait, Shinobi did put the mask on before the match. Swole has some truth with the too many wrestlers for not enough spots though. Its overloaded and some are lost in the shuffle without explanation.
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