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  1. This Ladies Walk on My Chest shirt is bringing up a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.
  2. So I’m getting this show because fuck this week. I’m at a child’s birthday party at a black light mini golf place at 10:00 am. My wife forgot to tell me my daughter was invited to the party until 9:32 am, so as a make good she’s keeping the kids busy tonight while I veg out in front of the 75 incher. I’m very annoyed being here right now, but if I wasn’t I would have never seen this enormous piece of black light art depicting Tony Chimel doing ring intros for a match between Buddy Rogers and Ali.
  3. Hey is this WWE or the White House? Read more sharp observations like this in my new book Vince McMahon: American Voltaire.
  4. Thanks for that @Gordlow I really enjoyed the breathing exercise. I’m going to incorporate it into my morning routine. Congratulations on achieving your want and getting off the meds.
  5. It was no Desert Storm match. Really could’ve used Fatu telling the kids in the crowd that terrorists may have rigged their seats with explosives.
  6. Tonight at 11:00: Are your children Following the Buzzards? The dangerous new viral trend your teens may already be doing.
  7. I was split between Fenix/Andrade and the Dynamite six man, but I’m biased towards singles matches. I liked how Fenix vs Andrade had all of the wild spots you’d expect, but they gave everything just enough breathing room so it felt like a bomb throwing grudge match and not just them doing a bunch of stuff. Other Thoughts: Ospreay/Aussie Open vs OC/Vice - If you’re going to do go-go style this is the way to do it. I’m not challenging someone to dig up quarter hours, but this feels like something exciting that could be a needle mover. Cash vs Cobb - This had one of the best PiP sections that I’ve seen in AEW. Cash being overwhelmed at the end and going out on his shield was tremendous. Gunther vs Ricohet - This one had the air of obligatory title rematch on tv to move the new champion on from the previous one, but they told a pretty good story. Ricochet thinks his best shot is going balls to the wall out the gate and keeping it short, but his aggression just can’t match Gunther’s. I liked it, but Cash/Cobb does a similar thing better. Fatu vs Kruger - It’s fun. They do some crazy stuff and Fatu continues to be a phenom. I did think the timekeeper ringing the bell post match like the refs could stop Fatu from melting a man with chemical weapons or whatever was really funny.
  8. “On the 6th I’m coming, and it won’t be a peaceful protest, it will be a Wyatt.”
  9. Vince loves being pitched partners who hate each other angles so he can say, “What is this my marriage?!” And everyone in the room has to laugh.
  10. That reminds me that I just found out about this. Damn, girl. Ya know I wanna stay and smash, but that darn fatwa means I gotta be moving on ; )
  11. They said it couldn’t be done, but Christian Bale has transformed himself into an Easter Island head statue for the Night at the Museum reboot. Truly one of the greats.
  12. @Zimbra I’d also recommend Martinez’s ROH Title defenses on Dark from the past couple of months.
  13. I think they’re supposed to be in the tweener category like BCC where they’re consistent in how they behave regardless of who they’re in the ring against.
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