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  1. (BP)

    Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82

    Heads up for anyone with Amazon Prime, Burt’s film from this year, The Last Movie Star, is available there. It’s a fictionalized reflection on his own career. I’ve been meaning to watch it for some time. I'm curious if he shot his scenes for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or if Tarantino will have to recast.
  2. John Mayer looks quite chuffed to be All In.
  3. (BP)


    I hope nobody tells Marco Rubio about Operation Paperclip.
  4. (BP)

    James Bond XXV

    I’d imagine it would depend on whether Wright feels like shooting the studio script Boyle didn’t want to use. I’d like to see Wright take on Bond, but if the production wheels are already turning and they’re in a hurry this would be a lot like Tim Burton joining the Planet of the Apes remake last minute and it not really feeling like a Burton movie at all.
  5. Kev is coming for Cedric Alexander’s belt.
  6. (BP)

    James Bond XXV

    Finally, a Bond that will tell each one of his kills what classic blunder they fell into before they die.
  7. (BP)

    James Bond XXV

    Apparently, the Bond manor at the end of Skyfall was originally supposed to be a retirement home for double 0s, with potential cameos from old Bonds. When I found that out it infuriated me even more that the rewrite implied the exact opposite about whether Bond was a code name. Either everything before Casino Royale is a completely different continuity or, as posited by the James Bonding podcast, every mission from before Casino Royale happened in some form between QoS and Skyfall, which is why he seems to go from brand new double 0 to washed up veteran so quickly.
  8. (BP)

    James Bond XXV

    There’s an ongoing book series called Young Bond, that’s basically the result of a eureka moment when someone working at the Fleming estate saw both Young Indiana Jones and Harry Potter and said, “I can do that.”
  9. I saw Curse of the Demon was on and it reminded me that it’s still sitting in my dvr from the spring airing unwatched. Between Judy Garland day and Peter Lorre day I’m going to probably be maxed out on space by end of the week. I do have probably ten unwatched Raws that can gtfoh though.
  10. (BP)

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    I wasn’t young enough to watch Lazy Town as a little kid, but I was the perfect age to cut school and watch it baked because there was nothing else on. Rest in power.
  11. (BP)


    I’m under the impression that the company distributing the Spacey movie had to exhibit somewhere to fulfill a contractual obligation since it’s been on VOD for a month. It actually did quite well on ITunes, presumably because of morbid curiosity or hardcore fans of Eggerton or Roberts.
  12. (BP)


    I watched Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X the other day for the first time in like 20 years. They’re both crazy stupid fun, especially Goes to Hell. It got me thinking that you can pretty neatly split the Friday the 13th movies that actually have Jason as the antagonist into three trilogies: 2,3,4 (Hillbilly Psycho Camp Slasher trilogy); 6,7,8 (Unexplained Supernaturally Undead Bog Monster Trilogy); Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason (New Line’s Self Aware Batshit Crazy Fan Fiction trilogy.) Reappraising them recently moved Friday the 13th up ahead of Nightmare on Elm Street as my favorite horror franchise.
  13. (BP)


    WWE: We want you to speak to the Black athletes. Hogan: All athletes matter, brother. WWE: This is a good start.