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  1. Bray's already a grinning asshat on TV though. It's going to bother me way more when Bayley and Sasha are all over each other's social media while feuding.
  2. New King of the Cruiserweights James Ellsworth narrowly weaseling away with the title because of a bodyguard or stable would rule. Ditto for an Xpac/Kane type of team with Braun.
  3. I'm still disappointed I'll never get to hear Dusty scream "Orney Lorcan!" on commentary.
  4. *Vince blindly tripping over his own dick into Hunter's office, Red Bull dribbling onto his chin.* "Paul, I know it's a big get, but do you think we could land Annette Funicello as a guest host for Raw?" "Uhh...no."
  5. Great Balls of Fire has to be a Jerry Lawler tribute show, for multiple reasons.
  6. As long as the other guy is The Rock I'm in.
  7. "His license plate says BEATNGU. Beating you?" "That can't be right. Bray jobs to everyone."
  8. This is 100% going to be Hunter's entrance next year at Mania.
  9. I don't think we'll get any of that from a Vince-approved movie, but it sounds like a hell of a Ryan Murphy mini series one day.
  10. Someone on here I think suggested Joel Edgerton and since then I've never been able to picture anyone else.
  11. Was Punk's issue part-timers or that he wasn't treated as importantly as them? It doesn't make him less of an asshole, but there's a distinction there.
  12. I just think it's funny how Punk didn't appreciate the misdiagnosed Z-Pack he got but still goes to doctors when he's sick. What a hypocritical piece of shit.
  13. Looked like Miz was the latest person to leave a chunk of their body on the LED apron.