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  1. Scarecrows was on TCM Underground a couple of years ago, so I set a recording. I fell asleep with the television on, and that thing where real sounds stimulate your dreams happened. I had the most terrifying nightmare of my adult life. When I finally watched the movie the next day it didn’t live up to that, but it’s pretty good.
  2. Did I miss Fast Five? It’s weird if it didn’t make the list and weirder if it ends up in the top 10.
  3. Between Pinhead’s face being trapped in that statue and the cenobites being reduced to Ninja Turtle/Power Ranger villains, Hellraiser III is at least funny. Bloodline is a total bore.
  4. I think if I’d seen Tenet before I submitted the list, I would’ve taken Inception off completely. The Emperor has no clothes.
  5. I have a vivid memory of him doing Leno in the 90s and talking about going as The New Age Outlaws with a buddy for Halloween. Leno tried to brag about winning the tag match at Road Wild, and Keiran said something to the effect of, “You needed your boy Kevin to come in and save you.” The crowd made an, “oooooh,” noise like he owned Leno. Just valuable real estate in my brain taken up by this shit.
  6. Based on that awful score over the trailer, I’m guessing it has just as many Bowie songs on the soundtrack as Velvet Goldmine.
  7. Speaking of Crypt spinoffs, I really want to give Perversions of Science a shot since I only saw a couple of episodes twenty-odd years ago.
  8. The only things I remember for sure about Dream On were the cutaways to old movies and shows to express the lead’s inner thoughts and that I had an enormous crush on Wendy Malick. I went back through all of Tales from the Crypt a few years ago, but I ran out of steam during the final season in England and never finished. It’s never brought up when there’s listicles of weirdest final episodes, probably because of the format, but you’ll forget the last episode ever was an animated parody of The Three Little Pigs starring Bobcat Goldthwaite.
  9. I adore Black Swan. It’s even more impressive when you consider that it’s Aronofsky’s follow up to The Wrestler, a film that’s very, very different but explores the same themes (losing your identity in slavish devotion to a craft that creates a compulsion to be validated by others.)
  10. I think a couple of the later sequels are okay if you accept that they’re just moderately budgeted early aughts DTV horror with special guest appearances by Pinhead.
  11. Glad you liked it, driver. I must also recommend the incredible theme song and accompanying music video.
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