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  1. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I haven't kept up with NXT for most of the year so I went in to this cold. Great show. Gargano is a hell of a technician and great face working from underneath. The tag match didn't overstay its welcome and had fun spots. I thought the layout of Black/Itami didn't do them any favors. Should have been a shorter sprint. Black looked like he'll do well, but it's tough watching Itami struggle in this spot. Askua and Ember had a really good match with probably my favorite finishing stretch this year. I don't know where you go with either party from here though. Main was pretty good. Drew looks fantastic. There's no reason he shouldn't be on top of Raw or Smackdown by this time next year or sooner. But that's just me, and the crowd was not into him, so who knows. I guess Roode gets called up, but I don't know if he stands out on either main show with the rosters so stacked right now. I'm not familiar with any of the ROH guys, but there seems to be a lot of excitement about them. This definitely made me want to get back into the weekly TV.
  2. I don't know if it'll help Bryan with his cognitive issues, but I've heard sleeping in those oxygen tents gives you sexual powers.
  3. James Bond XXV

    I don't even know where they can go with the continuity they've set up in the Craig films beside using Lea Seydoux's character as a a stand-in for Tracy, redoing the OHMSS ending, and then maybe resolving the Blofeld stuff with some version of You Only Live Twice (the novel.)

    If he needed a colonectomy because the organ was dying that's pretty major. My dad went in for that last month (it was luckily just a kink and nothing was removed.)

    Seth Meyers is producing a Munsters reboot for NBC. It's going to be set in Brooklyn and be presumably 90% hipster jokes. On the one hand, that Mockingbird Lane show bombed pretty recently; on the other hand, Munsters Today and the Fox TV movies were fun and I'm a dope who still enjoys this dumb concept.
  6. "Hey did you hear they're making budget cuts and killing all of the network shows? Lulz. Anyway, let's finish shopping these Civil War general beards onto all the female talent then take a five hour lunch break and brainstorm for our next piece."
  7. I'm not sure why, but that's reality shattering for me. He always comes across as really tall.
  8. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    It's not really about his work. I'm actually probably in the minority that thinks he carried Finn to his best WWE match so far last summer. He's closer to the guy they want him to be when he's working underneath.
  9. SummerSlam XXX

    There seems to be a running concept that Angle incepts crazy/stupid ideas into the roster's heads through casual suggestion. He was the one that threw out the shark cage idea jokingly.
  10. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    Braun's getting really good, but someone needs to pull him aside and say something about shouting his spots half a foot from his opponent's face. Otherwise, Braun's been such a blessing for Roman. It's been clear since the Brock match that he thrives when he's working larger guys that can throw him around.
  11. Haven't seen Onita/Tremont, but Tremont was working hurt; not sure how severely, but he probably gutted it out because he'd worked really hard to make the match happen. I'm not surprised it had to end up being a tag match to cover.
  12. XWF just needed a television deal similar to the one TNA had with Spike. Vince killed it (inadvertently) before it even got off the ground by signing the biggest names from the tapings they were using as the network pitch. There's no reason to believe it wouldn't have ultimately failed anyway, but there was a window of opportunity there.
  13. Surprising credits thread

    I was reading the Wikipedia article about Robert Lowery (the second actor to play Batman in the 40s serials) and this was a fun tidbit. In 1956, he guest starred in "The Deadly Rock," an episode of The Adventures of Superman (which was the first time a Batman actor shared screen time with a Superman actor, although Lowery and Reeves had appeared together in their pre-superhero days in the 1942 World War II anti-VD propaganda film, Sex Hygiene.)

    The little guy coming out of nowhere with the stomps puts that gif over the top.
  15. Regarding merch, if he bounced and became an instagram celebrity/DJ, he could still do shirts on one of the pro wrestling tees websites and cash in on that for a few years, especially if he popped up in one of the larger indy promotions from time to time. Also, I hate that I have to go to work everyday and Spike "Dice" Dudley is financially secure for years to come by just being a shithead, but such is life.