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  1. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Cannot stop watching this boomerang.
  2. A Rick & Morty Thread

    Hopefully there's another two years between seasons for the heat on the gross fandom to die down.
  3. The Fast and Furious franchise thread

    It's weird that one of his biggest beefs would be that it's pushing back the production of the next Fast movie. It must be exhausting making one of them a year.
  4. Tom Petty

    Petty has a tremendous body of work with the Heartbreakers and The Traveling Wilburys, but the balls it took to bankrupt himself recording Damn the Torpedoes to fight his record company is something else. There's nothing like artists betting on themselves and winning.
  5. A Rick & Morty Thread

    The issue with this current season seemed to be more about the animation than the writing. The animators at Starburns just unionized and threatened a strike. Their demands were very reasonable and were met, but I don't know how that'll affect things going forward. I'm sure Harmon and Roiland are anxious to get a faster turnaround going. The season four deal sounds like it's the one that's going to finally make them serious money from the show, and I'm sure their counting on having enough episodes to make a major syndication deal in the near future.
  6. In Your House

    I'd forgotten that. That was one of those weird things where they tried to fan the flames on it by acting like they were just working the boys backstage to create controversy.
  7. In Your House

    I think the Cena promo after the Brock match was about Cena wanting to take time off that Vince wouldn't approve and Cena trying to go into business for himself to get it. If I'm not mistaken they immediately followed this up with throwing him into an of out of nowhere feud with Laurenitis just to give him something to do, so they probably planned for him to take time and then panicked about ratings. Or he thought he had an injury from the match that turned out not to be too bad. Or his brains were just scrambled from letting Brock stiff him.
  8. I have a vivid memory of a trailer for the Corman Fantastic Four playing on the televisions in Blockbuster at that time, so there was some sort of release strategy that didn't work out.
  9. I was just thinking about I'm From Hollywood recently. It's really wild that it's essentially a Memphis comp strung together with the comedian interviews. It must've been on Comedy Central a couple times a week for years. I wonder what the story was there. Someone just bought the tapes and hustled the participants into thinking it was a straightforward doc about Andy?
  10. I had no idea Bernthal was married to Kurt's niece.
  11. That rules. That's the kind of carny shit that's so perfect Vince would roll a tear at if he saw...while calling McDevitt to steamroll them.
  12. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    I really liked the first episode of No-End House. The atmosphere for the rooms was terrific, and I think it's neat that the rest of the series seems like it'll take place in Room 6. I'm assuming each episode we'll get background on what the other kids saw in their respective rooms 4 and 5.
  13. I got halfway through Stone Killer once and I found the plot so impenetrable, mostly because of terrible ADR in the mafia scenes that made no sense, that I gave up.
  14. The Netflix Thread

    I don't know about Roku, but on Xbox the Hulu update also came with the most aggressive earth-shaking log-on tone that I've ever heard. I have to mute the television beforehand to not upset the toddler and the dogs when I enter the app, regardless of what the volume of the tv is set to.
  15. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    I recall it being short and mostly built on comedy spots.