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  1. Won’t speak to the quality of any of these, but they’re all imprinted on my brain for life.
  2. There have to be five times as many Rear Window rip-off episodes. I mean, look at this shit.
  3. I love Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, but Hush, Hush...Sweet Charlotte is so much better with de Havilland than it would’ve been if Joan Crawford had stuck around and played the part.
  4. It’s kind of stunning how this flies in the face of the adage, “Successes have many fathers, but failures are orphans.” JL is like the Kramer vs Kramer kid of shitty movies.
  5. I could see Dustin endIng up in a Ray Traylor sort of role, getting recruited then kicked out of the NWO and feuding with Vincent and Norton on Saturday Night. Then if he sticks around long enough he becomes one of Russo’s “underrated guy” projects and spends some time in the main event. The real question would be if Vince sees any use for him in 2001. He’d be crazy not to, but Vince never saw him as more than a good hand anyway, and he wouldn’t have Goldust. Meanwhile, if WWF is still committed to doing an updated Gorgeous George/Adrian Street thing I don’t know who they plug into that, but it’d almost certainly not work or have the longevity it does without Dustin.
  6. I remember hearing a weird story about Rude following Flair around an arena all day before a card trying to goad him into a confrontation until Flair finally just left the building. I’m not sure if there was heat over anything in particular or if it was Rude acting erratically like when he pulled a gun on Bischoff.
  7. The future is everyone in America either warning about or demanding a soft coup military state depending on whether their party is in the White House.
  8. Man, we’re never getting another season of Atlanta.
  9. https://simpsonswiki.com/wiki/Godfather_III_-_good_version
  10. Doubling back on the Wayfair thing, very cool and normal that a federal judge’s son can be murdered by an international bank to cover up a child sex trafficking ring and it won’t even be a topic of discussion in a couple of days. It’s almost like Pizzagate conspiracies are thrown out there to make the actual things going on right in front of us seem crazy or implausible.
  11. Just found out that somehow the bald detective in the original Highlander is Jon Polito. This is only four years before Miller’s Crossing.
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