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  1. Miz spent his first few years in WWE fighting for his life in the ring so I absolutely believe he can mix it up.
  2. The stuff with Andrade and Sammy is either clever booking or another total embarrassment for the company. I guess we’ll see.
  3. We should start an AEW business thread so we can see how quickly it gets rolled back into here because it’s just more complaints about creative.
  4. I have a feeling they’ll be going to great pains to make each other look good.
  5. Good thing he didn’t have to see them much since it was usually someone like Anthony Quinn or Jack Palance in warpaint on those sets.
  6. Wasn’t the conspiracy theory that someone else involved in the Survivor Series tag pissed hot and Truth took the bullet? It seems incredibly unlikely, but I guess that would be a saving a trunk full of WWF tapes on fire kind of moment for him where he’d be on the roster until he decides to retire.
  7. I have to check that out. The Borscht at the Beach match between Masha and Allie was one of my dark horse favorites from last year.
  8. I don’t know where that’s going, but props to them for creating so much intrigue around a match between Andrade and Ten of all people.
  9. I like the shadow mixed tax team division that’s sprung up the last couple of months. The AAA belts are like the Pure championship where it’s an extra championship being defended on AEW tv that’s at least unique and creates fresh combinations of talent.
  10. R-Truth’s initial heel turn that led to the Lil Jimmy thing was interesting, although he really should’ve been built up before being fed to Cena. Awesome Truth as the gravest existential threat to the WWE locker room ever that caused a roster work stoppage was one of the funniest dumb things they’ve ever done. Extra credit for them being part of the booking strategy to deflate the Summer of Punk.
  11. Most of the basic cable channels are now essentially preview screeners for their parent company’s streaming service.
  12. The morning DJ from Philly’s alternative rock station when I was a kid staged a walkout stunt in response to RATM supporting the Free Mumia movement. I don’t know how much of that was just for publicity, but he was a good twenty years older than the station’s demo and he ended up eventually doing sports talk radio in Florida, which adds up.
  13. I’m imagining some goon at an AEW event getting waffled by security for running up on Britt screaming “Machete Order!”
  14. @RIPPA I’ll sub in for a review if anyone misses their deadline. I totally whiffed on signing up this year.
  15. We just need Chevy to be on set with Keith David for one day to let the magic happen.
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