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  1. (BP)


    WWE: We want you to speak to the Black athletes. Hogan: All athletes matter, brother. WWE: This is a good start.
  2. (BP)

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    This is one of those videos I find myself watching like once a month.
  3. (BP)

    Oscars 2019.

    Neil Hamburger hosting could potentially get me to watch next year.
  4. (BP)


    Blackkklansman is a really good movie that’s counterintuitively enhanced by a complete disregard for subtlety about drawing comparisons to current events. It also has one of Spike Lee’s best uses of the people-mover shot right up there with Malcolm X and The 25th Hour.
  5. (BP)

    Oscars 2019.

    The Pay it Forward Award
  6. (BP)


    Taraji walks into a club, passing by Mel Gibson as he exits. Gibson Inner Monologue: Have fun. He stops for a moment. Gibson Inner Monologue: You know whose fault it is that this never got a sequel with me in it right? Right?!
  7. (BP)


    The thread that was just Meltzer quotes about death rattle WCW was so much more satisfying and funnier than the sleaze thread. Although it still managed to make me feel like a bad person because whenever I think of Rey almost losing an eye so Scott Steiner could walk a tiger to the ring I go into hysterics.
  8. (BP)

    Oscars 2019.

    Put the producers of the top 10 draws in one of those money blowing air machines with the box office gross receipts and whoever comes out with #1 wins. If that doesn’t get the ratings up, then the next year...I don’t know, put some ball bearings in the machine too, I guess?
  9. (BP)


    That’s a good point. Within the context of the wrestling in the promotion at that time and specifically that show it’s an anomaly. I didn’t see it until much, much later, but the first time I saw it while watching the entire card. Had there ever been a flurry of nearfalls presented like that in a WWF show before? The pace and momentum of them are so commonplace now it’s easy to overlook how exhilarating that would have been for the average fan at the time.
  10. (BP)


    My idea would be for Showtime to reach out to the people Cohen pranked in the first season and offer them a chance to prank him back. Follow them around for a half hour while they prep an inevitably disastrous retribution prank that ultimately fails because of their own ineptitude, humorlessness, and vindictiveness.
  11. (BP)


    Steamboat was great when he came back for the Jericho program. He didn’t just have good conditioning; he knew how to work around his limitations and make everything he still could do be compelling. Savage was still really good until his knees gave out in 98. They could’ve had a MOTN in 95 without a problem. I’m under the impression that if the stars aligned they could’ve hooked up in TNA and still had a smartly booked match that was fun. That’s mostly based on my favorite Hogan/Sting match being at BFG when one was completely broken down and the other wasn’t too far behind.
  12. (BP)

    The Terminator Thread

    The Terminator 2: 3D show at Universal was also a more acceptable follow-up to Judgement Day than any of the movies. I just found out it closed last year. I’m so glad we didn’t hit that park when we were just in Orlando. I would’ve been dragged through Gringotts and Hogwarts all morning only to find out all the stuff I liked was gone.
  13. (BP)

    The Terminator Thread

    I think at the time it was just nice to have another one, and Arnold had already gotten older and had his heart problems so it was cool to see him in Terminator shape again. Plus, it has a really good ending. Honestly one of my favorite scenes isn’t in the movie but a deleted scene that is at least a fun dumb joke instead of the pretty offensive stuff they left in.
  14. (BP)


    Also didn’t specify it had to be a human, so Ring Around the Rosey counts.