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  1. Dudes that refer to penises as “hammers” must be a nightmare in the sack.
  2. The Midnight Connection was definitely the title of a movie Golan/Globus tried to finance at Cannes and failed to get made. “Midnight Connection stars Charles Bronson as a 75-year-old cop who’s taking matters into his own hands. Don’t like that? Okay, Midnight Connection is a Chuck Norris vehicle about a Vietnam veteran whose hometown karate gym is overrun by drug dealers. No? Michael Dudikoff and it’s gun runners? Anybody?”
  3. If anyone’s curious what a Flair promo for Andrade would sound like they can just watch this like ten times in a row and get the gist.
  4. I do want to make it clear that I don’t think there is anything wrong with helicoptering in a Flair robe under consensual circumstances, like say your significant other buys you the robe at a Toys r Us closing sale and they’re into it (hypothetically of course.) I guess that sequined beauty is going in the musty hope chest with my Hulkamania Still Rules t-shirt and my Toothless Agression action figure.
  5. With the McMahons the controversies have piled up to the point where it’s like Mr. Burns’s disease door and nothing ever comes of them. Plus, even when wrestling is really hot culturally it’s held in contempt by the general public so the bar for acceptable behavior is extremely low. To your second point
  6. Flair being nervous about bookings drying up explains why half of his promo at that NWA show was, “Actually, every promotion is awesome.”
  7. I found his 30 for 30 interesting because they allow him to tell some of the public nudity stories like they’re hilarious anecdotes, but the animated re-enactments make it seem pathetic and sad. Ric’s responsible for his own dumbass decisions, but it’s troubling how much Richard Fliehr was enabled and encouraged by an entire industry of people that needed him to be Ric Flair in real life. It wasn’t just promoters protecting an asset. He was a sexually aggressive problem drinker being egged on by younger wrestlers who treated partying with him like getting a Ribera jacket.
  8. A lot of millennials dealt with quarter life crises by becoming rockabilly tradespeople. I see it in barbering a lot. For example:
  9. Darn NJ Fish and Game regulations. Mandatory catch and release for an Elite that’s Cole’s size.
  10. Does anyone know if the taping schedule for Dark is posted anywhere? I’ve found myself in a unique position of having a trip to Universal Studios sprung on me for this upcoming week, and I was hoping to catch a taping while I was there. I know they just had one so they’ve probably got a month’s worth in the can already, but I figured I’d ask.
  11. The Tony/Britt/Cole deal kind of left me cold last week, but I can’t think of a funnier thing to hear in the middle of a wrestling match than a man in his mid 60s saying, “You can be friends with a girl!”
  12. The issue now for AEW is that Dustin does work for them and he was part of the sexual misconduct allegations from the flight staff too.
  13. I was thinking about this the other day. I don’t think society’s ills will be fixed by any American who was cognizant of 9/11 in real time. We’re several generations of people dealing with trauma and manifesting it in various unhealthy ways. If there’s a ship left to be righted one day, it’ll be by people who were born in the late 90s at the earliest.
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