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  1. At some point I watched and enjoyed Minnie and Moskowitz. I was going to go on a Cassavettes kick after that, but I started with Husbands, and it was so interminably dull and self indulgent that I gave up.
  2. Haven’t watched it yet, but I’m looking forward to it. The Daryl show isn’t very good, but it’s significantly better than Dead City, mostly because it’s shot on real locations in France. Its biggest problem is that it’s another Lone Wolf and Cub knockoff. Everyone needs to leave that poor dead horse alone and come up with a new idea, especially if it’s for a post apocalyptic zombie series. We made it almost all the way through Fear the Walking Dead and tapped out a few episodes from the finale because it truly seemed to be scripted by Chatgpt.
  3. You either don’t care enough about wrestling and aren’t there for the right reasons or you're a mark who’s too into wrestling and doesn’t treat it like a business.
  4. Especially considering Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were just in a similar situation and nearly tanked their careers.
  5. The Answer: Beatles Cinematic Universe The Question: How do you get a greenlight on a Ringo Starr biopic?
  6. Sure, the pigs are always going to eat up their slop, that’s abundantly clear.
  7. I think he’s talking about S.D. Jones. They tagged briefly, and Jones passed from some kind of stroke-related brain bleed.
  8. I thought about this on my last watch too. I’m pretty sure Paulie compromised with the Lucchesi family so it’d be one of his for one of theirs. They wanted satisfaction and were reasonably sure it was someone from Paulie’s outfit. Of the three, Tommy is clearly the easiest one to point the finger at for Batts, plus he’s the biggest liability. Jimmy is an earner and Henry hadn’t become unreliable yet.
  9. The Corman FF starts with adult Reed boarding with the Storms and Sue being like twelve.
  10. Some eagle-eyed viewers realized Madame Web reused B-unit footage from Spider-Man 2. This is going to be one of those movies where we keep finding out weird stuff about the production for years to come.
  11. Holy shit, I didn’t know Adam Scott was in that, and I never would have guessed who he was playing. At least he’ll eventually be able to provide some insight to his buddies at How Did This Get Made.
  12. I understand not rushing to accuse people, especially based on a general distaste for their public persona or reputation; however, there’s been a major overcorrection in an attempt at fairness.
  13. I kind of hope Krasinski keeps showing up in different shows and movies as Reed variants who eat shit within minutes of appearing on screen.
  14. That got me thinking about how the hell Christopher Lloyd ended up in a Hulk Hogan vehicle between Back to the Future III and The Addams Family. The only thing I can think of is that he signed on to Suburban Commando when Schwarzenegger was potentially still going be the lead.
  15. “Uptight urbanite Jason Segal moves to the backwoods to finally write his novel and discovers his neighbor is a Stone Cold Steve Austin type” could absolutely have been a comedy that I watched on Netflix or Prime in the past decade and forgot every moment of as soon as it was over.
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