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  1. (BP)

    Action Figures, Statues, Collectibles!

    I recently stumbled into custom figure designing on Instagram. Here's a Lou Feriggno Hulk that's head was sculpted from a Triple H action figure.
  2. (BP)


    Someone at TV Land is probably already diligently working on a pitch for a Charlie Sheen/Roseanne two hander sitcom where they're guardian angels who solve people's problems and make hundreds of jokes that allude to who their characters were in their previous lives before they died.
  3. (BP)


    I don't know if it was ever confirmed, but the general assumption was it would be an adventure related to his time on Tatooine, possibly protecting a child Luke from afar.
  4. (BP)

    R.I.P. VADER

    Never forget that Vader was detained in the Middle East for two weeks because he decided to protect the business when Undertaker stammered all over himself trying to answer a question about whether wrestling was a work.
  5. (BP)

    R.I.P. VADER

    His biggest runs were right between boom periods, but I think there's an argument he was one of the most recognizable faces in North American wrestling at that time behind guys like Hogan and Savage who were still around from the 80s. He also really should have had a second career in Hollywood at the very least in the mold of Funk's acting career. He's absolutely perfect in Boy Meets World, and you can tell they liked him as they brought him back multiple times.
  6. (BP)


    They were booking Kennedy like he was getting the keys to the castle until his injury and aborted return.
  7. This happened to me before the upgrade too. I think it's how some posters upload the pictures because it's usually the same people's posts.
  8. (BP)

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    The New New NWA Invasion. Bring Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob back, then kick them out of the group to kickstart a Bucks/New Midnight Express feud.
  9. (BP)

    A General RIP Thread

    The year is 2075. Our natural resources stripped and the great nuclear fire having scarred the earth, the remaining tribal communities of survivors believe that nothing has survived out in the wasteland. But there are tall tales and rumors of a hermit living inside a giant crystal skull bottle, blasting Sam & Dave records, hollering about UFOs, and trying to negotiate cave wall shadow puppet remakes of his intellectual properties with local mutant gangs.
  10. (BP)


    I saw the transformation video, and it apparently took three hours of prosthetic makeup work for Stephanie to look like Stephanie in a blonde wig with glasses. I've never seen Master of Disguise, but it has an all time great IMDB trivia contribution.
  11. (BP)


    The most demeaning part of this would be that Punk had to carry around Cena's spinner design for over a year, and as soon as he put Dwayne over they debuted that version.
  12. (BP)


    There are guys I worked with at my last job that were in my wedding that I see a couple of times a year now. Some of it's just hectic schedules, but there's something to be said for work-related friendships, even good ones, dissolving after the biggest thing that the parties had in common is no longer there. Anyway, I don't like 30+ year-old dudes on twitter proclaiming what is or isn't Punk Rock behavior and I kind of feel bad for Punk because his punches looked like those ones you have in nightmares when you have to defend yourself and you can't hurt your attacker at all.
  13. (BP)


    I'm kind of pleased with the idea that all of the sequels are weird urban legends kids made up, and the stories got more absurd the longer time went by from the actual event.
  14. (BP)


    It seemed pretty clear they got Ryback over by accident in the first place. Cena getting hurt didn't help, but they definitely booked themselves into a corner with him and Punk because they didn't see it coming. It was like they did all the simple, old school things to get him over and then were surprised when it actually worked.