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  1. And I’ll practice mine: best of luck with your chemo and recovery, genuinely.
  2. I’ll never watch Yellowstone, but I’m happy it’s keeping old people in flyover states off the streets and out of capitol buildings.
  3. Miro vs (Waitforit) Godberg You shouldn’t have forsaken him, Bill.
  4. The Fargo Strut is one of the things I value most in professional wrestling, so I think you’re all crazy. If my man started wearing that Aztec fit from 1997 again I’d be pushing for him to main event their next PPV.
  5. Jade moves a lot of merch for other wrestlers when half the audience decides to stroll around the venue instead of watching her matches.
  6. Goldberg would only be worth it to redo the Goldust wig segment but with Sasha’s extensions.
  7. Brits are cast as Americans constantly now despite most of them doing the Leghorn or flattening out their accent until it sounds like they’re a sentient stalk of Iowa corn. It’s tiring. Took the kids to Puss in Boots 2 yesterday. It’s a completely unnecessary money grab, but it’s leagues better than I expected. Most of that is due to it being action-oriented instead of a comedy and having shockingly great animated sequences. It’s the best looking Dreamworks movie in ages.
  8. Now I want to see an edit of Jake pissing in a trash can on Naboo.
  9. I have a friend who’s been after me to watch Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man for years. I’ll have to finally give it a shot. I’ve been curious about a movie Ruggero made in the 80s called Phantom of Death because I adore anything Phantom of the Opera and it appears to be a straight up Phantom ripoff. It just made it onto YouTube in English so I’m going to try to get into that today.
  10. Are you thinking of Ullman as Latrine from Men in Tights?
  11. Practical effect trivia: to make Hogan appear 7’, Stallone lied about his own height for his entire life.
  12. Darby’s actually a great example of someone who’s excellent at the things I find deficient in Hanger. He tells compelling stories with just about anyone he’s matched up against. Page’s matches feel like I’m watching someone else play a wrestling video game. A lot of stuff happens, but it’s not why I enjoy wrestling.
  13. Punk’s a big baby who had a great run in AEW. Hanger is seemingly a decent guy, but in my mind his notable moments this year were cutting a bad promo that cost TK a bunch of money and managing to make Bryan Danielson matches boring. I will admit the Buckshot over the ref in the Archer match was cool as hell.
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