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  1. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Okay, I want to hear this story. https://twitter.com/tarastrong/status/941694119323172864?s=17
  2. Those look like two different belts, or the bottom photo is just really over-saturated.
  3. Random music thoughts

    Really happy about Rosetta Tharpe, but as OSJ wrote, she's part of rock's foundation and should've gone in when they initially started the hall. I like Dire Straits a lot and Nina Simone absolutely deserves her due. Out of the possible inductees, I'd like to see J Geils Band go in. They were a terrific rhythm and blues club act, and I think their biggest hits don't really reflect what their music was about. This is just like WWE's hall, where you know it's bullshit but it's still fun to discuss.
  4. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    I just watched Dream Master for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and that sequence was legitimately horrifying and wonderfully Cronenbergy. It's pretty wild that it's in the same movie as the Kung fu Freddy kill.
  5. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    We should have known McNabb had skeletons in the closet after we saw how into choking he was. I'll see myself out.

    I wouldn't watch 90 minutes of that either.
  7. This whole thing illustrates a recurring coda in Stallone's career: he orchestrates a comeback by reminding audiences that he has a certain charm and DIY outsider artist quality. Then he uses the rebuilt equity to remind everyone that he also has terrible instincts and loves easy paychecks.
  8. What is on your Xmas viewing list?

    Silent Night, Deadly Night will definitely get a watch. We usually break out into singing Warm Side of the Door, which, besides being the soundtrack to one of the funniest movie montages ever, is a genuinely good Christmas song.
  9. What is on your Xmas viewing list?

    Mostly the standard stuff, but a new classic for me is the Christmas episode of Community that was one long potshot at Glee for kicking their ass in the ratings. Baby Boomer Santa and Teach Me How to Understand Christmas are both holiday jams in my book.
  10. Sasha looks like she's part of the Crooked Ninja Turtle gang.

    I think Nic Cage was in the mix for Scarecrow too. Stern seems weird now, but he was coming off of Private Parts being very well received. I would have loved Goldblum as Crane.

    Keaton went in for a costume fitting for Forever before WB basically dismissed Burton over the reaction to the darkness of Returns. At that point it was a similar premise, but Billy Dee would be Two-Face and Robin Williams would be Riddler. Rene Russo was going to be the love interest until they decided she was too old for Kilmer and replaced her with Nicole Kidman. I think Marlon Wayans was still the front runner for Robin at that time. The only discussion about Catwoman returning that I remember was a possible cameo in the abandoned follow-up to Batman & Robin that would have had Bruce seeing visions of the rogues gallery during a fear toxin attack from Scarecrow. The ending of Returns was a studio note that was tacked on after the film wrapped. That's not even Michelle Pffeiffer in the suit. WB definitely intended to leave the door open for a sequel since they shot themselves in the foot letting Joker die.

    Keaton had a take on Batman. It's not necessarily congruous with the way we think about the character all of the time, but it's a take. His Batman is kind of like an Elseworld's version of the character where Bruce is deeply neurotic and uses theatricality to compensate for not having the phenomenal natural athleticism one associates with Batman. Kilmer seems pretty lost as Bruce and just works within the framework Keaton built for Batman. Clooney didn't know why he was doing the movie other than WB said so, and he had no one creatively helping him out anywhere on the production. His Batman voice is indistinguishable from his Bruce voice, and he's given very little to do as either iteration of the character. There's not a lot of it that's his fault, but it doesn't seem like he cared either. Bale is very good in Begins, but his work in the other two films has been picked apart before and it's become very well established that the Bat voice gets increasingly ridiculous. He does give three distinguishable interesting performances as Batman, public Bruce, and private Bruce. Affleck was very uneven, but he also had to deal with a lot of creative decisions that weren't in his control and seemed to wear him down. Anyway, Adam West is a golden god.
  14. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    When the law of the land is enforced in an egalitarian manner, then the general public won't have to resort to public shaming tactics to exhort any kind of justice. So, basically never.