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  1. They really made Show out to be a clown from the get go. Even as a kid I couldn’t believe that during his debut as Vince’s monster enforcer they had him cost Vince the cage match against Austin. It was really weird to hear his real name, and then it took a long time for me to get used to Big Show after I think he was Big Nasty for like a week. I guess the Titan debacle was for the best since it’s kind of a shitty American Gladiators name and the company was only called Titan Sports for maybe another year.
  2. It’s truly some O. Henry shit at my house. I consider my day a success if I don’t have to leave the house or speak to anyone besides my family, so of course I’ve worked through all of this with a bunch of mouth breathers invading my personal space. My wife is a social butterfly who loves talking to strangers, and she’s been stuck home for three months. She went shopping one day and told me what a thrill it was to wait in a social distance line in front of a store and chat people up, which makes me shudder.
  3. *chugging butter beer and waving my wand around the mall, my sorting hat at a jaunty angle* “Why don’t these protestors understand I can’t be worried about ending hundreds of years of murderous systemic racism, what with all my economic anxiety?”
  4. We’re doing the trial for Apple+. We’re in the middle of Rob McElhenney’s show Mythical Quest: Raven’s Banquet. I’m not a gamer so I didn’t expect to be that into it, but it’s remarkably funny. The highlight for me is F. Murray Abraham playing a faux erudite alcoholic fantasy author who writes video game cut scenes.
  5. Austin was also pissed about Tyson’s fast count. Even for people that mostly hated Shawn’s comeback run, the fact that it happened is still a small miracle. He could have easily ended up like Jake or Hall (or worse.)
  6. One of my favorite exchanges in the movie is between Van Bebber and the homeless dude he sits across from in an alley. *Nervously* “What are you going to do with that gun?” “I’m going to shoot myself.” ”Oh, alright, yeah. Cool with me. Alright yeah, heh heh, shit, mmhmm.”
  7. It wasn’t even like a Midnight Rider thing with Chainsaw Charlie. Funk would lift the stocking up and wink at the crowd and cut at least one promo leading up to this as himself. Honestly, reading about this I don’t feel like this is a two match show. The build to a lot of these programs was good. People wanted to see Shamrock get his hands on Rock. Ditto for Owen/Hunter. The dumpster spot on Raw setting up the title match felt like a big deal, even if you could see the packing peanuts fly out when it went off the stage. I’m very biased because this was the first Wrestlemania I watched live on PPV, (despite my mom’s concerns that it was literally referred to as X-rated in the promo right before we ordered it) but I still think this is a good show. It doesn’t have an all-time great match like 13 and the company in general is hotter the next 3-4 years, but it still feels special.
  8. Dan Harmon’s right there.
  9. The inter gender match always reminds me of the story about everyone in Gorilla going crazy for Sable afterwards and congratulating her while ignoring Luna to the point that she broke into tears. Without looking it up, I think Faarooq feuded with the Nation and came out the losing end after like a month. Then he got paired up with Bradshaw, who’d just come out the losing end of a feud with Cornette’s NWA stable, and Jackyl managed them for a cup of coffee before the Minstry got going.
  10. They reviewed last year’s Double or Nothing on the new 83 Weeks. Bischoff mixes up Alex Marvez with Bryan Alvarez and calls him a jock sniffer like a dozen times, much to Conrad’s confusion and horror. Someone clued him in because he apologized on Twitter.
  11. I don’t know if this was made specifically for the 1990 Ninja Turtles VHS release, but everyone that I’ve ever spoken to about it only remembers it from there too. When I was like four I remember thinking, “Wow this is what being a kid is going to be like!” And I played right field too, so it was. Except for the part where I ever caught a fly ball, did anything remotely athletic, or was celebrated with a pizza party.
  12. It’s like Jake bumped into Bagwell at a con and transferred his demons into him like that movie Fallen.
  13. I had a wheaten terrier when I was a kid named Buster. Sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever owned. Only issue was that he wasn’t fixed, and the first year or so we had him he’d knock my younger brother to the floor and hump him. Which of course twelve-year-old me thought was the funniest thing I’d ever seen and only made him more awesome to me.
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