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  1. New York, New York isn’t a horrible movie, but considering it’s the most maligned and forgotten from Scorsese’s prime years it’s incredible that the theme song outgrew it’s source material and became a standard. I don’t think I realized it was originally written for the film until years after I’d seen it. I guess I’d always assumed it’d been kicking around since at least the 40s.
  2. In the Elvis vein of musician vehicles: Thieves in the Temple is the only good thing from the underwhelming soundtrack to Grafitti Bridge. Masked and Anonymous is an impenetrable, inane folly, but it’s worth it for this
  3. I had no idea Captain’s name was Daryl Dragon. Truly a missed opportunity with Captain and Tenille when they could’ve been named Double Dragon. Anyway, RIP, Do it to Me One More Time is a jam, etc.
  4. Kurt had a really simple sly veteran versus young power wrestler match with Matt Morgan on Impact that was less than ten minutes. I don’t think he even hit any of his big spots and won with a leverage pin. I remember thinking how much I wanted to see that Kurt on television every week.
  5. I really liked Creed II, even if its parts are greater than its sum. There are some wonderful, powerful individual scenes, but in a larger narrative sense they just found cute spins on various pieces of the franchise. You can really tell that the broad strokes in the screenplay (and most of the very fine Rocky stuff to be fair) are Stallone’s, and that making it all work was left to Juel Taylor. It’s still way better than I expected, and there’s no shame in not being as good as Creed. I popped for The most unexpected thing to me was them taking Drago, the most one dimensional character in the franchise, and giving him one of the most satisfying emotional payoffs in the entire movie. I don’t know where they go from here with a sequel since they burned through rehashing Rocky II-IV, but maybe it’s for the best that they’ve already plundered just about everything they can and have to move on.
  6. Nicolas Roeg has passed away at age 90. A genius when it came to “writing” the film in the editing suite. You can really feel his influence on later filmmakers like Wright and Spike Lee.
  7. Speaking of Woo, I just watched Hard Target again, and similarly Van Damme’s stunt double is all over it. You can mostly tell when it’s him because the wig the guy is in is a horrible approximation of JCVD’s glorious mullet. Meanwhile, it has Lance Henriksen not using a double and allowing himself to be set on fire and looking like the biggest badass alive.
  8. To the extent that Live Aid was a comeback, it was because they’d gotten ripped apart in the press in the previous months for playing Sun City and in turn been obtuse shitheads about it in interviews.
  9. That entire 30 minutes washed over me because this is all I could think about.
  10. Heads up for anyone with Amazon Prime, Burt’s film from this year, The Last Movie Star, is available there. It’s a fictionalized reflection on his own career. I’ve been meaning to watch it for some time. I'm curious if he shot his scenes for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or if Tarantino will have to recast.
  11. John Mayer looks quite chuffed to be All In.
  12. I hope nobody tells Marco Rubio about Operation Paperclip.
  13. I’d imagine it would depend on whether Wright feels like shooting the studio script Boyle didn’t want to use. I’d like to see Wright take on Bond, but if the production wheels are already turning and they’re in a hurry this would be a lot like Tim Burton joining the Planet of the Apes remake last minute and it not really feeling like a Burton movie at all.
  14. Finally, a Bond that will tell each one of his kills what classic blunder they fell into before they die.
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