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  1. I went to a HoH show in December. Got a picture with Broken Matt before the show. That was the highlight. I'll give Tommy credit for it mostly showcasing young talent with a few veteran former WWE guys, and there's usually only one gimmick match per show so it's not really an ECW nostalgia deal. The South Philly crowd is full of the most despicable people I've ever been around, so watching it at the Arena wasn't a treat. Plus, the main was a cage match using the Arena's cage that takes twice as long as the match to be put together. The biggest pop of the night may have been for the guy that got the door screwed on after failing to do so for twenty minutes.
  2. Hogan saw where the money was going and had the power to latch onto it. I actually had a similar question because I remembered the Wolfpac being crazy over, but I was a kid and thought maybe I imagined it.
  3. There's never been a point where they took Dolph seriously as a top guy. Remember in like 08-09 when they took forever just to pull the trigger on giving him the intercontinental title? They're wishywashy on him at best and always have been. The best he's ever been booked was probably in that Survivor Series match with the Authority, and him being the lone survivor was both a swerve because it'd normally be Cena and only a setup to debut Sting.
  4. My vacation starts this afternoon so I'm looking forward to jumping into it. I just came across this Rolling Stone interview with Chavo Jr. about the ring choreography. http://www.rollingstone.com/sports/chavo-guerrero-jr-on-getting-glow-wrestling-right-w489178
  5. We need to get a love button installed on this board exclusively for Piranesi grindhouse posts. They have an issue of that Black Belt magazine on eBay used for $8. I thought about getting it, but I'm a little concerned about exactly how it's been used.
  6. GIF

    If there's a video game cut scene or knee pad HOF, Ahmed is a lock.
  7. Nice. It's a pretty fun freak show until it gets good, so I'll probably watch the whole run.
  8. Whoa, Heyman looks exactly like Jimmy Hoffa.
  9. Fuck it, if they're getting out the shovels go all in and have Steph drown her in one of those septic tank kiddie pool matches and then get some guy to come out to revive her and
  10. Movie

    He once took off seven years to become an Italian shoe cobbler. I wonder what he's into now.
  11. Yeah, chronologically the last BTAS story is that awesome JLU episode with adult Terry and seemingly ancient Amanda Waller and Bruce.
  12. Raimi wanted to do a Vulture/Lizard movie with a bunch of lesser villain cameos, including Bruce Campbell as Mysterio. It went through a ton of rewrites, no one was happy with it, and they were already planning to reboot it after 4 anyway, so they just scrapped it.
  13. Yeah, I can see it for sure
  14. Is everything past Justice League Unlimited separate from the original BTAS canon? I could see how Batman and Harley Quinn could fit in there while other DCAU movies that have had the same creative and voices clearly wouldn't.
  15. I still haven't given Last Stand a day in court, but I finally tried watching Origins around the time Logan came out. Yeesh. Even removing any consideration of the screenplay, it looks cheap and shitty. Logan's claws actually look worse than they do in the first X-men. It's like they knew they had a clunker on their hands and decided to skimp on post productions costs.