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  1. I know Joker is going to make all of the money, but it seems like bad release strategy that it doesn’t come out for another month and we’re already experiencing a collective cultural fatigue with it.
  2. I’m barely watching the shows now, but fwiw I think it would be fun to bring Vince on to television regularly to work with Bray during a championship run. It could sort of be a throwback to his stuff with Dude Love during the Austin feud. He’s all in on Bray because he thinks he has a genuine appeal to kids and is their next Cena in that regard, and he’s completely oblivious to the Fiend and Bray’s clear passive aggressive contempt for him. Like, he could love the boss puppet and have no idea it’s based on him. It’d probably be too meta, but it’d be neat to have Vince as the doddering old man pushing hard for Bray while everyone around him is horrified and confused,
  3. I’ve just been assuming that they’re literally back from Hell. It’s not like the other movies are grounded in a reality that rules it out.
  4. *puts picture of Dan Ackroyd shilling his vodka back in my photos folder*
  5. The warning signs are all there. His real estate advice to some of the boys in the back hasn’t worked out.
  6. I don’t know if it’s on the agents or it was Taker’s pride, but it’s absolutely wild that they thought they could hit a Tombstone reversal spot.
  7. Just got around to The Predator. I watched it on a whim and I’m glad I took a chance on it. There’s some choppy editing and the ending definitely has that studio reshoot feel, but it’s not a total mess. The cast is really fun and it’s got enough enjoyable stuff with Shane Black’s fingerprints on it that I wouldn’t call it a missed opportunity. The unfortunate part is that Fred Dekker and Black are dinosaurs who give superficial treatment to characters with PTSD and autism that’s patronizing and dated. There’s also Olivia Munn’s character, whose general competence levels change from scene to scene, presumably because the writers were afraid of some dopes online calling her a Mary Sue.
  8. I think the confusion with it is because we’re so conditioned by the movie logic from all the films they reference. It’s so entrenched in how we think about resolutions in time travel fiction that one can almost forget that it’s just a means to an end here and that what really saves the dusted is cosmic magic. Incidentally, Paul Rudd in a Quantum Leap reboot should absolutely be a thing.
  9. As far as the memorial goes, a ton of money getting raised for performative bullshit that doesn’t actually help anyone’s suffering seems pretty realistic.
  10. *Undusted me drinking whole grain alcohol at the christening for my wife’s child with her new husband. ”Fucking Stark kid better cure cancer is all I’m saying...”
  11. I liked that the return to wearing the Cap mask wasn’t symbolic and was completely practical. Steve was afraid of the gauntlet and already knew how much it sucked to get punched in the face by Thanos. I thought this was easily better than the other three Avengers movies (although I’d still maintain that Civil War is the best ensemble movie.) It turns out giving the majority of the most stacked cast in movie history substantial emotional beats in between their green screen and mo-cap sessions leads to really great work. Hemsworth probably has the hardest job in the movie. Making Thor tragic and a punchline simultaneously shouldn’t work by any right, but he pulls it off. Kind of wish there was more Valkyrie in his storyline, since there’s an obvious parallel with the alcoholic descent after failing Asgard. Hell, Tony could’ve given him a demon in a bottle pep talk too. A few things bugged me (everyone in the Spider-Man universe getting dusted to make things easier has already been mentioned. I think Peter having to contend with first-year dickhead teacher Flash or something similar in the next movie would’ve been a way to mitigate that a little.) Another dopey thing is Clint going completely off the grid and becoming an untraceable vigilante but still having the same cell phone number. That was pretty wild.
  12. I’m not really crazy about a Dr. No remake unless it meets two conditions: Craig sings the mango tree song and it opens with Adele covering Three Blind Mice.
  13. I haven’t really conceived a joke around this; just know my brain is permanently broken by pop culture and the internet because this was what I thinking about before the main.
  14. Aside from Kofi winning, the highlight of the night for me was my wife asking me why those two old men in lab coats were joking about raping the Weekend Update guys.
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