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  1. I'd say that The American Friend is probably the closest thing to a full Tom Ripley babyface turn...
  2. I believe Rude worked babyface in a program with...I wanna say Honky-Tonk Man in some indie in '91, in between leaving WWF and debuting in WCW.
  3. I liked that Bayley went the "Sting if he smartened up for once and turned on on Flair before Flair could turn on him" route. It gives her a point to her villainy...
  4. Most people nowadays treat it like a fallaway slam bump. Some treat it like an overhead belly-to-belly bump. Pretty much no one (in the west at least) treats it like the inverted Saito suplex bump it's supposed to be any more...
  5. Just as long as Daniels doesn't give another nirvana fallacy-fueled whinefest about how America isn't great for leftist utopian dipshits to periodically post on my facebook feed...
  6. Mine would be the Raw in Philly that broke Nitro's ratings win streak. And Wrestlemania the following year I guess, I mean its a shit Mania but you do have Austin-Rock I. Oh and I also saw Negro Casas wrestle live at Super Astros taping during a Sunday Night Heat, which is pretty cool.
  7. Shit that looks better than The Irishman.
  8. If they hired Kurt Fuller to host Raw Underground and had him calling everybody "jockass" it would instantly be like 1,000 times better tho...
  9. Honestly you should check this just for the greatness of the theme song alone... And speaking of music there is of course: ...and check out that Subaru Brat!
  10. We're just not hungry for fun enough in this day and age, I'm afraid... But when the day comes I look forward to once again enjoying a batter-dipped Monte Christo...
  11. Oh hey Johnny Marr. Can't forget him.
  12. Has anyone mentioned Zappa, Belew, or Vai yet? No? OK, Zappa, Belew, and Vai.
  13. That's a lot of collateral damage buddy, and chances are he'd be dead before he knew it. Now if you said, "Joey Ryan should be taken out in the woods somewhere where somebody could see how long they can keep him alive while cutting pieces off him", that would make more sense...
  14. And they're still chopping each other to this day...
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