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  1. The Comedian

    Roman Reigns has leukemia

    Hey, look at it this way...if, say, Jack Gleeson came down with cancer, would you feel bad about hating Joffrey? Roman Reigns is a fictional character, so don't beat yourself up...
  2. The Comedian


    Honestly, I wouldn't expect a good match between King Head Drop and Mr. SAFEST WORKER EVAH!
  3. The Comedian

    The Bojack Horseman Thread

    I binged the whole season Saturday. After 5 seasons it's time to start putting it in "best TV shows of all time" territory...
  4. The Comedian


    Bischoff totally would've gone for that...
  5. David and Kerry Von Erich's Florida heel run was not the best...I assume it was done to make them more well-rounded in preparation for becoming World Title candidates but they were just natural babyfaces...
  6. The Comedian


    For those of you who are CAW freaks like me, here's a site that really helps with the new head system: http://stjurgeon.tripod.com/fpww/index.html
  7. The Comedian


    Just DL'd the game after work today. Shit this is overwhelming. Like, I'll be making CAW's for a year before I get around to having my first match...
  8. The Comedian


    Stomach claw was in the last one... Man I'm psyched about this move list, especially as someone who's time playing Firepro pretty much breaks down like this:
  9. The Comedian

    Better Call Saul

    Actually the best theory I've seen in regards to Gus' origin is that he was a major player in the Chilean resistance front. Some of them fled Chile in 1986 after a failed assassination attempt on Pinochet. 1986 is the year Gus showed up in Mexico.
  10. The Comedian


    Btw, does anyone have any idea why Wikipedia has been systematically wiping out the "finishers/favorite moves" sections of pretty much every major pro wrestler's profiles?
  11. The Comedian

    SDL is 8 Years in the Making - 8/14/18

    Ultimately it should lead to a respect angle, followed by Miz saving Bryan from a beatdown to a nuclear pop...but I certainly don't have that much faith in WWE creative...
  12. The Comedian

    Full arm drag and twist... (Lost In Translation)

    Hey speaking of ridiculous Joey Styles pronunciations, what was up with "hoo-den-can-rana"?
  13. The Comedian


    Me too homie...
  14. The Comedian


    Chris Chetti?
  15. The Comedian

    Hulk Hogan returns... still a racist

    The best part was people taking offense to someone saying "outrage' then proceeding to spend the next few pages being outraged... But hey man, bigotry is the big rallying point for the left and they tend to be fairly moral absolutist about it. Why? Cause absolutism is an easy answer, and people love easy answers. I mean, if if I gave you these three choices here: 1. Believe every black man killed by a cop is a martyr killed by a fascist. 2. Believe every black man killed by a cop is a thug killed by a hero. 3. Look at every instance of a black man being killed by a cop individually and decide your feelings on a case-by-case basis. Sad to say, most people ain't choosing number 3...And people love to exaggerate and sensationalize, which is why you have some dude claiming Jimmy the Greek wouldn't get fired now in the same year Roseanne got a highly-rated TV show cancelled by saying something stupid...hell, they'd probably be calling to guillotine Jimmy the Greek in front of a live audience now. BUt then I think of the French Revolution all the time when I hear card-carrying Democrats speak. That was a social justice revolution too. That's the problem with social justice revolutions; at some point they usually stop being about getting equality and start being about getting revenge...