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  1. Magee must have been complete garbage at promos, because if Vince really wanted to push him they could've worked around his limitations the way they did with Warrior. Where he really looks bad is his All-Japan stuff. The Choshu match is gawdawful because he hadn't even learned to sell yet so he just keeps popping up after taking moves. Two years later he's still throwing laughably loose punches and chops and sloppy kicks until Wajima has enough of his shit and slaps him in a crab to get it over with.
  2. I think we all know who the real Meltzer is... ↓ I mean that guy down there ↓
  3. Wait...Goldberg's doing the Saudi show? Will they be handing fans stones to throw at him or something?
  4. LOLOLOLOLOLMAOLOLMMFATFOROFLZLMOLLMABENROFLZBURGERLOLOLOLLMAO This shit can't go two pages without politics coming up...
  5. Hip-Hop heads been usin this term since right around the time the song came out tho, so it aint exactly new. Jay and Nas fans were callin each other Stans back in 2001 when "Takeover" and "Ether" dropped...
  6. The only Jordan Underneath stuff I ever watched was his videos on Silent Hill...
  7. So Bray Wyatt's new gimmick is basically Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared?
  8. Awesome, the Juniors DLC came with improved Liger gear just in time to give my Becky Lynch CAW arm stripes for her Wrestlemania gear....
  9. C'mon son, I know Beefcake sucked but I know I marked like crazy when he saved Piper at Mania III...
  10. Miz responding to the chant with ,"That might mean something if you guys didn't chant it at every person who wins a title" was pretty awesome tho...
  11. Exactly. Plus, the last face turn was a case of WWE taking a heatless, directionless midcard heel and saying, "Well, he's a face now cause he does a lot of PR work for us." This face turn is coming off a 2+ year run of fantastic heel work that's made him popular enough to turn him face organically.
  12. Is that the actual Kikuchi w/ Taue and Kawada cosplayers?
  13. ...but he was The Man With No Talent his whole career...
  14. Must've been Dolph putting Vince on to some Megadeath that did it...
  15. Checked out the winners (at least the ones listed on Wikipedia so far). Surprised they actually let a WWE guy win Best Talker, I guess McGregor finally said enough racist shit that Meltzer couldn't justify giving it to him any more.
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