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  1. He's not allowed to distribute copies of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" around the locker room any more, sadly...
  2. You left out the part about how he initially showed up at a WWF show in '97 looking to beat the shit out of Vader over an old grudge before his old Stampede buds talked him into trying out instead...
  3. An aside on Lita; never cared for her much as a worker in general, but she did have an interesting moonsault. Instead of arcing high into the air, she went straight as an arrow towards her opponent. Because of this, she got some really impressive distance on it. If you go back and watch some of her stuff, sometimes she clears half the ring with it.
  4. The best thing about the Firefly Funhouse match is that under the facade of exposing John Cena, it's really a massive condemnation of Vince McMahon.
  5. I love making my own CAWs so I'd never DL someone else's, but after looking move craft over I said f it and started DL'ing moves. It is tough to judge because the gifs suck but so far I've got: - pumphandle powerslam (Wrath, Test) - knee lift (Mr. Wrestling II, Jake Roberts, Curt Hennig, etc.) - backflip slam (early Scott Steiner) - hammerlock DDT (early Punk, Andrade Almas) - inverted shoulderbreaker (Papa Shango, Scott Norton) - Orton backbreaker (Randy Orton, Mike Sanders) - springboard lariat (Air Pillman, Punk) - twisting somersault attack (La Parka, Jeff Hardy) - Judas Effect (Jericho) - hanging corner armbar (Chad Gable) - double chokeslam (Kronik, BOD) Hopefully more people start adding extra gifs to their selections.
  6. Ya know, when shit like this comes out every so often, it always makes me think of the irony of Vince McMahon and his desire to get out of wrestling and be seen as a "legitimate" businessman. The same griminess and carny facade that he's embarrassed of is probably the reason he's still the billionaire head of a major company. I mean, I seriously doubt Rita Chatterton is the only #MeToo skeleton in his closet. Not to mention, as far as other things go...hell, Papa John's got rid of Papa John himself over something that wouldn't make a top 50 list of the most racially insensitive things Vince has done/presided over. If Vince was in a business that the media took seriously, he'da been cancelled by now.
  7. Well if a guy with a "bro" gimmick turns out to be scummy, I can't say I'm surprised... Never understood how a "bro" gimmick was supposed to make him a babyface anyway. Like, I think of bros, I think of 22-year-olds who don't know how to drink going to the local chain bar wearing Hollister t-shirts two sizes too small so their arms look bigger and getting wasted off Fireball shots until they start picking fights and get tossed out. Who wants to root for that?
  8. So simple question...how do you get Move Craft on PS4? I checked before I went to work this morning and I didn't see anything new added to my game, nor did I see a DLC in the PS4 Store...
  9. Finally, Test and Wrath CAW's will share manly high fives over their new pumphandle power slams. Blue Panther, Jericho, and Bigelow CAW's alike will cartwheel with joy for their double underhook backbreakers. Akira Hokuto's piledriver will snap, Bull Nakano's scorpion lock will cross, and Etsuko Mita will fall backwards with someone sitting on her shoulders. Every indie darling-turned-WWE guy of the last 15 years will finally get to do a Koji clutch. Luchadors will get to just hold onto a Gory special instead of doing facebusters or neckbreakers out of it. And how glorious it will be...
  10. They're protesting for Fire Pro to release Move Craft already so someone can make an avalanche electric chair drop.
  11. He won the tag titles the year before with Austin, mainly notable for the WWF debut of Dude Love
  12. As a kid I remember really loving the Ron Luciano books. One of these days I really need to revisit them.
  13. Well when I think of a wrestling machine I generally think Misawa, so here's a match I stumbled upon the other day, which as far as I know is the only time he faced future NJPW ace/budding wrestling machine Hiroshi Tanahashi...
  14. I was gonna say that being a commie pinko might not be conducive to getting over as a Steve Austin type character, but sadly these days wrestling is mostly nerd culture and nerd culture tends to veer left so he's probably alright pushing for socialized medicine...
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