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  1. Both the Observer and PWInsider are reporting that Paul Adams, who was a well-known manager on the Northeast and Southern indy scenes in the 90s, passed away last week. I recall seeing Adams in the mid-to-late 90s when America One (I think) would air Bert Prentice-promoted shows from Tennessee on the weekends. Adams was an entertaining manager who unfortunately hit his prime when the role of the manager became passe in the big leagues. He could have been a decent head of a B-level stable in WCW or WWF in the early 1990s.
  2. And two for the families that are showing here and likely here only ... CINDERELLA AND THE SECRET PRINCE Appears to have been animated and voiced by a middle school computer class. SANTA FAKE We sure love our holiday-themed movies that no one's ever heard of down here. This one has that one guy from Glee, the one woman from … Glee, and a Brat Packer who I don't think appeared on Glee.
  3. Took my eight-year-old daughter to "Abominable" earlier tonight (she liked it) and, once again, the local theaters have their fair share of films that no one has heard of and may be getting their only screenings. Here's a look at what's being shown in Central Florida for the 55+ crowd this weekend ... MARY Gary Oldman and his family go on a boat trip. And the boat is EVIL. LUCKY DAY Crispin Glover as a hitman with a French accent? I'm listening ...
  4. A rare dramatic turn from Rip Taylor as Demi Moore's boss in "Indecent Proposal"
  5. Now time for another edition of "Films That Are Only Showing at My Local Theatre." This weekend, it's a doozy of premieres for the 55+ crowd ... Bruce Willis and Michael Chiklis have a bald-off in "10 Minutes Gone." Showing in that same theater as the Nic Cage/Laurence Fishburne flick mentioned in another thread. Not the Simon and Garfunkel biopic I was expecting. This is showing at my local theater under the title "Christmas Survival." There's always time down here for a Christmas movie no one has heard of.
  6. I would like to note that my local theater, one of three that shows anything with a pulse, is currently showing this.
  7. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but NBCU just announced two reboots/sequels greenlit for its streaming service. Saved By The Bell -- Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkeley have signed on to return in some capacity. Punky Brewster -- Soleil Moon Frye stars and may have a producer credit.
  8. Time now for this weekend's edition of "Movies Premiering Only At My Area Theatre" ... Opening today …. D-DAY: DOG COMPANY It's supposedly based on the D-Day invasion of 1944. You'll learn plenty about D-Day that you never learned in your history textbooks. Take for instance the scene in 1:01 of the video. Who knew northern France was known for its palm trees? And if you like your films with MMA fighters and the spawn of famous actors, this film's for you. We have Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, the son of Nicolas Cage and the son of Martin Kove. Plus a cameo by the actual Martin Kove, who hopefully split gas money with his son. Over/Under on the most people attending a screening of this film -- 5. Three of them will mistakenly walk in trying to find the theater for "Hustlers".
  9. His family announced that Eddie Money passed away today at 70.
  10. And given this is a 55+ town, there are a few films aimed at residents and their grandkids that few people have heard of (apologies if the links aren't automatically going to the video -- working with a new computer here). BOY GENIUS A film that has nothing to do with Jimmy Neutron, but it has a 12-year-old child prodigy joining forces with Tom Hanks' wife to solve a mystery. CHRISTMAS BREAK-IN It's "Home Alone" in a school. Somebody please launch a GoFundMe campaign to give Danny Glover a retirement fund. SANTA GIRL Barry Bostwick gets his "new deck for his house" paycheck playing St. Nick in this flick.
  11. I mentioned in the Roman Reigns/leukemia thread a while back that my wife passed away from breast cancer last October and, for the time being, my now-eight-year-old daughter was living out of state while I rebuilt my life and dealt with my wife's estate. The good news is that the two of us are back together and now living in central Florida. I work for The Villages, the "supertown" for the 55+ crowd. Money's good, my daughter is a student at one of the best schools in the state, and we have a nice home that's close to work and school -- no more two-hour roundtrips to work and back. So why is this in a movie discussion thread? The Villages has three movie theaters owned by the town, with a total of 26-28 screens. What's unique about these theaters is that, ever since I moved to the area in June, only once has a movie been shown on more than one screen simultaneously ("The Lion King"). If you are tried of going to your 12-plex and seeing screenings of the new Marvel movie in 11 of them, than the Villages theaters could be for you. The theaters show all of the mainstream films ("It", "Good Boys", "Angel Has Fallen"), arty fare, documentaries (recent ones at our theaters include "The Spy From Home Plate" about Moe Berg, as well as "Mike Wallace Is There" about the "60 Minutes" reporter), and the like. Some films that struggle at the box office tend to do well here, particularly those that cater to the 55+ crowd (Diane Keaton's "Poms" ran for two months here). The theaters also feature Fathom Event screenings and occasional film festivals. But with nearly 30 screens, there are bound to be a few clunkers. These theaters tend to be the dumping ground for films that are quietly shuttled to the straight-to-DVD or straight-to-VOD bin. Need to show a film in one theater to fulfill a contractual obligation? Bring it to one of our theaters! John Travolta's latest films are box office disasters? Not at the Villages theatres, where the first two screenings of "The Fanatic" were sold out weeks in advance. This may also be a good time to explain that Travolta lives in nearby Ocala, has purchased access to the same Villages theater to premiere his last four films, and bought popcorn and drinks to all in attendance (to his credit, a colleague who interviewed him for "The Fanatic" for The Villages newspaper said he was very nice, and he apparently took time to shake hands and talk to everyone who attended the "Fanatic" screening). So what are these films that only see the light and day at my neighborhood cinemas. Here are a few examples of films showing this weekend ... SATANIC PANIC High-fallutin devil worshippers seek to sacrifice a pizza delivery girl, but our heroine has something to say about it. Stars Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O'Connell. STRANGE BUT TRUE A woman tells her dead boyfriend's family that she's pregnant with the man's child. Features Greg Kinnear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD1crZOXcqc NIGHT HUNTER Given the cast involved (Henry Cavill, Alexandra Daddario, Ben Kingsley), this has a "release delayed several times only to be sent to the VOD bin" feel to it.
  12. There was a Little Women movie released last year with Lea Thompson that was set in the modern day. It was targeted to the Christian market (released by Pure Flix) and didnt make a dent at the box office.
  13. Tribute and moment of silence for Paco Alonso at tonight's Arena Mexico show.
  14. Tribute and moment of silence for Paco Alonso at tonight's Arena Mexico show.
  15. TV character actor Max Wright has died at 75. You may not remember the name, but you knew his face and voice in the 80s and 90s … The Norm Show …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5otZmXrz4w ALF …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8NrcPL8_8Y Buffalo Bill ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CejqQyKRh4U
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