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  1. I recall Leduc losing a match on Prime Time Wrestling when he would not stop headbutting a jobber in the corner, ignoring the referee's count. It was the first time I ever saw a wrestler DQ'd for violating the five count. He was also scheduled to appear at a Meadowlands house show I attended in the summer of 1988. He was listed as one of the wrestlers competing in a battle royal where the winner would get a title shot against Randy Savage at the end of the night (Ted DiBiase won by paying off The Bolsheviks to eliminate themselves). Leduc was not there -- believe he was booked against Scott Casey, but WWF brought back the Iron Sheik as a sub. Outside of DiBiase working three matches (Savage, battle royal and Muraco), it was not a memorable show.
  2. At our island of misfit theaters, we're not premiering "Downhill." Instead, we're getting a remake of another popular European film. And this one actually looks decent (based on the Belgian film "Hasta La Vista") ... But we also have the weird and the headscratchers premiering this weekend as well. I previously mentioned "First Lady" a few weeks back -- one of the actors in that film is actually doing a Q&A after a screening this weekend. Then there's these ... CAMP COLD BROOK -- this was apparently scheduled to be released two years ago, which is pretty much a bad sign. AFTER MIDNIGHT -- not just any monster movie, folks. A "romantic monster movie," according to the PR sheet I got at work. Filmmakers are doing a Q&A after a screening here this weekend as well.
  3. RIP Paula Kelly, veteran film, TV and Broadway star who most of my generation remember for playing the first public defender on "Night Court" (pre-Ellen Foley and Markie Post) ... She earned an Emmy nomination for her work on "Night Court," but left the show after one season for unknown reasons.
  4. 2000: Random jobber team action as The Shane Twins take on The New South (an Australian and an African-American who I believe did a "Confederate soldiers" gimmick in the indies). 1994: Vader in a 4-on-1 handicap match because he can.
  5. So I got a note at work today about a new film that's getting a "limited engagement" at our misfit cinemas on Valentine's Day. I present ... FIRST LADY: A MODERN FAIRYTALE Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Nancy Stafford, Stacey Dash The only thing I understood about this trailer is that Corbin Bernsen apparently went nutzo at a Party City just before Halloween. Learn more about this alleged film at https://www.firstladymovie.com/ -- seriously, I need to sign up to be a Golden Raspberry Award voter just for living here.
  6. Legendary TV executive Fred Silverman has died at 82 ... https://deadline.com/2020/01/fred-silverman-dies-legendary-tv-executive-producer-was-82-1202847035/ Ran CBS, NBC and ABC at one point or another in the 70s and 80s, and was one of the first execs to understand the power of demographics and spinoffs to create TV hits. The shows he greenlit during his tenure are a Hall of Fame of the small screen -- All in the Family, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Hill Street Blues, Soap, Roots. Also gave David Letterman a daytime talk show with the promise that, if it failed, he would go to late night.
  7. Premiering today at our islands of misfit cinemas, we have The Gentlemen, The Turning and, well, this ... JOHN HENRY Terry Crews realizes being muscular means starring in your own B-level action flicks, while Ludacris looks …. different.
  8. Disney Channel is known for creating new stars -- Shia LaBeouf, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff. Now the channel looks to do the same for … Blue Demon Jr. https://deadline.com/2020/01/ultra-violet-blue-demon-blue-demon-jr-star-superhero-luchador-action-comedy-cast-contingent-pilot-order-disney-channel-1202837297/
  9. Premiering today at our misfit theaters, it's Bad Boys 4 Life, Dolittle and …. uh, this ... INTRIGO: DEATH OF AN AUTHOR It's the first in a film trilogy based on books by a Swedish author who's not Stieg Larsson. The other two films are apparently awaiting release in the U.S., so I'm sure one of our theatres is keeping a room warm. Alas, Ben Kingsley is only in this one -- he got enough money for a new roof on his house.
  10. Weird question I hope one of you can answer. I was watching a match on RAW from January 1993 featuring the Steiner Brothers. During the match, Vince McMahon made mention that then-Buffalo Bills lineman Mitch Frerotte may soon be coming to the WWF. A quick Google search reveals that a few newspapers made mention that Frerotte was very interested in giving the WWF a try, and he had a look the WWF liked (6'3", 280, motorcycle enthusiast, a blonde mullet that would make Ricky Morton proud). I didn't watch much wrestling during that time, but it appears Frerotte was mentioned more than once across multiple shows. Then, silence. Was the WWF close to actually signing Frerotte? (UPDATE: Further searching reveals Frerotte suffered a neck injury while in training camp for Seattle in the summer of 1993, ending his athletic career. Still I'm curious if the WWF was close to signing him in early 1993 before he opted to keep his football career going). JD
  11. Thank you for the kind words. Living close to a 55+ community feels like a time warp at times -- I just consider the theaters a throwback to, say, a 1970s drive-in where you get your "A" picture along with something "B" or below to start. The theater being renovated is about 20 years old -- they are going to add some modern-day film-going conveniences -- more legroom, cupholders, etc. The other theaters are 10 and 2 years old, respectively. The latter has a "barn" theme with a long-wide hallway once you leave concessions -- four theaters on each side of the hallway. I learned quickly through family that live here that the movies are picked by the people who run the town, and they have a fascination with a few genres and styles. They're big on classic film festivals, free matinees for the grandkids over the summer, etc. They also have a fascination with all things Britain, so we get our fair share of UK films that barely make a blip in England, let alone here. Same thing when it comes to films with a holiday theme or are family friendly. And film studios know that if they want to release a movie "on VOD and with limited release," they can count on these theaters to provide a screen. Same with films that are released "exclusively on Netflix" or a similar streamer -- if the studio wants to write in the books that it got a theater release, they just call us. Two more examples from last Christmas, when I visited family and started considering my move down here and reuniting with my daughter ... AMERICAN RENEGADES This is a movie that, per Wiki, cost $77 million to make. Its release was then delayed more than two years before Lionsgate opted for the "VOD and limited cinema release" route. Despite the title, JK Simmons may be the only American actor in the movie. BERNIE THE DOLPHIN It's Dolphin vs. Kevin Sorbo in the dumbest movie showdown ever. This was apparently followed up on last month with "Bernie the Dolphin 2" which our theaters, alas, never received.
  12. Looking at the tributes for La Parka, I was genuinely surprised (in a good way) to see CMLL tweet its condolences.
  13. From the "people on YT have too much time on their hands department" … 70s detective show fans rejoice, it's the "Cannon" guest star megamix ...
  14. Some sad news here at our cinemas of misfit films … one of the theaters is closed indefinitely for renovations. So with only two movie houses instead of three, does that mean the end of getting films that, well, get a cinema release here solely to fulfill a contractual agreement? Nope. REALITY QUEEN There's no middle ground with mockumentaries. They're either laugh out loud funny or a steaming pile. When Denise Richards and Mike Tyson top the trailer, chances are it's the latter by a mile.
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