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  1. First time I've seen Warhorse wrestle. Not too bad, and I like some of the little things he did (the immediate reversal of Cody's figure-four comes to mind), but he's not someone I'd want to see week in and week out. Justin Roberts sounded like a grade-F Lenne Hardt in his introductions for Cody-Warhorse. Agree with Craig that Cardona needed a vignette package before he debuted. It honestly took me a minute to make the connection that Cardona used to be Zach Ryder. Maybe a week or two of vignettes with Cardona saying he's "more than a hype bro" or something similar would have helped. With Ariane Andrew coming in for the tag tournament, I'm curious if AEW may use this as an opportunity to audition new talent for the women's division, similar to Cody's TNT open challenge.
  2. TMZ is reporting that Becky Mullen, who portrayed "Sally the Farmer's Daughter" in GLOW, has passed away at age 57. Also, per PW Insider, 80s/90s woman wrestler Kat LeRoux recently passed away due to complications from liver issues. LeRoux may be best known in my Apter mag-reading days as "that woman who was always wrestling Misty Blue Simmes."
  3. People reports that Regis Philbin has died at 88 ...
  4. The "Barely Legal" submission appears to be pre-golf pro gimmick. Honestly don't remember this at all - - early 98 Darsow appears to be "talk like the Blacktop Bully while dress like Krusher Khruschev."
  5. Found this match on YT a couple of months ago ... I do not remember the Quebecers returning to the WWF during the Attitude Era, and they were there six months (I vaguely recall Pierre being in Brawl-for-All, but I presumed that was a one-shot deal). Also, per Cagematch, the Bart Gunn-Bob Holly incarnation of the Midnight Express lasted about five months, much longer than I remembered (honestly thought it was 2 months tops.)
  6. https://deadline.com/2020/07/jon-hamm-fletch-movie-remake-miramax-greg-mottola-1202986272/ Yet another attempt to try to do a new "Fletch" movie. I seem to recall Kevin Smith planning to do a third film with Chevy Chase, then it became a prequel with Jason Lee, then a Bill Lawrence film with Zach Braff as Fletch, and now this.
  7. Another movie to add to the "we hope to open wide first" sweepstakes ... WORDS ON BATHROOM WALLS In other news, Andy Garcia appears determined to look like Steve Carell with a salt-and-pepper beard.
  8. A random WAR six-man breaks out in 1987 WWF. Can't be upset with Orton here -- if you're tagging with a jobber and want to win, don't tag in the jobber. The Can-Ams understood that reasoning -- you want to win? Don't tag in Poffo. (On a much more serious note, I hadn't seen this match until this week, so I didn't realize there was a pre-WM 3 start to the Beefcake face turn. I just presumed the face turn was simply Valentine, Bravo and Hart abandoning Brutus following the Dream Team match against the Rougeaus at WM 3)
  9. And the delays in new releases has led to our island of misfit theaters to shut down again after tonight. Owners insist it is not due to COVID-19, but due to studios not releasing new films, so we're crossing fingers that things will re-open next month. I took my daughter to one of the theaters Friday afternoon to see "Trolls: World Tour." She already saw it on Amazon Prime, but wanted the "movie theater experience." -- Both of us wore masks our entire time in the theater. -- The cinema showing "Trolls" had every row blocked off, and rows that were open had every third seat blocked off. -- For a 12:30 pm show on July 3, there were all of six people in the theater. -- No previews, no commercials on screen. They just showed the film, which likely came from a DVD copy. (There was elevator music covers of Simply Red songs playing before the movie, which my daughter asked about -- she wasn't a fan.) Trolls was showing in both theater complexes, as was the new Jon Stewart movie, a re-release of the original "Ghostbusters" and two documentaries. Other films being featured included The Hangover, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Smokey and the Bandit and a pair of "only here" releases (Outpost and The Truth). Yeah, I can see why they decided to shut down again. On the bright side, she enjoyed seeing Trolls again.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/1427742277398894/ Not sure if this is happening, but a Global Wrestling Federation reunion show is ... different. Bring on the bungee cord match.
  11. Benny Mardones, aka that guy who sang “Into the Night”, has died at 73.
  12. Another wrestler-signed birthday card for my daughter arrived in the mail today ... this time it was Jordynne Grace, who wrote a nice birthday message to her .
  13. Cagematch lists at least 32 matches for Leon Spinks, all but two for FMW (he had the different style fight with Inoki in 1986, and he apparently had a match with Jerry Lawler in 1990). YT had a match of his against Mr. Gannosuke (not good) ... Cagematch also says, in addition to the Funk bout, he had a match against Sabu in 1993.
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