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  1. Dave Meltzer is reporting that former U.S. karate champion Willie Williams died last week at 68. Williams had two different style fights with Antonio Inoki in 1980 and 1997. Also worked shows for FMW in 1999 and 2000.
  2. Joel is doing an MST3K Live tour starting this fall ... https://mst3k.com/news/announcing-mst3k-live-the-great-cheesy-movie-circus-tour?fbclid=IwAR3qh935ArIgSzKaY-WkwnwCeKS0fl-YtaCnrrdZkws9FieyPCz6rHuO1s8 Tour schedule ... https://mst3klive.com/events/
  3. It wasn't the holiday season without this cover on the radio .... RIP Leon ...
  4. I can imagine the 24/7 title is also one of Vince's ideas to get people interested in attending house shows again. I recall during the last few years of the Hardcore Title (particularly around the time of the original brand split), a Hardcore Title defense on a house show usually consisted of the belt changing hands 5-6 times in the span of a minute, with the guy who came in as champ ending up scoring the final pin and leaving as champ (that's what happened last house show I ever attended -- 2002 in DC with Bradshaw as title holder). It would definitely work as a U.S. equivalent to the Ironman belt in DDT -- having a referee, announcer or inanimate object win the belt could definitely be a "viral" moment, though I highly doubt Vince knows what that means and would squash it if it got that far. (And thinking about house shows, getting a local celebrity like an athlete or media personality to hold the belt for a few seconds could garner some attention).
  5. CMLL has two hair matches booked for its Arena Mexico show on 5/31 ... UG vs. Mascara Ano 2K Kaho Kobayashi vs. Amapola
  6. I forgot she was a contestant on "Survivor" back in the day -- apparently she pitched the idea to the WWE in a bid to rejuvenate her career. Wonder if a proper developmental run (similar to NXT today) would have helped her in-ring work at all. Also just saw that she was doing some weekend/fill-in DJ work at a radio station in Long Island at the time of her passing ... http://www.943theshark.com/ashley/
  7. Tim Conway has died at age 85 ...
  8. I do recall reading that Dominick has been training for the last two years -- believe he spent some time with Lance Storm, and he's also done some work with Konnan and a school in SoCal run by B-Boy.
  9. Coming to Britbox Tuesday … UK family moves to Florida to run an RV park. U.S. cast members include Leslie Jordan, Kim Fields and KEVIN NASH (Buff Bagwell is also in the preview clip)
  10. JUDY Renee Zellweger stars as Judy Garland in biopic
  11. Animal expert Jim Fowler of "Wild Kingdom" fame has died at 87. Non-nature show folks may remember him on the "Merv Griffin" episode of Seinfeld ... I also recall, as a child, the urban legend of the "lost Wild Kingdom episode" where host Marlin Perkins said he would be in the comforts of a studio while Jim would, say, try to capture a bear with his bare hands, swim with piranhas or something else incredibly dangerous/stupid. Apparently it was nothing more than a running Johnny Carson gag.
  12. The story about Marshawn Lynch agreeing to do a two-minute interview with the AAF for $5,000 in quarters, only for it to never air, is gold. Now I'm imagining Marshawn carrying the quarters in a wheelbarrow to the casino, ready to tangle with a video poker machine.
  13. The night David Schultz slapped John Stossel might be worthy of the Viceland treatment. The Wendi Richter "Spider Lady" incident could also be worth a look, since it was the Montreal Screwjob a dozen years before the Montreal Screwjob. Maybe it's me, but the two above incidents have never been discussed in great detail, outside of the occasional Dr. D appearance for a shoot interview or signing. Has Richter really discussed the Moolah incident at all in shoots or other forums? (Also, given all the controversy over naming the women's battle royal for Moolah a few years back, would it be possible to attempt a doc on trying to separate fact from fiction about Moolah?) If not shows devoted specifically to the above topics, perhaps something on the general theme of the launch of Vince's national expansion, focusing on certain events (Schultz slap, Moolah double-crossing Richter, rumors of rival promoters trying to cripple Hogan before the Sheik match or Mr. T prior to the WM1 main event).
  14. When my daughter was three, my wife and I splurged for a birthday phone call from "Dora the Explorer" that Nickelodeon would shill on its TV. After we made the order, I received an email from Nickelodeon asking for my daughter's name, what birthday she was celebrating, the available number to call and what time the call should happen. The day of my daughter's birthday, the phone rang shortly after breakfast. Held the phone to my daughter's ear (to make sure she didn't accidentally hang up), and there's "Dora" wishing her a happy birthday. You could tell my daughter's name and age were added in post-production, as the voices for that didn't match up to "Dora". It was clearly a recording, Dora says something, my daughter says something ... this goes on for a minute or two before Dora says bye. Harmless $20 spent and it made a three-year-old happy. I could imagine the $19,99 deal from the WWE was something similar. As for Cameo, a friend of mine is a big fan of trivia apps, so I splurged about $25 for a Cameo call from J.D. Witherspoon, who hosts the Facebook Watch trivia game "Confetti". (J.D. is a comic who's also the son of actor/comedian John Witherspoon). The video was a minute or so in length, and it showed J.D. in a dressing room, getting ready for a "Confetti" recording. He thanked my friend for being a fan of the show, talked about birthdays, etc. It was very nice and my friend was quite touched with the surprise. As you mentioned, this is a great side hustle provided you set up an appropriate price point. Very smart for these WWE personalities for setting them up.
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