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  1. Chet Coppock, the longtime Chicago sports media personality, was killed earlier this month in an auto accident in the Savannah/Hilton Head area. He was 70. https://www.cbs46.com/news/legendary-sports-broadcaster-killed-in-crash-in-se-georgia/article_4219a78e-61e5-11e9-84cf-ab4463a9a928.html?fbclid=IwAR3hVc6VCGSBBGIp1qpBHT2bZgZOTIgO5C-Al_mUrRbBnM_UtRpmlVizT7s Coppock was the ring announcer for the Chicago matches at WM2. He also regularly interviewed wrestlers in the 90s on his NewSport (precursor to Fox Sports Net) chat show "NewSportTalk".
  2. Charles Van Doren, the face of the 50s quiz show scandals and the subject of the movie "Quiz Show", has died at 93. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/10/obituaries/charles-van-doren-dead.html?fbclid=IwAR2xCGWL7cuCJBPGSk3Ri8EkZGzMViB-qWsEW492Hemb4dqlPG5X_4pJGiE
  3. https://www.f4wonline.com/indies/nwa-reveals-crockett-cup-tournament-bracket-title-matches-281331 Briscoes/RnR sounds fun, as does Villain Enterprises against Nagata/Kojima.
  4. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the WWE has released Dasha Fuentes. Reasons unclear ...
  5. Took my daughter (who's 7) to see Wonder Park. It was a $100 million animated feature that had little to no plot and seemed to be made specifically for people with 2-3 second attention spans. On the plus side, it did promote STEM learning for girls, and the voice acting was decent. But the "adult" plotting seemed to be tacked in at the last minute, was rushed in and out a few minutes into the film, then rushed back at the end to provide closure. Also had that "adults are idiots" vibe throughout the film. Another annoyance ...
  6. English Beat and General Public frontman Ranking Roger Charlery has died at 56. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47714991
  7. Character actor Richard Erdman, best known to younger viewers as Leonard on "Community", has died at 93 … A working actor in Hollywood for 73 years. Also did a great deal of voiceover work on cartoons in the 80s and 90s. JD
  8. It's being reported that Jan-Michael Vincent has passed away at 74. Hate to say this, but I was honestly surprised he was still with us given his decades of hard living and rapid decline.
  9. Looking at the poster, I think Bundy meant he would be sharing a booth with Snow to sign autographs at Wrestlecon. He was also scheduled to sign at an "80s Wrestling Convention" in New Jersey next month.
  10. Always got a kick out of Monsoon calling Bundy "the condominium with legs." His first WWF run was quite enjoyable. Watching him destroy Hogan on SNME to set up the WM2 cage match was probably the first time a lot of people saw Hogan vulnerable as WWF champ. He was the perfect counterpoint to Hogan's All-American face -- a nasty, egotistical bully who loved to pick on the little guy. Nothing complicated about that -- just your classic heel vs. face dynamic that worked. And Bundy could sell a computer like a champ ....
  11. I saw the movie Saturday in Florida while visiting family. About 20-25 people in the theater -- seems as if everyone there enjoyed themselves. Audience really liked the scene where Ricky Knight clubs the wrestler with the trash can lid and bowling ball, as well as the bit where Big Show and Sheamus argue over hot dogs. Maybe it's me, but I had a hard time believing Vince Vaughn as the trainer/agent/WWE guy of all trades. By Hollywood standards, he came off more as middle-age office management -- WWE recruited himself straight out of, say, Price Waterhouse. Perhaps someone who had more of an athletic background as the trainer/agent? Honestly, I was waiting to see the Vaughn character take a bump. I didn't have too much of an issue with Zelina essentially playing AJ while dressed as, well, Zelina. Vega did a decent job trying to get AJ's vocal inflections and mannerisms down (think she skipped a bit as she was introduced on the ramp), and she played the stereotypical heel down to a T. Seeing her in interviews, she seems like someone who gives it 150% in everything she does. Hope she gets more chances in Hollywood. But given that AJ was the "anti-diva" before Paige, perhaps they could have used creative license and have Paige beat a fictitious wrestler in the movie? The Hollywood sports underdog story usually consists of our hero, the underdog, being introduced with deaf ears by the fans, so it didn't bother me that much. Didn't realize until seeing the credits that Tessa Blanchard did Florence Pugh's stunts in the wrestling scenes.
  12. The Satin report stats that "according to multiple sources", Arn was "apparently" let go, but at this point, no one has really confimed it (i.e. Arn and/or the WWE). The timing seems bizarre, especially since the "Ric Flair Birthday Celebration" will take place on Monday -- certainly you'd want Arn to be in the building for that. He is 60, so I have to wonder if it's something as simple as wanting to get off the road and possibly moving into a part-time "ambassador" role. But the fact that Satin is emphasizing he was "let go", you have to wonder, as Phil noted, if something huge happened. It also could be financial, given the recent hirings of Jarrett, Abyss, Shawn Daivari, Helms and Dutt (as well as reports the WWE is training Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan to be producers as well). Does anyone know just how many producers/road agents the WWE currently have, and what brands they are assigned to? Wikipedia has a list, but outside of two producers for NXT UK, it doesn't say if anyone's assigned to a specific show or brand (The Wiki article also lists Pat Patterson as a producer. Is he still on the payroll? Can't imagine him being on the road given his age, so is he an at-home consultant?)
  13. Given my age, I can only recall the later years of Pedro's career, but I do have a few memories .... -- The first WWF event I ever attended was a 1987 Superstars taping at the Meadowlands that featured the start of the Andre turn. One of the matches that got the loudest reaction from the crowd was Pedro/Tito Santana vs. Iron Shiek/Nikolai Volkoff. I was 12 at the time, so I didn't understand until later how popular Pedro and Tito were to Latino wrestling fans in the NYC area. You could argue the two got the loudest ovations after Hogan and Steamboat. It wasn't much of a match (Tito was working his tail off while the others went through the motions), but the match ended when Slick interfered for the DQ. The babyfaces then go after Slick, ending with Tito bodyslamming him in the ring to the roar of the crowd (seriously, the fans went nuts for this, and Slick sold the slam like a pro). -- I went to college at George Washington in DC. The men's basketball team had an out-of-conference home game against UNC-Charlotte. I helped out at the campus newspaper and radio station at the time, so I got access to the opposing team's media guides a few days before each game. Flipping through the UNC-Charlotte guide, I came upon a photo of a 6'10" freshman named Pedro Morales Jr. The first thing mentioned in the "personals" section of his bio was that he was the "son of pro wrestling great Pedro Morales". It also mentioned that the Morales family called New Jersey home, so part of me was hoping I could meet Pedro Sr. before tipoff and get an autograph and picture with him. Alas, Pedro Jr. was on the injured list and did not travel to DC. -- In my neighborhood growing up, Pedro was nicknamed "Orange Tights" because he wore those same orange trunks seemingly forever. RIP Pedro.
  14. THE HUSTLE Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson remake "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels".
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