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  1. With my daughter visiting her grandparents on her late mother's/my late wife's side out of state, now was the perfect opportunity to go to the movies to see a "grown up film" in a theater for the first time in forever. The Phantom of the Open is a "based on a true story" film about Maurice Flitcroft, a crane operator who decides, at age 46 and having never played a round of golf in his life, to try and qualify for the British Open. It's essentially a story about an eternal optimist who put his dreams aside decades earlier, only to pursue them again as his children grow up. It's humorous, but doesn't attempt to be "mile a minute" funny that most popcorn flicks try to do these days. Mark Rylance is great as Flitcroft -- one can argue dark horse Best Actor Oscar nominee for his work. There are times where you should just sit back and enjoy the film and not question its accuracy ... Did have some minor issues with the plot -- tension seemed to be a bit forced near the film's climax. And there was at least one scene that sparked a few groans in the theater ... Regardless, I thought it was a good film and a welcome respite from talking animals, cartoons and other "bells and whistles" types of movies. One other thing I got a kick out of ...
  2. LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE Premieres in theaters October 7 Estimated date my daughter will ask to see this film: September 7
  3. Basically, it means failing to act in the interest of stockholders and others -- mismanaging money, failing to let stockholders know of certain things, etc.
  4. Zac Efron to star in a film about wrestling's Von Erichs for A24 ... https://deadline.com/2022/06/zac-efron-the-iron-claw-a24-sean-durkin-1235046496/
  5. Max the Impaler is the Scut Farkus to Abadon's Grover Dill. These two and Heidi Howitzer need to be in a stable, stat.
  6. WM2 was the first wrestling tape I ever watched, so I have fond memories of it even though the show wasn't so great. Bulldogs-Dream Team blew everything out of the water -- probably the best Beefcake match ever, if not one of the best. The "hammerlock slam" he did on one of the Bulldogs was great -- a shame he never used it again. My dad got a kick out of the Uncle Elmer match for some reason -- I recall him laughing loudly at the spot where Elmer threw a punch, then promptly fell on his butt. As a fantasy booker, I would have switched Santana and Steele in their matches. Never cared for the Savage-Steele feud -- it was obvious "The Animal" was never going to win and the matches consisted of Savage doing all the work. Santana getting a "final rematch" against Savage for the IC belt could have been a great 10-minute bout. JYD and Steele were OK as a comedy tag team, and Terry bumping his butt off for both would have made it acceptable.
  7. For those who may remember, I live near a Florida community with three theaters and a total of 24 screens. And as an independent movie house, there was a time where the owners would fill some of the screens with first-run movies no one had ever heard of. For some films, it may have been the token screening necessary to say that it, yes, got a theatrical release. A new film with Steven Seagal? Yeah, they'll show it. How about the latest with Dolph Lundgren? Yup. I called it "the island of lost cinema," and all of that went away when the pandemic hit. Today, there is just one of three theaters open -- the second is in a permanent state of renovation, while the third is being used as a COVID-19 testing facility. The owners recently said they want all three open, but Hollywood needs to provide more films to theaters. There is some truth to it, as our theater has been showing "Father Stu" for eight weeks and counting (By comparison, "Sonic 2" and "The Bad Guys" both got the boot after three weeks). However, given the popularity of "Top Gun 2," it appears the owners realized that they had to bring back the island of lost cinema concept to lure people to an alternative in case Cruise and company were sold out. Premiering this weekend at my local cinema ... WOLF HOUND For those that enjoy watching planes, closeups of planes, and closeups of people flying planes, this may be the film for you.
  8. https://www.frontstretch.com/2022/05/26/kimi-raikkonen-driving-for-trackhouse-at-watkins-glen/
  9. https://deadline.com/2022/05/fred-savage-fired-as-the-wonder-years-ep-director-following-investigation-into-inappropriate-conduct-1235018451/ The new Wonder Years show has yet to be renewed, but Fred Savage got canned as a show EP and director for being a giant a-hole. I recall the allegations about him in regards to The Grindr, but first time I've heard of the Alley Mills claims in the piece.
  10. Has Julia Hart ever signed a contract with AEW, or is she still being paid on a show-by-show basis? It seems quite odd that she's the center of this glacial storyline and pen has yet to be put to paper with her. I want Pillman Jr. to succeed, but he's just not believable as an underdog babyface who can stand up to the bully heel. Even his challenge to HOB on Dark was the equivalent of a child's taunts -- I half expected him to say he hates HOB because they're poopyheads.
  11. Country music icon Naomi Judd has died at 76. Her daughters (Wynonna and Ashley) mentioned she "succumbed to mental illness." She and Wynonna were going to be inducted into the Country Music HOF this weekend and planned a "final concert tour" this fall. https://apnews.com/article/naomi-judd-dead-29302bc273e57c174ea9ecbea606f668
  12. Part of me wonders if this has to do with the release of the police video where an Uso called a cop an a-hole. The video was released earlier this week.
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