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  1. The Irwins finished up in the AWA in April 1986, and Scott's last match per Cagematch was in Canada for International Wrestling in September 1986. Bill Irwin went to Watts UWF shortly after Scott's last match, and Scott passed a year later.
  2. This week on AEW Dark ... Aaron Solow has a shot at getting in the winner's circle against Peaks and Valle, a genuine women's tag toss-up, plus an Abadon sighting. * VSK vs. Chuck Taylor * Steve Stetson vs. Orange Cassidy with Chuck Taylor * SCU vs. Matt and Mike Sydal * M’Badu and Baron Black vs. Bear Country * Daniel Joseph vs. 10 with Dark Order’s -1 Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow with Arn Anderson vs. Louie Valle and Chris Peaks * Ivelisse/Diamante vs. Red Velvet/KiLynn King * Feugo Del Sol and Jon Cruz vs. Top Flight * JD Drake vs. Stu Gra
  3. RE: Baker. Curious if she may have been originally booked to lose to Anna Jay in the first round of the women's tournament. Looking at the original brackets, I thought it was too soon to try Jay-Conti, but both Baker and Rose could survive a first round upset and come out of it generally unscathed. Both Conti and Jay are projects, but AEW seemed more likely to give Jay a boost in this tourney, upsetting Baker then taking Rose to the brink.
  4. Music producer and rapper Prince Markie Dee, best known in the 80s for being one-third of the Fat Boys, has died at 52. Fat Boys The Twist - YouTube Fat Boys - Baby, You're a Rich Man (Disorderlies 1987) - YouTube
  5. Got Apple TV free for a year as part of an iPad purchase. And with a nine-year-old at home, all Apple TV viewing at home is nothing but Snoopy. "Snoopy in Space" was harmless edu-tainment with Snoopy and Woodstock go to the International Space Station and explore the Moon. It plays well to its audience -- my daughter wanted to know more about the U.S. space program and the solar system after watching all 13 episodes. Bonus points as well for Franklin taking the lead in the early episodes to explain the solar system to the audience -- not many Franklin-centric stories, if at all, in the "P
  6. They did announce a 5-way match for Ironman Heavymetalweight Title on 2/28, where the current champion is a hardcover copy of "Killing the Business," so I would think the comedy will continue in some way. Also, DDT's 2/23 show features Yuji Hino, Yuki Iino (they face one another) and Yuki Ueno. Can we please book a triple threat where the two losers change their names?
  7. From earlier tonight in Rome, GA ... Chick Donovan (73) vs. Mike Jackson (71)
  8. A FB friend of mine just posted that he's at an indy show in Rome, GA tonight. One of the booked matches is Chick Donovan vs. Mike Jackson. Total combined age ... 144.
  9. Former heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks has died at 67. His title resume also includes the FMW Brass Knuckles Championship back in 1992 ... Mr. Gannosuke vs. Leon Spinks (8/31/93) - YouTube
  10. Mike Henry, the former NFL player who later became a successful actor in his own right, has died at 84 from complications from CTE and Parkinson's. He played Tarzan in the 60s and was Junior Justice in the "Smokey and the Bandit" trilogy. Smokey and the Bandit (7/10) Movie CLIP - Daddy, the Top Came Off (1977) HD - YouTube Buford T Justice - When i put bullets in it Daddy it gets too heavy - YouTube (No relation to the voice actor with the same name)
  11. Tuesday's Dark has Dustin/QT/Comoroto listed, this time vs. M'BADU/Sons of D-Von. There's also an eight man tag with Janela and Kiss teaming with Bear Country, which is ... different.
  12. Curious if they taped that match but opted to hold it until after Page-Nemeth. I did crack up at Aubrey's ref dress and -1 going nuts on the mic ... the latter reminded me of watching Saturday morning wrestling as a kid. Fenix-Black was great and good women's matches overall.
  13. Didn't Dave Hebner get legit injured around the time of the "evil twin" angle? I recall reading (forget where) that there were plans to keep the "evil twin" bit going a bit longer, but Dave's injury forced the WWF to have Earl essentially "play Dave" and work as a face, and the angle was dropped without explanation.
  14. I've seen reports that there will also be episodes on Nick Gage and FMW. Not sure if those have been confirmed.
  15. I believe El Australiano wrestles as "Australian Suicide" in Mexico's AAA. Definitely understand the name change there, and I'm guessing Evans and Angelico may have played a role in getting him an audition with AEW (given the three working together south of the border).
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