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  1. https://deadline.com/2022/05/fred-savage-fired-as-the-wonder-years-ep-director-following-investigation-into-inappropriate-conduct-1235018451/ The new Wonder Years show has yet to be renewed, but Fred Savage got canned as a show EP and director for being a giant a-hole. I recall the allegations about him in regards to The Grindr, but first time I've heard of the Alley Mills claims in the piece.
  2. Has Julia Hart ever signed a contract with AEW, or is she still being paid on a show-by-show basis? It seems quite odd that she's the center of this glacial storyline and pen has yet to be put to paper with her. I want Pillman Jr. to succeed, but he's just not believable as an underdog babyface who can stand up to the bully heel. Even his challenge to HOB on Dark was the equivalent of a child's taunts -- I half expected him to say he hates HOB because they're poopyheads.
  3. Country music icon Naomi Judd has died at 76. Her daughters (Wynonna and Ashley) mentioned she "succumbed to mental illness." She and Wynonna were going to be inducted into the Country Music HOF this weekend and planned a "final concert tour" this fall. https://apnews.com/article/naomi-judd-dead-29302bc273e57c174ea9ecbea606f668
  4. Part of me wonders if this has to do with the release of the police video where an Uso called a cop an a-hole. The video was released earlier this week.
  5. Discovery is trying to streamline and cut costs to pay off billions in debt. Three streamers (HBO Max, Discovery+, CNN+) will all be folded into one sooner rather than later. But there is still a need for content, both streaming and broadcast Discovery is locked in deals with the NBA until 2025 and the NHL and MLB through 2028. There will be a need for prime time content on broadcast for the foreseeable future. For AEW, I would be talking about having some kind of placement on the revised HBO Max ... a place to watch old Dynamites and Rampages, maybe exclusive content with personality profiles, interviews and the like.
  6. PAWS OF FURY: THE LEGEND OF HANK Comes to theaters in July. Film was in developmental hell for years (first announced in 2014 with release planned in 2017). Film was originally titled "Blazing Samurai," and a scene at the end of the trailer pretty much explains why. Why do I have a feeling the two funniest parts of this movie could be found in the trailer?
  7. I had an "empty theater" experience in 2019, watching "The Spy Behind Home Plate" (the documentary on Moe Berg) at a theater in Central Florida. Before that, my girlfriend at the time and myself had the whole cinema to ourselves for a screening of "Just Visiting" -- the U.S. version of the French comedy "Les Visiteurs." Took my daughter this afternoon to see "The Bad Guys." It was essentially the Ocean's movies combined with Looney Tunes. It had its moments but, after a few hours, you forget most of it. One highlight -- hearing Sam Rockwell changing his impersonation from George Clooney to Owen Wilson to "generic leading man #30" and back throughout the movie.
  8. More on Adam Windsor here ... ‘Royal Stud’ Adam Windsor dead at 41 | Slam Wrestling As Ace mentioned, Dory Funk always wrote about this guy in his columns for 1Wrestling, saying he was the next big thing, future superstar, etc., but nothing came of it. This may have been in Howard Brody's book (never read it, but excerpts were posted in interviews and the online sheets), but it was said that when Brody had control of the NWA title and running NWA Florida (this was after the belt was vacated by Naoya Ogawa), Dory proposed having Windsor win the title in a battle royal in his first-ever match. Brody and others thought Dory was nuts, but gave Windsor the Florida title as a consolation prize. Dory, Windsor and the rest of Dory's students eventually got the boot from NWA Florida after a show where, I believe, Sabu won the NWA title. The undercard had a Texas death match between Windsor and another Dory student that reportedly put the fans to sleep, and that was the last straw for Brody.
  9. Took my 10-year-old to see Sonic 2 over the weekend. She's loved everything Sonic for the last 3 years or so -- has posters, plushes, every episode of "Sonic Boom" on DVD, and most of the games on Nintendo Switch. The movie did not disappoint her -- she loved it all and was pretty excited to recognize the Easter eggs and various references to the Sonic universe throughout the film (the theater had about 100+ people in it -- most were in the 12-and-under range. Every time an Easter egg popped up, you can hear the kids tell their parents and grandparents what that is and why it's cool. Moments like these are what make the theater experience fun. Regardless of age, there was so much excitement from the audience.) As for the movie -- it was about 30 minutes too long (clocked at just over two hours). and certain things didn't click. Carrey was his usual "rubberface" self but was entertaining, and Idris Elba did well voicing Knuckles. Also a good move from the producers to have Colleen O'Shaughnessy voice Tails after doing so in the cartoons and video games for years.
  10. This was unexpected ... https://deadline.com/2022/04/dancing-with-the-stars-leaving-abc-disney-plus-season-31-1234996886/ ABC will be airing a few MNF games this fall, hence why DWTS is getting the boot.
  11. They appear to be wrestling as that persona for a Rhodes Wrestling Academy show next weekend.
  12. Back in college (this was around 93 or so), Scott Hall was doing a signing at a Tower Video near campus. Wasn't much into wrestling at the time (it was a down time for wrestling viewing -- didn't watch TV much around this period), but I'd seen Razor Ramon and wanted to get a glimpse of him. I walked past the video store (it was in an indoor mini-mall) and there was Scott, in his Razor gear, looking a bit miserable sitting at this tiny table. Seriously, it looked like a card table made to look fancy. At the same time, a mother and her son, who looked to be about 7-8 years old, came up to the table. "Excuse me, Razor," the boy politely yelled (he didn't have an indoor voice). "Could you sign my video?" Scott smiled. "Hey, yo! How are you?" "I'm good," the boy said. "Are you here to see The Bad Guy," Scott said. "This is his reward, Mr. Ramon," the mom quipped (I had to hold my laughter watching this -- a parent with no knowledge of wrestling would definitely call him "Mr. Ramon.") "His grades went from Cs and Ds to As and Bs. I'm treating him to a signed video and his favorite meal." Scott smiled again. "Way to go, mang! The Bad Guy -- he couldn't get As and Bs, so don't be like me. You going to keep getting good grades?" "Yes, sir," the boy yelled, high-fiving Scott. "That's what I like to hear!" He had his demons, but there always seemed to be plenty of good in Scott Hall. He could work a good match with anybody, he put people over willingly, had a sharp mind for the business and, based on what I saw and other stories I've read on the Observer and the like, he was generally good with fans at autograph and nostalgia shows, especially kids. One other Hall memory -- one of the WCW cards I saw at the Meadowlands Arena in NJ back in the day featured a tuxedo match featuring Hall (as the Diamond Studd) against Tom Zenk. The match was horrible and pointless. Fast-forward to Hall in the WWF as Razor Ramon. My dad, who was at the Meadowlands for that tuxedo man, looked at Hall and asked if he's ever seen him before. I mentioned that he was "the guy in the white tux in that awful tuxedo match we saw." My Dad was surprised -- "Really, he's actually good here. What happened?" (Count my dad and myself as one of the many people who couldn't connect at first that Razor Ramon was the same guy as WCW's Diamond Studd and AWA's "Big/Magnum" Scott Hall.)
  13. There was a big todo back in 2016 when the actors who played Luis, Bob, Susan, and Gordon were removed from the cast due to "changes in direction" and other biz-speak. This was around the time HBO made the deal with Sesame Workshop to get first dibs on new episodes, but the actors said it was a Sesame Workshop decision to can them, not HBO. IIRC, the four were re-hired as show ambassadors and would appear at autograph shows and other public events.
  14. Emilio Delgado, who played Luis on "Sesame Street" for 45 years, has died at 81.
  15. The Abadon/Bryce bit early in the clip got a good laugh out of me.
  16. Pretty sure Justin has done the "Elizabeth" bit from the get go. Regarding Hirsch ... I'm curious if AEW is going to change some of her intangibles given current events and her background. Shortly before her heel turn, she was introduced on at least one TV taping as being from New Jersey. Perhaps scrap references to Russia, even change the way she talks given what's going on. (I worked with a woman who fled Iran as a toddler and learned English through daytime soaps and game shows ... her accent screams valley girl as a result, but she learned to talk that way to avoid bullies.)
  17. Comic magician The Amazing Johnathan (John Szeles) passed away today at 63 after a myriad of health issues, including degenerative heart disease.
  18. Jerry Soto Trata on Instagram: “Tomó 10 años de entrenamiento a fuerza de trabajo constante, tomó unos años de ausencia por circunstancias ajenas que afectaron, y siguen…” Looks like Jerry Soto, who was among those let go by the WWE in the initial pandemic purges, has been brought back to replace Carlos Cabrera for the Spanish announce team.
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