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  1. Comedian Judy Tenuta has died at 72 after a battle with ovarian cancer ...
  2. Fundraiser by Bull James : Sara Lee Memorial Fund (gofundme.com)
  3. Abadon is booked to take on Athena 10/22 for Metroplex Wrestling in Texas.
  4. Will Smith's "Emancipation" will be released in theaters Dec. 2, with Apple streaming a week later.
  5. Yes, that's AAA stalwart Faby Apache on the screen. She left AAA a few weeks back and will be part of Team Mexico for CMLL's Women's Grand Prix on Oct. 28. Team Mexico: Faby, Silueta, Dalys, Jarochita, Lluvia, Reyna Isis, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit Team World: Ivelisse, Lady Frost, Mei Suruga, Avispa Dorada (American who's appeared in CMLL before), Stephanie Vaquer, Alex Gracia, Tae Honma, Hikari Shimizu
  6. Ring announcer Dan Masters passes away in car accident - WON/F4W - WWE news, Pro Wrestling News, WWE Results, AEW News, AEW results (f4wonline.com) Wrestling Observer is reporting that longtime wrestling/MMA announcer Dan Master was killed in a car accident in El Salvador. Worked for WOW, PCW Ultra and other groups.
  7. Went to our last remaining cinema of misfit movies this morning to attend a presentation on a new housing development for employees and their families. The theater workers were putting up posters of this weekend's films and, with the lack of tent-pole films coming out at the moment, we're starting to get a few stinkers and "only in our theater" productions returning to the screens. First up ... PARADISE HIGHWAY Juliette Binoche (?!?!?) plays a redneck trucker (?!?!?) as she attempts to take the title of "female Liam Neeson." Frank Grillo appears to be starring in about 20 films that will be released in the next year or so. Saw on Wiki that he divorced his wife in 2020, so this must be the "pay the alimony" phase of his career. MEDIEVAL A Czech historical epic that actually looks cool and possibly worth a matinee, though I didn't know that 14th century Czechs spoke in perfect British accents. "Paradise Highway" is sharing its screen with another Lionsgate film, "Wire Room," which features Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon. Given Willis' health and the controversy about his doing so many films these last few years and why, I won't share the trailer.
  8. SI got booted from the WB portfolio pre-AT&T merger.
  9. More purging, with Alex Moffat, Melissa Villasenor and Aristotle Anthari all departing.
  10. CONFESS, FLETCH Starring: Jon Hamm Theaters and digital on Sept. 16
  11. To Eddie Kingston's credit, when asked for comment about what happened, he kept the high road and took responsibility. He knows his personal fight is a lifelong one, and he's not giving up. Sammy Guevara sounds like a spoiled teen who's coasted through life with little or no consequence for his actions. With AEW talking about having "coaches and advisors" in the back as middlemen for Tony Khan, it may be wise for them, as well as some of AEW's veteran talent (Jericho, Billy Gunn, etc.) to really sit down with Guevara, basically an intervention, and talk with him about his words and actions, how they may cost him his seat as one of the "Pillars." With Thunder Rosa, after all I've read, I have to wonder if she's having a mental health crisis in addition to her physical injuries. With all that she's doing in AEW -- wrestler, blogger, heavily involved in the company's community outreach, being a face for the Spanish-language audience -- and when you add promoting her personal brand, getting her indie group running, being a wife and mom, etc., I'm somewhat concerned that all of this is taking a toll on her. She's taken her role as a Mexican-American role model seriously, and she has a great reputation with her fans, particularly children. But perhaps being put on this pedestal was too much for her to handle. I was talking with a neighbor earlier this week who happens to be a Lutheran minister. I hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks and asked if he was OK. He said he was diagnosed with double pneumonia and was on strict bed rest for over two weeks. He admitted that he had symptoms 4-6 weeks before that, but refused to stop working. He didn't want to let his congregation down, didn't want them to think he was failing them. It took his wife essentially dragging him to an urgent care to get him back on track. I thought about that chat when reading about Rosa. Deep down, I think she is a good person who, like the minister, doesn't want to let anyone down, even if it means hurting herself and others in the process as she only gets worse. Perhaps the physical and mental rests can help her reset for the better, improve relationships with those in the locker room she may have hurt, and come back stronger.
  12. Two movies originally set for HBO Max will get theater releases after all. LeBron James' "House Party" reboot opens Dec. 9 "Evil Dead Rise" opens Apr. 21, 2023 The HBO Max "Christmas Story" sequel, "A Christmas Story Christmas," premieres on the streamer Nov. 17.
  13. Britcom veteran Josephine Tewson passed away this week at 91. Probably best known in the U.S. as tea-spilling neighbor Elizabeth on "Keeping Up Appearances."
  14. ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Spinoff From ‘Cobra Kai’ Creators & Bill Posley In Works At Paramount Pictures – Deadline A film about the two valets who took the Ferrari on a joy ride in the original film is in development. Who knows? If this works, maybe we can have a "Back to the Future" spinoff all about Red the Bum or the woman handing out "Save the Clock Tower" paperwork.
  15. I laughed a bit too much over the remarks regarding Excalibur living in an exclusive gated community for masked wrestlers. Now I'm imagining him hosting a BBQ with Liger and the Thunderfeet present
  16. It's pro wrestling from the Philippines, which is actually half wrestling, half weight training trips and hard sells for unisex vitamins and rubbing alcohol. And this comes from a U.S. broadcast, so we have ads for syndie stables like Zamfir and Encyclopedia Britannica. CRACKER NUTS!
  17. Saw this in an Observer news update -- someone posted SIX HOURS of Spanish-language telecasts of wrestling from San Francisco and Los Angeles in the mid-70s.
  18. His daughter announced on Facebook that actor Roger E. Mosley died earlier today at age 83 ... Blaxploitation film regular in the 70s, "Magnum P.I." star in the 80s (and appeared in the reboot) ...
  19. Discovery has a decent global sports portfolio with NBA, NHL, MLB, U.S. Soccer (starting next year), plus intl rights on golf and the Olympics. I presume AEW fits under the sports brand. IIRC, AEW came aboard the Turner brand before AT&T took over, so it's not one of the HBO Max/Jason Kilar pet projects that David Zaslav wants to kill or gut.
  20. CMLL's Anniversary show on 9/16 will have a pair of apuesta matches ... The straightforward one is Jarochita vs. Reyna Isis, mask vs. mask The second one will be a one-night incredible partners tournament consisting of four teams. The winning tag team will have an apuesta match to end the show. The teams are ... Atlantis Sr./Fuerza Guerrera Atlantis Jr/Stuka Jr. Soberano Jr./Templario Averno/Ultimo Guerrero So it's six masks, one hair and one mullet on the line in this tournament.
  21. Down to three on network TV ... https://deadline.com/2022/08/days-of-our-lives-moving-from-nbc-to-peacock-1235084639/#comments
  22. https://www.thewrap.com/hbo-max-removes-original-movies-streaming-the-witches-locked-down/ At least six HBO Max films appeare to have been pulled from the streamer, along with plans to release the House Party remake
  23. RIP Pat Carroll, 95, the voice of Ursula in Disney's "The Little Mermaid" ... Growing up (70s and 80s), she seemed to guest star on every sitcom, cartoon, game show and talk show imaginable.
  24. Dory Funk Jr.'s autobiography comes out August 22 ... https://www.amazon.com/Last-Great-Breed-Stories-Wrestling/dp/166785058X/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=4ZPKM9VHV7RM&keywords=dory+funk+jr&qid=1659221723&sprefix=dory+funk%2Caps%2C131&sr=8-1
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