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  1. He can apparently call himself Godfather from the sidelines. Purolove reports Tatsu is out with a back injury -- forfeited his match earlier today. Tachibana also out with a leg fracture.
  2. Bubba Wallace will not return to Richard Petty Motorsports in 2021.
  3. Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan), one of the founders and main songwriters/producers for Kool & The Gang, has died at 68. Bell helped write and produce many of the group's iconic songs ...
  4. Seems like everything's being rebooted and revived these days, so how about ... the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon ... https://deadline.com/2020/09/kevin-hart-host-muscular-dystrophy-association-telethon-relaunch-jerry-lewis-1234573504/ Two-hour streaming event in October hosted by Kevin Hart.
  5. Translation: Maybe HBO Max will agree to air new episodes.
  6. Dusty mentioned in his autobiography that Roberts was a friend of his who was a casino executive who also "specialized in startups" (Believe Roberts was a higher up for Caesars for a time, and ran their hotel/casino in Lake Tahoe). IOW, a money mark who also had a knack finding other money marks. Read somewhere that DDP got the Florida job by doing a Dusty impression over the phone. By all accounts, Dusty really wanted the PWF to replace the AWA as the "third national wrestling company," but the investors quickly tired of it and Dusty signed with WWF.
  7. There's something humorous about Tully in the background ... "Back in my day we didn't pose for stupid photos at wedding receptions. We just drank beer and laughed at Ric getting drunk and making a fool of himself. Hey, did I tell you about that time Ric got drink and made a fool of himself?"
  8. Looking at Wiki, I was surprised to see that Serena Deeb is only 34. Thought she was in her early 40s. AEW should consider her for a wrestler/backstage role, as the match with TR was one of the best women's matches they've had in months. (And TR has participated in two of the top TV women's matches in the U.S. this year -- I can definitely see it be three if the Shida match goes well this weekend). Cringed at JR mentioning that DDP and Serena should hook up because both are yoga practitioners. JR also referring to the "Jurassic Express" as the "Lucha Express" had me shaking my head, altho
  9. Just noticed that Amazon Prime is now offering the Rifftrax version of "A Talking Cat?!?" for member streaming. The film is horrid as advertised, but Rifftrax saves the day for the most part..
  10. https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001074.html Japan's foreign ministry announced on the 28th that it will allow .... "all foreign nationals with the status of residence who have left and will leave Japan before 31st August 2020 with a valid re-entry permit, are now eligible to re-enter Japan from 1st September 2020." Have to imagine NJPW is looking at what gaijin on their roster fit in that category and see if they can be brought in in time for the G1 (as well as KENTA, as he lives in Florida full-time).
  11. ABC will air Black Panther commercial free at 8pm ET tonight, followed by a Boseman special at 1020pm.
  12. Roberts did seem to stumble and struggle a bit with his promo -- I liked what he was trying to do with comparing Team Taz to "The Flintstones," but it sounded like he completely forgot a character name and was struggling to get back on track (for some reason, I thought he was ready to call either Starks or Taz "Dino," couldn't recall the character's name, and went to Wilma as a backup). One curiosity I noticed in recent weeks -- the announcers and others referring to Hikaru Shida by her last name only. That's something the WWE likes to pull off regularly with zero explanation, so I'm curi
  13. Honestly, the woman's match might have been better if it was strictly Swole-Ford in a singles match. I get Rebel is trying to do a "clumsy" gimmick (though the second-rope moonsault was good), but it doesn't help that Swole and Ford are green as grass. You could still do the "shot with the crutch" ending without it being a handicap match.
  14. CMLL released the nominees for the title matches ... NWA Welterweight: Volador Jr vs. choice of Bandido, Soberano Jr. or Templario CMLL Trios: Los Guerreros vs. choice of Mephisto/Ephesto/Luciferno, Titan/Audaz/Star Jr. or Cavernario, Terrible, Hechicero CMLL Tag: Caristico/Mistico vs. choice of Angel de Oro/Niebla Rojo, Diamante Azul/Stuka Jr., Atlantis Jr/Flyer or Rey Cometa/Espiritu Negro CMLL Women: Marcela vs. choice of Dalys, Amapola or Princesa Sugehit CMLL Mircos: Chamuel vs. choice of Microman, Guapito or Gallito
  15. CBS adds Star Trek: Discovery and the new One Day at a Time to its fall schedule as it pushes back programming due to COVID ... https://deadline.com/2020/08/cbs-fall-schedule-star-trek-discovery-one-day-at-a-time-manhunt-1203023900/
  16. The War With Grandpa Scheduled to be released October 9 (was originally going to be released TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO) This is just ... sad. Razzies all around? (If my island of misfit cinemas opens up soon, we may have this on six of the screens)
  17. Mixed tag action from Puerto Rico, where Wendi Richter joins forces with ... Haku.
  18. Juice was not on the most recent U.S. tapings due to some kind of leg injury, so even if he were allowed to fly to Japan he may not be able to. Also saw that Makabe was currently missing shows to film a movie, so I'm curious if he would be available for the G1. With New Zealand (apparently) COVID-free, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring in White, Fale and Henare for the G1 and avoid putting those past their prime or "not G1 ready" in this. Has NJPW said anything about Osprey's future with the company given the allegations against him?
  19. Jeannine Mjoseth, who wrestled as Mad Maxine and Lady Maxine in the 80s, has a self-published memoir coming out September 1 ... https://www.tampabay.com/life-culture/history/2020/08/10/sex-and-wrestling-mad-maxine-shares-seedy-side-of-the-sport/
  20. Never knew this match happened less than a month before WM3. This is a fun TV match
  21. A friend of mine attended a house show at the Philly Spectrum that took place in between the actual title change and when it aired. The card featured a Brain Busters/Demolition match. When he discussed the card with friends, he focused more on the Warrior-Andre 10 second title match, but he did talk in some detail about the tag title match. Before the ring announcer began his introductions, Tully and Arn ran to the ring without their straps. They told the crowd that Demolition "stole their titles," so they challenged the Dems to come to the ring and fight fair and square. Dems come to the
  22. Having worked off and on for Turner over the years (left there for good last year), I can tell you that, once the AT&T merger was approved, something like this was expected -- streaming and linear departments being combined, executives on the linear side being pushed away, etc. "Content" is one of the big buzzwords in modern media these days. Media groups want content, and lots of it. And if it gets plenty of eyes, even better. AEW has eyes, a lot more than some prognosticators thought would happen when Dynamite launched. At the very least, WarnerMedia should consider some kind of AEW
  23. CMLL returns with empty arena action from Arena Mexico ... Jarochita/Sanely vs. Amapola/Reyna Isis https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Op9ZZM_CuiqcWZHv_7eD09zU5gyAUrI_/view Guerrero Maya Jr/Stuka Jr. vs. Vangellys/Okumura https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kzu_wLTYs1TXsZni6zO5OkR_J4GwFaXW/view Caristico/Star Jr./Angel de Oro vs. Gran Guerrero/Templario/Terrible https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bEN_FlyqO-4v8G_PNVhvMiDX-M1x0Sdi/view Referees wear face masks (at least one also wears goggles). Two of the typically unmasked workers (Amapola and Okumura) wrestle
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