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  1. They did Laserblast, which was pre-Empire, pre-Full Moon Charles Band work, but I believe this is the first proper Full Moon MST riff. Christmas Dragon was produced by Excel, which is one of the bigwigs of the "Mormon cinema" genre. Unsure if this film digs deep into LDS traditions and the like, but an interesting pick by Joel and company.
  2. You may remember the "Cannon" guest star megamix on YT a while back, but how about taking it to 11 and doing a 46 1/2 minute montage of every guest star who boarded "The Love Boat" ...
  3. Raymond Rougeau becomes mayor of Rawdon (in-24.com)
  4. I don't think she was actually signed. AEW simply stopped using her after "Rosa-Gate."
  5. Bea Priestley was released because she was unable to travel to the U.S., IIRC. Kong was definitely released as well -- were the Stronghearts (Japan) under a deal when the pandemic hit? Unsure what the situation was with Melanie Cruise -- Cagematch says she is working a few indie dates, but was she actually under contract with AEW? Also ... now that WOW is returning to TV with a multi-year deal, would Buss, Tessa and company be open to signing any of the released WWE women?
  6. Honestly shocked to hear about Nia's release. I know she was botchy and clumsy in the ring, but she seemed likable outside the squared circle and I thought her familial relations could have saved her. I could see her focus more on modeling and acting. Eva Marie may have been better as a manager of some sort. There was a photo a few months back of her with Parker Boudreaux back when the latter signed, and I thought Eva could have been a modern-day Alexandra York or something similar. Sucks for DBS Jr. -- signed and released without a single match. Sounds odd, but when they announced NXT 2.0, my first thought was that Franky Monet was screwed given she just turned 38. Definitely could see her back in AAA and working with AEW or Impact (curious if Gran Metallik will return to CMLL -- they need upper-card names, stat). With Japan slowly opening up again, I'm curious if New Japan and other puroresu companies will try and sign some of the guys that have been released this last year -- we keeping hearing Gallows and Anderson will show up in NJPW once the borders open up, but anyone else under consideration?
  7. While the world waits on Braun and Bray's next move, Erick Rowan drops by Jay Leno's new game show
  8. A documentary that Alec Baldwin narrated on the Flint water crisis, which was scheduled to released in theaters Friday and digitally next month, has been delayed indefinitely due to the "Rust" tragedy ... ‘Flint’ Doc Narrated By Alec Baldwin Gets Release Date Push After ‘Rust’ Tragedy – Deadline
  9. I did notice that as well. Watching it again this morning, Conti runs out, then seems to hesitate before entering the ring. She then takes her time before starting to attack Britt. Not sure if Conti was confused about where to position herself in the ring (she may also have been told not to, say, jump on Britt given that Anna is still recovering from a shoulder injury), but she looked a tad lost in that segment. The 12-woman tournament to crown a TBS champ seems ... different. You could have easily gone 16 and added Sakura, Abadon, Mizunami and Diamante to the pairings. I was OK with Hobbs-Cassidy, but I'm with the peanut gallery that it would have been cool to see Hobbs go over in an upset.
  10. Peter Scolari, the other guy who dressed like a woman on TV's Bosom Buddies, has died at 66 ...
  11. Guessing "Zinc" is Tom Zenk. He was on AJ tours with Kroffat and Ace in the summer and fall of 1994.
  12. Being the Ricardos -- theaters in December, followed by Amazon Prime. Nicole Kidman is Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin's Lucy and Desi flick. Not sure how good the film will be, but J.K. Simmons as William Frawley (Fred Mertz) is genius casting.
  13. HOME SWEET HOME ALONE So ... are Disney+ films eligible for Razzie nominations?
  14. Apparently, Slick managed Johnny K-9 for all of 90 seconds in the WWF. Also, Johnny was Samoan for one night. We also have one of the great underrated Monsoonisms ... "Suspended for life plus 10 years."
  15. Highlights from last night's CMLL Women's Grand Prix main event at Arena Mexico. CMLL does tons wrong, but they do occasionally get it right. The pomp and circumstance at the start of the video is a bit over the top, but it gives the match a World Cup final-style feel, and the fans seems to enjoy it.
  16. NBC will revive the "Original Recipe" version of "Law and Order" because they have completely run out of ideas ... ‘Law & Order’ Revived By NBC For Season 21 From Dick Wolf & Rick Eid – Deadline
  17. Here is the "World Wrestling Legends: 6:05 The Reunion" PPV telecast mentioned in the Viceland thread on Chris Kanyon.
  18. Clifford the Big Red Dog will now be released Nov. 10, both theaters and P+.
  19. AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY Those Rams game uniforms look a tad off ... like football uniforms you'd buy at Five Below. Mike Martz is apparently a cartoon supervillain, so if he doesn't spend time stealing candy from kids and tying people to train tracks in this film, I'll be disappointed.
  20. https://www.avclub.com/exclusive-dave-holmes-previews-the-music-mystery-thats-1847685135 I was 17 when "Motownphilly" came out, and my sister (who is two years younger) used to joke about the whereabouts of Sudden Impact for a few years after the video. Guess we're getting an answer.
  21. Saw him wrestle twice in dark matches in 2001, and I still believe to this day that the WWE really dropped the ball with Steve Bradley.
  22. Matthew Fox, who pretty much vanished into thin air back in 2015, is returning to showbiz by fronting a "limited event" series for Peacock ... Matthew Fox Joins Joanna Froggatt In ‘Last Light’ Peacock Limited Series – Deadline
  23. Those having their HBO Max account terminated thru Amazon Channels can resubscribe at $7.49/month for up to six months, according to Deadline. New subscribers also eligible for rate discount, which is available thru Sept. 26. Per Deadline, HBO Max remains available on Fire TV. Article also quotes "sources" as saying HBO Max may lose five million subscribers because of this.
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