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  1. They were giving away tickets to the Stardom show in Nagoya to boot. Also, Tanahashi has a weekly "corner" on the same afternoon show: https://hicbc.com/tv/chant/list/post/aisitemasu/
  2. https://www.bs-asahi.co.jp/wrestling/news20200209/ Just a reminder that BS TV is somewhere between terrestrial and cable TV in Japan. So it's a nice deal that NJPW is back on golden (re:prime) time but it's not WWE on Fox. Still, we're going from a random half-hour on late Saturday nights as the only wrestling on TV to two shows
  3. Naito versus Hiromu? I can dig it. Good lord Naito went from nothing to close to the good ol' crimson mask in no time. Also, it took them five minutes to lock up in the main which was great.
  4. Karate versus Pro Wrestling! Also, California Dolls was the Japanese title of All the Marbles while Golden Bomber was the title of No Holds Barred. And of course: I've always heard the Foul King was good but have never seen it.
  5. Almost 70,000 yen on Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07CYQRHHJ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=dyson+digital+absolute+v4&qid=1581138217&sr=8-1
  6. Of all the stupid things, the 6th is a replacement holiday for the 3rd (a Sunday) but people technically have to go back to work on the 7th and 8th and then it's the weekend. Anyway, several female idol groups have done the women only shows and I think they've been successful so hopefully Stardom can do the same.
  7. In March of last year, Kanemoto was arrested but not subsequently charged for domestic violence although he admitted he hit his wife. That might have something to do with it.
  8. For anyone in Japan trying to have the longest possible holiday, the 4th and 5th are the "U-turn" days when everyone is coming back home and traveling and traffic are a major pain, especially to Tokyo. So there might have been people who live out of Tokyo on the 4th who left on the 5th and people coming back in to Tokyo who wouldn't be there in time for a show that started in the morning/early afternoon.
  9. Whoa whoa whoa. Zero-1 still uses the AWA title for their main belt. Anyway, I just finished everything and successfully avoided any spoilers. I was never really invested in whether or not the main was going to surpass Night 1, I only cared about Naito winning and damn Gedo kept me in suspense until Okada started going for the knee again towards the end. KENTA crashing the end made me laugh. The Japanese announcers also played up how Naito didn't get to have his LIJ celebration at the Tokyo Dome yet again.
  10. No sympathy for people who are affected by the time difference. Almost all the tennis Grand Slam events happen in the early AM for me. The only time I've been able to watch a Super Bowl live since I've been in Japan is when I was unemployed. It's just that it's hard to avoid spoilers in this day and age. Anyway, Kanemoto not being there is probably because he had a domestic violence charge sometime in 2019. He has done Dradition shows since then so he's been around Liger and co but I think NJPW didn't want to deal with it. The anxiety over any Jay White match always makes me way more satisfied when he loses. Felt that the leg control segment was well done even if it ultimately didn't go anywhere. There was that point during the main where I thought "Well, if you're gonna shoot on someone, may as well do it on the biggest stage possible." Feels like Naito needs to win in order for this whole thing to make sense. Okada's attitude has been that the IWGP title is where it's at and the idea of a double champion is stupid.
  11. Thanks for the recs everyone. I'm probably going to the Z-1 show. Have plans on the 2nd and the BJW show that day might be cutting it close to my bus time. Thought about Ribbonmania but I'll be in Yokohama for the live SASUKE/Ninja Warrior Final Stage run and meeting friends.
  12. Not in a snarky way but I wonder who is going to go to the Dave Meltzer appearance at Toudoukan on the 4th. https://www.toudoukan.com/page/$/page_id/4998/ I'll be in Tokyo from the 31st to the 2nd. I'm thinking about going to a show but nothing really strikes me as definite go to. Would have liked to be able to go to the 1/3 AJPW show with the Miyahara/Lee main but I can't stretch my trip out that long. Any recommendations? Maybe Z-1 at Korakuen. But that's mainly just to say I went to Korakuen. https://en.puwota.com/index.cgi?202001 Edit: Just to be clear, I live in Japan so I'm just thinking about the shows during that window when I'm in Tokyo.
  13. I mean, I still like Star Wars. I just don't like JJ Abrams version of Star Wars. Like all things Star Wars, stuff not explained in the movie is elsewhere. In the books, the comics (if Palpatine was the one who "helped" Shmi Skywalker conceive Anakin then Reylo still has some incest going on), the visual dictionary which is where we now "know" all those people in robes are the Sith Eternal (not Sith, just Sith groupies). It's like how you had to watch Being the Elite at the time of All-In/early AEW. I like all that stuff, even if I don't want to spend too much money on it.
  14. I assume that they needed a death that would resonate with Poe. But since it's right before Lando (who definitely offered the galaxy cases of Colt 45 if they came) appears it's barely an emotional blip. Or, it could be a "haha" callback to Porkins in ANH. As in "haha the big sorta chunky pilot bites it!"
  15. Kento took part in Energy, which is sort of a sports variety stage show. It's made by the guy who did the original Muscle Musical, which was a spin-off of SASUKE (Ninja Warrior). The original show ended and there are bunch of successors playing around Japan. https://natalie.mu/owarai/news/348055
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