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  1. The next NOMADS' show will be on August 5th.
  2. Ice Ribbon tournament announced: In case of a draw, the person with the shorter career moves on.
  3. He's been running a couple different business ventures, especially stuff concerning the disabled. He's currently the owner of an onsen in Hokkaido. And for the last year or so, a mysterious man in a bear mask has been on shows for Hokuto Pro Wrestling.
  4. The show is tomorrow. It's still Thursday in Japan right now.
  5. Those numbers are for all of Bushiroad's third quarter earnings (July 2021 to March 2022), not just Stardom. It's broken into Digital IP (Trading card games, games, merchandising and media) and Live IP (Split into music and sports - New Japan, Stardom and the new gym they opened in Hokkaido). The Live IP section made 7.9 billion yen.
  6. The ending alley-way fight in Martial Club is one of my favorites. It's another Lar Kar Leung movie where the focus is on the martial arts and no one dies (although legs are broken). Human Lanterns is pretty dark and features a bit more fighting than one would expect from a horror story. Lo Mang makes an appearance as hitman. I also saw the Kungfu Stuntmen documentary. I wished they could have done a whole series on these guys. Sad that so many of them destroyed their bodies for our pleasure and will never get their due. Interestingly, I was watching the documentary about Weng Weng, the actor from For Your Height Only, and in the Philippines it seems that old action actors (also not well compensated) sit around talking about the old days like the guys in Stuntmen do.
  7. A very Sam Raimi Marvel movie. Enjoyed it. Lots of inside stuff going on.
  8. I don't know what anyone was expecting out of the attendance. It was Wrestling Dontaku but the actual Dontaku started today on the 3rd plus it was the tail end of a three day holiday that went into a work day which then goes back into a three day holiday (Monday and Friday this week are normal school/work days despite this being Golden Week). They should have started the show earlier so that people from outside the prefecture could pop in and still get out of town at a reasonable time.
  9. Fundraising site for Otani set up by his family. People overseas can donate via credit card. In Japan it can be done by bank transfer. You can also donate via LINE Pay. https://otanishinjiro.com/
  10. Tatsumi Fujinami is out of the Dontaku show and the HEAT-UP show on 5/2 due to a positive covid-19 test. https://proresu-today.com/archives/187529
  11. There will be an "Otani Aid" show on 6/4. NJPW, NOAH, Big Japan and others will participate.
  12. Kaho Kobayashi, who had been out since last year due to covid, will make her comeback against Hiroyo Matsumoto at the NOMADs show. They'll announce the full card on the 27th.
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