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  1. Press Conference for Wrestle Kingdom. https://news.goo.ne.jp/article/battle_news/sports/battle_news-20201223_65805.html "El Phantasmo" is there. Everyone does the do your hand gesture while standing next to your opponent photo op and then there's this:
  2. This is going to be another episode of the thing they did with Amazon that was released back in September.
  3. The third joshi legends "performance" match is Dump Matsumoto and Bull Nakano against Jumbo Hori and Yukari Omori
  4. The last two episodes of the 6:05 podcast are with a bunch of voters going over their ballots, the year's inductees and various other topics, among others what changes should be made. Even if you aren't a fan of Brian Last, you get to hear a pretty nice range of long time voters and at least one first time voter.
  5. On Thursday Spike mentioned getting something from Friga. And I'm like "who?" Then on Friday my new resident is..Friga. I've been playing AC:Pocket Camp (the smart phone game) a lot recently after stopping a while back. They've started to introduce more elements from ACNH. Right now C.J. is doing a fishing event and Flick is supposed to come by after that. My current goal is to get my ACNH villagers and my ACPC campers to line up.
  6. I hit the wrong button when I was trying to give candy to a villager and she painted my face. There was a weird glitch when I saved my game dressed as Jack. When I started up again not only was I down to my undies but my hair and facial features had reset to the default.
  7. I believe you can eat them like any other fruit so if you are planning on uprooting a bunch of trees in the future you can use them then.
  8. It's not like they are very rigorous at convenience stores and most markets where "press this button if you are of age to buy alcohol, we trust you" is standard operation. Cashiers having eyes will stop most kids from buying alcohol but a teenager not wearing a school uniform has a good chance. At least with some beer vending machines you had to put your drivers license in to verify...something. I was never sure how they worked.
  9. That reminds me, why was Phil Hickerson was named after a Japanese shochu highball when he was in World Class/USWA? Anyway, beer is generally expensive in Japan so the Strong Zero (I've been buying triple peach recently) and it's type are good alternatives although I'm more of a canned highball person if I need something quick from a convenience store.
  10. The description actually has this: 各種空手チョップ/karate chop 2:42...逆水平チョップ/backhand chop 4:57...マシンガンチョップ/machine gun chop 6:32...袈裟斬りチョップ/kesagiri chop 6:55...脳天唐竹割りチョップ/brain chop 7:11...チョップコンボ/chop combo 7:48...セーバーチョップ/saber chop
  11. If a villager gets "adopted" by a friend, they will remember you. If not, they get memory wiped. I've had a few times when the very first character I meet on a tour is the villager who had just moved out and they didn't remember me.
  12. No K.K. on my island today . I guess he could pop up once the Bug-Off is finished.
  13. Seems like they were paparazzi-esque ambush shots. No one looks good in those.
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