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  1. Tam's pre-wrestling career as an idol and model makes her more "mainstream" friendly and recognizable than the rest although clearly Hana is catching up. Makes sense.
  2. Card game! Card game! ...And women's wrestling.
  3. I believe that that's Masakatsu Funaki in the army shirt. You can live in Japan and not be able to speak all that much if you have people around you who can speak enough English to help you get by, Unless he has to say take out a loan and fill out the application form by himself he could probably survive. I would recommend people coming to live in Japan to learn the language though. Besides, it doesn't really fit the character if he came in speaking Japanese. Anyway, that clip was the final. Before that Choshu took on Shiro Koshinaka: And then Akira Maeda (!): And finally Hansen: Japanese entertainers of a certain age are big fans of 80s wrestling.
  4. Has anyone found a site that has sort of scratched that old Deadspin itch? I realized that other than ESPN score notifications (not that I desperately need to know when the Knicks/Giants/Mets lose but whatever) I haven't been following anything sports related.
  5. Burneko has already done a story for Vice about the Warriors. Blogging is hard. Anyway, I believe David Roth's gig before joining Deadspin was...working at Vice Sports.
  6. https://www.thedailybeast.com/deadspin-scab-alan-goldsher-tells-all-go-media-just-wanted-to-get-things-going-again Jim "Herb" Spanfeller really underestimated how many people have been paying attention to this story and how many sympathetic writers there are out there. Some of whom wrote for the site (Ashley Feinberg and co) or are just friends of the writers. And all of whom are mentally noting what may become of them one day. I don't know if it's good or bad but I'm now using twitter more since it's the best way to follow what's going on. Considering that I really started using twitter after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake...
  7. It's probably just easier to follow this account that is following all of the G/O Media staff. Dan McQuade just quit.
  8. Their biggest name, Drew Magary is gone.
  9. I think that was more of a kinja thing. If you had more than one page from their group open you might have to refresh it after the initial loading to see the comments.
  10. And...a whole bunch of people at Deadspin just quit. Lauren Theisen, Tom Ley, Laura Wagner and others are all gone. Also, have they turned off comments?
  11. Someone already tried to edit Jim Spanfeller's wikipedia article to proclaim him a "smooth-brained incompetent who killed Deadspin.com". I don't disagree. Just for the hell of it, this is currently moving up the G/O Media (what a stupid name) big board of most trafficked posts. And Dave Portnoy and his barstool bootlickers can all go screw themselves.
  12. I would have been fine with pretty much any result with that match. If the vets had won with a flash pin though I think the crowd would have gone nuts.
  13. There's like a minimum of 200 years of wrestling experience combined in this photo, right? Anyway, this was from yesterday's Dradition show.
  14. In sort of related news, it appears that Hana Kimura is going to be a new house member of the Netflix reality show Terrace House.
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