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  1. lostinube

    NJPW G1 2019

    Theme song for this year's G1:
  2. Gamushara is based in Kitakyushu/Moji, the top part of Kyushu Island, so they are relatively close to where I am. They also have their own izakaya that I haven't been to yet. I've been to their shows a few times and you'd see them at Hakata Star Lane shows because I think they were supplying or at least setting up the ring for the bigger groups. They have several different stables with their own nWo style shirts, Loss of Control the Reckless is an Los Ingobernables knock-off and Michiko Omukai, who lives in Yamaguchi will drop by although not to wrestle. There are masked comedy wrestlers and knock-off lucha guys and they bring in All Mighty Inoue who I can only describe as a 100 yen store Tenryu. In general, it's a good time.
  3. lostinube

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    Ospreay challenged Dragon Lee after winning the BOSJ final but nothing updated on the NJPW site yet. Majority of the card is still unannounced other than the three matches we already know are happening.
  4. Damn. What a final. Did not feel like 33 minutes. A few sloppy spots here and there and it was sort of scary (yet awesome) when Takagi hit that big dive and got his leg caught in the railing. If modern wrestling is a video game, Takagi is a boss who suddenly regenerates all his health and has to be taken down again and again. Anyway, Ospreay announced at the end that he is moving to Japan and at the presser he challenged Dragon Lee for the title at Dominion.
  5. TAKA is hurt so his match tonight with Dragon Lee is off (auto points for Lee) and the card goes from 10 to 9 matches.
  6. 19.99 on FITE TV (2200 yen in Japan) for everywhere except the US and Canada. It will be airing at 10 AM on Sunday in Japan so if nothing comes up, I might order it. How is FITE in general?
  7. It's on the DDT Universe site but I don't have a sub. Don't know if it's available anywhere else.
  8. Oh good, I noticed the Gresham thing with his head too. Sho and Shingo basically did a Dragon Gate Shingo main event match and it would have been hard for Ishimori and Lee to match that and they thankfully didn't. Ishimori getting the win made sense and only after he was talking did I realize that he's a Miyagi prefecture native.
  9. He's working either the opening match against Uemura or teaming with Marty Scurll against various opponents on any of the shows where there aren't like ten BOSJ matches.
  10. Okada put Sanada over in his postmatch speech by calling him his rival and saying that their story is just beginning which makes sense as they are both 31 years old. When I saw Sanada all cleaned up I had a slight hope he would pull it off (and corresponding regret that I decided not to go). I'm glad that NJPW is still trying to have stuff happen during Dontaku to make it more notable. It still lags behind the other big shows but it always has a surprise or two.
  11. Here's the Jericho challenge:
  12. So: Naito and Ibushi are set for the IC title at Dominion. Ishii beat EVIL in the semi-main that was like the old NEVER battles that Ishii had with Makabe. And then Ishii challenged Taichi backstage. Okada beat a non-Cold Skull version of SANADA in 38 minutes and referred to him as his rival before... ...a damn Chris Jericho interrupts Okada's post-match speech and challenges him to a title match at Dominion on 6/9 Also, Tanahashi made a surprise appearance to say that he was returning on the last day of the Best of the Super Juniors. Jay White came out to shout (and bury Goto one last time) and then attacked Tanahashi. So maybe that's for 6/9 too? And finally:
  13. With the extended Golden Week this year (April 27 to May 6) it would have been totally understandable if they ended up drawing less than last year. But the Dontaku event in itself draws two million people so I guess NJPW feels confident in what kind of numbers they can draw ever year. But Cobb/Taichi is a better hook than Omega/Page.
  14. Finlay got hurt in March and was expected to be out six months. So that might be too early, at least to wrestle. Probably someone British though. Edit: People on the web are saying/hoping Chris Brookes. Or it could be a returning Oka. Anyway, I was always a Taichi Kaere! kind of fan but damn it, he got me. Nice main but it seemed like I was distracted because I was waiting for Hiromu to pop up.
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