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  1. In sort of related news, it appears that Hana Kimura is going to be a new house member of the Netflix reality show Terrace House.
  2. Knockout already has time slots on both BS NTV and Tokyo MX so presumably that's what Bushi Road is building on. The Stardom English twitter account has already announced the BS NTV show will be on Thursdays. Here is the press conference:
  3. This seems to be a breakdown of the press conference by Stardom. They will apparently be making an appearance at the Chara Expo in California in December, which coincidentally already has Katsuyori Shibata as an advertised guest. Kidani says that he had been thinking about purchasing a women's group from about two years ago.
  4. Their TV deals seem better than anything else anyone has aside from NJPW and World Pro Wrestling, which is the only wrestling show on broadcast TV. Of course as the name implies, Tokyo MX is a Tokyo station so parts of the country won't be able to see whatever is on there. BS is accessible to anyone with a TV and a B-Cas card. But techinically you're supposed to be paying your NHK bill to get it.
  5. Got an extra 250 bucks or so? Get yourself the Liger DVD set for Christmas:
  6. There will be a Liger 6 dvd box set released this December. It has 84 matches and a booklet showing all his looks over the years. Unfortunately, they don't say exactly which matches will be in the set. There will be a documentary DVD about his retirement at Wrestle Kingdom coming next March. https://thetv.jp/news/detail/208807/
  7. We've now entered that confusing territory where Japanese wrestling news twitter is quoting Meltzer about stuff happening in Japan which sort of mucks up searching for news in Japan. It now looks like "everyone" in Japan is talking about the NXT Japan and Stardom rumors but everything is coming from that one source (Meltzer). I'm not saying he is wrong but this is taking everyone everywhere by surprise, I assume.
  8. Not that I know of but he puts lots of old wrestling photos and...kittens on his facebook. Apparently he was in the area the latest typhoon hit which kind of sucks for him. https://www.facebook.com/kuniaki.kobayashi.3 Anyway, Kanemoto is actually appearing on Dradition cards with Liger and Fujinami this month so it's probably NJPW shying away from his arrest earlier this year.
  9. The Liger retirement match with Tatsumi Fujinami et al (and the apparent snub of Koji Kanemoto) led me to finding these Dradition cards celebrating Hiro Saito's 40th year in the biz: https://www.dradition.jp/card_ticket/2019/1025.html Main is Liger, Fujinami and Shiro Koshinaka vs Saito, Keiji Mutoh and Tenzan with special guest referee Masahiro Chono. Kanemoto is teaming with Otani and Takaiwa vs Mitsuya Nagai. KENSO and KAZMA SAKAMOTO. https://dradition.jp/card_ticket/2019/1027.html Liger, Fujinami and Koshinaka vs Saito, Yoshiaki Fujiwara and TBA. It also has Koji Kanemoto and Genki Horiguchi vs Super Tiger and Masaaki Mochizuki.
  10. Every major promotion, I would think. That's what getting arrested for domestic violence will do. But just to rub it in, he is doing shots with Otani and Takwaiwa on the indy circuit. And this is Kobayashi sometime this year.
  11. http://battle-news.com/?p=53344 I believe this is supposed to be Tsukasa Fujimoto and others learning about the defection via their phones. They were about to a promotional thing and so the photographer was already there with them.
  12. Sekimoto is doing more singles these days and Okabayashi is teaming with Shigehiro Irie. Okabayashi and Irie are also teaming up with Joe Doering and Dylan James versus Zeus, the Bodyguard, Ryoji Sai and Kazushi Miyamoto at the Destroyer Memorial show. http://boku-pro.com/news/view/19487
  13. A couple of the movies are subtitled. I think maybe ones that were released on Celestial DVD? Naval Commandos and I Will Finally Knock You Down Dad have English subs, anyway. There are others where you have to sign in because the Shaw movies did flash the boobies sometimes. The Wu Tang Collection is a great source for the non-major stuff. I combine searches on the Hong Kong Movie Database and Hong Kong Cinemagic (now sadly not updating) to find the people I catch glimpses of in bigger movies. http://www.hkmdb.com/ http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/main.asp? Also, I know this thread is more for old school stuff but has anyone seen Triple Threat? It has Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping and Jeeja Yanin all in it.
  14. If you are in Japan or you have a way to View such Programming over the Net you can watch matches live at https://tver.jp/ You can also watch the Women's Volleyball World Cup too if you are so inclined.
  15. That would be Real Japan Pro Wrestling champion Kazuyuki Fujita... http://battle-news.com/?p=52800
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