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  1. An interview with some of the Defectors: https://luke.substack.com/p/you-can-expect-the-same-idiots-who
  2. Well, this is what a lot of former readers (namely in the comments at Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog) were clamoring for, saying that they would be willing to pay to get the gang back together. I dunno if 99 bucks a year is worth commenting privileges though.
  3. My visitor today was Gulliver, or rather, Captain Gullivarr. I won't spoil it but it's a slightly different task than usual.
  4. I think using spoiled turnips to keep respawning ants is the closest thing to bait. My max was about 14 using two turnips and whatever else is around. You don't get many bells from Flick but you do build up your point total faster.
  5. Next time you are in her place, try opening her closet.
  6. Naomi's catchphrase is "moolah". https://www.animalcrossingportal.com/games/new-horizons/guides/villager-popularity-list.php#/ I currently have three tier ones and someone recently left. I'm holding out for a Coco but the last time someone left, I guess I either took too long or didn't try looking around enough and suddenly Pashmina moved in. Anyway, Bug Off today. Your point total from the previous Bug Off carry-over so if you didn't reach the points for the plaques last time, you are good. The redeemed items are the same though so I'm pretty much done for the day. How many butterfly backpacks does one need?
  7. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Japan-immigration/Japan-to-let-some-foreign-residents-back-into-country-in-August
  8. This thread is probably not the place for that discussion, but NJPW would like to hold a G1 and BOSJ this year, they just haven't announced any dates. The 2020 G1 had already been bumped due to the Olympics.
  9. So basically RIPPA is the George Bailey of the DVDVR forum. Without him Bedford Falls is all dancing girls and chaste single librarians. I've been lurking the DVDVR for a while now. I never did figure out what that whole Foghat thing was about.
  10. If Gedo really wants to make a splash, he has Yujiro beat Okada AND Despy win the NEVER belt. Maybe have Naito lose a couple of kilos and have him challenge Hiromu for the junior title. All bets are off!
  11. Survival Tobita.
  12. Obviously this is an LIJ scheme where everyone gets a run on top. Hiromu takes one belt and then Shingo takes the other, SANADA reunites the belts and then he loses them at Wrestle Kingdom to BUSHI.
  13. To say that some unexpected things happened on this show is probably understating it.
  14. I found a good spot right next to my airport where I can keep dumping fish bait and not have to move at all. And it's directly below the square so I lose only a few seconds moving there. At the previous tournament my top was maybe 12. With more of the big fish around this time I couldn't get more than 10.
  15. Well, that was unexpected.
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