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  1. I believe you can eat them like any other fruit so if you are planning on uprooting a bunch of trees in the future you can use them then.
  2. It's not like they are very rigorous at convenience stores and most markets where "press this button if you are of age to buy alcohol, we trust you" is standard operation. Cashiers having eyes will stop most kids from buying alcohol but a teenager not wearing a school uniform has a good chance. At least with some beer vending machines you had to put your drivers license in to verify...something. I was never sure how they worked.
  3. That reminds me, why was Phil Hickerson was named after a Japanese shochu highball when he was in World Class/USWA? Anyway, beer is generally expensive in Japan so the Strong Zero (I've been buying triple peach recently) and it's type are good alternatives although I'm more of a canned highball person if I need something quick from a convenience store.
  4. The description actually has this: 各種空手チョップ/karate chop 2:42...逆水平チョップ/backhand chop 4:57...マシンガンチョップ/machine gun chop 6:32...袈裟斬りチョップ/kesagiri chop 6:55...脳天唐竹割りチョップ/brain chop 7:11...チョップコンボ/chop combo 7:48...セーバーチョップ/saber chop
  5. If a villager gets "adopted" by a friend, they will remember you. If not, they get memory wiped. I've had a few times when the very first character I meet on a tour is the villager who had just moved out and they didn't remember me.
  6. No K.K. on my island today . I guess he could pop up once the Bug-Off is finished.
  7. Seems like they were paparazzi-esque ambush shots. No one looks good in those.
  8. From a quick online search (obviously this is not a definitive answer) those photos and the story accompanying it are from 2017 about an incident in 2015. He looks better now. He has been running his own announcing school for a couple years and apparently he had invited over some announcing student from Senshu University and he sexually harassed him. As far as I can tell, he is still in business and is still working. Most of the stories about this case are either republishing the original story or slightly repurposed versions almost all using the same photos. Jprime is a tabloid and the s
  9. I think almost all the guys who wrestle full time for Kyushu Pro have changed their names to reflect their Kyushu roots. Setoguchi changed his name to Sakurjima after the volcanic island in his native Kagoshima. The former junji.com is now Junji Tanaka and he does a Yamakasa bearer gimmick which means you see way more of his butt then is normal in pro wrestling. Genkai used to be Hideyoshi in Osaka Pro, I think.
  10. Kyushu Pro did their annual Kinniku Yamakasa show without an audience. Main was Genkai vs Yuji Hino for the Kyushu Pro title. Genki Horiguchi and Yokosuka Susumu are in a three way for the tag titles aganst Kenichi Arai and Minoru Fujita and Naoki Sakurajima and Kazuaki Mihara. This is usually their biggest show of the year. They generally bring in one big name like Muto and Tenryu (who had his last match in Kyushu for them). I believe for their 10th anniversary show they were going to run the Kokusai Center in Hakata which only NJPW (Dontaku) and Dragon Gate (Final Gate) run and t
  11. I'm surprised that NJPW hasn't been connected to any of the Covid cases in Osaka. Anyway, so far they aren't really doing anything different in terms of shutting things down aside from people in other prefectures not really loving the idea of Tokyoites spending their summer vacations outside of Tokyo. But in some areas school is on (a much shorter) summer break and Obon is coming up so who knows what is going to happen.
  12. An interview with some of the Defectors: https://luke.substack.com/p/you-can-expect-the-same-idiots-who
  13. Well, this is what a lot of former readers (namely in the comments at Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog) were clamoring for, saying that they would be willing to pay to get the gang back together. I dunno if 99 bucks a year is worth commenting privileges though.
  14. My visitor today was Gulliver, or rather, Captain Gullivarr. I won't spoil it but it's a slightly different task than usual.
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