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  1. Full cards for both shows have been announced. FTR vs Aussie Open mains Night One with Ospreay taking on Shota Umino in the semi-main. Night Two is Naito vs ZSJ to determine the next contender for Ospreay.
  2. Just to update because it is making news in Japan. Okuno won an NFT auction for a VVIP ticket that came with the role of flower boy. It cost a bit under 30,000 dollars. Okuno can resell the NFT once so I think people are waiting to see what happens next. http://battle-news.com/?p=89327
  3. The Burdock Party has a bunch of celebs who "support" them. As noted in the next tweet, Bob Sapp campaigned with Okuno during the last election. Those connections are probably why Okuno was there in the first place.
  4. L to R Zones (pronounced zo-nesu), Sunny (although her twitter name is sunnyyy), Rin Hoshino, Oto Mizuhara and Chi Chi. https://evolutioncom.co.jp/ Hoshino and Mizuhara were already active as gravure models so that's probably why they have full (stage? no idea) names. No idea on the other three.
  5. Short as in one of the matches in the upper half of the card was under a minute.
  6. Thanks. So far it's just raining where I am but we got an alert to stay away from the rivers in case of over-flooding. They were planning on having a big outdoor music festival in Yamaguchi called Wild Bunch Fest from the 17th to the 19th but the last two days were cancelled. Sucks for the local hotels which were all fully booked for the first time since the pandemic started. They cancelled NJPW show in Oita for tonight and Fukuoka tomorrow. Stay safe!
  7. Tonight's 9/18 NJPW show is canceled due to the typhoon. The 9/19 show in Fukuoka is also canceled but it wasn't going to be broadcast anyway. Stuff happening in Tokyo won't be affected but there is a lot of rain there right now.
  8. NJPW World added the last TakaTaichi Mania from May recently so we'll probably be able to see this show (technically the first TakaTaichiDespeMania) in the winter. They also added the Music City Mayhem show around the same time.
  9. The way things are going with Kota and NJPW, if they can find the right money guy we will end up with All Golden Lovers Wrestling with only two wrestlers on the roster but still having four hour shows with the main event being a 120 minute time limit two out of three falls match with the third fall being like, I dunno, a game of Super Smash Brothers.
  10. Just Bad Dude (not Bad Boy lol, my mistake) Tito right now. He backed up Jonah during the G-1 and is officially a part of TMDK. Looks like Che is getting shots with the upcoming NJPW US shows though.
  11. Now that Cilic is out there will be a first time majors winner for the third year in a row at the US Open on the men's side.
  12. You can see the two fans I mentioned at the five second mark. Korakuen is absolutely the best place for them to have done this. It was a Monday night show so you're definitely only getting the hardcore fans there who were ready to make noise.
  13. It will all come out to be a diabolical plan by MJF. We'll get videos later of the following: MJF stealing Hangman's phone and signing him up for Fightful Select. MJF disguised as Bix at the back of the media scrum holding up a "Where's Colt Cabana?" sign. MJF taping a sign on Kenny Omega that says "Bite if you love Steel Domain Wrestling!"
  14. All the wrestlers seemed pretty amped up all night. O-Khan and Wato got pretty good reactions. LIJ is still very over. The show was also being streamed live on Abema TV so that might have played a part in the overall atmosphere.
  15. NJPW starts tonight's Korakuen show with Hiromu Takahashi pumping up the crowd, which is allowed to cheer for the first time in over two and a half years. And then the first match is Bad Boy Tito vs Minoru Suzuki. KAZE NI NARE! I don't really care if there is cheering or not but definitely an emotional moment. There is a shot right before the Kaze Ni Nare where these two fans nod at each other like they've been waiting a while for this.
  16. Goro Tsurumi has passed away. He was 71. https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/18594aab3c8bef5d9fc1152f652daf998e14e6f3
  17. The 10/9 Tenryu Project show will have a sort of WAR reunion match of Tomohiro Ishii/Ultimo Dragon vs Don Fujii/Masaaki Mochizuki with special referee Red Shoes Unno. https://proresu-today.com/archives/197187
  18. The Historic X-Over (which I guess is the official name) will have three mixed matches: Tom Lawlor/Shuri vs Giulia/Zack Sabre Jr. Hiroshi Tanahashi/ Utami Hayashishita vs Hirooki Goto/Maika Natsupoi/Tam Nakano/TAICHI/Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs El Desperado/DOUKI/Momo Watanabe/Starlight Kid https://www.njpw1972.com/130419
  19. According to their site history from the end of March 2020 (when Japan started shutting things down) until mid-2022 MAKAI didn't run any shows.
  20. Also, if you are in Japan (or have a VPN? I don't really know) you can watch it online until next week:
  21. The results of the (Bushiroad and a few other people) Pro Wrestling Election program:
  22. Zack is the best (smartest) babyface in NJPW.
  23. Okada is one of the tallest guys in NJPW so it just makes her look even shorter standing next to him. Lady C is booked as some kind of giant in Stardom but she's barely as tall as Shingo Takagi. Most of the Stardom wrestlers are in the 160 - 170 range. Most NJPW native juniors start at around 170ish. The only regular NJPW guy that would have to stand in the front of a group photo with the Stardom wrestlers to be seen is Taiji Ishimori.
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