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  1. Full Sail was into it tonight. This may sound strange, but my initial reaction was about the venue. While I always knew Full Sail was small and intimate before, it seems super small and intimate on linear TV. Like this thing came on after SVU. Likely two decades of conditioning on ballyhoo arena shots to open a show. Damn you Dunn.
  2. Brock to me is like the uber-powered secret boss. I thought Kofi did a good job of visually conveying “shit, I finally beat Sepiroth and Ultima Weapon shows up”
  3. That was a grade A beat down. Getting here was shaky at best but this feud now rules. And not just because of the collective talent level, but the history. Rowan and Bryan, Rowan/Harper and Bryan, Rowan/Harper and Reigns. There’s so much to pull from. I’d think a logical next step after a few months of this is a Bryan/Reigns feud over Bryan coronated as The Guy 5 years ago, only to get hurt and open the door for Reigns. And yeah the matches will be incredible. I’m in.
  4. Wow, I thought this show kicked ass and was the best Raw in, shit, months. Rey/Cesaro was incredible, the women’s tag was great, Rusev looks amazing. The production with the backstage interviews facing the camera by Banks and Lynch. The KOTR finals was very good and the Corbin cheers are real. Shit, Kane walking tall in HIS town like fucking Bill Watts, leading to the obvious Wyatt bit but in an organic way. This was a Heyman show through and through and this ruled.
  5. Not much I can say about my excitement about the forthcoming Roman/Harper match that won’t be said a million times by everyone. But yeah, all that. Bray needs to win clean as a sheet next month. Seth is just not the dude.
  6. True and likely not good to be so hypothetical. I guess I’m asking more generally is what would the reaction be if Vince decided to put a big gun (Roman or Brock might also work for this purpose) on Wednesdays. In the eyes of the current NXT fan base is that a good thing (not gonna like Roman vs Riddle would be good shit man) or a bad thing (Vince-ination of NXT, selling out to the the same old shit)
  7. A question. So what if WWE fires a major salvo in the “war” and the final pick in the upcoming draft is the man that’s going to take NXT into the Wednesday night era. The man that is semi-retired and (relatively speaking) right down the street. John Cena. What I’m wondering is...how would the fans react? Would this be seen as “same old shit” and NXT officially jumping the shark, or would people be excited by the idea of Cena vs Dream/Cole/Riddle, etc. ?
  8. Good article. CW title to NXT (which is how I read it) is news and makes sense. Considering they didn’t mention the 800 pound Floridian gorilla in the room on Wednesdays I suspect this is one of those “external” articles that WWE PR farms out like the HoF induction name stuff.
  9. I think they missed an opportunity tonight. They should have had Shane win, everyone expect Corbin to lay down on Sunday, Corbin kick out, Corbin kick Shane's ass and turn face. Hear me out. We are so far down the Corbin heat rabbit hole at this point that there have been notable cheers over the past few weeks, most notably last night. We're so far down that hole that I don't know if those are ironic un-ironic kayfabed legit cheers or what, but they were there. They should just keep digging further and turn the dude face just to see what happens. Who the hell knows at this point.
  10. Owens reaallly should've pulled a "that doesn't work for me, brother" tonight. Way to make him look like an absolute chump-ass loser. Felt like the crowd was boo'ing that booking as much as they were playing along and boo'ing what was happening.
  11. I don’t remember this Andre talk at all. I remember around Elimination Chamber last year Braun was genuinely a few weeks and a WM main event win over Lesnar away from being an uber over made man and a legit draw (insofar as anyone’s a draw these days). To me that was the apex and after his loss that night it was downhill. I don’t recall anyone clamoring for anyone else in that spot. Also, Wyatt has to win clean as a sheet at HIAC doesn’t he? I don’t see how he can’t right now. This reminds me of when Orton was champion and Henry caught fire. This should have the same outcome - Rollins needs to get squashed at HIAC and they need to use the next 6 months to find their next fiery babyface.
  12. Kudos to the guys at the end for not visibly corpsing. I can't imagine how much they were all marking out drinking beer with Austin at MSG. Good start and end. It ain't your granddad's MSG though - not just the remodel that made it look like every other arena in the country, but you know business is questionable when an MSG crowd is dead quiet during a Becky Lynch match.
  13. We just need someone to walk to the ring to the strains of Iron Man next week and talk about all the heat goin on with the boys in the back.
  14. NXT in the draft? “FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!” I thought that thought in Michael Cole’s voice and you read it that way too, so yeah NXT in the draft is happening.
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