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  1. Petition to rename X-Pac Heat, Paul Bromwell Heat
  2. You know who Vikingo reminded me of? Blitzkreig. Blitzkreig ruled! Needed way more Blitzkreig than we got.
  3. oh go fuck off Phil good if I never see that dude on TV again. I’d rather watch another Chris Jericho 8 month long best of 47 feud with whoever
  4. I probably underrate Kenny as an all timer if I’m honest with myself. Dude can go have this match, go have a Frank Gotch match with Danielson, can go bleed with Mox, can go do a five star tag. His greatness doesn’t give a shit what kind of match it is.
  5. I thought Daniel Garcia was good tonight. That guy has really found his character as the cocky on the outside / insecure on the inside jock asshole.
  6. Sheesh, Vikingo with strong “seeing Rey Mysterio for the first time in 1995” vibes
  7. WCW Prime is my go to answer for this. Pick a Moo Match of the Week.
  8. You can easily see the next year for Roman playing out, as he loses at WM, we get the big Jey blowoff at MITB or Summerslam, Jey wins, Heyman turns on him somewhere along the way for the next big thing (Solo?) and he hits rock bottom in the fall. Then takes a hiatus, comes back for the Rumble and we get the Rock match at Mania. Neither Jay/Roman nor Rock/Roman need the title Or, he wins at WM this year and we kick the above can down the road for another year.
  9. Butcher and Blade won a Dynamite main event one time (2021?) and it was awesome!
  10. Mark D’Amato vs The Butcher on top let’s roll
  11. OC / Jarrett was a Jerry Jarrett / Bill Watts / Eddie Graham-approved double serving of Outstanding Bullshit. TV MOTYC and an easy winner for me this week
  12. My vote for “best non-formula match from a formula wrestler” might go to Goldberg/Steiner from Fall Brawl 2000. Holy shit this match rules at a time when neither guy did much out there, and is really the prototype for the last decade of Brock Lesnar main events. I’ll also throw the Austin/HHH vs Jericho/Benoit tag a bone. That was four formula guys to a degree and they just go tear the house down in something totally unique.
  13. Doing my man LA Knight dirty. This show kind of stunk but had a great ending. Makes a ton of sense to come back to a Roman/Jay match on a major PPV at some point after Roman drops the title. Keep that warm on the back burner.
  14. I am down for this. Also under consideration: if they want to go full Memphis, how about an empty arena match with Schiavone calling it over the PA. And must include at least one fireball. Oh shit, Best Friends / OC vs JJJ concession stand brawl
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