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  1. I'll never not reference the monthly thread as Non-Stick Also, in terms of engagement DVDVR board-wide, it's hard to beat those LOST weekly threads.
  2. the writer Mike Notarile on the latest New Day pod has some serious Vince Russo tendencies. Same accent, same role, same delivery style when he talks. Seems like a nice dude, but yeah all I kept thinking was "damn, is this Russo's kid?"
  3. 18, 19 and 20 are a fascinating period for better or worse. At 17 we are capping off the attitude era, by 21 we are firmly into ruthless aggression and Cena. These three shows in between are absolutely loaded with stars and huge matches, yet are largely directionless. Even though certainly 19 is objectively a great show. I look forward to the 20 discussion, which I find the worse of these 3 shows with a main event I always felt was terrible, even before you know what.
  4. Watching some of this back, I submit this as one of the most depressingly booked shows in a long time. Your top four baby faces are all left laying in a heap of one form or another, and your other top babyface ends the show having a nervous breakdown because of how fucked it all is. I dug it
  5. I said this yesterday but I love NJPW going left (shocking crash TV) while everyone else has gone right (playing it safe).
  6. It’s been a few weeks since the D’Lo tease, but if they are bringing Aces and Eights back this could be a solid vehicle for a Rusev debut. Similar to how Season 2 of The Wire took you up the distribution chain from the streets, you could play through a couple of months of teases starting with D’Lo, Gallows and Anderson until you reveal Miro as The Greek.
  7. Maverick was a rock solid Donner flick. Just a good time all the way through where everyone was clearly having a blast, with good cameos and a Clint Black banger on the soundtrack. Better than anything Vince did in 94. Probably not as good as Spring Stampede.
  8. All companies have understandably been playing it so safe booking-wise over the past four months that I found the EVIL turn very refreshing. Agree with the comments that with all of the absences, BC needs a name and running Hogan/Orndorff on top isn’t bad.
  9. Given how similar their career trajectories were in the 90’s I have always found it fascinating that it was “X Pac Heat” that caught on as a term, and not Jarrett Heat. I don’t think I’ve ever met or had a discussion with a fan that would say that Pac was a bigger “get this dude off my TV now” guy in this era than Double J. I agree with the Chrono Trigger reference. Waltman was destined to become the character he became in 96, no matter where he was.
  10. What do you do with Cage after this if/when he loses? You already have Archer and Lee as monster heels squashing jabrones every week while not really being in a title picture. Ditto Wardlow a bit lower down the card. One of the issues created by taking the open challenge route with the TNT title is that these guys don’t have a lot to do.
  11. Co-signing Rock’s theme and entrance here as my personal favorite of all time, with this specific entrance at this specific show being the best ever. The whole Hollywood Rock run is peak pro wrestling heel. Very few can touch just how good Rock was right here.
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