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  1. So Danielson is totally walking into a Sting/Arn/Flair 1995 situation next week, right? Like he’s about to get beat down for 10 minutes and make a hot tag to Garcia who blows the roof off the joint just before dropping Danielson like a sack of shit and twisting the dude up like a pretzel to set up the Jericho dub the following week. Also next week: Brutus The Barber Beefcake and his shears are totally eating a mic drop
  2. Also the Jamie Hayter Yes Movement-esk organic groundswell is happening right before our eyes. She’s the one, TK.
  3. I get a vibe that Jericho’s “this is my locker room!” bit the Wednesday after All Out had some truth to it from his perspective. He’s really taken control of the show lately and putting himself in the mix every week, and it’s good.
  4. Lots of talking tonight, but it was mostly by the younger guys that need the work. Shout out to Luigi Primo for selling that shit for 20 minutes
  5. I’m enjoying the little IYKYK moments they are writing into the shows lately
  6. This raises the darn good question as to why Brodie and Butcher aren’t already a tag team. They’re tatted up dudes, they’re hosses, they’re in legit metal bands. Why aren’t they steamrolling the Ass Boys or throwing Top Flight around already?
  7. You could also just add Butcher and Blade to HOB, which I support
  8. I think the question of what fat there is to cut that isn’t a jobber is a very interesting one, because it gets very divisive very quickly. Like if I had a say, I’m thrilled that Adam Cole, CM Punk, Thunder Rosa and the Bucks are off my TV, as those are kind of the guys I wanted off anyway if they were active and I was asked this question. And as for whose left, I guess of the non-Dark crew a top (bottom) five of Jay Lethal, Matt Hardy, Luchasaurus, Tony Neese and 10 can go. Still all JTTS for the most part. I guess I’m saying that I’m pretty happy with the upper tier roster construction, the lack of Miro notwithstanding. Build the roster around Hobbs, Hayter, Darby, The Acclaimed, Garcia, Butcher and Blade and 2.0 tho
  9. Hold up, Liv is from Jersey and Max is seen hanging out with her? I thought this dude lived the gimmick. The world ends at the Hudson brother
  10. A Sheriff Bullock to Al Swearengen heel turn would be amazing
  11. So where do we go from here? Looking by title: World: MJF / Mox (ugh) TNT: seems pretty clear that they had Starks win the blowoff in a lights out match so that it doesn’t affect the rankings and path to Hobbs / Wardlow. I expect that to be the Full Gear match. Maybe Miro in there as a triple threat? ROH: Jericho vs Indy trunks and boots dudes will be fun for a while. I presume this is Garcia’s destination eventually. Tags: 2.0 would be a fun first team for the new champs? Imagine a world with a Daddy Magic rap battle segment. Andrade/Rush would be a kickass feud. Maybe they run the Lee/Swerve rubber match to start AA: Is this the title Ricky Starks guns for now? That would be a banger Trios: Who knows. Best Friends need a crowning moment at some point as the heart and soul of the promotion Women’s World: Hayter/Storm, right? TBS: Jade keeps killing scrubs My priorities: - heat Miro back up - don’t let Claudio get Miro’d/Andrade’d/Malakai’d - Powerhouse Hobbs and Jamie Hayter to the moon
  12. They just need to keep grinding (the YouTube opponent diss videos that go viral, new material) and not get complacent (overdoing “scissor me daddy ass”) and they’ll maintain IMO. I need Buck Hunt Pt 2
  13. Observation: I miss Kenny more than Punk. Punk can stay home.
  14. Great crowd! Jericho can have some fun with this. He’s worked basically everyone in AEW, I’m not against him spending time in the ROH Pocket Universe more often now. So happy for The Acclaimed. This feels like the tag team version of the Hangman story. A home grown act (even more so in this case) grinds, gets hot, and climbs the mountain. So awesome. On one hand, Mox as your champion is never ever the wrong answer. On the other, I have zero interest in he and MJF running it back.
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