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  1. Lashley / Drew can headline the show because there’s legit intrigue in who will win, as opposed to Roman / Edge. Only thing is, a loss really hurts either guy- do they consider adding a third guy like Brock?
  2. Weird spot for Drew now right? Who doesn’t love THB and want to see this reign last forever while they beat up scrubs while wearing bad ass suits? Ah well, a problem for another day. For now, good on them for getting it right.
  3. Lashley! The Hurt Business! The best thing on a bad show for so long. So deserved. Pumped for that dude.
  4. I can get with the general sentiment, but off the top of my head, No Mercy 2002 tag with Mysterio/Benoit/Angle was a five star banger.
  5. I think there's a good argument that the few month period where NXT went from Gargano-Almas to Almas losing to Black and Gargano-Ciampa starting their multiyear stranglehold on 40 minute main event matches was the apex and beginning of the descent of NXT, with Almas the last champion of peak NXT and Black the first champion of current NXT.
  6. My favorite Show eras were 1) 1997ish WCWSN matches with Meng with dropkicks and shit, and 2) when he came back after the Mayweather match and was getting the punch over. That match with Taker at I believe it was No Mercy was legit good as hell with an awesome ending.
  7. If he doesn't have green chyron for his name I'll be highly disappointed.
  8. What kind of DVDVR poster is Coach Tony K when he signs Big Show to teach Luchasaurus how to work and not Mark Henry.
  9. Edge to me is similar to Bryan in that he's enough of a name guy to have a WM match with Reigns at a time when Reigns isn't going to lose to anybody, and you don't want to feed someone with upward mobility to him. It's not a match I particularly want to see but I get it booking wise. I don't know who exactly on the roster should beat Reigns at some point, but I think we're a year+ away from it. Miz was a highlight until the past year's team with Morrison which has been the drizzling shits. If this cash in happened a year ago no one would have an issue with it. As it is, the stench
  10. The WM match with Lesnar stands out as one that Mox clearly hyped as him more or less turning into Onita. I look forward to hearing the story of that match one day; I highly doubt it would be Brock that would veto anything given what a bump freak he is.
  11. pretty sure DEAN had an amazing write up on the old board. Don't know if that's available anywhere.
  12. Well, with the forbidden door open and all, might I suggest Eddie Kingston bringing in Matanza Cueto.
  13. Seamlessly weaving the simultaneous unbeaten streak and barbed wire match discussions together. Nicely done - championship caliber posting right here. And Stop The Matsunaga was sooooo good. Always love the angle where the heel gets desperate and brings out the maniacal cleaner against the baby faces, but then can’t put the genie back in the bottle.
  14. Oh man, Tony playing the role of "Japanese announcer absolutely freaking out when a guy goes into the explosion" is going to be worth all my money alone.
  15. Just want to say that I love the graphics AEW is using for this show with the full body fighting game-like images. Really cool.
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