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  1. They can always have the match continue during the NBA commercial breaks Robin Hood-style
  2. Daniel Bryan’s feud with Kane was another post-WM. dud for a newly established tippy toppy guy. Sure injuries derailed the whole thing and he would have been fed to Lesnar at Summerslam anyway but that was bad.
  3. I can agree with this. They did a lot of unique things with the production of the show. The outdoor Disney lot, the two sets of commentators and having announcers with “specialties” such as women’s wrestling expert Stagger Lee Marshall. Not that it was always good. Nothing exemplifies that more than that one Nitro whose first hour was nothing but video packages. I think that was a Nash thing? I assume it still outdrew recent Raws.
  4. Why are the Uso's fun loving babyfaces anyway. The whole reason for their success was the yin to the New Day's wacky fun loving yang and ultimately earning each other's respect for their different approaches to success. They are dying out there.
  5. That icy hot bit was one of the worst they've ever done, right? I mean at least Katie Vick was an attempt at camp. This was legitimately supposed to be funny.
  7. Butch Reed as a Sheamus comp, maybe? Also struggling to think of a good one. I thought of Ron Simmons, but he’s better than Ron. Thought of Windham, but he’s not as good as Barry.
  8. Not sure about that. Assuming an efficient market, those future inflows are already priced into the current value of the stock, right?
  9. Samoa Joe isn’t a JTTS, IMO. He’s a gatekeeper to the main event. He’s Meng.
  10. MITB is shaping up to be a really solid show.
  11. Imperium sounds like the MacGuffin in a JRPG. NXT UK must collect the seven crystals and stop WALTER before he obtains the Imperium!
  12. Loved the La Vela Nitros (including the last ever!). My favorite Nitro setup was the Summer 96 ones outdoors at Disney. Now this may be because one of the hottest angles in history was just kicking off, but I loved the ambience. One of the best runs of a weekly wrestling show IMO.
  13. Men’s tags is an issue but otherwise SDL has a really nice roster to work with. Should make for a pretty good show.
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