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  1. So several business indicators (YouTube video at 7-8x normal levels, best selling t shirt in 24 hours on PWT) are up thanks to the Stinger. Wonder how they play it next week to take advantage of it and try to retain some of that interest. I would NOT put him in the ring with Taz. That would have TNA retread stink all over it. But Sting doing a minute or two on how its great to be home, then starting the deal where he warns Darby not to trust the Nightmare Family, before he gets interrupted by Ricky Starks would work. The only guys that share the ring with Sting next week should be A
  2. I absolutely adore the idea of Hangman sinking to the low of falling into the Dark Order, yet that becoming the place wherein he learns true leadership ability. This isn't unlike every kids sports movie ever where the hot shot coach/executive/businessman falls on hard times and takes over coaching a rag tag bunch of middle school basketball players, before learning to lead, getting his personal shit sorted, and winning the big one in the end (in this case with Hangman Austin/Alliance'ing his ass to the AEW title) Sign me up.
  3. All true, but to give them props on something, step one would also explain why Kenny kept inexplicably taking the match to the floor starting from the very beginning.
  4. My day after thought is that I haven’t left a wresting TV show feeling that buzzed and interested in a cliffhanger since Nexus 10 years ago. Also loved Kingston jumping on commentary sight unseen to call out Archer, which just added to that sense of chaos and “what the hell is happening” in the last 5 minutes.
  5. Oh shit they could create the Austin vs Alliance moment shot for shot with Hangman. That needs a 100% live crowd, but yeah that’d be the crowning
  6. I also like that they put Callis on commentary for the PPV match a few weeks before this, to ensure that you didn’t pick up the scent tonight. The little things.
  7. If I have the book, I tell you what I’m doing with this. Sure I’m leading to Omega vs. Mox 2 at Double or Nothing in the bigass AEW/Impact blowoff, but I’m ending that shit like that proposed ending to Freddy vs Jason where Pinhead showed up. Lights out and, no, not NJPW, but motherfucking Matanza Cueto and Dario are wrecking fools to close the show.
  8. Don't say I didn't call this a few weeks ago brother. This all ties back to the undead realm, the Dark Order, and Brodie Lee shooting John E. Bravo 'The Justice Knows...'
  9. I love this potential AEW / Impact working relationship. I'm always skeptical of how invasions get booked so I'll tread lightly on this specific story, but as a talent exchange, Impact could use support from AEW's abundance of tag teams and hosses, while AEW could REALLY use the help of Impact's women. So are we on our way to AEW as basically WCW/NWO: World Tour, with AEW, Impact, NWA and NJPW as factions on the player select screen or what. I'm totally down with this so long as someone is Powder Keg or Saladin.
  10. Tony completely marking out over Sting put the biggest shit eating grin on my face. That was so, so good. Maybe my favorite thing all year.
  11. Jon Moxley went through perhaps the best rogues gallery in a single year, that I can think of, for a top babyface of a major American promotion in the past 20 years. Cobb, Jericho, Hager, Lee, Cage, Archer, MJF, Kingston With maybe the MJF match being the only miss.
  12. Cutler is fine to me as the "DM" / host of BTE and undercard guy on Dark. He's an easy foil for heels picking on him and is relatable enough to me that I don't actively want to see him off my TV when he's on it or anything. Compare this with say, Shawn Spears, who just needs to go away. Cutler is basically Yeah Yeah from the Sandlot, and that's okay. Also Cutler/Avalon was a top tier Dark match this year and I marked out for the 10 sided dice thumbtack spot.
  13. Shared it in the photo thread, but Billie Kay had a shoot resume on the paper that is funny as shit. Her on commentary is a perfect thing I didn’t realize I wanted until right now.
  14. Theoretically, if AEW alllowed Mox, Omega and/or Jericho to work the NJPW 1/4-1/5 shows, what one import would you want back in return for Revolution? I don't have a clear cut answer yet, but I do know neither Hangman nor Okada are doing much right now and that would kick ass. Not the biggest box office option, but a match I'd love to see.
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