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  1. Feb 29th? How is this thing NOT called Lethal Leap Year?
  2. Best swivel chair reveal since Vince brought back the NWO. And well, sometimes you just gotta say “FANS WE’RE OUTTA TIME!”. Yikes to that ending, which really sucks for two HOF guys like that.
  3. I was just saying last week that AEW was missing a big singles babyface hoss (though Luchasaurus could be that guy). This works nicely.
  4. Hey maybe it’ll play out that Blade and Butcher, Dark Order and Brandi are all part of the SAME cult, and we get some big higher power reveal that of course has to be Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan, thereby connecting the AEW, TNA and WCW dark underworlds canonically and of course it’s later revealed that the new Even Higher Power, replacing King Curtis, is Meng.
  5. I could be wrong but I think the Network portion is only hour one of the show, and the live crowd gets more. But yeah. I didn’t realize it until seeing it next to the word Starrcade but that whole bit was indeed Crockett as fuck. Like Tully is fucking around with Magnum’s girl, the restraining order shtick, territory babyface Dusty/Owens stands up for what’s right, then Magnum walks tall at the end. Fans tickets are now available at the box office for the Magnum/Tully grudge match next month. Not making any comparisons regarding talent level nor execution of said angle.
  6. Yeah he is. The ol Big Show “lose it at home, gain it on the road” deal. Keto is hard when you spend every night at the Marriott bar.
  7. I was about to confidently post “Chris Cruise was easily the lowest-tier WCW announcer”, until remembering that Mark Madden happened. Shit. Dude sucked though and was easily sub-Lee Marshall. Only exception is him trying to reign in a completely insane Dusty during that WCW Prime run that I don’t think Turner brass even knew existed.
  8. Mediocre show, I thought. Worst one yet, but not actively bad.
  9. Fit Finley. Everything made sense, and the frequent use of the ring/environment was both cool and logical
  10. On the plus side, Rollins is 100x better as a heel. On the down side, Rollins is still employed, and not only is AEW currently doing "whiney top heel with heavies" better than Rollins will ever be able to do, you are doing it in your very own undercard with a dude (AJ) that, again, is doing it at a level far superior than what Rollins is capable of. But hey it's an improvement. Show was pretty good I thought. Charlotte/Asuka was really good and all the US title stuff was great.
  11. Rusev mentioning the Mike Jones number is just incredible. Holy shit.
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