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  1. Lee’s promo was amazing, maybe the best of his career, and old school as shit. Like he marched straight over to Boyd Pierce and Cowboy and grabbed the mic after Cody came after him at Irish McNeil’s
  2. Well that opener was probably the worst men’s match in the history of the company, while the main event was one of the best and that closing segment was hot fire. That Hobbs spinebuster on Fenix! Ricky Starks Darby Allin main event next week hype! Holds put on during the entirety of the main event count: 1 each
  3. As someone in the crowd for this show, there was nooooo coming back after this match was over. Every single one of us was spent. Dolfan you might need to find some inspiration because if you are hoping for the crowd to give you some juice you're about to enter a morgue.
  4. RIP Animal. I can’t believe he was only 60. I had no idea he was so young when the Roadies were in their prime.
  5. Just have The Hurt Business squash these ham and eggers in 5 minutes at a PPV and use that as a reason to launch them into the World Title scene. Basically scorched earth OVW Crating Retribution is the only way out.
  6. Retribution is legit the worst shit on Raw since at least the laptop GM
  7. “Sue!!! This motherfucker doesn’t like your food!” And everyone marking out during the parking lot brawl was great
  8. Is the Legit Boss higher than the Big Boss Man on the corporate hierarchy? Are we talking c-suite or middle management here? Cleary, just The Boss was a front line guy, really junior.
  9. SD has turned a bit of a corner after Roman’s return and the Role Models split, and isn’t too bad of a show right now. There’s some good stuff here. Roman Reigns is going to annihilate Jey Uso in about 3 minutes at the PPV, right? I’m talking full blown Undertaker on David Flair. I know WWE rarely does color, but if there ever was a time, here’s one.
  10. I got the biggest grin on my face when I remembered that next week we are going to see Darby Allin playing Ricky Morton, giving a hot tag to Will Hobbs so Ricky Starks can pinball, in the main event of a major TV wrestling promotion
  11. Man I love how AEW books these lower card feud enders as TV mains. I expect Allin/Starks might get a similar opportunity in a few weeks. They also seem to be listening about focusing on the native talent. This show had no Daniels, Spears, Cardona and 10 seconds of Hardy, yet set up Allin, Starks and Will fucking Hobbs for a main event match.
  12. This show was so fucking good with an excellent mix of styles (including pulling “hard hitting stiff as shit four star match with Hangman and Kaz” out of thin air) and commentary was on point all night, including JR who I thought did very well in the Watts logical analyst role. They killed it tonight IMO. That six man! Will Hobbs!
  13. Now that they have Hobbs they are one step closer to the Meat Slap Climax Block A Cage Miro Hobbs Hager Block B Lee Archer Wardlow Gunn
  14. Based on the demos God forbid if they ever move Judge Judy to Monday nights
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