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  1. Four awesome things on this show: - The kid in the crowd being consoled by his mom. - Shayna’s incredible promo. - Buddy Murphy’s stunner sell - Montez Ford But yeah Shayna, damn. The parallels to Samoa Joe as a character and performer are all over the place IMO and unlike what they’ve done with Joe they need to go all the way with her and have her steamroll Becky, who’s lost a lot of steam.
  2. Instead it’s Hunter and Shawn 3 stages of hell while Gargano, Ciampa and Cole scribble notes furiously. In particular if Riddle, Dream or Lee are their next guy they need to do sprints. Who wants a 30 minute Velveteen Dream match? Riddle’s offense is built for the Goldberg formula.
  3. I feel like NXT really needs a Goldberg/Lesnar formula main event to reset expectations. But I wonder how the live crowd would react on WM weekend if, making this up for the sake of argument, Lee/WALTER went 6 minutes balls out?
  4. Yeah Nox/Kai was my match of the night because it definitely wasn't 'same old shit' - I don't think NXT's ever had women do a match like this. That was a breakout performance by both. And Kai deserved to win for following proper protocol and wearing street clothes with her boots.
  5. I loved the ending of Balor/Gargano. In this era of excess, most notably with one of the two dudes in this match, ending is just dropping the guy like a sack of shit and pinning him 1, 2, 3. That was great. More of it, please.
  6. That was a fantastic show. The last 10 minutes of the main event had the usual nonsense, but outside of that everything was great. I thought Kai and Nox knocked it out of the park in the first big chance. DD's head cleared that senton onto Lee by about an inch. Amazing spot; scary as hell on replay.
  7. This is one of the best thread bumps on record if only for the 2001 Earthquake squash and finding out that Del Ray was Jimmy Graffiti. My contribution is Glacier's debut happening on Pro rather than Nitro. Always thought that was weird.
  8. Macho, Eddy and Terry Funk are the three dudes you could drop into any promotion at any time in any role and they’d get it over huge. Face, heel, brawling, grappling, flying, bumping, selling, talking...doesn’t matter. Shit imagine Macho on Lucha Underground.
  9. I love a good intellectual property right as much as the next guy but damn if the bounty hunter being Matanza Cueto wouldn’t have put this over the top as an all time show. Everything was great last night. Loved the cold open to the tag title match introductions.
  10. Really impressed with their ability to redirect or outright kill things that aren’t working - Nightmare Collective gone, Britt Baker redirected, even what they’ve done with Hangman after the tepid response to him being in the original title match.
  11. Not greatest death match but I’d argue Stop The Matsunaga is the best death match-related angle. Sadly the YouTube video providing an overview of the whole thing appears to have been taken down.
  12. It’s far exceeding my expectations to be honest. I like all of the new rules as the faster flow. And the small stadium makes for a good atmosphere.
  13. Made me feel old to realize that Edge is 1) older than Backlund was during his comeback and 2) was gone longer than Backlund was. He’s also older than Rick Martel during his comeback and almost 10 years older than Michaels was when he came back.
  14. One of those deals where they should get out of their own way and let the two old pros do the Jericho thing and book the build. You could get a lot of mileage out of the nostalgia and shared history on this one. Christian, Foley, Cena
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