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  1. Ya know ,I've always heard that Randy Savage's "retirement" to commentator/part-timer status in the 90's was at Vince's insistence, which I never quite got. He's your biggest and most bankable star post-Hogan, and he only turns 40 in '92, which in wrestling terms is still his prime. Vince being so hard-up for ideas in a post-Hogan/ongoing steroid trial world and leaning so hard into jingoism that he had Undertaker going patriotic and ran an evil Finn gimmick is pretty hilarious. I wonder if Bucky was already influencing him at that time, whispering in Vince's ear, "I know Halme's got the look Vince, but the accent! Have you heard him speak? Cartoon villain's our only booking option!"
  2. My biggest complaint about Criterion Channel has always been the paultry selection of horror films, so hopefully they'll add some interesting stuff.
  3. Bad News had a house show run with Savage early in Savage's World title run. There's a really awesome street fight between the two on some Coliseum Video tape I once saw. Anyway, story goes that before they were deadset on the Savage heel turn, Bad News as transitional champ from Savage back to Hogan was discussed.
  4. Now we just have to hope that Feige realizes that the same is true for Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson.
  5. Well, that was the least-inspiring season opener win I've ever seen from the Eagles. Is it too late to bring back actual preseasons so teams won't look like they've barely played together in Week 1?
  6. Personally I'd like to see TK really go scorched earth. Like have Colt Cabana come back and win the Trios Title with his surprise partners, Ryback and CP Munk...
  7. How has that shit not bombed out already? "Hey guys, let's do an Indy wrestling promotion where the gimmick is that we hate Indy wrestling!" Fuckin' brilliant I tell ya ...
  8. If nothing else, she could be the poster woman for the whole "people don't age as quickly as they used to" thing... Here's 33-year-old Judy. Bianca Belair and Bayley are currently 33 for reference.
  9. I loved Prometheus and felt like it was a victim of a massive internet campaign to get people to hate it sight-unseen...
  10. As a 45-year-old who's literally going in to get an ultrasound to see if I have thrombosis in my leg in 40 minutes, this is something I wish I hadn't read...
  11. Possibly the first televised male power bomb. At the very least Judy Martin had to have been doing them on the distaff side before then. Had the original Tanaka/Sato Orient Express debuted yet? Sato was finishing their prelim matches with a seated power bomb (dubbed the "Japanese Veg-o-matic" in true Gorilla Monsoon fashion).
  12. First episode is brisk, to-the-point, fun, funny, CGI not as bad as the previews, Tatiana Maslany is barefoot so much you'd think Tarantino was involved (if you like that sort of thing)... I enjoyed it.
  13. Maffew's become a slave to his own format. I prefer Promo Joe these days.
  14. Do we really want Ric anywhere near the same ring as a woman who's offense is about 45% "jumping at you ass-first"?
  15. Pedro, calm down, you stated an unpopular opinion. Some people shat on you, but others like Stefanie gave you reasonable counterpoints. Drop it, log off for a few days. He's sensitive because a bunch of you are bullying him. He made a statement, and a bunch of you mocked him for it for several pages. And I'm sure you're justifying it in your heads with flimsy rationalizations like: - he criticized a woman, so it's alright to shit on him cause he's probably a misogynist - he's defending himself passionately, he must be a troll Yeah, no, you're just fucking bullying him. Ya'll can drop it too.
  16. Personally I was with Tim Dog and Kool Keith, I wasn't havin' it with that polka dot shit...
  17. Why will they not push South Jersey's own Sonya Deville? Proud daughter of Indian Mills, NJ, one town over from Tabernacle, NJ, hometown of DVDVR's own The Comedian? Put a belt on her I say!
  18. I'll tell you what doesn't make sense to me the more I think about it. Why a Cinnabon manager in Omaha? Ed was able to stow Walt in Bumfuck, NH. He drops Jesse in East Nowhere, AK despite a ton of heat. The guy's a consumate pro by all appearances. So why does he stick a nationally wanted fugitive into a public service job in a city? As NoFists has pointed out, it's not like Ed's bill cleaned Saul out and he needed to work. Creating false IDs is part of Ed's job. He couldn't have planted the rest of Saul's money in an account, then stuck Saul in a 55-and-over community somewhere in the suburbs as a retiree?
  19. Whether it's Technico or Dolfan or Matt D or Smelly or whoever, I don't think I'll ever get tired of board members giving their takes on old wrestling. It's always a fun read.
  20. May not be anything new, but man it was bad. Like, worse than Villano III at Triplemania XXIII bad...
  21. I was gonna say BB&T Center, but apparently it's changed again to Freedom Mortgage Center since I was last there to see Moz in September 2019...
  22. Trips will probably have a lot of similar conversations in the coming years I'd imagine... "Hey Miro. Yeah, the old sack of shit is gone. We're already coming up with new Rusev Day shirt concepts for your return." "Hey Keith. Yeah, the bastard's gone. No more singlets or Bearcats. Just a big push on your return." "Hey Mox. Yeah, fuck that old piece of shit. We already have you main eventing Mania against Roman. You can gig every PPV if you want. Send Renee my love."
  23. I'm pretty sure Vince would be with the majority on that one...
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