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  1. Now we call that “NXT Main Event” style.
  2. Someone has either forgotten (or hell, at this point, wasn’t around for) Goldberg wearing Goldust’s wig and all the surrounding outrage. IIRC, Edge has talked about the spear being a factor in his (almost) career ending neck injury, so this may be for the best.
  3. Touche’, although DVDVR is pretty much the last place I ever expected “well other workers like him” to be used as an argument.
  4. Maybe I’ve just curated my Twitter timeline too well, but he is absolutely not universally praised, especially in his current form.
  5. Bray/Reigns would blow chunks too. At least this way we’re likely to get a fun powerhouse sprint out of it. Except that Bray Wyatt objectively sux. I generally agree that anyone is capable of putting on a good match, playing to their strengths, etc... I’ve been a big proponent of Jinder’s title reign after all. Windham Rotunda may be perfectly adequate worker, but the Fiend total package, however you want to describe it or assign blame (and I feel like there have been ample reports of Bray having an active role in developing the character) is not clicking in the ring, so this feels like a necessary course correction. If he beats Cena at Mania, if that’s where he’s going, he’ll be perfectly fine. If it were up to me, they’d also lean more into the “Firefly Fun House” Bray, which seems much more over.
  6. Actually, Goldberg winning makes me feel like it’s more likely they’ll announce that this year’s Mania will be on ESPN+.
  7. Roman Reigns will get more rub from beating Goldberg at Wrestlemania than he would from beating Bray.
  8. My favorite weigh-in angle remains Buddy Murphy losing a Cruiserweight Title match because he failed to make weight.
  9. I love that in the excerpt Rippa posted, Meltz seems to be humblebragging about him and Dana White correctly predicting the Network would devalue their PPVs, when pretty much everyone had that opinion. “Wait... you mean they’re giving away Wrestlemania?!?”
  10. Was he supposed to complain about bad creative and how he was booked in a sit down interview on Raw? In kayfabe, he was the one who stuck himself with in a team with Slater and Mahal.
  11. In that bottom pic... Why did they make a Reba McIntyre figure wearing Carmella’s gear?
  12. I know people love to argue with Morelock for whatever reason, but I didn’t think “monster heel exists to put over babyface” was a controversial point.
  13. Oh no... they’re totally going to throw Dijakovic with Ziggler when he’s called up, aren’t they?
  14. Matha was teaming with Riddick Moss recently, but then Moss got called up without him, so who knows what’s going on with him.
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