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  1. That’s the one that was stumping me at the end.
  2. Just getting caught up on the Zelina talk, but IIRC, she talked about her OnlyFans on the New Day pod back in June, so this isn’t necessarily a new thing she just started.
  3. To be fair, when they aren’t bickering, the complaint is “why are they getting along? why do they care about brand supremacy?”
  4. The Podcast is probably 100% WWE, as, IIRC, there’s a “This is a WWE podcast”/“This has been a WWE podcast” before and after every episode. Mostly unrelated, but I was thinking that if Big E were to ever leave WWE for any reason, such as the loss of Cameo money, he should reclaim Langston as his name and go by Langston Huge. ...I’ll show myself out.
  5. Seeing that BSK group shot. I’m now picturing Reigns coming down and demanding Taker recognize him as the Tribal Chief of the Bone Street Krew.
  6. Spoiler for last week’s Mandalorian episode.
  7. Plus, as a publicly traded company, they’d likely get sued for breach of their fiduciary duties if they kept people on the payroll they had no intention of using.
  8. I had wondered if the loss of house show merch would hurt them/prevent them from ever really moving away from house shows, but it seems that online orders picked up the slack in the last quarter.
  9. Didn’t Kevin Greene carry Mongo to a decent match?
  10. He even played Givens while playing himself in the Good Place.
  11. My favorite part of this is how they keep framing the shot so that the interviewer is in the shot with Gargano as little as possible, since she’s taller than he and Candace.
  12. I just watched some of the highlights on YouTube, but Wade’s deadpan “Zombies are legal in this matchup” may be one of my favorite calls of all time.
  13. The story of the match was good, even creative (Brock takes a DQ in order to beat Kurt’s ass with a chair and build a big lead) but maybe the last person in the world I want to see sell for almost an hour while they slowly mount a comeback is Kurt Angle.
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