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  1. There’s a probably fake rumor going around that
  2. So it’s six chapters, and they’ve released the names of them. They don’t seem too spoilery, but then I also haven’t seen the WhedonCut.
  3. Also the CW all won’t stop buffering on my Firestick every other minute and that’s not helping the show any.
  4. Yeah, I’m just finishing the premiere and it feels very off. I know this shouldn’t have been the season premiere and all, but it just feels flat.
  5. I would imagine it’s a combination of practical logistics and legal implications. I’m not in IT/database management, but I can see it not being worth the hassle to deal with figuring out how to port over the millions(?) of Network members from the Network infrastructure to the Peacock systems, plus you’d have to deal with duplicate memberships. Practically and legally, I’m not sure they’d be able to create new Peacock accounts for people without those people accepting the Peacock TOS/Privacy Policies, and then at best they’d only be able to create new Peacock accounts at the free level,
  6. I haven’t read the Thrawn books since... junior high, like 25 years ago, but his voice here wasn’t anything like I expected. A little off putting.
  7. Rebels’ Twilight of the Apprentice was awesome. Ahsoka was a badass fighting Vader.
  8. I tried to find this interview (I think I saw it on either Gizmodo or AV Club), but he said they’d be looking at what shows naturally build/lead to a second season the way WandaVision is naturally building to Dr. Strange 2. This was in context of talking about Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, IIRC. My gut is if there is a sequel to WandaVision, it won’t be called “WandaVision,” as it’d be a pretty different show for obvious reasons.
  9. Yeah, if Wanda ends up getting the real Vision back without showing the ability to accept her grief and move on and everything ends happily, then I’d agree with EVA. Luckily, I don’t think a single thing in the show or anywhere else has pointed to that sort of a happy ending.
  10. I still quote “GO DUDE GO!!!” from the episode where they pretend to rob a store while running a spring break taxi.
  11. Just got through The Lost Commanders and Relics of the Old Republic and it’s good to have Rex back. Probably my favorite two episodes yet.
  12. She has little patience for the long game. She was interested in Star Wars and Darth Vader, so we tried starting with Phantom Menace but she wanted to jump right to the little kid becoming Darth Vader. In other words, I’ve lost all control of my household.
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