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  1. JonnyLaw

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16

    We’ve probably discussed this before, but I feel like the problem is Corbin impressed people on Talking Smack, where he had more freedom, but he’s not as good at the scripted stuff.
  2. JonnyLaw

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Wait, how long has Dr. Andre Nozick been writing comics?
  3. What kind of “big shakeup” could they have that gets people talking to the point they’re confident it will turn ratings around? They can have KO headbutt Vince again. They can have Vince name Drew McIntyre the chosen one and book him to go over Brock in a Goldberg-esque fashion. They could finally pull the trigger on a HHH-led NXT faction.
  4. I’m pretty sure the Michaels/Hardy one is the one staying.
  5. From a kayfabe perspective, shouldn’t they try to keep an eye on the ref if possible so they can try to kick out before three.
  6. JonnyLaw

    Marvel Phase IV Discussion Thread

    Now that you’ve mentioned the Illuminati, my pipe dream post-credit scene that will never happen is Patrick Stewart as Professor X approaching Tony Stark saying “I know what you’re thinking. We need to talk.”
  7. JonnyLaw

    Marvel Phase IV Discussion Thread

    I thought this was still the end of Phase III, and Far From Home was the start of Phase IV.
  8. JonnyLaw


    With that cast... baby, you’ve got a stew going!
  9. JonnyLaw

    DC TV Thread

    For me, it was a really fun crossover, but with diminishing returns over each episode. The biggest letdown for me was in the second episode, when they teased Batman’s villains, but then when everyone broke out, it was generic prisoner escape.
  10. JonnyLaw

    DC TV Thread

    “Are you puffing out your chest?” ”Yes.” Nice Smallville nod at the Kent farm, song with the stuff like Smallville Green Arrow in the opener. This was a fun episode. I popped for the Superman logo reveal.
  11. “Oh, someone had a seizure! Better tweet it out to Russo!”
  12. JonnyLaw

    Marvel Phase IV Discussion Thread

    Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers may be shown (at a convention, possibly not released to the public) this weekend, possibly debuting publicly with Spider-Verse.
  13. JonnyLaw


    Where did that latter info come from?