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  1. I missed out on the players choice, while is probably for the best. I need to blow cash on the 160 bags to load up on one star tokens to I can upgrade three guys to three stars, finally.
  2. I'm pretending the guy getting shoved is Russo. It still isn't enough for me to vote for it, but it does make me a little happy.
  3. NXT

    I don't actually believe this, but what if Aries firing was just a set up for a ROH invasion?
  4. I already did those two early on and stupidly didn't save up to get to 10k. They weren't that bad.
  5. Since Henry is about to retire, I'd like to see him and Braun be the one to retire him and steal the Hall of Pain. Alternatively, seeing Henry finally get a win over Rusev would be nice.
  6. Remember how awesome Tarver looked when Nexus debuted? Yeah, that's all I've got.
  7. The punches at the end of the Liger gif ruin it for me. I still would have voted for Vince, but that sealed it.
  8. I was thinking that they should add a six-man tag title. It gets more people on the show and would further differentiate the show from the rest of WWE.
  9. It was sad watching Gulak and Ali drop themselves on their heads and generally try to kill themselves to almost complete silence. I haven't been high on the "Move the show to Full Sail" bandwagon, but after last night, I think I'm behind it 100%.
  10. Shield Ambrose is pretty great. If you get a Shield tag team bonus, he gets a bonus when you match purple, and I'm using a trainer that gives purple moves 20% extra damage. Even though he's only at two star gold, his finisher right now does about 8000 damage.
  11. Yeah, I just got Architect Rollins, so I can finally wrap that one up. Of course, I'm not close to being able to 3 star the match yet.
  12. That's got to be part of why they're teasing a Shield reunion. If it happens, everyone will go back cheering Roman. A: Yay! It's the Shield! Go Roman! B: But last week you were booing Roman. A: Yeah, but now he's with the Shield! He's cool again! He's got the cool Shield music, the cool Shield gear, the Shield mega-push! Go Roman! Also, why do they hate NXT tag teams? The only ones called up and still together are Ascension and Revival. Even the former tag champs in NXT, Blake & Murphy and DIY have broken up.
  13. You left out the best one: