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  1. I’m cracking up at “Lumber Jack.”
  2. I fucking hated that spot during the Nitro days because you have people who never did a powerbomb try one just so Kidman could get that spot in.
  3. That’s because, as Masters of the Powerbomb, they each knew the other knew numerous technical counters and escapes to the powerbomb, and thus trying to powerbomb the other would most certainly lead to utter failure and defeat.
  4. Did your friend grow up to be all modern day professional wrestlers? Not take five seconds to slowly climb each rung when there was no one else in the ring.
  5. She’s a hot mess. Sasha was never Bayley’s best friend. Bayley was just using her.
  6. I feel like how people talk about the non-default skins reflects how long they’ve been around.
  7. But Jericho said it was fine since they weren’t breaking the law...
  8. I agree with this, but the only downside is that wrestlers need to do a better job improvising when unplanned finishes happen, because they usually come off very awkward and obviously like a botch off some sort. That Emma win that was mentioned, iirc, was a prime example of that.
  9. I feel like it happened a couple of times in NXT. I think they went through a period of having the refs enforce everything like a “shoot,” including not allowing tags if the outside man wasn’t holding the tag rope and not starting a three count until shoulders were completely on the mat.
  10. This isn’t meant to be insulting, but it doesn’t seem that you do get it, or at least what it means that they own it. If they’re aware of someone else profiting off of the use of their IP, WWE has a duty to their shareholders to stop it. If they didn’t, they could potentially open themselves up to lawsuits or dilute their ability to subsequently protect the IP. It literally is harming them in the legal sense. Plus, I imagine if you added up all the money the entire roster made off Cameo this year, it would be a considerable amount. If Chris Evans or Michael B Jordan started up a side hustle
  11. Yes, and there is merit to their claim. However, this will be the nail in the coffin of whatever shred of kayfabe still exists, as now instead of “Hey, this is Big E, here’s your Cameo,” it will be “Hey, this is Ettor, I play Big E on Smackdown, here’s your Cameo.” If this is enforced, it will create further separation between the real person and the character, which in turn will likely create even less buy-in from fans, while also helping to build the person’s non-WWE brand. TL;DR: This is a tone deaf move, even without considering the obvious independent contractors issues.
  12. I thought the story was Vince liked Jimmy Yang.
  13. To be fair, they were injured most of their time on the main roster. I am a lawyer, and at first glance I see essentially no way that could hold up, especially while claiming the roster is made up of independent contractors. I’m not surprised this has been disputed. So again, as a lawyer, I do see more basis for banning them from doing these at tapings and using their WWE-owned names. Fuck Vince and all, but if they’re profiting off WWE intellectual property then WWE has a right to tell them to knock it off. Banning people from using their real names on Cameo, Twitch, et
  14. My hot take on the change in NXT is that it started when they stopped making top indie stars work their way up through the beginners courses at the PC. It was mocked a lot at the time, perhaps rightly so, but a) it gave those guys “polishing” that they were able to use with their own stuff to make them even better, and b) it presumably helped the new people develop more by putting them with experienced people very early.
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