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  1. I would assume there’s a 90 day non-compete as part of the release. Usually, when guys are involuntarily released, I believe they have the option between severance with a 90 day non-compete or no severance and they’re free immediately. Given that these releases were requested, I doubt WWE would give them freely without the non-compete. (ACH was obviously a different situation.) If it is a 90 day period, they’re free in plenty of time for Wrestlemania weekend. Viktor and Spears is the perfect bland mediocre good hand team.
  2. I assume the last day thing is less last minute hype, and more trying to extend the free month as long after the free trial as possible, maybe to the next PPV if possible.
  3. Thanks! I recall that now, but I was more referring to this group of heroes being called the League.
  4. Um... I could very easily be wrong but is that the first time they’ve actually referenced the Justice League?
  5. It’s a weird, admittedly minor and dumb thing, but actors like Carl Weathers and Ming Na-Wen don’t necessarily stand out. It’s the comedians like Posehn and Eugene “Pillboi” Cordero that oddly stand out to me. This week it was Amy Sedaris as the mechanic kind of doing Jerri Blank’s voice that had me laughing.
  6. Are people really this upset about a show that’s presumably going to be for kids/families?
  7. His cameo and Pillboi’s were a little off putting at first.
  8. I’m now thinking how it would be a little trippy if they had an unannounced Superboy Prime who recognized everyone from TV/movies.
  9. He’s another one of those guys that is supposed to be a good worker (I’m sure @randomact saw him a bunch on Carolina indies), but his gimmick, complete with conga line through the crowd, was absolutely perfect in NXT as the house show opener to get the crowd pumped. I’m sure he could be used the same way on whatever brand he’s on now, but I assume he’s not nearly as over. The high point for me was when his music annoyed Lars Sullivan during an interview. ETA: Guess I don’t know how to tag people.
  10. I always thought the smoking skull belt was dumb, because it was a completely new belt, not just a recolored or tweaked version of the actual title. It would be like DiBiase (or the Ringmaster) winning the championship and then saying “The Million Dollar Belt is now the championship belt.” While I’m at it, having the Universal title slowly morph into the Fiend’s belt would be dumb, because Bray and the Field are separate personalities. Bray said something like “If I get a belt, he gets a belt.”
  11. He was a guy like Dillenger who other guys, like Owens, praised for his work, but never caught on.
  12. It’s interesting to me if he’s applying for this individually, rather than AEW doing it, especially in light of his corporate position with AEW.
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