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  1. I want a Ride Along with Woods, Kofi, and Big O.
  2. Or the PPV right before Survivor Series 2017 when Balor faced AJ. I was like “They literally went head to head just last month!!!”
  3. I actually laughed out loud when Cole said the shake up only happened one time a year.
  4. That was great. As for Lacey’s moonsault, it looked good to me. Nattie seemed out of position, too close to the corner. With Lacey’s height, I’m not sure how she could have gotten any closer.
  5. Dammit, there goes my hope of Harper showing up tonight and getting a big push.
  6. According to a cursory search, Big E actually won the NXT title after being called up, putting him a category with Gargano (assuming he’s actually being called up). ETA: And Bo Dallas as well, if you count his initial Rumble debut and Wade Barrett feud as being his call up.
  7. Aren’t Hanson and Rowe their real names? If so, I’m not surprised they changed them and it’s really on HHH/NXT for not changing them sooner. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get additional names like Erik the Savage or Ivar the Mighty for trademark purposes though. Viking Experience is obviously horrible, but they’re still better off than Heavy Eugenery.
  8. I’m just impressed Sting apparently gained some degree of self-awareness. “I’m Sting, he’s Hogan... yeah, I’m definitely getting screwed.” It’s almost like a shoot version of Flair turning on Sting at Halloween Havoc. “I know you’re going to turn on me, but I’ll trust you anyways, but so help me if you turn on m... and you’re already doing it.”
  9. It dawned on me a while back that Jericho’s biggest issue in WCW wasn’t with the talent on top holding down younger talent, but more that he felt he should have been the one in that top position.
  10. I noticed they looked annoyed, but I assumed it was at the tube men fucking up during their Mania moment.
  11. Wait, did you just say AEW might not even sign Bayley if she was available?
  12. I feel like it’s a hot take that I actually liked TFA and TLJ. TFA was a good way to bring back the movies by using the nostalgia and beats of A New Hope to set up the new players, while TLJ moved those players in their own direction. That said, this teaser actually makes me worry Abrams will take a hard left back into the same nostalgia beats as the original trilogy.
  13. Of course they look happy there. They knew Becky was winning.
  14. I probably more amused than I should be by Meltzer referring to the guy as a MMA fighter.
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