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  1. Yeah, but clearly Fox is only going to be able to tolerate having the highest rated Friday night show amongst the key 18-49 demographic for so long!
  2. Re: big Japan news- For those who don’t know, Casey is the owner of Squared Circle Sirens and doesn’t watch men’s wrestling.
  3. What I read was that Buckley reports to Feige for creative/publishing, and Perlmutter for the business stuff (licensing, sales, etc...). So if I am remembering that correctly, it seems like there will be a future butting of heads over the cancellation of a book championed by Feige due to low sales.
  4. It’s not a stretch on their part to guess about a blockbuster trade consider Jay Glazer predicted as much on Smackdown. It really seems like he’s more upset about Lio Rush getting the title push after being sent home than the cuck angle. I don’t feel sorry for him. It seems like he’s playing this just right. They resign, then announce that Maria’s pregnant, now he’s publicly revealing that he asked for his release, which makes it likely they’ll send him home to sit. There could be worse things in the world.
  5. I think giving refs known personalities/styles is a good way to differentiate themselves and add that real sports feel (Aww fuck, we’ve got TV Teddy Valentine AND Karl Hess tonight?!?!), but as an attorney, Cody’s “refs have discretion” explanation irked me, because that’s now his discretion works. Discretion should be in interpreting rules, not in deciding whether to enforce them at all. The latter would be abuse of discretion. That said, it would be cool if started getting played up as “Oh shit, Rick Knox is officiating, you know someone is going to take advantage and interfere” or “Jimmy Havoc gets disqualified in 67% of his matches that Aubrey Edwards officiates.”
  6. Currently working through the first season of Supergirl, and while it’s good, I’m guessing it would be even better without knowing the twist with Hank Henshaw’s identity.
  7. Thanks for your Gargoyles tweet, which alerted me to their thread. They seem to be going in chronological order, one show/movie per tweet, so it’s going to be a long thread. It also says pre-ordering is available now.
  8. Well the real reason was likely that they rushed to mix up the draft order when they realized they accidentally leaked it, and in their rush, didn’t think through the obvious issue with drafting them separately. Kayfabe-wise, I think someone here threw out USA just wanted Alexa, but she threatened to hold out unless they drafted Nikki. Also, the simplest explanation is that Fox drafted much better than USA. They did have a robot in their draft room, after all.
  9. I mean, in kayfabe, that’s a fucking baller late round pick, as you get three guys with one pick.
  10. I’m really disappointed Cleatus didn’t end up as 24/7 champ.
  11. Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here how WWE spoiled the draft order by posting the draft pools on WWE.com in the order that people were being drafted. Then, in an effort to mix it up some, they did things like have USA draft Bliss and Cross separately, when they could have had them as a team with one pick. Also:
  12. This is presumably just a Crisis Easter egg, but it’s cool enough I’m going to spoiler it.
  13. I’m surprised Jericho's promo is getting so much love here, because other than putting his new group over, I thought it was really cringey. “That’s a shoot...”, “bad creative”, and making sure to emphasize it when he cursed was all worked shooty nonsense. I also laughed when I realized his entrance video says “EVIL”. Show, don’t tell, Chris. I was thinking about how Jurassic Express hadn’t appeared yet either. I do like how they seem to be weaving different feuds/stories together, and I’m looking forward to Allin/Jericho next week. Kenny Omega giving Mox a barbed wire bat, while keeping barbed wired covered broom straw for himself certainly was something.
  14. This. When they hype something as a differentiator from WWE, it’s fair to hold them to that in just the second week. Cody’s explanation was fine, but everything he said about their wins applied to PAC more. He could have easily said they’re already with negotiating with PAC for a title shot, while Allin/Havoc are having to fight to earn one, or that their records simply reflect the fact that few people have distinguished themselves this early on in the show, so they’re give two guys with some good early performance a chance to earn a shot.
  15. Dustin should come out as The Natural for his team with Page.
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