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  1. The last Andre is fucking up my shit. And I wish I had yin yangs dropping like rain. That's the one thing I need most.
  2. I'll beat Gregg to the punch and say the Emma/Santino v Summer/Fandango NXT match is one of the best comedy matches ever and probably one of the best mixed tags ever.
  3. Just recently finished catching up on the last two seasons of Flash (and 20 pages of this thread), and I'm surprised there's not more speculation about Savitar. I figured it was obvious he keeps telling Barry "I am the future Flash" and not "I am the future, Flash." Between that and the Legends telling them not to trust Barry, I've assumed Savitar is evil future Barry, created by Barry fixing Flashpoint. That's the big big thing in the future he fucked up.
  4. Ironically, buying ROH would help their biggest competitor TNA Anthem Wrestling Entertainment Presents Impact Wrestling.
  5. MM17

    I'm too lazy to look it up, but this has to be one of the more lopsided final four matchups we've had.
  6. I started cracking up once I realized Bob Barker had been talking to Jericho for almost the entire podcast without knowing they worked together on that Raw.
  7. NXT

    re: 1) My thought was "TNA must have paid a lot better than I thought. re: 3) He's already said he's going to fill the Full Sail crowd with, I believe the term was, captains of industry and CEOs.
  8. I don't think this works anymore.
  9. They'd basically be creating a full minor league system with the NXT Florida loop shows as single A, ROH as AA, and NXT as AAA.
  10. Cedric's out with an injury right now, I believe.
  11. MM17

    That, or so many of us are voting our bracket despite realizing DIY probably had the better year. Not that I'm admitting to that or anything...
  12. MM17

    I'm laughing at the idea that Omega lost because a lot of people just vote against him... when he was facing the Miz of all people.
  13. MM17

    I recall the Revival v. Enzo/Cass match from Roadblock being pretty good as well.
  14. MM17

    Yeah, Miz's edge over AJ on the mic is not big, while the gap between AJ and Miz in the ring is considerable. AJ is arguably a top 3 Talking Smack guest. (Miz, then either Alexa, AJ, or Baron round out the top 3 IMO.)
  15. That pesky Brian Kendrick...