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  1. Which one's Blake?
  2. It all depends on how long he can avoid feuding with Ziggler.
  3. Let's be honest. We're all surprised it's taken this long for either of those two things to happen.
  4. You should have put that in spoilers. Now you've ruined the House of Horrors match for everyone.
  5. It's been discussed in the omnibus podcast thread, but I think it deserves its own thread. Last week's episode with the Revival is probably the most I've ever laughed out loud while listening to a podcast. The Austin impersonator bit was amazing, as was Dawson's mancrush on Bret constantly rearing its head. Listening to Edge and Christian just talk shit and give each other a hard time is on par with listening to Austin rant or tell a story.
  6. NXT

    Husky Harris became Bray Wyatt. Leo Kruger became Adam Rose. Baron Corbin "debuted" after several matches, including a battle royal where the announcers were putting him over. The Drifter became El Vagabundo. It's developmental. These things happen.
  7. I still think the biggest problem with the initial Roman push was shooting him straight into the World title scene at Wrestlemania instead of being the one to first defeat Rusev and have a short US title reign first. The Roman Empire versus Rusev on a tank?
  8. Or in the mid-10s.
  9. I like how Swann went from losing the Cruiserweight title directly into a long game con on a girl that broke his friend's heart.
  10. Jinder beats Orton, and then drops the title to a returning Rusev, finally following up on their failed Raw partnership. I'm in.
  11. No, it should be Brock vs. Braun, in a reversed repeat of the Brock-Cena Summerslam match.
  12. Even so, seems like now would be a good time to give him a singles run to build up a character, then have Thorne make a save later.
  13. To me, Dean's biggest problem is that he doesn't come off as an unhinged DTA, Austin-esque type of lunatic, but rather a "he's so zany" type.
  14. Not enough love for Alicia's Billy Madison reference, although lifting the line directly would have fit.
  15. I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but they literally sent out a survey to people asking what they would want to see in a "House of Horrors" match, so... no, they haven't figured it out yet.