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  1. JonnyLaw

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Call up the Sky Pirates.
  2. JonnyLaw

    Wrestling belts, designs and reigns.

    They’re so great, they distract from the full Balor going on there.
  3. JonnyLaw

    DC TV Thread

    I think there are less than ten episodes left, so it feels like beating Thawne will either be rushed through at the end, or Thawne is being set up for next season and Crisis.
  4. JonnyLaw

    DC TV Thread

    Cicada would feel like a bigger deal if they didn’t keep stopping him, only to turn their back on him and let him fly away. You’ve got multiple speedsters and power dampener cuffs, along with Killer Frost who doesn’t lose her powers around him. Take a split second to cuff him and then check on whomever’s injured.
  5. And Bobby Roode hitting on/harassing Marina.
  6. You mean Jamoke #1 and Jamoke #2!
  7. JonnyLaw


    Sheamus is kind of the proto-Roman. He’s a perfectly good wrestler heavily pushed a little too soon, who has much more natural charisma than is shown by his creative.
  8. Quackenbush was backstage for the show, possibly guest-agenting based on the tweet I saw.
  9. JonnyLaw

    AEW - 2019

    Is Daniels really Head of Talent Relations, or is that just kayfabe for the Double or Nothing YouTube show?
  10. I still love that their feud started over Black calling him Patrick during a pre-tape and hate that all of the hype videos for the feud ignored it.
  11. JonnyLaw

    AEW - 2019

    I have a feeling Darby is on the WWE’s radar given his Evolve matches against NXT guys. It would amusingly petty for him to sign to NXT and be hyped up with “Are you #Allin?” vignettes.