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  1. [NXT] JANUARY 17, 2018 TV SHOW

    She basically did this in Charlotte against Nikki Cross, complaining to the ref about how gross Cross was and acting like she didn’t deserve to be in the same ring.

  3. DC TV Thread

    The courtroom stuff was bad. No attorney is going submit a photo into evidence immediately after getting the photo. And then to just buy the alibi? No, “Hey, maybe we should see if that guys father is alive or died of ALS.”? Just, “damn, that didn’t work. Oh well.” Then you have Iris, who’s ostensibly a reporter, get what’s basically a confession out of the wife, and she didn’t think to record her? (Maybe in Central City you need both parties consent?) It would have been an interesting wrinkle to have the wife screw things up by not thinking ahead.
  4. SDL is Why I'm Winning the Royal Rumble - 1/16/18

    Same here, but more so when it’s tag teams, especially if the team is mismatched but one of them matches an opponent.
  5. 123 Kid vs Razor is probably a personal top five for me.

    I haven’t followed this closely, but will this surgery allow her to sign with WWE?
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Wonder if that makes it more or less likely that Ivory would be in the Rumble.
  8. I think they’ve move away from the days where they had KO, Finn, and Itami watching training at first and working their way through the beginners class. Now, HBK seems to be teaching the finishing class.
  9. WWE Champions

    I farmed enough t-shirts to redeem them for... Shield Rollins. Yay? I did beat the normal Blitz with 2SG Andre and 2SS Stardust.
  10. I think the next NXT/PC class starts on Tuesday.
  11. WWE Champions

    I wish I had any New Gen guys. I bought a mega and finally got Rusev, but unfortunately, Rusev Day isn’t New Gen. Beat 3 guys on the normal tour with a non-maxed out 2SG Andre, and took the fourth guy from over 40k hp to 8k. Three star bronze Dolph finished that guy off and then lost to the fifth guy.
  12. WWE Mixed Match Challenge


    I don’t think they had to do that much to make him look bad.
  14. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Hot take: that’s more effort than he’s put into anything (not involving AJ Styles) he’s done since being called up.
  15. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I can’t wait for Miz to offer her a spot in Marine 7.