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  1. According to the title of a YouTube video I noticed while looking for the trailers, there are Easter eggs referencing the Black Knight and Blade in the trailer, but I didn’t notice any off the bat.
  2. Plus, I’m sure Marvel’s paying for a dietician/trainer so why not?
  3. I just started the first episode of The Flash Armageddon, and why didn’t anyone tell me about the drinking game where I drink each time they say “leveled up.”
  4. It shouldn’t be, but having grown up with the original Star Wars, it’s still a little weird to me to see recognizable actors in the Star Wars universe. Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are always Han and Luke to me when I see them in other stuff, but now I’m like Milton! Machete!
  5. I don’t know if you can take that with too much of a grain of salt. The preview I just watched started with Ms. Marvel, and when they went through the titles at the end, “new episodes” of Boba Fett was towards the middle and it ended with Eternals, which comes out Wednesday.
  6. Is the Runaways series on Hulu any good? I’m catching up on Stargirl and thought the team that makes it would probably do a good Runaways show.
  7. I haven’t seen Solo yet, and if they named them in this episode I missed it, but I never made the connection that was the Pyke Syndicate because they seemed stockier than in the Clone Wars.
  8. I wonder how well these Star Wars tv series play with super casual fans. I’ve seen the movies, read some of the early Zayn books, have watched Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch, etc…; and am vaguely aware of the comics, and even I’m like “Am I supposed to know who tf [insert any character the camera lingers on] is?” I think I like this show, but I’m honestly not sure. The flashbacks are better than the present stuff at the moment.
  9. I liked Mythic Quest a lot more than I expected. There are moments the Always Sunny dna comes through, but it’s more than that. I watched the first season of The Morning Show with my wife, and it was interesting. The me too stuff wasn’t necessarily well done, but I enjoyed Billy Crudup and the Duplass brother that acts.
  10. I must have been the right age to love Spider-Ham when Star Comics hit.
  11. Rewatching episode 1, and I think it’s possible (although unlikely) Elenor killed Kate’s father. He tells Kate he’ll be “downstairs” in his office, then right before the explosion, Elenor tells Kate she’s going “downstairs” for a minute. They also did a good job with the misdirect between Elenor and Armond. He seems like an asshole when he’s first introduced questioning her to Kate. Next is his exchange with Elenor which actually has him telling Elenor not to try to pull that on him and that he has powerful friends too, indicating she was the one threatening him. However, Kate shows up immediately questioning whether he was threatening Elenor and then he goes to a black market auction, which leads everyone to think he’s the bad one.
  12. Given the way the multiverse seemed to work in Loki, I kind of assume they’re in a new multiverse. OG Osborn still died fighting Spider-Man in that original Sony universe, while a new timeline branched off when an OG Osborn was pulled into the MCU.
  13. “I’m a very good lawyer.” You know the “casual fan” was like “WTF.”
  14. You may be thinking No Way Home, which also, iirc, had a spinebuster.
  15. I’m starting to wonder if they’re downplaying the post-credits a bit until they’re ready to reveal who the next big bad, presumably of Phase 5 or 6 is. Of course, if Fantastic Four is the end of Phase 4, then we could be getting some sort of tease soon.
  16. Yes, I had the same thought. I’m not sure how all the timelines of the different shows line up, but if you were a time traveling, multiversal conquerer, now would be a pretty good time to strike. Iron Man and Black Widow are dead, Steve Cap is gone and has been replaced by a non-powered human, Hulk is injured, Thor is in space, etc...
  17. I figure their story will pick up somewhere else first. Personally, I’d love a Black Widow & Hawkeye movie with Yelena and Kate.
  18. I feel like the first scene of the Echo show will be showing us what actually happened in that scene. If not then, then it will kick off an episode that follows an episode that ends with cliffhanger of Kingpin’s shocking return.
  19. The beginning of his run got me back into reading comics, the end got me out of reading them.
  20. One of my low-key favorite things about this movie is how, after Aunt May dies, Peter accepts it like a responsible adult instead of making an actual deal with the devil, and the magic used to fix everything comes at an actual personal cost to Peter that makes things worse for him and that he’s aware of, instead of seemingly making everything better for him while making him forget the actual cost.
  21. I think it’s part don’t think too deep about it and part it was a very nuanced and intricate spell that Peter and Strange didn’t fully think through all the consequences of. I think the spell did two different things 1) made people forget Peter Parker/and 2) magicked away evidence of or people “seeing” any evidence of knowing Peter Parker. So when Ned and MJ look at a picture that has Peter in it, he’s there and they just don’t “see” it, but he still has a bank account, social security, etc… because no one needs to know or remember him for those things to still exist. He can always reintroduce himself to people, but they won’t remember if they previously knew him. Needing to get a GED may not fully mesh with this, unless Peter had to drop out because showing up and reintroducing himself to everyone and convincing the school and teachers that this kid who they have no memory of ever being there should be graduating. One of the biggest problem with the MCU movies is that they’re based on comic book stories with typical comic book plot holes, but people expect better plotting from movies. Marvel is trying to have it both ways to varying success. The biggest plot hole with the blip is what happened to all the people who blipped away while driving cars or planes or helicopters, like the ones we see crashing right as the blip happened. Like did Nick Fury (or the Skrull impersonating him) just reappear in the middle of the busy street he got dusted in?
  22. Have they been playing up the horror movie angle as much since Derrickson left?
  23. Spider-Man was accused of and credibly framed for murdering another hero and causing massive collateral damage. Most of the other heroes who could vouch for him are gone, in hiding, or off world, and he’s not one of the Battle of NY heroes who every one saw save the world.
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