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  1. [Mindless Speculation]I was thinking about Phase 5, since it was announced the MCU will be back at Comic-Con, and I think I wouldn’t be surprised if Kang somehow turns out to be related to Doom rather than Richards, which is also what will lead to Secret Wars at some point.[/Mindless Speculation]
  2. Glad I’m not the one who thought of that. The amount of time it would take to travel around the universe is the biggest suspension of disbelief that everyone has pretty much agreed to accept, but this series had a couple of moments that stretched that a bit. I had a convo with @TheVileOne on Twitter after the 3rd or 4th episode about why I thought this show was bad, but the last two episodes redeemed it in my eyes. I get his issue with Leia seemingly not remembering Obi-Wan, but 1) it happened overa relatively short period of time when she was pretty young, so her memory of the specifics are probably not great; and 2) she was personally going to him to ask for help, which seems like that would be a more effective move if they already had a prior relationship that she knew about.
  3. I saw this on the second day of release and managed to avoid leaks/spoilers, so I marked out hard at the reference to the Baxter Building, only to then be blown away by the actual Reed cameo. I like the casting, even though I still have a hard time seeing him as anything other than Jim. For all the talk about Wanda’s heel turn, let’s not forget that the last time we saw her she had mind controlled an entire town and used them as puppets before ending her series isolated in a cabin willingly reading the Darkhold. That wasn’t a heel turn, it was continuity.
  4. Forgot my password for a while and missed the recovery emails going to spam, so I’m just now catching up on these threads, but I immediately thought some of the She-Hulk CGI looks like the really early CGI Barbie dvds my daughter got from a neighbor.
  5. It is cool how this show seems much more about the person than about the superhero.
  6. Watched this with my 7 year old who was otherwise unfamiliar with the comics and she loved it. Today she asked if a new episode had come out.
  7. Is this something from a supposed leak or just a rumor? Asking before I click, even though it may be hard to distinguish at this point.
  8. It’s also possible that if someone does show up as Richards in MoM, they won’t be the actual MCU Richards, although that would be a daring bait and switch.
  9. So I’m guessing those are quantum or nega bands she finds?
  10. Maybe the “current MCU” is the tell, if various rumors about people showing up here bear out.
  11. IIRC, it wasn’t just a random engineer that people were saying could have been Reed, it was that Monica had an engineer friend who specialized in cosmic radiation.
  12. I get Wanda getting away scot-free, because there was no one set up in the show that could stop her. Strange knows about her, so whether she really gets away depends on the follow-up she gets next.
  13. I assumed this meant that the pop would be from this particular version of this character making a cameo.
  14. Anyone still playing Marvel’s Contest of Champions?
  15. Am I the only one that wants to see Space Jerri Blank in Guardians?
  16. I’m interested to see what they do with the next group of movies, especially since these shows are using/introducing so many people whose whereabouts in the sequel trilogy are unknown, like Ahsoka, Grogu, Bo-Katan, and Omega. And the Rebels crew too.
  17. Finally had time to watch this week’s episode, and it was fucking awesome. Deepfake Luke is definitely just off enough to be a little unsettling, as was the emotionless AI voice, but damn, that’s prime Luke Skywalker for me, and it’s something I never thought we’d actually get, so it was practically comfort food for me. It may not be the best, but it’s what I needed right then. Then Cad Bane starts walking up and at first, when he’s in the distance, I’m like, that looks a little like Cad Bane. When they show him again and it’s clearly his hat? “Fuck yeah! That is Cad Bane!” I was so amped, I didn’t even think about his history with Boba right away. @TheVileOne makes some dead on points about the past two episodes undermining this as a Boba Fett show (especially one called “The Book of Boba Fett”), but it doesn’t bother me as much because I think a lot of these Star Wars shows are going to follow the MCU movie route of throwing characters into different shows with interconnected plots. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of these shows basically ended up as akin to an anthology series. It absolutely weakens them as individual series, but IMO strengthens the overall universe.
  18. “Then what happened to the 198?!?!” -some comic nerd, probably
  19. Yeah, there was an ad for Bova brand milk in the background of one of the show openings, which if that was supposed to be dug up from her subconscious, means my fellow Johnny could get his wish.
  20. I don’t know about 2007, but Dr. Of Thuganomics, rappin’ about someone sucking on deez *tosses a bag of nuts to his opponent* would probably be ok with it.
  21. Yeah, that seemed like a pretty likely reveal for me as well. I absolutely shouldn’t be surprised in the slightest, but John Cena’s ability to commit 100% to something completely ridiculous is incredible.
  22. I think I love everything about Peacemaker, although it probably helps I don't have any attachments to the characters from the comics, otherwise I can tell Vigilante’s portrayal would annoy me.
  23. Fortuna was Jabba’s majordomo before taking over the throne when Jabba died.
  24. I suck at recognizing musical cues, but even I caught the one at the end.
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