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  1. How so? I mean, Becky is probably one of the most popular people in the company. I'm not a fan of fans cheering the heel, but it was to be expected in this case. Actually, I'm surprised how many people are cheering Sasha and booing Becky. It's going to take a lot of work to get heel Becky over. The Man was originally a heel gimmick, but people refused to boo her so the booking turned her back face rather quickly. I won't be surprised if this heel run doesn't go mostly the same way.
  2. If I was a wrestler, I'd want my gimmick name to be "Fryin' Brien Gage. My gimmick is I hate hot weather. I'd lobby management to feud me with Adam Page and Brian Cage. At the PPV, I'd win a three-way with both guys after my on-screen wife, Paige Gage, came down to ringside to interfere. I'd also yell at people who pronounced my name "Brian" or "Bryan.". It's 'Brien", peasants, completely different, Keep in straight! Basically. I'd just be trying to see how long it took JR to become a blubbering mess trying to keep this all straight. I'm guessing three or four weeks.
  3. I agree, but I'll take Wiggins more or less quietly deciding to not get vaccinated vs. Kyrie Irving periodically appearing on my media outlet of choice after creating a commotion then going to media to remind us that he doesn't want to create a commotion and, oh, by the way, he has lots of issues that more important to him than basketball. Y'know what, Kyrie, most of us have issues that are near and dear to us, but somehow we manage to get through the workday without telling our bosses and co-workers how little the job matters. The vaccination thing is ridiculous. If he genuinely isn't planning to get vaccinated, then the logical thing to do seems to be to admit he can't do his job, recognize that he will be a constant distraction, and move on. Or at least return half hid salary since he seems destined to play 41 games or less. I used to be a bit of a fan, but his current heel character has worn out its welcome.
  4. That match was really disappointing. i still don't know if God throws good punches.
  5. Digital Foundry reviewed and said some of the same things. On the whole, DF guys were positive about it, but they noted there was some stuttering in side-scrolling due to Unity engine (apparently, they've seen that before but it can be fixed by developers, so I assume it's more of an optimization issue). Then, later in the video, they talk about performance issues on Switch and base PS4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bx_bJF89vs
  6. No clue. i don't get the newletter. Just seems I've been poking my head in the AEW forums fairly rarely lately and, whenever I do, people are arguing with each other over fairly minor points. Shrug. I could be wrong. I've missed a lot of AEW TV lately so I haven't really had much to say in the threads. It feels like the AEW forum used to be a kinder, gentler place. By contrast, the WWE threads have become one of DVDVR's last bastions of civility. Probably because post counts are fairly low and most of us don't feel like getting worked up one way or the other for the same arguments.
  7. I've really enjoyed Spencer's run up until the last few issues, Lost a lot of steam after the "reveal of Harry as KIndred. Since then, it's been too many outlandish plot twists for my liking and a general feeling that Spencer could have wrapped up the story several issues ago. I'm guessing editorial asked him to pad the ending so they could have very special issue #75 mark the beginning of the new creative team and Ben Reilly's run as Spidey. On the other hand, Amazing is one of two books in 2021 that I'm consistently going to the lcs to pick up and reading as it's released instead of ordering trades from Amazon after the storyline wraps, so there is that. The other title is Hickman's X-Men book. I'm looking forward to 74, but I'm hoping the plot twists are done and they almost certainly aren't. Preview pages have already tipped off a Mephisto appearance (expected) and I feel like we can count on some strenuous literary gymnastics to get to Peter being taken off the canvas and Ben Reilly taking his place. Although.... I won't complain too much if AI Harry is a red herring. That idea has got to be a fakeout, right?
  8. I know AEW's been making great strides this year in ratings, demo wins, generating buzz. But, mannnnnn.... I didn't really think AEW had any real chance of winning the war until I realized how toxic the discourse was here and elsewhere. Yeah, the hype is real. You can talk ratings all you want but the true sign of success is having a fanbase willing to take the time to be assholes to each other oh social media. Be afraid, Vince. Be very, very afraid. The enemy is real and they have already arrived.
  9. I'm not expecting much from my hometown Steelers either beyond a pleasant afternoon out with real people.
  10. So I have no idea what to make of the ending to the main event? Right now, my best guess is that Demon's dark lord and master, Satan, tuned in late, saw that his boy was about to lose, and sent some dark energy Balor's way so the Demon could hulk up and beat Roman down. But.... God was watching and decided to help Roman by breaking the rope because.... I dunno... God's actually a heel. Well, duh. Take a look at the daily news. What else is new? Show was mostly decent except for the main event ending and the Alexa stuff, but I still wish I hadn't flipped between Extreme Rules and NFL to get high school drama club productions of The Exorcist.
  11. Speaking of ages, I didn't realize that Arn and Sting are basically the same age. Arn is six months older. I mean, Arn looked a fair bit older than Sting when i started watching JCP in the mid-80's. Arn looked almost as old as Ole. It make sense if you think about it for half a minute, but I apparently never did. Lol, even knowing when he was born, I still don't believe Horsemen-era AA was in his mid-late 30's. Trying to keep up with Ric at the bar really did a number on those guys.
  12. It's like you could hear the air leak out of Rutger's balloon after the missed fg. They had everything going their way in the second half until that point, and the offense sputtered out afterwards.
  13. My short list of PS5 must-haves would be: Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (looks gorgeous) and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Astro's Playroom. So. Much. Fun. Demon's Souls Returnal and Deathloop are both great. Both shooters, but more story-driven and high-concept than most shooters. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a lot of fun and impressive technically. Resident Evil Village is one of my favorite RE games in the series, though it didn't need to be RE. It's basically Van Helsing: The Game with RE grafted on to it. Not that that's a bad thing. Loved the Pathless. From the art director of Journey, but more action-y than Journey or the studio's first game, Abzu. I've really liked the new material in Ghost of Tushima Director's Cut and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, so those get my nod. Expecting to put Death Stranding Director's Cut on that list too. Nearly though Kena: Bridge of Spirits and it's one of my favorites in. Charming aesthetic, looks beautiful in every frame, really punched above it's weight. Probably my favorite Zelda-esque game in years that isn't Breath of the Wild. A lot of great PS4 games have gotten patches or remasters, so there's always that.
  14. McAfee dancing on the table during Nakamura's entrance/exit has probably done more to get Nak over than anything else anyone in the company has done. Sadly, that includes Nakamura himself. Laughed hard when Sonya told Naomi it was all downhill after Naomi made her entrance 'cause that's exactly what I've thought of Naomi for years. That said, the crowd was solidly behind her last night. Glad De Ville is seemingly returning to the ring. Not too excited thaqt it's against Naomi. Thought maybe Boogz was going to accidentally murder Azeez with the german suplex, but he didn't. Liking Boogz a decent bit right now.
  15. Inblot Red Bull has no idea what you're talking about. My first name is fairly long and my last name is difficult to spell. My NXT name would probably be "Bob".
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