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  1. Yeah, I meant to reference the Moore run and typed "Morrison" by mistake. Thanks for catching that.
  2. There should be a law against wearing that hairstyle at Taker's age.
  3. I didn't vote, but my ballot would probably be slanted heavily towards the mid-80's and later (Modern Age). There's very little from before that period that I really enjoy. JM Dematteis' Defenders run is probably about the point I really start getting into comics for art and writing. Miller started writing Daredevil around that same time (irrc, he signed as on the book's penciler in late '79 and took over as the writer about a year later). I've read most of the major classic runs, but they... don't hold up for me, I guess. I'm not a fan of Ditko, Lee, Kirby, etc. If I'm reading comic
  4. Nice try, Jerry Lawler, but we know you're older than 40.
  5. Rave kept working after he disappeared from ROH and TNA. He worked regularly up until this year, mostly in or around Georgia and almost always for tiny indies that don't have tv/streaming. Last time I saw him was 2015 or 2016 and he was working as a grizzled babyface gimmick. Cagematch says he worked King of Trios (w/ Nana and... I forget) and CZW Cage of Death last year. Those were possibly his biggest gigs in years. Back around 2006-07, I thought he'd become the next ROH champion and follow Joe and Punk into a better gig with TNA or WWE. Never happened. He did get into TNA and
  6. This looks interesting: Coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 29, 2021.
  7. If I ever knew this, I completely forgot. Mind blow.
  8. Playing Vs. Super Mario Bros on the Switch (part of Hamster's Arcade Archives series; it's a port of the 1986 arcade game, not the NES home release). It's interesting. I don't remember if I've ever played the arcade version before. I probably have. I was spending a fair bit of time in arcades in the mid-80's, but I didn't ever remember SMB was released in arcades until the Switch title was released. I'm enjoying it, but it's damn hard. It doesn't help that I've played SMB fairly recently on the Nintendo mini and I keep expecting level layouts and enemy placement to resemble the hom
  9. It was just sad when Great Kabuki had his midlife crisis and started dressing hipper to fit in with the cool parents at his daughter's school
  10. For the most part, I don't feel like it changes anything for me, but I thought I have no idea why artists still draw those odd horizontal lines in Norman and Harry's hair. What are those supposed to be? Corn rows? Bad dye job?
  11. Kinda of the same for me. I have two daughters a bit older than Aalyah and the idea of them even flirting with a 30-year-old is disturbing. But, it's a storyline and a tame one at that. There's no on-screen affection or anything really questionable beyond the premise. If they turn up in bed together in a vignette, I'll have a bigger problem. This happens occasionally in Hollywood, where actors in teen soaps and the like are sometimes much older or younger than their characters, so you get couples whose characters are about the same age, but the actors portraying them are not. And, honest
  12. If you told me a year ago that Jey Uso would become one of the most compelling characters on the roster, I would have laughed. I have no idea where they go with him, but either direction seems interesting. I'm still thinking he snaps and beats the stuffing out of Roman and faces him again down the line, but I thought they'd play him up as a reluctant conflicted heel if they were going that route (similar to HBK having to work for JBL some several years ago). Instead they've gone all in and made Jey a vicious shitbag with psycho tendencies. It's quite easy to hate Jey right now. He's bruta
  13. I know expecting logic from sports entertainment is bad idea, but, that said, WWF/E doing the 'big man is afraid of whatever' gimmick rarely makes sense, I was watching Saturday Night's Main Event last weekend and caught a Jake Roberts-Kamala match. Of course, pre-match is Jake letting Damien out of the bag and Kamala running in fear. I mean, he's supposed to be a savage from Uganda. Seems sort of silly that he acts like he's never seen a snake before. Every big man in a hundred mile radius calling out the Undertaker then cowering in fear when UT actually showed was silly. I gues
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