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  1. I'll prob. never be able to get rid of the PS3/X360. Too many games I want easy access to. I mean, unless they remaster El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, the 360 stays where it is (Note: I have no doubt that an El Shaddai remaster would sell poorly). There's also the small matter of original Xbox backwards compatibility. Only about 50 original Xbox games are b/c with the Xbox One. About 450 original Xbox games are playable on the 360. I mean, my og Xbox collection is down to about 25 games (many of which are available digitally) and I still wouldn't sell my Xbox because I reall
  2. I haven't watched either, due to video quality and some questions about what's legit and what's not. I keep reading rumors that the game is going to be shown at a Microoft event this month, so we'll see what happens with that.
  3. I feel like it is, but I also feel like I might not read a JSA book written by someone else. For the most part, I pick up books based on who is writing them, not characters, plots, events, etc. Most of my Marvel/DC purchases the past few years have been books from the usual suspects: Bendis, Johns, Hickman, Jason Aaron, Tom King, Remender, the Morrison GL book, basically anything from Scott Snyder. I tend to be a bit slow to catch on to books written by new names I'm not familiar with. It took me awhile to give Joshua Williamson's Flash book a try, even after I heard good things about the
  4. I can't find it now, but while catching up on my Twitter feed this morning, I stumbled across a random interview with Raven where he talked about how he once mistook chunks of drywall for cocaine and snorted them. I'm still speechless.
  5. Cass and Enzo worked an Indy show last night (Lariat Pro)
  6. I was a physical media guy until 2017 or so, to the point that I rarely downloaded a digital game. Basically, one day I realized that I didn't really enjoy collecting games, for a variety of reasons. I was burnt out dealing with companies like Limited Run Games, I was burnt out getting poorly packed and scratched up games in the mail, I was realizing that I still needed digital services for the increasing number of digital exclusives, dlc, patches, etc. I just came to the conclusion that collecting physical discs was more time and money than it was worth for me. I've never regretted it. H
  7. Had to call Xbox Live tech support about an issue with one of my Xbox 360 consoles (caused by the massive outage a couple days ago). The customer service guy was great to deal with and spent almost an hour with me while we tried various things to resolve my issue, so I thought he was outstanding - up until the point where he said "Hold on. I have to look something up. Been a long time since I tried to solve an issue on a RETRO console" (emphasis is mine, not his). Sigh. That's it. I can't live in this world anymore. If we have to live in a dystopia, could we not at least live in one
  8. This will be worth it when Vince tells his people to write a RAW segment for Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins and someone has to tell him that John Carter flopped twelve years ago and not even the stars want to remind people they were associated with it.
  9. NXT midcard division has some good acts (Los Garganos have been my favorite thing in NXT since the heel turn, though Grimes may replace them), but I'm not at all into the main event scene, I don't even dislike Cole or UE as much as most, but they don't interest me either, I like Balor but not enough to want to watch programs with the Pat Pack, UE, Cole, Kross, Ciampa, etc. Don't really think Thatcher or Grizzled Young Veterans of Thatcher have enough charisma to make it on the main roster either. Women's division has been carrying the brand for me but it seems a bit aimless lately. To
  10. Tyson Dux is just happy to be here, even if it’s just a short visit.
  11. Edit: image not displaying correctly. Will repost later.
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