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    Per ESPN, NFL has sent a memo to teams informing them that all support personnel must get vaccinated (exceptions made for bonafide medical or religious reasons) or they can't work around players or be part of relaxed protocols. They previously said choosing not to be vaccinated would not cost personnel their jobs, but I assume not being able to work around players would limit one's ability to do his/her job. Decent start, though I can't think of a good reason not to make vaccinations mandatory for players, except that the league is afraid of the NFLPA.
  2. Meltzer said the ramp was wet and several other wrestlers almost slipped. Doesn't seem like that big a deal, though Vince will probably be having talent fake-slip on their way to the ring for the next several weeks.
  3. You did. I've heard that story a couple times over the years. Not sure who said it originally though.
  4. PS5 firmware update coming tomorrow. Going to give owners the ability to move PS5 games to an external (USB) storage device. Still won't be able to download games to external storage, or play games from the device, but you'll be able to move games once they're downloaded. It's a start. Rumor is the internal SSD expansion slots will be enabled this summer.
  5. Does NXT Heart of THE SUN need a heel? I feel like Bray would be ideal to anchor a promotion on the sun. Surface temperature is only about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Bray would no sell that in a heartbeat.
  6. Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where the games industry manges to put out a game or two a week. That’s probably just crazy talk though:
  7. I thought DQ XI was outstanding. Definitely think you should give it a spin. I figured when I bought a Xbox Series X, I would never need to buy a Xbox One. Lol, I was wrong. Somehow, i never saw the Xbox One Minecraft limited edition (console) until tonight. Yeah, that needs to be in my hardware collection. I kinda want one CIB in the original box, so I'm probably going to end up spending far too much on eBay for one of these. Edit: That was easy. Someone put a (supposedly) new Minecraft le console on eBay overnight. Price was respectable. I would have been wary if it was too
  8. I just finished this a few nights ago (after watching it weekly until about ep. 7 then getting busy and abandoning it) and I had no idea who she played. Had to google her to figure out she played Dottie.
  9. No worries. He intentionally tried to get ejected so his cats could sneak in during the commotion.
  10. Remaking TLOU makes some sense, with a television series on the way and repeated delays being caused by the pandemic, but the overall tone of Schreier's article was very dismal. Sony seems to be creating a stifling creative environment. Reports are saying the company refused to greenlight a number of Japan Studio pitches, including Gravity Rush 3. It makes me wonder what the "Mendoza line" for sales is, if Gravity Rush and Days Gone didn't sell enough to merit sequels. Sony is also supposedly telling developers it wants shorter development cycles. That should turn out well. I'm wond
  11. Walter wants to remind you that wrestling is serious business.
  12. None that I can find mention of, but it seems possible. IIRC, he trained for awhile with a local San Diego promotion, then went to Storm's school, them back to San Diego where he trained with Konnan and a couple other guys. Might be forgetting someone. He trained for a couple years with a variety of people before showing up at the PC and WWE TV. Might have been in the ring at some point, but I've never seen any evidence of that. Cagematch only lists his WWE matches, fwiw. Also, from what I remember, WWE had said all along it wouldn't be able to resume touring before Fall of 2021 at t
  13. The general gist of Schreier's article is that Sony is only wants blockbusters that will sell well in the US and is telling developers that they (Sony) doesn't want "small games that will only sell well in Japan". Everything else in the article spins out of that. The Uncharted game is apparently Sony's third try to reboot the franchise. They wanted one of their studios to remake the first game until they found out how much redesign would be needed. Then they gave the ip to Bend Studio - while rejecting pitches for Days Gone 2 and other original ips - but scrapped the idea after several Ben
  14. I usually like factions. I mean, more often than not, it's about a cowardly heel realizing the babyface will probably beat his face in in a fair fight, and finding some friends and like-minded individuals (toadies work too) to tilt the odds in his favor. Gets the leader more over as a heel, gives the babyface bigger odds to overcome, and gives the supporting heels in the group something to do. IMO. a good babyface faction grows out of the heels forming a group and the babyface being smart enough to realize that he needs to even out the numbers if he's going to get one over on the heel (
  15. I'm only reading books Hickman actually scripts, so it doesn't bother me, but, yeah, there seems to be an overwhelming number of X books at the moment. It's probably been worse, though, and honestly, I was spending a lot more on the X line several years ago when Gillen, Carey, Bendis, Remender, etc. were all on X titles in roughly the same time frame (i don't think they were all writing X titles at the same time, but it was the same several-year period and there was a decent bit of overlap).
  16. I could, but two of my kids recently graduated college and haven't been able to find jobs in their fields, so they're basically marginally employed at the moment and could use the money more. Besides, it's not an either/or situation. Wife and I have a couple local charities that we've been involved with for years and try to help out with both donations and time. If it matters to you, I'm on taxi duty for a local shelter this weekend Saturday morning, I'll be picking up a van full of doggos and chauffeuring them to two different vets and back. My wife also seems to give to a lot reli
  17. Government gave me and my wife $1,400 each in stimulus money - even though we make too much money to qualify and didn't receive anything from the first two rounds. Spent wayyyy too much time over the past week trying to correct the error and return the money, only to finally talk to someone today and be told to keep it. Conversation was so off-kilter that I'm not entirely sure if the agent didn't believe it was an error or just didn't care. Probably both. I'm tempted to spend $1,400 in Xbox estore this week, but we'll probably give it to our kids.
  18. Finished New Blood and enjoyed it highly. Really looking forward to New Colossus sometime soon. Played a little JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle last night. Not a great fighting game it seems to be very unbalanced - but it's fun and channels the anime/manga nicely. JoJo's oddball cast of characters and powers lends itself well to fighting games and the art style reminds me of the anime.. I probably need to check out the Naruto fighting games by the same studio. Anyone have a suggestion? CyberConnect has made a lot of them going back to the PS2 days. Not sure where to
  19. Eh, I'd say that about most of WCW's run. The in-ring portion was great in the early 90's, to the point that I still don't understand how they lost to WWF in '91-'93. They were consistently undone by bad booking decisions and financial issues that were probably avoidable.
  20. From what I've read, a lot of people felt that way. I've seen all of the Return episodes, courtesy of them airing early mornings on IFC and thought they were ok. Jonah Ray seemed to be trying too hard, but the other cast members were ok. Was the reboot not funny? I thought it was about the same as the earlier iteration, but MST3K is a weird one for me. Objectively, I regard it as quality comedy because that seems to be the general consensus. But I've probably seen at least 60-70 eps. of the original run over the years and none of them have ever done anything for me personally. I've
  21. We live in a college town, so I expect that a lot of the students will at least try to keep wearing masks once the pandemic ends. We live in a Republican state, so I expect that won't play well with the permanent residents. Not that I blame them. Living in a college town has lost its appeal, for a lot of reasons. Wife and I are talking fairly seriously of moving. Texas seems to be a likely destination, since we have family down there. My parents have decided to move out of state and my siblings and in-laws are spread out between Texas and Las Vegas, so it makes sense.
  22. First delay that’s really bugged me. Might be best for sales since it’s a PS5 exclusive.
  23. Yes. You could possibly get excused from a case by making a false claim (for example, saying during jury selection that you know the defendant or are biased against the defendant). But, to be excused from jury duty entirely, you have submit paperwork which will be verified and ruled on. You don't get cut from jury duty. You get cut from individual juries. Basically, when you get called for jury duty, you're on call for a certain length of time (it varies from state to state; period is typically 30-60 days). While you're on jury duty, you have to call in each night and ch
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