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  1. has anyone tried this yet? seems a pretty straightforward fix?
  2. Jarrett, Lethal, Singh vs Trent, Chuckie T & Danhausen was fun as hell live. I hope we get all the pre-match shenanigans. If not, I have a video I’ll upload somewhere so they can be appreciated.
  3. Pic I took of Jay Lethal watching the Jay Briscoe tribute. Won’t embed it due to the new image rules but it’s on my Mastodon: https://pagan.plus/@ahermitforhire/109753218680716386
  4. On the other hand I'm in Lexington and I'm taking my boy, but at least we won't have that long drive home. First wrestling live event I've attended since college. I'm facing the hard cam in row B above the floor seating so we might even make it on the TV quite a bit.
  5. I can't be bothered doing the work to do this properly, but it'll do I suppose:
  6. That pic could be Maki & Hobbs and now I want that more than anything.
  7. I hate to break an increasingly less lurky lurk, but I’m lusting after an idea I just had of pairing JD Drake with FTR and thought y’all might too.
  8. Doing this might fix it if it hasn’t been done: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/using-ssl-https-r273/
  9. I’m emerging from years of lurking to applaud this. ? ? ?
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