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  1. Ugh. Every time I see this it pisses me off. Luke Harper is right fucking there, and he's actually over.
  2. Am I the only one who saw Allison Brie topless in the first episode and in my head heard Troy and Abed saying "ANNIE'S BOOBS"?
  3. If I was to make a list of my all time least favorite characters from every single show that has aired in the near 40 years I have been alive, Fish Mooney would be in the top 5. Maybe even top 3.
  4. Question for those that still watch Gorham... has it gotten any better? I tapped out during the first season when Jada Pinkett just became too much to bear. Is she still on it?
  5. Why they haven't made Ascension somebody's hired muscle is beyond me. Send them to Raw and make them Miz's new security detail or something.
  6. Just finished season 5. Thoughts in spoilers.
  7. I think he's had a dozen matches or so in the past 2 years
  8. Lily. She's old. She's fat. She's stupid. She's gross. AND SHE'S A GOOD GIRL YES SHE IS!
  9. Didn't he already do one in XPW?
  10. GIF

    Who needs healthy knees when you can get a pop from 300 people?
  11. Those of you who have played any of the Call of Duty games, I have a question for you: is the "Zombies" mode an actual storyline or is it just a generic map? I'm looking for some new shooters with split screen co-op that my girlfriend and I can play together since we can both play through Borderlands with our eyes closed at this point. Xbox One only (or if there are any good ones for the 360 please let me know). She's not big on the "real war" type of shooters so stuff like Borderlands would be more up her alley.
  12. Jericho's a really funny guy when he's not trying to be. But when he's trying to be funny he's just unbearable.
  13. Some of you may remember my dad passed away last year. It was on July 1st. Since then we've been through all the "First ____ without dad" (birthdays, holidays, etc) except one. As coincidence would have it that last one is Father's Day. Last year on Father's Day it seemed like he was getting kind of down in the dumps so to cheer him up I wrote him a letter that I read to him basically telling him how much he means to me, etc. I never in a thousand years thought he would be gone just 2 weeks later. Of all the regrets I have with his passing, the one I don't have is "I wish I had told him how I feel". The point I'm trying to get to is this: If your dad's still alive and you and he are close, take the time this sunday to tell him how much he means to you (even if it's one of those "He already knows" kind of things). Pull him aside for a minute, call him, text him, whatever. Take it from someone who wishes he could talk to his dad one last time but can't, you may not have as much time as you think.
  14. Mariners and Jean Segura agree to an extension. 5 years 70 million.
  15. NFL

    Rumor has it that there was concern that signing Kaepernick would divide the locker room against Wilson. Not through any fault of Kaepernick's but because a lot of the big names on the team (Bennett, Sherman, etc) supposedly do not like Wilson but respect Kaepernick. So should Wilson struggle or get hurt they're afraid of dividing the locker room.