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  1. I don't give a shit how old he is, I have a gigantic smile on my face whenever I see Sting in the ring. Or diving off balconys. Or doing other crazy old man shit.
  2. Anyone know how to get NJPW World on Roku? The shows they have on the Roku channel haven't updated since October, and it doesn't seem like Roku's AXS channel has any wrestling on it.
  3. With Ty France hurt get ready for the Mariners to begin a losing streak. The only decent hitters they have left are JP Crawford and Julio Rodriguez. Gonna be a rough couple of weeks.
  4. I hereby demand a Pizza Poppa action figure, a Pizza Poppa Disney+ series and a big budget Pizza Poppa movie.
  5. Holy hell I forgot all about Mark Appel
  6. I don't think we get AXS (have Hulu live instead of cable).
  7. Rey Fenix is not human. I'm sure of it now. No man should be that agile. The man clearly has some feline DNA in him or something. That was a hell of a match. Cobb vs Wheeler was great too. I'm a huge fan of Cobb dating back to Lucha Underground so seeing him get primetime exposure like this is great. I've been greatly enjoying all this New Japan vs AEW stuff. It's a shame most of it will probably end after Forbidden Door. I may just have to sign up for NJPW World. How's the english commentary on there? How often do they do it? *edited to add* The last 3 shows of the current NJPW tour are July 3-5 then after that nothing until the G1 starts on July 16th. None of United Empire are listed for the shows until the 16th so maybe they're sticking around in AEW until then?
  8. It could be a reference to the Marvel character. He was a pretty big part of the story after all.
  9. Anyone know what the beef is between Santana and Ortiz?
  10. I'm really looking forward to watching Wardlow mow through 20 nameless, faceless drones. Crowd is gonna be hot for it. If it's royal rumble style, I hope the last one to enter is a name to set up Wardlow's next feud.
  11. I dunno, if Jeff is out for quite a while like it sounds I think Matt still has some value. Maybe have him team up with/try to give some credibility to a young guy (like a Lee Moriarty) or put him with a younger tag team in a mentor role like Christian has been doing with Jurassic Express. Maybe pair him with the Hollywood Blondes and have them do a program with House of Black so that seemingly never ending feud with Death Triangle can finally be done. If all else fails he still has enough credibility that he can be useful putting over lower card guys they might want to push like Caster, Ogogo, Brody King or Buddy Matthews.
  12. Yeah I could have done without all the Silverhand stuff too. Have it as a seperate playable piece of DLC, and I'm cool with it. But like you said it just grinds the story to a halt.
  13. He's gonna be Jeremiah Hofstadter and you're gonna like it pal!
  14. You don't get to be the 2nd wealthiest man in the state of Alabama by just selling mortgages.
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