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  1. I would spend all my money to see this happen.
  2. So this is, what, the 3rd rebooting of the Predator franchise in the past 10 years? Predators, The Predator and now this?
  3. Starks never really did anything for me in the NWA, but man oh man is he great in AEW. He's quite good when he sits on commentary for Dark too.
  4. I think Page more than anyone else on the roster has been hurt by the inability to have live crowds. Once AEW can draw in a decent sized crowd again, I'll bet they start Hangman's redemption story. But realistically I doubt they pay it off until next year's All Out or Full Gear.
  5. A thousand times yes. Blah blah blah yackity schmackity
  6. yeah but he also appeared on an AEW show so I'm sure WWE has been trying to get him back ever since
  7. Vindication for the Swingman daddy! Now he's free to make that weekend shot at the Tupelo Armory where him and Bob Orton are gonna tear the house down jack!
  8. OK so that makes me a little confused then. I always thought Fernandez did what he did as revenge on Brody's killer. So if 3 had nothing to do with it why did Fernandez hurt him so bad?
  9. That's the same Invader who stabbed Brody right?
  10. Doering looks in much better shape than he was at the end of his AJPW run
  11. I really can't thank the Mets enough for taking this dumpster fire off the Mariners hands. Even if the guys we got in return never pan out at all, Ms totally won that trade.
  12. And already I've heard people saying "But but but it's THANKSGIVING" I've spent 1 out of the past 10 Thanksgivings with my family. If I can go without seeing them on that one specific day year after year after year, everyone else can suck it up and do it for one year.
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