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  1. GOTG holiday special was great but I wish they'd had Howard The Duck appear in it
  2. Other than Legends (which I enjoyed right up to the end) they all turned to crap.
  3. Mariners trade 2020 ROTY Kyle Lewis to Arizona for C/OF Cooper Hummel. Lewis was probably gonna be non-tendered anyway. Dude's knees are shot. He's appeared in 54 games the past 2 season. Can't stay healthy, can't play OF anymore.
  4. Erik Swanson has been a big piece of the Ms bullpen, I wouldn't be surprised to see him slot into an 8th inning role eventually. Macko was injured in High A but before the injury had 60 strikeouts in 38 innings. There's some potential there (I think MLB.com already has him in Toronto's top 10) but I wouldn't expect to see him in 2023.
  5. While I'm disappointed that Scott Servais didn't win AL Manager of the Year, Terry Francona had a pretty strong case for it too.
  6. Had the chance to meet Conroy at a comic con several years back. They had to bring him out early to start his meet & greet because the line was so long it was starting to block access to other areas of the convention. I was like the 4th person in line and he was super nice. Gave me a couple autographs, posed for a photo and didn't charge a thing.
  7. Kevin Conroy was the best Batman ever.
  8. That's a pretty underwhelming panel. I honestly did not know Luke had even ever come through the Northwest. Turns out they were here around 79-80. I'm not too surprised Victoria is on it since she's appeared on Dark Side before (the Moolah episode). I feel like Denton is probably gonna have to do most of the talking on this one. Raven, Fidel Sierra, Mean Mike Miller, Col. DeBeers and Ricky Santana are all still alive and have more of a connection to Portland than Mike Masters.
  9. Has it come out yet who is on the panel for the Portland episode? I know Len Denton is still alive so hopefully he is (his book is fucking tremendous by the way). I *think* Col. DeBeers is still alive so maybe him too? Billy Jack is still alive but is batshit crazy. I know Buddy Rose and Rip Oliver are dead. I'm trying to think of who else from Portland would still be around...
  10. What I see in my head every time DEAN posts about an update or anything else tech related:
  11. I got a good chuckle out of Abby talking about some bar and looking at Bret like "you know the one, right?" and Bret just deadpanning "I was in 6th grade". Also I never get tired of people doing impressions of Stu Hart.
  12. Some 80 year old man rear ended me last week. Claimed he was only going 10mph yet his Pontiac Fiero (yes that's right) managed to push my bumper completely up and under the rear of the vehicle, bent my entire exhaust system all the way up to my engine, mis-aligned my rear hatch (which thankfully still closes but you can see it isn't properly aligned anymore) and almost took my muffler off (I had to wrap a wire around it to keep it from scraping on the ground). The best part? His insurance won't cover it because he only had a "garage" policy on it. Thankfully, my insurance WILL cover it since I have collision but that means I'll have to pay my $1000 deductible with no guarantee I'll get it back. Also no guarantee it won't make my rates go up. The guy didn't even have proof of insurance on him when the cop arrived after the accident, yet he wasn't given a ticket. So he gets to ram into me and get away with it scott free. My insurance told me that he will likely get dropped by his insurance for driving the car when it was supposed to be stored in a garage, but I still feel like he should have to be financially liable. If my insurance can't get my 1000 bucks back I'm debating taking him to small claims court. But then I'm sure it will just be a case of me picking on an old man and I won't get anything anyway because he'll get sympathy for managing to not die yet. I'm a little frustrated if you can't tell.
  13. I haven't been able to move pages back or forward on my android phone or tablet for quite a while now. It briefly seemed to fix itself in the summer but now it's back to me having to manually change the page numbers. No issues on my PC though.
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