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  1. I'm calling it now: Borderlands post credit scene that teases/introduces Handsome Jack
  2. Karen Jarrett making John Silver break will never get old.
  3. Orioles acquire Corbin Burnes from the Brewers for DL Hall, Joey Ortiz and a draft pick
  4. It was time. Seattle has been a "good" team (finish above. 500 and make the playoffs) for a while but they haven't been a superbowl caliber team for at least 5 years.
  5. I know it was largely a salary dump but I'm sure the combined 19 games the Ms get from Haniger in between IL stints and the 5 starts from DeSclafani before he goes on the IL too will be great
  6. I don't want to alarm anyone so please sit down before you read this: The Mariners actually spent money to sign a free agent. To a major league deal. For more than league minimum. For longer than 1 year. Mitch Garver 2 years, 24 million
  7. Doesn't Sting also wear padding underneath his shirt and pants? He's still batshit insane for jumping off balconies ans whatnot but at least he's taking some type of precaution it seems
  8. The Orioles are apparently close to a deal with Craig Kimbrel. Which to me feels like your parents giving you the car they bought brand new 11 years ago which now has 200,000 miles on it, leaks fluids and could fall apart the first time you hit a pothole. I mean yeah, it still runs but....
  9. Mariners salary dum... err trade Eugenio Suarez to Diamondbacks for P Carlos Vargas and C Seby Zavala.
  10. Not only should Colon get in over Shields, they should show the video of Shields serving up Colon's one and only homerun on a neverending loop at the HOF.
  11. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/11/report-mariners-not-expected-to-sign-shohei-ohtani.html#comments Of course the Mariners aren't signing Ohtani. He wants more than 6 million a year
  12. Because DiPoto can't stop picking up other team's garbage, the Mariners have acquired Luis Urias from the Red Sox. Another light hitting 2B. Yay.
  13. Clearly the solution for Oakland is to sign an aging catcher, a power hitting voodoo practitioner, an ex-con who can throw 100mph and someone who has the sprint speed of Usain Bolt. That'll fix everything.
  14. They're gonna draw less than 2,000 per game aren't they?
  15. It was better than I thought it would be (I did not care for the Ms Marvel series so my expectations were low) but it still feels to me like a much lower quality than anything that was done in Phase 3. Glossing over Carol destroying the Supreme Intelligence kinda bummed me out. I think a straight Captain Marvel sequel would have been better personally, with maybe a cameo from Kamala towards the end. I didn't hate it, but I have no desire to watch it a second time either.
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