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  1. That gif makes me embarrassed to have the same name as that buffoon. May he rest in peace.
  2. For those who remember the original fondly, the Resident Evil 3 remake is releasing tomorrow.
  3. Yeah, cuz Ian Rotten is as honest as the day is long...
  4. I thought I read somewhere that they were considering Liam Hemsworth for BRB. Which I would be all in favor of.
  5. They've also put the Pop Up show online for free too:
  6. Cole used to say "Raw rolls on" before/after commercial breaks pretty regularly
  7. He probably would have gotten over if he had been though
  8. It's also about the right time frame for a pop culture reference Vince actually understands
  9. Cuz he hasn't grabbed that brass ring yet pal!
  10. That's supposedly what took so long to get Emerald Cty Comic Con postponed. The company that puts it on was waiting for the state to tell them to call it off so they would get an insurance settlement
  11. I swear to god China, if you cost us Tom Hanks......
  12. That's tremendous. That little girl's body language was perfect.
  13. Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle was cancelled too. And GDC in San Francisco. And the Ultra Music festival in Miami.
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