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  1. I know these tournaments typically have an upset or two, but GIANNI VALETTA BEATING MIYAHARA?? WTF?
  2. 1: Who will be sitting the Iron Throne at the end of the final episode? Dany 2: Five (or fewer) name characters who will still be alive* at the end of the final episode. Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, The Hound, Sam 3: Who will be the first major character to die this season? Jamie 4: Who will be the final major on screen death in the last episode? Jon Snow when Dany turns heel on him
  3. I've given up on the WWE twice in my life. The first time was Katie Vick. Not because it was offensive or anything but because it was just fucking terrible. I started watching again after a couple of months though, mostly because I wanted to see Benoit, Guerrero, Jericho, etc. More recently, the last straw for me was The Viking Experience. Not just because it's a stupid name but because I realized if THAT was the best idea WWE creative could come up with, then all hope was lost. I've been hanging by a thread lately mostly because I would still watch for certain guys (Joe, AJ, Bryan, Ali, etc) but hearing the names "Erik and Ivar" just broke my spirit. There's so much other wrestling out there nowadays (ROH is syndicated, MLW is on youtube, NJPW world is affordable, AEW is coming) that I honestly don't feel the need to keep watching WWE when I'm not really enjoying it anymore. If someone really hypes a certain match as being good, I may watch that specific match but I won't be tuning in to Raw or Smackdown anytime soon. So how about the rest of you? If you've ever given up on WWE (or wrestling in general), what was the cause of it?
  4. Sounds like Batista is out of Suicide Squad 2, and Cena may be replacing him
  5. "Uh, Mr. McMahon sir, Buddy Murphy is asking if we could move him to Raw instead of Smackdown?" "WHO THE FUCK IS BUDDY MURRAY?" "Buddy Murphy sir. He's been under contract for 3 years. He was the cruiserweight champion on 205 Live..." "WHAT THE FUCK IS 205 LIVE?" "Our cruiserweight show sir" "CRUISERWEIGHTS? GOD DAMN IT PAUL!" "So about Buddy Murphy, he and Alexa Bliss are dating...." "WHAT? WE CAN'T HAVE ONE OF OUR TOP FEMALE STARS DATING BOBBY MURPHY!" "It's Buddy Murphy sir" "WHATEVER! BREAK 'EM UP!!!"
  6. I legit had no idea he had been SIGNED by the WWE
  7. How I imagine the conversation went: "Luke.... how would you like to be the 3rd member of THE VIKING EXPERIENCE?!" "I officially request my release"
  8. Question for you regular Lucha followers. What are the big stables in AAA and CMLL right now? The last one I was really familiar with was the Psycho Circus
  9. Smith's humor is directly tied to his waistline. The skinnier he gets, the less funny he is.
  10. Ugh. I'm starting to sorta regret getting tickets for the ROH PNW debut show if those 2 fuckwads will be on it. Guess that will be the bathroom break/get food/browse the merch stand match
  11. Yeah I was a little underwhelmed by the winner as well. Still it was a pretty fun match. Contra Unit stole the show. If MLW is smart they've alreqdy got all 3 of those guys locked up to exclusive contracts. I assume Lance Anoa'i is related to Roman somehow? Cousins?
  12. So in Fire Pro, one of the promotions I created is Puerto Rico. I have some edits in there already (Savio, Thunder, Lightning, Ray Gonzalez Sr, Nihan, Carlito) but I wanted to add some more. I haven't kept track of the scene in Puerto Rico since IWA was in it's heyday. So my question is who are the bigger name guys on the island these days, and can anyone share some info about them (signature moves, height, weight, etc). It's really hard to find much info on the internet about the current scene. I know the current WWC champ is a guy named Xix Xavant, and that WWC's top heel is a guy named Mighty Ursus and that Ray Gonzalez has a son who is now wrestling. Beyond that, I don't know much and haven't been able to find much (WWC's website is of no help at all and I have no idea what, if any, other big promotions there are in P.R.)
  13. I hope for his and his family's sake it isn't Alzheimers. A few people in my family have had it, and it's absolutely heartbreaking.
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