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  1. Yeah that Rhino/Hernandez brawl was lots of fun. Impact is really good at doing these short cinematic fights.
  2. Johnny Swinger is up as well as The Grappler, Strongman Jon Anderson and Dr. Tom Prichard. I also put up 6 Avenger3 ports that to my knowledge haven't been done yet (Yuma Aoyagi, Drew Parker, Stephen Amell, Lance Anoa'i, Akira Francesco and The Bodyguard). https://firepro-w.com/user/profile/BrianS081177
  3. Coming tomorrow. But it's gonna cost you mizarks 2 pay envelopes and a handfull of pizills, daddy.
  4. Welp. So much for that. The account has been suspended.
  5. Yeah a lot of people on the discord have said the same thing. He was posting stuff again pretty regularly (just without custom parts) but now he seems to have stopped again. Hasn't uploaded anything in a week. See I still don't 100% buy this. If that was the case I would think he would just say "Hey guys, just a heads up I'm taking all my stuff down. Sorry in advance." but he didn't. The out of the blue nature of it feels more to me like a "Fuck you guys" kind of reaction. Whether he felt slighted because 3 guys in the discord who were talking about good move makers forgot to mention him or he was tired of uploading stuff and only getting "Women's wrestling Reggie Bennett CAW" in response in the comments, or maybe both I don't know. But it feels more reactionary like "I'll show them". Especially considering since he did it he has shut himself off from any way people can contact him (was blocking PMs on Reddit, on the Discord, on PSN...). I think the whole copyright stuff is a bullshit lie he thought up so when he released his "statement" on the discord he wouldn't look like a pissy bitch.
  6. God this another reason I prefer AEW over WWE. WWE thinks we are all too stupid to be able to tell one guy named Lance apart from the other. In this scenario, they'd probably change Pillman's name to Leonard Pillman or something equally stupid.
  7. I highly doubt he even knows how to type a tweet. He probably screams for one of his interns to do it.
  8. If/when MJF wins the title, they need to have Wardlow get sick of his shit and give him a world class beatdown (think Alex Riley and Miz) then challenge MJF for the belt.
  9. Huh. Then yeah I'd be OK with bringing him in. Especially if you're gonna do Aces & Eights again seeing as he was the centerpiece of the group.
  10. Didn't IWA also do a death match in an empty house?
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