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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJZp6awlL58
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJZp6awlL58
  3. I actually spent more time on Zeus then I have on any other edit I've made yet. I watched every one of his CC matches as well as all his Triple Crown matches and spent a lot of time on his appearance (which I feel has never been my strong suit). I'm really hoping people like them. Gonna put the finishing touches on Doering tonight then all will be ready to go. I'll make a post here when they go live.
  4. Defy is also hard as fuck to get tickets for.
  5. Yeah Kent. Lethal and Castle were both pretty over too but the crowd was into Cobb big time. i'm sure his time from the early days of Defy helped (I saw several Defy shirts there)
  6. I'm actually putting the finishing touches on Zeus, Joe Doering, Dylan James and (for some reason) Gianni Valletta. Should have them up middle of next week sometime. Making edits got a lot easier when Miguel put out those logic templates.
  7. No, he's a terrible one. As for Cobb, at the tapings I went to, Cobb was by FAR the most over guy of the night.
  8. I bet that guy takes to twitter to complain about how the big bad man dared to physically touch him, then threatens to sue MLW and Fatu personally. Because that's what society has become.
  9. More proof that Bobby Heenan was always right. He called him "On the take" Tunney for years.
  10. "That's just the kind of creative thinking we need to really shake things up around here! This kind of thinking will help us crush that new show starting on TNT. God damn Ted Turner trying to bankrupt me again. I beat him once, I'LL DO IT AGAIN DAMN IT! Now someone bring me an energy drink!"
  11. Just played through the Commander Lilith DLC with my girlfriend. First of all, it's only free until July 8th, and I know how lazy some of you bastards are so download it NOW. Some quick thoughts (spoiler free): First and foremost it would REALLY be best if you have played Tales From The Borderlands before playing this. Otherwise some pretty major events from Tales will be spoiled for you (and these are major events in terms of the overall Borderlands universe). I highly suggest playing Tales (it's a really good game!) before this. Second, the new loot tier "Rainbow" are awesome. Maybe it was just our playthrough but it was generous as fuck with them too. My girlfriend and I each got a grenade mod and SMG from random ammo drops, as well as some rainbow rarity skins and about 4 or 5 legendaries as well. And this is in a total playthrough of like 5 hours without doing a lot of side quests. There are also new heads and skins for you completionists out there. As for how it is: it's good. A few surprisngly down to earth and emotional moments, a decent variety of new weapons and locations and the end boss fight was tough without being over the top ridiculous tough. It's worth paying for, so if you can get it for free do it.
  12. Keanu Reeves? Cyberpunk 2077 is getting all my money
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