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  1. Apparently the Bears are also gearing up to make a run at Russell Wilson. I still don't think it will happen though, Seattle would have 39 million in dead cap money if they traded him before June 1st.
  2. In addition to Chris Bey, James Storm and Mr. Hughes will be among the first DLC wrestlers for Retromania
  3. I'm honestly surprised it took this long for that to be suggested
  4. It's also a great deal of fun when you put enough points in it. By the end of my last playthrough, I was using the Contagion hack to wipe out 4-5 baddies at a time
  5. I'm glad to hear the NWA is back, but what kind of roster could they have left? Eli Drake, James Storm, Eddie Kingston, Ricky Starks are all gone and if they're smart they won't touch Scurll with a 20mfoot pole. That leaves them with, what, Strictly Business and Trevor Murdoch?
  6. There's as much chance of Russell Wilson being traded by the Seahawks as there is of Aaron Rogers getting traded by the Packers. It's not happening.
  7. Big Dave vs Zombies? I'm in. Don't even need to see the trailer.
  8. This makes me think of the story Jericho told on his podcast about Bulldog Bob Brown. Jericho cut a promo about how Brown was an old man, should retire, etc and when it was done Brown pulled him aside and told him he shouldn't shit on his opponent because "When I beat you, and I WILL be beating you, you'll have lost to a pathetic old man who should have retired. How does that make YOU look?"
  9. IIRC the last time he left WWE and worked that match against Hogan in memphis he went by Paul "The Great" Wight. Not saying he should do that now, but it might be a name he already owns and would be able to use.
  10. I'm hoping he's booked like 80s Andre. He should not leave his feet until someone (I'm thinking maybe Wardlow or Powerhouse Hobbs) finally slams him after lots of others fail.
  11. Credibility. To the common non-DVDVR type fan this is gonna be a big deal and will make AEW look like serious competition. I eagerly await Vince throwing tons of money at every single star he's had in the past 15 years trying to keep them from leaving him too.
  12. Oh and about Julio Rodriguez's english: if you look at his twitter he seems to have a pretty decent grasp of the language. He's given full interviews in english before also.
  13. Mariners ownership to Mather:
  14. I'm sure their strategy for BL4 will be to double down even more on Chris Hardwick and kill off another character I like while making Claptrap stupider and even more annoying.
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