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  1. Also Jordan Reed has passed the concussion protocol so I would expect to see him released any day now. I almost hope nobody else signs him. Not because of anything personal against the guy, I just don't want to see his brain turn to mush. He's had, what, 7 concussions in the past few years?
  2. Hopefully between him and Will Dissley we can manage to have 1 of them healthy in each week of the season.
  3. Taking financial advice from Wesley Snipes is probably not the best idea....
  4. Or taking a canadian destroyer off the top rope and kicking out at 2
  5. Or this: https://sports.theonion.com/seattle-mariners-offhandedly-suggest-astros-red-sox-1841281318
  6. Looks like Birds of Prey is gonna fall short of the projected 50 million opening weekend (planning to see it next weekend myself). Obviously the problem is they didn't use Harley Quinn enough.
  7. Well god damn pal. If they aren't famous in AMERICA then they aren't famous! Let's just get Limp Bizkit to do it.
  8. They've made the scaling down of the Maliwan Blacksite raid permanent (so it will scale appropriately to how many people are in your party) and supposedly may be making the recent loot drop increases permanent as well.
  9. I'm sure Shane and Stephanie both love their dad and all, but you gotta think there's times they look at him costing them big chunks of money like this and think "Will you just fucking DIE already?"
  10. We're not a wrestling company pal. We're putting smiles on people's faces.
  11. As long as they can throw a decent worked punch
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