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  1. Daniels has a couple matches booked for DEFY over the next month or so. Maybe he's getting ready to come back.
  2. At a house show me and a friend went to back in the day, Brakkus was in the 2nd match facing Billy Gunn (who was Rockabilly at the time). He had no idea how to work face and it took all of 1 minute for the crowd to turn on him and start cheering Billy. Brakkus won with some shitty looking powerbomb. It was only like a 6 minute match but it felt a lot longer
  3. Wasn't Scott Steiner using it while he was there too?
  4. "You weren't doing Bob Dole.... you were doing DAN ACKROYD doing Bob Dole. I know it, you know it, the american people know it."
  5. His PG, Full House style roast of Bob Saget was absolutely hilarious once you realize what he was actually doing.
  6. Second video has Artie Lange's bare ass in it so no watching at work
  7. Oh my god I forgot about all the OJ stuff!!
  8. God damn that one hurts. I was a big fan of Norm MacDonald. I just recently watched Dirty Work for like the 40th time and it's STILL funny as hell. His Burt Reynolds and Bob Dole impressions were always hilarious too.
  9. Ugh, Singles. I live near Seattle, so you were pretty much required by law to buy a damn copy of that CD when it came out.
  10. Sorry for your loss. We've talked before about how easy it is to get attached to dogs moreso than people.
  11. And somewhere Scarlett Johansson is losing her mind.
  12. "What's this? Extremely high voltage! Well, I don't need safety gloves because I'm Vince McMah..." *is electrocuted*
  13. -1 is back in school. He's gotta keep them grades up or no Dark Order business for him.
  14. I could see that. And they could freshen up the group too. Maybe move Silver and Reynolds out and buddy them up with Hangman
  15. Yeah I think WWA is episode 3. Episode 4 is all the behind the scenes stuff in the aftermath of WWA leading to the idea to start TNA. Episode 5 is the TNA debut show. All 3 are very good listens.
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