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  1. Seahawks have fired DC Ken Norton Jr. Don't get me wrong, he definitely needed to go but that defense was on the field a LOT. Offense was near the bottom of the league in time of possession but nobody on that side of the ball will lose their jobs cuz of the late season offensive surge. Never mind that it came against the likes of the Lions and Texans....
  2. Fallout New Vegas is 1000 times better than Fallout 4
  3. I don't get all the hate for Jericho. He still gets great reactions from the crowds, he can still put on a passable match and he isn't even remotely near the world title/main event picture any more.
  4. I had it around Christmas and I still feel a little run down from it. And I'm vaccinated too. Of course I'm not nearly in the same kind of shape Roman is in so maybe he'll be better off
  5. Apparently it's doing decently on the premium rental front, so who knows there may be just enough to warrant a sequel after all? And to be clear I'm not criticizing it at all for faithfulness to the game. That part I liked a lot actually. Mainly just the stuff I mentioned in the spoiler box.
  6. When you're an old man on your deathbed and you look back on your life, I doubt you'll look back and think about your finances. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed for anyone. Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones while you have it.
  7. As if any extra reason for liking Eddie Kingston was necessary today I learned that he's a fan of AFI and a huge comic nerd.
  8. Over the weekend I rented Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City and Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions. Resident Evil was.... ok? I mean they were super faithful to the look and feel of the games but I definitely had some complaints: As for Escape Room 2: Escape Room 2 is only 99 cents to rent on Amazon, so if you liked the first one it's worth a rent at that price. I wouldn't buy the bluray or anything though.
  9. My brother in law watched Invasion and said it was good. Also I haven't watched it yet but there's a show called "See" that has Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista. Oh, and Denzel's Macbeth movie premiers on Apple+ on the 14th
  10. I think a lot of the roster who were there at the start or in the early days are probably on expiring contracts. I wouldn't be too surprised if by summer you see a lot of guys who have been there a while just disappear off tv. I'm starting to think Brian Cage is already gone. When's the last time he was even on TV or the youtube shows?
  11. I remember Heenan telling a story in a shoot interview about how Andre was annoyed with Bigelow, so during the match when Bigelow did his falling headbutt Andre just stuck his fist in the air and knocked Bam Bam out cold.
  12. Bruce Pritchard talks about why Bam Bam wasn't a bigger star on his podcast (they recently did a BBB episode). I forget what he said exactly but I think it was basically that Bigelow kept getting in his own way.
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