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  1. NFL

    I don't get cutting Barnridge. He's been pretty solid the last couple years and its not like the Browns need the cap space.
  2. Robbie E gets to stay in the tournament. His new partner is Kazma Sakamoto.
  3. Seattle will have SIX picks tomorrow. Two in the 2nd and four in the 3rd.
  4. NFL

    Sounds like Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders is a done deal.
  5. Thank god he's back to being Joseph Park. He's so broken down now that the clumsy, awkward style he uses as Park works much better for him than still trying to be the "Monster"
  6. Kalisto was 30 years old.
  7. They could cover it in storyline by having Angle suspend them for breaking Kofi's ankle.
  8. We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my dad's passing away, and also what would have been his 64th birthday. Rather than sit around and be sad we've decided to have a big fun family BBQ in his honor (it's in July). One idea we've been kicking around is getting some exotic meats because my dad was an avid hunter and meat eater. We can't afford to go crazy but will probably have about $300 to spend at max. Anyone care to recommend a particular meat? Can be bird, reptile, animal, whatever. A few we've talked about so far include Alligator, Shark, Rattlesname (it's fucking expensive though!), Python, Kangaroo, Camel and Beaver. Anyone tried them?
  9. Wasn't JBL the one who ran off that network executive character that was messing with Teddy Long? Palmer Canon I think his name was.
  10. And pancakes afterwards.
  11. I hope when Charlie Murphy gets to the afterlife the first thing that happens is Rick James jumps in front him, yells "CHARLIE MURPHYYYYY" and punches him in the forehead.
  12. What's the Blackman/Big Show story?
  13. And throwing salt. Don't forget the salt.
  14. Rogue One is out on Blu-ray today