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  1. Wow. That right there is why I abandoned ship and will not come back anytime soon, if ever. That's fucking horrible.
  2. They didn't seriously change his name to Shorty did they?
  3. As a dipshit kid at the time (cuz let's face it all kids are dipshits) I was way more into Nightmare than either Friday or Halloween. As I got older and re-watched some of them I realized just how wrong my initial impressions of them were. While most of the Nightmare series is perfectly enjoyable popcorn fare, none of them (save for New Nightmare) are really what I would classify as GOOD. Halloween on the other hand, I have grown to appreciate much more. Particularly for Donald Pleasance (though it's a shame he had to go out with that dumpster fire that was Halloween 6). H20 was a perfectly fine 90s, Scream-style slasher film and I thought there may be some hope but then Resurrection came out and (ironically because of the name) killed the franchise. Then I had a bad fever dream that Rob Zombie did a shitty remake which thankfully never really happened (SHUT UP IT NEVER HAPPENED!)
  4. Homey is the Joker we all need, but this is the Joker we all deserve: "HEYYYYYY BRRRRUUUUUCCCCCE!!" "Your folks are dead, your folks are dead, woop dee doo, woop dee doo" It writes itself
  5. Just got to Eden 6. So far I like it, but I would have preferred Wainwright Jacobs be less "Southern Gentleman, ma'am" and more "Yosemite Sam meets Foghorn Leghorn"
  6. Welp, who had October 5th in the "when will the monthly thread get closed by RIPPA?" pool?
  7. McMahons everywhere. That's what you can expect.
  8. I loved crazy Ric Flair. "Double A, meet Double D! WOOO!"
  9. Shit that's nothing. Those bricks were later eaten by Haku.
  10. I know American Horror Story isn't a movie, but I have a question about it. I've only seen the complete seasons of Coven, Roanoke and Cult. I started watching Apocalypse but when I realized it crossed over with Coven (which I hadn't seen yet) I stopped and watched Coven. I go back to Apocalypse and I see the scene where Queenie is trapped at the hotel. So do I need to watch all of Hotel also in order to fully appreciate the story? And do I have to watch any of the other seasons (Murder House, Asylun, Freak Show) to fully get the story of Apocalypse?
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