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  1. Someone should try and convince him that Melina is actually Zelina from the future.
  2. I'm not Natural, but assuming you mean any animated DC movie this would be mine: 1 - Batman Mask of The Phantasm 2 - Superman Vs The Elite 3 - The Flashpoint Paradox 4 - Superman/Batman Public Enemies 5 - Crisis On 2 Earths 6 - Batman Under The Red Hood 7 - Death Of Superman/Reign Of The Supermen (I count it as 1 since it's the same story) 8 - Batman Year One 9 - Superman Red Son 10 - Suicide Squad Hell To Pay Admittedly I have not seen every DC animated movie. Worst ones I would say (of what I have seen) are Batman & Harley Quinn and
  3. And I like how JR plays cheerleader for him in every one of his matches. First time JB gets that elusive big win it's gonna be a hell of a moment.
  4. Wow they made Will Hobbs like like a huge deal. I could see him and Cage having some pretty good hoss fights after the 6 man next week
  5. You have to link to a URL in order to post a pic. So if, say, those pics are posted on Facebook you could just right click on the image and copy that link and it should let you post it as an image here. Also Darkwing Duck should be getting pushed to the moon.
  6. You all are looking at a multiple times world heavyweight champion right here.
  7. I can only think of Hobbs and Serpentico. Who are the others?
  8. 2 things I've said before about Impact that I think bear repeating: 1) Someone please tell Eric Young to grow a beard. His clean shaven face is just unsettling to look at. 2) John Morrison is a lucky LUCKY man
  9. Supposedly Netflix wants to buy the rights to the Valiant line so they can have their own cinematic universe.
  10. Man it really bums me out that we never got to see more of Karl Urban as Dredd. That movie was so good.
  11. I seriously don't see why anybody would sign with the WWE anymore.
  12. I'm guessing Bullet Bob went in his sleep because much like Teddy Roosevelt if death had come for him while he was awake there would have been a fight
  13. On the one hand I'm disappointed to see Wrestle House end too but it's smart that they did it now before it got stale. At least with all the WH members back there's more young boys for the Swingman to mentor daddy
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