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  1. Please. As if Vinnie Mac's ego is so fragile he needs to purposefully tank his investment just to make himself feel like the big conquering hero. [/sarcasm]
  2. He's right. This is the same "creative genius" who decided the first WCW match on Raw should take place in.... Tacoma, Washington. Even though they were literally going to be in Atlanta the next week.
  3. It might be over soon? https://www.npr.org/2023/09/24/1200770450/writers-strike-ends
  4. Assuming you aren't referring to gimmick changes? Like Cpl. Kirchner becoming Leatherface? Al Snow? He wasn't really a monster but he went from being a scientific grappler to a nutjob that hits guys with cookie sheets and talks to a plastic head. Sal Bellomo went from smiling babyface jobber in the WWF to long haired, bushy bearded wildman brawler in ECW. *edit* I missed the "athletic" part. Kirchner and Bellomo were never athletic lol.
  5. I dunno, I think Wheeler Yuta could benefit greatly from being attached at the hip to Shelton Benjamin.
  6. Just a hunch, but this rotting corpse being the one in charge and not liking anything that wasn't popular in 1987 may have something to do with it.
  7. If any of these recent releases have dead fathers, then AEW should sign them so Christian Cage can put another notch or two in his belt.
  8. Don't get too excited for this. Eddie backed out of a Defy show he was supposed to be on tonight by posting on Twitter that he needs to stop doing Indies effective immediately because of a back issue.
  9. Willow Nightengale reciting Eddie Kingston's AEW debut promo: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/willow-nightingale-recalls-eddie-kingston-192527807.html
  10. As long as Vince has any level of authority and Bruce is willing to throw his ego to the side to kiss Vince's ass he isn't going anywhere
  11. You shouldn't be reading anything regarding MMA without it making you think of the single greatest mixed martial artist of all time.
  12. No, he says his real name in the final episode but I forget what it was. If you haven't watched it yet be prepared to cringe A LOT whenever he pops up on screen. Dude has tattoos for Ron Paul, Che Guevara, 5 Finger Death Punch and other equally shitty ones. He also has some very 1950s views about women wrestling.
  13. It is but man oh man someone needs to keep Eric Darkstorm as far the fuck away from any woman as possible. That dude is a ticking timebomb who is gonna badly hurt a woman one day - if he hasn't already.
  14. Rj constantly making Tea Leoni references made me giggle every time.
  15. Ohtani to the IL so he's done for the year. Let the baseless speculation of where he winds up signing begin!
  16. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/report-prince-nana-signs-multi-180352705.html He's in the mon-ey, he's in the mon-ey... Seriously I'm so glad to see this. Nana is an absolute joy to watch.
  17. Weren't Matt Cardona and Brian Myers portrayed as brothers when they signed with WWE?
  18. He absolutely was. But he couldn't do a southern accent so Vince cut him off at the knees.
  19. But how familiar with AEW is he? Because I could see him looking at the roster and thinking "Man I wouldn't mind working with Omega. That Hangman kid is pretty good too, we could probably tear it up." and so on. Him and Christian vs the Bucks, one more match with the Hardys, one more match with Jericho. Plus, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he ever worked with Danielson or Moxley in WWE did he? My point being, there's plenty of interesting things for him to do in AEW assuming he feels physically up to it.
  20. When a talent has problems with as many people as Punk has (seriously how many guys has he publicly beefed with, 10?) they're not worth keeping around no matter how talented.
  21. Sting is 65. Billy Gunn is 60. Jeff Jarrett is 56. Jericho is 53. I'm sure Copeland could work a handful of matches per year and still last 3 or 4 years
  22. Double post so here is the hilarious story of how Terry Funk became a fan of the Insane Clown Posse: https://twitter.com/JamieOD/status/1412436178050105355
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