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  1. It's more that Americans still haven't forgiven Canada for Bryan Adams.
  2. Isn't Zero 1 basically just Ohtani and Hartley Jackson by this point?
  3. Since I don't have cable anymore, is there a place (besides subscribing to their streaming thing) that I can stream new episodes of Impact?
  4. An FYI for those of you who frequent ripperdocs and try to do as many sidequests as you can, there's a sidequest called Burning Love or something like that where you pick up a guy whose crotch is smoking because an implant he has in there is malfunctioning. He asks you to take him to a Ripperdoc for help. Don't help him, the quest makes you take him to Cassius Ryder's shop (the same shop you get your free Smart Link tattoo from Wakako and your tattoo the first time Johnny takes over V) and as soon as he goes inside you can't get into Ryder's shop anymore. There's an option in the quest to just
  5. Why? Fox has been doing that for decades and they've yet to apologize.
  6. Are you a recently fired head coach? Well the Seahawks want to talk to you about being their new offensive coordinator. They're interviewing Adam Gase today
  7. Totally not ripped off from 5 Nights At Freddy's
  8. And now they're interviewing Doug Pederson. Because the Seahawks don't do a shitty enough job protecting Russel Wilson.
  9. Well Pete Carrol's isn't a whole hell of a lot better
  10. Seahawks are apparently talking with Anthony Lynn for the OC position.
  11. Beat the game the other day on my first playthrough (a female Streetkid). I'll go with spoilers from here on: I started a new playthrough (as a male Nomad this time), and I'm gonna try and make the opposite choices to see how they differ.
  12. Not too surprised. The offense went off a cliff the second half. Problem is, whoever they hire is still going to be stuck with Carrol's offensive philosophy.
  13. God put Watson on that team and Miami are immediate Super Bowl contenders
  14. Love Rey's "Eh, what are you gonna do?" look while Konan is dealing with the cops
  15. If he's healthy, great. But I do think he would get lost in the shuffle a bit after an early push just because the roster is already so deep.
  16. Question for anyone who may have made it further in the main story than me. I'm at the point in the main mission where you go meet up with Hanako (just after the events of the parade) and before you go into Embers it gives you a "Point of no return" warning. Is this the final mission in the storyline? If so do you still have the option to do unfinished side quests afterwards?
  17. Watched it this past weekend with the girlfriend. Thought it was a bit slow paced mostly but I did enjoy it. You're right, it SHOULD have been a disaster but Gibson and Goggins make it work through sheer force of will.
  18. I don't have a VPN. I'm sure I can bum a cable login from a friend and just watch them on TNTs site the next day
  19. I just cancelled my direct tv since we're planning to sell the house pretty soon, but I still have internet. Is there anyplace I can stream Dynamite on Wednesday? I know they have the deal with BRL, but I don't recall if they air the shows live or not
  20. No problem. I actually use my fists more than any weapon ever since I got them. It's a lot of fun to charge up a punch and send some random bad guy flying.
  21. Buy the gorilla arms cyberware. Makes the fights a lot easier https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/12/17/cyberpunk-2077-gorilla-arms-how-to-get-legendary-gorilla-arms-cyberware/
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