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  1. Trust me, there's still plenty of anxiety among Mariners fans
  2. Joe Doering's brain cancer is back, so I assume he's off the AJPW show on the 18th
  3. Resident Evil whenever Lance Reddick was on screen: 6.5/10 Resident Evil whenever Lance Reddick was not on screen: -10/10 Dude was literally the only redeeming thing about that show
  4. So the new Saints Row.... if you were already a fan you'll love it. It's literally the same as the past few games in terms of humor, story and overall challenge just with new characters. If you're cool with more of the same, you'll enjoy it a lot. If you're expecting anything different at all from the previous games prepare to be disappointed. This is essentially Saints Row 3 with sharper graphics.
  5. I wasn't wild about it either but let's be honest, 2 months from now hardly anyone is even gonna remember or care about HOB getting distracted and Black losing via rollup.
  6. I was sure that Arn and Brock were gonna start putting the boots to Dustin. Arn had that 1994 look in his eyes.
  7. A friend and I were joking about Keith Lee and his intelligent vocabulary. It got me thinking they should start a thing with him where he says famous catch phrases from the past, but you know, Keith Lee style: "If your olfactory senses can pick up the aroma of the dish that Dwayne Johnson is currently preparing in his kitchen!" "That is the final word on the matter because Stephen Austin did decree it as such!" Etc
  8. I think he was trying to imply if King won then AEW might re-think the 4 way match, but the words kinda all fell out of his mouth at once. As if the internet needs another reason to love Eddie Kingston, he punches Sammy Guevara in the face legit?
  9. Perhaps Punk needs longer than they thought to heal up? Or he tweaked the injury during training during the week but told Tony he'd gut through a quick squash? Where's the Shadow when you need him?
  10. Could be worse. They could have been called the Bear Experience
  11. JR seems to feel a little more at ease when he's with Jericho. I liked their "behemoth" exchange too
  12. Yeah around the time the Dangerous Alliance was the big threat IIRC. They had some good matches with Anderson and Eaton, and had some good matches with Anderson while Zbyszko stood on the apron. Yeah they've been winning me over even though Boudreaux is green as grass and has some of the shittiest tattoos I have ever seen.
  13. So, I thought She Hulk was pretty good. Not a home run, but still enjoyed it. I wish they would have spent a bit more time on her learning to control it, getting used to the hulk body, etc. Had just the right amount of 4th wall breaking though. I was hoping they wouldn't get too carried away with it. I'm not overly familiar with her villains so who was that bursting into the court room like Kool Aid man?
  14. Man for about 5 years there Betances was one of the elite relievers in baseball. He could have been a closer for like 26 other teams. But when he fell off, he dropped like Wile E. Coyote.
  15. I could be wrong but I think she moved to america to be full time with AEW
  16. In other words someone from Warner Bros. got Ezra on the phone and said "Do you wanna be weird or do you wanna be rich?"
  17. If Oakland had Ohtani they would probably sit him if playing him meant they had to pay him a couple hundered thousand more bucks.
  18. Regarding some of the women's division needing reps, I'm really surprised that you don't see some of them working indies. Jade in particular should be working a couple of indie shows a month, and I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to get her booked. Abadon and Anna Jay would probably benefit too. Unless maybe they just don't want to do indie shows.
  19. Also I believe Bugs was later found to be using PECs. Performance enhancing carrots. I'll show myself out.
  20. Menard was tremendous on commentary. Definitely would not mind more of him. I don't recall the last time I saw Paul Wight on Dark. Is he hurt or something?
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