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  1. I'm still in the middle of a re-read, and, man, that's a book that has not held up to my memories of it. It's still great, but... genre writing in the 60s is tropey as Hell. And there are whole chapters where I was just groaning at how they unfold. Hope the movie doesn't hew too closely to the source.
  2. I started watching Succession since I have HBO for the rest of the month. Between "old bread" and "funky chowder" in the first 2 episodes, there'd better be a strange food descriptor in every episode, or it'll be a disappointment. Also, why the Hell did Adam McKay direct episodes if he was going to cock up his part with all the zoom zoom zoom close-ups that look like something off YouTube?
  3. Well, the Geriatric Bowl is getting a little more intriguing. The Packers are going to give either of these teams an Atomic Wedgie, though.
  4. Would have interested me until I saw how screwed up the color palette is (at least relative to the cinematic release and the French release) on In the Mood for Love. If they fixed it for this...
  5. This probably should be over, but Huntley is going to earn himself a real look from someone if they get a TD here.
  6. I'm 10000000000% here for this Ravens collapse.
  7. I think my favorite bit of season 2 of HDM is that
  8. If you gathered all the tightening sphincters in Cleveland right now, you could turn carbon dust into diamonds.
  9. Well that's one way to start a game.
  10. There is nothing better in football than a fat guy interception. Bah, the No Fun League ruled it a fumble.
  11. Fuck the Ravens, fuck the Steelers. Go Browns, I guess, even if it means pulling for, ugh, Baker.
  12. And he has a release that looks like Ricky Vaughn. About as accurate, for that matter.
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