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  1. I wonder if he specifically waited until this weekend to, ah, fly under the radar with the news. Hopefully this means Brady gets the memo and doesn't feel the need to keep playing beyond this year (and doesn't saddle us with anymore shitty pseudoscience in his retirement).
  2. I like Toronto's chances. Boston is too busy squabbling, and Philly has no bench and a propensity for gakking on the carpet in big games this year (see, practically every game vs. Boston except for the very last one). Sixers and Bucks are still 'show-me' teams as far as I'm concerned. At least Toronto has someone who has shown it. It'd be great if I'm wrong about this, and the Celtics put their shit in a shit backpack and take it to the shit museum or shit school or the shit flea market, and get their shit together, Summer, but I'm not counting on it.
  3. Yeah, Harden is 05-06 Kobe, with more help. Giannis is putting up a LeBron season. The playoffs will have something to say, though. Giannis + Middleton/Bledsoe/Brogdon should be better than Horford & Millsap + Teague/Korver/other Hawks were in 2015, and there's no one as clearly dominant in their path, but whether Budenholzer's system can win them 16 more games with home-court advantage will have to happen before I believe it. Kawhi on Giannis in the ECFs could be a neat matchup.
  4. All y'all keep using 'stans' this way, and I don't instantly think of Eminem or fanboys or anything (I have to remind myself what it means). My head keeps thinking of Lisa Stansfield (the British pop singer), and when I put the two together, I realize how terrifying a 'stansfield' must be.
  5. So, protip: never move to D.C. Wishing death on 4 Beltway drivers in 30 minutes, without drugs, is a fantastic commute.
  6. Yeah, the only semi-reliable way to get a gaming PC that A) is bundled and B) doesn't end up just shitting the bed on you or disappointing would be to go with a starter bundle from the likes of EVGA (since they make solid GPUs and power supplies, they're typically going to have a good idea of WTF they're talking about). Way pricier than $700 (potentially), but you don't have to do all the planning yourself. Probably still requires the basics of assembling, but I always liked the working-with-my-hands aspect of things. Granted, this may not be the advice you're looking for. Of course, while looking this up, I found myself a gadget on their site, so, there went $20.
  7. OK, but why does this not say it's a 3-way match and why are they wrestling a bear?
  8. Why would you be so cruel? I mean, what did a Sunglass Hut ever do to you?
  9. I'm a tiny bit surprised there's been no discussion here of Struggle, which came out on Netflix near the beginning of the year; there was a link to the trailer in the Upcoming thread, but maybe I was the only one who watched it? Or maybe I just failed at board-searching correctly (tried struggle and Szukalski on this forum). WATCH THIS. The dude was, well, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, and certainly one of the damned weirdest. Maybe he was already a bit known due to his cuckoo-bird banana-pants ideas about Easter Island and Atlantis, but...nevertheless. Talk about living in interesting times; everywhere this guy went became an interesting time. He could have just made the one sculpture that the movie is named for, and you would say, "Oh yeah, Szukalski, he was a stone-cold genius." And then the other 90+ minutes of the film happens. The other big takeaway from this film is due to Leonardo DiCaprio's involvement/financing of it: I had no idea his father was a comic book artist in that scene, but HOLY SHIT is George DiCaprio a seriously unattractive man (or had quite possibly the worst aging process in the Western world...or tried his hand at being a homeless person in Baltimore for a year for the experience). Leo got *each and every single one* of his momma's genes except for that Y chromosome. Holy shit snacks.
  10. You...literally just explained how to understand the Big 12 teams. The only consistent thing about them is their inconsistency.
  11. That sounds like the un-made season 9 of House, except it was Robert Sean Leonard and not Hugh Laurie...
  12. If Marcus Smart is anyone, anyone at all, he is damn sure Brian Pillman. And yes, Embiid was just as big of a jackass in that exchange. #Giannis4MVP
  13. I thought that was implicit in Jon Hamm doing the voiceovers for 10 years. The article was from 2016, so...actually, maybe they will? Please God?
  14. Slight derail: where the Hell is the good Chinese food in MoCo? Like, the soup dumpling places in Rockville, etc? Or is there actually something worth hitting up to the east of there? I probably shouldn't eat it at all, but there are days coming home from lab where shoveling that particular variety of fried food into my gob seems like the only sensible option. And God knows the few options available immediately nearby in PG County are *dreadful*.
  15. Yeah, I'd think that, too. I'd figure Kaep would probably shell out $10M from his own endorsement deal just to see this stuff drag out and make it to a court case. I'd believe $10M per team before I'd believe that as a total.
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