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  1. Looks like the Kings will get some measure of revenge for last year, but whether they or NO limp into the first round, it'll be a what-if series with all the injuries (assuming Zion continues having awful luck).
  2. Telling that they haven't had a 4th quarter comeback all season and that happens on arguably their best chance at it.
  3. God the Pels are practically the dictionary definition of underachievement.
  4. I'm guessing he's referring to the big rolls of canvas that you can wrap around your hands and wrists to give you a little cushion. Look like a gauze bandage but obviously far sturdier. Like these: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/everlast-boxing-hand-wraps-3-pack-16elsu3pk108hndwrthr/16elsu3pk108hndwrthr
  5. SAC/GS in the 9-10 is sort of brutal considering where they both were last year. Miami's going to end up right back where they were last year, dropping the 7-8 and then probably crushing the 9-10 winner to line up against Boston in the first round. That will be a series that goes very differently this year. Same with MIN/DEN, which wasn't super competitive last year and will probably end up a massive second-round slugfest. Clippers/Mavs could go either way, but it doesn't matter since neither team has a hope in Hell against OKC if they're healthy. Phoenix is lucky to get the top 6 but I wouldn't give them any kind of odds against Minnesota, who's got all the size necessary to eliminate practically every good thing they do. There's only 3 or maybe 4 teams this year who know they can win anyway; everyone else is a "hope we can".
  6. I finally had my first days of my life (measured, anyway; it may have happened in the past) where I tipped the scales at 200+ pounds. Not that that matters a whole lot: remember kids, what you weigh at any given moment is completely worthless, you have to measure yourself in the same state every day (I try to do it after getting up in the morning, fully undressing, and making the Usual First-Thing Bathroom Trip) and then average that out week-to-week to have any useful info. But, it's creeping up... Now it just means I have to bench, row, and squat more. Problems!
  7. And we almost had him as The Terminator. Turns out the real Terminator was prostate cancer.
  8. If I had a million dollars to spare, I'd: - Riker my way into my chair (I'm nearly as tall as him anyway) - Spend the entire game trying to flirt with Deborah Ann Woll - Prove I know absolutely nothing about Star Trek Seems like a good way to blow a mil for charity.
  9. He wanted an eclipse viewing spot today.
  10. Kinda-sorta funny in an absurdist way that the big photo on ESPN's page featuring the both of them ATM makes it look like Clark is casually slugging Bueckers in the face.
  11. Well, I guess if they had to get someone for a Ben Franklin movie, Michael Douglas is probably the right call, since he knows the travails of STDs as well as anyone.
  12. I wonder what some of these fools are doing with their money - and I mean the likes of Short - that he couldn't just pay it himself.
  13. Must be nice to have those extra zeroes in the bank account to turn this into a problem.
  14. Oddly enough, though, there was one regulation and one "shorter", but the shorter line had a worse percentage for the games played using it. Besides, don't teams switch the ends of the floor they're going to at half? Still bullshit, though.
  15. The Mulkey article is out and...it's almost kind of a nothingburger, totally worth getting up in arms about and threatening lawsuits because, surprise, people think you're a fucking asshole.
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