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  1. So, split the next 2, then Denver shows up?
  2. I've thrown together about 90 films for something like a 2010s list (so far) on Letterboxd myself. After a relatively thorough search, I think I've seen about 400 movies from each of the last 2 decades. I wouldn't agree the 2010s were a weak decade. If anything, I think they're just less top-heavy. I started in on the 2000s as a comparison: watched about the same total # of films (maybe a few more), and have about 50 or so movies on my 2000s list, which I've worked on for all of 30 minutes this morning. Now, the top 10-12 from the 2000s would crush just about anything from the 2010s,
  3. Not after that game. But Boston really needs to quit fouling so much. They've been letting Miami get into the bonus way earlier than they should, and it already cost them Game 1. They can play good enough defense without it.
  4. Don't worry about it. As a diabetic, I should probably be living somewhere where they haven't jacked up my medication prices three- to five-fold in the last decade, and I ought to avoid *literally working for the asshat* (Alex Azar, I guess technically my boss's boss's boss) who was partly responsible for it. Plus, Myrtle the Turtle knows that the one (non-voting) member of Congress that represents Puerto Rico is...drumroll...a Republican. He's just throwing red meat to the dupes who don't know that, because if they aren't scared, they aren't in line. PR would stand a decent enough chan
  5. It was the first message I sent to my ex: "Wanna move to Scotland?"
  6. That comparison gets thrown out so much these days that I'm no longer certain it's fair - to the ghouls.
  7. Or hasn't been thinking them all along. Fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Now VOTE, people.
  8. LOL, as demonstrated above, if anyone at all understands that a 2-0 lead is not safe, it's Miami Heat fans, waiting for the other shoe to drop from 2006. Please drop please drop please drop please drop...
  9. Joe Buck is going into the Football Hall of Fame, like I needed more reasons in 2020 to throw up in my mouth.
  10. Man, I hope no one actually uses Flickchart for a list. I just wasted 20 minutes on that, and its algorithm is trash.
  11. If "prurient reasons" were why it's memorable to you, I'm not sure we were watching the same film. That's one of the single least sexual pieces of nudity ever committed to film, which, given the actor in question, is a pretty goddamned remarkable piece of work from her and the director. I'd rate it pretty highly if I were submitting a list (but I'm not, because, seriously, fuck aggregating).
  12. I like how the solution to Jason Garrett not making good enough decisions in games was, in Jerry Jones' mind, Mike McCarthy.
  13. Hm, I wonder whether Brady or Belichick mattered more?
  14. Now that the "Heisman House" commercials are back, I find it hilarious that the one (recent) winner who could really use that job is the one Nissan apparently won't touch with a barge pole.
  15. Maybe they could hire Zach Snyder to replace Brad Stevens...
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