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  1. So ESO is doing a free weekend. I wasted 2 hours downloading a ridiculous trove of bullshit and played it for precisely 2 minutes before deleting. I suppose I should have figured it would more or less control like Morrowind, but after turning 2 corners with lame-ass WASD and having that first conversation after you wash up wherever, I just had to hit eject. There's no way I can play a keyboard/mouse first-person game anymore. It's a frustrating engine when they already had controllers worked out, and I'm too used to the top-down third-person style in Path of Exile anyway, if I'd bother playing anything of the sort. The character creation was fun, though; first time I made a cool-looking Khajiit lady. And since my first few names were taken, *of course* I named her Thunder Cracky.
  2. My first intro to Bill was (ugh) a Hootie & the Blowfish cover of "Use Me". But, between my irrational appreciation for Notting Hill and my ex-girlfriend's tendency to sing his songs while we walked around in Baltimore, he's tied to shitloads of things I miss. And now he gets to be on the list, too. Fuck 2020.
  3. Since it's all but certain things like documentaries will get short shrift in the main body of ballots, it'd be interesting to peel through the various genres of films and do a re-ordering that only includes that genre. Like, top however-many of Docs, etc. Probably a lot of work. But, I bet you'd get a handful of us willing to slice and dice the data that way and repost. Protip: don't give J.T. the horror stuff or he'll sneak Hereditary on top even if it's not actually # 1...
  4. Vincent Adultman was too busy to attend the party; he was brainstorming ideas for the new business factory he's opening with Harry Fondle.
  5. Cripes, The Other Guys was this decade? That has a slim chance of sneaking on. Shows you A) how different things feel these days and B) how much the movie industry has somehow shifted. 2010 was a heck of a year, though; probably going to be highly represented in my top 20. Guess it's good to know docs are part of this process, too. Won't You Be My Neighbor? will definitely be somewhere on my list, though this effectively doubles the number of things I need to watch or rewatch.
  6. Not dying from ridiculous heights was definitely the case in Morrowind. You could be super-douchey in that game and enchant a piece of clothing or shoulder pad or some such garbage with the minimum of a skill called Feather, and you would never take damage from falling ever again. I would usually have a couple of things maxed out with Jump as well, so I'd take like 3 bounds for every one of the cantos in Vivec City (when it didn't crash the game, at least).
  7. Yeah, that's what the Home Workout app I have had on my phone for 2+ years (and not used) is suggesting as well. Too bad I live on the second floo--oh wait, I fucking hate my loud-ass downstairs neighbors, so fuck them.
  8. I was just starting to get back into shape thanks to using the gym at work, and now it's closed until further notice. Yay. I get to go back to sleeping erratically unless I can figure out something appropriately high-impact at home. Yay.
  9. I guess this could go into Sports, too, but Women of Troy was pretty fucking awesome. I mean, yeah, what Bill Simmons said about it is kinda true - that the highlight is hearing Doris Burke swear - but the rest of it is really well-done. I can recall enough of the beginning of the WNBA to remember how Cynthia Cooper just showed up and blew everyone away by pretty much being distaff Lou Williams, but I had no idea this was where she'd started or how she ended up in Italy piling up so much experience. Even the little snippets of seeing Miller play make you think, "Jesus, that's just not fair." It would've been something if she'd been born 10 years later so she could go up against Griner or Parker or Taurasi, but, then again, without her, they probably don't have careers.
  10. All those name drops and no Duckman. What the fuck, dude.
  11. If you want to dispose of a lot of liquid fabric softener, pour it down a sink, and get used to it smelling like lilac bullshit whatever for a few days. What you *don't* do is pour it into your tub, unless you want your shower to be a Slip & Slide. OTOH, if you're looking for ways to off a few octogenarian relatives, then, hey, highly recommended, 4.5/5 stars.
  12. I thought it was mediocre at best. Anything with so many shots that only exist to be shown in/show off 3-D is wasting my time. I also don't like The Crow (though TBF that's after years of thinking it was "soooooo great" and more recently gakking on the 90s schlock of it all), so... we exist. We're here.
  13. Eh, I figure it's already all around and we just don't know it yet due to insufficient testing. I have a labmate who's been hacking up a lung for most of the week. Whatever. On the bright side, car issue was a faulty water pump, probably a straightforward fix. Less great, the POS loaner car they gave me; somehow, this Kona - same model year as my new car, no less - is a dumpster fire on wheels in comparison to my Sonata.
  14. Finally bought a new car in January because my 17-year-old one had pretty much had it. 2 months, and now the "Check Hybrid System" warning goes off and I'll have to see what the Hell is wrong with this. Luckily it's all under warranty for another 4 years & 10 months minimum...
  15. This is a bit like, "Never send people on a mission to rescue Matt Damon."
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