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  1. Good time for Aaron Gordon to have himself a game.
  2. My go-to for this has been the cables: one set of 8 lateral raises with the cables crossed in front of me, immediately followed by a set of 8 with the cables crossed behind my back, 3 sets of supersets. By set 3, I usually can't finish them, even with my traps jumping in, without some rest-pauses. I'm not a maven about putting my arms straight out to the side; I much prefer letting my scapulae travel in whatever natural arc they're going to go, and that usually means letting my shoulders flex past parallel to the floor, too. I tend to feel it more in the connecting spots - very bottom of the muscle 1/3 down the arm and very top near the clavicle - than any other shoulder exercise.
  3. FF7 Rebirth of Your Internet Service after Your Original ISP Cancels You for Exceeding Their Download Limit.
  4. Having dropped into the "last" zone by accident before, I'd say you'd want to be prepped for that. They definitely made this like BOTW in the sense that you can do things in any order and it's the same "level", or you could potentially skip to the end if you're amazing at the combat. But having gone through the content twice now, I wouldn't really recommend it. There's just enough stuff to gak you that you don't need *every* shrine, but you'll want probably 100, if just to fully upgrade your stamina and give yourself a little breathing room on hearts. Hearts can be cheesed a little easier thanks to the abundance of truffles, fish, radishes, and elixirs. The rare stuff out in the middle of nowhere are the "real" bosses, though once you learn them, you kinda feel like you can rip them a new one at any time as well, even if they do take prep work. And yeah, the Temple bosses are easy, two of the four in particular. I'd still say this is better than BOTW, in large part because it has an actual story that's developing in front of you, rather than just filling in blanks for something. And there are some moments of sly social commentary tucked away in what's a kid's game.
  5. After much shouting and wanting to pole-vault my controller into the next galaxy, I Otherwise, fuck those guys.
  6. I'm back about to where I was, plus a ridiculous amount of cheese. I'm putting off the main questline stuff, mostly because I kept seeing people talk about "spikes" in Fuse, and I didn't know what they were, and you lose a really easy way to farm them if you advance the main quest too far. So I'm trying to get those up to about 100 before I move on. Plus, it turns out, uh, you can BREAK Lynels completely. I've farmed the Floating Coliseum twice. For that matter, you may be able to do it with any of the mini-bosses, though the specific mechanics of their interactions with Autobuild items may make certain ones easier than others. Also, USE DAZZLEFRUIT EVERYWHERE. Seriously, it's fucking great.
  7. MEAN MUG MURRAY with some filthiness!!
  8. HEYYYYYY System Shock remake actually released when they said it would!!! Too bad I'm going to be hip-deep in TOTK until 2024 at minimum.
  9. So, I'm probably nuts. I had the game mostly done - down to "Destroy Ganondorf" as a main quest option, which, at this point, is hardly a spoiler for a Zelda game. Got the Lightroots done and...then I got a little bored. So I deleted the save game. Yeah. At least this time, I beelined for a few specific shrines and outfits that I knew would speed a couple of things along, but the other thing I did was skip a lot of fights. I wasn't really tuned into what the BOTW (and by extension, this) leveling system was, but I was starting to get more than a little irritated by the predominance of silvers in the prior playthrough anyway. It was like "Super Mutant Overlord in Fallout 3" levels of aggravation. The biggest thing about that has been to so I've done only one piece of the questline, because as I said before, this leads you by the nose and locks a bunch of content behind the Temples. I also didn't realize until this time through that my BIG SPOILER from the prior page is actually...not even a little bit of a spoiler at all. The game in fact *tells you* this is the case if you bother to read the research notes that are at the bottom of the first place you visit underground. That's what I get for barreling through walls of text.
  10. Well, at least this will spare me feeling bad if Jokic beats us or feeling bad about beating Jokic.
  11. Now I'm picturing Giannis eating. A pint of Ben and Jerry's. On vacation. LOL.
  12. Not so much an incredible stretch of officiating. Then again, Jimmy said it: one stop. Didn't box out.
  13. Miami is looking like they're self-destructing in the third.
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