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  1. Well, BoJack is wrapping up, too, so Aaron will have time to do what he wants. It's a good thing, after all, that he didn't get typecast as the bumbling sidekick to a complicated everyman. Wait, what?
  2. I don't see how John Cena preventing kids from having sex requires a whole movie. Seems like it'd be effectively achieved by kids talking about John Cena for more than 3 sentences.
  3. I guess Justin Houston *can* stop the run. The Chiefs still can't.
  4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is my favorite Christmas movie. Look up "Christmas movie" in the dictionary, and you know what you'll find.
  5. Here's a little ditty from some friends of mine about the joys of courting a foreigner.
  6. If Counting Crows played any kind of role in anyone's childhood, it's safe to say it was already ruined anyway.
  7. I started watching Fleabag alongside a standard re-watch of the entirety of BoJack Horseman. This was probably a really, really shitty idea. So many sad belly laughs. At least now I know there, at minimum, two shows I can tell people to avoid for being depressingly real.
  8. If by 'wild' you mean 'depressingly self-inflicted'.
  9. Unbelievable was...exactly as fucked-up as expected. And as good. *shudder*
  10. It's funny people thought that of Culkin at the time, since he's a charisma black hole as an adult. Maybe the universe's way of balancing the scales?
  11. They're going to reboot that by stealing BoJack plots? Booooooo.
  12. Wow, the Dolphins are putrid. 3 quarters with 1 drive that wasn't a three-and-out, and as many drives with zero/negative yardage as positive. I mean, NE's defense is good, but they aren't actually *that* good.
  13. I'm calling Patrick Chung, "Yayo" for the rest of the year. Why not.
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