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  1. I think I'd probably go with Il Postino of those 5 myself, but it is kind of a one-note film and if that doesn't work for you, then there's nothing to be done about it. But yeah, Heat is loads and loads and loads better than any of those movies. I wouldn't be surprised if it got held out because of its similarity to Mann's other work; maybe someone decided to hold it against him for refining the same idea over the years. And still not as egregious a mistake as Gump over Pulp Fiction and everything else the prior year, but...really close.
  2. I think I've managed to watch the very worst theatrically-released film I've ever seen: the remake of Conan the Barbarian with Jason Momoa, which is on Hulu. I do not say this lightly; I paid for tickets to see both the Kilmer/Brando Island of Dr. Moreau and Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows, which were...ugh. Just ugh. But this was somehow worse. The acting is terrible. The dialogue doesn't even sound like it was recorded correctly, as half of it is mumbled (though Momoa as your star really doesn't help on that front). The story makes no sense at all, the fight choreography seems like it was done by 4 year olds who thought Star Wars lightsaber scenes were realistic, and the special effects feel like a TV movie from the 90s. I get the impression that, when this was being cast, they initially sent the script to Clifton Collins Jr. to play Ela-Shan, before casting...whoever they cast. And Clifton, star of goddamned Boondock Saints 2 for Christ's sake, probably said, "This is the most unredeemable piece of crap I've ever read. Fuuuuuck no, I'm gonna go do Westworld and be awesome." And Hulu has a sense of humor. During the credits: "Up Next: The Last Airbender"
  3. The best thing about KC winning is that the team with the longest SB drought is now... the Jets.
  4. How is that different from standard Southie?
  5. Can you two just go meet up in Vegas and have sex and get it over with already? Geez.
  6. I think one of the things that ends up working well about the show in a big-picture sense is that, if you enjoyed Logan, this feels like "Episodes from How We Got to the World of Logan", which is kind of neat. Probably unintentional, and undeniably grimdark - the whole series is a collection of awful things happening that top the prior awful thing - but a nice window nonetheless. I think eventually the parents blend in well enough, and I can't stand Stephen Moyer for the most part (feel, uh...differently about Amy Acker). Everything's a shitshow, and everyone gets more than their piece of it. For me, the worst parts were the bad guys; I never liked the tropey Cop with Nothing to Lose garbage, and he only had maybe 3 scenes the whole show where I gave a rat's ass about his character. And the final Big Bad has the mutant power of being able to walk around and deliver lines with a broomstick up her ass the whole time.
  7. Decided to binge The Gifted, though I'm wondering why except for making my Hulu subscription slightly more worth it. Decent time wasting show, better than either Cloak and Dagger or Runaways, but one that feels like a missed opportunity. The Polaris/Eclipse relationship and casting worked well, and would have been better with a more natural progression instead of rushing to a conclusion. There's really nothing stopping The Dumbass Mouse from jumping straight into Exiles or Age of Apocalypse, given the ending, but they won't. And no, DC TV is not better than Marvel TV, because there's no DC TV, just Berlanti TV where every episode, arc, line delivery, camera shot, and ending sequence is the same. Marvel may be all over the map with quality but their highs are so much higher. But if there's one thing I'd burn straight to the fucking ground with modern TV, it's the pensive closing montage over some popular song. Fuck everyone involved with those.
  8. I guess BT stands for Big Time (not really, he's been a stereotypical college kicker). I'm hearing a lot of "Burrow's pass, incomplete." Probably the most he's heard it, too. Get used to it. If Clemson's offense stays in rhythm like they did for this drive, they're going to eat LSU's lunch.
  9. And The Lighthouse got snubbed across the board (the GGs were quite the omen there). Whatever. If Joker is actually better in that many respects, I'll eat my hat.
  10. It's funny hearing Reid get compared to Belichick. I guess that's O'Brien's gift as a coach.
  11. My train of thought was more in the lane of, "Everyone who gets sucked into the Soul Gem via claiming the Gem exists across all timelines and places, but only through some spooky interaction or another." I highly doubt they'll ever do anything whatsoever to have her come *back* back. She'll be doing some Red Skull-at-most kind of a visit with someone; I could very much see her showing up in Dr. Strange's movie as a cameo and having a chat with him that might echo what he had with Tilda Swinton in the first movie. Plus, I take actors who are "done" with things as seriously as sports owners who have "faith" in their coaches.
  12. My guess is that ScarJo is in no way done playing Black Widow completely. If Adam Warlock isn't going to be the guy popping in and out of the Soul Gem to talk to people, it'll be her, and she's really the right person to fulfill that role if they go that direction. Yeah, I know the gems are dusted; but do you see that "Multiverse" title up there? Yeah, that shit's coming back. It's comic books: if something works, it's never completely gone.
  13. Ehhhhhh. I could imagine Rocket's first quip at that idea. "You're supposed to be some perfectly assembled being, and they couldn't scrub that big mole off yer nose? Someone call in sick on the production line, there, Goldilocks?"
  14. You also have to figure some lightning is involved, and that could go over really well for a lady with the right kink. So, not really all that unbelievable.
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