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  1. Fun tidbit about the casting in Invincible --
  2. Yeah, I bet he got a lot of mail when his kidney problems began: "Hi Bernie, I'd like to offer you a transplant; it's got guaranteed 8% better function..."
  3. If I'd known it was this easy to get a custom title, I would have slandered him at any point in the last 3+ years. The picture I could do without, though...and now my C is green instead of blue. *sigh*
  4. Apparently, Joe West thought this sort of thing would keep him from getting in the Hall of Fame. Don't worry, Joe. Being a shitty, shitty, shitty umpire will do that all by itself.
  5. I guess Twitter has more influence on me than I would like; there was some bullshit going around about how many of the Best Actor winners from the 2010s really deserved it (maybe 2?) and I found myself rewatching Manchester by the Sea to see if it clicked any better a second time. I mean, fuck Casey Affleck, and he's not one of the two deserving winners - he feels like he's playing 2 disparate roles for most of the film and it's rare that the two bleed together in any meaningful way - but the rest of the movie is better than I remembered. It's still kind of bullshit for having kids dying to
  6. I'd say the simplest one is to mention jury nullification, and the lawyers will toss you. I go with the old raised hand when they ask the question, "Has your life been touched by crime?" I mean, at the point where you're old enough to be on a jury, whose life hasn't been?
  7. I think the way to stick it to these companies who think this kind of connectivity is a good idea would be to craft a little image or piece of code that lets your fridge think all it has inside are a collection of butt cheeks. Just wall-to-wall butts. Nothing but severed butts. Not even matched pairs or anything. Just butts.
  8. Continued onward with some more of Joe Hill's stuff, and BOY, was The Fireman the wrong book to start reading in the last 12 calendar months!
  9. I can tell I'm getting old when I look forward to halftime because I can do some dishes.
  10. I liked the style of that anthem, if not the execution all the way through. Also, why do they put Raftery on the air? To make Tourette's sufferers feel better about themselves?
  11. If you could Thanos-snap all of professional wrestling out of existence for all of history, the world would probably be a better place. At the least, it wouldn't be missing anything, and maybe the McMahons would be washing cars or working as short order cooks or something.
  12. College basketball hasn't been really watchable for a long time, but this has been a wonderful game. Love to see it under these circumstances.
  13. So I got around to watching Nomadland, since I absolutely loved The Rider and I was interested to see what Chloe Zhao had up next. Turns out it was a lot of the same. That's not a bad thing per se; I just didn't expect it to chase so many of the same ideas so much. I don't like comparing films to just say "X is better than Y" except when it's your standard comic-book cheeseburger fare, but this just freely opens the door to those comparisons because the films are so much alike. And this had a lot of potential that I'm not sure I felt was followed through upon. Where The Rider is y
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