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  1. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Every time I find a pair of shoes I enjoy enough to buy again, the company stops fucking making them. Thanks, Clarks. Thanks, Timberland. Stupid assholes.
  2. 2018 NCAAB: MADNESS

    I technically was a UMBC student for my first year of grad school! We did a thing in the sportsballs! ...OK that's not as exciting as Clemson winning the title was in 2017.

    ...and then you remember that literally any point you're in over your head, or about to drown, or fall out of the sky due to lack of stamina, you can *also* fast travel to a tower and never, never, never die.

    Cripes those guys look so old. And while that makes me feel really old myself, it also makes me rather happy I'm not as old as they are.
  5. 2018 NCAAB: MADNESS


    You can also just drop crap on the ground in the Goron area to roast them.

    I wasn't a fan of the button mapping, either. I'm loathe to restart Skyrim on my PC, thinking that I'll try to play Link-style and fail miserably. And yeah, the bow switching is gimped, I think, since the D-Pad stuff is so centered on standard weapons/shields. I'm up to 104 or 105 standard shrines, and, after a good rant at the TV, I finished Episodes in Dickstabbing, aka the One-Hit Obliterator section of the Champion's Ballad. Funny that the first Molduga I put down is the one you have to fight for Naboris.

    Fantastic idea, let's have the Albert Haynesworth Redux. Oy vey. That said, we had a glut at WR anyway with Edelman returning (unless Gronk retires).

    Not to mention, have you seen the kids who live in Baltimore? Camden Yards will be heroin-encrusted rubble by June.
  10. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    That's like going to a one-star Michelin rated restaurant, ordering the prime rib, and saying, "This isn't rare enough. Can you just take this back and give me 18 cases of ice cream sandwiches topped with gummy bears instead"? Having that opinion of DD is understandable - I've seen people bash the side characters and their jokiness, the fact that DD is doing the GreenArrow/Batman-only-Red-and-Blind-and-Marvel act, that the characterization of Elektra is all wrong, etc. Not that I agree with them, but I understand them. I can understand other criticisms, too. IF & Defenders were written wholly around the premise of "Danny is a moron", the plots made no sense, the character arcs made even less sense, the fight scenes were by-and-large an embarrassment; these are not criticisms you can level at DD to the same degree. You may think it sucks but there's no world where it sucked more than the other 2 shows.
  11. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    You're a strange person.
  12. The Best Open World Games?

    I couldn't play Witcher 1, the combat was so bad, so they're not wrong. And I say this having gone to bat for Morrowind a few posts up. I suppose I should at least give 2 a try, since the story is relevant to 3...but I'm expecting more of the same.
  13. The Best Open World Games?

    Hmmm... I own, but have not played, most of the Just Cause & Far Cry series, and I suspect those probably could earn themselves a spot if I ever played them. And I've never played any of the Rockstar games, aside from about 10 hours of LA Noire, which made me want to never play it again. For my own rankings, given the other stuff that's on here...do we count Tomb Raider? I suppose I wouldn't, since it's not strictly open (where you can go where you want from the beginning), but it probably blows a lot of these out of the water as a gaming experience. Otherwise, there are a lot of factors that go into how I feel about these things, and no one game has them all - not even close, really. So I'll just mention the 'winners' for each of those feelings and why they're successful. - "Pick up, put down, lather rinse repeat" - Fallout 3. By the end game, it's fantastically broken, but man, sometimes it's just fun to go to some location you haven't seen before, blow some shit up, own a Deathclaw or 5, and move on. It has replayability and ease and fun by the bucketloads. And the story is better than 4. - "I think I know it, and then I find I don't know it" - Skyrim. I have probably 1600 hours in this and about 12 different characters, but each and every single time I play it, I learn something I didn't know on the prior playthrough. The last time it was learning the non-violent option for solving the Gildergreen quest. Always something. - "I wish I could be in this world" - LoZ: Breath of the Wild. As much as I've dumped on it in the other thread, it just feels...inviting. Like when you glide into some empty area and just look at everything around you, there's a sensation of peace to it all. I'm not sure too many games outside of the LoZ series could pull this off. Ocarina of Time might actually be better at this, but feels more restricted and restricting. - "This owns my soul" - Morrowind. Forget the bugs, forget the worst combat system in the history of combat or systems, forget the lack of voice acting, forget the age of it. This did deep horror better than any other game I've seen, especially given the plotlines of both Oblivion & Skyrim since. Vvardenfell is such a massively creepy, unsettling, weird fucking place, and when you do totally basic stuff like PICK UP A BOOK AND READ there are just more and more layers of weird and insane and mind-warping waiting for you. There's a huge part of me that wants to set aside the awfulness of the way the game handles to play it again...and then the part of me that's scared shitless of every square inch of that island says, "No." Anything that puts most or all of these into one container would probably be my favorite game of all time.
  14. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I think what I liked most about this is that it just felt like a TV show, where the comic-book aspects take something of a back seat. Sure, powers may be at the root of the worst things here, but these are all people so fundamentally broken that they'd make other, equally self-destructive choices without any help (and frequently do, as we routinely see in flashbacks). Still don't feel like Marvel TV has got its groove back since the double decker shit sandwich of IF and Defenders, though.