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  1. Contentious C


    And thus comprises the only hour *I* ever spent on FF8.
  2. Contentious C

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Perhaps it belongs in a thread called, "Best Movies Co-Directed by Cocaine"?
  3. Contentious C


    That's still a character that's heavy on the confused and pissed-off tones you described, though. I sort of think of that role as if the character from River's Edge had grown up to be a lawyer. And his dad was Satan. Plus, imagining him saying, "Mother fucker! Food eater!" to Pacino is hilarious.
  4. Contentious C

    Scenes You Didn't Understand as a Kid

    Really? Every single one? You clearly never walked in on your 300-lb. college roommate cooking food naked, then.
  5. Contentious C

    Scenes You Didn't Understand as a Kid

    Roughly as soon as they're born is preferable, in point of fact, so...yeah, particularly confusing.
  6. There isn't really a dedicated thread for college bad behavior (aside from football, I guess), and this thread, as often as any other, is a quiet wish that someone foolish would shut up, so why can't people in charge at Michigan State just shut up already? I mean, what in the everlasting fuck.
  7. Contentious C

    Better Movies Than Novels

    Well, if you do, you'd get a chance to tell John Huston what you thought of his movie.
  8. Contentious C

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    I can't decide if debt reclamation companies should suffer in their own circle of Hell, or if they are their own circle of Hell. Probably a false dichotomy.
  9. Contentious C


    Well, that's just rubbish. The only value to having seen so many of his movies is the occasional reminder of what constitutes a bad movie. Though I am surprised he made not one but two movies with Gus Van Sant. ... What? You were expecting me to read that and say, "Whoa"?
  10. I'm really interested to see Night on Earth, for that matter, but yeah, A Face in the Crowd is my April Criterion buy, guaran-goddamn-teed.
  11. Contentious C


    That definitely cuts both ways, though. The drivers in Baltimore are profoundly deranged and will run a light that's redder than fake blood in a Giallo film. I had one fucking asshole in a truck almost take my foot off by doing just that, and as he sped by, clearly not giving a fuck that I had the Walk signal, his girlfriend or whoever was in the passenger seat saw me and laughed, like *that's* the natural reaction to almost hitting someone with 3000 pounds of fiberglass and steel weaponry. So I punched his tailgate as I crossed the street behind him. Every other person who saw the exchange sounded out a chorus of "Oh Shit!"s and I just kept walking, never looked back even as I heard the guy park his truck and get out. And that's the story of the time I probably should've been shot in broad daylight, and somehow wasn't.
  12. Contentious C


    Family Guy is allegedly phasing out gay jokes. I'm confused. They've been phasing out jokes for 15 years, haven't they?
  13. Contentious C


    So this was probably, what, mid-90s? Or a little earlier/later? That would have been exactly the stretch of time David Simon was writing about when writing The Wire. But, if you were walking 3 blocks from the Convention Center to a package store, I probably know the store you're talking about. If it was due north from the center, past the light rail stop, then yeah, that's one of the uglier blocks of the whole city, and I'm totally certain it's much better now than it was whenever you saw it. But that little stretch is still a shithole - a package store next to the closest thing to a classy strip club in the city (at least outside of Fells), with a sports bar over top of that and about 4 different types of ethnic "food" that would probably make you heave your guts out. It's also only a block at most from the 7-11 I was talking about. If the place you were talking about was in any other direction, they've probably bulldozed it by now, because I don't remember any other stores that close to the Convention Center. I can also vouch that Johnny's story sounds, if anything, like it's tame. I suppose that's marital bliss for you. I had little to no reason to ever visit the red light district - never been in a strip club in my life, not about to start, and my life's been fucked-up enough without ever doing drugs, so no, Tabe, I did not fly the guy to the planet with all the cocaine - but I had to go to a church nearby once for one of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society shows. I walked there, and, for whatever reason, I ended up taking Calvert St. up to the church, roughly around 7 PM for an 8 PM show. I hit Charles St, the east/west "main street", and some dude comes up to me instantly and says, "Hey brother, you're early!" I don't even think about it and say, "Yeah, I am", and I wonder, "How did he know?" Then one glance to my right tells me he's talking about something totally different. Oh, that.
  14. Contentious C

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    Well, someone else mentioned WAA as a stat that reveals how out of line Baines was with respect to being deserving the HOF - he was a 2.1 after adjusting for the average RF/DH. Parker's a 6.5 for his career. That's...not good. Sheffield, on the other hand, despite his numerous defensive liabilities in RF, and LF, and SS, and 3B, is a 26.0. Dwight Evans is a 33.0. Larry Walker sits at 48.3. And the latter two guys were actually good defensively. Clearly, there are bigger omissions than Dave Parker, who probably isn't the RF floor (Sheffield probably is).
  15. Contentious C


    If you're God-Emperors, why not just snap your damn fingers and remake them all at once. Geez, it's like you don't even understand how this shit works.