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  1. Death From Above

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    The biggest problem I see for Tetris 99 is that you have to use one of the objectively trash Switch controllers to play it. The actual game is fine.
  2. Death From Above

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

  3. Death From Above


  4. Death From Above

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    I wish Apex gave you self-moderation tools. Last night I had one of my first Toxic Typing Warriors who called me a "retarded faggot" after he got himself killed. I don't really expect some moderator to sit there watching 5000 games of Apex to handle that shit but there doesn't seem to be an easily accessible way to just turn off another player's text chat, or a personal blacklist I can add them to. That's all I really want. Just a little right click > add to the naughty list. For the record I have almost 50 hours in the game and this is only like the third or 4th Reddit Champion I've been teamed with.
  5. Death From Above

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    I had the weirdest game stretch yesterday where one guy dropped out during selection, then the second player quit about 90 seconds in (I guess because he realized it wasn't a full team), then I managed to solo for almost 14 minutes and ended up 4th. Then for the next 2 hours, every single game I was in with a full squad ended in under 5 minutes. Games are weird. I honestly can't put my finger on it but somehow Apex made a BR that is actually still fun to play after you get through the initial euphoria wave, even if you are awful at it (and I have no ego here, my shooting skills are incredibly poor+not a good rig at all). It's just *fun* in some way I can't put into words.
  6. Death From Above


    This is my favourite headline in gaming so far this year.
  7. Death From Above

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    I mean if you lasted more than 5 seconds you're bare minimum a first degree black belt, right? I watched some of Shroud streaming Apex last night and I honestly don't know if I've ever been more shook watching someone play a game. If that dude is in your game it's a straight up instant loss.
  8. Death From Above


    The KoToR games have held up for sure. Shit, it's actually better to play 2 now than when it was new because you can just install that community patch thing on Steam that radically improves the experience, including a whole cut content sequence with the HK factory. The first game is pretty close to a flawless, big silly Star Wars adventure. Revan, HK-47, and Jolee Bindo are probably 3 of my 5 favourite Star Wars characters. HK-47 might actually be the best sidekick of all-time.
  9. Death From Above

    Magic: the Gathering

    Entrancing Melody is insanely underrated. That it actually catches people by surprise because it isn't played that often is crazy to me. It's definitely a very strong anti blue/green card now with all those Adapt +1/+1 counters flying around. The early game Ptermander doesn't actually scare me that much when I play mono-blue, because Merfolk Trickster just straight up shits on it.
  10. Death From Above

    Magic: the Gathering

    If you play one of those mono-white weenie spam decks, this card is gonna be your new thing.
  11. Death From Above


    So my honest, slightly expanded thoughts after a couple days of Anthem stream watching. - It's absolutely gorgeous, and the world is actually pretty cool sci-fi/"Lost World" feel - There are brief moments where you are like "damn this is really good" but they are too few and far between - Too many repeating bosses. Some of those bosses are quite cool, but how many times? - The UI is bad - A lot of the missions are way too repetitive. There are too many collect stuff missions - Even on maxed out gaming rigs with insane specs there are 45 second loading times, it's gonna suck for normal people - It's a "shoot stuff" game where, watching it, guns feel totally unimportant. It's all about charging up and using your skills. Weird. - This game is not finished, and it shows. There are clearly missing dialogue sections that were cut, bad cutscene QA, no audio in places, etc. - Related to the above the story feels quite disjointed at points. What is there is the weakest Bioware story - The back half of the game is VERY buggy. Not, like Pathfinder Kingmaker buggy where it doesn't work at launch. But the next worse thing. - The last main mission cannot be set to private and it is possible for level 1 characters to pop up in your party. This is busted as fuck. - The lack of any music or ambient noise in town is absolutely fucking weird and jarring - I'm not going to spoil the ending but... it's incredibly anticlimactic. Like "Shadow of War ended on a quicktime event" anticlimactic There are things about the game where you see flashes, hints of what might have been. But this game is not good, and I'm sad about that. There's also incredibly little interest in it on streams, relative to what you would have expected a couple years ago. The well was poisoned before it even launched, but the actual product has done nothing to change people's minds. Lots of people watched the first few hours and said "nah I am good". You could sign up for Origin's premier service, play the game for $15, then unsubscribe and it's probably fine? It feels like a giant project that absolutely people poured in what they had to give. But they needed more time, and there wasn't any more. It's gross, but it is what it is now. I'm from Edmonton so Bioware is my hometown team, and I really hope the promises of more Dragon Age and Mass Effect are true. I know some people that work there through social media and mutual interests away from their work. This studio doesn't deserve to be remembered like this.
  12. Death From Above

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

    What has led you to believe I have stayed sane?
  13. Death From Above

    NHL 2018-19 - Period Two

    Fly free, only goalie to haul our ass to the playoffs in a decade. Fly free.
  14. Death From Above

    Battle Royale Games MEGA THREAD

    I have 2 wins in Apex, in which I have landed a combined 0 shots. 200 IQ pacifism
  15. Death From Above


    You too can experience the thing Zelda games were always missing, un-repariable weapon durability