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  1. Epic isn't great, but until they illegally share my information with the fucking Pentagon I'm not ready to lump them in with google.
  2. It's honestly astonishing how bad Montreal's last decade would look without Carey Price. I mean hell at least as an Oilers fan I have McDavid to watch.
  3. Bye Jimmy don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  4. MJFs promo itself was good I just really don't like the politics angle. I watch wrestling to get away from hearing about US politics 24/7, I'm not even an American, leave me the fuck alone already
  5. Top tier screen grab. Hell of a match too, this is really fucking good.
  6. Man, I still had fun watching this show. It's a wild fucking time when I of all people am Mr. Positive.
  7. Man, what the fuck was Jericho doin'? lmao
  8. It was absolutely better than the tag title match.
  9. And then posted their highest quarterly profit of all-time. Nice look.
  10. I've never seen the Mousetrap before so if that was blown, Orange honestly did a great job to salvage it at all. Credit for that at least.
  11. I don't mean to pile on but you can't both have JR no-selling modern wrestling while also having Taz there Just Having Fun, which he is miles worse at than just being an asshole as a manager. One or the other but not both together. I agree they need Excalibur back in place of one of those.
  12. Another good show. None of the matches were bad. I'm not sure any of them were great, but none of them were bad. Arn Anderson saying nice things about the Rock N Roll Express just feels wrong somehow. Tully not having any of this shit was great.
  13. What was the story behind them using an unfinished belt for so long? It looked so odd.
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