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  1. Death From Above

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    Not going to lie, when Tottenham hired Mauricio Pocettino, none of the thoughts that occurred to me included his tenure being long enough to outlast Jose having a job at both Chelsea and Manchester United.
  2. Death From Above

    The Board Game Thread

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/80190/CTSTStarter-Traveller?affiliate_id=31065 So, Traveller is a game nearly as old as basic Dungeons & Dragons that has gone through about a trillion revisions. It's pretty much the grandfather of space RPG. I've never actually played it myself, but it was a giant inspiration for Stars Without Number revised edition, which... might be my favourite tabletop RPG that I've ever tried? Anyway, a 100% free starter version of Classic Traveller PDFs is now available, if that might be a thing you want to try out. There's no reason not to add this to your collection if you have interest in tabletop roleplaying.
  3. Death From Above


    EA have a bunch of have-not franchises that I don't even know what the appeal is of anymore. Their NHL games are absolute bunk and somehow still don't have proper management features nearly 20 years into those being a thing. FIFA and Madden seem to get all the resources, and even then, it's not like Madden is actually universally loved, you hear a lot of complaints about it not being as feature rich as it should be. FIFA might be their only actual good sports franchise, despite all the sales. Battlefield V seems... okay? It feels better to watch than the previous one just because they adjusted the pacing a bit so it's not such a clusterfuck. But man, all historical shooters just blur together to me, just not my thing.
  4. Death From Above


    For Honor was pretty awful at launch but to their credit I hear from people that hated it at the time they've done a ton of work on it since and it's actually pretty good. Say what you will about Ubisoft, but they aren't EA when it comes to quality control or just abandoning games at launch, for the most part.
  5. Death From Above

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    I actually feel bad for Flyers fans right now. Already fired the GM (and the scout, because he's totally the problem here). Lose in Calgary when they were up by 2 with like no time left, lost in a very sleepy effort to Edmonton, now honestly have been blown right off the ice in the first 11 minutes in Vancouver. This is just not fun to watch.
  6. Death From Above


    brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain
  7. Death From Above

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017... err... 2018 now

    Humble Bundle is giving away Lego The Hobbit for free if you sign up to their newsletter, which a lot of you are probably getting anyway.
  8. Death From Above


    What in the blue fuck is that Bono cover, why did you show this to me, I have done nothing wrong
  9. Death From Above


    I'm not having much trouble so far (only like halfway through the acts) but i'm also following a build guide. http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2108003
  10. Death From Above


    The current Path of Exile league might just be my favourite ever. I've felt pretty burned out on A-rpg's for quite some time, but I'm really enjoying this. I remember playing this game a thousand years ago when it was basically a Diablo II+, had three acts, and unlocking the Scion meant you were minutes from the end of the game. I've dabbled in it now and again since, but there's a lot of stuff at the back end I've never actually played. To really dig into it hard now and be enjoying it, with the absolutely crazy amount of stuff going on in this game, it's pretty wild. After skipping Bestiary (which people disliked, but has been reworked for this new one and seems fine now), I played around with both the Incursion (which was good) and Delve (which I hated but is really easy to skip if you don't want it) leagues but have really dug in harder on this one. I have no idea how the GGG team manages to pump out the new shit they do consistently once every season. My personal goal is to make it to maps for the first time. But that could still be a long way off.
  11. Death From Above

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    If one player like Barco has the big success and ends up making a huge move, more will follow. There is really no reason to hang around in the South American leagues if you don't have to.
  12. Death From Above

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Chicago will win it and then be awarded another 47 outdoor games.
  13. Death From Above

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Seeing the Oilers absolutely destroy the Minnesota Wild just one time felt very good.
  14. Death From Above


    I want to like Anthem but it's never really recovered for me from that awful 20 minute gameplay video they showed at E3 during the height of the Warframe surge, where all I could think was "this is basically Warframe but at like one third speed, seemingly little of the cool ninja movement, and with zero chance of having 25% as many weapons to play with". Also the boss fight in that video was basically a really cool looking giant insect... standing there doing nothing. I want it to be good, but I don't have any faith that it is.
  15. Death From Above


    There were a ton of cool looking smaller releases shown last night including: