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  1. First, you ask out a gymnast...
  2. By then they'll have finished randomly banning/deleting everyone's characters in GTA Online in a 7 year old game for no goddamn reason, and, on a less likely front, may actually add something new to the 6th game.
  3. GOAT

    I grew up around dog shows as a kid and Best In Show is marvelous. I've *met* all these characters, it's so bang on it hurts.
  4. Still enjoying Nuclear Throne though to be honest I wonder just how much better my reflexes will allow me to get. My high score is 585, loop 1 1-2. This is good in the context that many players never even get to the loop, but still pretty bad in the context of daily high scores. Granted most of the top players there are people that have played for 2 years plus. Great, great game and I can see why it's been ripped off quite a bit since its release. I've also fired up Death Road to Canada which is on sale on Steam this week. Very funny game without sacrificing being interesting to play. The shorthand description of it is that it's got an Oregon Trail style setup but with zombie themed events based on you trying to survive driving from Florida to the safe haven of The Greatest Nation On Earth. It can be a little tough but it achieves the important thing a rogue-like needs, which is being fun to play even if you die. Plus you can add custom characters to meet on your journeys so you too can live the dream of facing down the zombies on a team with Krieg from borderlands, Bill Murray, and John Cena. I have only had it a few days but already feel like I got my money's worth out of it. Seems to still be getting updates, too.
  5. GOAT

    Lady Snowblood is fucking great. The good Kill Bill movie is basically a shot for shot remake for large portions.
  6. GOAT

    Dirty Harry is an odd one in that I don't think there's any disputing that it has THE iconic scene of Eastwood's career yet I am pretty comfortable saying I think several of his westerns are much better overall movies. I was one of the 400 Blows voters. Truffaut was an important stepping stone in my own film discovery process as a curious young man.
  7. The crowd reaction on that one just slays me. They just all sit down, so disappointed. It's perfect.
  8. At least you got Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow out of this story which is a pretty great long cut as far as "shit pretty clearly written on acid" goes.
  9. Best of

    This has certainly proven to be the most correct and accurate thing I've said on this board in many years. Enjoy your endless whining, I think I'll stick to the master results thread from here on out.
  10. Hardest part of ME1 for me was by far the Berserk AI on the Moon mission. So many missiles. So much sadness.
  11. Best of

    Not gonna lie, seeing Rear Window fall hurt a bit. All great films in this lot though, top to bottom.
  12. I think it has a lot to do with that around the same time I learned there'd be jetpacks in ME: Andromeda, I also watched a trailer for an upcoming game called ELEX (it's by the same dudes that did the Risen series), and it also featured a jetpack as a combat feature, and the video looked really, really bad and repetitive and gimmicky. Like, basically every combat sequence features a Jetpack Dodge the enemy cannot overcome followed by The Big Move. I wasn't really enthused by what I saw of them in ME: A around the same time. Probably not entirely fair that I'm worried it will wind up the same way in Andromeda, but I do have my worries that adding jetpacks into Mass Effect combat will go less than smoothly and prove to be more of a gimmicky distraction than a cool feature. Basically I'm stuck in the past and I just want to play Mass Effect 2 only it doesn't end. Never mind me.
  13. Well this thread is already fucked so I'll just chime in and say Andromeda had me worried the moment I saw a jet pack.
  14. Best of

    I love Lawrence of Arabia very much. When people say "they don't make films like that anymore" it's always the first one that springs to mind to me, because the idea of 21st century mainstream film making letting David Lean wander off into the desert and film a 3 and a half hour epic about A British Person without any pop songs in sight is just impossible to even imagine right now. And that's a damn shame.
  15. Maybe Manchester City could spend some of their infinite wealth on some players that can defend? Just a thought. Monaco are a very fun team to watch, too bad half of it will be playing for PSG, Bayern, and Arsenal next year.