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  1. Since Jim Matheson being a cunt has got himself trending today, let's review some history.
  2. I cannot stress enough how enjoyable I am finding a Sekiro playthrough as I go through the FromSoft games in preperation for Elden Ring. The combat and style is totally different than all their other games in recent years, but it is soooooo satisfying when you get things right. Maybe the only game in years where I've actually enjoyed stealth because it feels so rewarding. Also, just an incredible soundtrack, like absolute all-timer in how it incorporates music into the action. It's also gorgeous.
  3. Those hot takes early in the year about Kyler Murray winning the MVP and the Cardinals being the best team in the NFL sure were something, huh I mean I like exciting highlights too but come on
  4. Weebo is the man. Spitting facts and taking a crazy amount of shit from our own fanbase.
  5. All I know is that as a Packers fan, I would much rather have played the Cowboys than San Francisco. Like, not even close.
  6. Can we just call this Eagles/Bucs game and move on to real games?
  7. Djokovic has been one of the most public anti-vaxxers literally on earth for nearly 3 years, there's no slippery slope here beyond "shut the fuck up and read a book".
  8. Not every day you get to see a legit atmospheric shockwave, that's nuts.
  9. In hindsight given how ridiculous the PS5 shortages have been, Elden Ring technically being a PS4 game with a PS5 port looks pretty fucking smart. Turns out it's a lot easier to sell a game when people can actually, you know, play it.
  10. Yeah my problem with paid subscriptions is I feel like I HAVE to play them all the time and it tends to burn me out. I don't regret my time in FF 14 though. I understand why you'd want them to go free to play but when their servers are getting overloaded as is, that's not happening for a few years yet at least.
  11. I will never understand the narrative behind Ortiz, drug cheat, being good and everyone else being bad. In no universe do I vote Ortiz ahead of A-Rod never mind Bonds.
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