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  1. The only thing other than Fire Pro I played lately was finishing up Tomb Raider Anniversary. Having never played the classic Tomb Raider games (I was a Nintendo house in those days) I can't really say what changed from the original but this was overall a far more satisfying puzzle game than I expected to be honest. A lot of the puzzles are really well thought out and make you work. The combat kind of sucks, which means the last couple combat heavy chapters suck. But overall that's not nearly enough to diminish that this was a fun one. This is basically the best Spider Man game. Also colour me shocked this was quite playable using a keyboard setup, which I would not have guessed. There is no minimap and no waypoints flashing GO HERE STUPID which is really jarring in a sense, but really puts into perspective how much handholding we are all used to now and it was refreshing to play a game without it. The Remake of an Original being 10 years old really puts the stamp on how old I am in gaming terms though. Jesus.
  2. Custom ring colours is a must, even more so than the logos to me. The 8 colour selection or whatever it is has always felt like a placeholder. For whatever flaws this game has, it is still the joy of the video game summer.
  3. It kind of looks like Terraria, but with better lighting effects? This is a compliment.
  4. I feel like the logic/moveset stuff is the easier part if you actually are familiar enough with the wrestler once you actually learn what all the categories do. Moveset can take a while if you don't know where they stuck a certain move though. I'd say about 80% of my time is spent in the appearance tab and yes, I know, it's still pretty clearly my weakest area by far. The only clones I have made for the purposes of strengthening was one for Flair, and I made a stronger Jushin Liger because I'm a mark and I want the correct person to win certain matches all the time. I might do a Terry Funk.
  5. At this point I am mostly sticking to Fire Pro Returns/D re-uploads which I don't mind getting duplicates for since at least those are semi-official work. Most of the genuinely new shit for me the last few days has been DeathByHighKick's MMA stuff which even if I might not use it as much is clearly a project of love on his part and there's some cool stuff there. Other than those I am sort of happy that my roster is as big as it could ever possibly need to be. I probably need to split it into more tabs for ease of use but in terms of just roster size, the Steam Workshop is everything we could have dreamed of. When unsure what version of an edit to grab I tend to just look for a version done by a name I recognize at this point. I mean, if he did 10 other edits I like odds suggest the 11th isn't garbage either. And that way they tend to have more "internal consistency" where all edits by one author are going to align with each other in terms of strength. Most of the editing I plan to do going forward are probably just made up people that I can't imagine why anyone else would want them.
  6. Steam has been acting super-fucky for a lot of people today (incredibly laggy, unable to load most pages etc), if you're having this issue try going to the Steam menu in the top left corner, settings, web browser, clear cache. This clears it up.
  7. You're not allowed to complain if you pay money to see Randy Orton wrestle.
  8. Also how the fuck did I never see this particular masterpiece of pro wrestling before?
  9. Big box girls love box boys that lift.
  10. I enjoyed the game for a few weeks but I quickly got bored simply because it seemed so easy to get nearly all the top cards that there's not enough definition between the ranked Tiers. 9 and up is... really very marginal difference in terms of actual cards rank to rank. Game itself was fine but I didn't feel like dumping any more cash into it than I did. Was worth it for the time I put in, but no more.
  11. One small constructive criticism I'd give the developers is some of the sections could organize parts more clearly, mostly with the face and hair. Like, the faces just sort into Base1-4 which isn't really that helpful a search parameter. With 600+ there's got to be a more useful way to divide them up, especially given that the list doesn't exactly load like lightning. Faces would be tougher. Hair could easily have better sorting by length which would be super helpful too. The other menu that really needs cleaning up is when you go to base an edit of an existing wrestler, having to choose off one giant master list instead of all the tabs you have set up is Very Not Good if the guy you want is, like, 300th out of 450.
  12. We already know that "someone" is you, and you play the wrestling gorilla. It's okay DVDVR isn't here to judge.
  13. I can't run a proper Joshi tag title tournament without her. I swear that's the only reason. Takako Inoue.
  14. I don't know if people have heard but Kyrie Irving isn't very smart.
  15. I'm curious how some of you organize your title belts (or plan to). Do you use a lot of promotional belts? One unified Fire Pro title? Some kind of mix? Boxing alphabet soup? Do you download 28 John Cena edits and have them wrestle for the John Cena Championship?