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  1. Death From Above

    2018 NFL - WEEK SEVEN

    The NFL on twitch was losing to the Critical Role pre-show head to head despite the NFL picking up free cheap "views" from the front page so that's definitely going really well.
  2. Death From Above


    It's the national soup of Scotland, a delightful hearty mixture of fish and potatoes.
  3. Death From Above


    I honestly never understood people saying the game wouldn't sell. People pay $30 to play PUBG. Cod Blops is PUBG but it's not a busted pile of dogshit, so there's that.
  4. Death From Above

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Connor McDavid is the only thing that keeps me clinging to any shred of hope in this ridiculous sport. He is so good he makes other pro athletes look Very Bad almost every single game.
  5. Death From Above

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

  6. Death From Above


    The hearts for the white sword isn't that bad and is probably the easiest part of that. I haven't run the game in a few years but I ran through it a few years annually and remember the strat being make an early dash for the raft > use raft to get hearts around the map > grab white sword > actually start the game from there. I can't remember where the rupee caves are now but a few of those can get you armor really early too.
  7. Death From Above

    Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017... err... 2018 now

    Dark Souls III DLC seems to go on sale like twice a year at most so I guess it's noteworthy that all the DS III DLC is 50% off on Humble for the next few days.
  8. Death From Above

    The Board Game Thread

    Until one hath slayeth an aberration or demon or devil (or parhaps a very large evil tree), thou hast not proveth thyself to be a man worthy of the holy hand grenade. One shall be the number of the slaying, and the number of the slaying shall be one.
  9. Death From Above

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019

    This is the only hall of fame I'm aware of that I have less respect for than Meltzer's, and even in that comparison, it's not particularly close.
  10. Death From Above


    That art kind of looks like Paper Sorcerer but taken to the next level. Pretty cool.
  11. Death From Above


    There's a NES cart that has DK and DK Jr. on one cart called Donkey Kong Classics if you're into that sort of thing.
  12. Death From Above

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    Cam Ward's agent should be a hall of famer for how long that guy has been able to milk 2 and a half good playoff rounds in 2006. People forget he wasn't even the damn starter when that playoffs started, then lost the job back to Martin Gerber (lol), then got put in *again* and went nuts. He's been a mediocre goalie for about 6 years now? I can get why you'd want him as a vet backup, but more because "that's how the NHL thinks about goalies" as opposed to "this is actually good". I can only say so much when the Oilers signed Some Guy From The KHL to $2.5 million a year and gave him a fucking no movement clause. I live in an asylum. The Leafs offense is pretty fun to watch but that blueline is like watching a bunch of cats run around chasing a laser pen.
  13. Death From Above

    2018-19 NHL: Period One

    "Connor McDavid, 2 points in a loss" get very used to this everybody.
  14. Death From Above


    I am not the audience for it at all, but it seems ridiculous to me that Mario Party comes out on switch in 2018 without full fledged online multiplayer. What's even the fucking point if you can't troll people around the world? Nintendo you are weird.
  15. Death From Above

    SOCCER - AUTUMN 2018

    Jose should be fuming that NFL guy beat him to the retiring at halftime gimmick. Would have been amazing.