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  1. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get heat for taking a rope break out of a hold before. The 50's were ice cold. I haven't seen much of Pat O'Connor but we're agreed there's no way Antonio Inoki didn't have some bizarre secret film stash of him, right? O'Connor's smaller and can as a result fly around a lot more, but other than that the way they move in the ring is uncannily similar.
  2. I know this account is getting spammed because it's the flavour of the month, but seriously what the fuck Every time I watch this it gets funnier. "AHHHHHHHHHH"
  3. One of the reasons I was a Trish Stratus fan is that even if she wasn't exactly Manami Toyota out there, she at least took wrestling seriously and put in the work to improve herself in the ring. Even that was a night and day difference from Sable being "what do you mean I might have to take a bump". And honestly now we're at a point where the last time I took any attempt at seriously watching the WWE product (admittely not in the last year), I found the women's side of the roster more entertaining than the men.
  4. Honestly, 90's joshi is some of the absolute wildest shit. And there's something in it for everyone.
  5. I enjoy the pure artistry of the Rude account but the Mongo account is good also as a pure agent of chaos.
  6. DA BOYS are mad that a new guy got a push and they found their excuse, breaking news
  7. I posted a version of that Blears story from a Hawaiian newspaper a couple of times a few years back. It was really one of those things you never really thought about: men of his age very likely participated in the war in some way. It's just was always so hard for me to process and make the connection of what a generational wide event that was. Maybe even moreso for the British when you think about the fact that London was bombed every single night for *months*, yet somehow the city continued to function. Millions of people even in civilian life just lived with that shit every day. Blears' story is a hell of a story that I know has stuck with me for years. You couldn't make up a more harrowing story if you tried.
  8. Ross definitely picked that habit up and had it ingrained into him by being around Bill Watts so much. Watts realized he couldn't compete for production value with the cartoonish WWF so he would spend a lot of airtime playing up how these were legit athletes and playing up the background. It was a perfectly sensible ploy to differentiate the products, but of course eventually when it's being done all the time forever it wears very thin.
  9. Honestly it seems like a shrewd move to me. You want as many eyes on you as possible, at all times.
  10. It's wild to me they gave Big Show (a guy I'm actually a fan of) a 10-year contract and yet so often it felt like they didn't actually have anything for him to do, or that the plan was to stick him in a B or C level angle. I feel bad for Bart Gunn because he basically did nothing wrong except actually go along with what the company wanted. But what the fuck else was he going to do? He probably knew it was his one shot at a big Wrestlemania payday, but that loss pretty much ended any hope he had of a push. As for Williams, I think he was 40 by the time WWE brought him in. I don't care how tough a guy he really was, it's just crazy shit to think you can take a guy that age and throw him into his first "official" shootfights of some kind. I know a lot of wrestling people are pretty blindered when it comes to legitimate sports, but come on man. You're setting up for failure. I don't even want to touch the can of worms of having Real Fights as a promoted thing in your fake fighting company. I still think this tournament was an all-time dumb shit idea. At least when Inoki somehow tricked Ali into fighting him he was smart enough to just book himself vs. Ali and wasn't such a fucking idiot as to book himself into a whole shoot tournament first just to get there.
  11. I love Stan Hansen in the way that a man can love another man and his lariat.
  12. This rules. I remember really paying attention to Yoko's squash matches as a kid, which let's be real, not a lot of squashes were memorable. Honestly the Banzai Drop is underrated in the all-time list of finishers. That shit looks like death, but everyone I have heard talk about Yoko says he was actually an incredibly safe guy to work with. Yoko's belly-to-belly is insane too. I've been down a nostalgia rabbit hole the last week, and all the "so uh... a Samoan is playing a Japanese sumo wrestler huh" stuff aside, I really like the way Yokozuna was built up as a totally unique character. The way for weeks no one could even knock him off his feet, into the crazy (for WWF in 1993) angle with Duggan where he finally gets knocked down then destroys him with 4 banzai drops, draping the US flag over him, and a Duggan stretcher job with him coughing up blood, into winning the Royal Rumble, and then beating Bret Hart. I'm not counting skinny ass no-roid Hogan coming in after that. As Bobby the Brain always warned us, Hogan is no good.
  13. I've actually never beaten Super Metroid. Given that I have played basically every major SNES and NES title it's probably the weirdest thing in my pile of shame. That game is actually hard as hell. The movement tech that exists in it is ridiculously advanced for a game of that time, and watching people speedrun/race it is totally mind blowing by comparison to my weak scrub efforts. Kid Icarus is really hard casually. My biggest complaint about it is that the first quarter of the game is clearly the best part.
  14. Are there any recommended matches/segments out there of JJ Dillon from his time as a wrestler before he worked as a manager? I'm kinda curious.
  15. Wrestlemania XV is almost exactly a week before Bobby Clarke famously ripped Lindros and basically called him soft and a quitter, then it turned out Eric had a collapsed lung and actually nearly died. It's a real messy piece of Philly sports history.
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