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  1. I have no love for the Friday the 13th series at all, and the game seems like the kind of murder tag that isn't really my thing. But I watched a Youtuber/twitch streamer that I like play the beta for a bit and it actually seems like a pretty good game that is going to please fans of the style. I liked the way the in-game chat works where Jason would be able to hear the campers talking to each other when he got close. There was also a hilariously great movie monster moment where the streamer tried to hide in the closet and he is watching through some peephole as another dude is running around trying to avoid dying, then Jason walked up to the closet and murdered him through the door. That was wonderful. It did seem a lot more fun to play as a camper than as Jason but he also was trying to figure out the controls as he goes. Running around like an idiot that doesn't know what he's doing is always going to be better suited to the victims than the killer.
  2. I think it's mostly a shot at troglodytes like Jeff O'Neil who declared he wouldn't take any player in the NHL over Matthews. Who is a very good rookie but come the fuck on.
  3. The Edmonton Oilers won 5 cups in 7 years and somehow managed to lose one of those years to an own goal in a 7th game against basically the only team that could hang with them for a 7 game series. Can't complain too much about the end results, but still. It could have easily been 6 in 7 years there. Poor old Steve Smith played something like 14 years in the NHL and all anyone remembers is that silly own goal.
  4. I saw that story and thought to myself "that's crazy enough to be true". What a ridiculous situation.
  5. I get it but at the same time 90% of the people I see interested in the throwback consoles want them as paperweights/conversation pieces at parties and like 10% of them seem to be actual gamers.
  6. You all are really committed to pretending like we haven't had access to ROMs for 20 years because you want a case that sort of but not really is the original, huh?
  7. Seriously, "be up to the standards of a decade old Fat Old XBOX game that was good".
  8. Confirmed: Revan and Krela were right. Even Skywalker knows the Jedi must end. Lucas' "balance through annihilating anything you don't agree with" was full of shit. Not really news, but still nice to see Revan won.
  9. Juventus are absolutely shredding Barcelona. And they're not going to shit the bed like PSG.
  10. There is no way they don't do Toronto. I think Winnipeg had some but I don't recall all the venues. Edmonton is obviously big enough with the 55K seat stadium but Vancouver is the western city I am expecting anyway.
  11. That would probably be 5 in Toronto 5 in Vancouver? It's not quite The Dream but it's pretty close. To actually see a world cup match that close to home would be something else.
  12. NFL

    I wish Eight-Five luck but he didn't exactly light it up in the CFL a couple years ago. Great twitter character more or less, though.
  13. For the first time in years I'm thinking about writing a game guide, for Darkest Dungeon. The minority that get frustrated with it talk a lot about RNG, but from my own play I genuinely believe literally 90% of that isn't RNG but just not recognizing mistakes that are completely correctable. I think there might be some value in a guide but I wonder if it would just be too long and wordy to even appeal to the type that find it easier to just blame everything on Dem Numbers. Darkest Dungeon is not XCOM Enemy Unknown where you can genuinely do nothing wrong and die because 87% chance to hit is really like 47%.
  14. EDIT Wrong thread. So, uh, the future looks bright and we all need more free time.