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  1. Absolutely, and there's nothing those darn kids can do about it.
  2. If I had a time machine all I'd do with it is get my younger dumb ass to invest in a bunch of tech shit with a list of dates of when to sell out, that's literally it.
  3. Honestly the more I think about it really there is no point in live albums anymore in the world of shared video, the only real downside is the lack of that material on Spotify (or your chosen equivilant). And yeah Primus/Claypool projects are definitely one of *those* fanbases that's pretty active at uploading material. There's a ton out there to consume.
  4. Man, Gamefaqs was an absolute juggernaut in the pre-youtube days when everyone uploading video wasn't technically feasable. But I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I used that site.
  5. I haven't done anything tabletop in ages. Being an antisocial idiot that absolutely sucks at making friends might actually be an issue, who knew
  6. Yeah there's this very bizarre legal situation where Party X owns the rights to the Jason character and Party Y owns the rights to the actual Friday the 13th franchise and unfortunately the game devs ended up getting caught right in the middle of the crossfire.
  7. Is anyone else feeling absolutely starved for a new action RPG that isn't something requiring a degree in calculus (Path of Exile, Grim Dawn), or a game made by a company owned and run by literal criminals (everything Activision/Blizzard)?
  8. The Jays going 16-3 against the shitbum Red Sox is honestly all I need from this season. If they somehow manage playoff success, that's great, but I have what I really needed.
  9. I swear I heard a story about old people in San Antonio raising a massive stink about internet towers that resulted in roll out of the best internet there getting delayed a few years ago. Maybe it was some other city in Texas I'm thinking of.
  10. This isn't a full cover per se but this is pretty buck wild how fast this guy picked up one of the strangest rhythms in the history of mainstream metal and just rolls with it.
  11. I actually agree the idea of Stadia is neat, but as a rural Canadian whose internet can best be described as "lol you pay WHAT for that?" it was never going to be a real option for me. Feels like still a generation too early for that tech to me, but someday game companies will circle back to it.
  12. I'm fully aware that a lot of my issues stem from chronic depression, and I self-medicate with food. It's just gotten more out of hand over the last couple years, I do need to reel it back in with the bags of chips and what not. Nobody needs to be eating as much of that shit as I do.
  13. Absolutely. Honestly, it's really a totally unique meteor in the video game sky. I played the NES version myself. Fuck, the XBOX remake is like 20 years old now, jesus christ
  14. Nearly broke down crying in the shower after trying on all my pants and realizing how few of them my stupid fat ass that won't stop eating can still actually get in. My life's pathetic, have a nice day.
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