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  1. Part of the soul of Edmonton is gone and will never quite be the same.
  2. I think Football Team is still a better name than the Sox stuff in baseball and they should honestly consider just keeping it.
  3. If all you had seen of Omega was his AEW run with Hangman Page you'd be completely excused thinking Page is the much better wrestler, so
  4. I'm just here to see who says the Young Bucks angle doesn't work because they're too short even though they're the exact same height as FTR
  5. Honestly if I wasn't actually from Edmonton originally and have spent my entire life in central Alberta I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be so married to this stupid ass team. I think Tottenham brought me more joy in the last decade than the Oilers and Tottenham are mainly famous for never winning anything.
  6. Hobbs vs. Cage was fucking great. Hobbs/Allen is such an odd couple but I kinda like it. FTR/Hybrid 2 was actually pretty cool too. I was down on FTR for a while but they seem to be getting in a groove. Things I never thought I'd say in 2020: I kinda love Best Friends. Dog Collar Match was fine, I dunno. I kinda liked the squash better. Orange Cassidy is 100% winning over Cody. Deeb/Swole was fine. Loved the Moxley promo. Main event was very strange but kinda fun.
  7. The Packers out here just inventing sets with 3 running backs on passing routes like it's an exhibition game.
  8. The funniest thing about it is "first guy to finish tasks" is almost always accused of being a killer and voted out because he's following people around.
  9. Shodai as an ozeki and Ura back in Juryo is honestly all I could have asked for.
  10. All I have to say about the Thursday Night game is that Sam Darnold, 3rd overall pick, was absolutely outplayed by an undrafted rookie related to A Famous Person, and that's even including the 5 minutes the rookie brain farted on back to back interceptions. The Jets vaunted defense is also a complete myth. It doesn't exist.
  11. I've been having psychological issues lately. I don't want to go too much into detail but suffice to say my massive downturn in posting over the last week has been largely in part to me being busy seeking professional help. Lately I've also just been cutting down a bit on online time in general. I'm trying out some medications that can hopefully get me back on track. I just want to say that as a long time member here I appreciate what a welcome distraction it has been for me over the years, especially during a 2020 that has been a really hard year on me. I'm not looking for sympathy
  12. It's been a fun tournament. The lack of a dominant Yokozuna has left it pretty wide open. Gotta admit you could have given me a lot of guesses before I'd have come to Onosho putting up 10+ wins after that 2-13 debacle last tournament. Tobizaru is a breath of fresh air, fun wrestler. The day 15 matches aren't out yet but I think it's pretty obvious what the two big matches will look like regardless of how day 14 goes. Today we get Asanoyama/Shodai and Tobizaru/Takakeisho. Day 15 is gonna be Shodai/Tobizaru and the ozeki match with Asanoyama/Takakeisho. Playoffs? A Shodai yusho and ozeki pr
  13. It looks pretty accidental to me, as in I don't think he knew whose hand it was. It was pretty silly.
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