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  1. Every time I see one of those goals I think about the time Pat Quinn was the coach in Edmonton and threatened to scratch Patrick O'Sullivan for scoring one because it was too flashy. Hockey is strange.
  2. My big takeaway from this game is that the NFL is incredibly wack if this Broncos team has 2 wins in their first 6 games.
  3. I'm looking forward to the Vikings/Lions, mainly to see which team's fans are losing and try and tie themselves into a pretzel finding a way to say it's all part of a Packers-led illuminati conspiracy, somehow.
  4. As I said, condemned ghost ship. CORRECT AND ACCURATE
  5. In fairness when I posted that they'd just put up another fumble in a game where they have 3 turnovers and then their own coach did an ultra dumb challenge that resulted in them not getting a free TD because he iced his own team, and they were stoned on the next play.
  6. Remember when people thought the Cleveland Browns were good, and not a real life ghost ship full of condemned souls?
  7. Edmonton are into the playoffs but that was still one of the ugliest football games I've ever been to. Trevor Harris can't get healthy fast enough. Defense played fine but just a completely unattractive football game. I don't think there was a single person in the stadium happy to see Mike Reilly get injured. He got a really nice ovation from all the fans behind the BC bench when he came back out with his arm in a sling. Honestly it was the only real cheering that went on for a couple hours there.
  8. They could lose all four of those games and still win their division. I'm honestly not sure it's going to matter.
  9. I replayed the OG Zelda for several years in a row as an annual tradition at one point, and I still think it's a game that was ridiculously ahead of its time. It kind of created open world games about 20 years before anyone knew what the hell that was. I usually called it after beating the normal game too though, mainly because I can't remember where anything is in the reshuffled second playthrough. Also... I don't hate Zelda 2. It was super different which was always going to piss some people off but a lot of the dungeons are actually really quite large and well done. The worst thing about the game is the awful translation, but at least it created the I AM ERROR meme that has baffled people for generations.
  10. McDavid has 9 points and honestly I don't even think he's shaken off the rust. His hands haven't quite caught up again yet. It's actually stupid how good he is.
  11. Jon Quick's first two games he has put up a .750 sv% and a healthy, robust GAA of 7.17.
  12. I am getting a massive kick out of nerds tweeting at Oilers fans "well we will see who won the trade in a few months", no bitch, Lucic had 6 goals all of last season. Neal has 6 goals this week. This isn't rocket science math.
  13. The funny thing is that exact tactic has absolutely owned in every single version of Madden this century.
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