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  1. Man, Didi Manaj is a great create-a-player name now that you mention it.
  2. lmao Jesus Christ let's go Blue Jays I really have zero expectations of them doing anything in the playoffs, but freeing the world from the curse of both the Yankees and the Red Sox in one blow is a worthy death
  3. Leylah Annie Fernandez is an adorable little ball of shot making chaos.
  4. Tonight's game was a pretty awful walk fest but it's a pretty awful walk fest the good guys won, so it's great. Aroldis Chapman looks Actually Done. Lifeless fastball he can't trust, wild pitches all over the place, resorting to throwing all sliders (and half of those are in the dirt), a free homerun, walks, just abysmal.
  5. Sign stealing is the UFO Sighting of the 21st century
  6. I found this really funny because I know this guy through Twitter, generally as a good natured hockey person who is also a semi-lapsed wrestling fan who is in that mass of "wasn't the attitude era great"
  7. I have replaced a lot of time I was spending online with... uh... obsessively playing Out of the Park baseball again. It still absolutely owns, easily my favourite sports sim of all time. The last OOTP I own is 2018 so the '17 Blue Jays start in a fucking weird position where they were a playoff team but Bautista is about to fall off a cliff and some shithead gave Troy Tulowitzki like 3 billion dollars for a million years to be the 28th best shortstop in baseball by the end of that season, and literally no computer GM will take him off your hands. I sign all the pitchers. My hitting comes and goes like a summer breeze. I'm up to 2019 so on my 3rd season. I'm thinking about whether to just engage the DH in the NL for 2020 and end this stupid nonsense, or wait until the next CBA year in real life when it probably happens for good.
  8. That Jays rally on the A's tonight was something else. Baseball rules.
  9. Winnipeg winning on a sequence where their kicker misses but it gets called back on a time count violation, then he hits it from 10 yards further out, only for Calgary to drive, then Rene "I talk way too much for a guy with a career long of 52" Parades missing, was easily the best finish of the new season.
  10. That's so incredibly lame and sad that I actually think it's really funny.
  11. I like our team but this isn't our year. And if Ray leaves in free agency, woof. Give the man whatever he wants.
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