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  1. Despite very low expectations I was prepared to check out Diablo Immortal and give it a fair review, but after like 2 years of development and betas and whatever that told us the requirments would be one thing they pulled a massive bait and switch at 2 minutes to midnight and locked out everyone on earth running an A series Samsung phone so they couldn't even get that right, oh well. Anyway if you buy the new World of Warcraft expansion, fuck you
  2. While I'm on the Tom Warrior stuff, this live version of Messiah (3rd song of 3 here) slaps
  3. Waylon Mercy won the Hart Trophy He really needs to shave that shit off and lose the 70's pimp moustache too. He looks absolutely ridiculous
  4. Oh yeah literally anything outside was a strike all night, it was abysmal.
  5. This entire game was a total umpiring mess, but Jesus Christ.
  6. So I bought some disks from Amazon, a couple of which weren't working right. So fine I go through the replacement process, Amazon just sends me another box set and says "hey you print this label and mail us back the defective shit (so we can sell it to some other idiot)". So I go to use my printer, but since no matter how advanced technology gets, even if we establish mining colonies on the moons of Saturn, printers will still all be things that crawled out of Satan's anus, of course it's stopped working. So I talk to Amazon customer service and explain that I can't print out a label right now and like INSTANTLY they just go "whatever you can just keep that $75 thing you purchased and now have two of, we won't charge you for the second one bye". I mean, great but I really don't understand how Amazon makes money. They ship shit for free. They will let you keep a spare DVD box set instead of just printing and mailing you a 5 cent label. Yet they have more money than God. I understand nothing about how economics works.
  7. Very recent Tom G Warrior interview.
  8. Flters have hired Torts, which feels like a time bomb waiting to explode.
  9. Yeah count me on on those early 3D era games being just fucking hideous. I thought so at the time and time hasn't exactly been kind.
  10. Boy I really hope the Jays can play the Orioles more often *checks schedule* Ah, lovely
  11. Even Mass Effect solved the "how to have shooting and roleplaying" problem like a decade ago. I want to be hyped for Starfield but...
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