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  1. Looking forward to seeing some fucked up red/green bullshit I can torture people with, as opposed to the greeen/black/blue bullshit I torture people with now. Command the Dreadhorde and Tamiyo, Collector of Tales took Sultai Midrange from merely "terrifying" to straight up "what the fuck".
  2. Is anyone playing Judgment, the new game from the Yakuza guys? I don't want to even talk much about the story because it's a very narrative heavy game, but I've been watching it on twitch last few nights and... goddamn, that game's pretty good.
  3. In a completely different musical direction, this also rules.
  4. I'm reposting this because it's the greatest nonsense. I think my favourite part is that their lead singer looks like a high school science teacher, and then he just breaks out this bonkers guitar solo like it ain't shit.
  5. The Oilers first draft under Ken Holland was all Europeans except for one French Canadian guy, so I'm sure Don Cherry hated it.
  6. You couldn't pay me money to watch Grave of the Fireflies. I have no doubt it's a great film.
  7. Apparently the Canucks are sniffing around hiring Peter Chiarelli. Between this and Eakins in Anaheim, rapidly all the curses I have wished on my enemies are coming true.
  8. I think i might have 10 Iron Maiden albums over a Best of Judas Priest. Anyway, the answer to this question for me is probably Miles Davis - Bitches Brew because it's not only one of the greatest albums of all-time but it's also the one album the most responsible for teaching me the lesson that a lot of the best music you'll ever hear isn't going to be on the radio.
  9. I don't have any problem with games that are just announced and are on a store (IE Borderlands 3), but as a Phoenix Point backer I think there's a significant difference when you crowdfund your game under the premise of giving people platform choice then go "lol we changed our mind we got that Fork Knife money". I have no idea if Shemue 3 promised steam keys but man, this kind of rug pull is a bad look for Epic. If you're opposed to all store exclusives everywhere, go refund Portal I guess. Never touch Blizzard. Don't play any Ubisoft or EA game ever. The idea Epic started PC store exclusives is such a ridiculous myth it's not even worth debunking.
  10. I wasn't sold on the look right away but the more I saw of it on stream today the more the game felt right for what it wants to be. I'm interested.
  11. How do you leave out Smashed Brett Hull trying to start a We Want Blues chant
  12. It was actually a fun game last night. Edmonton were very sloppy, which is the only way you can have 600 yards of offense and not run away with it. Montreal actually played alright for the most part though. I can see them not being as bad as feared. Also Ottawa is leading Calgary with 1:15 to go. Good.
  13. West of Loathing is one of those Weird Indie Games I've actually had an eye on for a long time but never get around to playing.
  14. Cadence of Hyrule's soundtrack is unbelievably God-tier. Same people who did Crypt of the Necrodancer, which is also on sale ultra-cheap on Steam right now.
  15. I think, as is probably usual, there's been a lot of neat things in the smaller shows around E3. Including that Empire of Sin game, the strategy title about mob-era Chicago, is actually a John Romero project? What? Astral Chain, the Switch game that looks like Akira crossed with classic God of War or something, looks cool as hell and has been in a couple segments. There was a hilarious looking game where goofy looking jellybean people compete in 100 player multiplayer game show obstacle courses which is 100% going to be fun for the Twitch crowd. The Dark Crystal tactics-style game actually looks pretty good? All kinds of weird small shit.
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