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  1. Very hard for me to see Nashville beating Pittsburgh without their #1 centre to be honest, but here's hoping it is close.
  2. As far as I know using it through the Link should not affect modding whatsoever. It's basically just routing your existing Steam account to your TV. Anything that has a Steam Workshop access on your PC should have the same on the Link. If you're getting mods off a site like Nexus, there should be a "install non Steam software" Nexus Mod Manager for that. I haven't used the controller so can't comment on its comfort.
  3. ISP's scientifically baseless doubling down on capping users while legislators do nothing about it is going to come to a head for gamers in the next decade. We are on the verge of a AAA title hititng 100 GB which if you live in part of rural Canada means maybe if you stop using the internet for a couple months you could grab it. Eventually it will start affecting people who live in cities too, and my God the sounds you'll hear will be like an orchestra of scorched cats.
  4. There's been about a million Black Hole Sun tributes and this is both the most left field for me, but also my favourite:
  5. Much like George Costanza, his little man is an idiot.
  6. Craig Anderson is, as usual, the X factor. Like, I don't think anyone would claim with a straight face he's an A-list goalie like Lundqvist or Price or Holtby have been. But *on his day* he can stand toe to toe with anyone. You just don't fucking know with him, and he's a scary guy to bet against. I really thought Ottawa and Boston were super lucky to draw each other in round 1 because I didn't think they could beat any of the other playoff teams. Ottawa's been great no matter what though. Heart and commitment.
  7. NFL

    I turned on Deadspin pretty hard when Why Your Team Sucks veered hard away from good football comedy into "LOL REDNECKS AND PEE" every third line. Plus the Vikings fan that wrote it asked Packers fans to kill themselves because he couldn't come up with a real punchline.
  8. Our long national nightmare is over. Honestly, one of the dirtiest teams I've seen in like 30 years of watching. Cannot imagine why anyone would miss them.
  9. "It's not fair we have to play badly in Europe" is by far my least favourite trope from English football, yeah it's utterly devastated Real Madrid and Bayern every year. And for a media group that loves the Best League In the World card, the bottom half of the English top division table is no better than the bottom half of anything else. A ton of plugs and teams praying for 1-0. About the only team there I feel strongly about enjoying is Swansea, but now they want John Terry so apparently they have terrible taste and want to repeat Rio Ferdinand at QPR embarrassing himself.
  10. My biggest current fear for Canadian soccer is that Cyle Larin is sold to some club like West Ham and plays the 89th and 90th minute of like 23 games as a substitute, and simply stops developing altogether.
  11. I want very badly to love it from the commercials but (1) the minute the obviously-CGI-alien showed up in the Take Me Home Country Roads commercial, it dies for me because it just kills part of what made the alien scary in the first place, and (2) all the other ads have been "hey here's a pastiche of things people like about Alien movies" without really offering anything interesting or new. I want very badly to be wrong on both these points. I love Alien.
  12. Hamburger taunting fate year after year with that Clock Since Last Relegated thing is going to make for an amazing troll photo from an opposition striker when they go down someday.
  13. I'm just going to run Onita vs. Inoki in electrified barbed wire matches like ten thousand times.
  14. This seems like a good place to ask who in the last week accidentally changed the setting that you can no longer put board staff on ignore, and request they undo that dreadful mistake.
  15. I guess it was too much to ask to get through one of these threads just one time without a mutant appearance, eh?