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  1. All the Oilers did was go get a player that I'm not even sure addressed any of their actual needs, so it's business as usual.
  2. It's an absolute wild time in wresting history when I am Mr. Positive, some of you all need to calm down.
  3. Taz trying to recruit Christian? I hope this leads to a Christian Cage vs Brian Cage match where the loser loses the rights to the name Cage. I think it's pretty clear I like AEW a lot, but they really need to teach Luchasaurus how to wrestle if they're going to put him on TV this much, you know? I like everyone else in this match, though. But Jesus Christ, Luchasaurus has all the timing of a first year worker. QT Marchall's promo was actually pretty good. I can't believe they have me caring about QT Marshall. "Where's your little gerbil friend" listen, Jake Roberts says a lot o
  4. I didn't take earplugs to my first Iron Maiden show and that was a terrible mistake Anyway, not related, just scrolling the youtube, the more I watch Les Claypool play bass the more he makes me say 'what the fuck', this owns.
  5. There are too many people at this Jays/Rangers baseball game, no way this many people need to know about baseball
  6. Since I never really talk about Sam Darnold this seems like my only opening to remind people
  7. Rube Waddell sounds awesome. The Blue Jays should sign him. I don't care that he's been dead for 100 years, that seems unlikely to slow this guy down.
  8. Ricky Starks is so fucking great. Taz telling people to eat shit is fucking great.
  9. This is it. Cox has reached his final form and come up with his actual worst take.
  10. Yeah at one point in today's game they had something like 15 Yankees outs 16 Yankees base runners and were still in the game, which was just dumb luck.
  11. It seems real bad. At least 16 players and at least a couple sick enough that they're getting IV's. There is absolutely no chance they finish the season by the original deadline and that might be the least of the worries there.
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