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  1. Kevin Hart has been confirmed as Roland for the Borderlands movie which is just... so far off the mark of the character. Not really surprised.
  2. Weird that there doesn't seem to be any new trailer or gameplay. It seems like a fun concept, hopefully it's actually done and not "well we're kinda out of money and time" done.
  3. The pandemic does sort of show off how dumb it is that the Oilers farm team is in Bakersfield, California. What if we actually need to call up a player? It's not ideal.
  4. Scott Milanovich is out as Edmonton's head coach before he even coached a game. Apparently something has opened up in the NFL for him. I can't say I blame him, with things the way they are. Get your money, I guess. But man, I can't shake the feeling this makes us look so rinky-dink.
  5. God, being an Oilers fan is so fucking tiring and confusing. Puljujarvi finally got 1st line time over Literally Every Other NHL Player tonight and lo and behold his best game as an Oiler, go figure. Wild stuff. Just absolute coaching genius.
  6. I feel like a lot of people are trying to make a thing where there isn't going to be a thing, too.
  7. I genuinely think this could be one of the most one-sided Super Bowls in history if Tampa don't get off to a lightning start.
  8. It's actually amazing how many people paid to analyze football aren't going to make the point I did above but are about to collect six figures to talk about referees and a meaningless field goal. Sports media rots brains.
  9. Green Bay had the ball with 2:00 to play in the first half down by 4, also knowing they had the ball to start the second half. At the end of that second half sequence they were down by 18. Just catastrophic, unrecoverable. Cannot happen.
  10. I give the Lions a lot of shit, but man, that's harsh for them. Stafford is easily the best Lions QB I've personally seen. That's not going to be easy.
  11. As an Oilers fan I am fucking thrilled not to have to worry about Laine at all this year. "All he does is score goals" wow what a great critique
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