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  1. I genuinely like the dungeon designs in Zelda II very much and think overall it's actually a pretty good game, despite the status it holds as Zelda's Weird Cousin game. The only part that sucked was the towns and the Extremely 1980's translation job on the text, but if we live in a time when remakes can make Sephiroth's gibberish interesting for the first time in history, than we can do this too.
  2. To be clear I'm not even arguing against Eli, just was a general comment. Eli's two rings absolutely get him to the hall. That's what they're for.
  3. I hope next time Julian Gallop shows up to a major convention of some kind, a Phoenix Point backer tries to get him to autograph a screenshot of his company claiming getting all that extra Epic Games money would help guarantee a bug-free release.
  4. Historical sports discussions almost invariably overvalue long-term pretty good accumulators over players with a really high peak.
  5. It could easily be an issue on Twitter's end as their video player has never been reliable even on the best of days.
  6. I feel like there's a subset of metal designers who feel if you can read a band's logo, it's too mainstream.
  7. https://www.expressen.se/sport/hockey/nhl/franzen-he-is-the-worst-person-i-have-ever-met/ It's already out there as public knowledge that the leadership in Detroit tried to get Babcock fired several times and Ken Holland (can't wait to see what is next in Edmonton) refused to hear it. "I watched Detroit play so I don't think a thing I deny exists could have caused a nervous breakdown". Pretty good post. I'm convinced.
  8. I feel like this might be the first time in the 21st century that all three of Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary have interesting rosters at the same time, and there's an actual real chance of two of them meeting in the playoffs. The people demand it. The people!
  9. Congratulations to every single team in Europe except Luxembourg on qualifying for this very selective event.
  10. The gap between the good and bad in this league is wild. KC is up 31 on the Raiders.
  11. I put well over 400 hours into Slay the Spire before I finally hit a very late game difficulty wall that ended my fun (the higher Ascension levels are absolutely brutal), and I agree since it left early access in early 2019 it's *technically* my game of the year, even though something like 90% of those hours were in 2018. It's absolutely a top 5 roguelike of all time, and probably the one I think is the most accessible while still providing you the tools to keep challenging yourself. The funny thing is in all that time the Ironclad, which is a character a lot of people swear is the strongest, never clicked for me at all. He was easily my weakest of the three. I was a Silent player.
  12. The Flames are 12-16 with the second worst goal differential in the division, a year after they finished first. Honestly, it's not like they had to go fishing for a reason to make a coaching change here.
  13. I grabbed Bloons TD 6 in the Steam Fall Sale for $1. In related news I cannot stop playing Bloons TD 6 please send help.
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