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  1. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SEVEN POUNDS Quan Bray was with Montreal in the CFL last year by the way. I don't know if he was still under contract or not.
  2. You know it's not a hard puzzle when Jose Canseco figured it out
  3. There's a new Humble Bundle with Slay the Spire in it, which if you haven't played yet is absolutely one of the best roguelikes ever made.
  4. I remember when I first bought a FIFA game on N64 in the lead up to the 1998 world cup. The game had a theoretical Super League that the top teams had already been proposing for a few years, and here we are, it's still just an idea. I don't know that it will ever really happen, because then it means someone has to finish last and then the shine comes off the idea real fast. Champions League is already big enough as is. And if people think the schedule is too congested now...
  5. My jokes continue to be funny to me and that's what really matters. Screw you guys.
  6. This feels like a video some people here might enjoy. I think this guy's channel is pretty neat.
  7. It's wild to think Rey is only what, 22 there, but had already been wrestling pro for 21 years.
  8. Tales is easily their best work with another licence. I'm actually still annoyed how little of those characters there is in 3.
  9. Yeah in Canada once you add in Ticketmaster's $20 rake that converts out to $190 for the cheap seats, it's absolutely wild.
  10. In case people aren't keeping track of stuff on Twitter, Natto Sumo, the main uploader we all probably watch on youtube, has had 2 copyright strikes put on him after he tried to monetize the last basho (which... yeah, no shit guy). Anyway he's started a backup Youtube you should probably follow because it's likely to be where the March tournament goes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCErxT8KRQi3JJEwMCDrcHBg
  11. I said "you're fucking joking", out loud, to no one.
  12. I am absolutely stunned that RATM/RTJ tour is coming to Edmonton. Not as stunned as I was by the ticket prices though, too gross for me.
  13. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1181830/Urtuk_The_Desolation/ I know nothing about this game really other than it looks like a Final Fantasy Tactics style game, but with a Darkest Dungeon vibe. If this turns out to be even halfway good...
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