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  1. More likely it was 10 votes and never got below 5th. Would put the total at 990, and we're not even to 700 with #11. Everything else on the list is:
  2. I felt that way about it, too, but on the drive home, it fell apart faster than Mel Gibson's character in Forever Young. It was so clear it ended the way it did so it could be milked further. For that reason, I liked the ending of 4, but it was clearly nowhere near as good in nearly every other respect.
  3. Well, I can think of at least 16 (maybe 17, we haven't seen Birdman yet) of the last 27 that will come out; only one is a legit "ugh" movie being that high, and that's Scott Pilgrim. Hopefully Coco finishes ahead of Toy Story 3, for that matter, but I'm not holding my breath. The others are basically what you'd expect. I think Spider-Verse is at least Top 15.
  4. Rise of Pile of Crap would have been infinitely better if Kylo Ren died with a big ol' "UH-OH!"
  5. I saw that and wondered if it was going to be a full-blown physical release or not. But it turns out it's like $6 for both games, so I will be picking that up eventually. Kinda too bad they didn't just tack onto Switch Online, but it looks like it plays the same regardless (meaning, rewind feature).
  6. And Randy McGirt is now one of my favorite names.
  7. Moonlight or Mad Max seem like the best bets. Parasite is probably too new despite how great it is. Nothing from pre-2015 really jumps out as having enough staying power. Maybe 12 Years a Slave, but I really doubt that. If it's Marvel, it's Infinity War or Black Panther. I guess Spider-Verse should lump in with that. I'd say 30% each for the first two, 10% Marvel, 30% the field.
  8. When in doubt, always pull for the team that has never won a title. Go Rays.
  9. I hate the edit system going to the upper right. Hate.
  10. Moneyball has also 1. been out forever and 2. been on Netflix forever. Availability is going to be a big skew, if Dunkirk (which has neither of those aforementioned qualities) is any indication.
  11. I started playing this since it's been on Game Pass for a long time, and it's...a game? It's threading an interesting needle through the likes of KOTOR, Fallout, Borderlands, and even a little bit of Bioshock (the latter two more aesthetically than in terms of play), but it's a game that distinctly feels like it's less than the sum of its parts, where all the others were more. I haven't gone too far - just got Nyoka - but I'm probably better off having played it this way rather than getting it for sale on Prime Day.
  12. I watched Into the Forest on Netflix over the last couple of nights (the one from 2015 with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood), and I almost wish I hadn't. In the hands of anyone less talented, I think this would have come off as just too unbearably grim -- and occasionally shot through with moments that are too light that they become almost hokey. But instead it's two of the better actors of their generation reining this in and making it believable...ish. There's also a, uh, moment that will be reminiscent of Westworld, let's leave it at that, but holy mother of God is this portrayal of it j
  13. At least his two worst entries of this decade ended up outside the top 100 (though neither one is as excruciatingly pointless as his remake of Insomnia).
  14. I don't think Octo could be the high vote @ 18 for 2 movies in a row.
  15. Ended up ordering Twilight Princess for GC; if it turns out I don't like it, I can always just put it back on Ebay and get most of my money back. Made more sense (right now at least) than adding yet another console. My TV area is a bit overfull as-is. If this nation pulls its head out of its collective ass and passes another round of stimulus checks, I'm going to pay someone to haul off some furniture, and maybe I'll make a little space for consoles. Finished Link's Awakening. That is in fact a kind-of messed-up game. But I like being able to jump in a top-down Zelda. Added to the U
  16. Isn't Link's Awakening supposed to be a kid's game? Because man, I picked up the Conch Horn in the second dungeon and thought, "Now...THAT is a duck's vagina."
  17. I only just realized part of the fine print in the Carfax commercials says, "Car Fox furrier in person." Unrelatedly, who the Hell has ever called it a "Whopper sandwich"?
  18. The Florida AD wants to bitch and whine about crowds, so obviously the answer is to rename the SEC to the Super-spreader Event Conference. What a tool. I hope everyone who gets COVID after their next home game sues the fuck out of him.
  19. Well, I still have my Gamecube, so that's no big deal. But a Wii U just looks too expensive when all I'm really thinking of doing is playing Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. OTOH, I could end up spending that much anyway if a Wii bricks on me... and Twilight on GC is as much as a used Wii as well. If only they'd port things to Switch...
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