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  1. Can you two just go meet up in Vegas and have sex and get it over with already? Geez.
  2. I think one of the things that ends up working well about the show in a big-picture sense is that, if you enjoyed Logan, this feels like "Episodes from How We Got to the World of Logan", which is kind of neat. Probably unintentional, and undeniably grimdark - the whole series is a collection of awful things happening that top the prior awful thing - but a nice window nonetheless. I think eventually the parents blend in well enough, and I can't stand Stephen Moyer for the most part (feel, uh...differently about Amy Acker). Everything's a shitshow, and everyone gets more than their piece of it. For me, the worst parts were the bad guys; I never liked the tropey Cop with Nothing to Lose garbage, and he only had maybe 3 scenes the whole show where I gave a rat's ass about his character. And the final Big Bad has the mutant power of being able to walk around and deliver lines with a broomstick up her ass the whole time.
  3. Decided to binge The Gifted, though I'm wondering why except for making my Hulu subscription slightly more worth it. Decent time wasting show, better than either Cloak and Dagger or Runaways, but one that feels like a missed opportunity. The Polaris/Eclipse relationship and casting worked well, and would have been better with a more natural progression instead of rushing to a conclusion. There's really nothing stopping The Dumbass Mouse from jumping straight into Exiles or Age of Apocalypse, given the ending, but they won't. And no, DC TV is not better than Marvel TV, because there's no DC TV, just Berlanti TV where every episode, arc, line delivery, camera shot, and ending sequence is the same. Marvel may be all over the map with quality but their highs are so much higher. But if there's one thing I'd burn straight to the fucking ground with modern TV, it's the pensive closing montage over some popular song. Fuck everyone involved with those.
  4. I guess BT stands for Big Time (not really, he's been a stereotypical college kicker). I'm hearing a lot of "Burrow's pass, incomplete." Probably the most he's heard it, too. Get used to it. If Clemson's offense stays in rhythm like they did for this drive, they're going to eat LSU's lunch.
  5. And The Lighthouse got snubbed across the board (the GGs were quite the omen there). Whatever. If Joker is actually better in that many respects, I'll eat my hat.
  6. It's funny hearing Reid get compared to Belichick. I guess that's O'Brien's gift as a coach.
  7. My train of thought was more in the lane of, "Everyone who gets sucked into the Soul Gem via claiming the Gem exists across all timelines and places, but only through some spooky interaction or another." I highly doubt they'll ever do anything whatsoever to have her come *back* back. She'll be doing some Red Skull-at-most kind of a visit with someone; I could very much see her showing up in Dr. Strange's movie as a cameo and having a chat with him that might echo what he had with Tilda Swinton in the first movie. Plus, I take actors who are "done" with things as seriously as sports owners who have "faith" in their coaches.
  8. My guess is that ScarJo is in no way done playing Black Widow completely. If Adam Warlock isn't going to be the guy popping in and out of the Soul Gem to talk to people, it'll be her, and she's really the right person to fulfill that role if they go that direction. Yeah, I know the gems are dusted; but do you see that "Multiverse" title up there? Yeah, that shit's coming back. It's comic books: if something works, it's never completely gone.
  9. Ehhhhhh. I could imagine Rocket's first quip at that idea. "You're supposed to be some perfectly assembled being, and they couldn't scrub that big mole off yer nose? Someone call in sick on the production line, there, Goldilocks?"
  10. You also have to figure some lightning is involved, and that could go over really well for a lady with the right kink. So, not really all that unbelievable.
  11. While I'm not a list person, I've found myself thinking of films in clusters. I can think of what clearly groups together for me and why they do so. Haven't seen: Joker, Aquaman, Shazam!, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I watched half of Spidey, and, based on that half, it would make it way up into the higher tiers, but, I just never actually finished it. Maybe later today (getting dismissed from work due to bad weather). Best of the Best: Logan. I don't care that this is basically Superhero Shane. Don't care that it won't necessarily get wrapped well into larger canon or build the way the other Marvel movies did. It hits every note right. It's Patrick Stewart's best turn as Xavier by a mile and his best anything since the early days of playing Picard. The villains aren't monolithic and awesome; they're not preening and monologuing; they're none of those things because they've already won, and even when they get their comeuppance, you're left with a real sense of dread, of this awful world left behind. Dafne Keen is great, and Hugh Jackman will probably always be The Wolverine for getting the balance of Wolverine right: the rage, the toughness, the single-minded purpose, the dismissal of fear, but that all of that springs from multiple lifetimes of pain, pain that's far more psychological than physical. He managed to inhabit this character every bit as much as Chris Evans has with Steve Rogers (even if his movies are all over the place with respect to quality), but this was his best job. The only reason I don't think about this film more or tout it to people more is just that it's such a huge damn gut punch to get through the whole thing. Heart, Mind, and Soul Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: Ragnarok. Others have said enough about what works with these three, but they'll always be the things I think of when I think of Marvel films. Infinity War might be a strictly better film than any of these three, but only because these three movies did so much work to set up why something like Infinity War can be better. But I always tell people GotG has my heart, Winter Soldier my mind, and Ragnarok my soul, because that's what comes through each of them so well. Why didn't you watch this?!? Are we actually friends? I'm not sure anymore. Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool, Captain America: The First Avenger, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from Home. I think what I love the most about all of these movies is that, going into each of them (except FFH), I felt so certain that the central characters wouldn't be portrayed correctly. I was wrong in each case. Thanos as complicated eco-terrorist is probably every bit as good as megalomaniac in love with Death. Just as I was happy that Ragnarok finally made a good Thor movie, I was really, really pleased with Thor's arc in Infinity War, as, over the course of 2 movies, he goes from being the Boring Avenger to the most interesting member of the team. Spider-Man feels like the first time the live-action stuff did both parts of the character real justice. Maguire was good as Peter, terrible as Spidey, while Garfield was a fairly good, quippy, snarky Spidey in movies that were a waste of space. Holland gets both halves equally right. I don't need to tell anyone what perfect casting decisions Ryan Reynolds & Chris Evans were. Maybe don't quite love, but really enjoy & will defend. Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. All of these have their flaws. Apparently Cap 1 was so good, DC stole it and made Wonder Woman. Dr. Strange and Ant-Man/Wasp don't quite have the heaviness/stakes that some of the others do. Civil War feels too busy. Black Panther has that terrible third act, or it would be the best film Marvel's done. GotG 2 has too many jokes that fall flat. Avengers had a lot to set up, so their ceiling was just lower. Captain Marvel felt a little telegraphed in terms of the plot and probably should have come out earlier in sequence. But all of these work for me and I'd stick up for them if people say they're garbage. Everything else is pretty much not worth mentioning except to say, "Yep, I saw that." (Duh, Iron Man was 2008. Blah to things that feel like such a continuum...)
  12. For me, what I realize it boils down to is that Lucas was allowed to make the execrable prequels, because at least it was his. After 2 "new" movies, I really REALLY wanted to see more, but 8 & 9 just found a way to murder that sense of anticipation for a new SW movie. And I'm fairly certain my sense of anticipation will stay deader than the Emperor.
  13. I think the Saints fans are unhappy on Steve Austin Day at the Superdome.
  14. I wonder if Brock will say hello to Little John and the Sheriff of Nottingham after mugging Sanu on the pick-6.
  15. Where's Hagrid? We need him to say, "Yer a wizard, DeShaun."
  16. Finally got around to watching the most recent season of Agents of SHIELD. The 13-ep switch was a good one and probably a year too late. I was glad to see all the MacGuffins from prior seasons actually get tied together in a halfway reasonable manner and pay off for something, which I wasn't expecting. It's too bad that now the final season will have a ton of lame bullshit that probably won't be the least bit interesting or satisfying, since the villains are dumb and the setup they're going for with the team is also dumb. Ridiculous the number and extent of hoops they've gone through to keep Coulson on the show, which just raises the question of, "Why not Tony Stark?" and the answer is really only "We can't afford RDJ and he (rightly) believes he's too old." Needs more Ghost Rider, but we will probably get zero Ghost Rider. And also in the ridiculous-but-addictive garbage category, I binged the most recent season of The Magicians. Strange how far away from the books they've gotten while still finding the occasional way to loop back to them. Don't know what the next season is going to look like given the ending, but this has always been a How I Met Your Mother-type show anyway, so, probably fine. And then I decided to start watching Outlander and damn that was a lot of sex in the first 25 minutes. I mean, I knew the books were romance novels, but hey, whatever. I don't know how long I'll actually stick with it, but there are only the 3 seasons on Netflix anyway.
  17. You might even say he's been invisible... because...
  18. Hi, Isaiah Simmons. But even I thought that was a catch & fumble.
  19. Ryan Day trying to get some of Urban Meyer's heart condition on a dead obvious DPI call. Dude, cool it.
  20. I guess if punching has to happen to Clemson, count on Ohio State...
  21. Yeah, this is really my biggest beef with this last one. The lack of vision was fairly telegraphed; they could have done what Marvel did and used the SWEU books as a render farm for the best possible storylines, but once it was clear those, or anything like them, were off the table, we should have expected a hash. But what was a draw about the SW movies at this point is that they *weren't* superhero movies. People like Han and Chewie still mattered, a lot. Rogue One was a shitload better than any of these 3 movies - and I like TFA - in part because it gets at the human cost of the fight with a minimum of ludicrous spectacle. But, by the time we got to TLJ, that had gone whole-hog out the window, like the idiots at the Mouse thought, "Superheroes are big? You want superheroes? Star Wars did superheroes on the big screen before anyone, we'll give you fucking superheroes", and put everything that came before on steroids. Part of the charm from before - even in the fiasco of the prequel trilogy - was that, at the end of the day, the "strong" people couldn't settle differences with the Force; the sabers had to come out, and it came down to willpower, skill, and guts. No fifty-foot leaps, no electrocuting ten thousand fighter planes at once, no getting concussed & blasted into space & coming to & floating your way back into the ship like fucking Superman. I mean, granted, Ep 4 has Vader choking a dude across who knows how many light-years of space (or maybe he's just on a neighboring ship, I forget - not the point), but at least there's the explanation that he can *see* the guy thanks to their technology. I like the notion that people have spun onto TLJ, that the whole point is that nostalgia is a trap and it should be let go of; it's an interesting meta-analysis of a dumpster fire with several very very pretty visuals and moments. It's too bad that, since then, the plot, pacing, character arcs, and everything else that would have mattered got thrown into the fire for TROS.
  22. Carson Wentz is ginger Kevin Kolb.
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