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  1. Voyager started soon after TNG, right in the middle of DS9, and ended before Nemesis.
  2. Cody's just insistent of redoing all of Dusty's old angles.
  3. Wait until you run the table in the Tag League and get your mystery opponents...
  4. Sonic also has some initial goodwill built up after doing a complete CGI redo after the first round of trailers. So that might be something, people deciding to repay someone listening to fans.
  5. Dear Squennix, RELEASE THE FUCKING DEMO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
  6. Personally, I'm more interested in Goldberg and Roman throwing bombs at each other for 7-8 minutes in the middle of Mania than I am watching Roman have to spam Spears on Bray until he decides to sell one.
  7. It's only because Sting and Paige haven't hit South America yet.
  8. Ok, now I really want to see what the inside of a current Starship looks like.
  9. Outside of the Batsymbol (which looked kinda Arkham-y) I couldn't make out shit.
  10. I used it last year when cutting the cord and being out of YES coverage, so I got every Yankee Game... Unless I was at work (I live in the Philly market, work in the NYC market). This year I'm on YouTubeTV and get YES, so I won't redo the MLB.tv. But if the MLB ever wants people to watch games again, then get rid of the fucking arcane Blackout rules. It's utter horseshit that a person can't watch their team if they play in a certain area close to you.
  11. Also, let's be honest. With all the build and setup and "brilliant" planning by the Skrulls in Secret Invasion, Thor and Bucky wiped them all out in 3 panels when they finally showed up. That doesn't quite translate well on screen.
  12. Do we really want to do that without Rivers and Candy though?
  13. #WomensRevolution They were the forefront, you know. Also, SPRING FOR IKARI NO JYUSHIN, VINCE!
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