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  1. Oh good, Shitty Gary showed up tonight
  2. They stripped someone because they missed a scheduled show due to a funeral. The rules are if you get injured/sick and don't have a defense, you're good. If it's scheduled and you miss, automatic strip. That's been the way the promotion has handled it since 1972. The only exception is if you get hurt and know you're going to be out for months (Chono, Hiromu, etc), then you give it up without a scheduled defense.
  3. This is what happens when Ishii and Goto are otherwise occupied, dammit.
  4. Isn't Kanemoto still on bad terms with pretty much every promotion in Japan right now?
  5. Pretty much, there've been to many people talking about it for it NOT to be going down. Although Naito seems to be out of it (at least for now) and heading into a match with Taichi, so unless they run White/Goto at Power Struggle, White's gonna be the IC heading in.
  6. Steiners, Dudleys, OC as a team. DBS Jr and Road Warrior Hawk did it with different partners.
  7. At some point you'd think Becky would just look at him and give him the "Yer Twitter game is fookin' lame!"
  8. Has there ever been such a failing Try Hard "Top Guy" as fucking lame as Rollins?
  9. Because some are getting paid to shill it. Some are just people that are going to will it to be good because WWE game.
  10. Great ending to Righteous Gemstones, although I'm not sure what would really carry Season 2 outside of Jesse getting back into everyone's good graces.
  11. Why didn't they make it easier on everyone and just say "Everything we fucking own"? Or make the list shorter and list what they're NOT putting up.
  12. I mean, it's great they're making a retro PS2 game and all...
  13. Yes, some of us don't have the $100 a year membership to have gotten the discount.
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