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  1. On the plus side, I guess we can finally see The North clown FTR and show they're the team FTR thinks they are.
  2. Yeah, the issue with this is, in no way should AEW not win theblowoff, and I'm not sure how you have Impact lose without killing what credibility they've struggled to build back up post-Dixie.
  3. If you believe that, I got some prime Pine Forest land in Jersey to sell you...
  4. https://www.f4wonline.com/mexico/full-card-announced-aaa-triplemania-xxviii-326341?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter That looks, like a card.
  5. https://twitter.com/TrentonThunder/status/1333426866691190789 So, looks like MLB's doing a 6 team "Draft League", which seems to be the holding place for Draft Eligible players pre-Draft. I mean, it's not AA ball, but I'll take it.
  6. This is more of Clark getting snippy that no one else at ESPN, or any former QB talking heads won't dare speak ill of Brady.
  7. You guys know, Ahsoka isn't an actual Jedi, right? She was outcast from the order. She switched her saber colors to the White that the comics Grey Jedi used. She even says "I'm no Jedi" during the end of Clone Wars and even her appearances in Rebels. I mean, it is semantics, but let's not pretend Obi-Wan and Yoda didn't play fast and loose with facts with Luke on the number of Jedi hanging around post-Order 66.
  8. Can we just officially hand the keys to the Star Wars Universe fully over to Filoni and Favreau? They've been on fire.
  9. Well Carl write v5, and "writes"/ST's LA By Night, it's pretty much canon. Which reminds me I'm several episodes behind, but they're 4+ hours each, so fuck...
  10. That's not limited to CDPR games. AC:Valhalla didn't drop its card for 4 hours, if you didn't do a lot of side questing.
  11. HOLOGRAM PAUL BEARER! Roman/Drew was fucking awesome. New Day/Profits was good, as was Asuka/Sasha. Everything else was bleh.
  12. Are the payouts going to be higher than a business mission this time? No, I'm not bitter about the fucking CASINO HEISTS only netting you $100k...
  13. Ghosts Platinum might be the easiest AAA platinum I've ever seen. Most of it came organically, I only needed a guide for the hidden shrines and to figure out what was needed for the Sly Cooper trophy.
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