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  1. I dunno, Bethesda's usual issues combined with Microsoft's software history? Will the content injection actually be Playable before 3 patches? I'm not getting either at launch, but Xbox's sheer size is setting off all kinds of alarm bells for me.
  2. Not that it was really more than a 1 night thing, bit Sheiky did play babyface in Corluzzo's NWA in the late 90's.
  3. Yeah, but the meat of Death Stranding is a 32 oz porterhouse... that's 30 oz of bone and inedible fat.
  4. It sounds like its a basic "your drive is fucked" and you might just be screwed.
  5. So, the site listed has a http start, not a https. which means the board won't let you link to something that doesn't have a vaild SSL certificate (which is a good thing).
  6. I think I'm in love with retired Liger having the time of his life commentating without having to worry about any of his angles. He's approaching Dusty enjoying what he's watching levels.
  7. Peaking in High School and PTSD are powerful things.
  8. He had none, allegedly. Scientists raised him with a fake backstory, but they did a whole "reward/punishment" thing that basically fucked him mentally (which is why once he found out he had a kid, he went hell bent on "being daddy", even if he's a fucking psychopath), and no one has revealed his actual parentage. That also explains the massive "mommy" issues Homelander had with Stillwell (which he's replaced with a whole new set of kinks apparently)
  9. I'm only halfway through episode 5, but holy shit that might be one of the most gruesome kills I've ever seen in a show.
  10. I got no issues with X. Well, actually, no, it was too linear and Tidus was a wanker for 4/5ths of the game, but it evoked a genuine sad reaction out of me for the ending. Now everything after that... (I'm looking at that unfinished mess XV, I am...)
  11. You'd think with as much hardware work as I've done over my life/career, I'd remember to check part numbers to make sure the new WiFi NIC I want to put in my laptop to jump to 5 GHz was actually whitelisted for my processor...
  12. Also, make sure that the link ends in a .jpg, .png, .gif, or other applicable extension, or else it doesn't work. And who the fuck knows how to get Tenor's to actually work.
  13. It absolutely has to do with money. I would be shocked if the B1G didn't get a Government "gift" in some way (If not a whole bunch of donations from Trump and GOP related accounts). He needed to bring back the Sport of Gods and Kings, Gridiron Football in some way since the NFL doesn't count because those guys are just UnAmerican!
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