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  1. Volition: We're sorry Agents of Mayhem sucked, really sorry. Here, have a remastered version of SRIII so that you remember how awesome we can make shit so you buy SRV
  2. That's odd, WWE isn't Impact, they're usually on top of Work Visa's.
  3. They're owned by Sinclair, the other shoe is gonna drop at some point. That said, if they start getting the back PPV catalog up, I might jump on and add them into my "watch every major PPV ever" attempt.
  4. Well that's a way to get me back in.
  5. The negative "hate" comments going toward Deonna is that she's jobbing to someone people hate, and not getting an immediate push to the top.
  6. As for the Firefly Funhouse... I'm gonna bow out of the conversation because as awesome as the Boneyard was, the Funhouse was fucking awful. A 20 minute Bray promo bitching about his push with Cena doing a career retrospective, then Bray's usual "only really do 10 seconds of actual work" shit. Rest of the card was a Monday Night Raw, although I popped for Otis.
  7. Give Borash ALL THE FUCKING MONEY! That was amazing. Rest of the card was pretty good too. I imagine Braun's reign lasts until Roman can leave his house and not a second more.
  8. I can't think of anything that would be less needed than this board doing a Mania Shit-along.
  9. This would be the reason I put down The Division 2 for a while. Although I'm still going to start Resident Evil 3 today...
  10. Need to stay off Twitch today as every streamer I follow that plays RE games used Australian accounts to get RE3 early.
  11. So, like most of us?
  12. And now apparently whatever the issue was has been fixed and the RE Resistance Beta is Live on PS4 and PC. I might get to it later.
  13. Ahhhh, here it is: https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Morning-Buzz/2020/03/31/WWE.aspx
  14. You act as if Tech Companies have more than 10% actual tech people working for it.
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