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  1. They used "TANK!!" and used the Anime style credits. Oh yeah, I'm in (my god, "Real Folk Blues" better be the ending of each episode...
  2. To be fair to Roman, Sasha was also in the building*. *if internet scuttlebutt about her recent vacation is to be believed.
  3. Amazing how much better Stanton plays when you PUT HIM IN THE FUCKING FIELD. No spreadsheet is going to tell you that.
  4. *insert Sasha testing jokes here* That Main fucked, even with the hulk up, but man, you save that for a match he'll win, now how they ended it.
  5. This has been a hell of a weekend for the Gridiron Football.
  6. Meanwhile, the Lions are staying in this game because Baltimore can't catch a football.
  7. You think The Browns might want to stop going for it on 4th Down.
  8. You know a KO is bad when you can't find a replay of it anywhere.
  9. Somehow, Michigan forgot how to play American College Football at halftime, against.... Rutgers.
  10. Honeymoon is over, ran into Villa playing a 3-5-2 parking the bus and it looked like a Football Manager game.
  11. Hammerstein only holds 3500. Basketball City is *maybe* 4000 if bleachers are installed., and it's a fucking nightmare to get in and out of. AEW's way outgrown running Indy venues.
  12. This goes without saying if you're in the NYC Metro area and going today, but if you're unfamiliar, stay the hell away from Manhattan, particularly the East Side, if traveling, as the island is gridlocked due to the UN General Assembly being in session.
  13. I actually liked Detroit, and I really liked the MGS series, even if V went way off the damn rails and was unfinished. Now Death Stranding, that was pure unfiltered Kojima and, well, it wasn't good. If anything, MGSV and DS showed Kojima had a bit of a thing for starfucking.
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