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  1. My overreaction aside, there's a difference between EA, Ubi, Valve, and Blizz doing their own stuff on their own platforms (although you can cross buy the EA and Ubi stuff on Steam. Those 4 also aren't loading (obivious) spyware onto your machine the way Epic Launcher is. And yeah, the Shemue 3 people were promised Steam keys for the PC version and got rug pulled. It's been pretty much a trend with Epic going after devs on Kickstarter and throwing that sweet Fortnite money at them to reneg on the Steam Keys in favor of sitting on Epic store for a year. I'd have less of an issue if Epic was only locking their games to their store (like the previously mentioned 4 publishers with their own stores) and not using their store to boost ad revenue and hope people possibly give their shitty FPS Whaling ship a run.
  2. Shit, my bad, I thought you said in America. Fite.tv is carrying it for $9.99
  3. $59.99 on the B/R Live app. Joking, I think both are going on the B/R Live app for free.
  4. How the hell aren't there more Brain Donors' gifs???
  5. Have you seen video game forums?
  6. Boy, am I glad I didn't back the game at all, because this is utter bullshit. I get console exclusives, but PC Distribution platform exclusives are utter fucking bullshit. Fuck Epic Games for ever starting that shit.
  7. Fuck, I might actually go just to see the 3rd act on the big screen one more time.
  8. Game is pretty damn good, even if the first boss is a little... Hentai-y. And it's certainly "inspired" by SotN and the GBA Castlevania's.
  9. Well, I mean, yeah, RoH literally started as a Dream Match promotion that Gabe started booking a strong undercard to bring people back.
  10. If you levy any criticism at them, you're against them. It's the "all or nothing" mentality where people equate criticism to hate.
  11. I didn't know Rave even still wrestled.
  12. Raziel

    NJPW G1 2019

    I'm totally ecstatic that Moxley has Shota as his steady partner during the Tag days.
  13. Well that can remove the "NJPW and AEW are working together" talking point.
  14. They only announced the singles matches. They haven't announced the undercard tag matches yet. Moxley will likely be there.
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