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  1. Yeah, but Alley made the classic mistake of being a woman asking Gene for more of anything.
  2. I though we weren't gonna get Red Hulk til the Thunderbolts, but ok. Who's Espisito playing?
  3. So, TSFS; This one gets a lot of shit, unfairly. It's a good followup, with fall out from Genesis, a little out there with the Vulcan katra stuff, but not out of the ordinary for Trek. The stealing the Enterprise scene is still great. The self-destruct callback to "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" was neat, and another show that at least Bennett was a fan of TOS and liked his callbacks. And it was a payoff to all the time Spock saved everyone that everyone would go out of their way to save him. TVH: HOLY MATTE PAINTINGS BATMAN! Yeah, there are some glairing Matte paintings of the Bird of Prey on Vulcan in Act 1, which is odd because they had full model shots from 3 (even reusing footage). It's still a fun movie and pure Trek after the heavy 2 movies previous. Next up... aw fuck, Final Frontier.
  4. Oh please, it's CONEMBOL. They'll probably get bonuses for that.
  5. #This is the song, written for the street fight, this is the song, for the learning tree.. Chris triiiiiiied to kill Joe with a Forklift.. HUZAAH!#
  6. I'm not believing it now until I see Klopp on the touch line for the US at the World Cup.
  7. I'm at Ultimate, but that's because I use the Cloud stuff for console and the PC for my PC. If they take cloud away from Ultimate, then I'll drop back to PC (unless they stop with PC Day 1's, then I'm probably out)
  8. https://x.com/Wario64/status/1810803594280718554?s=19 And the GamePass gravy train is over.
  9. If I were still a betting man, I'd put a significant amount of money on a Roman return here to start World War Bloodline.
  10. A device to keep his arms attached to his body.
  11. Hold up, apparently they DIDN'T fire Berhalter yet, for some fucking reason... Oh, wait, they're trying to KEEP HIM?????
  12. I mean, that works, but having watched Space Seed so recently, there wasn't really a time Khan would've interacted with Chekov directly enough to remember him. Or, we just hand wave it to "genetic engineering" or sliding timeline and move on.
  13. Knocked off Wrath of Khan. It's still one of the best Trek movies ever, a great story. The positives have been done, so I'll pick some nits: Whatever transfer or print Paramount used to make this edition looked worn and washed in HDR ,which I was shocked at considering how good TOS, TAS, and TMP have looked thus far. Now, it *could* have been just the opening simulator scene that looked washed and it got better and I just didn't notice, that hard, but it seemed a drop in quality over other OG era stuff. I know it's been brought up (at least CinemaSins did it), but yeah, Khan and Chekov knowing each other was a stretch, since "Space Seed" was a S1 episode and Chekov wasn't on board until S2. But hey, we can attribute that to the Sliding Timeline theory now. Number 2 would be, they went into a system that I'm pretty sure was reported as a "yeah, don't go fucking with Citi Alpha 5", so you think someone would look at a navigation chart while looking at Citi Alpha 6 and go "hey, this isn't really where it's supposed to be, and we're short a planet, and there's all this debris where the planet *should* be". We're also still a hundred years from "Ya Know, maybe sending both the CO and XO by themselves on an away mission isn't a good idea". I get why it was done in Original era, but it's odd now since on SNW you rarely see Pike and Una off the ship at the same time. Nit 3 is after Enterprise was in an active combat situation, how many time Spock and Kirk kept putting Acamedy cadets in command of the bridge when Sulu was sitting right there. I can kinda buy it as a "we'd rather have our most combat experienced officer driving with impled leeway to act on his own", but in that case you'd still have Uhura sitting there. Kinda bugged me that you had 2 Commanders on the bridge and you kept leaving control of the Bridge to Lt. JG's. But yeah, other than those nits, the movie was great, as was seeing Shatner and Montalban try to out scenery chew each other despite never actually being in the same room at all during the movie. The story of, despite his fuck up early, Kirk's experience and use of his resources (mostly Spock) won out over a more intelligent yet tunnel visioned opponent.
  14. At this point I'm trying to get as much as my MLS save done as I can, because once NCAA drops, I'm pretty much on that til Assassain's Creed comes out... in November.
  15. https://youtu.be/LfecVtFQDio?si=j2vDdaF-pR8doa91 Embedding hates me on this skin. But here's some gameplay of NCAA 25, and it looks amazing. One more week.
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