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  1. The Netflix Squid Game competition might be the grossest thing I've ever seen only spending 10 minutes before turning it off. Talk about missing the fucking point. A fucking YouTuber did it better and less depressing 2 years ago.
  2. What a fucking chicken shit move by Tony. You're the fucking boss, BE THE FUCKING BOSS.
  3. You really think the pettiest mother fucker in wrestling history was gonna let getting fired and "feared for my life" slide?
  4. So you're the mother fucker with the Monkey's Paw.
  6. To be fair, everyone is getting steamed up about Dolly in that outfit.
  7. Clarified (I guess, that was really roundabout) that Eddie basically relinquished the RoH and NJPW Strong belts to the overall winner. And it seems that the Continental Belt is similar to all the other AEW belts, shape wise.
  8. You mean I can't trust the unimpeachable word of Joseph Janella?
  9. Yup, I'm done with CFB for the season, and dine with Michigan as long as Harbaugh stays HC.
  10. I mean, Ratchet was doing Flair at the time better than Flair was doing Flair.
  11. They cut any more they'll make Corluzzo Era look like prime Fritz.
  12. What's funny, is that given the Bucks/Kenny promo segment last night of Kenny giving the Bucks shit for cheating and Matt flat out saying "Whatever, your biggest successes came when you were a cheating bastard" would be the right kid of subtle setup that "Kenny can't win big matches on his own" that makes him actually being the Devil and being the one to dethrone MJF work. Even possibly him reuniting with Calis in a "you were right Don, I needed you all along" kinda thing. Of course, it would've worked MUCH better if Kenny lost last night and his team didn't win super clean while having a man disadvantage. That and if anyone in the promotion did subtle.
  13. The sad thing about Ibushi is, multi-man ridiculous plunder matches ARE his strong suit. Or at least was.
  14. The end of that sentence makes me wonder why the fuck we never got more A-Team remakes.
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