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  1. Ok. I did a new character, so I should probably check out my old one and see what's there.
  2. So, if I haven't played at all since the launch and want to catch up, I should just play the planet line's to get up to, um, I suppose the Light level you guys recommend before starting other stuff?
  3. The website just did a feature on SHO where he says he wants to do BOSJ so yeah, that taking the place of Tag League would make the most sense. I think the G1 is still set up to start in September after when the Olympics would've been, but it's likely to be much smaller than it would've been (because again, they can't bring in anyone not living in the country yet), so this might be the off year for a smaller 8-10 guy tournament to keep the shows small. I'm really up for that 6 man in Korakuen, and Evil/Hiromu.
  4. I'm probably the only one here that cares about it, but... The Fairy Tail game drops on the 31st.
  5. Meanwhile, I'm just scouring for episodes of MXC.
  6. I can do a thesis on why you should and shouldn't play MGS5 an an exercise on creator filtering and corporate meddling and the falling out between Kojima and Konami and how it colored everything in the game and turned it into a massive train wreck thats worth seeing, but by no means hold it to the standard of its predessors.
  7. Next NJPW shows up are Sengoku Lord on the 25th with NJ Road on the 20th. NJ Road's high spot is a LIJ/BC six man Main with BUSHI/Naito/Hiromu vs Ishimoro/Togo/EVIL which should be awesome even though it's painfully obivious BUSHI is eating a fall there. Sengoku Lord has Okada/Yujiro, SHINGO/Despy for the NEVER belt and of course EVIL/Hiromu for the Double Crown which should be great even though its a forgone conclusion.
  8. I had fun with it for a while, but combat was a chore, and it ended up becoming FedEx: The Game and it got real repetitive real fast. Toss in that a lot of the buildings require community involvement so early game stuff is in massive disrepair right now (although I did get 2 sections of highway back up before I moved on), it's solidly eh. A good reminder of the downside of unfiltered Kojima though.
  9. You triggered FSW right into a Cashing by doing nothing but posting in the Soccer thread so I'll never be embarrassed by you.
  10. My dislike of the TLOU games has nothing to really do with the violence level, I'm generally good for that stuff outside of kids. My dislike is more feeling the story is boring and predictable and felt more "bad ending for the sake of bad endings because they're hip" than really trying to say something poignant, and the controls were fucking shite and Ellie's undetectability while playing as Joel and escorting here was full on immersion breaking. Enough that even with the story I've read of 2 cleaned up some of my problems with 1's story, it's not enough to drag me back into doing a game I didn't enjoy, and I don't waste time on games I don't enjoy anymore just because a bunch of people say I'm missing out on a "classic".
  11. I thought that was because TBP's whole gimmick was that everyone was ugly compared to them?
  12. Raziel

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    I'm kinda disappointed that EVIL wasn't trotting his Six Man belt around too so he can brag about having 3 titles at the same time, with the added benefit of sticking it to LIJ. I mean, I know it's only the 6 Man belts, but still....
  13. Raziel

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    If there's ANYONE on that roster than can fill that role, it is, in fact, Hiromu Takahashi.
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