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  1. Um, that's been the angle that commentary/Naito himself (see the MSG VTR) have been pushing, that Naito wants to be the first Double Singles Champion. Dominion makes sense as the first crack to get the IC belt back before heading into trying to take the G1.
  2. So in that sale, I picked up Titanfall 2 for $8. It's pretty damn fun.
  3. And now add Judge to the Injured List. The Yankees will just be running on the SWB lineup in another week.
  4. Combination of acknowledging the called spot/calling a spot and "loosen up a tad or I'm gonna pass out"
  5. That's pretty much been true of Impact's entire lifespan, with a few exception periods.
  6. A man from the North played a Stark. WCW missed out, Winter was coming.
  7. But, But, everything they do has a sinister underlying purpose! That's what I've been led to believe!
  8. It's also not a "shift" to correct because Nattie "was out of position". It was a drift because she didn't jump off square, likely because of the superflous spin jump from the second rope.
  9. After she lands and crushes Nattie. Also, she drifted to her left, she's clearly off center to the left when she lands.
  10. Interest of fairness: Powdered Knees Kobashi Moonsault: Nope, still not on par.
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