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  1. He came from AAA. And AAA isn't the place to get anyone to grow up.
  2. I'm still upset that Issac doesn't get some kind of sharp melee weapon, since the best way to kill Necromorphs is to dismember them. Let's have a saw or something!
  3. So that pretty much confirms Shuri then. And dug the quick Helmet view of Riri.
  4. They've had a lot of issues with F13 because if various rights issues around the different parts and characters, so it might just be better to take what they learned into another IP that doesn't have the rights issues.
  5. And MIN looks like they're sitting Arraez the rest of the season, so unless Judge hits every at bat (after today), the Triple Crown is gone.
  6. Me at 7:30: Allright, kids still asleep, New Gundam on CR and the big TV available, LFG! Me at 7:35: Subs are 14 seconds out of sync... looks like I'm watching it on my PC when they fix it tomorrow.
  7. It's more Santa Clara that's got Cisco and all the other tech companies, and they're probably counting that into San Francisco (the 50mi distance and all that)
  8. Yes, it's a joke because McHale tagged the wrong Gillian.
  9. Side rant, but not giving employees any notice they're doing something is becoming standard practice for companies these days.
  10. And apparently Gillian Anderson is replacing GIllian Jacobs.
  11. He's gonna make a lot of money with the Dodgers in 24.
  12. Yeah, US internet can best be described as "If you live within 50 miles of NYC, Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, DC, or LA, you're good. If not, LOL".
  13. Allisent needs to pick a lane. She can't be getting Prince shithead ready to be the clamant then clutch her pearls when her ally offs her opponent's allies.
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