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  1. See, even with the ridiculous techincal stuff aside, I still was alright with VIII up until the big reveals in Disc 3, then the plot lost me.
  2. But, but... What if I actually LIKE all the DCEU movies *AND* own the entire Infinity Saga in 2 formats?
  3. Hey now... we're not 100% sure that FF7Remake fixed that issue yet.
  4. Well, it more depends on how exclusive the contracts are, and if they're comparable to their closest contemporaries (MLW and Impact). I somehow doubt that Impact is only paying Tessa, Rosemary, Young, Taya, and Grace $12k a piece and SIGNIFICANTLY less than male draws (if Ciampia was the low end at $20K, that's still 6 thousand less than then men for a top tier woman) You can argue Klein's and several other's skill/drawing power, but the gap is still an issue, and the pay scales in RoH are suprisingly low for the arguable Number 3 promotion in the US that's been in the conversation for #2 for close to a decade.
  5. I'll probably sneak mine in over the weekend and be a *bit* late but watching at work has been a no-go lately.
  6. Man, 4 and 5 weren't even really Die Hard movies. Just action movies with the McClane's in them. And I only put 3 above 2 because Irons decided to chew every fucking piece of scenery in 3 like Rickman did in 1 rather than play it straight like Sadler and Amos did.
  7. Rikishi never worked ECW, that was Samu and LA Smooth
  8. You're right, he didn't work WCW. I'm not sure why I tossed him in there.
  9. Johnny Swinger, The Harris Twins, Juventud Gurrerra, Konnan, PCO, Scott Steiner, Tajiri, and Erik Watts, going by the all time roster Wiki and memory. Those are all guys that worked matches in the OG ECW, WWF/E, WCW, and TNA/Impact and are still "active", although I'm pushing it with Watts and I think the Harris Twins are out.
  10. There's actually a bunch that are an AEW match away.
  11. As is Dustin. Dustin worked the WWECW reboot, Daniels worked for OG ECW near the end.
  12. The restock missions NEVER cooling down. I think I've only ever been able to run 1 restock mission the entire time it's existed.
  13. Will they fix the Current Trader role, or will Moonshiner be broken too?
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