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  1. BCC bringing in Claudio to sub for Bryan is the perfect "Fuck you" to Kingston for not caring about lighting Danielson on fire as collateral is good storytelling. The end to the IWGP match has to be an audible, Cole looked fucked up big time.
  2. Listen to make sure your fan is running and there's decent airflow around the box where the vents are. That sounds like an overheating issue.
  3. Someone should clue FTR in that *this* is the correct way to do the move.
  4. Yeah, that's nice, but I'm kinda done pretending to be respectful of people that consider my friends, family, aquatances, and blood as not human. Respectfully, those people can go fuck themselves.
  5. I know it's renewed for S4, but I don't know how the hell you get out of this season without killing Homelander. And the disclaimer at the beginning was great.
  6. There's also the whole instant teleporting lightspeed thing that both Reva and Obi-Wan seemed to use (plus Reva patching herself up and there being another ship capable of lightspeed lying around that base), but Star Wars seemed to stop caring about actual distances traveled years ago.
  7. I was not expecting them to end M'Banga's arc with his daughter like that, but at the same time it was the most Trek way to end an arc like that possible, so I'm really cool with it. How the hell did it take so long for Mount to catch on in a big roll, dude is tremendous?
  8. Okada isn't leaving Japan with his wife hitting 8 months pregnant, Naito has been hidden in tags recovering from eye surgery, Ibushi is hurt and not near ready, Kenny is hurt and not near ready, Danielson might be hurt, Rossy was never sending his workers to a show where the other side uses a lot of a rival companies workers, ditto to CMLL blocking AAA people (meaning Black is the 4th guy in the All-Atlantic match). The whole AAA/CMLL thing has me surprised CMLL isn't bitching that FTR is on the show in an IWGP Tag title match. I wouldn't be surprised if the CMLL/AAA stuff is behind LIJ not being anywhere on the card (CMLL still owns the Los Ingobernables name I think, hence why Rush and family use Los Faction Ingobernables in AAA, RoH, and likely AEW once the Lee's and Rush get there proper) Some of you guys fantasy booked yourselves into dissappointment and need to temper expectations accordingly.
  9. At least that block setup will guarantee that we'll see some matches we haven't seen 20 times in the last 4 years.
  10. Filoni is doing the show, and Ahsoka is after Thrawn. Last time we saw Thrawn, he was with Ezra and Sabine was determined to find Ezra, so at least Sabine should be showing up soon.
  11. Raven's knock off was "Come As You Are", not "Alive". Only WCW Pearl Jam knock off was Jericho's "Evenflow" knockoff.
  12. And Mutoh STILL isn't going to put Kaito over.
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