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  1. If Mox doesn't do this wholesale, I'm gonna be upset.
  2. I've now officially bought the ME Trilogy 3 times.
  3. Fishing trips with his wife and In-laws while he gets paid to sit in catering on Mondays.
  4. You'd think, but it takes a WHILE to get an HR case up and running to can someone unless you get a lot of people making the same complaint. Mostly because NO ONE uses their own HR anymore. Also harder when your Corporate is in TX or GA or some other backwards red state.
  5. No, and it's a weird thread to not tie up, but now it seems like it was just a plot device to get Woo over to Westview, which rolled everything else along (at least as far as drawing Darcy and Monica in, Heywood might've found it on his own.) I can't remember if it was mentioned, but did Agatha show up after figuring out there was some super magical stuff going on, or did Wanda (or rather, Vision) happen to pick the one small town in NJ where a magic stealing ancient Witch lived?
  6. I understand that, but if Nexus Beings are really a thing, and Kang's showing up in Ant-Man 3, there's gotta be something more to that because Kang being a Nexus Being puts him even more of a mismatch over Scott.
  7. You need to get back into the Private Sector if you think this is true.
  8. AoS's Darkhold doesn't count, as I'm pretty sure it's on record that AoS is basically a "What If?" and out of continuity (as was done because Feige threw a shitfit when the AoS runners bitched about the movies not telling them what was going in). For the finale, yeah, Agatha calling out Wanda's more powerful than Strange was neat, now it's whatever she's going to do in Multiverse. Construct Vision unlocking White Vision's memories is that quick path to Vision coming back for real. I'm guessing the Skrull was talking about Fury when she mentioned a "friend of your
  9. Well, Killing the Business deserved it's rematch.
  10. I'm thinking that Ryan went and got exactly what he wanted out of this.
  11. There's an argument to be made that once a title reaches "World" status, it never really loses it. Also, depending on how you count "World" titles, we can add: USWA Unified World Title (5): Godfather | Kamala | Koko B Ware | JYD | Butch Reed | Reggie B. Fine World Class (1): Iceman King Parsons That said, I could make a WAAAAAAAY better argument for the USWA belt (due to it being the Continential Belts unified with the AWA Title) than the WCWA Title (because Fritz just up and declared the NWA American Title was now the World Title when it was his turn to have
  12. If I was stuck in a never ending feud with Bray Wyatt, i'd be waking up pissed all the time too.
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