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  1. Raziel

    James Bond XXV

    I agree. We all know the best was Dalton.
  2. Raziel


    It'll be Rebels Mandos, which will be 1000x better than any of that Boba is a God and all Jedi were the real Space Nazi tripe that Traviss wrote. Rebels pretty much retconed all the Traviss Fett worship out of existence in Season 4/5.
  3. Raziel


    My friend, you just explained the entire roster.
  4. I like the Battlefield series, even though I'm burnt on WWII. I'll buy it on PC, even though I don't have the power to play it, yet.
  5. Raziel

    James Bond XXV

    Lazenby was great, he just had the unfortunate circumstance of following Connery with a Bond with a really depressing ending. Moore got away with it since Live and Let Die followed the standard formula. I would've loved to see how Lazenby handled the rightously pissed and looking for revenge Bond in Diamonds.
  6. Raziel


    He ended up saving Jericho's life.
  7. Raziel

    MCU Trilogy Battle.

    It's odd for me, because since it came out, I hated Civil War and the end of Winter Solider, but with Infinity War, and seeing how everything panned out, there seems to be a logic to the choices, at least ones among the Russo Bros movies that ended up reversing my views and problems with the stuff I didn't like from Cap. I'd still say the Avengers are the best, I'd say the Thor Trilogy was the weakest, because 2 really drug it down, and even the bad parts of the other trilogies are counteracted by the good.
  8. Raziel


    So, Die Hard had a baby with Towering Inferno and made this movie. Fuck it, I'll still see it. Stupid me and weakness for Die Hard and Towering Inferno flicks.
  9. If this gets us closer to Vince licencing "Final Countdown" and Bryan bringing his indy "Best in the World" act to WWE, I'm in.
  10. Raziel


    Hate to be the one to break it to you, Cass is a work.
  11. Raziel


    It makes the brand more valuable, and noticed by mainstream, thus attracting more viewers to the TV show, which drives up ratings, which drives up ad rates, which makes the TV rights worth 1 Billion over 5 years. It isn't that hard to see FOX went after something that's already established to fill a slot that's guaranteed 3+ million viewers when they have about 3 shows total that beat that. It would've done that if they had Jinder, Orton, and Bray still at the top of the card instead of AJ, Nakamura, and Bryan. The parts are interchangible, as the WWE has gone through great lengths to ensure. Yeah, Bryan's over, but they'll live unharmed if he's gone. Nak barely registers after his intro. They lived before AJ, they'll live after. WWE stopped being about the talent a decade ago. Nothing is bigger than the WWE, no one.
  12. Raziel


    At what point didn't I give Vince credit. He won, he created the only Wrestling promotion worth money in the United States. He can crush any competition on a whim. You think *he* was the one that leveraged all the charity stuff, social media, and Talent visible on multiple outlets outside of WWE TV? Are you going through lengths to not give Steph any credit?
  13. Raziel


    It's not. I know you're WWE's chief Fluffer here, but the TV product stinks. It's listless, boring, uninspired, played safe, no one is a superstar compaired to the real Superstars of yesteryear, everyone is on even keel, programs are rushed through, everything's overscripted. It's that it's live sports programming when live, unscripted programing is cheaper to produce. It's that WWE has become synomious with "Wrestling" in the US and it's the only game in town, with the power to have the most eyeballs on it, and it has ZERO competition. None. NJPW barely has a US presence, Impact downgraded into a Canadian Indy with 2 PPV's a year, and RoH will never, EVER, be bigger than they are. The only thing doing a number that would make WWE take any kind of notice is All In, and Vince has the means to keep another one from happening on a whim. What the WWE "Brand" became so valuable and huge is because at the end of the day, for all the shit we give her about her TV appearances, is that in her actual Corporate role, Stephanie Levesque is REALLY fucking good at her job. Under her tenure as Chief Brand Officer, the WWE has been 'legitimized' by ESPN, 2 different reality shows on E! with WWE talent all over it, deals with Make a Wish, the Be A Star program, the October deal with Komen, Konnor's Cure, the Warrior Award, a HUGE social media presence and leveraging, using specific terms on TV to set WWE apart from every other wrestling on the planet (Championship Oppurtunities, etc), and turning their big 4 PPV's into massive 4 day weekend events, so much that every other indy on the planet sponges off that crowd. It has fuckall to do with the product. When you're the only game in town, people are going to watch regardless. Fuck, I can go into multiple examples of Financially successful things that are absolutely shit creatively or otherwise, from movies to our Would-Be King. Financial Success <> Artistic Merit. What's worth several Billions of dollars right now, is the Brand.
  14. Raziel


    As long as people keep paying and tuning in, there's zero impetitus for Vince to change anything. Add that Vince has enough money to squash any competition that might spring up, and we are where we are. And Gregg's right, people bitching about the product and booing Reigns vocally are the same ones that buy 4 day Rumble and Mania packages, so why the hell is there a reason to change?
  15. Raziel


    Depending on the Boiler Room and the promotion, that could be awesome.