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  1. If they made it like the last one was with online being a constant streaming channel woth rotating songs ( but more than 2) I'd be all in, I loved the last one.
  2. Of COURSE Sylens ends up the big bad. Alright, 30 days, already got it pre-ordered so let's go.
  3. I'm kinda wishing they'd pick an organized crime lane though. Boba's using Daimyo, Bib Fortuna was a Majordomo, The Mayor has a Majordomo, Fennec I think was named Master Assassin but is acting as a Consignliere more than anything else, it's a little messy.
  4. Two Mando score stingers in one episodes, yeah, I'm guessing Din and possibly Bo-Katan and her crew show up for the fight with the Pikes.
  5. That'd be bad since EA and Ubi's entire problem is they keep making the same fucking game every year.
  6. I'm more wondering if Arahsem was growing a Celestial on Earth, why was he fine with Ego's little seeding Earth himself (and almost winning that)? And Thanos' snapping would've fucked all the Celestial's growning, not just Tiamat. And is(or, I mean, um, was) Thanos still an Eternal-Deviant hybrid and Eros a straight Eternal? That wouldn't make them immune from the Infinity Stones (as seen by Thanos getting snapped himself). Endgame's final battle was in Upstate New York(Esopus, NY, to be exact by establishing shots).
  7. I'm sure that if anything will fix Activision, it's the corporate culture of MicroSoft.
  8. when people make suggestions, use Can You Run It to make sure your PC will handle the games. Ryzen 5 is nice, but what's going to affect gaming is the CPU speed and your GPU and Graphics dedicated RAM. Laptops generally don't ahve the best Graphics setups unless you're actually in the "gaming" category. systemrequirementslab.com/cyri
  9. Now that Cody's a Free Agent, TK is totally going to go after him. That's a big name to sign.
  10. Can the Eagles remember that Devonta Smith exists? Cause it seems that the Bucs D doesn't either.
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