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  1. Weirdest wrestling music in a hockey game use I heard was when St. Louis had Brian Elliott who was nicknamed Moose and played Mooses ROH theme song. I mean, the song made sense but I was kinda shocked ROH was on the music guy’s radar!
  2. I saw where (but can’t find the link!) where Don Callis said that if AEW hadn’t happened when it did he believes Impact was very close to bringing in both Jericho AND Omega last fall which explains all the “subtle” references Callis kept dropping last fall before abruptly stopping it.
  3. The thought definitely crossed my mind, as well. Before the match she was all excited then when Forbes started twerking, Caprice said “I forgot what I was saying...” and he and Riccaboni joked about whether she could back it up in the ring and Tenille said “I have no idea what is going on here” and was also audibly annoyed when she did the sort of Stinkface move. Especially after the whole Emmslina thing, I could see this being an omen got her to get out while she can
  4. Good Lord, the end of that match with her and the other against Sakai and Mayu was DREADFUL. A lot of people standing around for others to be in position. I’ve seen barely-trained Indy wrestlers have better matches. Tenille seemed really annoyed on commentary like she had stumbled into an ECW cat fight and did NOT want to be there.
  5. I would think The easiest thing to do would be give every wrestler one month off of TV/house shows. Wtestlers can get minor operations, heal up nagging injuries, just recharge or work on stuff at PC. Said wrestlers could get “injured” on way out then have a waiting angle in the way back. And just about everyone will get that “surprise” pop when they come back. Meanwhile others can be cycled in for matches when the others are on break. There’s literally no downside.
  6. The lack of teams on SD isn’t a big deal. Hardyz, Bar (Unless Sheamus was gone, his name wasn’t mentioned all night) and eventually New Day will fight over them. Then new guys like Apollo, Gable, Murphy will get thrown together with older guys with nothing to do like Benjamin, Ali, Rowan (?) or Dain and “new” teams will get a shot until one of them sticks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or both of AOP and Fashion Popo come back as surprise returns from injury either.
  7. I met a co-worker many years ago and we became friends after I heard him talking about Raw and Nitro. I showed him some Kaientai stuff and it blew his mind. He went around calling himself Dick Togo, did his pose everywhere we went and even tried to do the Senton bomb into our work dumpster in order to crush boxes (It didn’t go well: he hit his head on the side of the dumpster!). I still think Togo is a huge whiff on WWE’s part. With his wrestling and charisma, he could have easily been WWE’s version of Tajiri before they signed Tajiri.
  8. I rewatched that part 3-4 times. How do you screw that up?!
  9. Don’t forget that they make their own clothes ! That said, the name is dumb, we all agree. But it’s not going to hurt them any. It reminds me of When Strowman debuted and you guys spent interminable week’s mocking the name. And did it hurt him? Once he started doing cool things, everyone forgot about how much they mocked the name and went right along with it. Most WWE tag names are dumb really. Authors of Pain made some sense with Ellering but mostly sounded like pissed-off self-publishers. The Bar is taken from a truck commercial. The Revival sounds like a Southern Baptist pray-a-thon. The New Day is bad too. But they all did well enough that people accepted them.
  10. You ever have the name “Samoa Joe” come up in non-wrestling fan company? It always gets a hearty chuckle from outside the wrestling bubble.
  11. That’s probably it, really. Whenever the next war comes up, they don’t want people getting all proactively offended (“The war in (somewhere) JUST started and Vince trots out the War Raiders?! I am OUTRAGED!) so they figured they’d just change it before they got too known. It’s dumb (Especially since Reigns still miraculously uses the ‘Drive-by’) and you can tell it was a spur of the moment thing since their finisher is still named (rather nonsensically) ‘Fallout’, but I understand WHY they changed the name, it just seemed like there were about a zillion better Viking related options: The Conquerors, Pillage And Plunder, Doom Raiders, Warm Raiders, By Odin’s Beard!, Forged in Flame, Techno Vikings, American Vikings, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders...
  12. This is who I want going to SD in the superstar shakeup!
  13. It’s funny because the first thing I thought when the name was announced was “Sounds like a cruise but I don’t wanna take it!” I also like when they listed their Viking interests and it got progressively less cool: “They eat raw meat, craft weapons and make their own clothes!” I just imagine Vince being intimidated by a guy with a sewing machine. Raw’s selection of upper card heels (Presuming Drew goes to SD) is DIRE. Seriously if you don’t do Seth-Styles, you have Baron Corbin, Lashley And Sami Zayn? Andrade (Though if they wanted to debut him as a main eventer than they probably would have already...). Makes me wonder if someone turns (Braun?) or they do a surprise return of Lesnar on a short deal.
  14. ROH seems to be headed much more in the...um...T&A (not to be confused with TNA) direction lately: Allure, Rose and this week’s TV had a WOH wrestler (I forgot her name!) full-on twerking before she got in the ring. https://images.app.goo.gl/ctaVTMD88p9PCUC87
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