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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5lI2WwhDHJ/?igshid=1y0ror802ciey
  2. Wasn’t it the Cole-Tazz pairing where Cole got upset with Tazz because he kept making gay jokes at his expense And complained to management, hence why they split them up? Or did I make up that story?
  3. Enjoyed the randomness of it. Cheeseburger, Cabana and Cobb? Did they just pick them because they're all 'C' names? I don't know, but it worked!
  4. Hear me out: turn Impact! into IPWF full-time. Every one was having fun, the wrestlers were clearly happy not to have to bump as hard or put themselves in as much peril as usual with the throwback style. Even the commentary seemed like more fun (Though they were a little more wink, wink ironic than the rest of the show). I thoroughly enjoyed this.
  5. I watched most of the '"Throwback" 80s Impact show this afternoon and somehow it seemed to have better production than Dynamite tonight. I couldn't hear half of what was going on in the Jericho stuff, and the stuff I did hear was pretty lame. SCU jumping in out of nowhere with no real build-up was bad (They should have been in the mascot costumes for maximum reaction). It just screamed of someone backstage yelling "This is going too long, just jump in and attack them, it doesn't matter if anyone knows it's SCU or not!" What was the weird noises during the women's match? It sounded like a loose board or someone beating a drum in the first row. Later you could see the front apron pulled up, I wonder if someone was fixing something under there. If Bunny, Butcher and Blade has them targeting Cody because Allie is mad that Cody's wife is leading attacks on her and everyone cheers for Cody then this could make some sense. If they're just attacking him because they can't explain why Cody has randomly stopped going after MJF then it's bad WWE "Kofi is fine going after the tag titles after losing his World Title because he's positive!" booking. I know people are going to hate this, but MJF is basically AEW's Ken Kennedy, right? Jacked-up guy who's a great talker and connects with the crowd doing promos and sneak-attacks but is pretty awful in the ring? DDP-MJF should be an interesting short feud. I kinda wished I'd skipped this week's show, to be honest, though, to be fair I didn't really watch the main event but the rest of the show pretty much left me cold. It really feels like they're kind of spinning their wheels through to the end of the year, like WWE often does this time of year. For a hyped-up show, this wasn't as entertaining as last week's ROH TV.
  6. When WWE randomly took Tom Phillips off TV, I wondered if he was being held as a back-up in case the strain of weekly live WWE (and presumably eventually travel) was too much for Renallo.
  7. Rey Mysterio did it last night. I’m not sure he was expecting the crowd to count along because he just blew through all 10 with no delay or embellishments on the last punch. I mean, Hirsch is okay but I wouldn’t call him “insanely hot”. I always like to imagine him going out to fancy dinners with his wife (assuming he has a wife) and her having to tell all her co-workers/friends/relatives: ”It’s for a role.” “Well no he’s a wrestler actually” ”Well he, uh, died and was brought back to life by a guy named Destro...” ”Can we just move on?”
  8. Yeah, I rewound this on first listen and, as stated, it was a bit. Lawler then says something like "I know, he's just so condescending." I actually really enjoyed this show. There was lots of stuff that made me feel like someone loosened the reigns on wrestlers and announcers and let them do a bit more. Off the top of my head: Owens, Orton, Rusev, Mysterio, McIntyre, AOP, and Charlotte all looked like they were having more fun and allowed to be more themselves tonight. -Turning Seth heel was a necessity. The only problem is, with Rey losing to Lesnar, there is basically NO ONE to challenge Lesnar from the Raw roster (Orton has been done, Styles has been done; Velasquez has been done, every one else is not believable) and his challenger will likely have to come out of the Rumble or a returning Legend, or turn Lesnar face. I would go full-out with Seth calling him and AOP The Shield, with Seth whining "I was the architect of the original Shield, it was my group, just like I'm the architect of the new better Shield" and eventually you have Roman come after the new Shield. -Flair-Asuka was a nasty affair, lots of hard-hitting and vicious bumps. I liked it. Charlotte had the best moment of the entire night when she was "blinded" by the mist and reached out and patted the ref's bald head like Mr. Magoo. -US Title stuff was fun. I still probably wouldn't give Ricochet much promo time, just have him go out and do outrageous stunts. -Where was Becky Lynch? Really weird to not have her on the show tonight. -King was extra salty tonight, I think Vince was ticked off about something. He definitely veered further into heel colour man tonight, siding with Rollins. Him repeatedly yelling at AOP "Where were you last night?" when nobody bothered to put them on the team was incredibly dumb. -Main event was solid. Owens stomping like Rollins in the background was really funny.
  9. I think it was Sandman who said he'd take chairshots and barb wire all day long rather than take a power bomb.
  10. BTW, last night during the Sportsnet broadcast of the Vegas Golden Knights and Edmonton Oilers, they had Renee Young do commentary for a bit (It pretty much sounded like her wrestling commentary lots of 'OH!'s and "The Knights are about to...oh never mind". She said it was much harder than calling wrestling, then invited the announcers to come call Royal Rumble which got former NHL fighter Louie DeBrusk very excited.
  11. Oh man, Booker T on the pre-show comparing Sami Zayn to Flava Flav, completely corpsing at his own joke that also got Coach and Christian laughing, then telling Zayn to end on a "Yaaaaaah boiiiiiiiiii!" which makes Sami drop the mic and stalk off (Presumably to keep from laughing himself) will probably be better than almost anything on the PPV.
  12. It’s not the Rock Bottom, it’s the Book End. Totally different!
  13. No love for Orange Cassidy’s lowering of the shades for Sonny Kiss’ twerking?
  14. I enjoyed this show a ton. Can’t get over how (for lack of a better word) ‘cool’ both Moxley and Allin came across in that main event. My only nitpick on it is that Allin could tighten up his strokes a little bit.
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