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  1. Reminds of this (from Always Sunny and nsfw) And now I really can't see it without the sound effects
  2. I did not remember Martel being THAT huge!
  3. I guess Impact! was on the media call as they have since signed Chris Bey, apparently just hours after this story came out. Also, I had no idea Nyla was transgendered. It doesn't change my opinion of her or anything. Val Venis is a weird dude. One time he worked an indy here in Kelowna, left before his match to come back with a towel with the Canadian flag featuring a marijuana leaf and walked it all around the ring. After losing his match, he got on the house microphone and gave a long, weird rambly speech about the Big Valbowski's rules for success (which was really funny as he was in this tiny rec center, could no longer wear his tights because he's so out of WWE-shape so he wears a pair of shorts that hang below the towel he still wears and a t-shirt) and you could see the people in charge scrambling around, trying to figure out if they could turn off his mic or get him to wrap it up. After that appearance, I 100% believe that he beleives what he said about Nyla is okay, but that he also might not remember having said it. (PS: He signed a photo for my brother and it was so illegible, the ongoing joke is that he wrote "Buttfully yours, Val Venis."
  4. About a year or so, after answering one of those random Twitter content creating things (Fave five movies of the 90s? Best movie you saw in theaters? Movie you love more than anybody else? etc. etc.*), I had some guy follow me, I checked to see if he was a bot then saw he was a filmmaker who had recently released the movie 'Thunder Road', I kept my eye out for it and it finally turned up on Netflix this past week so I gave it a watch and it's SOOOO good. It's about a cop who is starting to have his whole world collapse around him and trying to cope with it etc. etc. The opening 12 minutes is basically one long take of said cop delivering his mother's eulogy and it's so sad, funny, awkward and perfectly acted as anything I've seen. Apparently, per IMDB he made it himself for something like $200,000 then made all that back and more in France where it became something of a cult hit. I really loved it. * (For the record my answers to these hypothetical Twitter questions would be: The Big Lewboski, Heat, Fargo, Hana-bi and The Thin Red Line; The Tree of Life; and, I dunno, Draft Day or Brothers Solomon)
  5. Those tights...they're too small. Too small!!
  6. I have just been rereading Foleys book and forgot about the part where Vince brought him in and Foley turned him down (or was planning to) because Vince didn’t want to bring him in as Cactus Jack. And I’m wondering does Jack get over in the feud with Undertaker as much as Mankind does? Does Vince get behind him as much if it’s not his creation (A year or so later, Foley proposed a match with Vader playing off their history and Vince balked because he didn’t want to build off non-WWF history and instead teamed them up, writing new history as he said)?
  7. I watch probably 80% of my movies, English or otherwise, with subtitles. I try to avoid comedies with subtitles, because a lot of the times the subtitle will give a punchline away too early. But it can be a real eye-opener to watch movies you've seen many times before for the first time with subtitles, misheard lines or background conversations that you thought were inaudible can suddenly completely change scenes.
  8. Yeah, I've had people tell me they don't like watching subtitled films because then they have to read it and miss what's going on onscreen and I think that's patently false. You actually have to focus was MORE onscreen if you can't understand what's being said without reading it. Otherwise you can pick up your phone, stare off into space, daydream, flip through a book or something while watching an English (or whatever language you understand) and still keep reasonably up on the action. My funniest subtitle-watching film in the theater was Bong Joon-ho's 'The Host' which I saw with a crowd of my dad, me and about 10-15 older Korean women. The movie started and the subtitles were projected onto the wall beneath the screen, making them almost completely illegible. It didn't bother the Korean women any, because they could follow just fine, but I had to wander out and find an employee to fix it because I had no idea what anyone was saying. That was in the good old days when we actually had a theater that liked to bring in some arthouse, indie and foreign stuff. It's now a Tim Horton's and we only have a couple megaplexes, though one of them did fairly well in keeping the Oscar-y stuff onscreen this year. But anything remotely not big-name or Oscar-nominated isn't likely to play here, unless it's in Hindi.
  9. 'Swiss Army Man' is one of my favourite recent-ish movies! Paul Dano is a man stranded on a deserted island who finds a farting corpse (played by Daniel Radfcliffe) and uses him to survive. It's absolute lunacy, startlingly touching and moving, really silly and just, there's nothing else much like it out there. Watched Brightburn which was entertaining and pretty gory. It's basically the story of Superman, if Superman was a bastard. I think it could have been a little longer as the arc of the parents loving their adopted foundling to Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood was all right. I liked the first 2/3 -3/4 of the movie and thought it did a great job pulling us into this world (Although you could probably cut down on the amount of time people drove around and listened to music). Thought the depiction of Bruce Lee was pretty bafflingly bad (Never mind him acting like a jerk but getting beat up by a random stuntman?) and I wish Margot Robbie was given more to do, as all she does is act sweet and look pretty. How many lines of dialogue does she even have in the film? So, thought this was just okay. I mean Brad Pitt is super entertaining, but there's not any real depth to his performance. I like him but, you know. Also weird that he was Best Supporting as he's in like, what, 70-80% of the movie. He definitely seems to be in more movie than DiCaprio. Uncut Gems: was just crazy. Baffling to me that Sandler didn't get nominated. I'd put it up with just about performance I saw this year. Having never been there, myself, I feel like this is the New Yorkiest movie maybe ever. Super intense movie, basically 130ish minutes of suspense, intensity, and just "Noooo don't do that!" I thought the supporting cast were surprisingly eclectic and good: Lakeith Stanfield is always good; it took me forever to realize who Eric Bogosian was, Idina Menzel as Sandler's wife and I really LOVED Keith Williams Richards as the heavy (Who has somehow NEVER acted before!). Like 'Parasite' getting its own series, I think there could be some entertaining stories told from this universe, too. The Breaker Upperers: I can't quite get a handle on this one. It's a New Zealand film about two women who run an agency breaking couples up on behalf of one or the other's behalf. At times, it seemed REALLY funny (I particularly liked when the one woman visited her family) but at other times the humour felt pretty juvenile or like it was lifted from other films, then I would find myself loving it again. An odd one.
  10. I know I've been against Ross "bullying" Excalibur in the past (I think I said bullying...) but I felt he was 100% in the right last night! "Magical Girl Splash"? GTFO
  11. There's one from a male voter today and it's really bad, too. Actually features a line along the lines of "I chose Margot Robbie because she was really good and, okay, I have a crush on her..." He was also SUPER into 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.
  12. That anonymous actor discussing her ballot today on Hollywood Reporter really casts some light on just how undeserving? Uneducated? Just plain dumb? some of the voters really are Some amazing quotes Best Picture: Director Actress Picture (I moved it here by accident and it's too difficult to reformat) Supporting Actress Documentary The whole thing is worth a read. Spoiler: She's a big fan of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' though largely because she was in Hollywood in the 60s and it reminds her of that. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/brutally-honest-oscar-ballot-irishman-was-boring-tarantino-amazing-1275576/item/best-sound-editing-best-sound-mixing-1276314
  13. Zelina Vega should just skip to the ending and resurrect the LWO with her in charge. Thoroughly enjoyed Garza's debut. There is no way Jerry Lawler wasn't absolutely repeating Vince's thoughts on NXT with Charlotte on Ripley's challenge: "she didn't want to lower herself to her level".
  14. It's on DVD now, check it out!
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