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  1. Well, her previous gimmick was "Crazy" Mary Dobson. So...live the gimmick.
  2. I believe the 90 Day Fiancee guy uses the name without the "L"; I think he's Souja Boy (or Soja Boy). I can't believe that is knowledge I have somehow retained.
  3. I think you could do lots of fun stuff with the MITB still, off the top of my head -Have a guy/girl win it and immediately announce they're cashing it in at WM to guarantee that they will be in the main event -Have a cool, well-dressed heel win it and mock how ugly the briefcase is and make it into a title belt and declare themselves the MITB Champion -Have it cashed it at a house show (if they ever bring them back) to reinforce how important they are (even if they aren't) -have two wrestlers win it simultaneously, have them feud over who the rightful holder is over the summer while yo
  4. The best part, for me, is as I was watching this week and had missed a few Dynamites over the last little while, I thought "I must have missed a little bit of the storyline build-up to this match" then reading this list...No, I saw them all. Every segment. I think my favourite part of the entire feud was the NBA on TNT when Shaq challenged Cody on the NBA on TNT set, and the other guys started kind of laughing, then Shaq said his move was the Black Tornado and they were flat-out laughing then he smacked the plexiglass a couple times and they pretended to get angry and Shaq starts smiling
  5. Given how little he does and half-checked-out Shaq has been in these segments (I think the only real thing he's done in these is a sink a free throw) along with his past history of talking up wrestling matches then doing almost nothing or skipping out completely, if feels to me like it's going to be some sort of swerve where Shaq steps aside for someone else to team with Jade against Cody but I was wondering if there was anyone else who's a big enough star that they could debut in that spot and have it not feel like a rip-off. Is there anyone that big still around? The whole presen
  6. I think at least 5% have become "I'm never watching WWE again because..." posts, too. As an aside, the Scott Steiner math promo is funny but I always felt the Dudley Boyz "fat asses" promo was even funnier/better "The only chance you have you have no chance but if you had a chance is you could run lickety-split but you can't run because you've got those FAAAAT ASSES."
  7. That's what finally killed me off. I was actually still moderately enjoying the show, but I got to a point where I just couldn't justify it anymore. The first thing I really noticed was just how much free time I've added to my week. About 2-2.5 hours for Raw (It was basically impossible to watch it live with a TON of fast-forwarding); 2 hours of Smackdown, 1 hour of NXT (In Canada, we just get an abridged version) that suddenly I've got an extra 5-6 hours a week that I have NOT replaced with more wrestling. The thing that drove me BANANAS about LU was how rarely they showed replays. Yo
  8. Wait, Preston Vance is a good-looking guy and they're keeping him under a mask? Reminds me of the days of Ultimo Hottie
  9. His wife in the post noting he had passed away said that he had succumbed to a "non-Covid lung" issue (or along those lines). Now when someone specifically notes that it wasn't one thing (while not stating what it actually was), this can often be a cover-up (Which is probably why various reporters jumped on it) but it's much more likely that she was just trying to head off the internet speculation that as soon as anyone hears "lungs" they immediately insist it was covid and start blaming the victim for not being careful enough.
  10. But only if you never saw a Bunkhouse Buck match in your life.
  11. Reminds me of when they had Daivari do a dark match, everyone backstage popped when he did the flying carpet finish, WWE signed him, made him a generic evil Arab and never had him do the move on TV (As near as I can tell!).
  12. 05. WWE Smackdown (Kelowna): The show was bad, the bait-and-switch main event was awful and our seats were awful, but it was still fun and surreal to be at a televised WWE show after watching WWE/F since I was 10. The main was hyped as Vince McMahon vs. Brock Lesnar in a steel cage and ended up just being an angle for Kurt Angle to turn on Lesnar and the crowd was FURIOUS but it was still fun. 04. Invasion Wrestling (Kelowna): I can't remember if this was the show with Ted DiBiase or if it was a different oldtimer but I went with my brother and brother-in-law and we had lots of fun but th
  13. I LOVED this angle. Also, I really love that somehow Flair's betrayal knocks Randy Anderson off his feet.
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