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  1. You think? The biggest name McIntyre has beaten this side of Wrestlemania on TV was Miz. He had competitive matches with Reigns but couldn't even get the victory in a 2-on-1 handicap match with Shane. Andrade, meanwhile, beat Mysterio a few times, won a 4-way with Ali, Balor and Orton. I mean, you could build them up to challenge Rollins but WWE has shown a real reluctance to pull the trigger on either in any significant way. I cannot foresee any way Vince would want them in World Title matches at the moment.
  2. I have a funny feeling Wyatt takes the title from Rollins at Crown Jewel, brings the title to SD, then Cain takes the title from Lesnar, appears sporadically until the rematch allowing SD to use the Fiend as their World Champion while Velasquez is away, leaving the Raw guys to compete for the US Title as the main title until one ends up back on Raw for the Wrestlemania build-up. The main reason is I don't really see any World Title contenders for Rollins to feud with if he keeps the title, outside of Orton and Styles. I mean, can you really see Rollins vs. Buddy Murphy on a WWE PPV?!
  3. GOOD STUFF: Cedric-Murphy was pretty good. Raiders-Dolph/Roode was decent and the crowd got way into it. Kabukis-Lacey/Natty was okay though rather nonsensical: "You power-bombed me off the stage last week...don't hurt my partner!" SO BAD IT"S KINDA GOOD STUFF Seth Rollins repeating "Burn it down" to himself as another brave face burns down another one of Bray Wyatt's homes was terrific unintentional comedy. The one USA "exec" did a funny dance during one of those cut-aways. When Daniel Bryan got drafted, USA execs were chanting "No! No!" as execs are prone to do. JUST BAD Lana getting a foot massage before Lashley comes in wasn't even funny bad A lot of promos got the fast-forward treatment from me, but I can safely say Seth's promos go in here Announcers again explaining why Raw gets more picks over SD during rounds where SD actually selected more wrestlers than Raw goes down here.
  4. I think my favourite part of the night was Michael Cole saying "And seeing as Raw is the 3 hour show, it's only right that they have more picks than Smackdown!" as they showed a graphic on-screen which showed that both shows had picked an equal amount of wrestlers that round because of the nonsensical single/tag rules. My second favourite was Troy Aiman's bizarre affinity for the piledriver.
  5. Loved the first 40 minutes or so, but the relative newness of the promotion kinda showed over the next little while with some bad cuts, a women's match where one of the competitors seemed to have no idea whether she was heel or face (Sakura kept trying to start chants and get the crowd clapping and it was really odd and awkward), that strange Best Friends promo where neither guy seemed to know what to say with the abrupt cut to black that left the announcers puzzled. And there were two bad camera misses in the main event section that were WWE-esque (Basically missing Page's moonsault with the cameraman spinning around trying to find him before he did the move and the angle on the Darby skateboard attack was weird and didn't maxmize the uniqueness of the move). Basically, I liked the show this week, but didn't think it was quite as good as last week.
  6. This could also be titled Raw is Action Zone because there was a dearth of star-power -no Reigns, no Rollins, no Fiend, no New Day, no Bryan, no Sasha, no Bayley, no Owens, no Lesnar- and a lot of guys whom even the announcers seemed shocked to see on the show (Lucha House Party? The Singhs? Apollo?). I have a feeling Smackdown is about to get the mother of all revenges for the years of getting shafted in the draft. I wonder if that's why they tapped Heyman to run Raw, knowing that they were going to be running a very lean, young Raw roster and sending most of the stars to Smackdown?
  7. I know I'm a little late to the party, but as someone who was kind of against all this nonsense (Not a HUGE fan of the Elite, rather meh on Omega, cool on Cody, and a little contrarian when it comes to anything that has a "cool" vibe or seems overly pandering to Meltzer) and a guy who feels like he's somewhat of a WWE apologist, I watched this with an open-mind last week and LOVED it. Gave me a real Nitro vibe (Not just because of the announcers!) with lots of emphasis put on the wrestling, storylines for wrestlers up and down the card and everything came off a little less polished and little more real than your average WWE show. I'm really excited and looking forward to this week's show which is not something I've said about a WWE show in a long time.
  8. This has been retweeted into my timeline 2-3 times already today. I don't actually follow Brazzers. Honest. No, seriously!
  9. I HATED this show. I seriously couldn’t even watch it through and leaned heavily on that FF button. I’ve enjoyed Smackdown for the last while but this was just a second-rate Raw. And the booking was so lousy and counter-productive: -Here’s Becky getting the rub from The Rock by standing by and letting him get his moves in, ending on his catchphrase while she stands by like a fan -Here’s the virtually unstoppable Viking Raiders getting swatted aside by Erick Rowan single-handedly then he gets pinned by Roman. “How can they stop this dangerous team” Uh, because they haven’t pinned Roman once? -Here’s the nigh unstoppable Strowman getting ready to get punked by a boxer. -Here’s the long-standing Universal champion getting squashed in seconds by the parttime guy to set up a feud with another part time guy while Rey stands by like his admiring son. No actual wrestler will get over in this scenario.
  10. Dio Maddin makes Byron Saxton sound like Malcolm X.
  11. I always remember that Candido story (Googling just comes up with a lot of sleazy talk about whether or not Sunny slept with Ahmed) where he said Ahmed lifted him up in a suplex than dropped him on his head, Candido dismissed as bad luck and moved on. Then Ahmed did it in their next match and Candido was badmouthing him backstage. Ahmed called him on it and threatened to beat him up and Candido's reply was something like "Yeah, you're bigger than me and can probably beat me up, but this is fake fighting we're talking about and when it comes to fake fighting, you suck!" That was one of those moments where I was watching wrestling and was like "Ok, this might be real" because I didnt think a guy would willingly lay in a puddle of his own snot and spit like Bossman did.
  12. Perhaps you missed Forbes incredulously listing Kylie Jenner as the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire. https://www.google.ca/search?q=kylie+jenner+youngest+billionaire&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-ca&client=safari#imgrc=lOzDfkPgtjujSM: Theres also a huge amount of people who think Kim Kardashian is a feminist icon. Yes. Really.
  13. They just showed a Fox promo with Terry Bradshaw (I honestly almost wrote Justin) calling Baker Mayfield and Tom Brady ‘The Man’ then showed Becky Lynch going “Guys, I’m right here!” followed by Bradshaw pointing at her and mouthing “The Man” which was a clever little promo only for for them to cut back to the game with an announcer who clearly had no idea what he was seeing saying “And there’s two men...and a lady.” Why wouldn’t they give the announcers a quick “We’re hyping the shit out of this, act like you know what it is!” memo?!
  14. Don’t know if this out there but they just announced NXT would air Friday nights before Smackdown on Sportsnet 360 in Canada (Listed as only being an hour on The graphic they showed with Main Event following SD).
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