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  1. I wouldn't count on it, right after it was over, the ref quickly came up and ushered Sasha out of the ring while Bliss came down to the ring, so there was obviously explicit instructions from backstage that this is Bayley and Bliss' moment and to get Banks out of the ring.
  2. So, why did they randomly cut to Sheamus and Cesaro during the main event? Does this mean we're going to get a multi-tag match/gauntlet at SS of Shamesaro, Club, Revival, Hardys, Miztourage and Sort-of-Shield? It would be kind of a bummer if Miz wasn't defending the IC Title at Summerslam, unless Angle gives his baby boy a title shot.
  3. TV

    I watched the first two episodes of The Gong Show this week. It's fun when the judges are having fun (And NO ONE has more fun than Ken Jeong or Elizabeth Banks, they just seem to be greately amused by everything!), but the whole thing feels a little too pre-conceived and set up in order for certain acts to win or get gonged. Also, as for the host, was baffled but mildly amused by Tommy Maitland having no idea that
  4. I voted Vince, but the more I watch the Tarver GIF the more I find it mesmerizing. Like, he gets so low on the superman punch that you're sure he's going down, but he stays on his feet. I'm kinda fascinated. It's like when you go to hit someone on one of the Smackdown games but it glitches out and your guy never hits the mat and just springs back to his feet like nothing happened.
  5. One of several! I was watching a WCWSN from the other day and did not remember Ice Train being around and getting a small push in 1993 so I checked his Wikipedia page and it's a real bizarre run. -July 1993, debuts in WCW winning a handicap match. Has a small run where he teams up with Ron Simmons and has a shot at the tag titles, only to lose when he falls for a Missy Hyatt-feinged injury. Has an undefeated streak going but loses to Simmons in January 94. -Wrestles in Catch Wrestling, the Austrian/German fed from 94 to 96 -1996 returns to WCW in what sounds like an awful match -'Fire and Ice' lasts a few months before Norton and Train start feuding. Norton joins NWO, Train kicks around WCWSN and Worldwide, gets Teddy Long for a manager (The kiss of death for any mid-90s WCW wrestler). -Returns to Catch Wrestling in 1997/98 -Is presumably on the indies but nothing listed for 1999 or 2000. -Re-appears in WCW in 2000 as Ernest Miller's limo driver, re-named M.I. Smooth (Russo!) -Retires shortly after WWE buys out WCW. It's weird that his career involved just two places, and the way he'd get pushed, disappear, come back and get pushed, disappear.
  6. Man Tarver looked amazing when he debuted in WWE and then he wasn't...
  7. NXT

    I LOVED Dijak in ROH and he just felt like someone who would be perfect for and so much better in WWE. I think the PC/NXT will be great for smoothing out some of the rough edges, telling him what to do, when to do it and, more importantly, what not to do (His last ROH match built around him repeatedly trying to get his opponent to shake his hand was one of the dumbest concepts I've seen in pro wrestling in a while).
  8. I dunno, Korderas thought it was funny. He kinda seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't sue even if Vince hurt him, as long as his medical bills were covered. He tells a story about WWE in Japan where they didn't have enough hotel rooms for the refs/ring crew so he had to stay at this tiny little hotel that didn't even have room in the room for his luggage and how Shane McMahon found out and got them rooms with everyone else and Korderas is thankful for Shane for fixing it, and never complains about WWE and the hotel screwing up the bookings in the first place.
  9. At the library yesterday, I found DVD Criterion Collection copies of Days of Heaven ($1), Solaris ($1), and the Ingmar Bergman four-pack (Seventh Seal, Virgin Spring, Wild Strawberries and Smiles of a Summer Night ($3)). My dad picked up Two Lane Blacktop for $1. I mean, even if I'm not a huge fan of some of these, that's an insane deal, right?!
  10. Sometimes I think he's just a bit...obtuse. That he expects so much of everyone that he tends to forget the little things, like just how little experience Strowman had at that point because he expects perfection every time. And then I read this story from Jim Korderas' autobiography
  11. There's that quote from Triple H about how little experience Braun has, where he and Vince were watching a Strowman match and Vince got all mad because Strowman went ahead and did something in the ring that Vince had expressly told him not to do and Vince turning to Triple H and saying something to the effect of "Just when is this guy going to get it?!" And Triple H pausing then saying "You know this is only like his tenth match."
  12. I STILL think the money pay-off to that feud was after Dalton beat Silas in the Battle Without Honor, that Silas shakes Dalton's hand and acknowledges that he's a real man. Then a few weeks later, have The Addiction/Bullet Club/Kingdom/Whatever beating up Dalton and the Boys, then have Silas come out and save Dalton, with the two of them teaming up to take down whomever the tag champs were. You could build up to Silas finally allowing the boys to fan him etc. etc.
  13. On a completely unrelated note, I was watching a WCWSV from January 1997 and it had this incredible Dusty Rhodes-Tony Schiavone exchange (This is in reference to WCW announcers being informed that Roddy Piper was talking in Gaelic while being taken away on a stretcher) DR: And when he learned he was actually speaking Garlic! TS: Gaelic. DR: Gaelic. TS: (laughing to self) Garlic...
  14. I really thought this was going to be the GIF of Liger kicking over Vader's mask and running like a little shit and was weighing whether or not I would vote it over Vince. But seeing as it was not, Vince.
  15. I thought Martinez-Gresham was quite interesting this week with Gresham doing everything he can to get the advantage on Martinez, before Punishment just overwhelms him with power. Cheeseburger/Daddiego-Tempura Boys wasn't much. The post-match with the girls wearing Cheesburger hats climbing over the barricade was so stupid (As pointed out on commentary: "Is this allowed now?") but was saved when the girls picked up Cheesburger and an announcer (I forgot whom) yelled "Back suplex?!" Silas Young gave another great promo, interrupting Mandy Leon with "Nobody cares about women's wrestling!" then holding up the workplace accident sign and talking about how nice it has been without Jay Lethal around. Main event was pretty silly. That's really all I have.