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  1. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    I'm surprised at how many of y'all are excited about the return of The Curb Stomp! I've never liked that move, looked okay last night and in rare instances, but too often leads to guys having to stand bent over like idiots for too long waiting for Seth to hit it, much like Booker T's Axe Kick. Thought Seth's current Rainmaker with a knee was a much better finisher, save for the fact the announcers never seemed to see it coming and would just shout "Knee!" as if no one had thought to come up with a name for it.
  2. He's a huge fan of The Rock. They should repackage him as The Ric.
  3. Man did I hate that theme, especially the "Move to the music" part.
  4. I don't always agree with him re:WWE, but I thought this one was well-done/made sense.
  5. Good Bix article in which WWEs CEO is genuinely surprised how WWE Network viewers want to watch wrestling https://deadspin.com/wwe-network-is-better-than-ever-but-does-wwe-even-know-1821953237/amp?__twitter_impression=true

    I'd rank the TF movies best to worst as 1. It was kinda like Short Circuit with giant robots. Kinda captured the idea of giant robots from a human perspective and good vs evil as well as any in the series. 4. Mark Wahlberg was a nice addition tonite series and it had a good entertaining plot/pacing. 3. I always felt like this movie was Michael Bay getting bored with the series as there are some long stretches which are almost exclusively humans vs robots, which is something nobody comes to these movies to see. 5. An unintelligible plot. A final battle that is almost incomprehensible in spatial terms (I frequently thought "Where are they? Are they still on Earth? Whom is fighting whom here?). 2. One the most awful viewing experiences of my life. A nonsensical plot. Flat-out racist characters/dialogue. My brother and I still discuss random nonsense from that movie (Remember when he had that key made of sand and he lost most of the sand but the key came back together later anyway? Or remember when Shia Laboeuf went to robot heaven?). Awful.
  7. #FreeTheTagTitles - SDL - 1/9/18

    So Daniel Bryan telling Benjamin/Gable that the referee's decision is final as justification for the match being restarted is some of the worst-scripted WWE reasoning in a while, right? Nattie being super excited that she didn't have to team wit Sami felt like a shoot

    Highlight of the Golden Globes has to be the German filmmaker in his acceptance speech going "Thank you Warner Brothers...see a cop, warn a brother!" and the uncomfortable silence that followed.
  9. I watched TNA this week for the first time in a while. How long they've been doing the classic match segment (this week was the birth of the Joseph Park character)? Was it a one-off or do they do it every week? Cuz if it's the latter, I gotta say, having a 20 minute (well, it felt that long...) flashback in the middle of their weekly TV show feels like quite a ripoff, especially when Xplosion airs up here and half of that is usually another "classic" match.

    I'm only about 15 minutes I to this weeks show but pretty sure nothing else is going to touch the opening segment with Jay Lethal confronting Dalton Castle and Castle saying how Lethal had ignored him before now and hadn't even sent him a friend request on Facebook which led to a "Be his friend " chant which was great. Then Castle asked him why he was out here and Lethal said it was pretty obvious why he was out there and some guy yells "The Boys!" which made the entire audience laugh.
  11. Cody Rhodes was in that photo? Never noticed him...

    A friend of mine - an avowed Transformers nut (he made a Transformer advent calendar for himself this year) - kept talking about how good The Last Knight was and I thought "Hey I didn't mind the last one, maybe the critics are just being spiteful because of Michael Bay" . My friend was wrong and the critics were right. It sucked.

    My first watched movie of 2018 was 'Marjorie Prime' and it was excellent. It's a sci-fi-y film about people using holographic learning projections to bring comfort to those in need. Lois Smith and Jon Hamm are really good in this. It's a sad, beautiful little film about the nature of memory and its influence on our lives.

    One thing that I love about the Bucks (I am hot and cold on their matches) is that they do not take themselves terribly seriously. I love that it ends in the much-derided multi-man drop kick.

    Now is this a legit timeline or is this like Michael Cole saying Braun Strowman could be out for weeks or even months only for him to return later that night?!