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  1. But then Twitter goes and gives you this! https://twitter.com/Banks1Bill/status/1281949941770760193 Bill Banks, of late-era WCW infamy, told the Mongo account that Banks and WCW wanted to bring back Mongo in 2000 and have him reveal that he was the one who ran over Steve Austin with his car as retaliation for him stealing away Debra. In essence, they were going to hijack WWE's storyline and finish it off themselves. But Mongo had no interest in coming back after Bischoff had been let go.
  2. There was one great moment to this where Brian Knobbs, who had been teaming with Green, decided to get rid of him by driving him out to the middle of nowhere and leaving him there while Green howled which I am 90% certain was ripped off from a Simpsons episode (NOTE: I'm 100% it was a Simpsons scene, but I'm leaving 5% there that whoever wrote it had never actually seen The Simpsons, and another 5% that I didn't actually fantasy-book this sequence in my head based off said Simpsons scene).
  3. I know we're getting waaaaay off-track here, but Robert Irvine falsifying a resume to get on the Food Network; doing a special WWE episode where he met and ended up marrying Gail Kim; getting found out and turfed off Food Network; getting his own talk show on the CW where he tries to help and counsel people's problems (Despite absolutely no training/education for this role!); then coming back to Food Nework is one of the most fascinating career arcs of anyone ever.
  4. He’s.such a quietly good dude that I’m always happy to see he’s still doing well. Just this year he started a fund for out of work restaurant employees struggling because of the covid and raised of money for them. Someone said Fieri and Keanu Reeves were the two people in the early 2010s that we decided to make fun of for no reason only to realize in late 2010s that they were both awesome.
  5. I dunno, I'd imagine there are a fair of amount of women who might enjoy wearing a robe of flowers while
  6. My biggest gripe on this front is that Rose the Hat comes to visit Abra in her head, and Abra psychically whoops her ass while Danny is portrayed as kind of a lesser psychic-warrior. After the True Knot is wiped out, Danny says to Abra about Rose that she's more powerful than both of them put together, despite the fact they just recently established that Abra can hold her own with Rose. Then at the Overlook, Danny battles Rose to a near-draw and she says "Where have you been hiding all these years?" and Abra is kind of afterthought in the showdown. So Abra goes from strongest to playing second fiddle to Rose and Danny. I think it could have been handled more artfully, less viscerally. Like, you could show him being terrified, then cut away to the sound of his screams. The way it's done, though, it kind of overpowers the film, I think. Like it pushes you into a more intense horror film vibe, but as EVA says, it's really more of a fantasy film outside of this sequence. I actually saw 'Midsommar' first and came away from it liking it, but maybe not loving it. But it took up residency in my head and the further I've gotten away from it, the more I find myself admiring it. I also love that when they auctioned off the flower robe and Halsey and Arianna Grande were fighting over which of them would get it (Apparently the Academy ultimately purchased it). Grande must have been a huge fan as she recently had a Midsommar-themed birthday party. https://ew.com/movies/ariana-grande-midsommar-themed-birthday-party/
  7. Had lots of alone time this week, so I hit up a bunch of horror movies I've been meaning to watch Hereditary: was awesome. Just 2+ hours of menace and dread that I was 100% was going to go. It's kind of impossible to explain without giving away important plot points, but it deals with a family with a history of mental illness that's left reeling after the passing of one of its members. Toni Collette was robbed of an Oscar nomination. There were so many great creepy things going on in the background that I wonder if I may have missed some. The Babadook: This might have even been better. I mean, the latter was a more expertly put together and all-around better executed movie, but there was something more visceral about this one. A widow grows increasingly frustrated with her timid, scared son and the situation is only exacerbated when a mysterious children's book turns up that makes him even more terrified. Doctor Sleep: There is one scene in this one, the sequel to 'The Shining', that really affected me There's some really neat stuff in here, at some points, like the bad girl projecting herself through the sky, searching for another powerful person with The Shining and the whole recreation of The Overlook from the first film, but the above spoiler kind of coloured the whole film in a negative way for me. Plus, I found the supernatural abilities of the characters were really inconsistent. One moment a character is the most powerful in the world, able to battle others to a standstill, the next they are unable to do anything. Other characters with seemingly limited power, suddenly grow stronger. Maybe a lot was lost in the adaptation from the book, but I just felt the whole thing was a little half-baked.
  8. I actually hope it's all a front for Ricochet turning on Cedric and joining MVP and playing a more AJ Styles-type of character: great wrestler who knows he's great and brags about it I enjoyed this show quite a bit. The opening segment was great. WWE should keep firing people since the two guys they fired then brought back delivered on levels not seen previously in their WWE careers (Heath and Drake!). I would have liked to see Heath get a little more shine in the match, but it would probably look bad if your World Champ can't beat a guy who they fired. But, if y'all remember, this wasn't the first time we had serious Heath. Now the Heath-Rhino stuff was awesome. But I still kinda wish they'd kept him serious for a while. Was thinking it was weird that Rollins was on KO's show, but then they actually acknowledged it and I was pretty shocked. Billie-Ruby was pretty meh, but it was hilarious when her way-over-the-top hair extensions came off mid-match. I actually think she might have stepped on her own hair! Iiconics using it to taunt her was especially funny because of how hard WWE tried not to show it during the match, quickly cutting away when it came out, then only cutting back after the ref had kicked it off the apron. Bayley-Asuka was one of my fave WWE matches of the year. Lots of nastiness. Even Bayley was laying some of her shots in pretty good. And I've said it before, but Ill say it again, the plexiglass at ringside is awesome. Everything sounds so much more impactful when wrestlers get thrown into it, rather than just the barricades. It's very WWE that two different matches have carried a "You can choose the stipulation!" angle but neither of them try to stack the deck in their own favour. I fully expect Dolph to make it a Claymore Match or some such nonsense. Also, why is Bray-Braun non-title? Are they going to try to draw this out until August?
  9. I believe that is the scuttlebutt. I've already seen a bunch of NEWZ sites saying that McMahon views Orton as Raw's top star so many are already assuming that he'll be getting the title, which I think is WWE's weird post-modern story-writing "leaking" of who or what Vince hates or loves to throw off fans who think they know where things are going. Saw lots of that going into Backlash with "sources" claiming that Lashley was going to be taking the title off of Drew because Heyman was the one pushing for Drew.
  10. So, help me, I really liked the Roddy-Lumis match, which is weird because I've never really been a fan of either before. I really liked the early strap spots they did, and thought there was some pretty creative use of the strap that I hadn't seen before (I can't remember the first one but the second one I liked was Lumis pulling Roderick into the apron from inside the ring). Can't believe the Canadian feed cut the Lorcan-Thatcher match which I was looking forward to more than anything else on the show. Do you folks in the US get the same little bumpers we get up here which are just 30 seconds or so highlighting certain wrestlers, or is it just the Canadian one? There was one for Shirai with Mauro yelling "The Joshi Judas!" while they showed highlights, and another for the UE with footage of their matches cut with their theme music. I actually really like this, but suspect they are just used to pad out the editing to get it to an hour length in Canada.
  11. I always thought he should go with "Cody Garrett..." (his middle name) then pause and let the crowd fill in the "Rhodes".
  12. Or Stevie Ray going the other way "Suckas gots to know, we had 115 fruit booties watching Thunder last night but that number doesn't include the yaks!"
  13. Ah brings me back to the good ol' days when WCW and WWF would fight over the ratings! I'm so glad Twitter wasn't around then: "Last night WWF felt the bang...in the ratings war!" "Stone Cold says WWF won in the all important 18-39 demographic which is the most important demographic in regards to corporate sponsorship and advertising and that's the all-important financial bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!"
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