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  1. He was also injured a lot in WCW. He came in with the broken hand (or was it wrist?) from punching out Vince, later he blamed Malenko for not being careful with him causing him a torn groin muscle (Which lead to the great promo where he told the crowd that they didn't have a groin to tear), plus all the concussions. But there was lots of little stuff going on around WCW that killed his passion, too: he was being stalked by a crazed fan, his family was disintegrating and even little things like Doug Dillinger falling asleep so people snuck into his locker room and stole his jacket/tights (Jean-
  2. I almost wonder if it's a little of the old Vince McMahon "not my creation" vibe bleeding through. Like how he wouldn't get behind creations that weren't his in the old days: Chris Jericho came in on top then shuffled down the lineup for a while; Foley coming in Mankind (Despite Foley initially wanting to do Cactus Jack); Vader etc. etc. So even though these guys are coming up in-house from NXT, Vince still looks at them as not his creations and stubbornly wants to change them. I actually wonder if it wouldn't be beneficial for Triple H or whoever is running NXT now to bring Vince in on the gi
  3. I enjoy that his fellow wrestlers seem to genuinely enjoy dunking on him, too.
  4. Been reading this ACE oral history of 'The Town' (The Ben Affleck heist movie) and chuckled at this part [quote]He knew from the beginning that [Magloan] was gonna be Slaine. The funny thing is—and I found this out later—he met John Cena for that role. They’re both from Boston and they’re doing the whole Boston thing, and Ben being Ben, in a very playful way, tries to like, wrestle him. But John is obviously a much bigger guy. The way John tells the story is, “Of course I do two [moves] on him and I’ve got him and he can’t move,” and [Affleck’s] like, “alright, alright, alright!”[/quote]
  5. I thought for sure it would be the standard WWE heel playbook, they'd line up, look tough, then leave. Or swerve and attack Lee and Drew. But the way they slowly took off their suit coats and ties, then went ahead and brawled (Even though WWE did their best to miss the best shots...friggin' Kevin Dunn...haha). I read recently they were thinking of adding a female member and was thinking how awesome it wold be put Bianca Bel Air in the group (Though that could cause some problems down the line, should they go after the tag titles...).
  6. I saw a bit of that post-heart-attack stand-up thing he did, and the weed has not done him well. He sounds like a stranger who randomly walks up to you on the street or the bus and tells you his entire life story in order to eventually ask you for a cigarette: "And fuckin...this fuckin' guy he says to me...he says...*cough*...like he just fuckin' says to me..." I found it completely unwatchable. He actually sounds/talks like Jay from the first 'Clerks' movie but no in an ironic way.
  7. If the goal of that ending was to make The Hurt Business the biggest faces on Raw then it was well-done. They looked incredibly bad-ass coming out in suits and manhandling Retribution despite being outnumbered
  8. I was only ever able to track down one (Xamot...or was it Tomax?) at a Garage Sale. They were all in for a rough ride when I found this guy though. Multiple time World Champion right there!
  9. Haven't read through this thread yet, but did AEW hire one of WWE's writers to script this show? -Miro debuting in a lame-duck wedding angle that nobody cares about? Sounds like Miro's last WWE return. -Jericho saying that he and Hager are going after the tag titles despite barely beating a lower-tier team and Jericho not even seemingly trying to get his World Title that he never really got his rematch for (Did he get a rematch at Moxley? I don't remember one...)? That's very reminiscent of the WWE's booking of Kofi Kingston. -FTR standing in the ring mocking teams at ringside and those
  10. I don't know for certain (And these things seem to change by the week), but I noticed during Riddle's matches they go very much out of their way to call them "throws" and not suplexes. I think they use it if it's kind of tied to the name (i.e. German Suplex, or Superplex) but most of the other variations are just called "Throws". And, yes, this past week Ricochet and Alexander threw a Dragon (I can't remember who hit it on whom) and Michael Cole called it at Full Nelson Slam.
  11. My favourite has always been the Dragon Suplex (Also known as the Full Nelson Slam (TM Michael Cole last Monday, though to be fair to him, it's hard to call the move when you're not allowed to say suplex anymore..Maybe Dragon Throw? Full Nelson Throw?). When I was young and had a wrestling league with GI Joes (Way more suited to wrestling moves than any sort of wrestling figure!), I invented the Full Nelson suplex for one of my GI Joe wrestlers and always wondered why no one did it, before figuring it would probably break somebody's neck. Years later when I actually saw it pulled off, it blew
  12. But then you wouldn't get the highlight of the night: EMT woman slipping on the tailgate of the ambulance and almost falling on her face. Was wondering about the legs woman, myself: Emmalina? Scarlett on her own? Chelsea Green?
  13. I actually thought Deeb blew Rosa out of the water in that match. Rosa, to me, didn't look a lot above the rest of AEW's non-Shida women's wrestlers. Deeb looked crisp and busted out a few moves and roll-ups that I haven't seen very often. Rosa just looked like Rosemary-lite. I thought the match actually did her a disservice as she rarely got any sort of momentum in the match structure to string more than a move or two together. Made me feel like they were building to a Deeb-Shida match, which would probably be better. Didn't care for the promo/brawl-a-thon either. I think they should sto
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