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  1. Movie

    Watched The Red Turtle which was beautiful but rather confounding. It's your typical Hollywood cookie-cutter plot of Seriously, though, I was probably not in the right head-space for this. The animation and score is beautiful, but I kept trying to wrap my head around the story and what, if anything, it was meant to symbolize and Silver Linings Playbook which is still so freakin' great. Everyone in the cast is amazing: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro (Probably his best performance in - what, a decade? two? - and Jacki Weaver (Who is overlooked but amazing in this. The part near the end where Lawrence's character reveals her involvement in their relationship, Weaver has this AMAZING facial expression which is such a mother's expression, as if to say "Okay, you got me, I'm not totally innocent here..."), as well as the supporting cast, especially John Ortiz (Who is, frankly, almost always really good) and Anupam Kher ("DeSean Jackson is the man"). also, watched half of Passengers which I'm wanting to like because of the score and effects, but I keep thinking there seems to be a ton of flaws in the design of this giant ship housing some 5000 people, like it was half-assed. And I'm not even getting into the whole plotline of Chris Pratt's character basically sentencing Jennifer Lawrence's to death because she's pretty.
  2. That Nordholm one is amazing.
  3. I would like more Bahh, too, but have the sinking suspicion someone is going to see him, the reactions he got, and go "Let's put him in the X-Division! I'd love to see him against Moose. I liked Rosemary saving Allie, but I really felt like the money in the KO division was in Rosemary feuding with Allie.
  4. Probably the most interesting part of Daniel Bryan's book was talking about this match. Him and Sheamus were both annoyed by the short match because they were good friends and had been talking for a while about planning out a good match together. Bryan was particularly mad because he felt it cut the legs out from under his character, and Sheamus felt it didn't help him in any way either. Bryan said it later turned out to be the best thing for him, character-wise, as people viewed him as being held down/screwed over by the office and got even more behind him, leading to his eventual main event run.
  6. I feel like the only thing this segment was missing was, at the end, when Shane was holding the water gun, they should have had James Ellsworth come in to complain about something, then have Shane shoot him with the watergun.
  7. This was my second favourite part of the promo. The best being Nakamura dropping to his knees and Baron Corbin giving a "What's WITH this guy?" look. Also, that opening promo was weird, right? Shane McMahon announces 5 basically random guys to compete in the 6-pack challenge. KO comes down and gives him shit, and Shane immediately backs down and puts him in the match. Is that shellshock from AJ attacking him? Hopefully next week he tells Corbin he's out of the match for attacking Sami Zayn and Corbin says "Like hell I am" and Shane goes "You have a good point, you're back in!" Then they can come out with a Shane t-shirt that says "ALWAYS BACK DOWN". I loved the Maharaja's celebration and Charlie M. is right, they should just have the dancers out there for Jinder every week. Then at a PPV defence, have a great big huge spectacle like this:
  8. That was part of the initial gimmick/satire. They rode out on the tractor to mock Americans' line of thinking about what Mexicans were good for. But instead of sticking with this line of thinking, they became the very parodies they were mocking. Like Season 3 of Chappelle's Show.
  9. There is bullfighting in Puerto Rico And Rusev was never "turned Russian" he was always acknowledged as a Bulgarian who had relocated to Russia because he loved Putin. It was never a landscaper gimmick. Their gimmick was that they were mocking American beliefs that Mexicans were only good for menial labour. The subtlety of the gimmick kind of turned stereotypical, as have other subtle gimmicks (Hassan!). Not that WWE hasn't had its fair share of racism, but these ones aren't a patch on "I choppy choppy your pee pee" or Brian Christopher calling TAKA Michinoku a "jap".
  10. Say nothing. Others did, and you have the built-in excuse of him being a heel who won the title in controversial fashion to just not say anything. But the fact that many were excited for him tells me and even a couple specifically said he deserves it is my counter-point to KidNatural saying "He doesn't deserve it." Maybe by our standards as wrestling fans, he doesn't deserve it, but by the standards of a number of people who worked with him, he did. I think the list of wrestlers who posted was very telling, a veritable list of wrestlers who are, as you say DNP coach's decision. For all the wrestlers/fans who talk about glass ceilings; guys like Cesaro, Zayn, etc. etc. are on the show every week, in fairly prominent matches getting title runs. The guys and gals who were excited for Jinder were people in his station, on TV occasionally, rarely getting title shots, who see someone who worked hard and got the big break. Though, a counter-point would be that a quick scan of the ol' Twitter finds A LOT of Indian/Punjabi-descent fans who are super excited about Mahal winning the title. This is my favourite thing, everyone getting mad at him winning the title while allegedly being on steroids. I mean, are we gonna pretend like there's been a world champion in WWE in the last however many years that wasn't on something?! I mean, Brock Lesnar actually FAILED a drug test for UFC while a contracted WWE wrestler but no one ever says "He only got where he is because of steroids". I mean, sure he was a decent wrestler (at one point, that point is not now) but do you think he ever gets the mega-push in WWE if he doesn't show up looking like this?! And do you think there's any way that's any way shape or form a perfectly natural build? No, of course not. It's something you basically have to accept if you're going to be a fan of WWE, there's probably a lot of chemically-enhanced bodies. So suddenly picking on one guy for it seems nuts to me. I'm not even a big fan of Mahal's, honestly. Just a week or so back I lamented the fact that his main event push likely wasn't going to work because he really only has 4-5 moves in his arsenal and 2 or 3 of them are variations of the big boot. But I just think it's funny that people have been complaining on here for so long about things being predictable, about WWE going back to the same 2-3 guys over and over and over, and then when they do go outside the box with a surprise champion, there's all this hand-wringing because he hasn't "earned it" (Which is bullshit, really. Any wrestler who has been wrestling for 10-15+ years, knowing what it does to the human body, has "earned it"), or is allegedly taking steroids (Despite everyone likely doing the same) or because it's the wrong guy.
  11. I dunno, a lot of the wrestlers seem to feel differently.
  12. I love the sheer randomness of Booker T commentary. The above comment about the axe kick, meant to provoke him into a response, instead he just goes completely silent. Cole feeding him the line about WWE having queens, to which Booker brings up Charlotte before mentioning his own wife. Probably my favourite part of the night was Cole needling him and saying "Aren't you running for office of some sort?" followed by a long pause then Booker just saying "Yes." It must be infuriating to work with him and try to feed him lines that he won't play off of, but it makes for incredibly entertaining stuff to listen to. Second favourite part of the night was them showing the still photo of Bayley's back with the kendo stick welt on it and then ONE MOUTHBREATHER wolf whistles as loud as he possibly can. I just imagine him "Wow...what a hot...back...and it's almost naked!" Also there were some matches tonight.
  13. I live in Canada, so it must be a Canadian deal!
  14. Movie

    Wait wait wait The guy who did this voice? Also did this voice? I had no idea!
  15. So, I was at 7-11 tonight and noticed they have new WWE slurpee cups and they have the weirdest selection: Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, New Day, Enzo/Cass and Sasha Banks.