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  1. Haven’t they been teasing this since mid-February?!
  2. I just finished season 1 of Joe Pera’s tv show and it was one of my favourite seasons of anything ever. If you haven’t seen it, Pera is this weird, old-acting sarcasm-free comedian. And the show starts silly enough with Pera discussing the rocks of Michigan before he’s interrupted by a family who wants to buy his house even though it’s not for sale and he feels like it would be dishonest to not accept their offer, then the second episode is just him talking about breakfast but the show slowly morphs into still being silly but also strangely touching with a little romance (such as it is) and surprisingly introspective. I loved it. I’m excited for a second season but the first was so perfect I almost don’t want another
  3. Booking aside I like Bully in that he’s a heel in ROH that’s not going to get cheered (Well except this week when the crowds desire for tables outweighed their appreciation for Lifeblood’s least popular members and PJ Black) and he should do well in the gatekeeper role of heel who beats down and badmouths young face helping young face get over in the end (In theory I think the AEW thing and Flips injury really sent the booking for a loop).
  4. It was 12 years ago today that Vince McMahon passed away. Never forget.
  5. It’s easy (and appropriate) to shit on Bully Ray right now but that was amazing on ROH Tv this week when Haskins and the crowd told him to retire and he said he tried to but they all chanted “Please don’t go!”
  6. Apparently she met with WWE and they’ve worked out their differences and she may be returning.
  7. I finally finished watching the Joe Pera tv series and it might be my favourite season of anything ever. Also bought a Beyond Meat burger for dinner and walked the dogs. Contemplated watching the replay but decided against it after reading this thread and a recap.
  8. This is basically the Smackdown booking from last year. Bar Vs. Usos for Title, New Day off TV. Bludgeons vs New Day, Bar and Usos off TV. It’s the WWE ‘We have 2 teams feuding over the title, rather than book other teams in a feud, we’ll just keep them off tv until the feud ends’ booking. Revival vs Usos, keep the other teams off tv. I presume once Ryder and Hawkins lose the titles, we’ll not see them until the next Superstar Shakeup
  9. I remember when it came out they had an interview with Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds and they asked them about Wesley Snipes and Biel said “Well Wesley is very method so when he plays Blade he gets really into character...”. And shortly after that I saw an interview with Triple H on Off the Record and they asked him about Snipes and he was like “Well we were told to say he’s a real method actor” and laughed. It was very funny to see the party line and someone admit to it being the party line so close together!
  10. Thanks. Unsurprisingly he grew up to be a great guy who works for a non-profit helping homeless people with mental health issues.
  11. Reminds me of one of the first times I went to a local indie show with my 12 year old brother and a girl was walking around collecting money for 50/50 tickets before the show and some guy in the front row went “No! I just want you to shut up and show me your puppies!” and my 12 year old brother put his head in his hands and went “I’m so embarrassed on behalf of everyone here”. Another time, they brought in some guy from Mexico who was talking about what a nice city we have as various people shouted “Go back to Mexico!” and “Run for the border!” at which point they seemed to call an audible and had him cut a heel generic heel promo as one of the faces came out and ran down Mexico to big cheers My point being, we Canadians can just as awful as any crowds on the planet!
  12. I think it also depends what you watch. I watched him against Gentlemen Jervis and it was a straight comedy match and it made sense in that context with him falling asleep and Jervis trying to pin him with a pillow and blanket and it was all very silly and clearly not to be taken seriously. But I also saw a match of his against Kay Lee Ray where it starts out with the gimmick and silliness (There was a thumb war...) but then kicks into gear and turns serious and he’s actually not bad as an actual wrestler either so it makes sense in that context. But I could see where a lot of it or him using the lackadaisical stuff against a serious opponent would be weird
  13. I was just thinking that ROH should televise their “internal investigation”. They could have Delirious in a suit (with mask) delivering opening statements -complete gibberish, of course - with Bubba replying in Bubba-speak (“The boys in the back all agree, you can’t be a mark and work yourself into a shoot!”). Throw in appearances by Mandy Leon (because she always has to be involved), Silas Young instructing the jury on wrestling etiquette, Jay Briscoe on the importance of political correctness and have PCO jump out the window for no reason and you’ve got a full hour of programming for ROH TV.
  14. I have to admit Bubbas “Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your own mother!” comment is pretty silly: “Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your own mother to these professional athletes/actors portraying evil characters in order to garner negative reactions! Next time they come out you say “I respect you women but cannot condone your actions!” Maybe start a chant?”
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