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  1. I was just thinking how Chad Gable might be the modern Owen Hart, he literally gets every half-assed gimmick or tag way more over than it ever deserves to be. He comes in with Jordan as American Alpha, WWE decides Jordan is the star (he's taller!) and splits up the team leaving Gable rudderless. They put him with Benjamin, it seems to be getting over they send him to Raw. He does nothing, ends up taggiing with Roode and riding that all the way to tag titles (I did NOT remember this btw had to look it up!). They split that team up by drafting him back to SD, he feuds with Corbin, gets the incredibly stupid Short G gimmick over, they drop that storyline. He ends up with Otis in a team that's not really going anywhere and he starts bragging about his degree and yelling "SHOOOOSH!" and he's over like crazy again. I wonder if we'll ever see a Gable main event run. ---- I figured tonight when Ezekiel got the no-entrance treatment that this might be the end of this gimmick. Owens destroying him him for the stretcher job would seem to suppor that idea. I enjoyed this show. I still wish they'd just be 'Judgement Day' though, the "The" that precedes it is stupid. If it's a copyright thing, just change the group name, its not THAT good of a stable name anyways.
  2. It's really dumb because it's bascially the same show with a couple mild surprises, but this last week was the most optimistic and fun I've had watching WWE TV since...I think when they hired Heyman and Bischoff to take over Raw and Smackdow. I remember those Heyman Raws as....interesting. Guys with new pushes and gimmicks that left things at least hard to guess (Rowan with the box with the giant animatronic spider!) if not necessarily...good. I'm not saying the shows are fixed or even better, but at least things feel a little less obvious. I wondered how Smackdown was going to end this week: Would Sami Zayn stand by MacIntyre's side? Maybe Zayn would jump Drew? Maybe the Creeds would come back up Drew? Maybe Brock comes back to stand with Drew? Maybe Drew gets the upper hand? Maybe Drew just gets stomped? Nowhere on that list of possibilites was a return of Karrion Kross to destroy Drew, complete with Scarlett in tow. So, at the least, things are unpredictable right now which is always better than stale.
  3. What did Liv say to the fans when they were heckling her? It looked like something got bleeped out here on the Canadian feed as she spoke with no sound and then Cole and McAfee kinda chuckled and moved quickly along. Ricochet-Corbin was pretty fun, especially the big backdrop. Commentary put him over pretty big tonight. Womens' gauntlet was pretty fun especially with the Sonya promo to begin making you think she's going all the way, then she pretty quickly wasn't. Nattie looked terrified on that last move by Raquel, who really needs to stop smiling so much. Interesting that we had a Mulkey tagged with a Gibson tonight. With the blonde mullet, I'm pretty sure someone wanted to call them Morton and Gibson then realized that wa a little too on the nose. I actually like Kross being back in that he never really moved the needle in NXT but I think WWE style might suit him better because he won't be in there with indy workrate-type guys and can have some fun plunder brawls and cover up his limitations with more smoke and mirrors. I wonder what other NXT main roster fumbles we see brought back? Johnny Gargano would seem like an obvious one. Bronson Reed (I know he's in Impact but...)?Timothy Thatcher?, The rest of Hit Row (sans Swerve?), Velveteen Dream? (No probably not!)
  4. That is pretty spot-on. Would be a great gimmick change.
  5. Guys I would pick (ranked in order from possibilities to pipe dreams) -Big E. - Obviously, he'd have to be healthy enough to wrestle, but I think the storyline and reaction would be through the roof for him. -Cody - Don't see any reason why his momentum will have dimished too much by WM, especially with the extra few past months off to build the anticipation to his return. -Sami Zayn - A few months of build-up of Sami being the Bloodline's "bitch" to Sami standing up to Roman would probably be off-the-charts for when he finally stands up to them. The problem being that Sami has been such a better heel in the main roster than he was a face. -Omos - Is he ready? God, no. But it would be a great spectacle for him to steamroll the entire Bloodline. -AJ Styles - He's a good enough wrestler, and popular enough with the casual and hardcore fans that they wouldn't immediately shit on it. -Montez- I think he's about a good year out from whenever they break up the Profits to him being in the main event -Bron Breakker (Sp.?) - Would be a great pop and rocket strapped to his back to put him in this spot. Promo-wise, I don't think he could carry it. But Bron with the Steiner Brothers backing him up to take down Roman and the Usos would be amazing. -Solo Sikoa: He's really good and an intense wrestler and promo, am loving his NXT run and a storyline of Roman showing up in NXT to recruit and bring in Sikoa to be a heater for his group, only for Sikoa to immediately stand up to the Bloodline would be great TV. Bonus points if they bring in Jacob Fatu to watch his back, super extra bonus points for them to bring in The Rock to coach him. That said, WWE has yet to put any NXT title on Sikoa yet much less have confidence in a main roster run, so this really does fit under pipedream.
  6. God WCW wasn't afraid to hit on a catchphrase of limited popularity and run it into the GROUND I'm haunted by Rick Steiner grabbing the mic nearly every week and going "If you want some, come get some! If you don't like me, bite me!"
  7. I p I picture Vince turning on the TV and seeing a Nakamura-Zayn main event and pitching his TV through the window a la Billy Beane in the Moneyball movie.
  8. I don't have the clip but saw an Angel of Death match the other day and he pulls out a bugle, pre-match, and proceeds to play 'Taps' for his opponent before the match. That crowd was NOT happy.
  9. I did catch Liv's promo and I don't know the last time I saw someone so genuinely thrilled to win a title. She looked like she had tears in her eyes standing on the ramp with the belt and then there was the part when she just jumped and down and laughed. It was pretty awesome.
  10. I like them, too! I started to watch this show then they ZOOMED IN!/ZOOMED OUT!, ZOOMED IN!/ZOOMED OUT!, ZOOMED IN!/ZOOMED OUT!, ZOOMED IN!/ZOOMED OUT! on the punching and I went "Ehhhh, I'm out." I kind of wanted to wait for the main event but DEAN's write-up makes me think I might not bother.
  11. You know, Rudd's character basically alienated Ferrell's character from all his friends so he'd depend on him...Cage is kind of doing this, too...
  12. A number of writers across the sports spectrum (Saw a few hockey writers, myself) began referring to it as a "Brain injury" rather a concussion as it would draw more attention to how serious it was and decrease phrasing like "He escaped serious injury, only suffering a concussion" but it never really caught on.
  13. I actually really loved that Storm-Shafir match but didn't see almost anything else so I don't think should vote for it. Shafir's (inexperience? awkwardness? crappiness?) actually makes the match kind of more believable because it feels like a genuine struggle. At one point when she gives Storm one of her weird throws, I swear you can hear Toni (or someone nearby!) yell "JEEE-zus!" which makes it kind of fun and realistic because I know if someone was throwing me around I'd be yelling thing out, too. Also, it looked like Toni almost disconnected Shafir's head from her body on that hip attack. The Roppongi-Aussie match was fun, too. Aussie Open did two moves that I had never really seen before (the spring the guy up by his legs into a piledriver position seated piledriver thingy and the lift the guy into powerbomb position only for the partner to flip him down out of that spot move) and that was cool.
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