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  1. caley

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    Aside from the bad crowd, it seemed like there was just SCADS of technical errors all night: Promos coming off awkward because the interruption was later than it should have been, camera work was shoddy (Missing Black’s feint into the cross legged pose should be a firable offence) and running overtime so my ending was cut off And the debuts were all dreadfully done -Ricochet should have debuted as an IC challenger against Finn. He Also shouldn’t have been booked like Lio Rush running away and bring scared of Lashley (Neither should Lio but that’s another matter ...). -Ciampa should have debuted as a masked assailant taking out someone popular. Then after weeks been revealed as the most evil man from NXT. -Gargano should have debuted against someone like Styles or Bryan in a lengthy match that showcased his ability. -Black should be treated as a sort of Undertaker figure. Mysterious and evil. Not talking a lot. -And Elias should have been interrupted by Velveteen Dream. That would’ve been great.
  2. caley


    ‘Birdbox’ was all right. Pretty intense and nerve wracking. I don’t know if I liked it disliked that very little was explained ’Support the Girls’ is one of my favourite 2018 films. Regina Hall should have gotten nominated for it, she’s a force of nature here. I loved it.
  3. caley

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/22/19

    I’m sorry...Mike Mucus?!?!
  4. caley


    I just watched ‘Arizona’, too! I go back and forth on it. Sometimes I think it’s kinda brilliant with the setting and the image of blonde Danny McBride as an unstoppable horror movie villain and other times I think it’s kinda nasty and misanthropic. I either loved it or thought it was just ok. Been almost a week but can’t make up my mind.
  5. caley

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    Definitely. Villain to Lifeblood is like Nexus to League of Nations.
  6. caley

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    I thought the Lifeblood debut was rather “lifeless”. I think it would’ve been better to have a couple wrestlers team up on Juice only for the lights to go out and come back on to reveal Lifeblood in the ring. This was kinda the most blah way to debut them. It didn’t even really get much of a reaction
  7. caley


    Re-Sheamussance was right there!
  8. caley

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    The stuff I liked -Charley Caruso: Mean Backstage Reporter. "Bayley and Sasha, are you worried about your MASSIVE FAILURES holding you back?" "Apollo Crews, don't you think Kurt Angle is just terrible and embarassing?" "Kurt Angle, aren't you COMPLETELY HUMILIATED by your losses?" "Dolph Ziggler, why don't you dress your age?" "Dean Ambrose, didn't you QUIT last week?" -Nia saying she was going to take Becky's slot at WM was some A++ heeling. The crowd reaction was terrific. -Lio Rush wrestled and didn't get squashed. This was a fun segment -Ryder telling Hawkins that they misspelled his name last week, then admitting that he doesn't even know how to spell his own name was pretty good stuff. -Renee saying EC3 "Got lucky" with Corey implying that Renee would withhold sex from Ambrose because of that loss and Renee going completely silent (Because she was almost definitely laughing too hard) was silly and fun. The stuff I did not like -"Welcome to Raw, OH MY GOD, Becky is here! Wait, wait, let's show you a replay of Royal Rumble. So, now Becky remember last week with Ronda? Let's show a replay of that, too." was one of the worst introductions to a show I've seen since the Baron Corbin 10 minute promo leading into the Baron Corbin 20 minute match intros of last fall. -I like Heavy Machinery but they are definitely heading in a Bushwacker 2000 direction. The Caterpillar should be busted out once every couple months. The Bushwacker walk, the same. Every single time is like Scotty 2 Hotty 2K19. -Ronda's tiny shorts. Last night I watched Bandido-Haskins on ROH TV and in the middle of being slammed, you could see Bandido reach up and adjust his mask in the middle of it. And THAT was less distracting then Ronda picking out a wedgie every 15-20 seconds. -The Jeff Jarrett nostalgia pop at RR was nice. The extended JJ-Elias feud, co-starring the Roadie is perplexingly bad. The stuff that was just baffling -Stephanie suspending Becky for being injured a full two months before WM. Where was this rule when Seth was set to face Triple H at WM and kept getting hurt? That would've been great for all of us. -Apollo Crews suggesting that the guy from AOP has his hand up Drake Maverick's ass upsets the guy from AOP, but not Maverick? -Dean accusing Nia of being in love with her. I love how the crowd went from "Oooh, Nia is gonna get her comeuppance!" to "Oh no, he's just going back to making jokes again." -EC3 continuing to be mute, but wrestling when he's clearly a much better promo than wrestler is just... -The referee disqualifying Strowman for punching a wrestler when he wasn't the legal man when every single tag match ever features this spot was just so stupid.
  9. caley


    No no I won’t have that...
  10. Not to get all Vince McMahon-y here but I was somewhat shocked at how - for lack of a better term - soft Itami looked in that pre-Rumble match. I don’t see 205 Live but you look at guys like Murphy who are completely cut, the guys like Ali, Tozawa and Kalisto who are in great shape and standing next to them Itami looked like a guy who used to play high school football but doesn’t have time to get to the gym with his full time job and family life getting in the way. I’m not saying it affected his performance but when you’re working for a company where the top people (Vince, HHH, Stephanie) have all done shoots for muscle mags, you’re not going to get very far when you look like Itami did. I’m guessing he’s been mentally checked out for a while with the injuries and 205 slot.
  11. caley


    Sorry To Bother You was one of the craziest movies I've ever seen. I think it actually went a little off the rail in the last half hour with the Like, I get the symbolism and all, but I think it was a little too much. Fascinatingly weird little flick, though with tons of stuff happening onscreen constantly, like the first time when Cassius is making the phone calls, in the background the photocopier seems to be going haywire with paper and lights flashing everywhere and it has nothing to do with anything else, just weirdness for weirdness' sake. Brimming with ideas and imagination, I don't think it was totally successful but I greatly admire it for being so out there. Lakeith Stanfield is the best, btw.
  12. caley

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    It’s too bad people are tuning out because the show is the best wrestling show this side of NXT (Which I don’t see as I don’t have the network but hear good things). This week was so fun: the great squash by Taylor, the healing of the Kingdom, the VE debut and the Bully promo to cap it off. Billy needs some backup that he can boss around and take the falls for him.
  13. caley

    PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU! - Raw - 1/28/2019

    I thought this was a solid show (Though the tag division is still a mess...). Then I watched this weeks ROH TV and was amazed at how much more was accomplished and set up in 1 vs 3 hours. Plus Raw had the long not awaited return of Road Dogg while ROH had a bonefide zombie in its main event!
  14. caley


    Man I LOVED Thoroughbreds. Found it to be a great melange of creepy and funny.
  15. caley


    Around, July/August, sure he was. But the loss to Ziggler, the Shield stuff, and the Ambrose feud seemed to really cool him off. I think Finn's overtaken him over the last few weeks, and I think even Braun is back to getting bigger reactions than Seth again. It's weird WWE is just like 3-4 months too late on stuff: Rollins was super over and should have gone over Lesnar last Fall after the Reigns news, but they waited an extra 7 months to pull the trigger (When he does, presumably, beat Lesnar); they put off the Becky win for too long then tried to turn her, then gave up and pulled the trigger a couple months later, cut it off, then went back to it; they took almost 2 years to go back to the Strowman push, only to drop it a week before RR.