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  1. Regal's nonsensical retconned promo was SOOOO close to being "I have to go now, my planet needs me, sunshine" followed by a handwritten note that he died on his way back to WWE that they really just should have done that. "When Maxwell pushed Tony Schiavone, I was so upset that I helped make him world champion because it's hard to be the champ and the BCC need to learn one last lesson from me to never turn your back and I will immediately follow this up by literally turning my back on the very someone who I'm trying to screw over..." They could just as easily have had Regal self-record a video where he says MJF offered him more money than he could realistically ever turn down but now he can't look himself in the mirror after selling out people who were like family to him and that it would be a long time before you'd see William Regal, if ever again. Starks promo was amazing. I was worried they were going to go the familiar route (especially in WWE) of MJF trashing Starks, only for Starks not even getting to stand up for himself but he did and it was glorious. MJF was weaksauce, though. "The Pebble"?! That's like something a disapproving dad would say about you watching wrestling: "He calls himself The Rock? More like the Pebble! The Undertaker? More like The Overfaker!" Fully expect after he defeats Starks, MJF will target The Acclaimed: "Rap music? More like crap music!" Joe-Allin was extraordinarily good. I liked it better than the main honestly...but then again I'm like the only guy in the world who really doesn't like FTR. Joe's walk away from a tope spot may never be topped by tonight's edition with Allin skidding on concrete. I was thinking tonight that the funniest result in the world would be Saraya ending Jade's streak and taking her title. Would love to see the online reactions after that. Britt's challenge to Saraya made no sense: "Good luck finding a partner...no one will team with you?" After several weeks of Saraya accompanying Toni Storm to the ring, after her introductory promo where she brought out all the face females and complimented them, even her debut was saving the faces from Britt and co. Clearly she has a lot of friends in AEW, so why would this be such a tough challenge: "Good luck finding a partner, popular girl!" If they had reversed it with Saraya offering up the challenge to Britt and Hayter with "I've got a surprise partner for you!" it would make so much more sense. I enjoyed when Taz went "Skye Blue and Red Velvet, they're both named after colours" (ignoring that there was a THIRD wrestler in there with a colour in her name!) to no reaction followed by his explanation of football to Excalibur to even less of a reaction (I suspect both Tony and Excalibur were laughing and on mute). I can't believe what fantastic change it was to put Tazz in the booth and remove JR. It's night and day, really. You might lose that mainstream cache of JR being in there, but all three genuinely sound like they're having a good time and enjoying calling the show. Makes a huge difference. I never really cared for Tazz' announcing prior to AEW but he's incredible now, straddling the line between PBP and explaining moves, playing the heel commentator and also just cracking jokes.
  2. Clearly WWE is now trying to at least be wary of what they said on TV in regards to Regal as on onscreen character, last night Booker in discusiing Dempsey said "He's a throwback, like Fit Finlay or Dave Taylor" which is really funny.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked shocked if Omega left. There's something...weird about the Bucks/Omega since they returned. You had the weird "They're going to be on the PPV" throwaway announcement of their return (I actually completely missed it and I watched that episode, it wasn't until I was reading the thread on here that I realize it had been announced instead of the big event the return of three of your biggest stars should have been). They have had almost zero promo-time (Aside from Omega doing his go home routine this past week). They threw them into the weird Best of 7 feud with no real build-up or, again, promo-time. You have the little inside digs (the biting, the Go 2 Sleep, even the new theme is a weird sort-of dig). The announcers seem to be trying hard to praise the Bucks without talking too much about them. I wouldn't be entirely shocked if they quietly go away after the Best of 7, with the California show being a pseudo-send-off.
  4. Guys, can't we get BEYOND Thunderdome?! (I stole that joke from MST3K)
  5. Makes sense as MJF is kind of a mash-up of Shane Douglas/Impact Player shootier stuff with some of Mick Foley's praising Eric Bischoff promos mixed in.
  6. Have Toxic Attraction ever hit their tag finisher cleany? Feels like Jayne always hits her part clean and Dolin is usually just kicking the air somewhere in the vicinity of their opponent. That aside, that main even was really great. Mandy's knee to the face on the outside was a deadlier-looking spot than anything in the much more-hyped 6 man tag of the week. JD-Creed was nuts until the lackluster ending. That one bump McDonagh took through the ropes was gnarly. I liked the Apollo Crews-Bron diner showdown/tribute to DeNiro-Pesce in 'Heat'. I actually really dug the HOFers talking about the NXT competitors. I'm an NHL draft enthusiast, and this reminded me of those types of shows with vets talking about the prospects. I'm torn between NXT's division of woman being maybe the deepest roster of possible stars that they've had in years (Lyons, Cora, Roxanne, Stark, Stratton (if she ever comes back...) and a lot of their presentation being akin to low-budget porn parodies (Er...not that I've seen any of those) in that someone like Kiana James wrestles perfectly well but has that terrible board-room boss presentation that is fooling no one and with the tiny skirt and glasses she almost definitely doesn't need just feels like someone's weird fetish booked into existence.
  7. I was ranting a while back about how stupid the Chase U gimmick was but inexplicably they have made it work and I've come to embrace it. I think Thea Hail's delightfully unhinged act is underrated as well.
  8. I actually think Kevin Patrick might be their best PBP guy since Tom Phillips. Somehow he calls everything all night long absolutely breathlessly. First match of the night and he is gasping and shouting and super into absolutely everything. But it doesn't feel forced at all, rather he just sounds like he is super into it. He might not know the names of all the moves (He might, as well, I haven't listened to him a lot, granted) but for WWE style is basically perfect.
  9. Just to be a contrarian, I went Duke/Chase-Pretty Deadly but actually it was the most fun I had all week watching wrestling, Chase U is way OVER with the crowd, Pretty Deadly cheats and double-teams, then keep manipulating Duke who is either REALLY trying to win over Chase U or playing dumb REALLY well before turning on Chase U.
  10. One thing I noticed during this week's WWE is that in the hype for next year's WM, they're hyping Raw up again as part of the package with WM and HOFand called it something like "The most anticipated Raw of the year" which is something WWE had inexplicably moved away from in recent years. I know there was some annoyance with the smarkiest audience trying to take over the show, but it was such a huge noisy crowd that made debuts so much more important (I still remember the absolutely molten reaction to Enzo and Cass' debut) and everything seemed like such a major event that it was so weird that the buried it and stopped trying to make it matter. I think that was the weirdest thing about the most recent years of Vince-led WWE was that he made every show seem the same, there were no big surprises or major heel turns, everything just kind of coasted along. i think Triple H is at least trying to shake things up a bit with some surprise returns (Braaaaaaun, Lesnar) and surprise debuts (Gargano, his wife etc.).
  11. I liked in the Scrypts match when Vic Joseph went "Then NXT Universe aren't quite sure what to make of Scrypts..." and I thought "He has the worst mask I've ever seen, keeps miming that he's writing with a pen, sprang into the ring on a trampoline and you just described him as a "Poet", I don't blame them!" Glad Dijak is getting another chance. Ever since he was in ROH, he's looked like such a prototypical WWE Guy (big, good build, athletic) that which made it all the more perplexing that Vince flubbed him so bad on the main roster. The Bron Brekker promo where he basically said he was tired of wrestling and wishes he could just fish all the time was certainly an interesting way of building up your world champ... The Chase U stuff will never likely translate to the main roster, but it's sooo good with the home crowd who are way into it. I was waiting for Duke to turn on them and be all evil, but now I'm kind of enjoying the new goofy Duke and hope he actually stays with them. The promo where he was out of breath because he "ran all the way here" was a hilariously strange idea when you're pushing him as a major athlete. Regal Jr (Which is really what they should just call him...it's ok acknowledge it!) 's promo was really good. He'd be a really fun opponent for Wes Lee's goofiness.
  12. I think it's great as the crowd reacts EVERY time. Like if he did the Cero Miedo thing 5-6 times and the crowd popped once, then tailed off, it woud be one thing, but theyre into it, every time. I will say it was a little jarring to see this Penta doing the taunts when he first got to Impact! after he'd been evil Penta in Lucha Underground but I got used to it and might like him as constantly-taunting dark Mysterio even better than arm-breaking evil Penta.
  13. I'm not a fan of Rick Ross (not anti-Rick Ross either...he's just not really within my popular culture purview) but he was AMAZING in that segment, especially when he just pointed at Lee and shouted "ACCUSATIONS!" I absolutely would love him to be a recurring AEW character. Also, The Acclaimed tease being adopted by Daddy Ass and the Ass Boys come out and DON'T sign the papers themsleves?! I mean the obvious route was them to beat up the Acclaimed and their Dad, then having one of Austin or Colton to sign the adoption papers, and then claim the Acclaimed as their children and shouting "WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW?" to the Acclaimed. They could then sarcastically call Billy "Grampa Ass". I mean, it makes more sense than Mark Sterling somehow buying the "Scissoring" catch-phrase storyline from a month of so back.
  14. JD-Ilya was great stuff. Dragunov is so super corny and over-the-top and fighting spirit-y and would have absolutely been laughed out of the arena a number of years ago, but he's so perfect in this exact era of WWE. I could see Triple H bringing him up to face Gunther on the big show. JD McDonagh is amazing. I love both those guys.
  15. EXCEPT, for a brief period Stampede Wrestling promoted shows in British Columbia with Brian Adams' (the singer, not Crush) manager and he arranged to have some of the BC Lions as seconds for the faces, IIRC (or maybe special enforcers). Also Stu Hart played for the Edmonton Eskimos. The Edmonton Eskimos/Elks could be the team of the Bloodline, since Roman Reigns played for them. Lex Luger played for the Montreal Alouettes, The Rock and Brian Pillman for the Calgary Stampeders https://3downnation.com/2018/04/08/looking-history-cfl-wrestling-crossover/
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