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  1. That might be the saddest paragraph I've ever read that somehow keeps getting sadder. You get to the part about "Tenay not happening" and you go "Wow that's kinda sad that they can't put aside things to put him in". Then you get to the part where Jerry and Jeffy didn't speak for years and go "Oh that's sadder" over Vince Russo "Wow, that's really sad". And then the kicker "James Storm was not on the list for being considered" and it's just like the saddest thing ever.

    Is Daniel Bryan going to cost Smackdown the match on Sunday? Cuz I totally feel like Daniel Bryan is going to interfere and intentionally cost Smackdown the match on Sunday. Monday night, Bryan takes over as GM of Raw as Stephanie's stooge, saying he couldn't trust Shane because of HASHTAGUNDERSIEGE, so he and Kane concocted their little ruse of Bryan going "through" a table. Bryan goes heel to try to reduce the babyface heat for him when he leaves and becomes ROH champion.
  3. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 12/28/17

    I don't get it. Is he THAT popular to build, what 5-6 months worth of Impact Wrestling around? He's okay in his role, but is he really that big of a name to have almost every episode of Impact from, was it June or July, through to December featuring him and ATT at or near the main event every week?

    I actually really liked the Briscoe-King deal this week. I somehow was not expecting it at all despite I'm basically your perfect dupe/mark. I'm okay with that.
  5. I'd like to see Bray Wyatt corrupt Jason Jordan in the coming weeks. "I was showing you the truth, Jason. Your father doesn't love you." Do you think Jordan can grow a beard? Jason Jordan as Bray Wyatt's hench-athlete would be some good TV.
  6. As much as I enjoyed the bulk of Strowman's shit-talking tonight ("You can't run from me!"") that part where he stood face-to-face with Kane and shouted "YOU PUT ME IN A GARBAGE TRUCK" was one of the silliest things I've ever heard on Raw. Also, count me in the minority, but I wasn't really feeling the Dunne-Enzo match as much as most. The idea was good, but the execution was poor. Dunne didn't really get to do much, Enzo even got to go on offence (which should not have happened, quite frankly, he should have just ate offence for 4-5 minutes) and I don't really care for Dunne's finisher. And Enzo REALLY deserved a proper beating tonight, especially after he gave away the result of his Survivor Series match then realized what he'd done and tried to backtrack. Miz, Bo and Axel took some insane bumps tonight. I hope Strowman bought them a beer afterwards.
  7. Oh man, 2-ish months of Raw with no PPVs sounds DREADFUL. There's gonna be so many half-assed mini-feuds that won't get resolved and main event "moments" of guys having a tug-of-war over the belt and SO MUCH Wrestlemania sign-pointing. I mean, say what you will about the insane amount of PPVs, but at least it keeps the booking rolling. If you're not a big fan of a feud, you know there's a decent match it will end within the month with a PPV. Without PPVs there's going to be a lot of wheel-spinning. A few years ago, I basically stopped watching WWE through Feb/Mar and came back after WM. Maybe a good idea again this year...
  8. The Garbage Man Can! - Raw - 10/30/2017

    I hope the garbage truck/leaving bags of trash around doesn't become a recurring thing for Strowman...he's getting dangerously close to this territory.
  9. Saw some online jibber jabber that they expect Cena to return and take the title off Jinder at...Wrestlemania?! I didn't think they'd be willing to keep the title on him that long...but if business is better than expected...
  10. But to put it another way: he held up WWE for more money; used WCW/Russo to raise his profile; used said profile to start his own company with a flawed business plan; was able to sell said company to Panda Energy while still retaining some stakes and being booked at the main event level most of his run; sold his shares in the company while they were still worth something; starts a wrestling company without TV; gets brought back into the company he sold where one of his first acts is to merge it with his worthless company and use the entire summer/fall to advertise said company; gets dumped by Anthem but retains his company which he can sell to outlets as having run on TV during the summer of 2017. I mean, that's a pretty succesful financial run for someone in the wrestling industry.
  11. I'm only 23 minutes into the show, right now, but nothing is going to top COLE: "This match is presented to you by Jolly Ranchers: Keep on Sucking!" USO: ...What?
  12. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    That actually makes a ton of sense. I had never considered that possibility. That was one of those segments that you watch and go "Maybe they should let more people just be themselves out there." New Day, Rusev, Becky, Mojo, Sasha, etc. etc. all looked more badass and awesome than they ever do during their respective shows.
  13. Man, I was watching this past week's show and it's such a mess: you've got GFW and Global Force being bandied all over the place, an authority figure (Cornette) who has already left the company and references to another authority figure (Double J) who is now gone from the company. I wonder how much money they save from taping 3 months TV at a time to make it actually worth it when their TV shows end up being way out of date before they even hit the air. That's two tapings in a row where the shows were built around major characters who had left (Cornette) or were in the process of leaving (Del Rio). Maybe they should just should air a quasi-live episode and then just tape, say, 2 weeks of TV then repeat, instead of this tape 3-4 months at a time deal. Wrestling is way too erratic to tape that far ahead.
  14. Did I read the recaps correctly? Was there really two different sequences of Elias singing with Jason Jordan throwing vegetables at him?!
  15. SDL is Pulp Fashion - 10/17/2017

    Man, the reactions Rusev gets when he comes out, how has he not been repackaged as American Rusev: he just wants to have fun! yet? He's got such great comedic timing, like when English started singing and he shut him down. So good. They should put him back with Lana, as an all-American Russo-Bulgarian couple. Also, this show ran under, right? Like the awkward way Orton and Nakamura just stood there while Sami and Owens came back out and (Seemingly) ad-libbed some heelish lines was cool but unlike any WWE endings I've seen in a while.