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    I think JBL had too many good matches for me to vote for him. Plus, he once wore a shirt that said "Always Pounding Ass"
  2. Raw is Worth Zero Dimes - 9/25/2017

    This should be read out by a scribe every night before Braun comes out. Also, how is that song for WWE 2K18 so much cooler and better than anything WWE has produced in so long. That should be the theme to Raw, the theme to WWE. Lastly, I think Booker T is the best heel color commentator they've had in years. Graves is too flip-floppy for my liking, going to bat for some heels (Like Bliss), then going overdrive to praise the faces that it's clear Vince has instructed him to praise (Jordan, Reigns etc.) often at the expense of people he generally praises (Like Miz tonight). Booker's commentary is so raw, so off-the-wall, that it's clear they don't even try to tell him who to push or praise, because he just isn't going to do it. His rationalization for Goldust's attack on Balor: that it's not the same lockerroom Goldust knew and is battling for his position was so spot-on that it made total sense of a pretty senseless situation (Goldie going from face to heel, randomly back to face for two weeks, then back to heel this week). Plus - and I know I've talked about it before - but that "MMM" kinda grunt he does is so effective at getting across when something looks and feels like a bad deal, much more than Michael Cole's "Oh my!" ever could. Plus, Booker's dogged refusal to reverse his position, no matter what Cole and Graves say, reminds me so much of Ventura or Heenan, like tonight when he said that Jordan and Hardy had never teamed and were at a disadvantage because of it, then Graves and Cole said they had teamed before, and Booker said 6-man matches were different and refused to give in.

    I never realized how much I'd grown used to - maybe even fond of - Colt Cabana on commentary until I had 2 weeks of BJ Whitmer on commentary. Also, why is it that after years of using Cross-Rhodes as his finisher, Cody can never hit it as smoothly as a guy like Reno used to in WCW. The Drifter was (is? I haven't noticed him winning in a while) doing it as his finisher for a bit and it looked so much smoother and better than Cody's. Half the time it looks like Cody is spinning his opponent right onto his own face. What a difference a few years make to the ROH fanbase, eh? A few years ago they booed Jeff Hardy out of the arena, viewing him as a WWE Guy. On ROH TV this week, they pop and chant for a seriously out-of-shape-looking Glacier. Reminds me of the way ECW went from hating WWF/WCW guys to cheering Sid in their later days.

    I rewatched 95 because of this post and I liked it miles better than 97, until the last 10 or so guys and then it got remarkably boring. Then I rewatched 96 and it was just terrible. You can tell Shawn is at the height of his influence with McMahon here, as the match just kind of plods along with tons of guys no one really cares about, and the big storyline is Lawler hiding under the ring that the cameras spot but none of the wrestlers. Then Shawn comes out, drags Lawler out and eliminates him, killing that story dead; sends Owen packing relatively quickly which puts an end to the "Owen put Shawn out of action" story right quick and also SINGLE-HANDEDLY eliminated Yokozuna and the debuting Vader at the same time! All the big spots and eliminations are by Shawn. It's just ridiculous and annoying. The only really memorable thing was the one guy from the Squat Team (Headhunters) comes out, gets eliminated and as he's on the way back to the ring, his brother comes out, so he marches back down to the ring because nobody knows which one is which, and then they both get eliminated really quickly. It's also quite staggering just how quickly Mabel went from monster-push to basically buried. He won KOTR in the summer, had a big push after that, including a feud with the Undertaker which is where they soured on him for breaking Taker's face, and in the Rumble he is there a little bit than eliminated rather easily by a way-too-big Yokozuna with little fanfare.

    The other night I rewatched Royal Rumble 92 as a tribute to Bobby Heenan. Last night, I was looking for something to watch on Youtube and because of that, it recommended Royal Rumble 97, so I watched it. Is it the worst Royal Rumble match ever? It starts off with Crush and Ahmed Johnson and the crowd is fairly into it, then they proceed to bring out Fake Razor Ramon and they just die, and then Ahmed pointlessly jumps OVER the ropes to the floor to chase Faarooq away the crowd is left with this a bunch of heatless faces (Phinneas Godwinn, Bart Gunn, Jake Roberts), and an endless assortment of heels. Also the clock doesn't work for the first 8-10 selections which totally takes the crowd out of being able to count it down. There are so many terrible gimmicks/wrestlers (Sultan, Pierroth, Mil Mascaras), culminating in Mascaras eliminating himself by diving onto some AAA wrestlers the crowd clearly doesn't know or care about. They plant the seeds for Owen and British Bulldog's feud, but miss Owen eliminating his brother-in-law, cutting away as it happens, then having to show the replay. Ahmed comes back with a ten foot long board that he tries to beat up Faarooq with but the board is so comically large that it looks silly. Then the ending kinda falls flat because you have Austin coming back in and eliminating everyone almost at once before the audience can really figure out what happened. It's just poorly put-together, has some of the worst talent of any Rumble (the AAA guys come out to the worst WWE generic Mexican music ever and the crowd has no interest in them whatsoever), you've got so many good guys hampered with terrible gimmicks (Fatu as the Sultan, Scorpio as Flash Funk, blue-chipper Rocky Maivia, Fake Diesel, The Real Double J Jesse James), Austin just eats the first 20 guys up too, and it really doesn't get going until Hart, Terry Funk (for no reason!), Vader and Undertaker show up in the last 10. Also, they miss A LOT of eliminations, even for WWE. Is there a worse Rumble match?

    I went down the rabbit hole of watching insane Scott Steiner promos on Youtube today and three different promos KILLED me. -When he dropped "Veni Vidi..Vucci" and you can hear one of the WCW announcers go "What?" with a slight laugh. You just know someone taught him that phrase, or he heard it somewhere and figured he had it down then just goes out and...Steiners it. -When he said to Mean Gene, talking about his freaks again "And they know they don't have to wait for the Earth to roate on a 47 degree axis so the stars can touch the sky and create an equilax so they can see the Big Dipper, no no no. All they gotta do is call Big Poppa cuz I'm the man with the big dipper and satisfaction's coming when I go behind and do the bump and grind and it's only a matter of time before they call me the Big Bad Booty Daddy." Mean Gene's face during this, especially when he says "equilax" is AMAZING. -When he said "Well you see I come from a highly-educated university so when I come out here and see these white trash, I gotta dumb myself down but apparently that wasn't stupid enough for Christian Cage. See, everybody knows American white trash is up here and then Canadian white trash is way down here. So Christian Cage I've got a question for ya: what is it like roaming Earth the lowest form of homio sapiens there is!?" If you've got 20 minutes, it's worth a watch. You can see him call Ric Flair a "buttfucker", among other things.
  7. Smackdown Is Asian Race Relations - 9/19/2017

    You guys still watch this live?! Man, with a DVR, Smackdown is terrific. Skip Shane McMahon'''s promo, skip Jinder's bad promos, skip Dolph, skip Kevin Owens talking about a match I don't really care about, skip recaps, skip ads for Raw, skip commercials. It ends up a nice, tidy little 40 minute show. Though I do really hope that the Hype Bros promo where they said "We have to do something drastic" leads to them coming out with Dolph Ziggler for a NWO entrance which leads to Ryder and Mojo later going "Well that didn't work..."

    Is there a wrestler whose wrestling is more ill-suited to his character than Adam Page? Comes to the ring with a leather jacket and noose, calls himself the Hangman, is pushed as a badass, evil heel, then does shooting star shoulder blocks, moonsaults off of stages, and a front flipping clothesline into the ring (Which he got caught on and stumbled and then both guys just stood there looking at each other for a moment). If I were running ROH, I'd make him watch Bunkhouse Buck matches and tell him he's not allowed to leave his feet until there's a big enough match to warrant it. I think he's actually a solid character, decent promo, interesting guy, but his wrestling completely feels out of character.

    I love that Donald Glover won 'Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series' (First black actor to win the award since Robert Guillaume which seems impossible, like surely someone else like Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx, Will Smith had to have won it but...no) but even happier that he won 'Best Direction in a Comedy Series' for the episode 'B.A.N.' because that was such a wonderfully inventive and throughly hilarious episode of TV, my favourite episode of anything in years.

    Watching a few minutes of that clip and I have to say that I have always found Kamala's music to be the most disconcerting/creepiest WWE theme ever.
  11. Raw is Cena vs. Strowman - 9/11/2017

    True, but Regal's down in NXT/Development (I presume), while Finlay is an agent and would likely have more day-to-day interaction with Braun, wouldn't he?
  12. I promise I'll stop remembering things and creating new posts, but I just had to add, man, was that Benjamin/Gable-Hype Bros. segment/match UGLY. First Gable and Benjamin run into each other on their entrance, then there was a number of botches and stumbles, culminating in Benjamin lifting up his opponent for the double-team and just standing there, forgetting to tag Gable who is desperately trying to reach his tiny little arms over and touch Benjamin so he can tag himself in and hit the bulldog off the top.
  13. I also like that the storyline reason Kurt Angle is running Raw is because Stephanie McMahon was injured at Wrestlemania and would be returning when she was healthy. So here it is 5-6 months later, and she's clearly healthy but can't be bothered to go back to running her show.
  14. I presume he is going to go on and on about catchphrases and flashy entrances for a few more weeks, then a week or so before HIAC, Bobby Roode will come out to challenge him.