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  1. I LOVED this angle. Also, I really love that somehow Flair's betrayal knocks Randy Anderson off his feet.
  2. I feel the same way about Butcher! I'm not really a fan of his band (I'm not saying they're bad, just not really my thing), he gets winded early, and his wrestling is middling, but as soon as he does that little duck-walk-kinda thing around the ring, I am ALL IN every time. He just has this really great look, really fun style, he looks and feels real, which is funny, because he's a musician doing this on the side.
  3. Luther Reigns AKA former DVDVR favourite Horshu! “There’s no business like Shu Business!”
  4. Watched 'Cold Pursuit' recently (then rewatched it) based on the review of someone on here, and I think he undersold just how nutso the movie is. It almost plays like Liam Neeson is in your standard Liam Neeson revenge flick, while everyone else it out of 'Fargo'. It's delightfully strange: every time a character dies, the screen goes black and there's a memorial page for them; the baddies all have weird little nicknames (Speedo, Wingman, Santa); the head drug dealer is trying to make a weird intense meal of every single line he delivers; there's two guys from 'The Wire' (Herc and Rawls); a gr
  5. I watched Raw a week or two ago and came up with the thought: "Maybe Vince McMahon is just very depressed." Every story ('Lana is repeatedly bullied for not being good enough and put through a table every week then stands up and says if nothing is going to change, she'll have to do it herself) which seems to be heading a certain way (Lana upsets Jax. Lana is destroyed by Jax but refuses to give up and earns her respect by showing toughness. Lana is saved by Asuka/Naomi/Someone and go after Jax/Shayna. Lana's toughness impresses Shayna who stops Jax from beating her up) goes the most depressing
  6. Cody's promo where he talked about how he left the evil empire, went up against them and "won" then badmouthing Darby for suggesting that TNT doesn't favour Cody, as he stood in the ring with his coach, two other guys who have barely ever been on the show before but suddenly get in the main event when they join Cody's group, on a show that also featured his wife and brother, was one of the worst face promos I've ever seen. In a way, Kingston's was the worst heel promo, because he was so good, everybody wants him to win now. Liked the energy between these two. But he's not going to win. S
  7. One spot where Warlord had Mongo beat: appearance! When I saw Warlord in this get-up with the W-Staff and the metallic Phantom of the Opera mask and the big belt, I became a huge fan of his. After a certain amount of matches, even as a child, I came to realize that he was really, really boring. But man did he look cool.
  8. My brother and I have been talking about that as the superior Hogan theme (And I'm a guy who LOVES 'Real American') and had no idea until today that it was actually a Bonnie Tyler song! But this is the best entrance to 'Real American'
  9. Wait, what did he do? I Googled it but only came up with him dealing with trauma from all his concussions.
  10. I think I was the HM on 'Captain Marvel' which I'm surprised didn't get votes over some of the inferior Marvel stuff that made it. I voted for it almost entirely on that climax where 'Bridesmaids' was on my list for quite a while until I tried to rewatch it and went "How is this 2 hours and 12 minutes?!" (I believe the answer is Judd Apatow being involved). Still, I'm pretty shocked it didn't get any votes.
  11. I had it at #48. Lent it to my brother three years ago and keep hinting around about it ("So did I lend you my copy of 'The Guard'?!" "Oh I did? I was wondering where that was..."). And what really KILLS me is he STILL hasn't watched it! Yargh! And I know it actually is still there, as I was dog-sitting for him about a year and a half ago and it was o the rack with his DVDs. Just like I lent my brother-in-law 'It Follows' and really wanted it back for Halloween, but felt like haranguing a new father for a DVD was in poor taste. Moral of the Story? Don't lend people good DVDs.
  12. I did not think this would still be so high, which is good 'cuz I love it. Stunned that 'Neon Demon' did not make the list. It's got everything this board loves: crazy cinematography, super dark storyline, and Keanu Reeves. Even though the critical tide of this one seems to have turned somewhat, I still LOVE it. It was at this point that I thought there was a real possibility that the entire Top 5 would be made up of movies that did not receive a single #1 vote. I thought this one was all right, but not one of my absolute favourites. I think the opening introducti
  13. I hate this list I LOVE this list. This was a lock for my list until I ended up with a rough 179+ movie list and I thought "You know, just because you liked it in theaters, doesn't mean you have to vote for it now." and then it was an easy out. By the same token, I don't blame anyone for loving/voting for it because it was really mind-bending and had lots of fun actors all over the place. I liked this movie despite having it on my list the lowest of anyone who actually voted for it. I bought it when our last remaining video store went out of business (And then i
  14. I dunno I feel like Ragnarok while turning one of the most boring MCU characters (Thor) into one of the most entertaining is a major achievement, what is most fascinating is how they also made Thor (especially in The two Led Zep montages) more badass than they had managed to do in his previous four films!
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