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  1. caley

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    I never said it was LIKELY but a man can dream, can't he?
  2. caley

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    Watching highlights of Raw and just popped in on this thread to see if the Sami/Lashley Sisters segment was as dumb and awful as it looked in highlight form...and it looks like it was even worse when not clipped into a 30 second segment. With the campy affected voices of the sisters, and Lashley beating them up after, it really left a bad taste in my mouth. In the late 90s/Attitude Erra/Even say 5-10 years ago, I could see a case for the segment (Shitty as it is) but in 2018 it's just an ugly, shitty off-putting mess. I really hope someone from Fox saw it and went "Hey, let's not give this guy a billion dollars" and Vince having to settle for a lesser deal. I love how Nia went from standing up to bullying to acting vaguely bullying in two weeks with no explanation. I almost wonder if Nia wants out, so they're hot-shotting this now.
  3. caley


  4. caley


    The promo/hype for the return of Joey Daddieggo this week was really weird. Enjoyed Shane Taylor destroying him. I actually really love Punishment Martinez but they need to protect the gimmick more. He shouldn't be doing promos, much less doing promos in athletic gear. Man needs a manager STAT (I know I'm probably alone on this but I would bring back Truth Martini to manage him!). Match with Lethal was decent - liked the repeated topes- but I feel like the result sets Martinez back that he goes from potential World Championship contender to beaten clean and fairly easily by Lethal. Main event will depend on much you like BC shtick. Was a little too much for my liking.
  5. caley

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/17/18

    I've been watching a bit the last couple weeks and I have two questions about Su Yung: 1) Can she talk? 2) Can she wrestle? She's good on the visuals and angles and the like but I honestly haven't seen her talk or wrestle, so is she good?
  6. caley


    Briscoes beating down almost the entire ROH BC contingent was amazing.
  7. caley


    I'm just thinking, with regards to C2C, that they've gotten this mini-push but no real angle right now so maybe have them lose a cheap one (DQ or count out) before having to come up with a way to beat them.
  8. caley

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    Rusev seems like such a good dude. I love the way he tossed Bryan over the table: that spot could not have been done better with a softer landing.
  9. caley

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/3/18

    There were at least three things Andrew Everett did in that 6 man that I thought "I don't think I've seen another wrestler ever do that before?!" (The huge foot tuck moonsault and that unbelievably dangerous flip over the ropes to get to the other side earlier on and that scary bump he took onto the apron at the finish). Crazy match that almost went a little too long. Also watched the end segment and, while its a little on the cheesy side, everyone is so dedicated to their role that it all works. The storytelling is honestly on another level with how WWE is booking its women lately.
  10. caley

    Raw Is... Ugh, Okay... Over The Moon - 5/7/2018

    So in three hours they never showed or really referred to the Women's champion once, right? Or did I miss something? Greatest dumbest part of the night was Zack Ryder asking Kurt Angle for a match to get into the MITB, Jinder interrupting and Angle telling him no using Ryder's catchphrase and Ryder going "That was awesome" and COMPLETELY forgetting that Angle never even answered him much less granting his request. I picture Ryder getting home tonight and going "Something I was supposed to do...oh God DAMMIT!"
  11. caley


    The Japanese announcers laughing are my favourite!
  12. caley


    ROH is kinda fascinating in that they have a team in BCB/Milonas that -The crowd is into -They repeatedly trumpet as tj biggest in ROH history -Are straight-up heels in no danger of being cheered for being cool yet are never booked terribly strong and lost clean to C2C this week. Also, God help me but Im really starting to dig Vinnie Marseglia. First off, it looks like he ditched the axe for balloons (a la IT) which is a complete win. Second, he has the badass Michael Myers knee pad. Thirdly, I think his look and horror gimmick has legs. I'd like to see him get weirder and scarier so that he weirds out the Kingdom who kick him out and have him come back with his own scary stable. I like him. Also the spot in the main where Castle repeatedly threw Boys at the Kingdom was amazing.
  13. caley


    From wwe shop zones Twitter 16 minutes ago https://mobile.twitter.com/WWEShop/status/992509330728587264 I'd wager it was an old post above
  14. caley

    Tabernacle! - Raw is Montreal - 4/30/2018

    So with Finn possibly going heel, is that every remotely foreign wrestler (sans the Latinos) on the two big shows as baddies now? -Owens: always a heel -Zayn: turned last fall -Jinder: America-hating heel -Nakamura: newly turned heel -The Bar: heels -MacIntyre: from NXT face to Raw heel -Rusev: Nonsensically still behaves/booked like a heel despite cheers That leaves, what, Becky, Asuka, Roode, Breeze and possibly Finn as the only non-American born faces over the two big shows?!
  15. caley


    Thanks! I'm baffled by ROH's insistence on keeping Woods a face. It would have been nuclear heat if he'd clobbered Chuckie T after the handshake. Push Woods as a no-nonsense MMA guy who is frustrated by his lack of success/the goofiness of a lot of ROH (Chuckie T, Young Bucks, Scurll's comedy aspects etc. etc.), put him with an old-timer wrestler talking about millenials/lack of respect and he'd probably be the biggest heel in the company.