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  1. KidNatural

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019

    The nominating committee seems to love just having one "hard rock/heavy metal" act at a time, so I'd blame Def Leppard more than anything. I can get that Radiohead isn't your thing, but they have sold a bunch of albums and have been a high grossing touring band for over 20 years. I can't stand Aerosmith, but I understand why they're in there. Hopefully Judas Priest and Iron Maiden can get in sooner rather than later, but as Alice Cooper said it's easier to get elected than nominated. As for this class, I'd go with Radiohead, RATM, Prine (not very commercial, but easily on the level of Tom Waits and Laura Nyro ability wise), Devo and Janet Jackson.
  2. KidNatural

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    After watching a Hidden Gem, I think I have the answer... Rene Goulet.
  3. KidNatural


    Um, I'd like to see them win... then you guys can bond over something better.
  4. KidNatural


    It doesn't seem like you guys know how hard it is to make it to D-1 college football or how hard it is to get a whiff of the NFL.
  5. KidNatural

    2018 WON Hall of Fame Ballot

    I think that the WON is the least flawed HOF in wrestling, however becoming eligible at 35 is just the worst. Omega and Naito shouldn't be on the ballot because there is so much time. AJ Styles and Jericho fell off the ballot before they had their best years. That being said... WRESTLERS: Sputnik Monroe, Enrique Torres, Jun Akiyama, Akira Taue, Cien Caras, Karloff Lagarde, Blue Panther, L.A. Park, Mark Rocco, Johnny Saint NON WRESTLERS: Bill Apter, Gary Hart, Howard Finkel
  6. KidNatural

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    I don't know but does anyone think that Mike Rotundo was anything but kind of bland? He's what the color beige would look like if it wrestled.
  7. KidNatural


    Um... Fink is in the Hall.
  8. And would it kill Eric to do some research? He said Bret's book was ghost written (it wasn't) and Jericho's was published by the WWE (it wasn't). Just take a few minutes and try to recall and write notes before the recording.
  9. KidNatural

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    I think it's safe to say that Flair would get his own thread.
  10. KidNatural


    It was a great, great show. - The spot where EC3 was pancaked by the ladders made me think he was dead. I'm not the biggest Velveteen Dream guy because his gimmick feels horribly dated, but he is turning a corner. - Shayna Bazsler should give people hope on Rousey. She definitely has it. - Percy Watson adds nothing to the broadcast. In fact, I think that Nigel did the best job when he had to do it by himself after they took out the broadcast booth. - Cien is going to be huge on the next level. What's funny is that a lot of you guys are back peddling like Deion Sanders covering a wide receiver. A bunch of you left him for dead. - No surprises at ringside for once. The WWE has too much talent to begin with. - And if I'm turning on someone, I'm not going to turn on the guy that brings his belt down to the ring in his teeth. Pete Dunne would be the last one I'd try that on.
  11. KidNatural

    WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    It's because of the ceremony. All of the HoFs have glaring weaknesses, but the WWE's is the one that has a public induction in front of thousands of fans. It's a nice reward for your career.
  12. KidNatural

    WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    I guess that there's not going to be a Heritage Class this year which is a shame because there are so many deserving candidates. Jim Londos, El Santo, Johnny Valentine, Dick the Bruiser, The Crusher, Sam Muchnick, Paul Boesch... just so many important names who need to be in.
  13. KidNatural


    Madusa might be a candidate for the naming of the battle royal. She was the first one to make it to the big time without Moolah's influence.
  14. KidNatural

    WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    I have to think that Lawler is inducting him. And once again, nothing is impossible. CM Punk will main event a WrestleMania one day. There is no never.