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  1. I see her more as a "it's fine" kind of person.
  2. My favorite Hogan lie is the slamming Andre and Andre dying 6 days later. You're being filmed for MTV Cribs. It's going to be there forever.
  3. This one hurts. So good in everything.
  4. He was probably telling Marko Stunt that he thought he was great on Stranger Things...
  5. RIP to the best backbeat drummer of all time. Also famous story where a drunken Mick Jagger phoned down to Watts hotel room and demanded that "his" drummer get to his room now. Watts showered, shaved and got dressed in an impeccable suit. Went and knocked on the door... Jagger answered and Watts knocked him the fuck out. Watts then said "I'm not your drummer, you're my singer." He then walked away.
  6. I thought what Richards said was bad. Really ugly. But my WTF was that you bring in an amazing level of talent to try out, some better some worse and in the end the judge just goes "kidding" it was going to be mine regardless of what happened. Hope to heck it's someone interesting next time.
  7. The HoF speeches were ridiculously short this year. Even Peyton only had 6 minutes.
  8. Part of what happened was releasing people or embettering talent to where they were motivated beyond what they were. Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Jim Cornette, Chris Jericho, X-Pac, The Radicals... this was part of why the main event scene was so good which was part of the tide turning. It's not the main reason, but sending pissed off talent into the world is part of what happened.
  9. The WWE is forgetting how they won the Monday night war. They received talent from WCW that were pissed off and were motivated to stick it to them. WWE is sending people into the wild with something to prove. Not saying that AEW will overtake the WWE, but they're releasing talent and filling them with terrible resolve.
  10. It's so funny to me that two of the major wrestling projects in Hollywood are going to be complete whitewashing vanity projects. I'm sure that Bischoff is going to be completely up front about Hogan's drug use, racism and politics behind the scenes. I bet that there a scene where Hogan auditons for Metallica and they say he's way better than them. And now Vince is going to in charge of this? Carnies gotta carny.
  11. Everything he did was so believable and done with such energy. One of my low key favorite matches was him and Steve Williams in Abrams UWF. He and Sting are two examples of not being wrestling fans doesn't mean you can't excel at it. RIP Mr. Orndorff.
  12. Because he doesn't answer his phone? Otherwise I'm mystified as anyone else...
  13. Honestly he never had his dad's ceiling but he had a sneaky amount of charisma and he became a technician in the ring. The problem was that he was introduced via the old school NXT and never recovered. He's a mix of Larry and Curt.
  14. The trap that Vince made for himself was making the brand bigger than the wrestlers. You can't have water cooler talk in the office without building somebody. Reigns, Balor, Banks, Scarlett and others are a liscence to print money. Build them up instead of just relying on habit viewing.
  15. Plus a lot of it became unusable after certain events in 2007.
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