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  1. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    Is somebody available to do a wellness check on Ryan?
  2. If any of those rats are heading the opposite direction, that'd be James Storm.
  3. Tom Petty

    Gutted. Tom Petty was a constant in my life. He was an artist that stayed relevant long after a lot of his peers did. After watching a documentary on his life, I was amazed at all that he accomplished. He was produced by three legendary figures in Jimmy Iovine, Rick Rubin and Jeff Lynne. He recorded with two Beatles. Founded the Traveling Wilburys with four other guys that are also legends. He and most of the Heartbreakers served as the backing band for Johnny Cash on the American Recordings III album. He continued to write and record great music until the end. A lot of his peers were fine with resting on their laurels and playing the nostalgia circuit, he wasn't. Wherever you are tonight, I wish you the best of everything, Tom.
  4. MLB - SEPT/OCT 2017

    Rockies officially clinch! It'll be interesting to see if they can beat the D-Backs, but a great building block regardless. Jeff Bdrich has to get all the credit in the world for drafting well and actually making player development a thing with them. Bud Black was a great hire. Let's hope the Monforts actually follow up on this season and try to stay competitive.

    Which is shortsighted at the least. Network subscribers are usually either hardcore fans or fans that are excited about the current tv. If ratings for television are down and so is live attendance, that would mean a lack of enthusiasm for the company which ties into network subscribers. If they want the Network to be what drives revenue, they still have to make tv compelling. They've got to find that balance and Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal aren't it.
  6. Someone used a Keith Jackson analogy with Jim Ross in the Mae Young folder and it's perfect. Jim Ross is in my mind arguably the best announcer of all time and inarguably in the top three of all time with Gordon Solie and Lance Russell, but his best days are behind him. I like both of the podcasts that Conrad does for different reasons. Bruce's is more formal and Tony's is looser, but both are interesting to listen to.

    As a Broncos fan, I'm glad that we dodged that bullet. John Elway has drafted very well but he's missed an awful lot in the second round. Osweiler, Sambralio and Cody Latimer have all been misses. Latimer is on the squad only because he's become good on special teams.
  8. Honestly, there are still a ton of topics that they could cover... I think it's a great way for Tony to make some cash and he seems to be having a genuinely good time.

    That's not a Clippers curse, that's Gallo being Gallo. He's made of sugar glass.
  10. It looks like Alpha Female may be the Cedric Alexander of this. Kajiri seems like the obvious choice, but with the Rousey connection, as damaged as that brand may be, Baszler could be the SportsCenter moment that they're looking for.
  11. You spelled that wrong too... It's spelled Rockies.

    Rosemary and Bobby Lashley can turn out the lights when they eventually leave.

    I've been binge watching Mid-South and every time that Bill Watts says Doogan instead of Duggan... I die a little inside.
  14. 2017 The Stuff About Sports Media Thread

    This was shocking to me. I've been reading Frei's stuff for years and he always seemed like a class act. I guess you never know for sure.

    I know that it seems a little too obvious but punting Nick Miller and teaming Shane Thorne and Buddy Murphy wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.