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  1. It's just amazing to think that the pale one with the lazy eye and no body presence is the wrestler that went on to international stardom and fame.
  2. Honestly, Nick Kahn seems like Ozymindias from Watchmen now. "No Vince, I did it thirty minutes ago." You aced Triple H, you aced Shane, you aced William Regal for no particular reason and then aced Stephanie. This looks very suspect like someone is playing chess while other people are playing checkers.
  3. At the same time, you have to wash your hands at some point. The WWE did that with Umaga and Test and the results sucked. They also did it with Eddie Guerrero and William Regal and had better results. At this time letting Jeff go seems like the best move. It sucks, but at this bottom what do you gain by keeping him on if he doesn't want to be clean?
  4. In fun news, Sam Shaw came to the restaurant I manage today. What makes this news great was that he was a regular before he signed with the 'E so it was cool to see him. It was also good that he had his awesome wife and son with him because I was worried about working into a shoot with Indi and glad that wasn't the case. It was a great surprise.
  5. Meanwhile the Avs are Vadering the Predators... Matt Duchene must be sleeping on wet pillow every night.
  6. Losing two of the greatest comic book artists of all time just sucks... Perez was maybe the cleanest penciler of any era.
  7. CYN also is the place where people go when WWE, AEW, NJPW, Impact, ROH, and even MLW won't return your phone calls.
  8. I hate that Adams is getting traded to the Raiders, but this means that the Broncos trading for Russell Wilson was more than justified.
  9. The Rockies spending money makes no sense. This is the biggest free agent to sign with them since Larry Walker.
  10. That's one instance of Wilson being a goober versus Rodgers being a terrible person for most of his career. I preferred Wilson because he was younger. We gave up one very good defensive player, an inconsistent TE and an undeveloped QB. Five picks as well? Fine.
  11. I am beside myself right now... I hate losing Shelby Harris but Wilson is younger than Rodgers and not an asshat.
  12. He's made some mistakes but he really put the Broncos in a tough spot when he drafted Lynch and hired Vance Joseph in the same year. He's had good drafts and picked some great players, but that off-season put us behind for sure.
  13. When WWE did 24/7 they had random FCW episodes hosted by Mike Graham. They do not have Oregon for sure, but may own Florida.
  14. I love A Tribe Called Quest, but Eminem is that generational talent. The problem with the hall has never been the election, it's the nomination process. If you're going to nominate Fela Kuti, which is fine because he was awesome, you can nominate people like Dolly, Willie Nelson and John Coltrane.
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