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  1. Nikola Jokic. I don't know if people just don't want to give him credit or they don't think that he is as good as he is. Add in a very good coach, Jamal Murray and the deepest bench in the league... and that's why.
  2. I don't like this booking at all, but who is the obvious answer? Dunne's stuck in Britain, WALTER doesn't seem to want to come over. Priest just got the other title. Thatcher just got there. Velveteen... just no. So maybe Roddy Strong? They had all their eggs in the Kross basket at the worst time. I'm not as anti Finn as most of you, but Cole and Gargano are just so tired. There is no good answer, but this one is probably the worst.
  3. Apparently Snuka was barefoot when working as a face and wore tights and boots when working as a heel.
  4. Just a non sequitur... Lance Archer ordered a Burrito at the restaurant I manage... nice guy.
  5. So a friend of mine said that Karrion Kross looked like Keegan Michael Key and now I can't unsee it.
  6. Denver Broncos QBs 1. John Elway 148 2. Peyton Manning 45 3. Craig Morton 41 4. Jake Plummer 39 5. Brian Greise 26 6. Charley Johnson 20 7. Jay Cutler 17 8. Steve Ramsey 14 9. Frank Tripucka 13 10. Trevor Siemian 13 I put Trevor at 10 because Frank Tripucka's number is retired for... reasons. The list played out the way I thought because the Broncos have never drafted quarterbacks well. The best ones were by trades or free agency.
  7. The reason that Teddy plays a scumbag so well... is because he is a scumbag
  8. Honestly, I hope that Orange Cassidy does work an honest match because wasting PAC on him is definitely an insult unless they're teasing otherwise. And as a casual fan... some of the stuff they promised has not been delivered. Marko Stunt, Cassidy and the Dark Order is the worst mix of Indie idiocy matched with the 'E being the 'E.
  9. Plus DBS jr isn't necessarily off anyone's radar as well...
  10. Honestly to me... even though I'm a Rockies fan, the recognition of pure ability versus stats is a great step forward. The h/r splits were only part of the story with Walker. His pure talent was the rest.
  11. They were very disappointed... but I said he was good at least.
  12. I'm sure Styles, Bryan, the Revival, Sasha Banks, Nak, Balor, Rusev and Harper all came up as well... Harper seems to be the only flight risk currently.
  13. Two things about this... Shad Kahn hit a home run in life and in business... Vince thinks he hit a triple when he was born on third base. Kahn wants to make money and be profitable. It's not surprising to me that ticket sales are slow in non smarky markets. Casual and lapsed fans don't know who most of these guys are. You have one major name in Jericho, a couple of guys who are instantly recognizable in Cody and John Moxley and that's it. Omega, the Bucks and Hangman Page may have been on ROH on Sinclair... but they still don't have the pull. I had a casual fan ask me if Hangman Page
  14. I had a thought about that it would be a neat kind of podcast trilogy if Ross, Schiavone, and Prichard all covered it on their pods. I know most people here aren't fans of Conrad, but it would be fascinating listening.
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