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  1. KidNatural


    It's a great day to be a Broncos fan... Champ was a no brainer and Mr. Bowlen has been one of the best owner in sports since he bought the team. For a team that's gone to 8 Super Bowls there has been a lack of representation that's almost criminal.
  2. KidNatural

    Royal Rumble XXXII - 1/27/2019

    2002 remains as one of my favorite Rumbles because the bulk of it was Austin, Angle, Hennig and Triple H just beating the piss out of each other.
  3. KidNatural


    Other than the repetitiveness of New England... what's the worst case scenario possible? Minnesota? Pittsburgh? Cincinnati?
  4. No, old Olbermann joke... but add Goldberg and it's the wrestling equivalent of the Shady Pines nursing home...
  5. So the average age of the first four signees to AEW is 206...
  6. KidNatural

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Okay, so... where are they going to get talent? Jericho is good for them... but most people wouldn't be able to pick the Bucks and Omega out of a police line up. So Joey Janela and Joey Ryan? I'm honestly confused because the WWE has a huge amount of talent under wraps and every one else has signed a multi-year deal some where else. Where are the horses coming from?
  7. My thought is that one of the biggest stars of all time is pretty much obscured but Paul Roma and Bagwell are plain as day.
  8. I'd imagine that the tier refers to classic WWF announcers because historically and ability wise it doesn't make sense.
  9. In my mind the best way to put Gene Okerlund in perspective is this. We have constant discussions about who the best play-by-play guy is whether it's Jim Ross, Gordon Solie, Lance Russell, Joey Styles or a motivated Tony Schiavone. You have discussions about the best color commentator is: Heenan, Ventura, Dave Brown or Heyman. There is no argument about who the best interviewer in the history of professional wrestling is. Gene Okerlund. RIP to the best.
  10. KidNatural


    I'm so happy that Vance Joseph is gone. But the blame isn't his alone... John Elway should get some more than he does for not drafting particularly well until the last draft.
  11. KidNatural

    NFL 2018 - WEEK SiXTEEN

    Please let it be Reno... as a Broncos fan it would be delicious for the evil empire to play in front of dozens of people in a small city.
  12. KidNatural


    So, Screaming A. Smith said that the key to the Chiefs and Chargers game was the matchup between Hunter Henry and Derrick Johnson. Henry has been out for the year and Johnson no longer plays for the Chiefs... Dude is literaly a line from a Shakespeare play... "Full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing."
  13. KidNatural


    Peterman to the Racialslurs would be delicious, especially as Kaepernick would look bad if he took the job for a team that's name is insensitive by nature.
  14. KidNatural


    To be fair though, AJ is wearing his own merch...
  15. KidNatural

    NFL 2018 - WEEK ELEVEN

    Peterman should be blackballed because if someone brings him in the NFL might as well just give Kaepernick his settlement.