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  1. I like Orange Cassidy's gimmick myself, but I think it would work better in a structured enviroment like WWE or AEW than on the indie circuit. You could build some character development there. He starts out, standing there, not giving a crap, match after match, inexplicably becoming more and more popular with his antics. Then, he's suddenly no longer in there with low to mid card goofballs, but with the elite of the company, who are more than willing to kick his trifling ass. Then he has to fight. Beyond pretty much did this with OC vs. Starr. I loved that match, and would work in a more long form program.
  2. I don't have that one, but I've always loved this.
  3. Should Andre be in the conversation? Beat Hogan for the belt, albeit through major shenanigans. Only guy Hogan faced twice at Wrestlemania.
  4. Oh God, are we going to have the whole objectively bad vs. subjectively bad argument here? Cause there's enough of that on YouTube.
  5. The answer's Vince McMahon. Man tried to tell me I booed Sid and cheered Hogan less than a week after I cheered Sid and booed Hogan.
  6. Well, first of all it was Flair. He was the 2nd or 3rd most over guy in wrestling at the time. Fans were salivating over a Flair vs. Hogan feud, and that really doesn't work if they don't make Flair out to be a big deal. Second, its nowhere near hundreds who get treated like that. The only others who were treated close to that were Goldberg ,Styles, and Sting.
  7. No wrestler is famous until he comes to work for Vince. At least according to Vince.
  8. Is Bran Bloodraven? Does Bryden Rivers sit upon the Iron Throne (or whatever they use now?)
  9. I hope not. Lynch vs.Cross would be hot fire.
  10. Let's not say anything we can't take back...
  11. Oh, I get that. It makes sense, and I don't really have a problem with it. Its just for what's supposed to be a surprising twist, I wasn't all that surprised.
  12. I figured Arya was either going to kill Cersei or Dany.
  13. Martin's brilliance is in subverting your expectations but it still makes sense. Ned being executed instead of taking the black is a great example. You expect him to go to the Wall and fight ice zombies with Jon. But then he reminds you that Joffery is a psycho little shit and lopes his head off. While I didn't mind Arya killing the Night King as much as some, it didn't have the same impact.
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