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  1. If this thread has convinced me of anything, is that the WWE needs to turn Sasha heel and team her up with Bliss. The Boss and Bliss Connection, baby!
  2. Actually, Bryan sicking former protégé EC3 after Kofi would be a pretty cool angle.
  3. I still think there's a 45% chance that is WAS Bruce Prichard.
  4. So they're going to put Asuka in the Wrestlemania main event and make it a four-way,right? Right? Guys? ...
  5. Kevin Owens in a cowboy hat is money. Guaranteed.
  6. I'd also add in that Vince brought in Batista and had him attack Flair in order to distract HHH.
  7. Absolutely. She's a Blanchard for Christ's sake! Team her up with Flair. This company, Jesus....
  8. Yeah. I don't necessarily disagree that Lawler was a piece of crap, but did he really negatively influence wrestling that much? Did wrestling as a whole become worse because of him?
  9. I would watch the shit out of this.
  10. It all comes round again. Life is a circle. We're born, we have a stupid haircut, we can't wrestle , we get a better haircut, we get better in the ring, we get a hot girlfriend, we get older, we break up with our girlfriend,we get an even stupider haircut than before, we stop giving a shit in the ring..... Man.....
  11. This. And I can't think of a better way to make it look like they faked the leukemia than by shoehorning Reigns into the main event at Wrestlemania. Have Rollins win and start setting up a Rollins heel turn the next night. Build it up till Summerslam.
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