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  1. I think that Steve isn't real and it's Max Lord fucking with her mind.
  2. Bully Ray is essentially Jim Cornette if he was stuck in 1997 instead of 1987 and slightly fatter
  3. These are basically the same things they did when they booked Cena.
  4. I imagine it was the same reason as to why Obi Wan never told Luke about his parentage. Considering how powerful she is, who knows what would've happened if she learned something that shattering. I will grant,though, that it's left vague how extensive the lessons Luke gave were. Maybe they were supposed to be more extensive than I pictured.
  5. What do you mean "no qualms"? He spent most of TLJ refusing to train her, and barely taught her anything when he relented.
  6. We might have an agreement, sir.
  7. Keith Lee is actually my dark horse pick to win it.
  8. So, how does one go about becoming a "Fit Finlay" ?
  9. Christ, I thought that was Tanahashi there for a second, and had dreams of him and Cena teaming up to defend the honor of Santa.
  10. Apparently the speech AJ gave wasn't "rah rah". He just "addressed concerns".
  11. The Pele Kick was the best part. Normally when they do these heel turns, they have the guy turning standing behind the face and blindsides him. Having Balor being in front of Garagano he helped the shock value of the turn.
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