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  1. Holy shit! meltear is showing up on Smackdown? Awesome!
  2. My money's on Sting. Weren't they both on Impact together? Darby mentioned Sting hasn't been around.
  3. Nevermind.... Thanks @Eivion
  4. Has anyone heard anything about Stardom's involvement with Rumble on 44th Street on Friday. I'm going, but I pretty much decided to go based on Stardom doing something there. But NJPW has been suspiciously silent on the matter.
  5. The only authority figure that ever made any sense to me was Jack Tunney. Fairly incompetent, slightly crooked, mostly impotent. Almost completely neutral. If you have a strong face GM, you have to wonder how heels get away with anything other than basic cheating during the match. Any beat downs or locker room sneak attacks would have to lead to suspensions, because why wouldn't it? If they're strong and a face, they'd have to react harshly to be legitimate. If you have an all out heel GM, you have to wonder how the faces could ever win when management is doing everything possible to screw with them. What big-time baby face could ever win a championship, or at least hold one for more than a night? A face/heel GM is a storytelling nightmare in my opinion. Keep them dumb and neutral. TUNNEY 2024!
  6. So the guy whose username is "Coach", wants us to believe this is all real? Hmmmm.... suspicious. ?
  7. Maybe I'm suffering from post-Vince trauma, but I have an awful feeling that the Casino ladder match is going to be for the title.
  8. I mean.... he returned at the end on the show last week. It would have been pretty stupid not to have him on this week's show. I would think most fans would've expected it.
  9. Aren't all wrestlers petty 12 year-olds though? I mean, Kane feuded with Jericho over spilt coffee.
  10. I hope it's a work, because if not Punk's a piece of shit. My guess is Page comes out next Wednesday, blasts Punk with the title, then looks down at Punk and says "Sorry".
  11. I'm sorry, but that's bullshit. Every cop who goes around wearing the skull does so because of who the character is. An ex-military guy who thinks crime can be solved by killing a whole lot of people using a whole lot of guns. Marvel decided years ago to turn this character, who is a tragic villian/ anti-hero at best, into a full fledged hero with his own title, and now the culture has changed and they're trying to walk it back. Its gross. Castle, the character, should've either died years ago or given up being the Punisher. Having him kill cops or Proud Boys isn't going to change who the character actually is or what he represents.
  12. I might also suggest that the fact that Khan bought ROH in early March and had his first big meeting with Gresham last Saturday is very,very telling. Now I don't know if Gresham ever tried to get into contact with Khan either. Maybe it was a "two ships in the night" thing. Or maybe it was a conversation neither men wanted to have because they knew what the other would have to say. But I tend to believe it's the responsibility of the employer to stay in contact with the employee. But YMMV.
  13. I guess I'm just feeling salty about how this all went down. I've been a big fan of ROH for years now, and I feel ambivalent with all their champs losing to AEW guys. I love Claudio, and the FTR vs. Briscoes matches have been amazing. I guess I wish it was a longer transition, with more build up. Maybe a big ROH vs. AEW event. I dunno, but I keep thinking how'd people would've reacted if Vince bought them out and did the same thing. Sorry if I'm rambling, and I'm not trying to start an argument. I know it all makes sense. I know TK has to make the changes he thinks are best. But it just really bugs me how this has all gone down.
  14. But isn't that his point? Why is it okay for Claudio's character to be "strong guy who wrestles well" but it's not okay for Gresham?
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