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  1. Now want a Sting-PCO feud.
  2. Then that's on us. I would rather lose something I own because of my own carelessness than because of the whims of some media corporation.
  3. My prediction? Two words. Exploding limo.
  4. The most disappointing thing about Dynamite was the announcement for Thunderosa vs. Storm at Forbidden Door. I'm sure it'll be a great match, but I was hoping for Mayu.
  5. I think it's Hangman. And turn him heel. He has all the reason in the world to be pissed. And then have him murder Punk when he comes back. "I made the biggest mistake of my career at Double or Nothing. I'll never make the same mistake again."
  6. If we're actually running with MJF =HTM, maybe the mods should reopen the Hot Takes thread. Cause that one's on fire.
  7. If MJF feels he's not being treated fairly, it should be his prerogative to walk away. Its his (and every workers) body on the line when they perform in the ring. Not mine, not yours, not Tony Khan's. If Khan has a problem with that, he should release him. Not "put him on ice". That's bullshit.
  8. I'll say the situations are exactly the same, in that no one outside the business really knows what the fuck happened. It's pretty wild that the three biggest wrestling companies in the world are each having problems with one of their biggest stars all at the same time.
  9. If I'm remembering it correctly, it was RVD.
  10. FFS, just buy her a ticket and have her sit in the Baddie Section. You could do this Wednesday if you wanted. Didn't WCW do this with Sable?
  11. Went for SLK, but waiting for AZM and Saya.
  12. I was fantasy booking this. I see Hook getting into a conflict with Team Taz, Taz siding with his son and Starks and Hobbs replacing him with Bivens.
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