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  1. A Ms. Peyton Royce would like to have a word with you.
  2. I mean "Crown Royale presents The Crown Jewel , live from Saudi Arabia", does write itself.
  3. For a split second I thought "D.X." was actually being played by Sean Waltman.
  4. I don't think anyone on this board ever defended Shawn Micheals' fashion sense.
  5. The Young Bucks will be never change their name, no matter how old they get. Here's a pic of Matt 5 years from now.
  6. If this leads to Lee twerking in a plate of pancakes, I'm in!
  7. If they really cared a about ratings, they would have him throw Joe Buck into the moon.
  8. They'll have to switch first names. So it'd be Antonio Rusev and Alexander Cesaro.
  9. She's adorable. Asuka would straight up murder her. Unless Vince was booking the match. Then it would be turned into a three-way, she'd be pinned by Charlotte Flair, and Asuka wouldn't even be involved with the finish.
  10. Mojo should have a long heart to heart with him ...
  11. For a split second, I thought you were talking about The Hunt.
  12. I might be an asshole, but I so want to see Ziggler pull this with Goldberg on Sunday.
  13. They put this show on, bring in all these old guys from the Attitude Era, and go on and on about how cool it was back in the day. And all I can think of is how they never had nostalgia kick episodes like this during the Attitude Era. I'm not the kind of fan who wants everything about that era to come back. The crude humor, the misogyny, the racist shit, the stupid hardcore crap, that can all stay in the box. But they desperately need that Attitude Era's sense of danger, that anything could happen. And they need to put THIS generation over, not old ones. Steve Austin never showed Hogan respect when he was the top guy. Roman Reigns shouldn't show Austin any respect now.
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