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  1. The Undertaker comes from a completely different dimension than the Warrior! Geeze.
  2. That's because it's not. The softest part of the ring is where the secret passage The Undertaker crawls out of is.
  3. I've heard a theory that it might be the hardest part of the ring.
  4. My God this year can die in a fire.
  5. I've always believed that Brett-Shawn would've been better if they didn't announce that it was an Iron Man match, and just let it be a regular title match that went to a sixty-minute draw. I wonder if it would've been received better by its critics.
  6. It would of been fine if they announced the match before Friday, had Sheamus make comments about Hardy on Friday, then had Sheamus get involved during the Cesaro match during the PPV. That would've worked. Instead, the two got physical on Smackdown, then they inexplicably announced that Hardy was fighting Cesaro, instead of, you know, the guy he just had a brawl with.
  7. They just started a program with him and Sheamus, so of course he's facing Cesaro at the PPV. This company, man.....
  8. Bullshit. Charolette would never put him over.
  9. Why does it take him 5 minutes to figure out a nightstick is an one-handed weapon?
  10. I'm reporting them both for animal abuse for that name.
  11. My main problem with Dream is that he has a Prince gimmick, but he's always acting like Morris Day. That, and him sending inappropriate pics to minors.
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