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  1. McMahon vs. Inoki - I chose McMahon, as he's probably the most important figure is wrestling history,for both positive and negative reasons. I will say though, if the question was who negatively effected their own company, and not the industry as a whole, I would've went with Inoki. Bischoff vs. Russo- Russo, as his garbage ideas infected three major promotions and not just one. Misawa vs. Onita- I loved Misawa. But he promoted a brutal, head dropping style that probably cost the careers of many indy wrestlers trying to ape it, plus cost him his own life. While garbage wrestling could be viewed as equally dangerous, Onita was not solely to blame for it's rise in popularity. Michaels vs. Hogan vs. Nash vs. HHH - For these four, I had to weigh their net positives versus the negatives. Michaels has a career of incredible in ring work, HHH is NXT Daddy, Hogan ushered in an era of popularity that thousands of workers have benefitted from. That left Nash. Who was... funny? Sometimes? I guess.... I picked Nash. Heyman vs. Lawler vs. Danzig vs. Rotten- I picked Rotten, but I honestly don't think he's all that important.
  2. mystman

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    I don't entirety disagree. In a perfect world, Rousey would be playing the heel role as Vince's ace, and Charolette would be facing Asuka. Unfortunately, we live in this world, where Rhonda can't handled being booed. It is what it is, and I think they handled it the best they could on Monday.
  3. mystman

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    True, but I'm sure the reaction she'll get when she shows up at Elimination Chamber will make up for it. My guess is she steals the belt.
  4. mystman

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    Regarding the Lynch apology, I might be in the minority, but I think it was fucking brilliant storytelling. People often compare Becky to Austin, but there's a flaw in that. Austin, from day one, was Austin. Even when he was the Ringmaster, he was a pretty vicious heel. Becky, on the other hand, only became The Man a few months ago. Before that she was just a spunky, whitebread babyface. She played the game the "right way",until she saw that it was a sham. So then you put in "NXT Daddy" HHH into the mix. He tells Becky she should put her pride aside, apologize, and go to Wrestlemania. Of all the authority figures, Becky would trust HHH the most. If it wasn't for him,after all, she probably wouldn't be there. If anyone could convince her to play the game again it would be him. So she does, and amazingly it turns out he wasn't lying. He declares that Lynch-Rousey is back on. Only HHH doesn't run this game. Vince does. And the old man pulls the rug out from under her. Now she knows better. If The Man is going to become the next Stone Cold, Monday night was when it started.
  5. mystman

    The Big Game, v.53

    If the Rams win, does Hekker win MVP?
  6. mystman

    Raw is David vs Goliath - 1/21/2019

    I dunno. I'm getting the feeling they're setting up a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania. The Beast vs. The Monster vs. The Demon.
  7. mystman

    AEW - 2019

    Maybe that's why they're looking to get Goldberg...
  8. I eagerly await the angle on Raw where they blame the Saudi deal on Baron Corbin.
  9. mystman

    Raw Spoilers for 11/5/18

    Vince has the biggest doghouse in the world! It can fit most of his entire roster!
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    What I do over the weekend is my own business.
  11. mystman


    Holy shit if this even has a kernal of truth to it. I mean, I consider myself a fairly conservative/libertarian guy, but I'm not against fucking FRIENDSHIP!
  12. So is this whole world cup thing they're doing in Saudi Arabia? Is it to determine who the best wrestler from 2007 was? Cause it's sure looking like that.
  13. mystman

    Netflix's The Witcher TV Series

    I don't play video games and have never read the books, but this is one of the funniest fucking things ever said on this board.