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  1. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    In a super perplexing decision, none of the parents (or presumably the kids) in Runaways will have superpowers. I uh. Okay. That's an approach.
  2. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Watched XX last night. It was...interesting. The first short, The Box was clearly the best, just super harrowing stuff. The last one, Her Only Living Son was super great too. The middle two both had some great stuff with Melanie Lynskey being an actress I like generally killing it in the Birthday Party. Could have used more of the desert thing as it really lacked tension despite a cool hook. Bridging sequence was super neat too. Nothing in there I would call GREAT per se (although the Box brushes it) as everything had pretty pronounced flaws, but they also mostly felt pretty different from a lot of horror I've watched. And there's a charm to rougher work. I had a good time with it on the whole and would recommend checking it out if you have 80 minutes to kill.
  3. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Oz Effect just wrapped. Metal you can basically jump on from the two Dark Days one shots. In fairness, the explanation I saw is less that it'll be DRAMATIC TIME JUMP as them placing it furthest ahead in the timeline so they have a sense of where everything falls which helps avoid weirdness like figuring out how Morrison's stuff lined up with other books or Johns' Justice League squared with the depowered Superman and Batman having amnesia. Or stuff that sort of ends up accidentally dismissing the consequences like when a book does a tie-in then goes "Glad that's over" next issue before the event has actually wrapped. It lets the books do their own thing and then when Doomsday Clock is wrapped they can worry about reflecting whatever changes in the books. For a year long event, it makes a lot of sense.
  4. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Apparently there's a time skip in Doomsday Clock that puts it about a year ahead of the line (which will catch up as it goes). Maybe just make sure you have cliff notes for Oz Effect but I suspect you'll be fine either way.
  5. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Doesn't mean much to me as a Canuck, but apparently the Chiller channel is getting axed at the end of the year.

    Usually I follow that exact example. That said, I do use RT and reviews to sort out if I'm checking out something I'm on the fence about, or if I want to see it but am sort of double checking my bank account and questioning if it's worth going a little thinner until next payday or whatever. If reviews are OVERWHELMINGLY negative, I'll look for more details of why they hated it, then reevaluate. I also have certain reviewers whose tastes I know run close to mine and thus I trust more. Basically RT scores are part of a process. For me anyway. But I think it's become a weird aspect of tracking the DCEU as though money isn't going to be the prime mover for success or failure.
  7. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I feel like Slott's had enough big ideas for the length of his run, but has trouble filling them out meaningfully. Sort of an inverse Bendis on Ultimate Spider-man situation. Unrelated, but the first issue of Donny Cates' Doctor Strange was pretty darn fun.
  8. Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    RWBY is awesome barring some wonky animation early on. I'm with your kid on this one. I don't have any real suggestions since most of what I've been watching has been trashy stuff. But I suspect this is old enough that you've already figured it out.
  9. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Good. The number of talented women who couldn't work on Wonder Woman because Berganza had to be kept in check is sad as hell. If Bleeding Cool is to be believed, the timing sucks for DC as for his MANY faults, Berganza was apparently real good at the 'editing' thing and with Action Comics #1000 coming up and both major Supes books shipping twice monthly as well as Metal having fallen under him...well, it's messy. I'd be sympathetic but that's what they get for not firing him the first time this came out.
  10. Marvel Phase III Movie Discussion Thread

    I think a lot of what made Hela work was the resolution of Thor and Loki's father issues. Both of them had complicated relationships with Odin, so when it comes out that he wasn't always the man they thought he was it acts as a bit of a shock. Hela was the daughter Odin wanted when he was younger. Thor and Loki are the sons he wanted as he grew older. It's very much a conflict between these two periods of Odin's, and in turn Asgard's history. Which is why the ending works as well as it does. Hela wants to return Asgard to the bad old days of bloodshed and conquest and doesn't care what the people of Asgard want or need. She sees the throne as the thing. Thor cares about the people and understands that they're the part of Asgard that matters and so burns the history of conquest and starts something new for them. Given that these movies are so much about the relationships between Thor and Loki as well as Thor and Odin, Hela and the arc she provides acts as a great counterpoint here. Not every villain needs to have protagonist level development to be a success.
  11. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I mean, this is a wrestling board. If we didn't have cognitive dissonance from horrible people and their work, could we even watch it at all? Like ninety percent of the industry is sleazy people who have done bad things to one degree or another. In terms of abusing women, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin are both still beloved and get celebrated by fans despite us knowing for a fact they were abusive to ex-wives. But hey, we keep watching cause it's not like there's a corner of the industry untouched by it so to be fans at all... And that's not even touching on all of the ways Vince is creepy. Even just when you consider the number of times he booked angles where he groped supermodels who couldn't exactly say no and stay employed.
  12. Marvel Phase III Movie Discussion Thread

    Thor Ragnarok ruled. I feel like the big talking points are gonna be the same but two things: 1) This had all the emotional depth of the best Marvel movies without navel gazing about it. 2) They did Doctor Strange better in ten minutes than he got in his own film.
  13. Brian Michael Bendis to DC exclusive.

    Bendis doing a JLI book or even a JLI styled book with a different roster would be kind of great? It's basically what he did with Avengers, only those characters weren't all suited for it.
  14. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Truthfully I'd put him on a new property. Dude has an audience for his character driven stuff that they could use for the Dark Multiverse spinoff stuff. For his other three books... But honestly? He shines most with solo characters and big supporting casts. Preferably banter heavy guys. Him doing a Wally West Flash series or bringing back Bart could be great. I could see him saving the sorta flagging GL franchise too. (The Simon/Jess book has been GREAT but just changed hands and sales on both are middling)
  15. Brian Michael Bendis to DC exclusive.

    Dude is writing four comics at Marvel as of January solicits. This is going to be a big shakeup on that alone. But beyond that, for better or worse Bendis has kind of defined the last 10-15 years of Marvel Comics. Like 50% or more of their phase one Netflix shows don't exist without him. Miles Morales and Jessica Jones don't exist. The kind of bantery character driven titles they have? Less likely to have priority. Whatever you think about Bendis and I have mixed feels from book to book, this is HUGE news.