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  1. The Literary In Memoriam Thread

    Man. Seeing Len Wein writing the epilogue of the Kamandi Challenge in the DC solicits hit me hard for some reason.
  2. What are you reading?

    As regards Shaft, gotta note as well that David Walker wrote two really great comics minis with him a few years back as well as the first original novel in decades. Definitely worth reading.
  3. Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    I love the main Hellboy series but haven't been able to get into the extended universe stuff though another try may come soon. Funny enough, that Manly Wade Wellman talk in Crooked Man made me grab a copy of Who Fears the Devil? so cheers for that.

    Yeah. In hindsight it sucks that it didn't pan out. I think with Miller directing it could have been something special.

    It is *the* best role in the script and gets the heroic sacrifice. Which is to say we would have had Wally Flash at the end and in a sequel.

    Been reading the Justice League Mortal script and I've got three big takeaways: 1) It would have been a blast. Kind of a mess, but a blast. 2) The Flash would have stolen the film. 3) The people who were pissed at Batman's indirect murder in BVS would have HATED Wonder Woman sparing Max only for Batman to snap his neck cold.

    I prefer AoU to Avengers tbh. The team feels more like superheroes and less like a paramilitary force. Also as cool as the teamwork fireworks show is in Avengers, there's zero drama that anyone is gonna bite it from a guy who Thor beat alone and some grunts so the suspense isn't there. At least the Ultron drones are an extension of him and the race the clock angle is in play. But honestly this has more to do with me having soured on Avengers hard than loving AoU.
  8. 2017 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Had a really great time with this. Thanks for organizing S.K.o.S. and hopefully see you next year!
  9. The Rock is set as Black Adam though so I can't imagine it's low priority.

    For anyone who thought digital release would end the theatrical run, think again. Wonder Woman just passed Civil War domestic and is expected to pass Iron Man 3 tomorrow. This will make it the fifth highest grossing domestic superhero film behind the Avengers movies and the last two Nolan Batman films. Worldwide is another story but this just keeps being ridiculously impressive. It's been out on digital for like a week and is still pulling nearly a half million a day theatrically.
  11. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I really liked Spencer's run up to the point where everything about Sam becoming his own Cap culminated in Steve being the guy to save the day and the real Cap after all. Even the one big win Sam gets in the finale is Bucky's idea. Just super super frustrating how sidelined he felt at the end there.
  12. 1) Black Panther 2) Aquaman 3) Avengers Infinity War 4) Animated Spider-man 5) Deadpool 2 Then basically everything else. Probably Ant Man and Wasp at 6 but I'm so, so tired of Marvel formula films and I don't really have a ton of faith in Fox or Sony outside Fox's newfound ability to land movies that drop F bombs. It doesn't help that like...half of this hasn't even been cast outside key roles, so I have real concerns it's gonna be a bunch of fast tracked messes. We'll see though. Really the only thing I'm PUMPED for is Black Panther. The gap from 1 to 2 is real wide.
  13. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Houser is REALLY good from what I've read. Mother Panic is terrific, albeit entirely the wrong tone for Renew. That said, her work on Faith makes me think she could do a good job with it.
  14. Digital Comics Sales and Discussion Thread

    50% off Marvel collections on Kindle from Sept. 1-7. As we know from the previous huge sale, can sync with your Comixology account to maximize that but it'll put a lot of collections into the $3-4 range.
  15. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I mean, given that I think the last Cap film made more money than the last decade of Cap comics I don't know how much it matters. The comics are kind of a sideshow at this point. EDIT: Estimating about $15/ticket, about 77 million people saw the last Cap movie. Halve that for double views and you still have 100x the DM numbers for the most circulated issue of Secret Empire (assuming unsold copies negates markets unaccounted for). An average issue of Cap is somewhere between 0.1% and 0.05% of the film audience. Brand-wise the comics mean nothing.