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  1. Embarassment of riches, basically. Too much good stuff competing for your attention much of which is built on similar foundations. And stuff that was a cool rare novelty before isn't anymore so with the cost being so much higher, the diminishing returns on similar concepts and delivery can really take you out of it. I go through phases of being pumped for everything and being pretty meh with high points but fatigue can kick in even with good stuff.
  2. That cover actually really evokes VC Andrews to me. Which uh. I don't think that's quite the right tone.
  3. Given the scuttlebutt that DC is figuring out a way to write in a new Batman actor due to Affleck's cold feet, Flashpoint could be an opening for that. It is a *weird* choice for a first film though.
  4. Announced at SDCC: Superman: Year One Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. I'm pretty pumped actually.
  5. They said previously that another five year skip was the plan.
  6. 169 came out weeks ago so nope. He did talk about how he has an ending in sight but also that he passed on his original ending idea a while back because he had more to write. So basically he has a plan to end the series at some point, but no end date announced as far as I could tell.
  7. I did not see that coming. More importantly though, I don't see it lasting. Absolutely positive Dunkirk is going to tank me. Fun to graze the top on my first time out though.
  8. Honestly, I feel like it kind of adds to the emotional weight of the character and the reasons for things happening as they are. Apparently this all goes back to the ending of Convergence:
  9. Yeah. I posted about it in the DC Omnibus thread. The original is maybe my favourite Batman story ever so I'm pretty jazzed.
  10. First image for Young Justice: Outsiders is out. Looks like the team lineup will be:
  11. Early SDCC News and Rumour roundup. Grant Morrison is working on Wonder Woman Earth One vol. 2 right now. He's got more superhero stuff coming from DC too, including Arkham Asylum 2 with Chris Burnham, featuring the Damian Wayne Batman. Bleeding Cool con rumours include that Teen Titans and Titans will be merging, and also that Mr. Oz is...
  12. If the new KFC comic having Col. Sanders get a Green Lantern ring because Larfleeze stole his zingers wasn't enough, Sanders seeing the Source Wall and thinking "This could use a billboard" absolutely killed me.
  13. My wife has been super pumped for Valerian so I'm glad to see it getting solid reviews as I will almost certainly end up seeing it in theaters.
  14. Yeah. Spawn has always been its best when Todd is busy with other stuff. Whether it be Holguin and Capullo making it a really fun 90s fantasy-horror deal or David Hine's legit great Armageddon arc. It's always kinda dumb but in a charming way that makes for good popcorn reading.
  15. Man. Spider-man Homecoming was basically the exact Spidey movie I wanted. Loved Keaton, thought Holland was great, and basically really liked all the featured classmates. Sitting in the theatre in a Miles Morales shirt, I extra appreciated Donald Glover's character.