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  1. The Unholy Dragon

    DC TV Thread

    Another big announcement for the DC Universe streaming service. Stargirl, based on the Courtney Whitmore take, being developed by Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti. Incidentally, Berlantiverse is less used than Arrowverse because Berlanti is also doing like a half dozen comic based shows that are unrelated.
  2. The Unholy Dragon

    Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    This is now the greatest Batman page ever.
  3. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I'm having fun with Snyder's Justice League. It's not great but it's sort of wild and inventive and high stakes which is more or less what I want a Big 7 League book to be. Haven't read issue 4 yet though. In 'How was this madness greenlit?' news, Electric Warriors was just announced. Six issues by Steve Orlando acting as a Legion of Superheroes post-Kamandi in a Great Disaster timeline. It sounds great but I cannot believe it got an okay.
  4. The Unholy Dragon

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    New She-Ra design dropped today and a bunch of grown men got mad because a cartoon for young girls isn't designed for them to jack off too. I really hate toxic nerd dudes, guys.
  5. The Unholy Dragon


    Apparently Steam isn't particularly popular in Japan, which may account for a part of that. EDIT: Nevermind that would be for World, not Returns. Clearly I could use an early night tonight.
  6. The Unholy Dragon

    The Grasp Of Hate

    This sounds like a blast. I'll be checking it out (probably via Kindle) when it lands. Also, you may want to contact some comics related sites to promo it. I *know* Bleeding Cool allows for submissions to promote work as they're constantly posting comics Kickstarter hype written by the Kickstarter's owner. I feel like The Beat's readership might dig this too but I'm not sure whether they'd allow you a pitch. Maybe send a review copy to comics sites that aim more or less for that demo too. It definitely sounds like a concept that has legs and could easily find a audience.
  7. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    G. Willow Wilson and Cary Nord on Wonder Woman from #58 in November. That is a hell of a team.
  8. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    More comprehensive Flash spoilers for those who want the cliff's notes on big beats and implications but don't want to read:
  9. The Unholy Dragon


    Yeah she does catch shit for it...but mostly on activist sites and sections of Twitter/Tumblr. Mainstream media is pretty actively ignoring the Palestine situation on the whole (again, Isreal has a LOT of institutional support) so it makes sense that the criticisms don't reach the mainstream.
  10. The Unholy Dragon


    I seem to recall the rape allegations were especially dodgy in terms of details and delivery which is probably a factor but admittedly most of what I remember is that the credibility was challenged more than most such allegations. EDIT: Unless you mean the victim blaming stuff in which case...tough call why it got a pass, though feminist sites are giving her more side eye for it (and other stuff) The Middle Eastern politics wick off because broadly most Western folks don't give a shit about the Middle East. Pro-Isreal sentiments tend to rank highly too. I remember in the last Canadian election, Isreal had support from every major party leader. So it's not super shocking that opinions on stuff most people don't want to care about don't really hurt her standing.
  11. The Unholy Dragon

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    The new Hulk series by Al Ewing is probably the most interesting reinvention of the character since Planet Hulk. The writing is great and each issue so far is a standalone with overarching plot elements. Everyone should check it out.
  12. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I didn't like Gen Lost as much as most did, but it would be a close third and I can easily see others going the other way. At least the Future's End cliffhangers got picked up on though. But yeah, it has a lot of big moments and great ideas that I think carry it above Gen Lost. I don't know if I'd count it given the anthology format. Also I wish anthologies still sold because a book like that would be great in this climate.
  13. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Final update: Closing run is great. I realized that a lot of what I like about it is that it has the best elements of a Justice League book. Heavy focus on characters less likely to carry their own books plus wrapup from other runs (very heavily with Lemire in particular with his Frankenstein and Justice League Dark runs seeing a lot of play). Basically everything in the home stretch is great...until the last issue, which really feels like a rug pull just for the sake of trying to launch the Batman Beyond series that followed. Still...it's not bad enough to negate all the fun stuff beforehand. Don't go in expecting a classic, but if you want a fun long form ride featuring a lot of B-D list heroes and smart use of Batman and Superman, read it for sure. Moreover, I'd probably put it as DC's second best long form weekly/biweekly book, behind 52.
  14. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I really like Snyder's Batman but also, I got the Batman by Morrison vol. 1 omnibus yesterday and spent like an hour or two just skim reading it and fussing over my favourite bits and so far Snyder hasn't provoked that response barring Zero Year. Which doesn't make his run BAD but it definitely suffers in comparison from what preceded it.
  15. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    WAIT THERE'S A FANBOOK? EDIT: Bah. Out of Print.