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  1. The Unholy Dragon

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Welp. Conan to lead a Savage Avengers team with Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, Elektra, and Brother Voodoo. That's...a choice. Can't wait for all this stuff to be impossible to reprint due to rights issues in another ten years or so.
  2. The Unholy Dragon

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    I could have gone for it skipping to the part where Willow and Xander were already friends with Buffy but changes like Willow already having her college onward confidence, Anya being around already, and the first big bad reveal have me interested.
  3. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I cannot believe Tom King dug up the Protector for a random super serious appearance in Heroes in Crisis. Ridiculous in a good way.
  4. The Unholy Dragon


    One of the things I find really interesting about the Us trailer, following Get Out, is that Peele seems to be really emphasizing the experience of black culture interacting with white folks in America. The trailer has a family going to vacation in a rich looking cabin with what looks to be all rich white friends (their buddy got a boat) and I feel like the idea of 'other' selves could play off that. Especially since, while they say the other family is trying to kill them, the trailer has multiple instances where they could and don't. Admittedly I'm a white as hell Canadian so feel free to correct me, but this seems to lay plenty of groundwork to go as deep or deeper into racial/cultural/identity stuff as Get Out did and I'm hyped to see it then read a shitload of breakdowns after.
  5. The Unholy Dragon


    Two really good Aquaman details I haven't seen much talk of: 1) The writing creates a reason Arthur can't just call in Clark to roflstomp Atlantis. Sure he could do it but it wouldn't solve the underlying issues and even Superman couldn't stop a full on Atlantean invasion. They really made the problem one only Arthur could fix which I thought worked great. 2) Patrick Wilson delivers a lot of nuance as Orm. Dude is losing it over the fact that by old school Atlantean purity shit he should be the favourite son, yet his advisor, fiancee, and even his mom all clearly favour his brother and that just unravels him further. In a lot of ways he's suffered similarly to Arthur but rather than taking the lessons of those he loves, he lets each loss drive his anger and hate and becomes a worse person for it. A lot of the character stuff in this was really good.
  6. The Unholy Dragon


    Passes MoS and Suicide Squad. It's at $70m or so behind WW and $120m behind BvS. Domestic it's still at the lowest spot but if the drops keep small it's not inconceivable it becomes the top grossing film in the franchise overall and maybe #2 or 3 domestically. Not bad.
  7. The Unholy Dragon


    Aquaman has already passed Justice League in worldwide box office totals and is less than $2 million from passing Man of Steel too, making that a pretty sure bet. Wider gap for domestic though it's at around $168 mil there too so pretty impressive all around. Can't see it not getting a sequel and further driving the direction of future DC films.
  8. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Bermejo's art is gorgeous though.
  9. The Unholy Dragon

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    So the teasers are for "Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys the Marvel Universe". I'd wager questionably canon oddball series. More interesting is Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley on Spider-man: Life Story. A 6 issue mini about what if Spidey aged in real time from 1962 with each issue covering a different decade Generations style.
  10. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    So uh. That one starts messy because it starts in the Azzarello run in a REALLY messy way that's a huge spoiler if you haven't read it. It's sort of kept around as an offhand thing but never really expanded on. Tynion's Hellblazer series (from the short lived DC You quasi reboot) has a man as the primary love interest though so it's definitely been canon unambiguously for a couple years now.
  11. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I mean it'll be five years or so years rather than nine by the end because twice monthly but the point stands.
  12. The Unholy Dragon

    The Marvel Things That Aren't "Marvel" Things

    59. And the quotes are wild. One says it's a trip ala 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  13. The Unholy Dragon

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I'm increasingly dubious of how many of these HiC deaths are going to stick. Something about it feels hinky. Also the Lagoon Boy portion brings the Titans East special and thus Winnick's Titans run back into continuity.
  14. The Unholy Dragon

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    For anyone who wants a classic all ages friendly self contained fun comic, Marvel Action Spider-man launched this week and it's a LOT of fun. Technically from IDW but you know.
  15. The Unholy Dragon

    Action Figures, Statues, Collectibles!

    Different universe though. Main universe Uncle Ben stays dead.