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  1. I've been getting the issues but I'm behind in reading them.
  2. When my points more than double but I got up a spot I know it's been a messy week.
  3. Okay I've read the first issues of both and the upcoming Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen series are both REALLY good and honestly exactly what you'd expect given Rucka and Fraction respectively. The Jimmy book is like if you crossed the Nick Spencer Jimmy book from 2011 with Fraction's Hawkeye. It's a blast.
  4. Lobdell has been hit or miss but honestly his most recent iteration of Red Hood has been quietly pretty darn good. Given that Brett Booth has wanted to draw a Wally series since the New 52 launched I'm happy for him too. Could end up pretty good, honestly though it heavily depends which Scott Lobdell shows up.
  5. Which other movie was AB'ed? I know New Mutants but didn't catch the other.
  6. I absolutely thought it would be that bad. Nice.
  7. Heroes in Crisis is in that Identity Crisis and Killing Joke zone. I like the story well enough in isolation but the knock on effects of it existing are awful enough that it probably shouldn't. Would have made a great Black Label book, honestly. I think it's really funny that the same week King's run of Batman got cut short he let slip in an interview that Wally, Booster, and Harley's roles in HiC were editorially mandated. Not in a bridge burning way, just like "So these were the things I had to work with and I think I made it work." Throwing editorial under the bus in a professional way. Fantastic.
  8. I figured. I was more riffing on the fact that even reading the thing with a solid knowledge of that period the actual mechanisms of the resurrection are weird as all hell and hard to actually understand due to messy delivery. Which is probably why every subsequent take bypasses it and just goes with the Lazarus Pit even though they aren't supposed to work that way. Sorry Natural, wasn't meaning it as a shot but text and tone sometimes don't blend.
  9. I want to know in what universe "Superboy Prime punched the multiverse so hard that a universe where Jason Todd lived briefly overlapped with one where he died for just long enough to resurrect him in his grave, only for him to go braindead around the time Talia opted to dig him up and dip him in the Lazarus Pit." is predictable cause damn.
  10. Forget All Star Superman, this is easily the best abbreviation for a Morrison series. What a gift.
  11. Yeah. You gotta figure the sales would have to be 1.5x what they are now to break even, but I'd also wager the scheduling has been extra taxing on the whole office. They seem to be getting away from formal twice monthly books.
  12. Honestly that's better than I expected. I find RT has a real anti-horror bias if it's not made into 'art' somehow (high concept, especially strong directing, etc.)
  13. Henderson's style isn't something I generally enjoy myself, but her craft is clearly present throughout. Her anatomy and sense of motion and layout are strong, her style choices are consistent, and she delivers consistently stylized work over evidently strong fundamentals. She's clearly *good* even if it's not my thing and the way her art has gotten flack is something I can only attribute to sexism given how many comparably or more heavily stylized dudes get praise. By way of example, I honestly can't see the appeal of Peter Bagge's art whatsoever, but enough well informed folks stand by it so clearly there's something there I'm missing. Anyway, Henderson's art is not for me, but I see the appeal of it and the skill applied in it. Using it as a shorthand for bad work is kinda telling on yourself as either having a poor eye or sexist undertones, take your pick.
  14. Relatedly, there was also a preview in black and white for #2. Still very good, though it does have some uncomfortable Frank Miller Islamophobia packed in so that's...a thing. For a three issue series, he uses a really smart point of focus to divide each period. I'm not going to say what it is because spoilers, but it's pretty clever.
  15. RE: DoN's price point. All In was $40 with it going up free on NJPW World next day and word was the PPV numbers were good. A hot product can command more $$$ than a lukewarm one, especially since it's not a monthly deal (yet).
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