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  1. DC Comics omnibus thread

    I'm not going to lie. I spent the last three weeks looking at our order, thinking "Shit, we over ordered." then being like "Hopefully there's enough interest in the big one to get us a 60-70% sell through." Now it's been two days and we're at around 70% sell through and it's still selling quick, looking like we might sell out of all covers by FCBD. And by a lot of online accounts and local customer feedback, this isn't isolated. And outside the 'one of every cover' types we ordered in account of, most people are just picking their fave and buying one copy so it's not even like the insane Amazing Spider-man speculator demand from the past couple months. That said, it's hard to have a milestone in comics that feels genuinely meaningful anymore so that probably has a lot to do with it. We'll see if Detective Comics #1000 performs as well next year.
  2. DC Comics omnibus thread

    It's been flying. My shop sold out of the 40s variant by Thursday then the 60s one by today and we've already sold over 50% of our (larger than usual) order. That's considering I'm Canadian so each copy falls over $10 once exchange and sales tax have their way.

    I love my wife, but nothing has ever been more disappointing than showing her and some friends Ravenous and them just HATING it. Thinking the weird discordant soundtrack was silly rather than unsettling, hating the acting...I genuinely spent years thinking I was just some weird outlier for liking it, so thanks for reaffirming me here folks.
  4. 2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Super jazzed to do this again, even if I have way less of a sense of where things will fall this year than I thought I did last. Thanks for running it again @S.K.o.S.! I've genuinely been looking forward to it for months.
  5. 2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Box Office 1) Avengers: Infinity War (Apr 27) 2) The Incredibles 2 (Jun 15) 3) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Jun 22) 4) Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25) 5) Deadpool 2 (May 18)6) Ant-Man and the Wasp (Jul 6) 7) The Happytime Murders (Aug 17) 8) Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Jul 20) 9) Ocean's 8 (Jun 8)10) The Equalizer 2 (Jul 20)11) Christopher Robin (Aug 3) 12) The Meg (Aug 10) 13) Skyscraper (Jul 13) 14) The First Purge (Jul 4) 15) Sicario: Day of the Soldado (Jun 29) RT 1) The Incredibles 2 (Jun 15) 2) Avengers: Infinity War (Apr 27) 3) Sicario: Day of the Soldado (Jun 29) 4) The Happytime Murders (Aug 17) 5) Ant-Man and the Wasp (Jul 6) 6) Ocean's 8 (Jun 8) 7) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Jun 22) 8) Deadpool 2 (May 18) 9) The First Purge (Jul 4) 10) Christopher Robin (Aug 3) 11) The Equalizer 2 (Jul 20) 12) Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25) 13) Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Jul 20) 14) The Meg (Aug 10) 15) Skyscraper (Jul 13) Tiebreak: Infinity War $380 Million
  6. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Nah. Lost track of it. It's a steady seller here but basically has its audience, no more no less so it's less important for me to keep on top of for work and I hit the point of preferring to tradewait. As much as I'm glad Ben is back, his character has been so turned from what made me dig him in the day that it's not as great a time as I'd hope. Malcolm and Randall died in the first arc, but did act as co-stars in the two XSE minis that told Bishop's origin which, honestly, I'm a little surprised we haven't had a trade for yet. Had to have been a tough spot. The artists were such a huge deal at the time and you couldn't have foreseen them pulling what they did with Image, but the fact Claremont was the gateway to them coming through also impaired their ability to recruit. In a lot of ways, it's not super shocking they spent decades moving character/property focused at first, then writer focused after.
  7. Free Comic Book Day 2018.

    DC doesn't have an event freebie, but they have DC Nation #0 the Wednesday prior which is like 40 pages of new content for $0.25 so close enough. Got a Batman story by King, a Superman one by Bendis, and a Justice League one by Snyder I believe.
  8. NXT TAKEOVER - NEW ORLEANS - 4/7/2018

    They played it as Ember having worked Shayna's arm enough that she couldn't sink it fully. Worked for me. I mean, isn't that a perfect tribute to Dusty? Felt like something he'd book. Honestly? I was talking to a buddy about the card preshow and I was like "...oh shit, Cole is gonna win the NA title then Strong will turn in the tag in order to become tag champ by Freebird rules." I freaked out when I was right. Big Lars needs more work. He rushed the Muso to Dain off the ladder and nearly killed him by dropping his neck on the ropes. My only complaint about the ME is that, personally, I was missing the chops. Ciampa chopped Johnny across the mouth in the CWC and it was meaner than 90% of the stuff in that match. That said, what a perfect combo of indie excess, WWE storytelling, and general wrestling theatricality. Perfect stuff. I especially loved that the murder kickouts got time to breathe. They didn't have Ciampa hit Project Ciampa off the top, nearfall, then yell and pick Johnny up for another only to be countered to the Gargano Escape or something like the main roster is hot on. Each one had time to breathe and each big one felt earned which made me bite on like three, more than I have for any WWE match in maybe five years. Just terrific stuff.

    Yeah, as someone who's genuinely enjoyed every DCEU film to date (even preferring them to Marvel offerings around the same time) when your flanker films are outperforming your flagships, something is unquestionably wrong. I had a good time with Justice League in a rollercoaster way but my god I've never seen a film so evidently impeded by the number of cooks in the kitchen. More than being dark, I feel like BvS really suffered from being BORING. Like, I was engaged the whole time through multiple viewings, but I also realize I'm the outlier. Folks aren't buying a ticket to see Batman fight Superman and have Wonder Woman show up for two hours of talking and political nonsense. Hell, most people that I talked to who HATED the movie still admitted the fight itself was solid, the Batman warehouse bit was basically perfect, and Wonder Woman/The Doomsday fight were at least passably cool. BvS has basically all the same strengths and flaws as Sucker Punch and gave viewers such whiplash that it somehow failed to barely outperform the solo Superman film preceding it and hitting exact middle of the pack for Batman movies accounting for inflation...and counting both Mask of the Phantasm and Killing Joke which had limited releases. In terms of live action Batman films accounting for inflation, it only beat Begins and &Robin. I am a HUGE apologist for these quality wise. I get why Suicide Squad has a rabid fanbase. I appreciate the ambition of the films contrasted with the bland house style Marvel was cranking out pre-Ragnarok. But no question the line has bombed at this stage and the way forward is probably solo films that aren't rushed until they get enough faith back to do another ensemble.
  10. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Apparently 2 in 1 is continuing alongside the new FF book which is why Chip isn't writing that one.
  11. The All Purpose Comics Industry News Thread

    Gerard Jones has flipped his kiddie porn charges to guilty and will apparently get a reduced sentence as he's been attending therapy for it. That said, reading the descriptions of what he got hit for and some stuff they can prove past that is genuinely horrifying and goes into that realm where I won't be mourning his death whenever it comes. I don't think too highly of the folks who wrote letters speaking to his good character either, Mike Barr being the one that sucks for me personally.
  12. DC Comics omnibus thread

    A little messed up to find that William Messner-Loebs is currently homeless amd working part time at freaking Panera Bread and doing janetorial work for a church to make ends meet. Given how much DC owes successful elements of the Flash and Wonder Woman to his work plus the TV money from the Maxx, it's a really upsetting example of how there isn't really a safety net in comics as well as how fragile it is. After all, he should be getting royalties on Keith's recent Maxx reissue as well as the Wonder Woman collection DC put out recently so it's not even like his work isn't seeing new printings. Just sad as hell.

    In general it feels like the demand for bland summer blockbusters is waning. Last year and this one so far are showing a way bigger correlation to reviews and revenues than has really been a thing in times past. DC is just feeling it particularly hard because their stuff has been getting panned.

    I think it's worth noting that the two DC films that overperformed (Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman) were the most diverse of the batch. I've seen a TON of young women gobbling up Squad merch and it got some acclaim for the broader diversity of the cast as well. Wonder Woman was an incredible showing that we'd still be talking about more if Black Panther hadn't totally shown it up by now. Man of Steel made money, but not as much as a Snyder/Nolan Superman reboot should have coming off Watchmen and the Dark Knight Trilogy. BvS made less than the last couple Batman movies and adjusted for inflation would fall in the middle of the pack, so despite making money wasn't quite a success either. And Justice League pulled the gross of Ant Man on an Avengers budget. I think it's pretty clear the DCEU can draw and is worth sticking with, but bland navel gazing white dude fodder isn't exactly its strong drawing point. And I say that as someone who's enjoyed every DCEU film to date. Whatever you may think about Snyder or Whedon, it's pretty clear that neither is bringing much of value to the DC film universe from a financial perspective.